Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 12, Episode 12 - Genesis of the Daleks: Part Two - full transcript

The Doctor and Harry are taken to the Kaled bunker where Davros is preparing to demonstrate the Daleks, while Sarah is captured by the Thals and taken to their city as a slave worker.


DAVROS: Follow.

Gharman, there is much to be done.



Party approaching. Check one.

You will announce your name,
rank and serial number.

Speak now.

Tane, this is Security Commander Nyder
with prisoners and escort.

I want these two screened

and passed to Ronson for full interrogation.

Yes, sir.

Prisoner's belongings.

Good, now he's gone, any chance of a cup of tea?


Or coffee. My friend and I have had
a very trying experience.

-Haven't we had a trying experience?
-Very trying, Doctor.

Step into the security scan.

What, no tea?

Let me point out to you
that you have no rights whatsoever.

I have full authority to torture
and kill any prisoner

who does not comply absolutely with my orders.

That is your first and last warning.

No tea, Harry.


You're cleared. Move forward.

You, next.


Scan detects power source

located below prisoner's left elbow.

Remove object from prisoner's left wrist.

You can't have that.

That bracelet could have
no possible use as a weapon.

It remains with the other confiscated items.

Let's not make a fuss, Doctor.

The time ring is our only hope
of getting back to the Tardis.

Recovering it has got to be our number one
priority. Do you understand, Harry? It's vital.

Yes, I know it's vital
but we don't want them to know that, do we?

The prisoners are to be given into the custody
of Senior Researcher Ronson.


take this with you.


She's beautiful.

No deformities.

No imperfections.

She is a norm.

All norms are our enemies.

Kill her now for what she's done to our kind.

No, why?

Why must we always destroy beauty?

Why kill another creature
because it is not in our image?

Kill her! It is the law. All norms must die.

They are our enemies.

And if you won't,

I will.

There's something over there.

It's a patrol, very close.

Let's get away from here.

No, they're too near. If you move, they'll see you.

They're coming this way.

-I'm going, come on.
-No, I tell you they'll see you.

Halt. Stay where you are.

Stand where you are and don't move.


Ah, it's only a muto.
What a waste of good ammunition.

There's a couple more of them.

Hold it, if they are not too badly mutated,
we might be able to use them.

They still need expendable labour
for the rocket loader.

This one looks all right.

Got all it needs to carry and walk.

There's no reason why this one shouldn't work.

Why, it's almost a norm.

Come on, get up. Up.

-Kill it off, it's too slow.
-No, it's all right. I'll help her.

Then move and move quietly.

There are Kaled patrols out tonight.

Sit down.

Thank you.

You're not with the military, I assume?

-I'm with the science division.
-Oh, good, good.

Then perhaps we can talk without interruption
from rifle butts.

That depends.

If you don't answer my questions,
I shall hand you back to the military.

They take a pride in loosening tongues.

Now, where did you get these things?

Oh, here and there.

If I didn't know better, I should have to assume

that these were made
by some intelligence on another planet.

If you didn't know better.

It is an established scientific fact
that in the seven galaxies

only Skaro is capable of supporting intelligent life.

It is also an established scientific fact
that there are more than seven galaxies.


When you passed through our security scan

our instruments ran a complete check
on your blood and chemical make-up,

encephalographic patterns and so on.

Physiological compositions,
and so if you are from another planet...

-You were saying...
-There's nothing.

Nothing conforms to any known life on this planet.

Apart from external appearances.

You can't always judge from external appearances.

Who are you?

-Where are you from?
-It's a long story.

Then tell me.

Do you have any inkling of the theory
of space dimension correlated to relative time?


(OVER INTERCOM) Davros wishes
all members of the Elite scientific corps

to assemble in the main laboratory immediately.

Our session will have to wait.

-Davros is coming.
-Your chief scientist?

He's our supreme commander.

When he calls a full meeting like this,

he obviously has something
of the greatest importance to tell us.

-Well, I shall be delighted to meet him.
-Stand up and keep quiet.

If I may have your attention.

For some time

I have been experimenting
with the Mark III project.

Details of modifications
will be distributed later, however...

I am anxious that you should see immediately

the remarkable results that I have achieved.

And to that end

I have arranged this demonstration.

-A Dalek.

A Dalek, very primitive but undeniably a Dalek.

You're mistaken. It's a Mark III travel machine.

-If you say so.
-DAVROS: Halt.

Turn left, move forward.

That's magnificent. He's perfected voice control.

Turn right.

Move forward and circle left.

You will agree, I think,
that voice control represents

an enormous step forward, however,

the best is yet to come. Nyder.

Our machine is now equipped
with a weapon for self-defence.

Now, I am going to turn the machine over
to total self-control.

It will be entirely independent

of all outside influences.

A living, thinking, self-supporting creature.

DAVROS: Brilliant.

Brilliant! It has detected the non-conformity.

DALEK: Aliens. I must exterminate.


You dare to interfere!

You have the audacity to interrupt
one of my experiments.

-But it would have destroyed him.
-So you think the saving of a worthless life

more important than the progress we have made?

My creature showed a natural desire,

an instinct to destroy and you interceded.

You will be punished for this!

Davros, I'm sorry.

But I believe these prisoners,
they could be extremely valuable.

By all means, when I finish my questions,
let the machine do what it likes with them but...

I do need to interrogate them further.

You will be punished for insubordination.

In the meantime, you may question the prisoners
until first light.

After that, they will be used to resume
the experiment.

