Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 2, Episode 4 - Cliffhanger - full transcript

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Revvit. Revvit. Revvit.

Revvit's in the zone, Click-Clack.

It's hard to snap him out.

Lucky for you, I know the trick.

All yours, Click-Clack.

Oh, uh, Revvit,

I finished de-molding the Trux Wash,

and I was wondering
if there's anything else I could do here.

Thank you, Click-Clack.

Can you help me extract this supercharger?

Uh, happy to!

But you must be careful.

This one is close to Ty's engine block.

One false move, and Ty will get zapped.

Doesn't sound fun.

I'm nothing if not careful.

Uh, Click-Clack, your clamps are shaking.

Careful makes me nervous.

Wide awake now.

Uh, sorry, Ty.

It is okay, Click-Clack.

Um, perhaps Waldo and Ace
need help in the garage.

Hey, guys! You need help?

I'll tell you who needs help.

That crankshaft.

Hold the shelf still!

It's shaking like an egg in an earthquake!

You're not exactly light!

-I can do the bolting.

This is a highly complex
threshold shelving unit

with load-bearing brackets
of my own design.

If one piece is out of place,

the whole thing goes down!

Well, I can hold it for you.

Don't step there.



Click-Clack, are you okay?

Uh, I'm fine.

The only things that hurt are my body
and my dignity.

Why'd you have to touch my shelf?

Sorry, Waldo.

I was just trying to help.

It's okay, Click-Clack.

Installing shelves isn't your specialty.

Neither is extracting superchargers!

What is my specialty?

Uh, well, I mean,
I'm sure there's something.

I'm beginning to think
that nobody trusts my work.

You know what Xee always says...

every tool has its task.


Let me guess, you guys missed our company.

We get that a lot.

Buzzed a huge vein of volcanic ore

'bout a hundred klicks south.

Giant vein. Humongous!

Biggest vein of ore you ever saw!

Dude, volcanic ore is the best.

If we can get it out, that is.

Vein's deep,
and that ore ain't gonna haul easy.

Oh, there's no way we can pull it out.

It's impossible, guys, impossible!

What Washout is trying to say

is that deep reservoirs of igneous rock

often prove difficult to extract.

Difficult to extract,

unless you have a winching mechanism.

Which we do.

Did you just call me
a "winching mechanism"?

Yeah, "Skya" is a way easier name.

Skya, I can fly you over there

if you can lift the ore out.


Looks like we're eating spicy tonight.

We're gonna need lots of supplies
for our trip.

You know I'm going with you, right?

- Does a Scraptor scrap?
- Uh, here.

In case Skya needs some extra reach.

Thanks, Click-Clack.

And on the topic of "extra,"

may I suggest a supercharger

for extra speed and towing strength?

If you can plug it in quick.

Ooh, uh, uh, I can install it.

It's all right, Click-Clack.
I can handle this one.


Try harder to find my task, huh?

Time to score some ore.

Prepare for takeoff!

Best seat in the crater right here!


Didn't know veins of ore came this deep.

This is gonna take a while.

First we need to clear the rocks,

and then we're gonna need to--



I am so jealous right now.

Got to love a supercharger.


I'll get some Shockarachnid wire
to wrap it.


Did you take out the wire?

No. Don't forget the cable tie.

A cable tie?

And we could use two hex nuts.

Uh, make that bilateral hex nuts.

You can come out now, Click-Clack.

- Uh, I'm not here.
- Click-Clack.


What are you doing here?

I, uh, was trying to prove myself.

Prove yourself?

Xee says every tool has its task.

I'm finding mine.

For the record, hiding in a dark box

strapped to a Dinotrux
flying in the air is not my task.

Click-Clack, that was brave,

but what if we accidentally dropped
the gear bin?

Sorry to frighten you.

No, let me clarify.

Stealth Scrapadactyls!

Couple of stealth bogies
want to play tag, huh?

I'll keep the Scrap-flaps busy.

