Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 2, Episode 5 - Magnodozer - full transcript

Dozer is put to the test in order to clear a path through Cave In Canyon when he gets hit by a magnetic surprise.


[upbeat rock music]

[chorus] ♪ Supercharged Dinotrux ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Supercharged Dinotrux ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Let's go ♪


♪ Crush it ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Smash it ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Move it ♪

♪ Lift it ♪

♪ Crush it ♪

♪ Smash it, move it, lift it ♪

-♪ Build it up, Dinotrux ♪
-♪ Let's go! ♪

-♪ Going strong, Dinotrux ♪
-♪ Let's go! ♪

♪ Supercharged ♪

♪ Supercharged Dinotrux ♪

-♪ Get it done, Dinotrux ♪
-♪ Let's go! ♪


[exciting music]

♪ ♪

This is the last supercharger
in the crater!

Do not let it get away!


[Skya grunting]

[Ton-Ton] Whoo-hoo!


It's making me dizzy!


I got it!

I got it! I got it!

Don't got it.

[Skya grunting]

Couldn't these things be a little slower?

If they were slower,

they would not be superchargers.


-Where'd it go?
-I don't see it anywhere.

[Dozer] Shh.

[wings fluttering]

[whispering] We got to be real quiet.

[grunts] Aww!

[chuckles] Whoops! So much for that plan.

[normal voice]
Enough of this! I'm sick of sneaking!

Time to do what I do best.

It's dozing time!

♪ ♪


Uh-oh! [shouting]


Maybe next time we should try not dozing.

Not dozing?

Let's not go crazy here.

Dozing's all you need.

Xee, is that a... supercharger?

Where in the world did you find that?

There's a rocky canyon
in the back of the crater.

Tons of 'em there.

Tons of them?

Oh, this is a perfect opportunity
to replenish our stock!


More superchargers?

Being regular-charged is getting boring.

Can you take us there, Xee?

You got it.

[Xee grunts]

♪ ♪


Let's follow them.

Ooh. [grunts]

I knew you had something good--

I mean, something bad planned.


♪ ♪

[Xee] Just through here.

But watch out, space gets tight
real quick.

Yeah, not sure I'm gonna fit.

Do your best, Skya.

We're gonna need all of us in there
catching superchargers.


Sick of these tight spaces.


I know, dude.

Everywhere you go,
something's blocking you.

A rock. [grunts]

A boulder. [grunts]

-A me.

Not when you have a blade!


[Ty] I don't know.

Dozing could bring this whole thing down.

If we're gonna do this, we'll do it right.

Maybe a more careful approach.

Everybody out of the canyon!

[all yelling]

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That was an incredible amount of force.

Even moving slowly,
we will risk more cave-ins.

How are we gonna get in there now?

Every rock we clear,
two more are gonna fall.

There's a good reason they call it
Cave-in Canyon.

"Cave-in Canyon"?

That would have been helpful
to know before.

We could get Garby.

He could eat his way in.

Yes, but that would take him weeks.

Well, days.

If we could quickly
and efficiently punch a path through,

we might stand a better chance.

Yeah, but none of us can go
straight through rocks like these.

Not yet.

Ooh. [chuckles]
Something tells me I'm gonna enjoy this.

♪ ♪

[Revvit] With these modifications
and Xee's supercharger,

Dozer will be able to easily clear
that canyon.

This extension to Dozer's blade
will enable him to punch forward,

easily clearing harder, heavier rocks.

Along with the addition
of the outward bumpers,

he will not just be able to doze,

but to unblock even the heaviest loads.


What about that idea I had for his tail?

You mean the harpoon.


[Revvit] Yes, it will allow him
to bring down the highest rocks

and avoid more cave-ins.

[grunts] Oh-ho-ho!

Hey! This ain't half bad!

Only one thing remains.

Our last one.

Let's make it count.

♪ ♪


[powering up]

[metal clanking]


Want to test this thing out, Ton-Ton?

Totally. Lay it on me.

[metallic thump]




Come on, Ton-Ton. Let's roll out.

Wait! I got one more "dude" in me!


Okay, I'm ready.

♪ ♪

The Dozeratops will clear the path
for you.

Make sure you're there
to grab the superchargers before they can.

You can count on us!


Can I?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure he can't.

You're not supposed to tell him that!

-[all exclaiming]

♪ ♪

[Dozer] When I'm done with this place,
they'll call it Dozer Canyon.

Everybody stay behind Dozer.

When he pulverizes these rocks,
it's gonna get messy.

It's pulverizing time!

[grunts, yelling]



[grunts] This is awesome!


Did I just say "awesome"?

You did, dude!

I'm so proud of you.


[Dozer giggling]

[Dozer grunting]

So far, so good.

I haven't seen him this happy since...

Since when?

I'm still thinking.

