Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 12, Episode 11 - Genesis of the Daleks: Part One - full transcript

The Doctor and his companions are sent to the planet Skaro by the Time Lords to prevent the creation of the Daleks.




Welcome, Doctor.

What's going on?

Don't you realise how dangerous it is
to intercept a transmat beam?

Oh, come, Doctor, not with our techniques.

We Time Lords transcended such simple
mechanical devices

when the universe was less than
half its present size.

Look, whatever I've done for you in the past...

I've more than made up for.

I will not tolerate
this continual interference in my life.

Continual? We pride ourselves
we seldom interfere in the affairs of others.

-Except mine.
-You, Doctor, are a special case.

You enjoy the freedom we allow you.
In return, occasionally, not continually,

-we ask you to do something for us.
-I won't do it.

-Whatever it is, I refuse.

Daleks? Tell me more.

We foresee a time
when they will have destroyed all other life forms

and become the dominant creature
in the universe.

-That's possible? Tell on.
-We'd like you

to return to Skaro at a point in time
before the Daleks evolved.

Do you mean avert their creation?

Or affect their genetic development
so that they evolve into less aggressive creatures.

Hmm. That's feasible.


if you learn enough about their very beginnings,

you might discover some inherent weakness.

All right, just one more time.

-You'll do it?

If you'll let me have the space-time coordinates,
I'll set the Tardis for Skaro.

There's no need for that, Doctor.

You're here. This is Skaro.


We thought it would save time
if we assumed your agreement.

-What's this?
-A time ring.

It will return you to the Tardis
when you've finished here.

-There's just one thing.
-What's that?

Be careful not to lose it.
That time ring is your lifeline.

-Good luck, Doctor.
-Just a moment.

Don't just disappear.

What about Sarah and Harry?


-Ah, there you are, Sarah.

That was a pretty rough landing. What happened?

-Yes, where are we? This isn't the beacon.
-No, there's been a slight change of plan.


This is Skaro.

-What's that? It's gunfire.
-Heavy artillery.

-Doctor, it's getting closer!
-It's a creeping barrage. Get down!

Something's annoyed them.


Doctor. Doctor, look.

All right.

Nothing can be done for this chap.

That's strange.

There's centuries between these two weapons.

What's that on his jacket?

Radiation detector and a gas mask.
The two things don't go together, do they?

Part of his uniform is made of animal skins

and yet the combat jacket
is a modern synthetic fibre.

It's like finding remains of a stone age man
with a transistor radio.

Playing rock music.

A 1 ,000 year war?

-Civilisation on the point of collapse.

Nothing. Just theorising, that's all.

-Come along.
-Where are we going?



-Halt, don't move.
-What is it?

DOCTOR: I see a land mine.

We're in the middle of a minefield.

Follow me and tread in my footsteps.

Good King Wenceslas.

-I thought I saw something move.

I have a feeling we're being watched.

I get that feeling, too.

HARRY: I can't see anything.

DOCTOR: Let's hope it's imagination.

What is it?

Harry, I'm standing on a land mine.

I felt it shift.

If I move my foot, it might detonate it.

-Don't move your foot.
-I won't.

-HARRY: It's rocking.
-Wedge something under it, make it firm.

Yes, I'm trying to, Sarah.

Back up, Sarah.

You back up, too, Harry.
No point in risking both our lives.

No, Doctor, you'll have a better chance
if I hold it firm.

Please, Harry, don't be difficult.

Don't you argue, Doctor.


just lift your foot very, very gently.

-Thank you, Harry.
-My pleasure.

Let's go.

Hey, look.

What do you think?

SARAH: It's like a big bubble.

DOCTOR: Protective dome.
SARAH: What?

SARAH: Large enough to cover an entire city?

Why are they fighting with old-fashioned things

like barbed wire and land mines
if they can build something like that?

Even the dead have a part to play.

Propped up to make
the trenches appear fully manned.

-Different sort of uniform from that other chap's.
-Yes. We may have crossed the lines.

-Same mixture of ancient and modern, though.

That's why I think this war
has being going on for a very long time.

They probably started out with the most modern
equipment but no longer have the resources.

-Have to make do.
-War of attrition, eh? Only backwards.

At this rate, they're going to finish up with
bows and arrows.

Well, it would explain the mixture of equipment.


-Be careful, Sarah.
-It's all right.

-It's locked.
-It's pretty solid, isn't it?

Some kind of service tunnel, I suppose.

It might even lead into the dome.

Let's see where the trench leads.


-It's a gas shell.

-Poison gas.
-Respirators, quick.

Get back!

This one's alive. Get him inside.

There's another one here.

Get him inside. Quickly.

They don't look like Thals.

I wonder...

There have been rumours recently
that the Thals were developing robots.

Anyway, stick them on the transporter.

I shall alert command headquarters
with General Ravon.

Count the ammunition and clean your weapons.


Two prisoners, sir, captured section 1 01 .

For interrogation. Good.