You tie up that ore quick!

What can I do?

Stand back!

Hurry it up, treaders!

-Come on, Click-Clack!

All aboard!

Spin those blades faster, Prop-Top!

Want to trade places? Let me know!


Let's lose 'em in the clouds!

We're going down!

Oh, no!

Not my best landing.

Ace? Click-Clack?

Can't get rid of us that easy!

What part of that was easy?

Scrapadactyl nests!

Stealth Scrapadactyl nests.


Nothing about this is easy!

It's gonna take a miracle
to get me in the air again.

Gonna need more than one.

I can try and get a closer look at it.

Broken blade.

Can't fix it without forging
a new rotor coupling.

I might be able to get airborne
with a broken blade.

What's our plan B?


Get help.

From Ty and his squad?

They're 90 klicks away.

You got a Dinotrux whistle
I don't know about?

I'm more interested
in how we're gonna get down...

because we are very,
very, very far from down!


Hmm. Looks like we're going rock climbing.

No offense, but Craneosaurs
aren't exactly built for mountain travel.

Not yet, they're not.

Let's tool it up!

Want help attaching those?

Thanks, Click-Clack, but I got 'em.

You still don't trust me?

Of course I trust you.

You have great ideas!


Look, it's not that your work is bad.

It's just that sometimes
you make mistakes and...

Everybody makes mistakes!

Don't they?

Yeah, but we're not installing shelves
out here.

One slipup and we're all parts.

Hey, Click-Clack.

Come on up here and help me keep lookout.

At least somebody trusts me to help.

Oh. Unless you're pulling me away from Ace

because you don't trust my work either.

No, it's not that.

We're both afraid of heights.

We got to stick together.

Nice try, Skya.

It's okay. Maybe I'll never find my task.

Sure you will, Click-Clack.

Oh, yeah!

Sit tight, Prop-Top. I'll get help.

Put some hustle into it, will ya?

Don't feel like getting scrapped today.

Makes four of us.

Ooh, uh, five!

You can count me as double.

Hit it, Skya!

Going up!

So far, so good!

It's better than falling,
I'll give it that.

Let's try out this pickax.

Release the Shockarachnid wire!

Okay. Yeah!

All right!

The only way to travel.

Not true.

Rolling on the ground
is a great way to travel.

Sorry, Click-Clack,
but we got a long way to go.



No sign of Skya or Prop-Top
within the visible perimeter.

Not a trace of 'em.

Not a thing. Nothing. I mean, nothing.

What about Ace?

If they can't see Skya,
they can't see Ace.

Okay. Then maybe they should look for Ace
so they can see Skya.

Click-Clack is also missing.

He may have gone along with them.

-Why in blazes would he do that?

No, that doesn't sound like Click-Clack.

Well, we're gonna do
some searching of our own.

We got to find out what happened
to our team.

You don't think they found the giant straw

to drink from the clouds, do you?

Because if they did,
they're probably not coming home

till they drink up all the cloud water.

I think you're safe, Ton-Ton.

Well, I hope so,

because they should save
some clouds for me.

This is a rescue grid of the area
outside the crater.

Each of us can explore the zone
I have etched on these tablets.

That way, we can cover more ground.


In my zone, the trees hang from the sky!


The other zone looked more fun.

Let's get our Trux home.

Not again!

Spike didn't anchor.

I'll hammer it home.

I can do that.

Yeah, thanks, Click-Clack, but I got it.

Guess Ace doesn't quite trust my work

after the shelf thing this morning.

Maybe she's worried
that if you get too scared,

you'll make another mistake.

Just because I get scared sometimes

doesn't mean I can't do things.



A swing with the pickax tongue
and we'll get to the next ledge.

Quick! The pickax!

This rock is too soft!

I can bolt in the pickax!

There's no time for that.

We got to swing for the next ledge!

But we'll fall!

I can bolt the pickax!

I can do it, Skya. Trust me.

No. We'll swing.

But I can do it!

