Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 13, Episode 9 - Pyramids of Mars: Part One - full transcript

Returning to Earth after their latest adventure, the Doctor and Sarah Jane arrive at the site of UNIT headquarters, but in 1911 long before its existence. They find themselves in a room filled with Egyptian artifacts in a house owned by Egyptologist Marcus Scarman. They rescue Marcus' colleague, Dr. Warlock, who was shot by Marcus' servant Ibrahim Namin, a fanatical believer in the impending return of the his god, Lord Sutekh. When Sutekh's essence arrives through a space-time portal, he takes control of Marcus Scarman.


(MAN) Gently.

Be careful.

It's perfect.

It's absolutely untouched.

The reliquaries are still sealed.

Look at this.

Great heaven!

This tomb must date back
to the First Dynasty of the Pharaohs.

How many thousands of years
since the priests sealed the inner chamber

and draped this tapestry across the entrance?

Ahmed, your lantern, man. Quickly!

It's the Eye of Horus.

No, Professor Scarman!


Come back! I need your help!

Superstitious savage.

I've gone too far to turn back now.


Hey, Doctor! Doctor!

Look what I've found!

- Hello, Vicky.
- What?

- Where did you get that dress?
- I found it back there in the wardrobe.

Why? Don't you like it?

Yes, I always did. Victoria wore it.
She travelled with me for a time.

Well, as long as Albert didn't wear it!

Come on, Doctor. That's worth a smile, surely?

You should be glad to be going home.

The Earth isn't my home, Sarah.

- I'm a Time Lord.
- I know you're a Time Lord.

You don't understand the implications.

I'm not a human being. I walk in eternity.

What's that supposed to mean?

- I've lived for about 750 years.
- You'll soon be middle-aged (!)


It's time I stopped
running round after the Brigadier.

If you're tired of being UNIT's scientific advisor,
you can always resign...

- What was it?
- The relative continuum stabiliser failed.

- No, not that. I mean the thing.
- What thing?

- There was a terrible face, then it was gone.
- Eh?

- You don't believe me, do you?
- Nothing can enter the Tardis.

- Unless...
- Unless what?

Mental projection of that force
is beyond imagination,

- yet it might explain the stabiliser failure.
- No, Doctor, don't!

Whatever it was, it was totally malevolent.


We've landed.


Where have we landed?

We've materialised at the correct point in space,
but obviously not in time.

A temporal reverse. Some vast impulse of energy
has drawn the Tardis off course.

- So this is UNIT HQ, but years before I knew it?
- Yes.

- It's so different. It can't be the same house.
- It's the old priory.

- The UNIT house was built on the site.
- The old priory was burnt down, wasn't it?

- Something is wrong.
- I don't like it here.

Something is going on contrary to the laws
of the universe. I must find out what.



Excuse me, sir.

Get out! Get out of here!

How dare you disturb me? Get out at once!

- I'm sorry, sir, but the gentleman insisted.
- Gentleman? What gentleman?

An old friend of Professor Scarman, sir.

I ordered that no one was to be admitted, Collins.
No callers!

- Don't blame Collins. Forced entry, sir.
- This is outrageous!

Call it what you like.
I've a few questions to put to you.

All right, Collins.

So, you have some questions?

My name is Dr Warlock. I live in the village
and Professor Scarman is my oldest friend.

- I am Ibrahim Namin.
- I know your name.

It's your business that I'm concerned with.

Called at the lodge.
Saw Scarman's brother Laurence.

He tells me you've had the infernal impudence
to bar him from this house.

I am acting under instructions
from Professor Scarman.

- I don't believe it.
- I have his letter of authority.

I have brought from Egypt
all the relics discovered by the Professor.

My orders are to allow no one admittance
to the house until the Professor returns.

- That is an end to it, Dr Warlock.
- No, sir, not by a long chalk!

(WARLOCK) I'm not leaving
till I find out what's going on.

Why bother to lock an internal door?

Maybe this wing of the house isn't in use.
It smells musty enough.

That isn't all must, Sarah. Some of it's mummy.

French picklock. Never fails.
Belonged to Marie Antoinette. Charming lady.

- Lost her head, poor thing.

Of course, it would make an ideal headquarters
for some paramilitary organisation.

This room could be turned into a laboratory.

Who are you? How did you get in here?

Through the window.

I understood the property was for sale. No?

You're not fooling me, sir.

- You came with Dr Warlock, didn't you?
- Did we?

He asked you to scout round
whilst he kept his nibs busy.

Listen, if you're a friend of Dr Warlock, sir,
tell him to watch out.

- Watch out for what?
- The Egyptian.

- He's got the temper of the devil himself.
- Egyptian, eh?

Is this where he keeps his relatives?

It's no joke, sir. He's only been here a few days.
I wouldn't be staying, but...

Well, situations aren't easy to find at my age.

What are you afraid of?

He locked this wing.
He didn't know there was a second key.

If he found me here, let alone you two,
he'd go stark raving mad, sir.

I see. In that case, we'd better leave.

Not this way, sir. Better go the way you came.
He might see you.

As you wish.

And remember to tell Dr Warlock what I said, sir.

