Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 15 - Planet of the Daleks: Episode One - full transcript

The TARDIS lands on the jungle planet Spiridon, where the Doctor has fallen into a coma, where The Doctor has requested the Time Lords to pilot the TARDIS, so he and Jo can follow the Daleks to their base. Where Jo learns the Dalek's base has been located on Spiridon where the Daleks are attempting to discover the secrets of Invisibilty and create a bacterial virus in their goal of universal conquest. Where The Doctor, recovered from his coma and Jo are joined by a task-force of Thals and a native Spiridon named Wester, Where they not only set out to stop The Daleks evil plot, they also discover a army of 12,000 Daleks are in suspended animation and are waiting to be revived to begin their universal conquest and claim themselves as the supreme rulers of the galaxy.

-Oh, Doctor, I thought you were dead.
-Help me.

Come on, yes. Careful.

-Help me into the TARDIS, Jo.

-All right, Jo.

The first thing we've got to do is
get out of here.

Doctor, what are you doing?

Telepathic circuits,
sending a message to the Time Lords.

-I must tell them to... I mu... I mu...

Come on, come and sit down. Come on.
That's it, careful, that's it.

-Help me off with this.
-Let's get this off.

-Now just lie back.
-Must lie down, Jo.

-Must rest for a while, must rest...

-I must rest, Jo...

-It's all right.
-Now, Jo... Now listen to me...

I'm liable to sleep for quite some time.

Now, if anything happens,
anything at all,

record it in the log,
record it in the log...


What log? Doctor,
I don't know what you're talking about.

In the log, up there in the locker.


Jo! Jo! Careful!


-Jo? Jo?

Oh, he's so cold!

Shortly after entering the TARDIS,
the Doctor fell into a deep coma.

His respiration was very shallow
and his skin icy to the touch.

I could find no trace of pulse
or heartbeat

and his breathing apparently ceased.

But I've seen the Doctor
in this condition once before

and he recovered after a sudden rise
in temperature.

The TARDIS seems to have landed.

I suppose the Time Lords are working it
by remote control again.

I... I've no idea what the Doctor said
to him in his message

or where we are.

I just...

I just hope that they've...

They've brought us somewhere where
I can find some help for the Doctor.


Doctor! Doctor, you're alive!


Doctor, I don't know
whether you can hear me or not.

Both your hearts are beating about... oh,
about once every 10 seconds

and your body temperature
is somewhere below zero.

I'm going outside.

I'm going to try and find some help.

Scanner, scanner.


That's it.

Doctor? Doctor, I'm going now.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Things growing in this jungle seem
more like animal than plant life.

The light is changing.
It seems as if it's daybreak.

There's a sudden change in temperature.

I haven't seen any form
of intelligent life except...

Except those bits of...

Bits of statue by the TARDIS.

Jo? Jo, where are you?



That's odd.

The atmosphere outside is breathable
yet the automatic oxygen supply is on.

Hello? Hello? Is anybody there?

I'll just have to use
the emergency supply.

-Who are you?
-My name is Taron.

This is Vaber.

I'm Jo Grant.

Do you live here? I...
I mean, do you live on this planet?

-What are you? Where are you from?
-Well, I'm from a planet called Earth.

-You've heard of it?

-We've heard the name.
-There is no such place as Earth.

It's just a name in our old legends.
It doesn't really exist.

-Believe me, it does!
How did you come here?

-In the TARDIS.

Well, yes, it...
It's a sort of spaceship.

-Are you alone?

No, I have a friend with me
and he's very sick.

I was trying to find some help for him.

Look, I'm afraid he's dying.

We're not a hospital service!

Please? Please, you...
You've got to help me!

I'm qualified in space medicine.
I'll do what I can.

Thank you.

I was beginning to think that
I'd never find anybody to help me.

-You were lucky they didn't find you.

Where is this ship of yours,

Well, back through the jungle.

-Is it far?
-Well, no, not far.

It's by some... Some bits of statue.

-Reference seven?
-Yes, yes, yes.

Look, come on, I'll take you there.

-They're near, a patrol!
How many?

Three or four, headed this way.
Who's this?

-We have to move.
-Well, I'm coming with you!

No, we know this jungle now.
We can move in it quietly and quickly.

You'll be safer if you stay hidden here.

Get inside. You can work the securer
from in there.

-But I want to come with you.
-That would slow us all up.

You'd endanger all of us. Don't worry.

We'll lead them away from here,
lose them in the jungle.

