Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 3, Episode 8 - Scraptool Apprentice - full transcript

After Skrap-It's plan to please D-Structs and D-Stroy goes wrong, the Trux have to deal with a bunch of supercharged Scraptools.

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You don't have to be afraid.

I am a reasonable Trux after all.

But if you don't tell me the location
of Ty's secret base...

...there will be consequences.

Told ya. Don't know!

Wrong answer!

Where's Ty?

This isn't working.

No one is talking.

One of them will crack eventually.

We will make them fear us
more than they love him.


Are those the same--

They're fixed?


Hang on, everyone!

We got a lot of Trux to get through.

D-Structs and D-Stroy are smashing Trux
like it's their job or something!

It pretty much is their job.

Let me guess, split backplate,
stripped bolts, leaking engine coolant.

Whoa! You're good, scary good.

A-and I don't use
the term "scary" lightly.

I have calculated that 92%
of all damaged Ankylodumps we service

have the exact same broken parts.

And I have a solution.

Preassembled repair parts!

You see, with my preassembled parts,

we can service Trux
much more quickly and efficiently.


Uh, I'm tellin' ya, the only way
to do something is the right way--

slow and steady.

With D-Structs and D-Stroy
breathing down our necks,

we do not have the luxury of slow.

It's a shortcut.

And trust me, shortcuts just lead
to problems down the road.

Waldo, you worry too much.


Loose exhaust valve,

left-side body damage,
stripped coupling nut.

Yeah. Exactly!

One Craneosaur repair coming right up!

I got a bad feeling about this.

As long as Ty and his minions
keep all these Trux repaired,

they will remain loyal to him.

If we cut off his supply of parts,

he would not be able to make his repairs.

Then he's no longer the hero.


That would mean gathering all the scrap
and parts in the whole crater.

And I'm just the Scraptool for the job!


Why not me?

I am your respected colleague after all.

"Colleague"? Servant.

"Servant"? You mean apprentice.

Brother, it seems this creature
seeks to prove himself to me.

You want to prove your worth?

Uh-huh. Uh-huh.

Fine. Here's your chance.

Some Hydrodons are stirring up trouble.

By the time we get back,

I want all the scrap in the crater

gathered up and loaded into that lair.

Yes, sir! Don't worry about me!

I'll have the job done and then some!

No big deal.

All the scrap in the crater.

All... the scrap... in the crater?

What kind of job did I give myself?

I should know I'm not cut out
for this kind of manual labor!

I'm too delicate!

What do I do?

How am I supposed to gather
all this scrap quickly?

Get out of here,
you Supercharger!

I've got thinking to do.

Cut it out already!

I've got to figure out a way to go fast!

Fast, fast...

What's a quick and easy way
to go really fast

- when you're naturally lazy and have no...
- ...athletic ability?

Wait a second.

What do Superchargers do again?


They supercharge you!

Wait! I need you now!


Now, how do I...?





Scrap! Pile!

I should be like this all the time!

I'm so... ...fast!

But I bet I could get this done
even faster.

Come on, let's do this!

This scrap's not gonna gather itself!

Go! Faster!

Faster! Faster! Faster! Faster!

No dawdling!

And what are you doing, Skrap-It?

Oh! Knock-Itt!

Hey, there. Well, I'm, uh, supervising.
Yeah, that's it.

Well, really appreciate you helping out!

I'm just here for the Supercharger.

Well, you got it!
So, you know, get to work.

We don't have all day!

Still nothing, Skya?

Nope. Nada.

I could swear there
was scrap here yesterday.

Maybe you were just imagining things,

like that time I imagined I missed my ramp
and I fell in that deep canyon,

hitting every single rock on the way down.

That actually happened.

You mean I imagined that I imagined it?


All those Trux we repaired
straight up cleaned us out.

All we have left are a few of those
preassembled parts Revvit made.

Oh, come on, now, Waldo.

If needed, we can...

...take parts from...

Told you shortcuts were a bad idea.


Hey, look, there was scrap here.
Revvit's right.

You can see where it was in the ground.

Something's definitely going on.

Whatever did this had to leave a trail.

Yes! Yes!

Faster! Faster, my servants!

Uh, what's a servant?

I think it's like a respected colleague
or something.

Ooh, that's nice.

