Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 15, Episode 24 - The Invasion of Time: Part Four - full transcript

The Doctor convinces Andred to trust him as he works to expel the Vardans, while Leela gathers the Outsiders for an attack on the Capitol.



K9, this is no time
to be enjoying yourself, all right?

Absorption of data
most satisfactory, master.


Take this.

I could try it myself,
but they'd be sure to find out.

Come on, K9.

Come on.

Easy, easy, easy. Steady now.

- Primary circuits locked in.
- Good.

- Commencing secondary feed.
- Excellent.

Ah, Andred.

I've got something for you.
A little surprise.

In the name of liberty and honour,
I sentence you to death,


Don't point that thing at me.
I am the President, you know.

You owe me a little respect.
Stun him, K9.

Good dog.

Well, don't just stand there.

Commencing reconnection.

Arrest Commander Andred and his guards.
If they resist, kill them.

Yes, sir.

There is something wrong?

Nothing my guards cannot deal with,
honoured sir.

A minor infringement of discipline.

You are right.
Lack of discipline cannot be tolerated.

Come on, K9.
Come on.

Die, traitor.

Not now, can't you see I'm busy?

It won't work in here.
It's a patrol staser.

It doesn't operate, you see?

Not in a
relative-dimensional stabiliser field.

What treachery are you attempting now?

A rather more effective treachery
than yours, I hope.

Now, look. You're surrounded.

There's no way
you can leave this craft and live.

- Didn't you hear me?
- I heard.


I'm going out for a few moments.
I'll rely on you.

And, you, don't touch anything.

Goodbye, Doctor.

What's going on out here?

- They were trying to assassinate you.
- What?

- Did you have to kill them all?
- Yes.

- I see.
- Lord President,

I don't think you understand
the seriousness of the situation.

But I assure you, I do, I do.

Someone's made an attempt on my life...

and you let the ringleader escape.

- Ringleader, sir?
- Yes, your own commander, Andred.

Don't worry, sir.
He won't get far.

I hope not. You get after him
before he tries again.

Yes, sir.

No way to go out there and leave.
I've got news for you.

- What?
- You're stuck here.

- What?
- Your pitiful attempt...

at revolution has failed.

- You're lying.
- I'm the living proof I'm not.

I don't know what they teach you
at the Academy these days,

but if you can't pull off
a simple palace revolution,

what can you pull off?

I don't believe you.

- It's jammed.
- Yes.

And it's going to stay jammed
until the invaders have gone.

You see, while I'm in here,
they can't touch me.

And they can't read my thoughts.

You mean, they can...

travel along any form
of broadcast wavelength?

Yes, and materialise at the end of it.

But until they do materialise,
I can't identify their planet...

of origin and time loop it.

But you have access
to the greatest source...

of knowledge in the universe.

Well, I do talk
to myself sometimes, yes.

- I mean the Matrix!
- Oh. Oh, that old thing. Yeah.

There's a problem there.

I've been under
a bit of a strain recently.

You see, the Matrix has been invaded.

- The Matrix has been invaded?
- Yes.

Why haven't you explained this
to the Supreme Council?

Because they can read thoughts.

Even encephalographic patterns.

That's why I've plugged K9
into the Matrix instead of me.

He's got no brains, you see?

Sorry about that, K9.

Can you trust a machine?

This one, I can.
He's my second best friend.

There is another matter
I should like to raise with you, sir.



it is a matter of some delicacy.


The President has been behaving,

well, strangely.

Just a suspicion.
No more.

We speculated as to how long it would take
for you to recognise and report this.

You knew?

We have suspected the Doctor
since we first made contact.

We shall deal with him soon.

Well, at least they don't suspect me.


Banishing Leela and the others
was the best way of protecting them.

It might just work.

Give me your helmet.

He's mad.

One of us is mad.

It's either him...

And all the rebels are dead?

Yes, all except Commander Andred.

Ah, you took him prisoner.


Bring him to us.

No, sir,
I'm afraid he has escaped.


My men have made a thorough search
of the Citadel, sir.

He is not inside.

He must have escaped to Outer Gallifrey.

VARDAN 1: To Outer Gallifrey?

This is most unsatisfactory.

There is no need to worry, sir.

He won't survive out there for long.

No one does.

-Well shot!
-It's a good weapon.

We must make some more.

We'll need to if we're going
to go on feeding this lot.

- How many more is he going to expel?
- Not for food.

We shall need more weapons
if we are to attack the Citadel.

We can't fight with these.

Why not?

That should keep them guessing.

- My helmet?
- Yes, I built...

a partial encephalographic barrier,

and it'll keep your deepest
thoughts hidden.

But you're going to have to concentrate.
Can you do that?

- Yes.
- Good.

- What?
- Never mind.

- Master?
- K9?

- Channel located.
- What is it?

It is an outer-spatial exploration
and investigation channel,

number 9977957 positive.

Can you tell where it's tuned to?

- Negative.
- Why not, K9?

Sorry. Go on, K9.

There is considerable
radio-lactic interference.

Is there now?
That's interesting.

- Is it deliberate?
- Probability 95%.

We're going to have to force them
to materialise...

before we can identify
their planet of origin.


I'm going to have to play along
with them again.

What are you gonna do?

I'm going to dismantle the force field
around Gallifrey.


It's the only way to convince them
that we're really cooperating.

But that could blow us all to pieces.

- Yes.
- You can't do that.