Don't worry. I'll remember.

(WARLOCK) Utter humbug! That letter's
a bogus fabrication if ever I saw one.

- (NAMIN) Are you alleging that it is forged?
- I am, sir, and I intend to prove it.

- I warn you, Dr Warlock, do not interfere.
- Are you threatening me?

It is not I who threaten.

There are ancient powers gathering in this place.

Powers beyond the comprehension
of unbelievers.

Ancient balderdash!

Unless you give me some straight answers,
I'm going to the police.

To say what?
That a foreigner is living in Scarman's house?

To say that he's not been seen for weeks.

That his baggage is lying unclaimed in his hotel.

I've made enquiries in Cairo.

- What the devil...

Open... The fool!

- Poor fellow. He's been strangled.
- The gods have returned.

I, Ibrahim Namin, servant of the true faith,
rejoice in their power.

Get the police. His assailant can't have got far.

You blind, pathetic fool!
The servants of the All Powerful have arisen.

When the temple is cleansed of all unbelievers,
the High One himself will come among us.

Yes, I see.

Well, I still think the police...

You should have left, Warlock.

Now you have seen too much.
You must be the second unbeliever to die.


It's no good. I can't go much further.

You must. We're sitting ducks if we stay here.

Get to the lodge.

- Tell Laurence...
- Laurence?

Marcus Scarman's brother.

He lives there.

Knows me.

He needs help, Sarah.
You go on ahead. Find the lodge.

- What about you?
- I'll be all right.




The All Powerful descends.

O noble God,

your servant hears you.

Oh, my dear chap. Is he badly hurt?

He'll be all right if we can staunch the bleeding.

Doctor, listen. I saw a mummy. A walking mummy.

Embalmed eviscerated corpses don't walk.

- But this one did!
- Never mind about that now.


Thank you.

Is there anything I can get you?

No, I'm all right now.

Just try and rest, then.

In view of what you've told me,

- I'm going to fetch the police.
- No!

This is much too grave a matter for the police,
Mr Scarman.

- Too grave?
- Yes.

They'd only hamper my investigation.

- YOUR investigations?
- Yes. Why do you think I'm here?

Something's interfering with time, Mr Scarman,
and time is MY business.

Who are you?

Well, I'm Sarah Jane Smith. I'm a journalist.

- Journalist?
- Uh-huh.

- Who is your companion?
- My companion?

Oh, that's just the Doctor.

We travel in time, Mr Scarman.
I'm really from 1980.

That is utterly preposterous, Miss Smith!


- Sorry.
- (DOCTOR) Interesting contraption.

Kindly leave that alone, sir.

That apparatus is delicately adjusted.

It is a receiver
containing highly dangerous electrical current.

So I see. What year is this?

- What year?
- It's a simple enough question.

- You don't know?
- If I knew I wouldn't ask. Don't be obtuse, man!


Splendid! An excellent year.
One of my favourites.

- I really must congratulate you, Mr Scarman.
- On what?

- Inventing the radio telescope 40 years early.
- That, sir, is a Marconiscope.

- Its purpose...
- to receive radio emissions from the stars.

How could YOU possibly know that?

I have the advantage
of being slightly ahead of you.

Sometimes behind you,
but normally ahead of you.

- I see.
- I'm sure you don't, but it's nice of you to try.

- Show me how this gadget works.
- You want me to...

Please. Just a little demonstration.

Amazing! That's really amazing!

I can't switch it off!

- Very impressive.
- It's never done that before.


A regular pattern repeated over and over again.

- Like an SOS?
- I wonder.

- Where was your aerial tuned?
- Mars. Why?

I just thought I'd verify the signal.

- No harm in double-checking.
- What's that, Doctor?

In principle, it's the same as the gadget
you've invented, only less cumbersome.

- Yes, it is the same signal.

Obviously automatic.

Well, if it's a message,
it shouldn't be difficult to decipher.

- They'd make it easy.
- Who would?

Whoever transmitted it.

This pattern recurs three times in one line.

Let's call that E.


''Beware Sutekh.''


Better known to you as Set?

Of course. Egyptian mythology.
Set or Sutekh was one of their gods.

He was killed by Horus, god of light.

Yes, but Egyptology and Mars?

If I'm right,

the world is facing
the greatest peril in its history.

- Hey, wait for me!
- No.

The forces being summoned
into corporeal existence in that house

are more dangerous than anything
even I have ever encountered. Stay here.

- I've an old hunting rifle.
- I never carry firearms.

What I meant was that I should feel better
if I could bring it.

Bring it!


All high, all powerful, most noble Lord,

thy humble servant welcomes thee.

(NAMIN) Master, at last you are here.

I, Ibrahim Namin, and all my forebears

have served you faithfully through
the thousands of years that you have slept.

- We have guarded the secret of your tomb.
- Stand. Look upon my face.

Great One, Lord Sutekh, I dare not.


Is this the face of Sutekh?

(NAMIN) Master, spare me.

Spare me.
I am a true servant of the Great Sutekh.

I am the servant of Sutekh.

He needs no other.



I bring Sutekh's gift of death to all humanity.