- Yes. Yes.
- That--that's right.

Now, get back to work,
you respected colleagues!

And D-Stroy is gonna see
all the hard work I put in.

And I'll finally have
the respect I deserve.

-"Hard work"?
-Yeah, that's right. What's it to you?

Seems to me that we're doing
all the hard work

and you're just standing there.

It may seem that way
if you're not paying attention.

I told you, I'm supervising,

which is the most difficult job of all.

Why do we need him to supervise?

Us respected colleagues
can do this job ourselves!


No, not "yeah!" No!


He wants to give this scrap
to D-Structs and D-Stroy.

I say we keep it for ourselves!




- Yeah!
- No, no, no.

- No, no!
- I'm in charge now!


Knock-Itt! Knock-Itt!

It's so hard to find good help these days.

Knock-Itt! Knock-Itt!
Knock-Itt! Knock-Itt!

Whoa! Wait!

Let's at least talk about this!

We still have more scrap to scrap!

We were doing so well.

We--we almost got
all the scrap in the crater!

"All the scrap"?

Those Craneosaurs over there
are full of scrap.

Not a bad idea.

Forget taking scrap from the ground.

Let's start scrapping Trux!

Yeah! That's what we'll do!

I'll scrap 'em good!

No, no, no, no, no, no!
That's not the job I was given to do!

Grab him!

What? Wait, no!

I-I demand your respect!

Wait a second here.

Was I not clear on the respect thing?

Get them! Get their bolts!

Oh, boy.

Somebody's gonna misinterpret this
and think this was all my fault.

Trail leads this way.


Is that George?

Maybe he knows what's going on.

When has George ever known
what was going on?

George! Psst!

Hey, come here!

Is that Ty?

We're trying not to get spotted
by D-Structs.

Come here.

I'm afraid I can't do that, Ty.

What kind of philosophical mumbo-jumbo
are you gonna toss out now?

My tread feet have been pulled off.

Oh. Wasn't expecting that.

George, who did this to you?

I can't tell you.

What, is this
some vow-of-silence thing now?

No, I literally can't tell you.

It was all a blur.

One second, I'm one with the universe,

and the next, I'm one with the universe
but without my tread feet.


"A blur"?

I see one of those right now.

Come on, let's go see where they lead.

Don't worry, George.
We'll come back for you.

That's okay.

It actually gives me
the time to observe life.


Well, there are our parts.

And there are
our super scrapping monsters.

I can barely see them.

You think D-Structs and D-Stroy

are actually dumb enough
to supercharge a dozen Scraptools?

No. But Skrap-It is.

I bet he's around here somewhere.


What did you do?

What did I do?

They're the ones who threw me in a tree!

And even after I did them the favor
of supercharging them.

What made you think supercharging a bunch
of Scraptools would be a good idea?

Don't worry. I have a plan to fix this.

It's, uh…


I'm sure I can think of one eventually!



So what's our plan?

We do what we do best--
charge in and take back all those parts.

Ha! Love the sound of that!

Let's go!


That's right! You better run!

I meant the other way!

Why can't I go forward?

Hmm. They must have stripped
your shifter assembly.


Make it stop!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Normally this would be awesome!

Now they're just messing with us!


Looks like you're way
ahead of us there, Ty-y-y-y!

Now you'll remember who runs this crater!

Knock-Itt! Knock-Itt! Knock-Itt!
Knock-Itt! Knock-Itt!

No. No, you scrapheads!

You should be chanting my name!

Or at least D-Struct's and D-Stroy's!


That's it.

Wow, t-this is quite an impressive knot!

Not the work of an amateur. No, sir.

- Click-Clack.
- Sorry.

There, now it has stopped.

But now I can't lift it!


I have done what I can,

but I am afraid we lack the parts
to make proper repairs right now.

We got the parts.

They're just all glued
and welded together.

That damage to Ton-Ton fall under
the "normal repairs for an Ankylodump"?

No, unfortunately,
his damage is unconventional.

I know. You were right.
You do not have to say it.

My shortcuts just led
to problems down the road--big ones.

More fun when I get to say it, though.

Let's just focus
on what's important right now--

coming up with a plan
to get those parts back.

Uh, excuse me!
Could I talk to you for one--

Just one moment of your...


Knock-Itt! One second!

