Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 12, Episode 10 - The Sontaran Experiment: Part Two - full transcript

The Doctor learns that Styre has been experimenting on the Galsec crewmembers to pave the way for a Sontaran invasion of Earth and decides the only way to halt his plans is to challenge him to a duel.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -



The female of the species.


Yikes! A Sontaran. Can't be.

You were destroyed in the 1 3th century.
You were blown to smithereens.

STYRE: You may have seen one of us.

SARAH: But you're identical.

-The same ugly...
-Identical, yes, the same, no.

I am Styre.
Field Major Styre, as you will address me,

of the Sontaran G-3 Military Assessment Survey.

And your opinion of my looks
is of no interest to my programme.

Female number one, first assessment.

Would appear to have no military justification.

Offensive value therefore nil.

You won't get me. You won't torture me again.


Why did you make that disagreeable noise?

You killed him!

That is my function. I am a warrior.

-Murderer. Murderer!

The moron was of no further use to me.
I had already tested him.

You, as a female, are far more interesting.

And soon, I will have the rest of your companions.

Hello? Sarah?

Oh, it's you again.

Can't say I'm delighted.

It's no use pretending.

Just keep climbing, nice and quiet.

If you insist.

Sarah? Sarah, old girl, you here anywhere?


Sarah, where are you?

-All right, old chap?

It's all right, old chap. I'm not going to hurt you.
Let's have a look.



Go on, and no tricks now.

-Behind you.
-I said no tricks!




Look here, old chap,
I'm going to have to go and get help.

You understand?

The Sontaran put you here?

What for? Do you know why?

To... To die.


Are there many more of you?


No, it's not the Central line.

When I ambushed the GalSec ship,
there were nine survivors.

I have already used up five of them

and I have been studying
the free behaviour patterns of the remaining four.

-So it is useless lying to me.

I know you were not on that GalSec ship.

Where do you come from?

What is your planet of origin?

-That is a lie.

There has been no intelligent life on this planet
since the time of the solar flares.

-How do you know?
-I have the reports.

-They can't be wrong, can they?

You are nothing, do you understand?

You are a mistake
and must therefore be eliminated.

According to my data you should not exist.


-SARAH: Harry! Over here!

-Well, come on. Help me.

Oh, hang on, old thing.




I can't get in.

-There must be a force-field.

That's it. He's locked me inside a force-field,
Harry. It's no good.

Well, don't you worry, old thing. I'll find a way.

I'll get you out of there if I have to
knock his bally head off and grab his keys.

Just don't you worry, Sarah.


G-3 Intelligence. G-3 Intelligence.

Field Major Styre reporting from Earth base.

Well, Styre?

STYRE: My report, Marshal.

Get on with it then.

As we knew, the Earth has not been repopulated.

I have therefore carried out my instructions

and lured a group of humans
to the planet for testing.

The results of my experiment
indicate that they are puny beings,

with little resistance to physical stress,

and are totally dependent
on organic chemical intake for their energy supply.

Thank you, Styre. Then your report is complete.

Not quite, Marshal.

Why must there be any delay?

Some inconsistencies have arisen,

small mistakes that will soon be eliminated.

My final intelligence report for the assault
will be with you within the hour, Marshal.

It must be, Styre. It must be.

Very good, sir.

Experiment seven. Subject: female.

Project: resistance to fear.





DOCTOR: Sarah!

Sarah. Listen to me, Sarah. It's not real.

Do you understand?

Nothing is happening to you.
It's only in your mind.

Fight it, Sarah. Fight it.


Oh, Sarah.

Very touching.

You unspeakable abomination.

Words, Earthling, will never prevail
against Sontaran might.

-Why did you do it to her?
-I did nothing.

I merely resurrected those things

which lay buried in the depths
of her pathetic little mind.

She was a victim of her own fear.

And now, your turn.

Well done, Harry.


Now we know what happened to our mates.

We've still got a chance.
If this thing intended to kill us...


Might have been the best thing.

Good. The final batch of material.

-But not me. No, not me.
-All of you.

But I helped you. I did everything you said.

-KRANS: What?
-You said you'd save me if...

Oh, why should I save you?

A traitor to your own miserable kind.

Why, you stinking, lousy swine, Vural.

You tried to do a deal with this thing?

It was all I could do. It gave us more time.

That first night, he was gone for hours.
Lost, he said.

-No, I did it for us.
-Enough of this bickering.


Not both of them.

Murdering swine.

Field Major Styre,
Sontaran G-3 Military Assessment Survey.

Experiment five: human resistance
to fluid deprivation.

Data: subject died after nine days, seven hours.

Impairment of mental faculties,
motor reflexes and physical coordination

noted after only three days.

Conclusion: dependence on fluid
is a significant weakness

which should be exploited in our attack.

STYRE: As a rider to the above,

we should also like to take into account

the successful conclusion of experiment four,

where immersion in the fluid H2O

produced asphyxiation in less than three minutes.

