Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 2, Episode 6 - Liftasaurs - full transcript

While the trux are gathering supplies on the outskirts of the crater, an age-old dispute between feuding herd breaks out.


[upbeat rock music]

[chorus] ♪ Supercharged Dinotrux ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Supercharged Dinotrux ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Let's go ♪


♪ Crush it ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Smash it ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Move it ♪

♪ Lift it ♪

♪ Crush it ♪

♪ Smash it, move it, lift it ♪

-♪ Build it up, Dinotrux ♪
-♪ Let's go! ♪

-♪ Going strong, Dinotrux ♪
-♪ Let's go! ♪

♪ Supercharged ♪

♪ Supercharged Dinotrux ♪

-♪ Get it done, Dinotrux ♪
-♪ Let's go! ♪


Hmm... mm... hmm!




All this junk is... junk.

Well, you know what they say,

"One Trux's junk is another Trux's junk."

Only you have ever said that, Ton-Ton.

Hmm, this could be quite useful.

A little big to fit
in Ton-Ton's bed, though.

I will take it apart in no time.


Huh, it is really in there.


It... will not... budge!

Hmm. Let me try that, Rev.

[Revvit sighs]

Good luck. I do not think it will--

[Waldo grunts] There you go!


You probably got it loose for him.

Yes, I suppose it looks like a--



Guess all this scrap around
just leads to more Scraptors.

More to knock around.

[Dozer] Or more to knock us around.

[Skya] Yeah, changed my mind
all of a sudden.

Everybody behind me.
I'll lead the way out.

[all grunting]

[grunting and roaring]


This is like a Scraptor family reunion.


How do I let them know
we don't feel like playing today?

[grunts] Hey, you, Scraptor!

No, thank you!

[shouts] Hello, we don't want this!

[sighs] I tried.



That'll slow 'em down a bit.

[Revvit] The way back to the flatirons
should be right through that--

[Ton-Ton] Whoa! Cool!

You think these formations are natural?

I do not know.

I have never seen anything like them.

Looks like they're rocks stacked
on top of each other.

But who could lift them?

Those guys, maybe?

[Revvit gasps] Liftasaurs!





[Liftasaurs chanting]



Yeah! Nice lift, Yurg.

But your form could use a little work.

You got to lift from your back gears.
Like this.


See my back gears? See 'em?


Lift all the way from the back.
You got to feel that friction. Oh, yeah.

I have no idea what is going on right now.

[laughing] But it's awesome!


Don't come any closer!

Whoa, whoa, whoa. No need for that.
We're just passing through.

Different Trux traveling together?

Think you're missing a couple Reptools.

It's kind of our thing.

Well, our thing is...


Oh, I see what you were talking about
with the back gears.

[Liftasaurs chanting]

See? When you lift from the back,

you can lift the most... awesome lift.

Best lift ever! Whoo!

[Liftasaurs grunting]

And what is it you say when you lift?

Oh! "Waleed."

He was the greatest Liftasaur of all time.

Hey, never lifted an Ankylodump before!


I lifted the Ankylodump!

-[both laughing]
-[Ton-Ton] That tickles!

Bet I could lift him higher.

Nobody's matching my form.

[Ton-Ton gasps] Higher!
I want to go higher!



[laughs] Being lifted is awesome!

All this lifting is making me hungry.



Did you just... powder that ore?

Gotta break it down for maximum nutrition.

You guys made all these things?
That's incredible.

Yeah! We lift the tallest stacks
in the whole valley.

That way, we know we're the best lifters.

Yeah, you guys are good.

But check this out.


Oh! Sweet lift.


Whoa. Look at his form.



[grunts twice]


[chuckles] I call that an air lift.

[all clamoring excitedly]

What about you? You lift?

Nah. I doze.


That a problem?

Dozing's just sideways lifting.

Hmm, these are some
very interesting mechanics.

Seems that all this lifting
has loosened your hydraulics over time.

With a few adjustments, I should be able
to increase your lifting ability.

Wait. You mean we'll be able to lift more?

Yes, perhaps up to 20%.

[both shouting excitedly]

Time to get to work!

Oh, do not worry, Waldo.
I can handle it this time.

But if we both do it,
we can get the job done twice as fast.

I wonder which one of these guys
can do it faster.

My ore's on the green one.

Ha! You're on!

Oh, no. It is not a competition.

[Heft] Whoa. Now it is, ha.

-Look at the red one go.

Already way ahead of you, Rev!

Well, we shall see about that!

Whoa. What got into those two?

Oh, I like these little guys' style.

Great form! Come on! Fix me first!

No! Fix me! Fix me better!

[all grunting]

That answer your question, Dozer?


[chuckles] Guess you just couldn't compete
with my speed, huh?

