Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 1, Episode 3 - Diamond Bit - full transcript

After ty gets stuck in a web of thick shockarachnid wire, revit click-clack and Otto must search for the legendary diamond hex bit to cut him free but if revit cannot learn to trust his feelings ty might end up shockarachnid food.

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[theme music playing]

♪ Supercharged Dinotrux! ♪


♪ Super-charged Dinotrux! ♪

♪ Let' go! ♪

♪ Crush it ♪

♪ Smash it ♪

♪ Move it ♪

♪ Lift it ♪

♪ Crush it, smash it, move it, lift it ♪

-♪ Build it up! Dinotrux! ♪
-♪ Let's go! ♪

-♪ Going strong! Dinotrux! ♪
-♪ Let's go! ♪

♪ Supercharged! ♪

♪ Supercharged Dinotrux! ♪

-♪ Get it done! Dinotrux! ♪
-♪ Let's go! ♪



[Revvit] Quite a morning.

Raging rivers, Screwsquitoes,
bunga bankai flowers...

That angry dragonflopter...

I’m sorry I shot my bit at it.

I thought it was a Scrapadactyl.



[Click-Clack] I said I was sorry!

Um, not sure I belong in the dark forest.

At this moment, you do.

Skya requires help hauling up
that ore chunk from that crevice.

And by "help",
Revvit means towaconstrictors.

Why am I the only one
they like talking to?

-[gasps] It’s a blessing and a curse!

[Click-Clack screaming]

Nice work, Click-Clack!

Now just bring them back this way!
[gasps] Whoa!

[Revvit screams]

[Ty groaning]

Ty! Are you okay?

Yeah. Just hanging out.

Oh, my. A Shockarachnid web.

[grunting with effort]

Do not struggle.


The web is magnetic. It will only tighten.

Now you tell me.

[grunting with effort]


This wire is unusually thick

and its magnetic field is preventing
sharp contact with my bits.

Can you sever it with your jaws?

[grunting with effort, sighs]

Hope this answers your question.

Hmm. There has to be a way
to cut through the wire.

-[George] No. We’re stuck here, friends.
-[both] George?

But aren’t we all just stuck
in the tangled webs we weave?

-Not really.
-Never felt that way.

Wait till you hear
what just happened to me. [exclaims]

Never mind. Your story is probably better.

Let’s find a way to cut this wire
before the Shockarachnids drop in.

Indeed. Time for reinforcements.

[motor whirring]

Yeah, Dozer! Awesome job!

Really? I did it?

What are you talking about, Ton-Ton?

I didn’t cut the wire!

I know, but you are great
at jackhammering.


If we can’t cut it, maybe we can untie it.

My specialty.

Give me some room.

-[grunting with effort]
-[metal creaks]

[Ty] Worth a shot, Skya.

[laughs] It was worth it, all right.

Not another word.

I have tried everything.

-Drill bits?

-Saw bits?

-Edge bits?

-A super-duper slicer-dicer bit?
-Those do not exist!

You should invent one, dude.


Perhaps there is a sharper bit
at the Ravine.

[Click-Clack] Anything to get away
from here!

I’ll take you tools! Hop in!

[Click-Clack panting]

[Revvit] No! No! No!

Tell me you are having
better luck, Click-Clack!

I found the magnetic bits.

[sighs] I do not know what to do.

The Shockarachnids will come.
Ty will still be stuck,

and there is no bit sharp enough
to cut him loose!

Hoo-hoo! But there is!

You need the Legendary
Diamond Hex Bit of Antiquity.

Hey! I used to hear stories
about that bit when I was little.

As did we all.

Thank you, Otto, but we are in a hurry,

and we do not know if that bit is real.


It is real!

And it can cut through anything.

Even Shockarachnid wire?
Thick Shockarachnid wire?


That's it. If this diamond bit exists,

where would we find it?

In time, the answer will reveal itself.

And that time is now.

Behold! My most treasured possession.

A guidestone that leads to

-The Legendary Diamond Bit of--
-Of Antiquity, yes.

But why have you
not followed this yourself?

I will tell you. Come close.



Too close!
I have personal space, you know.

Please. Just tell me.

I had a feeling
I was not ready to find it,

but that someday, I would receive a sign.

You are that sign.

We will find it together!

I always wanted
to see that bit for myself.

Let’s go for it, Revvit.

I believe it is our only choice.

But beware.

This guidestone will lead to
an Ancient Ravine of unspeakable dangers!

On second thought, maybe the Trux need me.

No, Click-Clack.

I could use a fellow rotillian
on this journey.

I cannot believe I am saying this,

but it may be our only hope.

To the Legendary Diamond Hex Bit!

Of Antiquity!

Diamond Bit, huh?

Well, that’s what Rev-dude said.

If anybody can find
a diamond bit, it’s Revvit.