Watch this!


Dozer, no!


What are you so worried about?

This is dozing like I've never dreamed of!

[tearfully] I'm so happy.

[Dozer grunting]

[Revvit] Hmm.

All this scrap must have gotten trapped
when the canyon caved in initially.

Just more stuff to move out of my way.


Hey! Why are these all sticky?

[mysterious music]

♪ ♪

[rock thrumming]

Hmm? [growling]

Some of these rocks are laced
with magnetic ore.

Dozer, exercise caution!


[laughs] I don't do caution.

I go forward. Stuff moves out of my way.

[Dozer] See?

Dozer, that is magnetic!

Not when I'm done with it!


-[rocks clanking]
-[Dozer] Huh?

It's grinding up inside my engine
or something.

-[Revvit] Dozer, stop!

[engine revs]

Hey, I think it worked!



What's going on?

[Dozer grunting] What?

Make it stop!


Things are supposed to get away from me,
not come towards me!


[metal creaking]


[all straining]

Everybody back away!

As long as we stay far enough
away from him,

we won't get sucked in.

[Dozer sputters]

How do you turn it off?

[grunting in frustration]


This is like all of my nightmares!

Think of it like a mound you can take
with you.

I don't want to take my mound with me!

That's why I leave it in the same spot!

Dozer, try your upgrades.

Huh? Oh.


Get off!


Uh, Dozer, I-I wouldn't...



Oh, come on!

At least we don't have to worry
about them flying away this time.


Maybe this'll fix it!


Everybody get back!


Guys! Hey!

Is anybody gonna help me here?


Hang on, Dozer!

The Trux are trying to get through!

[Skya grunts]

What am I supposed to do until then?

Stay still.

"Stay still"?

If anything, I should keep dozing!

Dozing always works!

Dozing is what caused all of this.

Cave-In Canyon caused it!


It is hard to say from this distance.

I cannot get any closer.

Perhaps if we stuck more things to him,
it would wear the supercharger out,

powering the magnetic field.

More stuff?

Not doing it!

No way I'm getting more
of this junk stuck to me!


[Revvit yelps]

[Dozer grunting]

Get off me!

Why is all that junk stuck
to the yellow one?

Who cares?

Look at all those superchargers on him!

Let's grab 'em... [grunts]

...and get back to D-Structs.

Sorry, Trux!

We'll be taking those.

[thrumming, metal clinking]

Uh, something's wrong.

I don't feel anything.


Get off of me.

You get off of me!


Stop it, stop it, stop it, stop it!


This is not ideal.

I... [grunts]

...can't... [grunts]


-[Skrap-It] Uh...

How you doing?

-You're gonna...

[grunts] ...make me sick!

Join the club!


What are you getting mad at us for?

[grunts] All we did was try
to steal your superchargers!

It's not like we wanted this to happen.

[Revvit] If you want to get off of him,

the three of you
are going to have to work together.

[chuckles] Work together?

You do realize who I am, right?

Then stay stuck.

Work with me, you little scraphead!

Uh, I'm actually kind of comfortable.

Never really cared for walking anyhow.


[all yelling]

[grunts] Okay, fine! We'll help!

[chuckles] I don't know.

I'm not really getting hit right now.
I'm good.

You won't be once I figure out...

[grunts] ...how to crawl over there!

I can crawl away faster than you.

I'd like to see you try!

[Break-Itt straining]

Are you done now?

Skrap-It, we need you to crawl under Dozer
and get to the supercharger.

If you can dislodge it,
it will demagnetize all of you.



I assume that means the thing we want.

Hmm. How about this?

[grunts, straining]

[metal grating]



Ow! Step lighter!


Why is your face so sticky?

I think he spilled glue all over it.


That must be
what "demagna-whatever" means.

I didn't spill glue on my face!

Hey, don't yell at me, glue-face.

I'm not a glue-face!

Who knew putting glue on your face

made you so angry?

That must be D-Structs' problem.

[Skrap-It] Trust me,
if D-Structs had glue on his face...

-[Skrap-It] ...I'd know.

Stop talking!

-[Skrap-It] Wait!

Well, if he keeps going,

he'll stick to all the metal
in the crater.

Dozer, at this point,
it might be better to just stay still.

I told you, I don't stay still!

Yes. That is the problem.

Y-you want me to just sit here
with all this junk stuck to me?

Hey, who are you calling junk?

You, junkhead.

[chuckles] Takes one to know one.


I can't take it anymore!


♪ ♪

Dozer, you might want to stop dozing.




Oh, don't you do it.

Go away!


Here we go again.

-Welcome aboard.


You know what?

-Staying still sounds good about now.
-[Scraptor screeches]

[playful music]


We're almost done, Rev.

How's Dozer holding up?

There are Scraptools
and a Scraptor stuck to him now.

