Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 16 - Planet of the Daleks: Episode Two - full transcript

The Doctor is captured by the Daleks, while Jo is rescued by a friendly Spridon named Wester.

Motive power nil.

Total loss of vision.

Sensor plates not functioning.

And weaponry deactivated.

You seem to know a good deal
about Daleks.

Yes, well I've had cause to.

This one's something new.

I've never come across Daleks
that have mastered invisibility before.

They haven't mastered it,
not completely.

As far as we can tell, they can only
stay invisible for very short periods.

Even so,
it gives them quite an advantage.

Yes, a terrifying advantage.
Any idea how they do it?

Codal's our scientist.

They discovered it
by studying the Spiridons.

It's an anti-reflecting light wave.

Their problem is
that to create the energy required,

they have to generate fantastic power,
so they can't sustain it for very long.

-I see.
-I'd like to investigate a bit further.

-Let's lift off the top so that...
-No, don't do that!

No, most Daleks have
an automatic distress call.

Even when they're deactivated,
the transmitter may keep functioning.

Thank you, Doctor.

Let's go.

My hand and...

My hand and my arm are infected by...

By something I can't describe.

It's spreading rapidly

and my hand is already quite numb.

You wait here, Doctor.
Codal and I will scout ahead.

We won't be long.

-Taron seems very cautious.
-Too cautious.

Things would be different
if Miro was still alive.

Oh? Who is Miro?

Expedition commander.
He was killed when we landed.

Oh, I'm sorry.

And Taron, who's he?

Spacecraft doctor.
Next in seniority, so he took command.

-And a fine mess he's making of it.
-Oh, do you think so?

I thought he seemed to be
doing rather well.

Do you?

Three more dead.
Nothing achieved. Nothing even planned.

He'll go on being cautious
until we're all killed.

Well, what do you think he should do?

Oh, we've got explosives and weapons.

We could attack the Dalek laboratory
and wipe them all out.

How many Daleks are there, do you know?

Well, as far as I know,
there's not more than 12.

Just a scientific group, here to try
and learn the technique of invisibility.

One determined attack and
we could destroy them all!

Tell me about these creatures
that live here, the Spiridons.

Are they invisible at all times?

-As far as I know.
-Are they working with the Daleks?

I imagine they've been
totally subjugated,

the usual Dalek technique
of rule by terror.

Mass exterminations followed by absolute
suppression of the survivors, I know.

I hate all this waiting round.

I wish he'd get back
and we could get started.

Probably going out
to recover the one we found.

That's a pity.

Let's check out the area
in that direction,

-then get back to the others.


-The eyeplants?

-They've come in very useful.
-Oh? How?

They get very agitated whenever
an invisible Spiridon comes near them.

It's given us a...
Well, a kind of early warning system.


Get my knife!

Hang on! Just hang on! I got it!

Quickly, your hand.
Let go! Let it go! Let it go.

What happened?

Oh, it's all right. Nothing much.

Just some sort of tentacle trying to
make a breakfast of our friend here.

-I'm all right.

-Are you sure?
-I said I'm all right!

-Thanks, Doctor.
-My pleasure.

Made an interesting
little object lesson.

What do you mean?

Well, just that it shows the...
The need for continued caution, I think?

You think I don't know that?

I have been here
rather longer than you have.

But danger's not going to scare me
into doing nothing!

-There's a considerable difference

between courage and reckless stupidity,
you know.

If I have to die,

I want it to be for a better reason
than providing nourishment

for a flesh-eating tentacle!

The eyeplants are moving.

a Spiridon patrol! Quick over there!

They're coming closer!

Unless they change direction,
they're bound to find us.

Why wait?
We're well armed. Let's attack now!

Don't be stupid.
There could be dozens of them.

I'll try and lead them off.

Codal's given us a chance.
Let's not waste it!

-There's our ship. Your friend's inside.
-Thank you.

Wait, something moving,
other side of the clearing.


Quick, get through there!

Primitive spacecraft of type
originating on Skaro.

Report discovery to command centre.

Dalek patrol two
calling command centre.

We have located Thal spacecraft.

Indicate course of action.

Command centre orders
the craft is to be destroyed.

Position to fire.

But Jo Grant's inside your ship.
I've got to do something!

There's nothing you can do.


No. Wait! Wait!
Somebody's still in there.

Save for interrogation. Disable.

Proceed as ordered.

No! No!


Repeat, full power.


Stand or we will exterminate you now.

We've got to help him.

There's nothing we can do, nothing.



Let's get away from here.








So they captured you too, did they?

Where are the others, Taron and Vaber?

Well, they're all right
as far as I know. How are you?

I'm fine.
Splitting headache, but I'll survive.

That's good.

Why didn't they kill us straightaway,

Ah, I expect they're saving us
for interrogation.

They'll want to know
what we're doing on this planet.

You know, what you did back there,
leading the searchers away from us,

was very courageous.

I just didn't give myself time to think.

If I had, I certainly
wouldn't have taken the risk.

Oh, I don't know. I think you're doing
yourself rather an injustice there.

If you hadn't acted the way you did,
we'd have all been captured.

They give medals
for that sort of bravery.


I've been terrified
ever since I landed on this planet.

It's different for Taron and Vaber,
they're professionals.

They've seen action before.

And do you think they're any
the less brave because of that?

They know how to deal with fear.
They're used to living close to death.

I'm not.
I'm a scientist, not an adventurer.