Yeah, but how much you wanna bet
I can get you down right now?

-I wouldn’t.

Not a good idea.

[Ton-Ton] Woo-hoo!


-Okay, who saw that coming?

-I did.

I see everything.

[groans] That means I have to fight
more Shockarachnids.


I can handle ‘em if you’re too tired.

Not in the mood for banter, Skya.

Hurry back, Rev-dude.

According to the map, the Ancient Ravine
should be just up here.

What exactly is the Ancient Ravine?

Long ago, Otto discovered
the Diamond Hex Bit,

and [hoots] did he become
obsessed with it!

He carved a ravine to store it,

and built booby traps to protect it.

Uh, booby traps?

Crude devices that we can outwit.

Assuming there is a Ravine.

Because all I see is a wall.

Look closer.


-[Otto] Too close!




Cool, a secret entrance!

How’d you figure that out?

I did not "figure" anything.

I only felt.

That is kaflurtihoodigen.

Wait, why am I nodding?
I have no idea what that means.

Roughly translated,
"Trust not what you think,

but what you feel."

It is a nice sentiment,
but I prefer a more logical approach.

Trusting what I can see.

And I see an entrance.

This way.


He is going to have
to learn kaflurtihoodigen big time,

you know what I'm saying?

Ha-ha. Yeah, I’m all about the kaflurta...
Hooda... Whatchamacallit.

-[shrieking in distance]

Usually the scared kind.

-[Click-Clack gasps]
-[Revvit] The Ancient Ravine.

It is real.

[exclaims] Yeah. A little too real.

Uh, Revvit. Why is the floor moving?

The floor is not moving, Click-Clack.
It is just a trick of the...

It is moving!


[Click-Clack] Gearwigs!

Why does it always have to be Gearwigs?

-[Gearwig screeches]
-Hoo-hoo! Very dangerous!

You go first.

Oh. Wait, I remember.

The Gearwigs hate it when I do this.



I said, the Gearwigs hate it
when I do this!


Perhaps they are a different breed.

Eh. Can’t win 'em all.


The guidestone! It has the answers!

[Revvit] Hmm.

This etching indicates we must cast
a line over the Gearwigs.

I do not think so.

It is the only logical interpretation.

Again with logic,
but not kaflurtihoodigen!

I trust my feelings. They say to wait.


I am afraid we do not have time to wait.


And nor does Ty.

[grunting with effort]

[Gearwigs screeching]

The only logical next step
is to move forward.

-After you.

You can do this, Click-Clack.
One foot in front of the other.

[Click-Clack whimpering]



[gasping, screaming]

-[Click-Clack screaming]

Got a hop-on here!

Not for long!

[Click-Clack continues screaming]


This is intolerable!

[all screaming]

[grunts, groans]

Well, that’ll throw some pizzazz
into my next few nightmares.

[door opening]


Should have waited, ja?


No signs of those zappers.

For now, anyway.

Don’t worry, if that diamond bit exists,
Rev’ll have it here in no time.

And if it doesn’t exist?

Do any of us really exist?


That is deep.

I don’t get it.

-[sighs, gasps]
-[Shockarachnid screeching]

Skya! Don’t move.

-[stammers] Okay!
-Don’t move...

[screaming, grunting]

Thanks, Dozer.

Those things kinda freak me out.

I got your back.

I’d get yours but something beat me to it.

What do you mean something... [screams]

[Skya grunts]

[electrical buzzing]


I hope the Diamond Bit is in fact here.

It is. I can feel it.

From the bottom of my burgumpen
to the top of my schlippendorft!

Your "schlippendorft" may also appreciate
thinking logically.

But there is more to life than logic, ja?

Yeah, there’s also terror,
fright, hysteria...

Huh. And my favorite
for times like these, dread.

Which way?

This one.

Why would we go the long way?

It is faster.

[Revvit] Assuming these renderings
are to scale,

the curvy path is at least
three-point-two times longer

than the straighter one.

But the longer way is shorter.

That makes no sense.

So it is with kaflurtihoodigen.

As compelling as that argument is,

we are short on time.

I suggest we take the shorter path.

You see? This route is shorter,
more direct-- [gasps]


And full of Slamtools.

Know what I’m feeling?

[shouts] Run!

This was the logical way?

Can we talk about this later?

[Skya and Dozer grunting]


[Ty] Ha. Nice.

It's what I’m here for, dude.

Let me repay the favor! [grunts]

Sweet move.

Just one question. Can we keep this up?

And for how long? Agh!

Shoot! That was two questions.

Guys! We got to do something
to hold these things off.

I’m open to ideas!



Second that!

[groans] Too bad we can’t use
their wire against them.

Hmm. Or it’s exactly
like we could do that.

Really? [chuckles] Dude.

I came up with an idea.

This is huge!

Let’s do this!

