Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 13, Episode 11 - Pyramids of Mars: Part Three - full transcript

The mummies have nearly completed the Osiran missile destined for Mars to destroy the force field keeping Sutekh imprisoned. The Doctor and Sarah Jane find a way to deactivate part of the force field allowing them acquire a supply of gelignite from the poacher's storage room. Laurence tries to awaken his brother Marcus but Sutekh is in complete control. Posing as one of the mummies, the Doctor tries to place the explosive at the missile site but its ineffectual again thanks to Sutekh's mental powers. The Doctor decides it's time to visit Sutekh himself to distract him. There is a price to pay however.


Doctor! Doctor!


- (DOCTOR) The ring, Sarah! Use the ring!
- Stop!

- (DOCTOR) Return to control.
- Return to control!


(DOCTOR) Are you all right?
You nearly got us all killed!

You've probably wrecked
what was my only chance of stopping Sutekh.

I was thinking of my brother.


What's walking about out there
is no longer your brother.

It is simply a human cadaver
animated by Sutekh. Do you understand?

If Sutekh succeeds in freeing himself,
the consequences will be incalculable.

Stay here!

- Where is he going?
- To find out what Scarman's doing!

(SUTEKH) It was a deliberate attempt
to block my cytronic control.

I know nothing, Master.

I detected electromagnetic radiation.
The source was within the deflection barrier.

Some humans have eluded the servicers.

If work on the missile is delayed,
they can be found and destroyed.

NoI The missile must be projected
at the hour appointed.

My freedom comes before allI

Immediately thereafter,
you will find and kill the humans.

As you direct, Master, so it shall be.

What is it?

It's an Osiran war missile,

and almost complete by the look of it.

You mean that thing can fly?

It transposes with its projection.

Pyramid power.


(LAURENCE) Did you find out anything?

Cytronic induction.

The robots are drawing their energy
from a cytronic particle accelerator

- which must be in Sutekh's tomb.
- (SARAH) So?

So, put that out of action,
and he'd have no workforce.

And no missile!

- But Sutekh's tomb is in Egypt!
- The time-space tunnel is a two-way mechanism.

If you go through it, Sutekh will kill you!

- Wouldn't it be better...
- No, it wouldn't!


Wouldn't what be better?

Wouldn't it be less risky
simply to blow up the projectile?

With what?

Blasting gelignite.

Do you have some?

- No, but Clements had a store.
- Clements?

The poacher.
I heard him fishing only a few nights ago.

- Where did he keep it?
- He had a hut on the other side of the wood.

Let's go, Sarah!

- Shall I show you the way?
- No, we'll find it.

- You think I'll let you down again.
- Mr Scarman, if you want to help,

start getting the bindings off that robot.

Careful. Walking into a deflection barrier
is like walking into a brick wall.



There we are!

Now all we've got to do is find the door!






- As simple as that?
- No, not really.

No, I didn't think it could be!


No obvious booby traps.

Are you going to help
or stand there and admire the scenery?

Your shoes need repairing.

I wasn't admiring the scenery.
I was waiting for you to tell me what to do!

Just hold the base. I don't want it to fall.

- Dangerous?
- Very dangerous.




Deactivating a generator loop
without the correct key

is like repairing a watch with a hammer.

One false move and it will never work again.

- Any more comforting thoughts (?)
- Yes.

Just let me know if it starts to get warm.

Don't worry -
you'll hear me breaking the sound barrier!


(SUTEKH) InterferenceI



Just to make sure.

Come on!

Master, I do not understand how this can be.

The barrier to the east has been deactivated.

But that is not possible.

It has been deactivated.
The power line has gone from my monitor.

The humans are not able
to shut down a deflection barrier.

It is clear that an extraterrestrial intelligence
is operating.

An alien?

I have endured an eternity
of darkness and impotence.

I shall not be denied nowI

- Listen to my ordersI
- I hear you, Master!

The missile must be guarded.
Two servicers must maintain constant vigilance.

It shall be as you say.

Once the missile is projected,

you will seek out and destroy my enemies.