This meeting is ended.

-Thank you, I am obliged to you.
-I was merely doing my duty.

I believe that you have knowledge
which could be of the greatest assistance to us.

But if you don't cooperate,

then it is certain that Davros will use you
as an experiment

with his machine in a few hours' time.

The prisoners are to be taken to the cells,
you can continue questioning them there.

Davros orders it.

Where are we?

We're inside the Thal dome.

We should be lucky to be alive.

-The Thals normally kill on sight.
-Then why the change? Why bring us here?

Perhaps they need slave workers for some project.

The muto is right.

The work they're making us do kills...

with the same certainty
as a bullet between the eyes.

-What work?
-The Thals have built a rocket.

They've used up all their manpower and resources.

They are gambling that it is going
to bring them victory in one blow.

And if they can make the launch successfully,

I don't see how they're going to fail.

My race, the whole of the Kaled people,
will be wiped out in seconds.

Perhaps we should be happy to welcome
such a weapon if it ends a thousand years of war.

-You won't be when you find out what it is.
-Well, what is it?

The nose cone of the rocket
is being packed with distronic explosive.

-We have to put it in position.

To reduce weight,
they're using no protective shielding.

Every load we carry exposes us
to distronic toxaemia.

After a few hours' exposure, we'll all be dead.

We'd better think of something, hadn't we?

Now what's happening?

The rest period's over. We start loading again.

I've have already done one load
since I was captured.

All right, don't

-You all right?
-Looks like I might be.

What happened?

They took down reams of notes.

Every bit of scientific gobbledegook
I could think of.

Technical jargon that even I didn't understand.

-That'll keep their experts tied up for weeks.

And I learnt a great deal more from them
than they did from me.

-About this bunker?

-It is underground, isn't it?
-Yes, bomb-proof.

Impregnable from attack from the outside and
about three or four miles from the Kaled dome.

What are they doing down here?

Years ago, the Kaled government
decided to form an elite group.

The best scientific brains in every field.

-A sort of think tank.

But over the years the Elite has become
more and more powerful

and now they can demand whatever they like.


-Open up.
-Perhaps this is the tea.

There's no need to wait, I am armed.

I'm sorry if they hurt you.

I lack the courage to interfere.

But you did save me from becoming
the very first victim of a Dalek. Thank you.

Yes, now you used that word earlier.
It had never been heard before.

And yet only an hour ago,
Davros announced that henceforth

his Mark III travel machine would be
referred to as a Dalek.

Now how could you have known that?

Well, I have an advantage in terms of time.

You see, we've come here at this time
because of future concern

about the development of the Dalek.

I think you're concerned, too, aren't you?

(WHISPERING) I think he's going to bite.

Yes, I am concerned and there are a few others
who think the same as I.

-But we're powerless.
-Then let us help you.

You see, we believe that

Davros has changed the direction of our research
into something which is...

immoral, evil.

You see, the Elite was formed

to produce weapons that would end this war.

We soon saw that this was futile
and changed the direction of our research into...

into the survival of our race.

But our chemical weapons had already
started to produce genetic mutations.

And the mutations were banished
out into the wastelands.

-The mutos.

Now Davros, he believed that there was
no way to reverse this trend

and so he started experiments

to establish our final mutational form.

He took living cells,

treated them with chemicals and produced

the ultimate creature.

Come with me.

Now this is what the Kaleds will become.


That is our future.

You've got troubles.

We have to do something now.

If we work another shift, we won't have
the strength to take any kind of action.

Action? What do you mean?

I mean we've got to get out of here.

-It's not possible.

The guards are not expecting trouble from
a group of exhausted slave workers.

So we get out into the rocket silo. Where then?

The only other exit goes out through
a command point.

And that's going to be crawling with Thal troops.

There is another way.

-Straight up.

The scaffolding. It goes right up
to the nose cone of the rocket.

Now, if we could get up there,
then there's a chance

we could get out onto the surface of the dome.

It wouldn't be too difficult getting down again.

The angle of the dome is quite gentle.

That scaffolding!

-I mean, it's so high.
-It's the only way.

It's our only chance.

I'd rather die taking a chance like that

than rot away in here with distronic toxaemia.

Okay, I'll pass the word to the others.

Go on, Ronson.

Well, knowing our ultimate form,
Davros had to devise a travel machine.

-The Dalek.
-Now he's trying to change that into a weapon.

And he's succeeding.

He's created a monster,
utterly devoid of conscience.

-And you want to stop him?
-Well, I must.

There are a few in the Kaled government
who still have the power to act.

If they knew the truth,
they would end Davros' power,

close down this bunker, finish the only...

Then go to them, Ronson, go to them.

But I'm not allowed in the city.
Security here is absolute.

Then help us to escape. Give us the names
of the men who have the power.

Could you get us out of here?

There is a way.

Through one of the secondary ducts
in the ventilation system

that leads to a cave at the edge of the wasteland.

-The entrance is barred.

And there's something else.

Davros' early experiments were with animals.

Some of the things that he created were horrific.

And they're still alive.

And I have an uneasy feeling
you're going to tell me they're in that cave.


These are the people you should try to contact.


Look, if anything at all should happen...

-Don't worry, we won't let it fall into wrong hands.

Come on.

Here's where it comes out into the cave.


-What was that?
-Probably one of Davros' pets.

That's the alarm.
They'll be after us in a minute. Come on!


They're coming up after us.
You must keep moving. You must.

I can't. I can't move.

Come on. You must.