Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 3, Episode 6 - Crabcavator - full transcript

The team goes underwater in search of the only part that can fix click-clacks broken part but what dangers lurk below.




How are we gettin' back to base, Skya?

This way!

I mean, not this way.

Follow me!

Uhh! I mean, do not follow me!

We gotta jump it, Dozer!

You crazy? I'm not Ton-Ton.

Better learn fast!

I hate learning to be Ton-Ton!


One T-Trux alternator coupling replaced.

And one Ankylodump brake line patched.

I am pleased to report
all repairs have been completed.

We need repairs.

Just in time for the next round
of repairs.

Never a dull moment.

I miss dull moments.

Don't tell me.

D-Structs and D-Stroy?

Don't forget Scraptors
and an unexpected cliff jump.

Yeah. Worst relief mission ever.

Did you say cliff jump?

Aw! How'd I miss that?

Don't worry. You were there.

I was? Sweet.

Hmm. This damage is not too serious.

We will get you back out there
before you know it.

-What if I don't want to know it?
-Know what?

The thing you'll get me back out there
before I know.

You have lost me, Dozer.

Well, I've been lost ever since
I was at that cliff I wasn't at.

I'm just saying all this renegade stuff
has gotten a little out of control.

How many times are we gonna need
the same repairs?

I think I'm at 11. No, 12. Oh, hold on.

I broke my bed twice yesterday,
so make that...

carry the one... oh, 14!

Well, I'm sick of it!

Maybe we should just mound down here
for a while.

Mound down?

Yeah, Dozeratops style.

Wall ourselves in, regroup,
gather our strength.

I don't mound, Dozer.

And come to think of it,
I don't really "down" much either.

I'm with Skya.

As long as D-Structs and D-Stroy
are out there,

we have a responsibility
to keep Trux safe, not hide.

I never said anything about hiding.

I said "mounding."
It's a totally different thing.

Okay, okay,
forget I said anything.

We require a few additional parts
to finish the repairs.

Oh, please don't say
we have to sneak into the crater

and steal them from D-Structs and D-Stroy!

I was going to say we could catch Bitbugs
to replenish our supply.


So many different kinds of Bitbugs
out here.

Oh, I see Wingnut bugs, Flying Flangers.

Oh, oh, even a few of those rare
Stegarbasaur Pan Boltbugs!

We need two hex bolts
and one socket screw.

Uh... oh, I-I don't see any of those.

-There's a hex bolt!
-Wait! Click-Clack!

That is not a hex bolt. It is a--


A Washer Wasp!

Phew. That was terrible!

Wait, hey! Oh, my tongue!

My-my tongue won't go back in!


Stung by a Washer Wasp.

Ugh. Now, that's a bummer.

If there's one thing I hate,
it's tongue injuries.

Wouldn't have happened
if we were all mounded down.

Just sayin'.

Can you see what's going on in there, Rev?

Yeah. Uh, what-what is it, Revvit?

What did that thing do to me?

Do not worry, Click-Clack.
I will get to the bottom of this.

Now say, "Ah."

Ah. Ah.


Please tell me that was a good "hmm"
and not a bad "hmm."

The ball bearing on your tongue activator
has been damaged.

Unless we can find a replacement--

It was a bad "hmm"!

Dude... are you saying a tool
needs a repair?

How're we gonna do that?

Are there tools to repair other tools?

Are they smaller than regular tools?

How do we even see 'em?

Do we have to find, like,
a really tiny ravine or--

I can make the repair, Ton-Ton.

That'll save us some time.

the repair is the easy part.

Finding something
to replace that ball bearing with

will not be easy... unless...

That's one of those "unlesses"
that's gonna lead to a plan, isn't it?

There is something that is
the perfect size and shape

to replace a ball bearing
tongue activator,

but it can only be found in one place.

You're gonna say "at the bottom
of that ocean," aren't you?

At the bottom of that ocean!

I was really havin' a good day
before you said that!

Actually, no, scratch that, I wasn't.

Way down in those depths,

inside of one out of a thousand
Clamp Clams,

lies a platinum bearing pearl,

the only part that will work
to repair Click-Clack's tongue.

No problem, Rev.

I'm not afraid of a little water.


All right. I forgot
what lives in the water.

You don't know the half of it!

I'm the only one who's actually
been down there, remember?

Aquadons are just the tip of the iceberg.

There's icebergs down there too?

I am afraid Dozer is right.

Undersea flora and fauna
can be just as varied as that on land

and just as dangerous.

I can't ask you to do this, Ty. It's okay.

I'll just learn
to live with it.

It's really not so baa-ad!

Whoo-hoo-ha-ha! Whoo-ha!

O-okay, uh, I guess I'd appreciate it
if someone went down there for me!


Get to work on modifications
for undersea exploration?


I go underwater.

I sneak past danger.

I am one with the sea.

I am... Aqua Ty!


Let's go clamp clammin'.


Remember, bearing pearls
form inside clamp clams,

but they are very rare.

Take your time, and be careful down there.

"Careful" is Aqua Ty's middle name.

It's Shadow Ty's too!

for your help, Aqua Ty.


Do you think
he's okay down there?

-I said do you think he's o--

Hey, you dudes think Ty's okay down there?

-That's what I said!

If there is one thing
I know about Ty,

it is that he can handle himself anywhere.

He may not be able
to handle himself down there.

Wait. I think he's coming up!

What happened?
Did one of those Aquadons get you?

I wish it was only an Aquadon.

Yeah! Told you those things were--
wait, "wish"?

So what did get ya?

I don't know, but it came out of nowhere
and--and had claws the size of my head.