[theme music playing]

[both grunting]

[screaming annoyingly]

[electrical buzzing]

[Ton-Ton] It’s working, dudes!

I’m on a roll!

[sighs] We did our part.
Now it’s up to Revvit to do his.

If I know my buddy, he’s halfway back
with the Diamond Bit right now.


[grunts, sighs]

You could not possibly have known
this route was longer.

Of course not. But I--

You had a feeling.

Anybody got an escape plan?

Ja, that is right.

Now how did you know
I was going to say that?

Because you had a feeling.

-Can anybody wiggle loose?

Because you have said that phrase
eleven times today.

Anybody listening to me at all?

In time, you will learn kaflurtihoodigen!

Hmm. How can feelings trump thinking?

Click-Clack, what do you...


Your friend is very brave.

He is. But he does not know it.

[Click-Clack] What do they want?
We don’t have any ore!

I suspect they do not like us
in their camp!

Oh. Easy fix. We get out of their camp!


Grab the guidestone, Click-Clack!
I will cover you!

Come on!

I’m afraid to look!
Have they stopped chasing us?

[gasps] Never mind that now.

And run faster!

[laughs] We are too fast for them!

Hoo! I do not think so.

Another feeling?

Not exactly. Look.

Wow. And by wow, I mean creepy.

Interesting. This must have been
some sort of ceremonial room.

Now I have a feeling that...



A feeling you are wrong!

[all gasping]

[bits whizzing]

-I hate shooting bits!
-[Otto hooting]

[Revvit] Duck!




Likely a catapult system.


Crude, but effective.

You are very good at thinking.

Feeling? Room for improvement.

[sighs in exasperation]

[all gasp]

[Click-Clack] There it is!


The Legendary Diamond Bit of Antiquity.

I do not believe it!

But I do.

I have always believed!

We have to hurry.
There is nothing to fear now.

Uh, that’s what scares me.


You have a feeling, do you not?

A feeling that says something is not
quite right with this room.

I do not want to believe in...

Ty is in trouble! We do not have time!


That doesn’t sound good.

And that does not look good.

This is distressing.

[Shockarachnid screeching]

[both grunting]

-[loud thud in distance]
-Wait, something big’s coming our way...

And I don’t think I’m gonna like it.

Oh. Dude, think happy thoughts!

What if it’s a giant, super-friendly trux?

[footsteps thudding]

The giant part was right.

[electrical buzzing, screeching]

Now we know why the web’s so strong.

It came out of that thing!


We’re gonna need a bigger wire.

Of all my worst nightmares,
this is in my top five!

[screams] Okay, top three!

[continues screaming]

By the sounds of it, the ceiling
is operated by a rudimentary gear system.

If we could find it, we could jam it.

Hold still. I am trying
to read the guidestone.

You hold still! I’m panicking!

[Otto] Hmm.

One of the socket holes jams the gears
and stops the ceiling.

The other two, make it come down faster.


But, the Diamond Bit
fits into all of them.

It is impossible to figure out
which is the right hole.

Exactly. Which is why you must choose
the one that feels right.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!

Which one feels right? How do I...

Okay, fine. Now this is officially
my worst nightmare!

Just as your friend
is more brave than he thinks,

you have more kaflurtihoodigen
than you think.

Come on, Revvit! Kaflurti-ti- somethinagen!

It’s getting closer.

What feels right?

[Otto] Closer!

What feels right?

-Too close!

[Revvit] This one!


You did it, Revvit!

Ja! You chose wisely.

[all laugh]


[Dozer grunting]

-[roars angrily]

It’s dozin’ time!

-[Dozer groaning]

It’s retreatin’ time!


Now it’s dozin’ time!

Nice teamwork!

Ha! You beat it!


[both grunting]

Nope. Just made it mad.

Now’d be a great time to show up
with that bit, Revvit.

My thoughts exactly.


[Shockarachnid screeching]

So that is why this wire is so thick.

-It originated from an unusually--
-Just cut the wire!

[Skya grunting]

[screaming in panic, groaning]

[screeching, electrical buzzing]

-[Dozer grunts]


Whoa! Cool.


Hey, fang face! I’m back

[roars loudly]





[screams annoyingly]

-Go on. Get. Get off!
-[Ton-Ton grunts]

[Skya screams]

This thing likes webs?

[electrical buzzing]

We’ll give it a web!


[Ton-Ton exclaims]

[grunting with effort]

[all grunting]


-Did it!
-[Shockarachnid screeches]

Nice work getting that diamond bit.

It was not easy.

But it was illuminating.

I shall always remember our adventure.

And I will remember to trust my feelings.

Here. This belongs to you.


You would give me
the Legendary Diamond Hex Bit?

Of Antiquity.




That’s some next level stuff, right there.

Thanks for coming through for us, Rev.

I had a feeling
everything would turn out okay.

Call it "kaflurtihoodigen."

[theme music playing]