Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 3 - The Three Doctors: Episode Three - full transcript

The Time Lord Omega reveals himself to the third Doctor along with plans for vengeance against his own kind.


- Are you turning off the force field?
- I think so.

- But why?
- Because he told me to,

and I have great respect for his advice.

If you switch the force field off,
that thing can get at the Tardis!

Precisely! Hold tight, everyone!

It's fabulous!

Yes, most impressive, I must admit that.

Almost worth the trip - just to see this place.

Yes, but who brought us here and why?


- I am the one who brought you here!
- Who are you?

In the legends of your people I am called Omega.

Omega? But that's impossible!
Omega was destroyed.

No, brother Time Lord, I was not destroyed...

as you can see!

Take the man and the girl.

Where are you taking them?

They will not be harmed, Doctor.
They have no part in my revenge.

I have been grievously wronged, Doctor,
and now it is time for my vengeance!

Well, they won't hold us long in here.

Not in a cell without a door!


It's impossible!

- It's a real wall!
- Really?

What kind of a place is this?
And who was that creature in the mask?

- I don't know.
- The Doctor seemed to know him.

Yes, and whoever it was knew the Doctor,

but I wouldn't say they were exactly friends!

No, it seemed more like
they were deadly enemies.

Without me, there would be no time travel!

You and our fellow Time Lords
would still be locked in your own time,

as puny as those creatures
you now so graciously protect!

- You knew your mission was dangerous.
- Dangerous, yes, but I completed it,

and I did not expect to be abandoned!

Thousands of years ago, when I left our planet,

all this was then a star
until I arranged its detonation!

You were the solar engineer.

- It was your duty.
- It was an honour, or so I thought then!

I was to be the one to find and create

the power source that would give us
mastery over time itself!

- And you are revered for it.
- Revered? Here?

I was abandoned!

The histories say you were lost in the supernova.

I was sacrificed to that supernova!

I generated those forces, and for what?

To be blown out of existence
into this black hole of anti-matter?

My brothers became Time Lords,
but I was abandoned and forgotten!

No, not forgotten. All my life I've known of you
and honoured you as our greatest hero.

A hero?! I should have been a GOD!

Why would the creature bring the Doctor here
if they're deadly enemies?

Unless he means him some terrible harm!

Come along, Jo, pull yourself together!

No point in getting worried about this.

We don't know that they're enemies.

In any case, I'm sure the Doctor
knows what he's doing.

I hope you're right!

Theoretically, all this is quite impossible.

Here, Doctor, everything is possible.

Be seated.

Thank you.

Tell me, how did you manage to survive?

How does anyone survive?

Force of will. Mind, you might say,
over anti-matter (!)

And this organism stuff
that you sent to bring us here?

Created from the raw stuff of matter.

An organism that can exist
in your world and mine.

It brought you here
and imbued you with its properties

so that you could exist in both worlds.

- How do I fit into this picture?
- There are some things

that even I cannot do, not alone,

and now I need the help of a brother Time Lord.

I see.

And it pleases me to use you against them.

And if I give you my help,

do you really think you can defeat
the Time Lords, all of them?

But I am defeating them!
All of their power is insufficient

to prevent the cosmic energy drain
which I have caused.

And if I refuse to co-operate?


you will face the wrath of Omega -

you and those miserable humans
who accompany you!



Investigate immediately but do not harm them.

- Them?
- Doctor, it seems we have more company.

Well, we appear to have arrived.

Corporal Palmer... Come in, Palmer.

I don't think you'll get through with that.

- Why not?
- It hasn't quite got the range.

They're only just outside the building!
Palmer, do you read me?

Prepare yourself for a shock.

Can we take a look outside, Doc?

We can try.

Well, I never!

(BENTON) It seems to have gone, sir.

It looks quiet enough.

If you'll open the door, I'll see what's going on.

- I wouldn't advise it!
- Come along now!

All right!

Oh, dear, I do wish you'd listen
to me. We'd better follow him.