I enjoy interrogation.

Yes, you look the type.

You insolent muto.


My section totally destroyed the Thal attackers
except for these two.

-But our supply of ammunition is running low.
-Then conserve it.

Ammunition is valuable and cannot be wasted.

-Yes, sir.
-For instance,

when I've finished with these two animals,
they'll be hanged.

Not taken out and shot as in the past.

And that will be all. Return to your unit.


the Thals have come down to recruiting mutos,
have they?

Turn out your pockets.


It might take some time.

RAVON: Take a good look.

In a few weeks we're gonna change
the shape of that map forever.

We'll wipe the Thals from the face of Skaro.

-Yes, I've heard that before.

I was just wondering how you propose
to wipe the Thals from the face of Skaro

with boy solders, no ammunition
and very young generals.

You've had one warning about your insults.


-I do beg your pardon.
-When victory is ours,

we'll wipe every trace of the Thals and their city
from the face of this land.

We will avenge the deaths of all Kaleds

who've fallen in the cause of right and justice

and build a peace which will be a monument
to their sacrifice.

Our battle cry will be
''Total extermination of the Thals!''

That's very impressive.

You mean you're going to sweep
these wastelands absolutely...


Did I hurt your fingers?

-You'll never get out of here alive.
-Yes, so you said.

So you're Kaleds, eh?

Even you mutos know the difference between
Thals and Kaleds.


Why, that's an anagram of...

How interesting. Are you fit, Harry?

-Never felt fitter, Doctor.

Now, Alexander the Great,

-you're going to lead us out of here.

You won't get any medals
for being stupid, General.

In fact, you won't be getting any more medals
for anything.

-Where do you want me to take you?
-Back to the wastelands.

Yes, that's home to you mutos, isn't it?

-But you won't get that far, I promise you.
-Come on, we're wasting time.





HARRY: Where are we?
This isn't leading to the surface.

There's a platform lift at the end.
You mutos must have seen it.

You're still making the same mistake.
We're not mutos, whatever they may be.

-Only mutos live in the wastelands.
-Come on!

-Sarah's all right?

If you've a friend up there,
they won't last much longer.

What do you mean?

Night's coming on.
The mutos start moving at night.

Just remember, we're your friends.

General Ravon.

-I wish to see you.

If you'll wait in my office, Nyder,
I'll be a few minutes.

Perhaps you should introduce us, General.

Security Commander Nyder.

You're civilians, I see.

Yes, but we're not staying long.

-Don't let us detain you.
-You won't.

Down, Ravon!

Alert all guards.
Two Thal intruders in the command complex.


This way, Harry. Come on.

They took me by surprise.


What kind of soldier lets two unarmed prisoners
overpower him in his own headquarters?

There's something different about those two.

They're not Thals and they're not mutos.

We'll find out what's different about them...

by autopsy.

-We're trapped.

After you.

Alert surface patrols to watch for intruders
in the area of platform lift 7.

-Now what?
-Keep running.

-Keep running!

Down, Harry!

-Are you all right?
-That was a lucky escape.

I wouldn't say that, Harry.





-This is yours?

What is its function?

Well, it's an etheric beam locator.

It's also useful for detecting
ion-charged emissions.

Oh, really.

It is not of Thal manufacture.

Well, naturally not.

My friend and I are not from your planet.


Well, I am anyway.

I've heard Davros say
there is no intelligent life on other planets.

So either he is wrong or you are lying.

-We are not lying...
-And Davros is never wrong about anything.

Well, he must be exceptional.
Even I am occasionally wrong about some things.

Who is this Davros?

Our greatest scientist.

He's in charge of all research at the bunker.

They could be mutos, Nyder.

Intelligent mutos who've developed a technology.

Tell me...

what exactly are mutos?

Mutos are the scarred relics of ourselves.

Monsters created by the chemical weapons
used in the first century of this war.

They were banished into the wastelands
where they live and...

scavenge like animals.

-In other words, genetically wounded.
-We must keep the Kaled race pure.

Imperfects are rejected.

Some of them survive out there.

-That's a very harsh policy.
-It's horrible.

Your views are not important.

General Ravon, I'll take these two back to
the bunker for interrogation by the special unit.

-They're the army's prisoners.
-Then you will release them to me.

The special unit will get more out of them
than your crude methods ever would.

-Very well, if you insist.
-I do insist, General.

And I have a list of requirements here.

All these items are to be sent
to the bunker immediately.

I can't spare this equipment.

These spare parts alone would take
more than half my supply.

You'll notice the requisition
is countersigned by Davros himself.

If you would like to take the matter up with him...

I'm expected to fight a war without equipment.

Very well,
I'll have these things out to the bunker by dawn.

By midnight, General.

The order specifies midnight.

-By midnight.

Bring the prisoners.

Ready, Davros.

Observe the test closely, my friend.

This will be a moment that will live in history.


Turn right.





The weaponry is perfect.

Now we can begin.