Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 6 - Carnival of Monsters: Episode Two - full transcript

The Doctor and Jo attempt to find a way out of the Scope but, when Vorg attempts to entertain the Minorans, the crew of the Bernice suddenly become a lot more dangerous.

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- Doctor...
- What?

- Doctor!
- What is it, Jo?


- Where's it gone?
- Up there.

There's no way through. Are you sure?

The whole deckhead swings open.

It's solid steel. It must weigh tons and tons.

- Held by two tiny wingnuts.
- Tiny?

Relatively. You saw the size of that hand.

There's deck above here.

- That's what it looks like.
- We've been there.

This is no ordinary ship, Jo.

- Where are you going?
- To find the Tardis.

And that means finding a way off this ship.


- Vorg, they're coming over.
- Good. I've found the trouble.

There you are. A bit of bric-a-brac
lodged inside circuit three.

I'll put it back. Might spoil the illusion.

Never let the customer see too much.


- I loved Chu Chin Chow.
- Chu Chin ChowI

- The whole thing's rubbish.
- It wasn't. How can you say that?

I've sailed into Shanghai 50 times, my girl.

I know what Johnny Chinaman's like.

You've seen so much of the world.

It makes me seem so... so unsophisticated.

I suppose we're due for the monster bit.

Yes, very probably.

I wouldn't want you to think I'm silly.


In what way does this machine amuse?

Your worship, allow me to demonstrate.

If you will watch the glo-sphere.

- What is this?
- These creatures are Tellurians.

A species discovered in a distant galaxy.

Scientists have been amazed at the similarity

between these chaps
and our own dominant life form.

The resemblance is unpleasant.

These are the only Tellurians in captivity.

Scientists think they refute Waldek's theory

that life is infinitely variable.

A less amusing form of life is the Ogron.

They are of limited intelligence

and are used as servants
by a race called Daleks, I believe.

We will shortly be seeing
the prize of my collection.

- The Drashigs.
- Drashigs?

They are, without doubt,
the most evil, the most vicious,

and undoubtedly the most frightening form of life

- in the whole of the universe.
- Oh, look. There's one.


The Drashigs have no intelligence centre,

so I cannot control their behaviour.

But these pictures - they are recorded, surely?

No, your worship.

The Scope is good old-fashioned
live entertainment.

The picture is an actual projection
of what is taking place deep inside.

You mean all these creatures are living in there?

Within their own miniaturised environments.
I'll switch back to circuit three.

- Aaagh!
- Great heavens!

Just like goldfish in a bowl, aren't they?
Round and round forever.

Isn't there anything we can do?

No. Not while we're inside this thing.

We've got to get out of here. Come on.

What a head, eh? By Gad, I'd love
to have that on the club wall!


Oh, hello. Topping day, what?

Absolutely splendid.

Yes. 99 skidoo.


- Must press on. Pip pip, old chap.
- Just minute. Are you passengers?

You've asked us that before. Don't you remember?

Have I? I'm sorry to be uncivil and all that.

See, Jo. No memory traces at all.

What's that? You'll think
I'm an awful idiot, but do you know...

- You've forgotten our names.
- What?

But I never knew them.
I've never seen you in all my life before.

By simply adjusting the aggrometer,

the peaceful Tellurians can be made
to behave in an amusingly violent way. Watch.


- Sticking to that stupid story?
- I'm afraid so.

I ought to warn you I used to box for my school.

And I ought to warn you
that I took lessons from John L. Sullivan.

By Jiminy, the old fellow's got pluck!

- Queensberry Rules?
- Naturally.

- John!
- Good afternoon.

Cover the aft companionway. Quick!

Stop or I'll fire!

- How many times round is a mile?
- Who's counting?

Let's try that door.

Now we've got them. Bosun!

This way.

- How does it work?
- Hold it flat along the edge.

That's the idea.

All right. On your feet.

- We've had enough of your nonsense.
- Right, bosun.

- Doctor.
- No. You can't!

I can't leave it for long
or the specimens damage each other.

