Doctor Who (1963–1989): Season 10, Episode 14 - Frontier in Space: Episode Six - full transcript

The Doctor, Williams and the Draconian Prince head to the Ogrons' planet to find evidence of the Master's actions but the Master tricks Jo into leading them into a trap.


In that case,
I shall have to try something else.

You may have heard this
noise before, Miss Grant.


It works directly on the fear centres
deep in your mind!

It's not real! It's an illusion!

MASTER: Then we shall have
to try a little harder, Miss Grant.

JO: It's not real!

It's you! It's the Master!

MASTER: You cannot shut your eyes!
It is impossible!

Let's try a little harder!

JO: It's... It's not real!
It's an illusion! It's you!

It's the Master!
It doesn't work on me any more!

It's you!

It doesn't work on me any more!

It doesn't work on me any more! It...

Congratulations, my dear.
I seem to have failed again.

Yes, you do, don't you?
Never mind! You can't win 'em all!

Hmm! I shall have to think about this.

I'm afraid I shall have to ask you
to be my guest for a little longer.

Show Miss Grant to her room, will you?

JO: No, let me go!

-Yes, what is it?

-Two raiding ships have returned.
-Oh, were they successful?

They found and attacked
two Earth cargo ships.

-Where was this?
-In Earth space.

One ship resisted. We destroyed it.

(LAUGHING) Excellent!
That should stir things up.

It can't be long now before
they declare war on each other.


And I warn the President
that the people of Earth

will no longer tolerate these insulting
and murderous attacks.

I hear the cries all about me.
Attack Draconia! Attack now!

Earth will not purchase peace
at the price of humiliation!

There is only one solution now!
War! War! War!

I don't know how much longer
I can hold them.

You must tell them, it is not the
Draconians that attack you.

Your Royal Highness,
could you convince your people

they were not being attacked
by Earthmen?

(SIGHING) If only we had proof.

Then I could convince my people
and you could convince yours.

We'd better leave at once.
Madam President.

-My life at your command.
-Madam President.

Thanks, cheerful.



DOCTOR: Right, 34 seconds,

a course correction to galactic
coordinates 2349-6784.

You realise where that will take us?

A completely uninhabited sector
of the galaxy.

Well, not completely uninhabited,
General Williams.

That's where the Ogron's planet is.

No doubt your information
is better than mine.

-May I ask where you obtained it?
-Certainly. From the Master.

He fed the co-ordinates into his
ship's computer when I was his prisoner.

And after you'd captured the ship, sir,

I extracted the information
from the ship's memory banks.

We're simply wasting time...


Let me talk to them, I shall explain!

Somehow I don't think
they're in the mood

for explanations at this minute.

-Can you outrun them?
-This ship can outrun anything.

Hyper-drive. Max hyper-drive!

-Right, we're out of range now.
-Reduce speed, return to course.

I regret the behaviour of my people.
The officer will be punished.

Well, we were infringing Draconian space
after all, Your Royal Highness.

-General Williams...

I can't get her back on course, sir.

One of the drive outlets
is malfunctioning.

Do you know exactly what's wrong?

There's damage
to exterior electrical circuit.

-Can't you repair it?
-It'll mean going outside, sir.

Put the ship on automatic
and get out there.

No good, sir.
I've got to control it manually.

Right, well, you hold her steady.
I'll go and effect the repairs.

No doubt you're a qualified
space engineer, too, Doctor?


How's it going, Doctor?

A bit of a shambles, I'm afraid.

Though I'll do my best
to bodge something up.

-WILLIAMS: It's coming up fast.

Look as if your friends
are catching up with us.

PILOT: Once they're in range,
they'll fire again.

Doctor, there's a ship approaching.

We think it's the Draconians.
How long will you be?

I've no idea, old chap.

-Stand by for hyper-drive.
-We can't, sir.

The Doctor's had to disconnect
the main circuitry to make the repair.

I can't reach the speed
until he's finished.

If my people fire, he will be killed!
Let me speak to them!

Do you think they'll wait to talk?

The Draconians are coming up fast,

If you don't get that repair finished,
we'll be a sitting target.

DOCTOR: I know. I'm on the outside.

WILLIAMS: It's getting very close.
DOCTOR: I'm being as quick as I can.