I'd say this calls for belt spikes.

Now ride it up!

Yeah! No mountain can beat us!

No, but they have a good shot.

Couldn't they wait
till we got off this wall?

Forest is clear, Rev.

Where to next?

The mountain range!

You heard him, Washout! Let's go!

Oh, I hope they're not stranded
in those mountains.

Place is infested
with Stealth Scrapadactyls!

They wouldn't stand a chance!


Click-Clack, that was amazing.

Believe me,
no one's more shocked than I am.

Ty! Over here!


They won't hear us over Washout's blades!

This might get their attention.

Can you hit them from here?

One way to find out.


Skya! We found her!

Washout, signal the others!

There it is!

Let's go get Ton-Ton!

Did we not tell him to look
for the signal?

Sometimes he needs reminding.

We're saved!

Let's not put the drill before the bit.


Looks like the Trux weren't the only ones

who saw those lightning bit bugs.

It's amazing how much my life

is like my nightmares right now.

Skya, we're coming for ya!

Soon as we get these things
out of the way!

Easier said than done!

Dude, I need some Scrapadactyl repellent!

Don't touch my blade!

Don't touch my blade.

You're really gonna regret it.

Too heavy!

Your aim stinks!

Don't egg them on!

Got to have some fun!

Not to be a downer, but...

The ledge is cracking?

How'd you guess?

Our luck today.

Looks like
we're not the only unlucky ones!

Ace, drop some rocks on my belt.

We'll do the Click-Clack trick!

Thanks for the help, Skya!

Don't mention it!

Just get us out of here!

We got to clear these things out of here.

So let's show these weak beaks
who's in charge!

They want to fly at you?

Then let 'em see what happens
when a 'dactyl hits a Dozer!

Now we're talking!

This is so satisfying!

Ton-Ton, use that bed of yours
to crimp their wings!

They won't be able to fly straight!

Right on!

And what is your plan, Ty?

I'm a T-Trux.

That works.

Time-out for you, dude!

The Scrapadactyls are falling back!

But we're gonna be falling down!

And the Trux
aren't gonna get to us in time.

We need to climb off this thing.

But the coil is jammed!

Three and a half seconds.

That's three times...

Carry the...

Two hundred feet!

I'm not jumping 200 feet.

No, but you could swing down

if I attach your hook in the right place.

Click-Clack, that's crazy!

We can't make those kind of calculations
and measurements up here.

-I can.
-Behind you!

It's a good idea, Click-Clack, but...

But what?

Sometimes it's hard to get stuff right

when the pressure is on.

Somebody's gonna have to make
a decision here!

Trust me. I can do it!

If you lower me down on your hook,

I'll attach you at just the right spot.

Click-Clack took a chance on me
to get us this far.

I'll take a chance on him
to get us the rest of the way.


We trust you, buddy. Do it.

Thanks! I won't let you two down!


I-I will let you down. I mean...

We get it! Now hurry!


Little higher!

Just a little higher!

If we're gonna do this,
we got to do it now, Click-Clack!


Jump now!

We're alive!

He did it! Click-Clack did it!

Every tool has its task.

Well, that should take care
of all the Scrapa--

Hold that thought.

That should take care
of all the Scrapadactyls.

Pretty sweet jump you did there, Skya.

Wouldn't catch me doing that.

No, I caught you.

Good to see you on the ground, Skya.

Couldn't have done it without these tools.

Especially this one.

Me neither.

I should've trusted you, Click-Clack.

We all should.

In fact, you know
who I think gets to repair Prop-Top?

Couldn't agree more, Rev.

Thanks, guys.

Why you thanking 'em?

Revvit hasn't said who yet.

Rotor blade.

Hex bit.


You sure this is gonna work?

Why wouldn't it?

Your clamps are shaking.

Yeah, I'm nervous.

But that doesn't mean
I won't get the job--

Ore reflux.

Spicy food does that to me.

It won't affect my work.

Trust me.