Ah, dinner. Splendid. Coming?

Who the devil are those two?

I hope there's something decent.
I'm rather peckish.

That should do it.


Looks like some sort of shaft.

Good. Down we go.

Just look at this filter circuit, Jo.

What a beautiful piece of work.

Now, then, this must be the output...

and the input is through there. Let's look.

- Yes, it is.
- What is it?

What is it?

My dear girl, this is a perfect example
of an early pulse mechanism

based on the principal of caesium decay.

This is absolutely vintage stuff.

This can't be the ship's engine room.

Of course it isn't. We're not in the ship.

- Where's the Tardis?
- No idea.

Probably outside this machine.

Just look at this, Jo.

What a magnificent auxiliary capillary pump.

Have you ever seen anything like it?

I've never been small enough
to get inside one of these things before.

It's fascinating. It's like walking
around inside a wristwatch.

It's wonderful. It really is magnificent.

Can't we just find the way out?

We could try following this circuit.
It'll probably run for miles.

Out of the way.

Not authentic. A forgery.

A forgery? But, your worship, I had no idea.

We travelled all the way from Demos

believing that we would be welcome
on your noble planet.

- That is your misfortune.
- Pletrac.

This machine, this Scope,
contains many alien creatures.

The Lurman has imported them without a licence.

- What?!
- If I've done something wrong, I...

The Interstellar Ecology Commission forbids
the transfer of specimens between planets.

- The creatures will be destroyed.
- Destroyed?

- The machine too.
- But our livelihood depends on it!

- We're just strolling players.
- Destroyed.

Send the eradicator detachment to section two.


Dim-witted yokels, you said they were.

Twist them round your finger,
you said. Eating out of your hand.

A fine mess we're in now, aren't we?

- You're not blaming me?
- I didn't want to come here.

I could be with the All Star Dance Company.

Ha! That third-rate bunch of hoofers.

At least I always had a few credit-bars,

and we never travelled by cargo thruster.

Eradicator detachment, follow me.

What's that?

- This is murder! Assassination!
- Stand aside, you two.

I am not without influence, I shall complain.

Prepare to erad...


Commence eradication.

- What's happening, Doctor?
- I don't know. Hold on, Jo.

It's like an earthquake.

- It's getting hotter and hotter.
- Keep moving.


The machine must be armoured.

We have lost face, Pletrac.
Our technology has proved deficient.

The eradicator was designed
only for use against organic molecules.

And the creatures in there?

Organic. The eradicator will have destroyed them.

That is the objective.
Destruction of the machine is unimportant.

Built, eh? None of your modern rubbish. Ooh!

- Is it damaged? It might be.
- We'll check the circuits.


- Come on, Jo, get up.
- Not yet. I'm only half cooked.

Come on.

Get yourself up. Give us your hand.

Come on, up.

- Here, mop yourself with this.
- Thanks.

What happened?

It just got a bit hot, didn't it?

Hey, it was them. They did it on purpose.

- Who?
- The giants, of course.

- Why? We've done them no harm.
- What other reason?

One problem at a time.

Our problem is to find our way out.

This looks quite promising. Let's try it.

Promising, huh?


Who's going to pay to see a blob in a snowstorm?

All that heat must have affected the video circuits.

Still, the specimens are all right.
It only needs a readjustment.

Destroyed, Orum? All eradicated?

The machine must have a defensive barrier.

But we have no defences, Orum.

Zarb and his council of fools have betrayed us!

Dangerous talk, even for the President's brother.

It must be said. Zarb disbanded
the army, and now our only defence...

.. is that!

We have demonstrated
its inefficiency to those Lurman spies.

One is told a new model is being developed.

Do you think the Lurman battle fleets will wait?

- They'll be picking landing sites.
- You're an alarmist.

We have defence pacts
with all the neighbouring planets.

Don't talk to me about brotherhood.

We have survived because of our strength.

- And now...
- We shall perish!

Because of our weakness.

Do you really think the Lurman
is a spy sent to test our defences?

