Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 3, Episode 9 - Silent Trux - full transcript

The Trux eat some tainted ore that makes them lose their voices, then have to race against D-Structs and D-Stroy to find the remedy.

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His name's Ton-Ton,
and he's the fastest ore runner ever!

Finding ore's the one way
to ruin a fun ore run,

unless it's awesome yellow ore!


I'm not a pretty flower!

Buzz off, grease bees!

Ha ha! They actually buzz
when they buzz off.

I think you're bluffin'.

- You don't know their next move.
- Bluffing?

Oh, that's a good one.

You're just jealous that I know
D-Structs and D-Stroy are planning

on attacking the Stegarbasaurs tonight
and you don't!


Just help me gather the ore!

And now I know it, too, dude.

This all we got left?

I hope Ton-Ton gets back soon.

Hate moundin' on an empty stomach.

Is there anything you like doing
on an empty stomach?

- Eating.
- You know, one of these days,

y'all really got to try rocks
instead of ore.

You could start with some marble.

Ooh, I remember the first time
I had marble!

I was just a little Steggy.

Hadn't eaten much more
than dolomite myself.

Which reminds me,

you got to hear the story
of the first time I had dolomite.

Ugh. Any rocks you don't have
really long stories about eating?

Eh... I don't really have any
about graywacke,

which is a story in itself.

- It all started a long time ago...
- Had to ask, didn't you?


You wouldn't believe what I heard
Skrap-It talkin' about!

Let me guess. Scrap?

It's the D-Bros!

They're plannin' on attackin'
Stegarbasaur Valley!


Well, then I think I know
where we're gonna be today.

Sure hope it's Stegarbasaur Valley,
'cause someone's got to warn those Trux.

Oh, you meant that's what
you were gonna do, didn't you?


You know me.

My mouth's always gettin' in the way
of my ears.

Want us to go with you?

The fewer of us out there,
the smaller the chance

we will be discovered.

Well, I'm goin' with ya.

I'll even grab some ore for ya
for the road.

Got to keep your energy up, right?

Though the right kind of rocks
would give you even more energy,

like felsite and dacite and dunite.

This yellow ore tastes funny.

Mm. I thought it was just me.

All ore tastes funny to me.

And not good funny like wacke stone
or speckled shale,

but bad funny like--

Oh, right, sorry.

Less talk, more warn.

Still no sign
of D-Structs or D-Stroy.

Thanks to Ton-Ton,
it looks like we beat them here.

You two keep an eye out.
I'll warn the Stegarbasaurs.

Hey, Trux, sorry to bring bad news,
but it's D-Structs and D-Stroy.

They're planning on...

Sorry, uh...

What I'm trying to say is they're gonna...

What's the matter with him?

Why isn't he telling 'em
what he's supposed to be telling 'em?

I do not know.

I will find out.

Ty! Ty, what is it?

Your mouth?

There--there is something wrong
with your mouth?

Your voice?

Are you saying you cannot...

Cannot speak...

Now what's wrong with Revvit?

Oh, what's goin' on?

Come on! Come on!
We got to clear this valley before--

Uh... that happens.

Didn't expect to see you here, Ty.

-But it's always a nice surprise.

That one knocked the bricks out of me!

We're too late.

What do we do?

I know you Trux know what you're doing,

but doesn't this seem
like the wrong time to eat?

And why aren't you saying anything?

What is it? Just tell me!

Where's your cute little play-by-play, Ty?


Ty cannot protect you anymore.

This valley belongs to us now.

What do we do here, Ty?

Wait, you--you can't talk? I-is that it?

Well, then how are you gonna
tell me what to do?

Oh, right! Throw rocks!

That's always a good option.

Any other ideas?

What? Do I have something on my back?

I can get it later, Revvit.

Aah! Don't shoot your bits at me.
I'm just trying to understand.

Oh, right! My spikes!

I can shoot them!

That's a good idea, too.

Oh, flee! Why didn't you say that before?

It doesn't matter.

We did what we came here to do.

What is it, brother?

I know Ty.

Something was different about him today.

Maybe we're finally getting to him,
shaking him.


Okay, okay. We're safe.

Now, can someone tell me what's going on?

I mean, you know, not tell me,
but, you know...

What happened to your voices?

Did you eat anything weird today?

I mean, other than ore.

I still think that's kind of a weird thing
to eat myself.

It was the ore!

You said it tasted funny.

Maybe there was something wrong with it.

I sure hope the rest of the crew
hasn't eaten any of it yet.

Hope we're not too late!