But we shall see who did the job
more effectively.

Maybe you both did a good job.

[scoffs] Let 'em go.
Competition's good for everybody!

Lovin' my range of motion right now.
Nice and springy.


I don't like this.

Whoa! I do feel strong.

-Yurg, come on. [grunts]


-[both straining]
-Wait a second!

We're lifting a T-Trux! A T-Trux!

Yeah. A T-Trux.


[gulps] Okay. I'll go lift somebody else.

You know what this means?
We are at peak condition.

We can lift the highest stack ever.
No one's ever gonna come close.




[Skya] Well...

I'm glad we helped them
put their abilities to good use.


Now we got the highest stack
in the whole valley!


No one can lift more than us.

Those Yellows are never gonna be able
to compete with us again.

Yellows? What Yellows?

[indistinct murmuring]

[all growling]

Oh. Those Yellows.

Hmph, what's with this stack?

Why's it so tall? You lift this thing?

[laughs] Nobody's lifted a stack
this tall before.

No way you lifted this on your own.

You had help from this T-Trux
and the Craneosaur.

You're just saying that
'cause you can't lift it, Jaffa!

Ha! Sure, I can lift it, Yurg.

No Blue can lift anything
a Yellow can't lift.




[Yellows chanting] Malouf! Malouf! Malouf!

Malouf! Malouf! Malouf!

The greatest Yellow Liftasaur of all time?

Ha, you got it.

Malouf was the first
to out-lift a Blue, Waleed.

And we still can out-lift you Blues,
no problem.

Maybe you could,
if you worked on your form a little bit.

Your front axle looks a little stressed.

-[grunts] See my form? See it?


Try it now.

Uh, yeah.

No problem.




Aw! He couldn't lift it, but we could!

[all clamoring excitedly]

You cheated! No way a Blue
could ever out-lift a Yellow.

We just proved it.



-[both gasp]





Not gonna work on us, T-Trux.


[all grunting]

Ty! That was our way home.


You see me lift that T-Trux?

Ha, glad you decided to stay on our side.

We're not on anybody's side.
We're just trying to get home.

I do not understand.
What is this conflict about, anyway?

Many lifts ago,
our two herds had a fight over ore.

Solved it by making a deal.

Whoever can lift the heaviest stacks
gets first dibs at the good ore.

And for a long time,
the Yellows have been eating

all the best, most nutritious ore.

But now we're stronger,
and we have the best ore,

and that makes us better
because Blue is better than Yellow!

I fear we have wandered
into a very dangerous situation.

Well, I'm getting us out of it.


Aah! [cries]

Maybe not.

[grunts and mutters]

I could give it a try.

With what? You do not even have any bits.

Ha! The red guy always seems
to come through, though.

You got that right.

You gonna take that?
You got to score that thing!

I told you, it is impossible.

Aw, come on! You can do it!

Yes, that is right. Maybe I can score it.

Not if I score it first.

[both grunting]

Guys! We don't need to break it down.
Let's just lift it out of the way.

Hmm. Yes. I suppose that might work, too.

I guess.

[grunts] Think you guys can handle this?

Of course we can.
We're at peak physical lifting perfection!

Then let's lift it up!

Dude, that sounds
just like the thing we say.


Everybody ready?


[Heft] Waleed!

[all grunting]


[all groaning]

[panting] There's no way we're gonna
lift this thing by ourselves.

We have to get the Yellows to help us.

We would never work with the Yellows!

Why not? You're so similar.

[gagging] Similar?

We're totally different!

You both seem to like
lifting things a lot.

What's the difference?


What's the difference?

Dilbert, look at our heads.
We got blue on our heads.

It's Dozer!


And they have yellow.
We're totally different.

Well, that's a good point.

But I'm blue, and Dozer's yellow,
and we're really different, too.

And Dozeratops and Craneosaurs
have always been feuding,

but me and Skya... we manage.

Most of the time, anyway.

[grunts angrily]

You Trux don't get it.

Blue and Yellow Liftasaurs
don't work together.

But why?

Us Blue, them Yellow. End of story!

Well, this couldn't get any worse.

Oh, wait, yes, it could.


They'll be back.

We need to find a way to get
the Blues and Yellows to work together.

How? They hate each other!

As soon as a Yellow one sees a Blue one
or a Blue one sees a Yellow one,

they attack!

If only we could keep 'em
from seeing each other.

Like, not know the other ones were there.

I know! We turn off the sun.

What? Too ambitious?

What if they did not realize
they were working together?

I think I know where you're going
with this, Rev.

[Revvit straining]

We will need to use
all the scrap we collected today

to make a lot of small, identical pieces
to these exact specifications.

[Waldo] I got this, Revvit.

I can get this thing done quicker
than a bitbug in a windstorm.