That's extraordinary.
That stuff found the Tardis indigestible

even without the force field on,

so it swallowed the surrounding
matter as well -

like taking a pill with a swig of water.

Well, we seem to have got rid of it.

Benton, you stay here.

- So we've moved, is that it?
- I'm quite sure we have.

- Where do you reckon we are?
- Not where he thinks we are.

- You have finally gone too far!
- I rather think we all have.

- What's it like out there?
- There's sand everywhere!

- Splendid! Who's for a swim?
- Do you realise what you've done?

You've stolen the whole of UNIT HQ!
What am I going to tell Geneva?

We're probably miles from London!

We're a bit further than that, Brigadier.

You mean we're not even in the same country?

There'll be international repercussions.

This could be construed as an invasion!

It's not just a matter of the same country.

If the Doctor's right,
we're not in the same universe.

What? Nonsense, that's a beach
out there. It's probably Norfolk.

- If you'd only Listen to me...
- I'll tell you what we'll do.

You two stay here. We can't have
the place over-run with holidaymakers!

I'll find a phone and tell
the authorities where we are.

I'm sure that's Cromer. Back in a jiff!

- Dear, oh, dear!
- Let's go after him, Doc.

Just a minute. I think I'll have
another look for my recorder.

Doctor, you've lost your recorder and that's that!

It's in the Tardis somewhere.

- I shan't be a minute.
- Doctor! Look!

Oh, my giddy aunt!

- Oh!
- Get back!

Hey! Hey, you! Just a minute!

Who are you?

Ollis. Game warden.

Of course - the chap who vanished.
Where are we? What's going on here?

- I thought you'd have told me that.
- No, I'm as much in the dark as you are.

Isn't there anything you can tell me?

There were two others in a daffy
old motor car - a man and a girl.

They went after another fella
and all got took by those lumpy creatures.

- What did the man look like?
- Tall, fancy get-up, white hair.

But that's...

What happened to them?

I told you! They got took by those things.

They didn't get me.
I moved quiet, stalking them.

- Did you follow them?
- I'm just coming to that... Look out!

(OLLIS) That's them! Those things.
That's what I meant.

They've got the Doctor and Benton.

- Come on.
- Hold on!

No use rushing them.
I know where they're bound.


Now what, General?

First we do a recce,
then we mount a surprise attack.

Mr Ollis, you will consider yourself
under my orders.

Unless you reverse the energy drain,
the entire universe could be torn apart.

That will make an interesting spectacle!

- Then you would be utterly alone.
- I am used to solitude.

I shall have had my revenge
and shall be satisfied.

If you will undo the harm that you've done,

you could have the freedom
to do anything you wished.

Power is the only freedom that I seek.

(OMEGA) Absolute power
IS absolute freedom. No bargains.

Especially not with those
who betrayed and deserted me.

Oh, Doctor, you are here for a reason.

(OMEGA) Who are you?!

More innocent bystanders.

Probably scooped up
by that bungling organism of yours.

Send them back. They can do you no harm.

The organism was programmed
to seek out a Time Lord.

Can this or this also be a Time Lord?

Appearances aren't everything, you know!

Ah, you do not fear me.

Can it be?

TWO Time Lords?

Ha! The SAME Time Lord!

The High Council must be desperate indeed
to transgress the laws of time!

You're making a mistake! I was out for a stroll
with my friend when this horrible jelly...

This is a pathetic attempt
to deceive me! Be silent...

..while I consider what shall be your fate!

- Is it really him? Omega?

Yes, I'm afraid so.

You have angered me!

You are facing death!

Take them away!


(BRIGADIER) Did you find a way in?
(OLLIS) No. You?

No. We'll wait till the door opens
and then take them by storm.

A full-scale frontal attack
using all the resources available.

- What does that mean?
- It means you and me. Come on.

I'd almost won him over,
then he saw you and started treating me

- like an impostor!
- Well, you are really!

I suppose we both are.

- Stop twittering on!
- How offensive!

- There they go again!
- You're supposed to help one another!

That WAS the idea!

I'm sorry. Perhaps I did speak a trifle sharply.

