Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 1, Episode 4 - Shootout - full transcript

When Garby eats a dozen superchargers sending all of his systems into high gear, Revvit must save him before everything gets destroyed, and Garby must learn to use his new abilities to battle unexpected Scrapadactyls.

Crush it, smash it, move it, lift it ♪



Where'd these guys even come from?

It's like they gotta keep finding
new places to annoy us.

Hey! Get off of me!

Don't worry, Dozer, I gotcha!


Let-let me try that again.
Hold still, Dozer.

Kind of hard.

I held still for that?

Sorry! One more time.

I got this.

Thank you, Ty.

No problem.

Oh, I almost had 'em.

Try this on for size.

Take that! And that! And this!

I see your centers of gravity, check out.

Sure, you could do it that way,

but I was going
for a more subtle approach.

Come on, guys, we almost got 'em.


Something tells me they're gonna become
a real pain, real quick.

Where'd those guys come from? Rev?

To find a Scrapadactyl nest in the area,

you only need to...
find the very highest point.

It looks like they have made a new nest
for themselves.

Dude. This close to the Flatirons?

We're gonna have to deal
with this every day now!

Then we better be prepared
for the next time.

I believe
that with enough practice,

you should all have no trouble
knocking any Scrapadactyl out of the sky.

Never been a problem for me.

I'm a super
Scrapadactyl-knocker-outer dude.

Even so, as Scrapadactyls are going to be
a larger problem for us now,

it will not hurt to keep our skills sharp.

Whatever keeps those
Scrapadactyls away from me,

I'm in favor of it.

Uh, not to worry, Click-Clack.
I can hit anything.

Long as it's standing still.

Whoa, Rev, when did you make that?

Oh, you know, we all have our hobbies.


Boom! Did it.

Whoa! Nice one, Ty. Perfect swing!

Well, he did swing slightly left,
if you wanna be technical.

My turn.

Nice shootin', Skya.

Think somebody can top that?

I can.



How about that, dudes?

Move over, Ton-Ton.

It's time for the mean,
green, Scrapadactyl-hittin' machine!

Looks like
the machine is broken.

Could I try that again?


One more time!

Ha! Got him!

I have not launched it yet.


Somebody gonna get that thing?

I'll do it.

Oh, come on! Really?

I'm hungry. Let's go.

Hold on, guys. Give me one more shot.

You can't hit a moving target, Garby.

So, what? No big deal.

Yeah, your real strength
is being a rock expert.

You even know way more than Rev.

Well, I would not say, "way more."

Perhaps, slightly.

If you really wanna hit a moving target,

maybe a supercharger would help ya.

We just grabbed a bunch more yesterday.


I do not know about this.

Being supercharged is very serious, Garby.

Hey, who's more serious than me?

I'm the most serious-est Trux there is.

Well, that was a serious gas off,
at least.

All right, Garby.

When I put this in,
you're gonna feel a quick jolt.

Noted. I'm ready.


Little warning next time. Hey!

Whoa! I could do this all day!

Please don't.


Load up that Scrapadactyl, Revvit.
I'm ready to go!


Yeah. Again.

Let's make this interesting.



Got it.

And now for the boost!

-So jealous right now.


Got him!

Got what? There were
no more dummy Scrapadactyls.

Who said it was a dummy?

Give me something else to smash!

I'm ready. I'll take what you got!

I'll... Oh...

Looks like your supercharger burned out.

It was fun while it lasted, I'm sure.

Yep, sure was.

Ah, don't worry, though, Garby.
You're still our rock expert.

Yeah. Woo-hoo.

Hey, we're out of ore. I'm hungry.

Then it's time for an ore run.

Garby, are you coming?

There may be interesting rocks
to discover on the way.

No. I...
I think I'm gonna sit this one out.

Kinda winded
from all that practice.



The guys might be mad
if I use another one.

But I bet I could knock that
Scrapadactyl nest down

before they get back.

The guys will really know
how useful I can be.

Come on!

Oh, no!
No, no, no, no, no. Get back in there.

Come on, please!

Hey, you! Come on!
Don't be like that. Seriously.


What? Oh.
What are they doing back so soon?

Gotta get rid of these things!

When in doubt, eat.

That'll hide 'em
for a little while, at least.

Hm. These things aren't so bad, actually.


Hey, Garby, you in the garage?

One second.

What was that? Are you okay in there?

Coming right... now.

Uh, back so soon?

Yeah, we forgot to take...

Oh. Why is it always me?


Watch it!

Garby, what did you do?



So sorry! Excuse me! Help!

Help you? How?


Garby, where are all the superchargers?

Super... Superch...

Yeah, I-I don't recall...

Do you know what is going to happen to you
if you did what I think you did?

Okay, okay, I ate them!

I'm sorry! I didn't know
they could supercharge me that way!

Wait. All of them are inside of you?


Stop eating rocks
and you'll stop making bricks.

If he stops eating, he may do damage
to his systems.