- Wait!
- I thought I threw you out.

Oh, you did.

Believe me.

I just wanted to alert you

that D-Structs and D-Stroy
will be coming back soon.

Once they've seen that you've deposed
their, uh, respected colleague,

they will be none too happy.

Yeah, you're right, Skrap-It.

So, when they get back,
we're gonna scrap them, too!

Scrap D-Structs?

Who says T-Trux got to be in charge?

I'm sick of following orders.

And now that we're supercharged,
we'll run rings around them!

You can't!

You mustn't!

You're mad!


Now scram before I scrap--

Don't worry.
I'll throw myself out this time.

Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no.

If D-Structs and his brother
find out I did this,

they're gonna crush me,
if they don't get scrapped first!

Oh, what am I saying?

They'll crush me anyway!


I know!

That ought to slow 'em down a little bit.

Sorry, D-Structs.

Can't be having you get home too early.


...to fix this once and for all!

It's not gonna work.

As soon as we get near them,
they're just gonna start scrapping us.

-We don't have time for a build.
-He's right, Revvit.

Those little scrapheads are too fast now.


What if we were able to match their speed?

That'd take a lot of training, dude.

You mean supercharging Reptools?

Trux are too large to sneak into the lair,
but if we Reptools can make it,

we can empty out their Supercharger supply

and grab the parts we need
before they can react.

I don't know about this, Rev.

Ty, we need those parts.

Because of me, all the ones we have
are glued together.

I am fixing this for everyone.

Click-Clack, come on.


Think of how fast
you'll be able to run away.

Give me one of those.

I can definitely see the appeal.

One could make repairs in record time.



Collect your bits, Click-Clack.

Meet us there, Ty!




The entrance is just ahead.


Ah, ah, watch out, Rev!

Skrap-It's coming!

Huh. I was wondering when he'd show up.

-Watch out!
-No, you watch out!

What was that?

What happened?

I'm slow again!

I-it must have happened
when our Superchargers connected.

Ha! Now I'm between you
and the Superchargers, Knock-Itt!

You can't stop me now!

We have plenty.

See how much
the Superchargers help you now.

Look! It's those Trux!

Scrap 'em!

Oh, no.

Rev! I hope you've got a plan
going on in there!

Better be a quick one!

Well, what are we gonna do, Revvit?

Well, if you hadn't gotten in my way,

I would have got rid
of those Superchargers

and fixed this mess myself!

I was talking to Revvit!

Only you would think supercharging
a bunch of Scraptools was a good idea!

What? I took a shortcut.

And shortcuts are always a great thing!

Aren't they?

I feel a life lesson coming on.

But, you know,
I'm really trying to avoid it!

-What are you thinking, Revvit?
-We have all this scrap.

And we have all those Scraptools out there
who can't help but scrap things.


And we're standing on the ground.

And we're in a cave!

But what does that have to do
with anything?

Our Supercharger short-out
has given me an idea.

And if you want your problem fixed,
you are going to help us with it!

Okay, fine.

You Reptools are so bossy.

We could really use Revvit
right about now!

I think I'm broken, dudes.

Finish them off!

Wait. What's that?

A ball?

That's what Revvit's plan was, a ball?

It's so scrapilicious.


Hey! Wait a second!
I want to scrap that thing!

Me first!


Don't scrap that thing
before I get a crack at it!

I got it!

Phew! Good job getting
those guys off us, Rev.

Yeah, but what happens
when they're done scrapping that thing?

-They're gonna come right back!
-Oh, we left them a little surprise.


- Scrap this thing!
- Scrap this thing!




That was some quick thinking, guys.
Great work.

Well, we had some help
from a certain Scraptool

desperate to fix a shortcut he made.


Didn't get to say "I told you so"
to him either.

Now can we take these things apart?

Yes, I never should have built them
in the first place.

There it is!

Music to my ears!

Come on, you stinking--

What if I just supercharge myself?

- Skrap-It.
- Back so soon?

This does not look
like every part in the crater.

Well, I, uh, got sidetracked,
and--and then, uh, there was

a-a bit of a-a--

But you said he wouldn't get any.

I think that was a compliment!

Was that a compliment?

Now I remember why I hadn't spoken
to D-Stroy for so long.

A compliment's a compliment.