-He's done it!
-DOCTOR: Right, I'm coming in now.

WILLIAMS: Right, stand by.

Maximum hyper-drive!


Pilot, can you get her
into a closer orbit?

If you want me to take her in
that close, sir,

we may have to enter the atmosphere.

What about that repair?
Will it stand the heat?

Well, we'll just have to risk it.
We can't see anything from up here.

Mayday, mayday.

This is an urgent message
for both Draconian and Earth forces.

The Ogrons are using a planet,

galactic coordinates 2349-6784,

as a base for their attacks
on both Earth and Draconian spaceships.

-We're losing the signal.
-JO: Please inform the authorities.

-Can you boost it up?
-JO: I repeat...

I'm sorry, sir.
We're nearly over the horizon.

-Did you get a fix on it?
-Pretty close.

I can put us down on a general area.

How long will it take us
to complete the orbit?

-About 20 minutes.
-Increase speed.

Please inform the authorities
of either Earth or Draconia.

I repeat, mayday, mayday, this is a...

Thank you, Miss Grant.
That was the trap.

Oh, no. You're the one who's trapped.

I've just given
your entire position away!

Yes. I left those galactic
coordinates for you to find.

-You mean they were fakes?
-Oh, no, no, no.

They're genuine enough.

But this is a short-range transmitter.

So no one will have picked up
your message

more than two or three hundred miles
from this planet.

Nobody heard me.

On the contrary, the Doctor heard you.

Yes, at this moment, he's orbiting
the planet in a small spaceship.

I picked him up on radar
a little while ago.

How do you know it was the Doctor?

My dear Miss Grant,
who else could it be?

You see, when the Doctor arrives,
we'll be waiting for him.

So you have been useful to me after all.


But,just in case the Doctor
should get lost...


There. Now he'll think that this homing
signal comes from you, Miss Grant.

By the way, congratulations.

I knew I could count on you
to get out of your cage.

Right, take her away.

And, this time, make sure
that she's properly under guard.

JO: No, no, no!

-How much longer?
-Two seconds to go.

WILLIAMS: We're overheating badly.

Yes, I know. This is it.
We should pick her up again now.


What is that signal?

Jo must have fixed up
some kind of homing device.

Splendid! That'll lead us right to them.

Doesn't it strike you
as being a bit too convenient?


-The drive outlet circuit's gone again.
-Can you get her down?

Yes. But I'm not sure where.

they should be here very soon now.


Judging by the size of the ship,
they can't be in any great force.

So conceal yourselves and ambush them
as soon as they arrive, right?

Hold on, wait a minute.
Something's happened.

They must have landed very nearby.

Right, send out patrols!

Get them and bring them
back here immediately.

And, remember, I want the Doctor alive.

OGRONS: Yes, Master.


Williams, look. Another one.

One dominant life form,
a large and savage reptile.

Yes, well, let's hope
we don't encounter one.

Doctor, has it occurred to you
what we're going to do

when we discover
the source of this signal?

I've no idea, old chap.
We'll find out when we get there.

Come on, can't be far.

-Drop! Surrender!
-WILLIAMS: Take cover!


WILLIAMS: What is that?

I've no idea, but whatever it is,
it's on our side.

Yes, I await your arrival
with the greatest of pleasure.

And I shall be there to meet you
the moment that your ship touches down.


-So, where's the Doctor?
-The monster came.

The monster?
And I suppose you all ran like rabbits?

-We fear the monster!
-You stupid, cowardly idiots!

You will answer
to your masters for this.

-What? They are coming?
-Yes, they are coming!

Which means that I can dispense
with your doubtful assistance.

Out of my way!



That's good. It's started again.
Come on.

A ship!

Somebody else seems to have
received the message!

What is it?

I don't know.

I've got a feeling.
Some sort of premonition.


Yes, come on.

Hello, Doctor!

So here you are at last, eh?

-Surrender or you'll be shot down!
-No, he's unarmed.

Unarmed maybe, but not unaccompanied.

I've brought some old friends along
to meet you.


Quite a touching little reunion.
You don't seem very pleased?



No! No, don't. It's no good.

CHIEF DALEK: Doctor, you are in our
power and you will be exterminated.

-No, not yet.
-You will obey the Daleks!

You know as well as I do
that this man does not fear death.