We're too late. Oh, this is bad.

This is really, really bad!

Oh, thanks. Was there a Bitbug on my--

What's that?
You want me to leave the base?

Okay, if you say so.

Now you're just moving your mouth
up and down a lot.

You know, that's--that's really not
very helpful.

Oh! You want me to explain to everyone
what's going on!

Yeah, sorry, I'll--I'll really try to stay
focused going forward.


That yellow ore somehow knocked out
all of your voices.

Now you're all moving your mouths
up and down at once.

How about we try this one at a time?

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.


Okay, so what I got from all that
is that Ton-Ton said, "Dude."

Uh, I think Ty and Revvit
are really mad at themselves

and want to be alone for a little while.

Oh, I see!

They want you to follow them somewhere.

Glad y'all got that!



...how'd it go with the Stegarbasaurs?

Go away.

Okay. Eat first, chat later. Works for me.

- Or later than later?
- That's fine!

As long as it's not
later than later than later,

'cause I've got plans then.

Would you just let us eat?

Uh, in what? In the crater?

But you're already in the crater.
Do you mean in the garage?

Oh, sure, I can help you
move the ore in there if--

What's wrong, brother?

I think he's trying
to catch a Bitbug.

That's a really interesting new direction
for you, D-Structs, but...

...I think you need one of those
extendable tongues the Reptools--

You can't speak.

It must be this--this yellow...

Uh, I think the word
you're looking for is "ore."

Wait! Don't blame me.

The other Scraptools found it!

Yeah, lucky for you Trux,
I still haven't dined yet,

so my voice is intact.

Here, listen.




See? Big or small, I can say 'em all.

So you're not impressed!

Phew! Glad that's over.

I really hope something's wrong
with my ears now.

Come on, there's got to be a way
to get those voices back.

Try something. Anything!

Come on. Can't you fix this, Revvit?

You're a miracle worker
with those bits of yours.

Got to be something you can do.

Don't swallow, Ty.

I've made that mistake before.


I can't believe this.

See, I knew eating ore was bad for you.

Right. Not the time.

You want me to tell Tonny
to toss the ore at the sun?

You want me to tell Tonny
you're in love with the ore.

You want me to tell Tonny
he's in love with the ore.

Me? But I don't eat ore!

You know, I'm sorry,
I'm just not gettin' it.

And neither is Tonny!

But to be honest, I'm not sure
why we need to tell him anything.

It seems to me we should have him tell us
where he found this yellow ore

so we can figure out what's wrong with it.

Hey! That's not a bad plan!

Let's go with that!

Tonny, think you can remember
where you found this ore?

He found it that way!

He means this way!

Come on, D-Structs!

Use your words!

I mean, do something else!

Anything else! Aah!

Look, we can figure this out.

Maybe if I showed you
where I found that ore,

we can figure out what's wrong with it.

Does that sound like a good plan?

Uh... how about two ball slams for yes,
one ball slam for no?

Aah! Aah!

Really should have gone
with "one slam for yes."

Definitely looks like the stuff.

You need any help, Revvit?

Uh, not that I know what you're doing.

I... I really wouldn't know
bad ore from a puddle of tar

or a pile of Gluphosaur glue or--

Oh. Thanks, Skya!

I'll try to keep it this way myself
from now on.

You think it's got somethin' to do
with these flowers, Revvit?

But what could flowers have to do with...

It's the pollen from the flowers.

Yeah, that's it.

It's gotten all over the ore.

And now it's gotten all over
your vocal wiring.

So what do we do?

If water couldn't wash off the pollen,
what can?

Come on, grease bees.

Buzz off. We're trying to think here!

The only thing worse
than a grease bee sting

is gettin' some of that grease
they make on your tires.

Shoo. Get out of here. Shoo!

Now, now, come on.

Back to brainstorming.

We need something really slick
to clean your vocal wiring.

But where out here
in a valley filled with grease bees

are we gonna find...

What? What is it?

The grease bees know the answer?

Ooh, I didn't think
those things could talk, but--

What? What am I not getting?

You want me to eat a grease bee?

Race a grease bee? Catch a grease bee?

Eat. Race. Catch.
No, wait. Catch, race, eat?

Uh, dance?

Jump? Spin? Wiggle? I got it!

Sing a funny song about the crater!

I'm sorry, I'm just not gettin'
what you want me to do.

That's it!

I can bring you to that grease-bee hive
I almost ate,

and we can use their grease!

Oh... was I, uh, was I behind on that one?

Now, come on.
That hive isn't too far from here.