Isn't it clear?


Perhaps a transmitter.

Come on now, quick as you can.

That's it.

Doctor, I think we're going round in circles.

I'm sure we've been this way before.

No, no.

All these shafts look alike.


I was right. Your handkerchief.
I must have dropped it.

Yes, you are right.
We must have been this way before.

Well, that's it. We're lost.

Of course we're not lost, Jo.
What makes you think that?

Do you know what that is?

It's a bearing housing
for one of the ventilator shafts.

Oh, good. That makes me feel
so much better

- I thought it might.
- That means we're almost home.

It means there should be an air duct around.

Silly question, but why
are we looking for an air duct?

Well, where's air ducted from, Jo?

- Outside!
- Right first time.

Sorry. I thought we weren't getting anywhere.

Yes, I know.

We're inside the blueprint instead of looking at it.

What was...?

You know, Shirna, I'm not given to imagination,

but I thought I saw two Tellurians in the works.

Slowly, Vorg.

- What are you doing?
- Where is the transmitter?

- Transmitter?
- You've been sending signals.

- Signals?
- Stop wasting time!

- I have no transmitter.
- What were you doing?

Just minor repairs - silly little minor repairs.

We had a fault in the video circuits.

Nothing of consequence.


If there is a transmitter in there,
Vorg, you're dead.

What is a transmitter, Shirna?

- For sending messages, you idiot.
- We haven't got one, have we?

You said you had a master's degree in radionics.

I never did understand these electrical...

Would you please keep that further away?
It's very frightening.

No. One can't see anything, Kalik.

If there is a transmitter, it'll be disguised.

No, there's nothing in there. Only this.

- What is it?
- Bric-a-brac, your worship.

Causing interference.
Better put it back in the Scope.

What is it? Let's have the truth this time!

I don't know. I swear I don't know!

- Some Lurman secret weapon, perhaps.
- It's some kind of container.

- It was causing interference!
- Bric-a-brac!

Why does it change its size?

You took it outside
the Scope's compression field.

Things regain their normal size.

Silence! It is an alien artefact.
How did it get in there?

Vorg, the Tellurians!

Earlier on in circuit three,
I saw two new Tellurians. I told Vorg.

- My assistant is imaginative...
- Quiet!

- Is this possible, Orum?
- What?

For Tellurian invaders to penetrate
the Scope in containers like that!

It wouldn't be possible with our technology.

Tellurian science may be more advanced.

If they get into the machine,
they can also get out of it.

- What are you thinking?
- They are not from our galaxy.

We don't know what diseases they may have.

Is there an exit from that machine?

Quite impossible, your worship.

Each group of specimens
is in its own individual chamber.

The Scope is escape-proof.

It's almost through.


- Ladies first?
- No, not this time, Jo.

We don't know what's behind this door.

- The Tardis, I hope.
- So do I.

- Looks like some sort of cave.
- Yes. Come on.

Well, not quite what I expected, Jo.

Hang on a minute, will you?

- Can you see anything?
- No. It's just the same.

It's a bit scary, isn't it?

- What are all those bubbles?
- Some sort of marsh gas.

Probably highly inflammable.

We'd better take a look around.

There's nothing to look at.

- I will not accept this...
- If handled with care...

- It's clearly laid down...
- It's safe.

Just a minute! What is that?

Oh, another fault has developed.

It's in circuit five this time.

Oh, some insignificant electrical matter.
Switch on the circuit.

There you are, you see?
It's working perfectly. Nothing wrong there.

- The fault is still signalling.
- What creatures are here?

The Drashigs.

My little carnivores.
They're great favourites with the children.

Gnashing and snapping and tearing at each other.

Vorg, look!

The Tellurians! They've broken into the circuit!

Get them out.

- They're already as good as dead.
- Why?

Once the Drashigs get their scent,
they'll have no chance.


Something's wrong, Jo.

Let's go back, Doctor. I don't like it here.

No. Neither do I.

They'll never make it.

What's that?

I don't know.

It didn't sound very friendly.