Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 3, Episode 7 - Ankylodump Games - full transcript

Ton-Ton wants to live out his dream of participating in the Ankylodump Games. But doing so could put him and the other Trux in danger.

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So beautiful.

So shiny.



Another Trux was so kind
as to give us their ore.

Try making yourself useful
and put it with the rest.

If you promise to not...

...drop the ore
on my scrap collection anymore.

At least consider it?

Just, uh--just pretend
I didn't say anything.

Empty? Uh-oh.

You'll want to see this!

Our ore.

Where did it go?

Ah, somebody moved the ore
so it wouldn't fall down that hole.

Aha. Or maybe something else happened.

Hey, guys, glad you could
join our giveaway.

Last piece of ore right here!

Which one would you like
to smash first, brother?

All of them!

Nah. No smashing today.

Skya, swing and fling!

- Aah!
- Dozer, rock and block!

Ton-Ton, rock rain!

-Dude, mine doesn't rhyme.
-Just do it!


Enough of this endless tug-of-war!

The time has come for us
to destroy the Trux permanently.

The key is Ty.

The Trux are nothing without him.

Exactly, brother.

We must draw him out
and smash him to parts.

Ah, good luck with that.

Was it not your job
to look after our ore stockpile?

I know. I messed up.

But--but in my defense...

...I-I mess up all the time!

Wait! I'm useful!

D-Structs! Tell him how useful I am!

This is so...


To be kicked out in front of D-Structs--

the only friend I've ever had
and not scrapped.

At least you're not...

...mad at me.

Lot of Trux gonna eat well tonight.

Including us.

Let's grub it up.

Eh, not hungry right now, dudes.

Save me some leftovers!

Save me some too!

Where they off to in such a hurry?

Ton-Ton's been doing that
every night recently.

It is unlike him to refuse food.

Perhaps we should see what he is up to.

-Or we could eat.
-That's an easy one.

Good one. Now try a little further back.


Nice shot.

Hey, guys. How'd you find us?

We followed you?

Ooh, you guys are tricky.

Whoa, cool training course.

It's for this awesome competition

they hold in Boulder Box Canyon every year

when all the Ankylodump herds
pass through.


Dinotrux migratory habits and patterns
are endlessly fascinating.

Tell us more!

Maybe just tell us about the games.

Oh, they're the best!

Oh, there's stunt racing,

there's ramp jumping, more ramp jumping...

Basically all the things
Ton-Ton is good at.

Except for one thing...

...the Rock Fling.

Oh, come on, you're good at that,
and you know it.

Well, when I'm alone, maybe.

But when I'm in the Games
and the pressure's on...

-...I choke.

Happens every year.

Wish I could tell the younger me,

"Don't worry, younger me.

Older me is gonna win it
for you this year."

Hey, Ton-Ton,

do you think older you could win it
for him next year?

But, dude, next year is, like,
a whole nother year away.

We are still hiding out, remember?

If you spend so much time
at a public event, you risk being exposed.

And captured by D-Structs and D-Stroy,

who could use you to find our base.

Dude, if they found out
where our base was 'cause of me,

that would be the hugest bummer of bummers
I've ever... bummered?

You're not gonna go?

Younger me wants to,

but older me has got to break it
to younger me

that he's got to wait another year,

when younger me will be a less younger me
and a little closer to older me.

-That mean he's not going?
-I think so.

Ton-Ton, I might have a way
to get you into the Ankylodump Games.

But, Ace, I'll be putting
everybody in danger.

Not if Ton-Ton doesn't go.

You know I'm Ton-Ton, right?

Not if we disguise you.

We give you a new paint job,
a new name, a new personality.

- Hmm?
- Nobody will recognize me!

And you won't put yourself
or anybody else in danger!

Ace, that is the second-coolest idea
I've ever heard!

Well, the first is that giant straw
I keep trying to work into our builds.

Wait till D-Meanie hears about this.

Oh-ho, I'll show him.

