Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 2 - The Three Doctors: Episode Two - full transcript

As the second Doctor tries to pacify the gelatinous creature composed of light while struggling to explain himself to the Brigadier, the third Doctor finds himself with Jo and Dr. Tyler on a stable world in an anti-matter universe and heading toward those responsible.

- Disconnect the force field.
- What are you going to do?

- Now!
- Doctor, no!

Jo, get back!

Steady on. He knows what he's doing... I hope!

- What about Jo?
- It's a pity she ran after him.

- Let's have a look.
- Will they be all right?

Where are they? Doctor!

Well, that stuffs gone to a great
deal of trouble to find me - him -

So whoever sent it can't merely want to kill him.

No, they've been transported somewhere.

What do you mean, transported?
Transported to where?

Wait a minute.

Do you know, I think our friend
has gone off the boil, so to speak.

Right, I'm going to blow it to bits!
I'll get a grenade.

How about a more subtle approach?
Let's turn off the force field and open the doors.

Wait a minute! Let me go first.

Hmm. Awaiting further instructions,
I would think.

You're not going near it, are you?

It's all right. I think it was just hiccups.


- Be careful!
- Leave it alone!

It's not dangerous for the moment!
It thinks it's achieved its mission.

- Oh, no!
- Oh, yes!

- But you're not...
- It's the first one.

- How are you?
- Pretty well, thanks.

Why have you changed your appearance
and where's Miss Grant?

..There you are.

- It's all quite simple really.
- Well, I don't believe a word of it!

Look...just tell me this. Are you
or are you not the Doctor that I met

during the Yeti business
and when the Cybermen invaded?

- Of course I am. You can see that!
- During the trouble with the Autons

you'd changed into a tall, thin fellow.

Had I really? How fascinating!

It's no use asking me about this, Brigadier.

As far as I'm concerned, it hasn't happened yet.

I'm just a temporal anomaly.

It's obvious what's happened.

You've been mucking around
with that infernal machine of yours!

Be careful, sir.

Somehow, you've changed back your appearance

and shot Miss Grant off to heaven knows where.

- It's not that simple, sir.
- That'll do!

I want to be able to control that stuff
and the safe return of Miss Grant.

Don't you want OUR Doctor back?

I've got him back! As long as he does the job,
he can wear what face he likes.

I'll try, but I can't make any promises.

In that case, you'd better consult
your all-powerful superiors for their advice.

At the moment,
they're far from being all-powerful.

That's why it's been left up to me and me and me.

- What's happening?
- It's draining our power, sir.

Yet you continue to waste the power we need!

By permitting the Doctor
to meet his other selves,

you have transgressed the first
and most important law of time.

I know that, but this is an emergency.

Nothing can justify this transgression.

This operation must stop immediately.

On the contrary, it must continue!

The Doctor is our only hope. There is no one else.

I could wish for more hope than that!

Your Excellency, you have said yourself -

we are dealing with a threat from an area

over which even we have no control.
A black hole in space,

unknown forces at least equal
and opposite to our own.

But the first law of time must be obeyed!

It will be, but the Doctor
needs all the help he can get.

Transporting his other selves
across the time stream

has already utilised more energy
than we can afford.

Criminal irresponsibility!

They have a limited time together,

and if they fail, we lose our time travel facility

and become as vulnerable
as those we should protect!

You'd do better to husband your resources,

not throw them away on a dangerous gamble!

I am prepared to take that risk.

I understand your attempt
to transport yet one more Doctor

has met with limited success.

His transportation unit
became trapped in a time eddy.

He can do no more than advise,
but the second Doctor is assisting UNIT

- to help with matters on Earth.
- I see.

And the other?

He, together with his companion,
has passed into the black hole.

They are over the absolute event horizon.


they're dead.



Can you hear me?

Jo, wake up.

Where are we?

Everything seems so strange.

Are you all right?

We're not...?

- Jo!
- We are, aren't we?

We're dead.

This is a place. It's just like any other place.

Well, almost.

We've been brought here.


It's not much like heaven, is it?

Come on. Let's go and take a look around.

So wherever they are, Miss Grant
and my other self, we can't contact them.

The problem with anti-matter is
you see the effect but never the cause.

