Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 3, Episode 10 - Shredadon - full transcript

While collecting scrap in a canyon, the Trux and Tools come face-to-face with a frightful Shredadon -- but may need its help to leave its lair.

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Looking good.

If I were a piece of ore,
this is where I'd want to be.

This sorter will let us keep
different kinds of ore in one place.

-Kind of like an ore-ganizational system?

Point is, we'll finally be able to store
all this explosive ore safely.

It's been making me nervous.

You're telling me.

Now that the gears are in position,

all we need to do is tighten
a couple of bracket screws.

More like a couple hundred.

That'll take longer
than it takes Garby to eat!

Not if we use this trick.

Check it--the no-minder sidewinder.

That's all there is to it!

Want to give it a try?

Not in a million years.

My way has always worked just fine.

You see?

Sensible, slow, safe.

You lost me at "slow."

Let me at it!



Then the Screwsquito says,
"I know what you are, but what am I?"

Not bad.

But have you heard the one
about the one-eyed Aqua--

You're right, Dozer.
That one was hilarious.

Ha ha.

Why is this ore still lying
all over the ground?

We're just about finished
with the new sorter.

Actually, completely finished.

Let's load it up.


Whoa! I almost wiped out.

Hope you guys are hungry.

Ton-Ton, wait!
There's explosive ore in there.


You see, now?

That was neither sensible, slow, nor safe.

At least the base is still standing.

Uh... never mind.

If that was my fault,
then let me just say, "Whoa.

I am sorry, dudes."

But it wasn't my fault, then awesome!

We better find a way to fix the base.

We can't leave it so exposed.

It could barely repel a Scraptor attack
in this state.

Scraptor? This thing couldn't stop
a three-legged Tortool.

A three-legged Tortool?

Is that a thing?

I can try to hide the holes
with leaves for now,

but we don't have enough scrap
to fix this.

Scrap run!

Where? In the Outlands?

You're not just nuts.
You're nuts and bolts!

You can stay behind
if you want to play it safe, Waldo.

You must think fire don't burn.

I bet there's fun
and amazing stuff out there--

glistening fields of scrap,
delicious, crunchy ore.

There's nothing fun
or amazing out here.

Looks like you got ahead
of yourself again, Ace.

There's nothing out here, period.

Yeah, not even anything to be scared of...

which is scary in and of itself.

Maybe we should call it a bust
and head home.

Wait. Did you guys hear something?

See? Even the Scraptors are leaving
this scrapless scrap of a world.

Oh, but look!
They have scrap in their mouths!

That means there must be scrap
somewhere nearby!

You're right, Ace.

I see something shining
the way only one thing can...

Aw, yeah! Scrap!

Come on, gang.
Last one there is a rusty egg!


Ha ha! Whoa!


Get it, Ton-Ton!


Sometimes I wonder about those two.

More like all the time.


Wow. What is this place?

We could build a hundred bases out here
with all these materials.

If this isn't scrap heaven, dudes,
I don't know what is.

Oh! So many precious bits and pieces.

I must prioritize.

No. No, Revvit.

I simply cannot spare a single one.

Okay, maybe one.

Look what I found, Rev.

That piece will be perfect.

Guess it's time to load up Ton-Ton's bed
and cruise.

Where is he, anyway?

Hit that spring, Ton-Ton!

Hit that spring!

Yes, please, and thank you!

-Ha ha! Awesome!

Hey! We're supposed to be gathering scrap,
not turning ourselves into it.

Just having a little fun, Waldo.

Check these out.

I have no idea what they're for,
but I could doze 'em all day.

That's odd. Where'd you get this?

There are huge piles of it
all over the back of the canyon.

Looks shredded.

Yes, and is it not strange

that all of this scrap
is just lying out here untouched?

Good point, Rev.

You'd think this place would be crawling
with Scraptors and Scrapadactyls.

So how come those Scrap-dudes
we saw earlier only had a little bit?

Beats me. We've got everything we need.

Let's trek back on to the base.

Rev, any idea what this thing is?

Unfortunately, yes.

It is a Shredadon,
and I believe we are in its lair.

No sudden movements, gang.

Now we know what those Scraptors
were doing running in the other direction.

Yeah, fleeing.


We didn't come here to fight!

But we will if we have to.

Uh, sorry, Shreda-dude.

Didn't realize this was your lair.

I said sorry!

- Whoa.
- Scatter!

No, you don't!

Good thinking, Skya.
Everyone, let's bury this thing!

Ton-Ton, can you hit that spring
again and make it rain?

Like you had to ask!

Oh, great.

Here we go again.

Nice work, guys.

When there's no time to think,
you got to act fast.

You were lucky that time.

Go, go, go!

Whoa. You certainly have an appetite.



Oh, come on!

Let me be the first to say...
that is not good.

Uh, I'll be the second.

We're doomed!

The force of your hit must have
jammed its shredding mechanism, Ty.

We need to make ourselves an exit
before our ungracious host recovers.

I don't see any way to doze through this.

I got it!

My hook is stuck!

I'll help!

What's gotten into you,


A giant shredding monster
is a good motivator.

It's working! It's working!

It's not working.

It is packed in here
even tighter than before.

Maybe we don't have to go out this way.
Let's build up.

That won't work.

Scrap is piled way up
the sides of the canyon.

Ace is right.
It will just come crashing down on us.