[creaking, screeching in distance]

-Two Scraptors.
-[Dozer] Seriously?

We need a plan.

Dozer needs to be able to speed
to wear out the supercharger,

but whenever he moves,
he attracts more metal.

What about something where he can
spin his treads without moving?

Some sort of elevated platform, perhaps.


Hey, D-Structs.

Where is Skrap-It?

Uh, that's the thing.

-He--he, uh--
-Out with it.

Him and Break-Itt,
they went for the supercharger,

but now they're on the Dozeratops,
and they won't let go!

Take me there.

[Ty grunting]


Took you long enough!

Over here, Dozer.

We think we got a way
to wear out that supercharger.

Keep your distance, guys.

We don't want to get sucked in
before we give this plan a shot.

I don't know.

[chuckles] This is kind of fun.

[exclaiming teasingly]

[Ton-Ton] Whoa, whoa!

[Skya grunting]

Okay, I'm done.

-Dozer, this way.
-You just got to roll up onto this strip.

That'll get you off your treads
so you can spin them as fast as you can.

If you do this for long enough,

you should wear out the supercharger
and demagnetize yourself.

The sooner, the better.

-[Scraptor screeches]
-I think the Scraptor agrees.

All right, everybody. Get clear.

[Ty] Let her rip!


That is it, Dozer! Keep going!

How long do I got to keep this up?

Until Skrap-It is no longer attached
to you!

That I can do!

I don't know what I did
to deserve these insults.

[grunts] I'm the victim here!

-[Revvit] No, D-Structs, don't!

[all] D-Structs, stop!

Give me those superchargers!

Oh, hello, D-Structs.

[grunts] Nice of you to join the party.

[D-Structs grunts]



D-Structs! No! Wait!


Don't do it!

D-Structs! The cliff! It is behind--

[both grunting]

[Dozer] No!

[D-Structs grunts]

[Dozer grunts]
Why does this keep happening to me?

-[Scraptor screeches]
-Don't let go, D-Structs!

I don't need you to tell me that!

Can we try pulling them up?

They're too heavy with all that scrap.

Think of something fast, will you?

Make a decision!

Yeah! What they said!


It appears the supercharger

is beginning to wear out
from all the stress.

We do not have a lot of time
before Dozer falls.

I could've told you that!

This can't get any worse!




Stop flapping!

[both straining]

At least we won't have to fight it.

How's it going?

[grunts] Plenty of room.

[D-Structs grunting]

Worthless beast!

Now, I asked you to stop calling me that.

He was talking about the Scrapadactyl.

[Skrap-It] Oh.

[grunts] Good.

What if we built something
from down below to break his fall?

Like a collapsible platform.

Something that we can build
from the ground floor up.

If we build it section by section,
we can build it up high enough--

So when the supercharger lets out...

Dozer will fall safely onto the platform.

It'll work!

Trux it up, already!

[exciting music]

♪ ♪

-[electricity sparking]

[Dozer] Running out of time here, guys!

Think we'll make it, Rev?

We do have a long way to go.

That doesn't sound too confident!

[grunts] I've had enough of this!


-What are you doing?
-[electricity sparking]

You're gonna shake me right off of here!


[clinking, thrumming]

You're making those things
out of metal, right?

Good eye.

[Dozer] Throw that one up! Stick it to me!

You want us to stick more things to you?

Getting things
out of my way hasn't worked.

Might as well just put on even more stuff!

You heard him.
Skya, you want to do the honors?

Throw something at Dozer?

Yeah, I'm game.


♪ ♪

[metal creaking]


Hey, watch it!

That's it, burn your charger out.

Wait! Got to stay still!

Stay still!

Drop! Get off of me!

No! D-Structs!

If he falls, I fall!

I know.

[all yelling]

We're almost there! Hold on!

♪ ♪

Ah, finished.

Throw it now!


[all grunting]

[slow-mo screaming]


[Scraptools screaming]

[Scraptor shrieks]


♪ ♪


We're free! [grunts]

We're free!


I kind of miss it, actually.

Oh, you're hopeless.

[sighs softly]

♪ ♪



[Ton-Ton] That was a close call.

Yeah, but aren't they usually?

Enjoying your freedom, Dozer?

[chuckles] Definitely.

I guess there are other ways
of getting stuff done

besides dozing, after all.

But dozing's still the best.

Good news.


Then we got what we came for.

Let's go home.

[D-Structs groaning]

[Skrap-It] We're coming! [grunts]
We're coming, D-Structs!


I'll help you get up.

Yeah. Maybe if I...

We'll help, too!



Hey. [grunts]

You're slippery.

[Break-Itt] I'll get you, Skrap-It!

[clattering, grunting]


[both yelling]

[Smash-Itt] No, no, no. I know what to do.


[all groaning]


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