Well, forgive me if I'm wrong,
but aren't you a volunteer?


Then you must have known
what you were getting into?

No. None of us did.

We're not a warlike people, Doctor.

We've only just developed space flight.

No one had attempted
a voyage of this length before,

but every man and woman
from my division volunteered,

over 600 of them.

You see, I didn't even have the courage
to be the odd man out.

-What are you laughing at?
-Ah, you, my friend.

You may be a very brilliant scientist,

but you have very little understanding
of people,

particularly yourself.

Courage isn't just a matter
of not being frightened, you know?

What is it then?

It's being afraid and doing what you
have to do anyway, just as you did.

I'm not convinced. But thanks anyway.

Right, well after that
little tutorial on bravery,

let's see if we can find a way
of getting out of here.

-Yes, escape.

Well, let's take a look in our pockets
and see if we can come up

with something that might prove useful.
Come on. Turn 'em out.

-Sonic screwdriver...

Fancy hankie.

Shortly after entering the TARDIS,

the Doctor fell into a deep coma...

Wasn't that the girl we met,
your assistant?

Yes, that's right.

She'd gone to fetch help for me.

-The Daleks...
-Took her prisoner?

No, they murdered her.

His respiration was very shallow

and his skin icy to the touch.

Don't be afraid. I want to help you.

What are you doing?

You've been infected
by the fungoids.

This will clear it.

-Where are we?
-A cave near the city.

I found you unconscious in a spacecraft
and brought you here.

It was fortunate I found you in time.

The machine was destroyed
shortly after by the Daleks.

-Daleks! Daleks here?
-You did not know?

Who are you?

Why did you help me?

There's so much I want to ask you,

But I... I don't know where to...
Where to begin.

All in good time. You must rest
while the potion is taking effect.

When you're feeling better,
I'll tell you everything I can.

No, that's hopeless.

If there's one thing the Daleks
are very good at making, that is locks.

Well, what now if we can't even
get the door open?

Well, we'll just have to start our
escape when the door's already open.

But there'll be
a Dalek standing outside.

Yes, exactly. So we're not
trying to deal with a door,

-we're trying to deal with a Dalek.

How? A very good question.


Well, there must something here
that could prove useful.

There's nothing that I can see.

Come on, come on!
We've got to think of something.

Well, the one thing we have got is time.

On the contrary, my friend,

the Daleks don't intend
to let us rot down here, you know?


Section three requests
that, after interrogation,

prisoners should be
transferred to their laboratory.

State reasons.

They are required for experiments
of light ray emissions on living tissue.

Agreed. Next.

Central control report that
only two Thals are still at liberty.

Their capture is expected shortly.

Well, at least these
haven't been found, that's something.

There's enough explosive here to take
care of 50 Daleks, never mind 12.

Come on, Taron, we'll take a chance.
Rush the main entrance.

If we can make it
down that first tunnel,

the blast from these will cave in
the whole section, bury the Daleks!

And if we don't make it
down that tunnel?

Oh, come on, Taron!
What's the matter with you?

When we came on this mission,
you knew there'd be risks.

Well let's start taking them!

We make our move when we have
a chance of succeeding, not before.

Give me the explosives.

-Get them out!

I mean it, Taron.
I'll kill you if I have to!

That's the only way you'll get them.

I mean it!

What's that?

A spaceship coming in too fast.
Burning up.

A tiny motor
with an electric power source.

That's it.


Yes, I'll dismantle the circuitry,
reverse the polarity

and convert to a low-power receiver
transmitter with a positive feedback.

That's right!
The Dalek's guidance system

functions by means of
high-frequency radio impulses.

-Correct. And if we can jam them...
-It should give them quite a headache.

It should give them quite a brainstorm.
Give me your screwdriver.

All trace
of the infection has gone.

Your arm will be sore for a few days,
but that's all.

Thank you. I'm very grateful to you.

Tell me some more about your planet.

Before the Daleks invaded,
they bombarded the planet with bacteria.

Only a handful of my people survived.

When the Daleks landed,
we could offer no resistance.

Those that were left were forced
to cooperate with the Daleks.

-But you don't?

There are a few of us, not many,

who do what we can to fight back
and that's little enough.

Why did the Daleks invade you?
What did they want?

To master our techniques of invisibility

and they seem very close to doing it.

Is there no way of stopping them?
They're too powerful.

I had hoped the aliens
from the spacecraft might help us,

but there are so few of them.

Two more were captured today.

You've seen them?

When they were taken
to the city,

a tall fair-haired man,
and later, one with silver hair,

also tall, wearing strange clothes...

The Doctor! Oh!

-Where is he?
-You know him?

-Well, yes! And I thought...
-He's imprisoned in the city.

Well then we must find a way
of helping him, get him out!

There is no way.

The Daleks will interrogate him
and then use him in their


He'd be better off dead.

Something moving.

Rebec! Rebec!


-are you all right?
-I think so.

Our flight angle was too steep
and we came in too fast.

We were lucky to get out alive.

All the equipment, the explosives,
everything gone.

Are you the only survivor?

No, Maret and Latep, they're following.

But why did you come?

Communications intercepted
another Dalek space signal.

-We had to warn you.
-Warn us? What about?

Do you know the strength
of the Dalek force here?

Well, it's no more than a dozen.

The signal we intercepted
was to Dalek Supreme Command.

It stated that the force assembled
on Spiridon was now complete.

It gave their numbers.

Well, somewhere on this planet
there are 10,000 Daleks!