They have been so supercharged

that if there are no rocks to grind up,
they will grind themselves up.

What about damage to our systems?

Oh! Get away from me, Garby!

Sorry, Dozer, let me turn around!

No! No, no, no!

This is the worst thing
that's ever happened to me.

Think of something quickly.

This really stings!

You did it to yourself.

That only makes it sting more.

Is there a way to turn him off?

I do not know.

A Trux does not usually swallow
a half a dozen superchargers.

We gotta plan faster, Rev.

Or he's gonna blast
this whole place apart.

I don't wanna hear you guys
complaining next time I'm supercharged.

We gotta get him out of here.

He's gonna destroy all our stuff!

How about the outlands?
That's far enough away, right?

That is actually not such a bad idea.


Wait. Why do you sound so surprised?

Garby, head for the outlands.

We'll try to give you a boost.


All right. Here goes nothing.

Maybe there's a way
that doesn't involve getting close.

Got it! Go!

How about a little more
delicate next time?

Works for me.

This is... Ow! Impossible.

He's far enough away from the Flatirons.

Let's turn back.

We can't just leave him, Dozer.

We gotta... Whoa! Help him turn this off.

Garby, could you just like,
you know, stop?

You're taking the joy out of riding.

If I could stop, do you think
I would still be doing this?

-Oh, no!

Don't let him eat any more oolite!


Can't you aim those things?

I think that's a no.

That doesn't sound very good.

Uh... Perhaps we should go back.


Nothing out here
for Garby to destroy.

But I bet he could find something though.

We may not have much time.

-Why's that, Rev?
-What's that?

I know that sound!

Your brick just hit a Screwsquito nest!

Oh, no!

Look what you did now!

By accident.

Oh! Not sure that makes it better, dude.

Get 'em off!

I believe that the superchargers
inside of him will have to be removed.

Before it is too late.

For all of us.

Got it. Maybe a three pronged attack.

Yes, if Ace, Waldo and Click-Clack
go inside Garby

to remove those superchargers...

We can work on a platform
to raise Garby out of the way.

Like the one we used to save Washout.

But what about these things?

Dozer can distract them.

While Ton-Ton and I
Screwsquito-proof the build.

What are we waiting for?

Get me inside Garby right now!

You heard him, gang. Let's Trux it up!

I can't believe I'm doing this.

I can. Woohoo!

Dude, we got the smelly job.

I can think of a smellier one.

I think I made a huge mistake.

Uh. Guess we got our work cut out for us.

Watch me, Tools.


This is gonna be
more complicated than I thought.






We are ready for the supercharger.

Don't let Garby near that thing.

Don't worry about me.


All right, let's get Garby on it.

Never get used to that.

Look at that! It worked!

Good thing.

I don't know if I could
take another hit to the head.

And that is coming from me.

Uh, guys?

What now?

We've got company!

I guess their hoodoo isn't
the highest spot around here anymore.

So we lured 'em here? Great!




What is going on out there?

What was that?

You guys okay?

We're fine.

You and I differ on the definition
of the word "fine".

There's no getting away from these things!

You get all the superchargers?

Not all of them.
Garby's still got one left.

Garby, put that thing to good use.

I... I can do this.

You Trux can count on me.

Dudes, they got me. Help!

Thanks, Garby.

Yeah, thanks a lot.

I'll knock the scrap right out of them.

Rock expert?
I'm a knock expert.

-It seems that they want Garby's platform

for their nest,
as it is the new tallest point.

So let 'em have it.

Hey, I think I'm running a little low.

Empty stomach up here.

Let's keep him stocked.

Garby, open wide.


Nothin' but mouth.

This has to be in the top five
most disgusting adventures

we've gotten into.

Top three.

I think they've had just about enough.

Got him!

You wanna go? Let's go.

I didn't mean now.


Hold on. I'm coming.

Back off.

Hey! What are you doing?

Why is it always me?

They got Dozer!

Oh! This would be so cool,
if it wasn't so bad.

Hold on!

I can't get to you!

Garby, we need you.
Take those things down.

Some measly Scrapadactyls? Ha!

Not a problem.

Try this on for size.


What happened?

Last supercharger must have burned out.


Runnin' out of time here!

We gotta save him.

I can't get to him.

There's no ramps!
There's no ramps!

I can't do it.

I'm not a sharpshooter, I'm a rock expert.

That's right, a rock expert.

Uh, no, nope. Granite's too heavy.

Quartz is too light.

O-oh! That's perfect!

Ty, toss me that spicy ore over there.

Nothing gets my bricks
going farther than spicy ore.

It's like an all natural supercharger.

This was your plan?

Dozer, you all right?

I'll live.

Quick thinking, Garby.

Yeah, thanks, Garby.

I owe you one.

Actually, no, I think we're even.

Yeah, you know...

All in a day's work
for a rock expert.

I wonder what would happen
if I ate a bunch of superchargers.

Let's keep that one
a mystery, Ton-Ton.