I can't, but Rassilon can.


- Rassilon's dead.
- Yes.

- Eons ago.
- That's right.

But his mind lives on in the APC net.
I'm part of that net now.

Rassilon built the force field.
Maybe he can dismantle it.


If you do that, you'll leave
the whole of Gallifrey defenceless.


Which is why it's the only way
to convince them.

How do you feel about that?

- Well, I...
- That's the spirit.

K9, you're in charge.

- Now, look...
- I'm in charge.

We will now trace the circuit again
and fuse it.

But the circuit is part of the Academy.

Instruction and investigation control.

We will give them a day off school.
Blow it.

This is hopeless.

I agree.
They are.

So much for that idea.

We shall just have to fight on our own.

- Who?
- Well, you and your warriors.

With me.

There aren't enough of us
to capture the Citadel.

Not, if Castellan and his guards
are working for the invaders.

They all have stasers.

Then we shall not try to capture
the Citadel.

We shall just rescue the Doctor.
He will know what to do.

- But he is on their side.
- Never.

He cannot be.

It's still impossible.

Not, if we can surprise them.

Choose your best warriors.
Rodan can come with us.

She will be able to guide us
once we are inside.

You must not waste time, Doctor.

I've been thinking about it very hard.

But I need to contact...

Yes, we know, Doctor.
You need to consult the APC net again.

That's right.

There is a way.

VARDAN 1: Well? Proceed!


We are watching your every move
and monitoring your every thought.


''Z'' over ''P'' times log...

3596, equals...

Cosine 4732.

Well, it doesn't look too difficult.

Well, don't stare at me.
This is a very delicate operation.

You're making me nervous.

Oh, well, that seems to be in.
Right? Right.

Now, hold your breath,
or whatever it is you fellows hold.

This is the tricky bit.

Hang on, Doctor, you're nearly there.

What did you say?

I said, "Hang on, Doctor,
''you're nearly there".

Well, I did it.

Imperative we reach
President's office immediately.


There you are. I did it.

You have turned off the force field?

Why, it's impossible
to destroy the force field...

without advising the entire planet
that I have made a sizeable hole in it,

above the Citadel.

You have done well.

A hole in the force field?
Then we're without protection.

You have our protection now.
Are you not satisfied?

Oh, yes, yes.
Yes, of course.

This hole is permanent?

Well, I'd need to do a little more work
on it to achieve that.

VARDAN 1: We are safe now.

They're just human.

Disappointing, aren't they?
Nice to see you again.

Continue with your work.

- Assist him.
- No, I can manage very nicely, thank you.

Accompany him.

Would you like to assist me in my work?
It's this way.


you must take your warriors,
enter the Citadel from that side.

Attack the Chancellor's guards,
create a diversion.

I shall enter from the other side
with Rodan and Jasko.

That sounds good.

- Take care now.
- You too.

Come on, then.

We must wait for the Doctor.

How long will that be?

Closing down to conserve resources.

Something's wrong.


Where are your defences?

The transduction barrier's down.

But where are your guards?



I've had an idea.

Two seconds.

Ah, there you are.
I'm so glad you could make it.

Base lead.


The Doctor, he has betrayed us.

- What do you mean, master?
- He has defected.

Kill him.

You are now in charge of this rabble.
I must have discipline.

I shall issue instructions
and take control immediately.

Hey, suppose he's not in there.

Where else could he be?

The President's office, I suppose.

Lead us there.

Expedite immediately.

I repeat that, under the circumstances,
I assume complete authority.

The President is to be shot on sight.

Take that.

And that.

And that.

Come on, boy.

Don't be frightened.

Hand me the Sash.

Trust me.

Here we are.

Ready, K9?


Now, don't get any ideas.

Break the door down.

Well met, Leela.

- What was that?
- Someone vanishing.

- Where's the President's office? Here?
- Yes.

- Here we are.
- Break it down.

Open the door, Andred.

Keep still.

Ready, K9?

Alert, alert.

I detect
an illegitimate frequency tracer.

Alert, full alert.

Coordinates of Vardan source planet,

vector 3052, Alpha 7,

14 span.

Activate the modulation
rejection pattern.

Activating now.

Sir, they can't break into the...

What happened?


Confirm negative.

No trace of alien waveform on Gallifrey.

What's the matter?

We've won again.

I sent the invaders back
to their own planet.

Course, I'll need the Matrix to
jerry-rig a time loop, but that's not...

But how have we won?

We fought no one but a few guards.

Well, it can't always be
like the relief of Mafeking, you know.

- All right.
- Don't shout at me. Don't shout.

Have you ever thought
of taking it up seriously?

- Taking what up seriously?
- Well, killing people.

A little practice,
you'd become quite proficient.

- What does...
- Come on.

Excuse me, what...
Do you know what...

What does proficient mean?

Oh, Doctor.

is the Chancellor still in his office?

Yes, your Excellency.

Good, Castellan.
As Castellan, you are responsible...

for security on Gallifrey in general,

and for my safety in particular,
are you not, Castellan?

- That is so, Excellency.
- Castellan, I don't think...

you're very good at it.
That's just my opinion.

Then I'm only the President.
Still, every oligarchy gets

the Castellan it deserves,
eh, Castellan?

Yes, well, never mind.

Just clear up the mess
when you've got a moment.

- Is it over?
- Yes.

Well, it's been a long, hard road,

but at last
the future of Gallifrey is assured.

What are you looking at?

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