Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 1, Episode 5 - Downshift - full transcript

When dozer overheats his engine he must learn to control his temper while the others and George take him to the mineral bath to heal him and d-strucs sees this as a perfect opportunity to beat the trux once and for all.

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You got it, Rev.

One more straight ahead,

and it's a big one.

Hey, that one's ours.

Slow down, Dozer.

Kind of hard
when I can't see where I'm going.

Don't worry about seeing.

Worry about driving!

Reverse! Reverse!

This is ridiculous.

Trucks weren't made
for catching superchargers.


That was awesome.


He got lucky.

All you have to do

is let 'em come to you, my wedged friend.

You're supposed to be catching 'em,

not giving 'em a second home.

Yes! Three more for us.

I'm not giving you points for those, Skya.

That's okay.

I'm still beating you.


Need some help, Dozer?


Okay, that was sort of helpful.

Are we done yet?

We've been out here all day.

Yes, we should have more than enough

to last for a while.

Great idea with the scrap, Rev.

We cannot have D-Structs
finding the supercharger crack.

And if we all roll single file...

There will be no tracks to follow.

How is it going back there, George?

Smooth rollin'.


Ton-Ton, would you cut that out?

Can't hear myself think.

Cut what out?

That! That racket.

Oh, sorry, dude.

Didn't even know I was doin' it.

It's more of a song than a racket, though.

Yeah, be quiet,

so Dozer can think about
how I can beat him

at supercharger catching again.

This is not my favorite day.

Ooh, look, a...


A super...

...charger parade.

I'll just follow their tracks

back to the source of the superchargers

and then I will be a hero and...

Now that's freaky.

What do you mean, there were no tracks?

I want those superchargers.

I don't know.

It's like they were driving

with their treads off the ground.

Or maybe it had something to do

with the weird piece of scrap

they were towing behind them.

Yeah, could've been that.

You do nothing but waste my time.



I will make a note

and waste less of it next time.

There won't be a next time.

I'll get those superchargers myself.

Almost home.


Can't wait to get into my mound

and forget this day ever happened.

Oh, you got to be kiddin' me!

Take cover, tools!

Incoming, Ty!

Those are mine!

Not until they stop being ours!

Skya, over here!

I'm open!

Ooh, so close, D-Structs.

I'm open!

Works for me!

Enough of this!

I'll get those superchargers
for you, D-Structs!


Maybe not.


Happy now, D-Structs?

It's just a matter of time

before I discover
where the superchargers are,

and when I do, it's over.

For all of you.

Well, at least
they don't have them anymore.

That's good, right?

Stay away from me.

Uh, maybe I'll give you

some time to calm down.

Time heals everything, right?


Don't tell me,

back to the supercharger crack?

I think we got something more important

to deal with first, Dozer.

Looks like you blew a gasket.

You mean D-Structs made me blow a gasket.

I hate it when someone
makes me blow a gasket.

I'm goin' in.

We can plug this leak,

but his temperature is spiking.

We need to replenish his coolant supply,
and fast.

This is all D-Structs' fault!

He busts my gasket, and thanks to him,

we don't have any superchargers
we spent all day catching!

Dozer, every time you get upset,

you overheat your engine.

You must calm down

and try to keep your engine cool.

I am calm!


Waldo, are you all right?

I am, but Dozer's not.

But his engine's gotten so hot,

one of his tread rotors has shut down.

What? It has not.

Told ya.

I know my rotors.

So what do I do for coolant?

Back when I was a hothead--

no offense, Dozer--

I found these special mineral baths

on the edge of the crater.

Saved my chassis.

We got to get Dozer into 'em.

Sounds like a plan.

Lead the way, George.

Whoa, hold up.

Now we're following George?

Across the crater?

I don't think so.

I don't think you have a choice.

You do not, Dozer.

And you must take extra care

to stay calm on the way.

With so much coolant loss,

you are unable
to regulate your temperature,

and your entire engine could blow.

What--what, blow?

Like blow up?

And I have to rely on George to save my--

Dozer, you got to chill.

This is really not my favorite day.

This sounds like just the kind of news

that will get me back
on D-Structs' good side.

Of course,
he doesn't really have a good side.

It's really more of a "less bad" side.


I told you to stay away from me.

Uh, wait!

I know how to get rid
of one of the Dinotrux!


What did you say?

I said...

...I know how to get rid
of one of the Dinotrux.

And less Dinotrux

means more superchargers for you, right?

All we got to do

is find some way to annoy Dozer.

Or someone.

Why am I not getting this?

Just get it done.

I didn't know you used to be a hothead,

I let my anger control me,

just like you do.

What are you talking about?

My anger does not control--

I mean...

I'm not like that at all.

You have to learn the art of downshift,

my friend.

It's what keeps me calm.


I--I just want to get fixed.

Now, is it this way or that way?

You know where you're goin', right?

Oh, sure. Yes.




You gonna do that the whole trip?

Do what?

I got this, Dozer.




Sorry, I was just trying

to take your mind off humming.

Was I humming again?

Sorry, Dozer-dude.

It's kind of like having the hiccups.

They're hum-cups!

It's okay.

Didn't bother me at all.

-Oh, sorry, Dozer.

Didn't realize I was doing it.

Ton-Ton wasn't kidding about that tune

getting stuck in your head.

I know, right?

Oh, so catchy.

I don't care if it's catchy!


Uh, I mean,

hum all you want.

I--I love that tune.


You know me and annoying humming.

I'll even hum with ya.


Uh, this is me humming,

humming it with ya.

I love...