It's like being punched on the nose
by the invisible man.

Then, what's this stuff?

The invisible man - anti-matter.

You said that matter and anti-matter
couldn't meet without an explosion.

- Yes.
- So it shouldn't exist here, but it does.

Yes, awkward, isn't it?

As far as I can see, there's only one explanation.


Well, this stuff - or whoever sent it -
is cleverer than we are.

Unfortunate, isn't it?

And there's nothing that even you can do?

I wouldn't say that. We can make sure
it stays harmless for a start.

That's a relief.
Can I leave you to get on with that?

Those other things are still outside.
I must contact Geneva.

I think the strain's been too much for him.

- What are we going to do now?
- Keep it confused.

Feed it useless information.
A television set would be handy.

That's odd.

Hey! Surely that's the water cooler
from outside the lab.


And what's this?

- That's the Brigadier's computer.
- Oh.

This is the lab door!

It's locked!

Well, it says "no admittance"!


We both know what that is, don't we?

Sure do!

Jo, do you see what I see?

Oh, yes!

That clinches it. We HAVE been transported,
and so has all this stuff.

Come on.

Right. All we've got to do
is find out where we are

- and who brought us here.
- Come on, then!

- Where to?
- Twice round the park?

- Right!
- Right.

Man Friday, would you believe?

At the moment, I'd believe anything!

Come on.

It's quite like old times, eh, Sergeant?

Yes, it is, isn't it?

- Is it ready yet?
- Nearly ready for testing.

Why don't we give this big overgrown
blancmange the full treatment now?

Steady on, Sergeant!

Security Council want an explanation
and I'm leaving it all up to you.

- Oh, no!
- They're on video in my office.

But won't they think it strange? I mean, me?

I've explained all that. You're his assistant.

His what?!

The truth was too much for them.
Assistant it will have to be.


I've just set this thing up!
Now I won't be able to confuse it!

No doubt. It's your forte,
confusing people. Is that thing all right?

We've got it thoroughly subdued.

- Well, we haven't tested it.
- Benton, you keep an eye on it.

- Me, sir?
- Yes, you!

Oh, very well!

Here, Sergeant, you'll need this.

If it gives any trouble,
a little dose of that will settle it.

- But say that doesn't work, Doctor?
- Then give it the lot!

You're not going to give me any trouble, OK?


Doctor, are you there?


Doctor! Doctor!

What have you done?

- I did what the Doctor told me.
- In the Tardis quickly!

Yes, it's quite cosy, isn't it?

You'll soon get used to it -
relative dimensions and all that.

So this is what you've been doing
with UNIT funds and equipment!

Is it an optical illusion?

No, they come like this. Really.

- It's going berserk!
- It is, isn't it?

- Now we're here, what do we do?
- We think. Jelly baby?

E equals mc...squared...

There's no doubt about that,

but if you equate gravitation with acceleration,

I must have travelled faster
than the speed of light!

That's impossible!

The light here must be travelling
backwards because I can still see.

It's Dr Tyler!

Dr Tyler!

Why, it's the Doctor, isn't it? And Miss Grant!

How did you get here?

Well, I was in your lab, developing that plate,

and there was some kind
of explosion and here I am.

- It's fascinating!
- Do you know where we are?

- No. Do you, Doctor?
- Yes, we're at the other end

- of that light streak of yours.
- What?

- We've been transported along it.
- That's in the black hole.

That's where we are. On a stable world
in a universe of anti-matter.

- An anomaly within an impossibility.
- Huh?

He means that a place like this
shouldn't exist in a cosmos like this,

and even if it does, we shouldn't be here.


Well, here we are.

Kidnapped AND marooned.

But by whom?

At last!

A Time Lord within my power!

Let my guests be brought into my presence!

These things sound like the creatures
that attacked us at UNIT HQ.

- What exactly did they look like?
- Like that!


- Doctor, will you open this door?!
- It's still thrashing about, sir.

My little plan seems to have misfired.

I seem to have accentuated its metabolic rate.

- It shouldn't have happened.

- What went wrong?
- Let me out of this contraption!

I should have desensitised...

Of course, you fool!
It's anti-matter! The opposite effect!

I haven't quietened it down,

- I've stimulated it!
- Will you stop nattering?