Good thing the Trux got here first,

because I never would have figured
any of that out.

Wait for me!

It should be around here somewhere.

Make that "up here" somewhere.

Huh. I feel like that used to be lower,
or I used to be taller.

Wait, I remember.

There used to be a whole pile of granite
underneath this thing... that I ate!

Which doesn't help us now, but, uh...

Sure was delicious then.

Uh, Skya? I think Ty is--

Oh, he wanted you to do that!

Uh, Dozer, I think Ty wants you
to try reaching it with your tail.

That doesn't seem
like a good plan to me, but--

Oh, right, that's what he meant!

Ty says, "Take it away, Tonny!"

Yeah, at least I think he does.

I don't have to explain
what happened there, do I?

Hey, I think it's time
for one of Ty and Revvit's famous plans!

Ooh, I just love it when you two
finish each other's sentences.

Oh, yeah, sorry. But I can help.

Yeah, yeah, we're, uh--
we're gonna build our way out of this!

We'll build steps!

Yeah, stone steps up to the hive.

Boom! Did... didn't do it.

Too long?

Too short? Too big? Too small?

Too rocky? Not rocky enough?

Just the right amount of rockiness?

Oh! Too narrow.

Uh, there's not enough room in here
for steps, Ty.

So how about a... rock stack?

A really steep bridge?

A pole? A-a post?

A pair of poles or posts?

A statue of a Towaconstrictor
standing on its tail?


Oh, I know. A tower!

Ha ha. Yeah, a tower!

I did it!
I finished your sentences for you!

Ooh-hoo, what a feelin'!

Look at that.

A spiraling tower a Trux can drive up.

And you got all that detail
just by watching what he did?

Huh. Guess I really do have to work

on the whole "talking
when I should be paying attention" thing.

Now, I know what that means.
Let's Trux it up!

Oh, you want me to drop bricks!

Well, it was a long and winding road,
but we all got there in the end, Trux.

Now, go on and get those voices back
so I can hear those three magical words.


Did it? Look out, Ty!

Don't worry.

You can thank us never!

What do we do? What do we do?

Right! Going after them is a good plan!

Gah! Hey, be careful!

You're shaking out
all the greasy stingers.

You're gonna get stung, all right.

And not just by grease bees!

By the thing Skya is gonna throw
right... now?

Oh, that probably would've worked better
if I didn't warn 'em first.

Oh! Someone could've warned me about that!

Oh, right. "Someone" couldn't.

They're gettin' away!
Someone's got to stop them.

You know what? It's gonna be us.

You all do your "savin' the day" thing,

and I'll help by doing
my brand-new "paying attention" thing!

I got to say, it's really fun
being on an adventure with you two.

Aah! Dangerous... ...but fun!

D-Structs says stop that!


Need another boulder, Ty?

Here, it's on me!

Ooh! So close!

Looks like Tonny is up next.

You might want to duck, Skya.


Uh, should I have warned you
about that last boulder?

I got it!
Nope, scratch that. Dozer's got it!

Comin' at ya, Ty!

D-Bros comin' fast, Ty!

Give it here!

Perfect throw, Ty.

And an even better catch, Tonny.

Now, to your right!

I saw you comin', Skya.

But I bet the D-Brothers
won't see this comin'.

Up! Seriously!

And it's Ty with the assist
from Revvit and a daring Dragonflopter!

Now, that is something
I can't wait to tell

all the Stegarbasaurs
back at the crater ab--

- Look out!
- Reptool surprise?

I'll raise you
a Scraptool surprise!


I got it!

I finally did something right
for a change!

You can tell me
how great I am later, D-Structs.

Ah, say no more.

When in doubt, spike it!

Ah! Those stings really sting!

Ouch! Yikes! Ow!

Don't worry.
No one has to tell me to do this!

You know, it almost hurts more
when you don't tell me

how disappointed you are in me.

Nope, that hurts more!


I think I landed in a puddle
of grease-bee grease.

It must have dripped out of the hive!
Who wants first--

Ah! At least let me
get out of the way first!

I've been through a lot today!

So? Did it work?

Like a charm.

What a relief.

I won't be sure
we're all back to normal until--

I hate losing my voice!


We're all back to normal.

Thank you for your help, Garby.

-We couldn't have done it without you.
-Aw, thanks, guys.

Now do you want to try rocks
instead of ore?

You'll never lose your voice eating rocks.

You know what?
I'll tell you about it later.

Right now this mouth is stayin' closed.

You see? I did it. Ah! Oops.