Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 13, Episode 10 - Pyramids of Mars: Part Two - full transcript

The Doctor, Sarah and Laurence try to find a way to sever Sutekh's link to the mummies while poacher Ernie Clements finds the priory surrounded by a forcefield.


Is this the face of Sutekh?

(NAMIN) Master, spare me.

Spare me.
I am a true servant of the Great Sutekh.

I am the servant of Sutekh.

He needs no other.



I bring Sutekh's gift of death to all humanity.


- Marcus...
- Shh!

Take up the generator loops.

Place them in position at the compass points.

Activate at ground strength.

Quick! Hide!

- Where have they gone?
- To set up a deflection field.

He's obviously planned every step.

- Who? Marcus?
- No. Sutekh.

Sutekh is breaking free from his ancient bonds.

If he succeeds, he'll destroy the whole world.

You mean Sutekh is still alive?

He destroyed his planet, Phaester Osiris,
and caused havoc across the galaxy

before Horus and the Osirans
cornered him on Earth.

In Egypt?

The wars of the gods entered into mythology.

The whole of Egyptian culture
is founded upon the Osiran pattern.

- I'm afraid this is beyond me.
- It's beyond me, too.

- (DOCTOR) Ah! Found it!
- What?

The lodestone that drew the Tardis off course.

That's not a lodestone. That's a sarcophagus!

No, it isn't. It's the entrance
to a time-space tunnel.

- Leading where?
- To Sutekh.

- Doctor!
- Keep back!





Doctor! Doctor, come on! Wake up! Please!

It's no good. He took the full force of the blast.

They're bound to come back soon.
We're trapped!

Where are you going?

There's a priest hole here somewhere.
Marcus and I discovered it when we were boys.

- It isn't very large, I'm afraid.
- He is, though, so come and give me a hand!


Holy Moses!

- Is that you, Laurence?


- Marcus, my dear fellow! You're back!
- Why are you here?

Wha... What's the matter?

For goodness' sakes, old chap!
Don't you recognise me?

- Warlock...
- That's right!

We've all been dreadfully worried about you.

I came to find the other Scarman.

The other...

- You mean your brother Laurence?
- The human.

Look here, if this is some kind of macabre joke...

Where is the other Scarman, Warlock?

Laurence went up to the house. That Egyptian
servant of yours took a potshot at me!

Laurence and the Doctor and some plucky
young girl went off to deal with the brute.

They've been gone a devil of a time.
I hope nothing's amiss.

Who is the Doctor?

One of Laurence's friends, I imagine.

- A scientist.
- Why does he interfere?


Now, look here, Marcus...

All humans inside the deflection barrier
will be destroyed!

For heaven's sake, Marcus!
What's wrong with you?

Destroy this human!


No! Laurence!

Laurence! No!



Murdering swine!

(SARAH) He's coming round.

- A parallax coil.
- (LAURENCE) What?

I never expected that. A simple trap.

- Blew up in my face. Clever.
- He's delirious.

Never underestimate Sutekh.
Thinks of everything.

- Where are we?
- Hiding.

- Where?
- A priest hole.

In a Victorian Gothic folly? Nonsense!

You're so pedantic at a time like this!
Does it matter?

If only I knew
the exact physical location of Sutekh.

Where was your brother bound?

Saqqara. He wrote to say that
he'd discovered a blind pyramid in that region,

and believed it concealed a mastaba,
an underground burial chamber.

Saqqara. Too vague.

- Yet it might be our only chance.
- To do what?

Sutekh is controlling operations here
by mental force.

With the equipment at the lodge,
I could transmit a jamming signal.

And block his power?

With an etheric impulse
projected along precisely the right axis, yes.

- Otherwise...
- No good.

The Egyptian's ring!

- What?
- It's a slave relay.

Calculating the reverse polarisation
should be child's play!

Shh! Listen.

Remove this carcass!

There are other humans within these walls.

Seek and kill them!

He's coming over!

- Marcus!

Professor Scarman!

Seek and kill!

All right. All clear.

- Where are we going?
- Shh! To find that Egyptian.

We can't search the whole priory!

There's no need to. Look.

Follow me.

- What do you think they're doing?
- I'm not sure yet.

(LAURENCE) This is interesting, Doctor.

- It appears to be some kind of machinery.
- You're right.

That's a resonating tuner,
part of an anti-gravity drive.

They must be building a rocket!

Egyptian mummies building rockets?!
That's crazy!

They're not mummies.
They're service robots. Machines.


- Why are machines building rockets?
- To free Sutekh from the power of Horus.

- Where is Sutekh now?
- Exactly where Horus left him 7,000 years ago.

- Trapped beneath a pyramid, powerless to move!

Great heavens!

This is unbelievable! Totally unbelievable!

You'll say it transcends
all the normal laws of physics.

It does. It's preposterous!

Dimensional transcendentalism is preposterous,
but it works. Care to look around?

- May I?
- Please!

Now we ARE here, why don't you tune up 1980,

and we can...well, leave!

- I can't.
- Oh... Why can't you?

If Sutekh isn't stopped, he'll destroy the world.

But he didn't, did he?
I mean, we know the world didn't end in 1911.

- Do we?
- Yes, of course we do!

All right.

If we leave now,
let's see what the world will look like in 1980.

I say, this is like something
by that novelist chap, Mr Wells!

1980, Sarah, if you want to get off.


- It's a trick!
- No.

That's the world as Sutekh would leave it -
a desolate planet circling a dead sun.

It can't be!

I'm from 1980...

Every point in time has its alternative, Sarah.

You've looked into alternative time.

Fascinating! Do you mean
the future can be chosen, Doctor?

Not chosen, shaped.
The actions of the present fashion the future.

- So a man can change the course of history?
- To a small extent.

It takes a being of Sutekh's almost limitless power
to destroy the future.


We've got to go back.


Keep below the level of the window.

Three humans within the deflection barrier
have been destroyed.

- There are others.
- (SUTEKH) Eliminate themI

The servicers are searching for them,
but assembly of the rocket is being delayed.

Destruction of the humans must not be allowed
to delay the completion of the missile.

That is of paramount importance.

Your orders will be executed, Sutekh.

I will recall two of the servicers
to the rocket assembly.

I can't believe that my brother...

He and Dr Warlock were the closest of friends.

Don't think of him as your brother.

But he IS my brother!

- He is now subject to Sutekh's will.
- What does that mean?

As a human being,
Marcus Scarman no longer exists.

He is simply the embodiment of Sutekh's power.

He has given the paralysed Sutekh
a means to escape.

If Sutekh is so evil, why didn't Horus
and the other Osirans destroy him?

To have killed him would have meant
they were no better than he,

so they simply imprisoned him.

- How?
- A force field.

- Controlled from a power source on Mars.
- Mars?

Yes. That's where the signal
was beamed from, remember?

But how?

When your brother stumbled into Sutekh's tomb,

the monitoring system on Mars
triggered off an alarm signal.

- The rocket those robots are building!
- Yes.

It will be aimed at the power source on Mars.

If those warheads reach their target,

- Sutekh will have released himself.
- To destroy the world.

Not only this world. Anywhere that life is found.

All I need now is a magneto.

A magneto?

Of course!

What are you going to do?

If I can block the mental beam,
Scarman will collapse.

- You mean die?
- He's not alive now in any real sense.

Only Sutekh animates him.

(DOCTOR) Deprived of his outside contact,

Sutekh will be as powerless
as the day Horus left him.

Here you are, Doctor.

- Splendid.



- Quick, Sarah, switch on the power!
- No! You'll destroy my brother!

Switch on!

(SUTEKH) Stop themI

Doctor! Doctor!