The alien who dares to intrude,

the humans, animals, birds, fish, reptilesI

All life is my enemyI

All life shall perish
under the reign of Sutekh the DestroyerI

Only Sutekh shall live!

Just how powerful is Sutekh, Doctor?

He's all-powerful. There isn't a life form
in the galaxy that could stand against him.

Not even your lot, the Time Lords?

Not even our lot.

Sutekh was only defeated in the end

by the combined might
of 740 of his fellow Osirans led by Horus.

The 740 gods whose names
were recorded in the tomb of Thuthmose III!

Could be.

Careful. Could be a ferret.


This looks like it.

What's the matter? Not enough?

Sweaty gelignite is highly unstable.

One good sneeze could set it off.


- No sign of any detonators or fuses?
- No. Nothing else.

Perhaps he sneezed!

(LAURENCE) Marcus!


Don't you know me?

- I'm your brother!
- Brother...

Your brother. Laurence.

As Horus was brother to Sutekh!

Marcus, you're ill.

Let me help you.

Trust me!

Trust you?


You and I when we were boys.

Laurence and...Marcus.

That's right. You DO remember!

I was...Marcus...

You still are! Now let me help you.

No! I am...Sutekh!

No, you went to Egypt
and fell under some sort of mesmeric influence.

Sutekh, the Great Destroyer!
Sutekh, the Lord of Death!

- I am his instrument...
- Now, that's nonsense!

You are Marcus Scarman,
Professor of Archaeology...

What do you know of Sutekh?!

Where are the others?

- Others?
- You are being helped.

Sutekh has detected an alien intelligence
amongst the humans here.

- Do you mean the Doctor?
- Doctor?

Marcus, your hands!

What is he?

What is he?

Marcus! Please...

- It should be safe there for the moment.
- This isn't going to work!

You've got no detonators, no fuses,

so even if you place the charge
without being spotted, how do we explode it?

I don't know yet!

Well done, Mr Scarman!

Mr Scarman? Hey!


- (SARAH) The mummies!
- Not this time. There are marks.

His late brother must have called.

That's horrible!

He was so concerned about his brother.

- I told him it was too late.
- Oh! Sometimes you don't seem...


- Typical Osiran simplicity!
- A man has just been murdered!

Four men, Sarah.

Five if you include Professor Scarman himself,

and they're merely the first of millions
unless Sutekh is stopped.

Know thine enemy.

- Admirable advice.
- Yes.

If we're going to do anything about that missile,
we'll have to move quickly.

What do you want me to do?

These bindings are chemically impregnated
to protect the robots against corrosion.

An impenetrable disguise, wouldn't you say?


Warhead trigger charge, phase one.

This must be placed
directly under the detonation head.

Signify your understanding.


- (DOCTOR) Hurry up!
- I AM hurrying!

It doesn't have to be perfect.
I shall mingle with the mummies but I shan't linger.

- That'll have to do.
- How do I look?

- It must have been a nasty accident!
- Don't provoke me!

Come on.

And don't forget the rifle.


The task is almost completed, Master.
We need now only the target coordinates.

At lastI

The coordinates for the pyramid of Mars.
I release them.


Engage the coordinates
in the projection dome monitor.

Immediately, Master.

(DOCTOR) You know what to do?

Give you time to get clear, then pow!

(DOCTOR) Shoot straight.

- You won't get a second shot.
- Don't worry. I know what I'm doing.


Stop! Turn about!

Is your relay damaged?

This is the coordinate selector.

It is to be placed in the projection dome monitor.

Indicate your understanding.

Then obey your order.

I hit it! I know I hit it!

(DOCTOR) You did.

Sutekh is containing the explosion.

- How?
- Mental power.

There's only one hope left.

I've got to get to him. Break his concentration.


I hear you, Master.

(SUTEKH) On the missile loading ramp.

A crude detonation device.

It must be removed immediatelyI

Another human attempt to prevent your return?
They will be caught and punished!

The deviceI

I cannot hold back the exothermic reaction
for many minutes.

It is taking an intense toll of available energy.
Attend to the device first.

It will be done immediately, Master.


That device on the ramp. Remove it.


Sutekh! Last of the Osirans!