Conclusion: this species has little resistance
to immersion in liquids.

-Doctor, I thought you were both dead.
-Not me.

Piece of the synestic locking mechanism
from Nerva's rocket. Popped it in my pocket.


You never know when these bits and pieces
will come in handy.

Never throw anything away, Harry.

Where's my 500-year diary?

I remember jotting some notes on the Sontarans.

-It's a mistake to clutter one's pockets, Harry.
-Yes, Doctor.

What's Styre doing here?

Well, he's killing people.
He's on some kind of ghastly experiment.

Look what he's done to Sarah.

Harry, Sontarans never do anything
without a military reason.

You look to Sarah.

-And what are you going to do?
-Find out what's behind all this.

Experiment eight:

resistance to pressure on the human breast cage
and muscular strength.

Are you prepared?

What are you up to, you lump of filth?

You are holding a gravity bar.

At the moment it is a mere 40 pounds,
Earth weight.

I will increase that weight to 200 pounds.


300 pounds.





Don't be alarmed, old thing.
Not going to hurt you.

Everything's going to be all right.


VURAL: Please!

-You murdering fiend!

He is not your friend, he is a traitor.

Yet you struggle to save his life.

500 pounds.



I must delay the experiment.

(WHISPERING) Erak, the knife. The knife.


Styre. Field Major Styre, I order you to report.

This is Field Major Styre, sir.

Styre, your constant delays are causing alarm.

We must have your report.

I am just completing my final experiment,

the compressibility test of human tissue.

The entire invasion fleet is being held up.

How much longer must we wait?

STYRE: My programme was ordered
by the Grand Strategic Council.

The invasion cannot begin
until all experiments are analysed.

Then get a move on, Styre.

The fleet is waiting for my signal.

Very good, Marshal.


-Ah, Sarah, feeling better?

No, don't tell me. No time.

We've got an invasion on our hands.

Invasion? Oh, you mean Styre?

Him and thousands exactly like him.

SARAH: They're going to invade Earth?

The entire galaxy suddenly acquired
some strategic importance

in their endless war against the Rutans.

HARRY: Why on earth is Styre torturing people?

He's making an assessment
of human physical limitations.

Sontarans are very methodical people,

and that might give us a slight advantage.

-Oh, I hadn't noticed, frankly.
-What are you going to do?

I'm going to take him on in single combat.

It's the only way.

You're what?

Sontarans never turn down the chance
to kill someone.

-Well, you're not going to let him kill you?
-Well, I hope not.

I'm going to try and tire him out.

He's pretty unwieldy for all his strength
and he's not used to Earth's gravity.

The thing is, if I can get him exhausted,

he'll have to go back to his ship to reenergise.

-Are you with me?
-Just about.

While I keep him busy,
I want you to get into his ship.

Now, once you're inside,

this is what I want you to do, Harry.

Increase to 600 pounds.

Styre. Still about your butcher's ways, Styre?

You? But I killed you.

Another mistake, Styre.
You've fallen right into our trap.


Those people you've been so cleverly evaluating
are not Earth warriors,

they're our slave class,
the lowest form of human intelligence.

You lie.

Do you think those puny creatures
could conquer half a galaxy?

No, Styre.

I represent the true warrior class.

Evaluate me if you dare.


Is that the Sontaran way?

The mighty warrior sheltering behind his gun?

I challenge you, Styre.

Single combat. Or are you afraid?

Afraid? A Sontaran afraid?

All right, come to your death.


DOCTOR: Styre, it's not over yet.


I'll finish with you later.


You're weakening, Styre. You're weakening.


I shall kill you all now.

But first, I have more important tasks to perform.

-Is this what you meant?
-It had better be.

-Let's get out of here.
-Doctor, Styre's killed Vural.

He saved your life.

I know. Everybody out. Fast as you can. Come on.


What happened?

Ask Harry, he did it.

What did I do? What is this thing anyway?

It's a sort of terullian diode bypass transformer.


Sontarans, as I told you,
sometimes need to feed on pure energy.

And by removing that, you altered things slightly
and the energy fed on him.

That's taken care of one of them,
but what about the rest of the invasion fleet

waiting to blast us out of the galaxy?

Yes. Well, I'll just attend to that.

Styre, your report?

The intelligence... What is this?

Your Waterloo, Marshal.

Your intelligence mission has been destroyed
and your invasion plans are in our hands.

One move across the buffer zone, Marshal,
and your entire fleet will be destroyed.

We shall destroy your planet.

What? Without Styre's report?

Next time, Earthling, we shall utterly destroy you.

Not today, thank you.

Brinkmanship, I think they call it.

Sure you won't join us?

No, we'll wait till that lot from Nerva get here.
Thanks all the same.

Don't trust those transmat beams.
They never worked too good.

As you wish.

I should stand back if I were you.


I mean, it should be all right.

But you never know, quite, do you?