I want him to suffer
a much worse punishment.

Look, my skill and cunning
has brought about this war

which will make you
the masters of the galaxy.

Leave the Doctor with me
and let him see the result of that war.

Let him see the galaxy in ruins.

Let him see the planet Earth,
that he loves so much, in ruins,

then exterminate him.

Very well. He will remain your prisoner
until the war is concluded.

Then you will bring him to us
and we shall exterminate him.

We shall now return to our base
and prepare the army of the Daleks.

Oh, I suppose I should thank you
for saving my life?

Not for long, Doctor.
It's going to be a very short war.

Right, take them away.

-Hello, Doctor.
-Hello, Jo.

Oh, so now they've got all of us.

All except the pilot.
He's repairing the ship.

Why do these Dalek creatures wish
to set your people and mine at war?

'Cause war will mean the extermination
of both empires, Your Royal Highness,

and the Daleks will emerge
as the supreme rulers.

Now somehow, we've got to get
out of here and stop them.

(WHISPERING) Doctor! Doctor,
would the Master's little fear-box help?

Well done, Jo!

You see, we could use it
to frighten the Ogrons away

and then we can all escape.

Well, that's hardly practical,
Miss Grant.

They'd just run off
and we'd still be locked in.


There is one thing we can do, though,
and it'll need a very slight adjustment.

There's nothing to worry about.

The Doctor will be perfectly safe
in my hands.

And I promise you,
when I deliver him to you,

he'll be a broken man.

Do not fail the Daleks.

The war is certain now.

And once the great empires
have destroyed each other,

I ask but one thing, let me rule
the planet Earth in your name.

General Williams,
if we do manage to get out of here,

and Jo and I manage
to create a diversion,

could you find your way back
to your spaceship?


Right, that should do it.

Now I want you to take off immediately.

Get the truth back
to your respective governments.


Tell them that they must mount
a joint expedition

-and capture this base at once.
-I shall stay and help.

No, we'll need you to convince
the Emperor, Your Royal Highness.

What about you and Miss Grant,
how will you get away?

Jo, I presume that the TARDIS
is still here?

-Yes, I know where it is.
-Well, don't worry about us.

-Our spaceship is here.
-That's all very well, Doctor,

but we still happen to be locked in.

Yes, well, would you mind
blocking your ears

and covering your eyes
just for a moment?

I do not understand.

No, but I think you will in a moment.
Just do as I ask, would you?

-You, too, Jo.
-Oh, no, it's all right.

-I can resist it.
-Can you?


DOCTOR: Uh, how much longer are you
gonna keep us locked in here?

Yes, I'm talking to you.


Open the gate. Open the gate.

Open the gate or I will exterminate you.

It worked.

DOCTOR: Right.
JO: Come on, then. Follow me.

We are about to enter hyper-drive

and return to our base.
Do not fail the Daleks.


Right, we'll see who rules
the galaxy when this is over.

"Do not fail the Daleks", indeed!

You stupid, tin boxes!


Why aren't you guarding the prisoners?

-The Daleks sent me away.
-There are no Daleks!

-The Daleks have all left the planet.
-The Dalek said to open the cell.

Did he now? Fetch the others!
I want them here immediately.

-Doctor, look at this.
-DOCTOR: Well, that's fascinating.

Is it some sort of idol?
I saw one of the Ogrons worshipping it.

Yes, I'm not surprised.
We've seen the real thing, haven't we?

They're probably more frightened of him
than they are of the Daleks.

Right, come on. This way.

Right, you can get out this way.
Good luck.

-And you, Miss Grant. Doctor.
-General Williams.

WILLIAMS: Farewell.
JO: Good luck.

DOCTOR: Your Royal Highness.
PRINCE: My life at your command.

The TARDIS is over there.

Going somewhere, Doctor?

You know, you really are incredibly
persistent, aren't you?

-That is my property, I believe.
-Oh, yes, a most ingenious device.

I congratulate you.

OGRONS: Oh! The monster!


-Oh, Doctor, I thought you were dead.
-Help me.

Come on, yes. Careful.

-Help me into the TARDIS, Jo.

-All right, Jo.

The first thing we've got to do
is get out of here.




Doctor, what are you doing?

Telepathic circuits,
sending a message to the Time Lords.