-Lose who?
-Come on! Come on!

We'll do what we can for your friend.
I'll come back for you later.

Thank you. Please hurry!

-Which way are they moving?
-We're all right.

They seem to be staying
on the main tracks.

There's a few scouts,
moving independently, but off that way.

-What about the girl?
-Oh, she should be all right.

And this "friend" of hers?

Let's go and find him.

All the circuits are in order.

The door must be held from the outside.
I must get it open.

I must get that door open.

Got to get...
Got to get that door open...

That's it... Must get...

Must get it o... Must get...
Must get... Must get...

Right, sit him down here.

Thank you...

Thank you.

Thank you very much.
How did you find me?

-A girl we met.
-She told us where you were.

-Is she all right?
-She should be.

-We left her hiding.
-Circle round the neighbourhood.

See if there's any activity.

What are you staring at?

Oh, I'm sorry, it's just...
Just that I thought I knew you.

-That's not likely.
-Where are you from?

-A planet, many systems from here.

-Yes, of course, you're Thals!
-How did you know that?

-'Cause I've been to Skaro, that's why.

Oh, many years ago.
During the Dalek war.

-Dalek war?

That's impossible!
That was generations ago.

-You couldn't have been there.
-Well, I can assure you that I was.


By travelling through
the barriers of time.

If you must know,
I was with the Thal group

when they broke into the Dalek city.

In our legend, there is a being,
a figure from another planet

who came to Skaro when the Thals
were in their greatest peril

in something called a TARDIS!

-He had three companions with him.
-Yes, Barbara, Ian and Susan.

And their leader was called?
-The Doctor.

Are you trying to tell us
that you are the Doctor?

-That's right.
That's nonsense!

You've come to spy on us!
What are you doing on this planet?

Here, of all the planets in the galaxy!

Now, you listen to me, young man,

you may have saved my life
and I'm grateful,

but that does not give you the right
to subject me to an inquisition.

-Vaber, give me the spray.

Waste our medical supplies?

-The spray, Vaber!
-What are you doing?

You have been infected
by a particularly deadly fungus.

Close your eyes.

They spread their spores in that liquid
they've discharged.

And the fungus spreads very quickly

unless the surface
has been specially treated.

Turn your hand over.
There, that should be all right now.

Now? Why, what woul...
What would have happened?

Without special treatment it would
have spread all over your body.

Ah, that's nice.

Until finally you'd have been
engulfed by it.


-Come on, let's get started!
-No. We wait for Codal.

Tell me, what's the name of this planet?

Spiridon, one of the nastiest pieces
of space garbage in the ninth system.

-Is it inhabited?
-Oh, yes!

Vegetation that's more
like animal life than plant,

creatures hostile to everything,
including themselves,

and a climate that changes
from tropical in the day

-to sub-freezing in the night.
-Any intelligent life form?

Oh, yes, the Spiridons.
They're invisible.

Mmm, I'd very much like
to see one of them!

I'd very much like to come
into contact with one of them.

Don't worry, you will.

You said just now that you were
on some sort of mission?

May one ask what it is?

No, I can't tell you that,
that's top secret.

As you wish. I'm on something
of a special mission myself.

-Taron, why can't you face it?
-Now listen...

None of us is ever going to get away
from here!

-The radio's gone, the ship's damaged,

we can't takeoff,
we're on a suicide mission!

It was your choice,
nobody made you come.

Well, whatever it was you came here
to do, it must be pretty important.

-We think so.
-How many are there of you?

There were seven.

But our commander was killed
on touchdown.

And we've lost three others since.

-Oh, only three left.

Well, you could make that four
if you'd let me help you.

-Five with Jo Grant.
-Thanks. I'll think about it.

-You still don't trust me?
-Why should I?

You come here out of nowhere

and then claim to be something
out of a legend.

Yes, I see your point.
But I am on your side, you know?

Anything about?
-No, it, er, it seems quiet enough.

-You all right now?
-Yes, never felt better.

-Good, we'll take you to your friend.
-That's good.

After that, you're on your own.

If you see me signal,
dive for cover quickly

and don't make a sound, understood?


It's coming this way.

It sounds like it's in trouble.

What do you think?

-It could be ray exhaustion.
-No, light-wave sickness.

That's what the others had.

Do you think it's deactivated?
Well, we can't be sure.

Let's chance it.



-What's this? Some kind of weapon?
-A liquid colour spray.

Point it in this direction,
press the control on the top

and you'll see what we're up against.