Well, that is really not necessary, Waldo.

Perhaps you could supervise Ton-Ton
gathering materials.

We need everybody's help on this one.

We got a lot of work to do.

Come on, guys, let's Trux it up!

[upbeat rock music]

♪ ♪

-[grunts] Done!

Not gonna catch up with me!

I am already ahead!

♪ ♪

[Revvit] Excuse me. Excuse me.

We were doing some work last night

and realized there was a way
to give you even more lifting power.

-More? Lifting?
-You can make us even stronger?

We have built a weight for you to wear

that will increase
your torque exponentially.


Oh, I think I feel stronger already!

Everybody gets one!

Uh, and you're saying that these things
will make us as strong as the Blues?

Stronger, and all you got to do
is help us lift

that slab of rock
blocking the passage back to our home.

The Blues couldn't lift it.

But I bet you guys could.

Don't you want to show them
who's stronger?

[all shouting]

[Ty] All right, everybody in position?

Am I crazy,
or are there more of us than usual?

It's probably just all that extra torque
you're getting from your helmet.

You guys are so powerful,
you seem like you're everywhere!


Yeah, that makes sense.

-That made absolutely no sense.
-Yeah, I know.

[Dozer] Come on,
let's move this thing and get home.

I got a mound with a me-shaped groove
in the middle that's waiting for me.

[Ty] Let's do this!

[tails thudding]

[Ty] Come on, guys. Just a little... more.

[all straining]

Lift. Lift.

Lift. Lift.

It's working!

[all grunting]

Let's try to move it!

-[tires squeal]
-[Dozer] We got Scraptors!



Huh? Blue?


Wait. No, no, no, not yet.

I'll never work with a Blue!

And I'll never work with a Yellow!

These guys are even similar
when they disagree.

Gonna settle this once and for all!

-This is...


Aah! Oof!

[all grunting and shouting]





There's too many of 'em!

Can you put this conflict on hold?
We got bigger problems right now.

But he thinks...

he thinks he's better than me!

So what, if you're gonna get scrapped?


[all grunting]

[Ton-Ton] Watch out, dude!

Thanks, I appreciate it.


Whoa. Not cool!




Okay, that's it!
I take back both of my rescues!


This never would've happened
if you had designed those helmets

to be more secure!

There was nothing wrong with the design.

You should not have been in such a rush
to assemble them!

Ha! You kidding me?

That bolt job was clearly your work!

Ha! It would never pass my inspection.

I'm gonna find that helmet and show you!

I will find it before you can find it.


No, that's not it. There!


Now we will see.

Now I will see!

Oh, yep, yep. Here's where you went wrong.

Used the wrong kind of bolt.

I did no such thing!

Total amateur job!

Let me see it!

[both straining]

Give me this thing!

Haven't you... ruined it enough?

Give me...

[both shriek]

Ha! I got it!

Whoa! Help!

I am coming!



I got this, Rev! [grunts]


Nice move, Waldo.

Nice thinking, Rev.

What got into us?

Same thing that got into them.


-Well, that stops now!
-I agree.

[Waldo] But I don't think
talking'll do any good.

[Revvit] Then we must show them.

Ty! I bet Skya would love
to help you with that.

Good thinkin', Rev!


[Skya grunts]

[Revvit] Keep it up! Just like that.

-[both grunting]
-[Revvit] Excuse me.

We are sorry we tricked you,
but look around!

When you work together,
everyone is stronger.

[Scraptor shouts]

That's right! None of you could've
lifted that slab on your own,

but together,
you're all the strongest lifters.


I've never seen anybody
smash a Scraptor like that.


Did you see that combo?

No way he could have done that on his own.

-Strongest in the crater.


-[both grunt]
-[Yurg] Come on!

Let's lift these Scraptors
right out of here!

[all grunting]



Lift from the back!


[laughs] Great tip!

[all cheering]

Let's not get too excited.
We still got a job to do.

Yeah, I'm itching to lift
this thing, Jaffa.

Let's do it, Heft!

All right, on three. One, two, three!

[all straining]

Come on. Keep going!

[all grunting]

All right! Drop it!

[all groan]


[all gasp]

No Blue has ever high-forked
with a Yellow!

Until just now.

[all cheering]

Oh, that was the strongest
any Liftasaur's ever been!

And you could only do it
when you worked together.

Together, we're strong enough
to go defeat the Green Liftasaurs.

Green Liftasaurs?

Just kidding. You guys got to loosen up.

Thanks for all your help, Trux.

No problem.

You know, Waldo, if we had worked
on each helmet together,

we could have used a variety
of different bolts and made them stronger.

That would have been more efficient.
You're the best at that.

[Revvit] But without your speed,
what good is efficiency?