Yes, well, I'm sorry, too.

Well, what did you think of this chap Omega?

- He was somewhat confused.
- I'm somewhat confused. Who's he?

- (BOTH) Me.
- I beg your pardon?

Oh, ask Jo, there's a good chap.

He says he wants to destroy everything,
then he talks about freedom...

If this is a world of anti-matter,
how can it all exist?

(BOTH) The phenomenon of singularity.

You explain. You're better at it.

No, no. Older and wiser head.

Singularity. I know it's supposed to exist...

- It does exist. Right here.
- But it's just a theory.

What ARE you talking about?
And simple answers, please!

One at a time this time!

Singularity is a point in space time

which can exist only inside a black hole.
We are in a black hole

in a world of anti-matter very close to singularity,

where all the known physical laws cease to exist.

Omega has got control of singularity

and has learnt to use the vast forces
locked inside the black hole.

He created this world
by a fantastic effort of his will,

but he says he was wronged by the Time Lords.

- Time Lords?
- Yes, and he's hell bent on revenge.

Well, you'll just have to stop him, won't you?

The trouble is, we're not sure we can.

Well, who is this Omega anyway?

A Time Lord. One of the greatest of all my race.

- Our race.
- Sorry.

Long ago, we learnt the secret of time travel,

but to make it a reality, we had
to have a colossal source of energy.

Omega provided that energy
by a fantastic feat of solar engineering.

We thought he was destroyed,
but he finished up here.

His imprisonment was the price
of our freedom to travel in time.

Even so, you can't let him smash everything up!

Well, he's not all-powerful,

or else why did he need to bring you here?

- Yes, that's true.
- There must be something you can do!

- What about your sonic screwdriver?
- That's useless in this world.

The only natural law here
is the law of Omega's will.


Look...if Omega can will up an entire world,

surely you two could will up a small door!

Well, you're a Time Lord, aren't you?

You're two Time Lords! Surely your wills
combined are a match for his?

Why else do you think the High Council
wanted the two of you here?

- That might work. It just might!
- It's worth a try!

- Right!
- Right!

- Ready?
- Ready!

- Contact.
- Contact.

(JO) It's working!

- Well done!
- I couldn't have done it without you!

- Now for the singularity chamber.
- Splendid! Come on!

Jo, you wait there!

Singularity chamber! Can't miss that!
It's the chance of a lifetime!

- That's charming!
- I'm not going to miss all the fun!

Neither am I! Come on, Sergeant!


Through here!

Well, shall we?

The bull by the horns, eh?

All right!

Well, after you.

Let's toss, shall we?

What would be the point?

- Singularity!
- Fascinating!


- How is it that you are free?!
- By combining our wills against yours!

Together we broke down your barriers,

so you're not all-powerful after all, Omega!

If you free us, we'll plead
your cause to the Time Lords.

Otherwise we shall combine our wills
to destroy you!

You dare threaten to destroy ME?!
You wish to fight the will of Omega?

Yes, if I must.

Then you shall,

but you will fight the dark side of my mind!

(ECHOING VOICE) The dark side of my mind!

It all looks the same.

Well, we can't just stay here.

- They're right behind us!
- This way!

They're everywhere!


It's no good. We're lost!

Well, we can't just give ourselves up.

- Agreed. What do we do?
- Let's try this way.

- Look what I found!
- How can that help us?

It's the corridor
to the main entrance! Come on!

- Give me a hand with this!
- Quickly! They're coming!


- How did you know we were there?
- We didn't. We were trying to get in.

- Did the Doctor come here with you?
- Yes, sir.

- He can't have! He was with me!
- Sir, look!

- Come on! It's just over the dune.
- What is?

What do you want now?

Energy levels are dangerously low,
Doctor. You must go in.


The black hole.

You are our last chance.
All three are needed to defeat Omega.

We will use the last of our energy
to send you through.

Well, it's better than being stuck here, I suppose.

All right.

(OMEGA) Those who oppose the will
of Omega shall not live!

Destroy him!