"Why, Skrap-It, I didn't realize...

...how useful you were."

Dude, I don't even recognize me.

Ton-Ton, you can't give yourself away,
or we're all in trouble.

You probably shouldn't say
"dude" or "awesome"

or anything else that you usually say.

Awesome call, Ace-dude!

This is gonna be so hard.

Maybe it'll be easier
if you give yourself a new name.


Uh, yeah, you're on the right track.

Yeah, I need something that's not, not...

Wait. I got the perfect name.

Greetings, fellow 'dump.

What do they call you?

Uh, my name?

Uh, it's Not-Not.

Not-Not, huh?

You remind me of someone.

Huh, can't quite put my wheel on it.

Have we met before?

Y-you and me so haven't met before, ever.

And we especially were never friends once.

That's for sure something
that has never happened.

Whatevs, Double-N.

Welcome to the Ankylodump Games!

Attendance is a little weak this year
'cause of the D-Bros,

but the comp is still fierce.

So clear your vents and get some dents!

Thanks, du--

-You know?
-Well, you do remind me of someone.

-Yeah, well, I... got to go.

Oh, this is so cool.

Okay, younger me,
older me has got your back.

Get ready for two days
of the most extreme jumping...

...drag racing...

...and rock flinging of all time!

Well, what color is he painted?

I have no idea!

Then how can you help?

I say we go in there
and smash them one by one

till we find that irritating Ankylodump.

No, wait!

I don't know what color he is,

but he has this scrape
on his underside, see?

I find the scrape...

...I find Ton-Ton.

You see how much I contribute
to this team?

Then contribute.

Let the games be most excellent!

First heat: drag racing!





Oh, not cool, dude!

Oh, I mean, forget I said "dude."
That's not a word I say.

But don't forget I said "not cool"!

"Skrap-It, I must say...

...you really are a genius."

"Oh, well, D-Stroy...

...do go on."

Nope. Nope. No--


Who knew being useful would involve
so much personal injury?


Not-Not is in the lead!

And now, younger me,

the whole reason
you were brought into this world--

ramp jumping.

Perfect spot.

All right, first 'dump, jump!



Seventh marker is the distance to beat.

Think you can top
seventh marker, Double-N?


Not what? Oh!

Yeah, you're talking to me,
'cause I'm Not-Not.

That is so my name.

Yeah, ah, I've jumped
a ramp or two in my day.

Oh-ho-ho! Not-Not hangs on to the lead!

Hey, take ten, everybody.

Next up is the Rock Fling.

Hey, Ace, you seen Ton-Ton?

He's on an ore run...

a very, very, very long ore run.

That's all I know, okay?


Something you're not telling us?

That's a weird thing to say.
Why would you say that?

What would I not be telling you?

You are exhibiting deceptive behaviors,
as if hiding something.

I'm--I'm not, uh, uh,
deceptively behavioring.


Fine, he went
to the Ankylodump Games, okay?

B-but he's safe. We disguised him.

Nobody will spot him.
Nobody will give us away.

Unless Ton-Ton
accidentally gives himself away.

Yeah, but what are the chances of that?

You're right. Let's go.

Dead center! Gonna be hard to beat.


Somebody's got to have that scrape.

Not-Not, you're up.

You nail this, you get the lead back.

Don't worry about the pressure,
younger me.

I won't let you down.


That smarts.

Better luck tomorrow, Not-Not.

All right, gang, take a 'dump break.

Back in ten.

The scrape! The scrape!

I... ...found the scrape!

I tried, younger me.

But all I could think about
was you looking at me

with those sad, younger you eyes.


What are you up to, rude-dude?

Oh, you surprised me.

Drop the act, Skrap-It.

What are you doing here?

You are telling me
to drop the act, Not-Not?

Get back here!

You think we couldn't see
through your disguise, Ton-Ton?

My name's, uh, not Ton-Ton.

It's Ton-Not-Not.