Those are some big claws!

-I said those are some... ah, forget it.

Ty did it look something like this?

Exactly like that, Rev,

except it didn't have that big shell
on its back.


Now does it resemble
what attacked you?

Give or take a few bubbles
and a really bad attitude.

Uh-huh. What Ty seems to have
encountered is a Crabcavator.

But, Rev, dude, Dozer is the only one
who's taken a trip to bubble town.

How do you know what it looks like?

Crabcavators are amphibious.

They live underwater and on land,

which is where I first encountered one.

They typically wear large shells
for protection,

but it sounds like this one
was shell-less.

How embarrassing for that Crabcavator.

Probably why it attacked Ty.
It felt threatened.

Actually, I think it attacked me
to take my bearing pearl.


That's right, I found one,
and now we have to get it back.

I knew this was gonna turn
into a "we" thing sooner or later.

Don't worry, Dozer.

You can always "mound down"
after you dry off.

Sure hope Click-Clack
appreciates this.

More than you know.

Don't ask. Ah!

I can't tell if this means
it's getting better or worse!

Unfortunately, I do. We must hurry.

Dude, these things are heavy.

Who knew air weighed so much?

Do not worry.
They will not be so heavy underwater.

Wait. What about our paint jobs?

Don't we all need underwater camouflage?

I am sorry, Dozer.

The Tortools used
all their blue paint on Ty.


Come on. Let's get this over with.

Dude, the water in here is so clear.

And breathable!

There is no water in here, Ton-Ton.

We have surfaced inside
an undersea air-filled cave.

Can we just find the crabby crab
and get out of here?

Sounds like a plan to me, Dozer.

Now, careful, Trux.

Don't want to lose
the element of surprise.

Hold on.

Maybe we don't need
to find this crab dude after all!

I see another one
of those clammers in here.

And I think it has a pearl in it!

No. It's just a rock.


Ton-Ton, wait!

Get out!

And there goes our element of surprise.

Look out, Ty, he's coming for you!


No. You're not getting rid of me
that easy this time.


Look what I caught for you, Dozer.

Crabcavator, meet Dozerator!

Look, we're not here to hurt you.

We just want that pearl back.

Name's Ty.

And this is Skya, Dozer,
Ton-Ton, and Revvit.

They call me Kelper Shellcracker Three,
and I told you,

it's my pearl, topsider, mine!

Really wish you'd stop doing that!

And I wish you'd get out of my home
before you draw in some of those Finners.

I got a good thing goin' on down here.

I don't need them drillin' holes in it.

Your home? But you are amphibious.

Do you not live underwater and on land?

I live where I want to live!

And right now, I want to live down here.

I'll go back up eventually,
once I finish my new shell, that is.

Oh, so you did lose your shell,
just like Rev dude thought!

I didn't lose it!

Scraptors got it
the last time I was up top.

I been meltin' down bearing pearls
and makin' a new one ever since.

It will be the strongest shell
any Crabcavator's ever seen!


We need that to repair a friend.

Well, I need it for my shell.

But it'll take forever to make
a new shell out of bearing pearls.

Shell or not,
the world's a dangerous place.

You're really gonna hide down here
to avoid it?

I'm not hidin'! I'm holin' up.

Wallin' myself in while I regroup
and gather my strength.

That's what Crabcavators do
when they don't have shells.

Kind of sounds like hiding to me.

Yeah, just like Dozer dude
and moundin' down.

It's not!


Yeah, I gotta back crabby up on this one.

I don't need your help, air breather!

- Huh?
- Looking for this?

Give that back!


Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just hold on.

We can figure this out.

You need a new shell,
and we need that pearl.

Like Dozer said, it'll take forever
to make a new one on your own.

But we could build you
a shell that will be a lot stronger

than anything you can make yourself
out of bearing pearls.

You... could really build me
something like that?

It's kind of what we do.

Okay, then.

You build me a shell strong enough
for me to live on land,

and the pearl is yours.

You heard him, gang.

-Let's Trux it--

Uh, I don't want to be a build bummer,

but where are we gonna get
supplies down here?

Let's Trux it up... underwater!



Kelper, what are you doing?

The shell's finished, we need to go!

It's Kelper Shellcracker Three!

And I'm not goin'. It's too dangerous!

-The deal's off.

I'm keepin' the pearl.

That shell you made,
what if it's not strong enough?

I'm just gonna keep holin' up in here
and makin' me own.

I don't care how long it takes.

You can't hide anymore,
Kelper Shellcracker Three!

I told you! I'm not hiding, I'm--

I know what you said,
but I also know what you mean.

Believe me, I do.

My friends were right.

Holin' up, moundin' down,
it's all the same thing.

Dude... now that was heavy.

And this time, I mean all of it.

This thing's pretty heavy too.

At least on land.

So, how's it fit?

Like I made it meself.

You topsiders are all right.

'Specially you, air breather.

Thanks for the tip.

Here. Hope you put it to good use.

And call me Kelper.

We will try, Kelper.

And we hope you enjoy
your amphibious life,

both up here and down there.

That I will.

Hey, psst.

That sideways-walking thing
is freakin' me out.

A-almost finished, Revvit?

Just open a little wider, Click-Clack,

and... there.

Give it a try.

Hey. Ah, it worked.

It-it really worked!

W-wow, that's dry.

And one ball bearing
tongue activator replaced.

Now we should be all done
with repairs for the day.

Then what are we doin' standing around?

Let's get back out there!

Really, Dozer?

Sure. The crater ain't gonna keep itself
safe and strong, right?

Glad to have you back, Doze.