I totally can't tell

if he's being serious or not.

Dozer, when little things like this

get you heated,

you got to just let 'em go.

Is this you telling me
to downshift again?

Now you're getting it.

If you say so.

George, how much further
are these mineral baths?

Oh, not far.

We're just takin' the scenic route.

Wait, wha--the scenic route?

That's right.

Thought it would help keep you cool.

Always important to take time

to smell the flowers.

Aren't those bunga bankai flowers?

But not those.

Wait, you--you took us on a scenic route

filled with stinky bunga bankai flowers?

Dozer, keep it cool.

Just... can't...

Must doze!

Dozer, no!

You got to be kidding me!

Towa constrictors!

Not creeped out at all

with these things slitherin' on me,

but can someone maybe get it off?

On it.

I think they like you.

There is nothing
to get upset about, Dozer.

They are completely harmless.

Completely harmless
and completely annoying!

But I am not annoyed.

Not annoyed at all!

Downshift, Dozer, downshift.

Thanks, George,

but I think one of these things

is wrapped around my downshifter!


I have an idea.


That tune again?

Ty, his temperature is spiking.

He must cool down.

Dozer, breathe.

Deep breaths! Deep breaths!

Don't panic!

Look, they're all leaving, okay?

Okay. I'm okay.

I feel better.

I--I sure hope there are no more
unexpected speed bumps

on this journey.

And that's my cue.


What are you doin' here?



Am I...

...bothering you?

Not... at... all!

Wait, Dozer. We'll handle this.


- On it, Ty.
- Hi-yah!

Look out below!

Got him.

What was that about?

It's like the universe

is conspiring against us.

More like D-Structs and Skrap-It.

Least you got rid of him.

I don't think I could've held it
together much--

What's that?

It almost sounds like...

The Tortools?

Wha--what are they doing out here?

Who's ready...

...for some entertainment?

Leave them alone!

It's dozin' time!

Wait. Dozer!

They're not real!

What the...

Made 'em myself.

Lifelike, aren't they?

Well, looks like my work here is done.

He's too hot.

Quickly! We must plug him up.

Click-Clack, to your left.

I can't m-make it.

I got it.

All the holes are plugged.

I was almost out of bits too.

Unfortunately, two more
of his tread rotors went out.

What? They did not.

All right, all right,
you know your rotors.

I--I can't believe this.

Three treads out, in danger of blowin' up,

all because of a little coolant?

The power of downshift

is now more important than ever,

my boiling hot friend.

Truth is, George,

I don't know how to downshift.

Just letting things go isn't my thing.

I solve my problems
by dozing 'em out of the way.

Don't worry, Dozer.

The downshift is in all of us.

You'll find it when you need it most.

Come on, we better keep moving

before Skrap-It shows up again.

I got you, Dozer.

I know, dude.

This is not one of your favorite days.


Now Dozer is down to only one tread,

which means Ty is almost down one Trux.

Which means only three more to go

before all the superchargers are mine.

I didn't have time to do the math.

Time for us to finish those Dinotrux

once and for all.

"Us." You said "us."

We're an "us" again.

Welcome to Mineral Valley, friends.

Hot springs up ahead

and cool, refreshing mineral baths

on the other side of that rock bridge.

The universe is definitely

in a playful mood today.

Now what?

Let's make a raft and--

Hmm, raft's out.

Hmm. Not float across,

but fly across.

And a platform hanging below...

That Dozer can power
with his last functioning tread.

To propel himself over the hot springs

to the mineral baths on the other side.


A Super Flying Trux Mover, so cool.

Can I go first?

I think the Trux who's about to blow up

should be the one to go first.

Way to bring down the vibe, Skya.

Come on, gang.

Let's Trux it up!

Dozer, due to the extreme heat
of the springs below,

it will be more imperative than ever

for you to stay calm.

That means no "dozin' time."

I know. I know.

You can do this, Dozer.

All you have to do

is find your inner downshift.

Hope you're right, George.


Here goes nothin'.

No! Downshift, Dozer!


We're back!

Look out!

Just get to those mineral baths, Dozer.

We'll handle him.

Then who's gonna handle me?


Don't think so, D-Structs.

But I do, Ty.

What's goin' on back there?

Don't worry about us, Dozer!

Just keep going!


Downshift, downshift.

Leave my dude alone!


I wonder if someone
will be able to intercept you.


No, downshift.


-Gotcha, Ty.
-Thanks, Skya.

Now let's get 'em!

You're almost there, Dozer.

Keep at it!

Huh? Where's that comin' from?

I just love this tune, don't you?

Focus, Dozer!

The only song you hear

is the song of your inner downshift!

The only song I hear

is the sound of my downshift.

The only song I hear

is the sound of my downshift.

Oh, boy.

I don't need superchargers

to defeat all of you.


Who's next?

You, Ty?

Or maybe one of you!

Come on.

You're all making this too easy for me.

It's dozin' time!

You're right, George,

those mineral baths were refreshing.

You're supposed to be gone.

What the...

Dude, look at Dozer go.

He is totally in the zone.

Sorry, D-Structs,

you might be able
to beat an angry Dozeratops...

But not one who's learned
the power of the downshift.


Please tell me we're still "us"!

Dozer, dude, that was epic!

Yeah, y-you're kind of like George now.

If George liked kicking D-Structs' tail.

Thanks for the help, George.

You were right,

this downshift thing ain't so bad.

I knew you had it in you,

my cooled-off friend.

Now you can be a chill frill,
just like me.

Let's not get crazy.


What? It's kind of catchy.