Uh, wait. I mean just plain Not...


Oh, dude, this day's gone
from bummer to bummerer.

And just wait till you see
what happens next.

Do you see him, Ace?

Uh, I don't know,
but I see somebody who might.

Where is he, Skrap-It?

Where is who, now?

Ton-Ton. Stop playing games.

You may be bigger than me.

But I have all the power!

- Okay, okay.
- He's in a secret canyon.

Don't hurt me!

I'll show you.

Should we trust him?

We don't have a choice.

Uh, this is as far as I go.

Why? What's in there?

I'd better not say.

I just hope they're still sleeping.

Who's "they"?

You don't want to know.

A Shockarachnid lair!

I hate those things!


...you wanted to know.


Nice paint job.

It might be wise to keep our voices
at a more reasonable volume.

What was that, Rev-dude?

He said quiet.

Oh, guys, I'm so sorry.

This is all my fault.
I messed up real big.

You see, this is why
you shouldn't have gone to those Games!

No, I messed up even bigger than that.

It's D-Structs and D-Stroy.

I heard 'em say they're gonna attack
the Ankylodump Games.

Dude, the 'dumps are in danger.

What do we do?
We can't be in two places at once.

Yes, we can.

Rev, Skya, Dozer,
you build a rescue for Ton-Ton.

I'll help the 'dumps.

-I can go with you.
-Dozer's gonna need your hook to build.

Come help me when you have Ton-Ton.

Get out of here!

Uh, hello?

Oh, I'm sorry, the Ankylodumps
have all gone for the night.

We knew you'd let your friends build
while you played the hero.

So predictable.

I like to think of it as reliable.

But I'd hate for you to have come
all this way for nothing.

So we brought somebody
to keep you company.

Hmm? Hmm...

Have fun.

Gonna be tricky to build that
without a T-Trux or an Ankylodump.

Don't forget we got to build
without waking those things up.

Let's Trux it up.

Kind of loses some oomph
when you whisper it.

Oh, come on!

Aah! I really hate these things!

Is that all?

I barely felt it.

Bad idea.

Rev-dude, behind you!


Thank you!

- Hang in there, Ton-Ton!
- Not much else I can do!



Awesome! It's also a cage!

Is there anything a ramp can't do?

Save it, Ton-Ton! We got to help Ty!

Dig the new look, Ton-Ton.

It's my Not-Not disguise.

"Not-Not" is "Ton-Ton" backward!


Got ya right where I want ya.

Ah, maybe I do got ya where I want ya.

Come get me! I'm here!

Heads up!

Well, can't blame me for trying.


Guess you can.

Open the door, D-dudes!

I'm afraid it's closed.

Ty and the Dreadtrux
are not to be disturbed.


But there will be plenty
of disturbance out here.

There may be another way.

Another way sounds great!

And less painful!

Ton-Ton, I assume that gong
opens the door?

Well, yeah, you have to hit it
at just the right angle to open it.

No, you have to hit it.

Aw, dude, at this distance?

That's even farther
than in the Ankylodump Games!

Ton-Ton, you can do it.

Not under pressure.

And there's a ton of pressure right now!

We'll buy you some time.

Smash! Boom! Scrap!

Ooh, it's all so exciting!


Uh, I don't think I can do this, Ace.

And I'm pretty sure the younger me
agrees with the older me!

Your younger you is the older you.

So tell both yous to stop thinking
and just do it!

Okay, you heard her, younger me.

Time to get out of my head.

Been fun. Got to go!

-Glad you're safe, Ton-Ton.
-You too, dude!

I'm sorry, dudes.

I wanted to win so bad,
I couldn't see anything else.

I'm just glad you made that shot.

You should have seen it, Ty.

Ton-Ton was amazing!

Really something.

I will see it when we go
to the Games next year.

Nah, I don't need to go
to any more of those.

But, Ton-Ton, that is your dream.

It was younger me's dream,
but older me proved he could win,

even under pressure.