I have another idea.

Power dozing, I like it.

Okay, Dozer,
give it everything you've got.

Anybody else got an idea?

As I always say,
when in doubt, ramp it out.

Have you ever said that?

Nope, but it sounds like
something I'd say.

C-can we say whatever it is

before the Shredadon
starts shredding again?

Ton-Ton, a ramp isn't the answer
to everything.

But perhaps in this case, it is.


What you thinking, Rev?

We will build a ramp so long
that it extends past the top of the scrap.

When a Trux reaches the top of the wall,
the ramp will swing down the other side.

And we can drive off.

Tail bump!

As the most "experioso"
and experimental ramper out here,

allow me to go first, eh?

- Ton-Ton! Jump off!
- Don't get all bent out of shape, dudes!

Me and ramps are like
two wheels on the same axle.


That was the craziest ramp
I've ever ramped.

Let's do it again!

We can't. You broke it.

Great. How do we get through the wall now?

We need to think
of a solid, sensible plan.

The answer's been staring us
in the face the whole time!

What about the Shredadon?

He can tear through all this metal for us.

Just need to fix him first.

You can't crazy your way
out of this canyon!

Come on, Waldo!

We've tried everything else.

Let's try something new.

Ace's idea could work.

The Shredadon might want us to leave
as much as we want to go.

Let's give it a try.

Just keep it slow and steady
so it doesn't think we're a threat.

I'm not going anywhere near that thing.

Y'all have lost your gear-grinding minds.

Aah! Wait for me!

I found it.

What do we do now?

It's okay. We're not here to fight.

Now what?

I'm going in.

The big group is scaring it.

I need to go it alone.

Are you sure about this, Ace?

Oh, yeah.

I can fix it.

I know it.

Be cool, Shreddie.

I'm a friend.

Now, if I can just get to your gear--

Wait! I'm helping you!

So, how'd that pan out for you?

Second time's the charm!

-I'm going back in!
-Ace! Hold up!

Not that I don't still think
your plan is crazy,

but you need to ratchet it down
if this has any chance of working.

Remember, sensible, slow, safe.

What kind of way to live is that?

Let me do it my way!

Let's try this again, Shreddie!

If you would just calm down
for one second!

Got ya!


Hang on, Ace! I'll get you!

I'll say it for you, Waldo.


You're always on me to try new things.

How about you try something new
for a change?

Don't tell me.

"Sensible, slow, safe"?

Now you're getting it.


I'll give it a shot.

Hey, Mr. Shred Head...

Don't worry.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

Don't be angry.

We're sorry that we trespassed
on all your great scrap.

Yes. Yes, that's it.

That's a lovely variable-speed
transmission you have there.

I-it's very pretty.

We just want to help you.

Do you know what a friend is?

We'll help you,

and you help us.

Then we're friends.

I can fix your click-click!

May I?

There is something very, very wrong
about this.

Don't worry. Ace has it under control.

Oh. She let it eat her.

Oh, bummer.
It's those dudes again!

They're always crashing the party.

Hmm... the Scraptors must sense

the Shredadon's vulnerability,
which means...

It's about to become
a full-on feeding frenzy.

Watch out!

Defensive positions.

Protect Ace and the Shredadon.

You want a piece of me?

You'll have to take me whole!

Whoa! Hold steady, Shreddie!


Ace, we're running out of time!

Going as fast as I can!

There are so many gears in here!

And his breath smells like rust.

Can't catch me!

Surprise! Smell you later, Scrap-dudes!

That's what happens when you play
hide-and-sniff with the master.

Whoa! Aah!

Nice idea, guys. Cage 'em up.

Don't mess with the best.

Now I see what needs to be done.

Don't worry, Shreddie.

You're almost fixed.

We just need a little help.

Waldo! Come over here.

We need you!

No way I'm getting in
that thing's mouth!


Not for all the hex nuts in the world!

You don't have to.

The grinder gears are controlled
by pistons

that are secured by the big bolts
on the Shredadon's head.

I need you to go up there and loosen them
while I adjust the gears from inside.

Come on, Waldo.

I tried something new.

Now you got to try something new.

I can't believe I'm doing this.

Easy there.

Nice Shredadon.

I should have my nut examined.

Good Shreddie.

Waldo, hurry!

You got to do this fast,
or we're done for!

I'm trying!

We don't have time for you to twist
the old-fashioned way.

You got to do the no-minder sidewinder!

I can't do that move!

Don't think about it! Just do it!

We have no other choice!

Here goes nothing.


Now do what you do best, Shreddie.

That was impressive!

If we could do that, we'd never have
a problem with Scraptors again.

I'm just glad it's over.

Uh, is it?

That thing is looking at us
kind of hungry again.


Great work making friends
with the Shredadon, Ace.

Thanks. Waldo helped, too.

Got to admit.

Never thought I'd see Waldo of all Tools
flip around in the air like that.

Well, etch it into your memory,
'cause I doubt you'll ever see it again.

Speaking of, we're still stuck in here.

Ace, you think you can get your new
best friend to shred us an exit route?

You really know how to rip it good,

Yeah. Thanks for not ripping us.

Hey, you mind if we grab a little scrap
from your lair before we go?

Ore sorter fixed.

Base repaired.

Time to refill the station and chow down.


Who's hungry, dudes?

-No, Ton-Ton!