You haven't seen my recorder,
have you? It's this long, with holes in.

For the last time, let me out of this madhouse!

- There's no point!
- I'm afraid I must insist.

My place is with my men
fighting whatever it is out there,

not looking for some damn flute!

I cannot open that door
without turning off the force field,

and even if I did, that thing
out there has become a killer.

- It's my fault and I'm sorry.
- Sorry?

All we can do now is think,

and I think best to music.
Now, where is my recorder?

It looks like Aladdin's Cave!

It's the entrance to a palace, I should imagine.

- I wonder who it belongs to?
- We shall soon find out.

- I'm not sure that I want to!
- Whoever had us brought here

- doesn't mean us good.
- You may be right.

I'm not hanging around to find out.

- I'll try and make a break for it.
- What?

Corporal Palmer, do you read me, over?

You won't get through with the force field on.

- I have to find out what's going on!
- Let's have a look.

I'll try to set you up a communications unit.

- Be careful!
- Don't worry.

I can boost this through
the Tardis's communications circuit...

- I think.
- Oh, I give up!

- Sir, aren't we wasting time?
- Yes, we are.

- Are you worried about the other Doctor?
- Yes, and Miss Grant.

Don't worry. I rather envy them.

- You what?!
- I think they're having a very interesting time.

We should try to escape
while we're near the entrance!

In that maze of passageways,
we shall never get out.

My dear Dr Tyler, I don't want
to get out. I want to meet our host.

I came here for that very purpose.

We didn't want to come here
and we don't want to stay.

You were brought here by accident.

I have to persuade whoever
brought you here to send you home.

I prefer to take a chance on my own.

Are you coming with me?

No, no, I'll stick with the Doctor, thank you.

Looks like I'll have to go on my own, then.

Dr Tyler, you're not going anywhere.

I refuse to allow you to endanger all our lives.

No, no, I suppose you're right.

Tyler! Tyler, come back! Tyler!

Idiot! He'll jeopardise the entire operation!

- With his life, probably!
- Yes.

They might not harm him.
You said we were only here by mistake.

Yes, that's right, Jo.

I'm the one they're after.

I'm sure I can persuade our host
to send you back.

Supposing you can't?

They might just get rid of us.

This is a creature of great intelligence.

Superior intelligence and senseless cruelty
do not go together!

I hope you're right.

Get up. Up, up!

- Are you all right?
- Yes, I think so.


That was a bit of a waste of time, wasn't it?

Here we are, Brigadier. Have a try with that.

It's all right. It won't bite you.

Corporal Palmer? Come in, Palmer.

Corporal Palmer here, over.

This is the Brigadier. We're in the laboratory.

- What's the situation there, over?
- The building is still surrounded.

We're standing by for further orders, over.

Every man is to maintain vigilance,
but no further offensive action, over.

- But...
- That's an order!

- Roger, sir. Wilco.
- Keep in contact. Out.

Hey, Doctor, it's the old boy.

- Made any progress?
- No, none at all. And you?

Hardly! I'm trapped in this infernal time eddy.

- What about our fellow Time Lords?
- Growing weaker.

- They can't stop their energy loss.
- We can't help you, I'm afraid.

- Oh, yes, you could!
- How?

First turn off your force field.

What?! But I don't...

- Off, I said!
- But I still don't see...

Oh, use your intelligence!

Who in the name of heaven was that?

I'm afraid you'd never believe me.

It doesn't make sense. We are matter
and you say this place is anti-matter.

- That's right.
- So, the mere fact of our being here

should cause a colossal explosion.

Our bodies have been converted
so that we can exist here.

Just as that organism thing
could exist in our world?

- Exactly.
- I don't believe it!

This is matter.

I can see it. I can feel it.

Things aren't always as they seem.
Take this pencil, for example.

It's just a pencil, isn't it?

But is it? Watch very, very closely.

Or is it a bunch of flowers?

That's just a conjuring trick.

That's what this place is -

a scientific conjuring trick of a very high order.

I think the waiting is over.

Are you turning off the force field?

- I think so.
- But why?

Because he told me to and I have
great respect for his advice.

If you switch the force field off,
that thing can get at the Tardis!

Precisely! Hold tight, everyone!