Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 1, Episode 2 - Super Scraptors - full transcript

D-strucs sends scrap-it to steal the superchargers from the dinotrux but a little mishap along the way drops the superchargers on to a bunch of scraptors and they cause supercharged chaos across the crater.

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Going strong! Dinotrux!


Comin' through!

-Dust devil?

Pteracopter comin' in low.

Are we not all missing
the obvious answer here?

Supercharged Ton-Ton!

Whoo! Mornin'. Dudes!

Ton-Ton, where did you acquire
all of this scrap?

Scraptor Valley, where else?

Wait, you went on a supply run
to Scraptor Valley?

Sure, dude.
I'm not afraid of stuff I can outrun.

And when I'm supercharged,
I can outrun anything!

Ace must've installed
a fresh supercharger this morning.

Somebody better talk to her about that.

And to him.

You'll have to catch him first.

Hey, Ton-Ton? Yeah, Ton-Ton?

You think it's time
for some supercharged scrubbin'?

Super idea, dude.

Scrubbin'. I love scrubbin'.

And don't forget
some supercharged ore-in'.

And maybe even some supercharged nappin'.


And I've always wanted to try
supercharged moundin'!

Ton-Ton, don't you dare!

Sorry, Dozer-dude. I can't help myself,

-this is just too awesome!

Gotta give it to him,

he's found an even faster way
to rev Dozer's engine.

I just hope our builds hold together
longer than Dozer.

Not likely!

Hey, Ton-Ton, how about you burn off
some of that energy on the racetrack?

The racetrack? Awesome idea, Ty.
I bet I could go real fast there.

See that? Problem sol--


Least he's headin' out of the Flatirons.

Maybe he'll do damage
somewhere else for a while.

This is good ore.
Maybe a little splintier than usual.

You're eating wood.

This is good wood.

I wanna try some good wood.

Them, right?

Don't lump me in with you.

I don't think
this wood's agreeing with me.

Why are you all
making so much noise out here?

It's not us, D-Structs.
It's... Dust? Well, that can't be right.


Don't mind me, Dude-Structs.

Always wanted to ramp your pad.

What kind of wood did he eat this morning?

He's been supercharged.


But we...
You burned their superchargers out.

I thought they were rare.

If the Trux found more superchargers,

I want one. Go.

We'll take care of it, D-Structs.

Yeah, we won't let you down.

Wait, he told me to go, not all of you!

Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!


I'm gettin' tired
watching him not get tired.

Don't worry, I'm sure his supercharger
will burn out soon.



-No, Ton-Ton!
-No, Ton-ton.


And then Ace'll install another one.

Somebody really better talk to her
about that.

Oh, yeah.

Accidental half-pipe. Sweet!

Sweet! Sweet! Sweet!

Now I'm gettin' dizzy
watching him not get tired.

I wonder how long it would take him
to get tired doing that.

-Longer than those rocks'll last.

but what if we could build something
that would last?

Something stronger, and more contained?

Where he can zoom around all he wants
in a safe and secure space.

And not damage any of our builds,
or himself.

Boom! Hey, Ton-Ton,

come on over here, and check out...

My new Super Awesome Ton-Ton Ball.
I love it, dudes!

Do we really have to call it that?

Would you prefer
spherical Ankylodump exertion chamber?

Super Awesome Ton-Ton Ball it is.

Then what are we waiting for?
Let's Trux it up!


They're Truxxing it up.

Why is that great?

D-Structs hates it when they Trux it up.

Which means we hate it, too.

I don't mind it.

Because it'll give us a chance
to find their superchargers?

Great. They're Truxxing it up.

It's like we're a different species.

What's a supercharger look like?

I think it looks like a regular charger,
only super.

What's a regular charger look like?

I think it looks like a super charger,
only regular.

You'll know it when you see it.
Look over there!

-Can I ask you a very important question?
-What is it?

What's a supercharger look like?

Like that.

D-Structs only asked for one.

But we found a lot more than one.

Yeah, he's gonna love me
for finding all these.

You? He's gonna love me.

No, me.

Nice try.

But I'm the one who found 'em,

so he's gonna love me...

Scraptor Valley.

Uh-oh, again.

Just one of those days, I guess.

Ton-Ton Ball! Super Awesome Ton-Ton Ball!

Ton-Ton, can't you wait
until it's done first?

Wait, it's not done?

So it's gonna be
even more super and awesomer!

Perhaps we should fortify the design.

A few more large pieces of sloped scrap
should do it.

First thing in the morning.

Morning? No way, dudes, I got this.

I saw tons more scrap like that
in Scraptor Valley.

You wanna go back there? Now?

Told you,
I'm not afraid of stuff I can outrun.

Besides, those things
don't scrap at night anyway.

I'll be back before you can say...

I really wanted to know what to say.

Ton-Ton Ball. Super Awesome Ton-Ton Ball.

Scrap me, dude. Don't mind if I do, dude.

I love being supercharged.

What are you guys doing up?

Why are you all looking at me like that?

And why are you all glowing
like you're supercharged?

Sorry I asked!

Bad move, dudes.
Bet you've never been super-flung before.

You were supposed to all
fly-off just then.

Trust me,
that hurt me a lot more than it hurt you.

But didn't it hurt you at all?

Sorry dudes, gotta cut this party short.

No! Leave me alone!

Okay, that was a total accident
but I'll take it.

I'll take anything!

Thanks for talking to Ace
about the superchargers, Rev.

I did not speak to her.

You didn't?

Well, then who moved our supply
out of the garage?

Maybe Ton-Ton knows.

Good. I was starting to get
a bit concerned.

Drive for your lives!

And perhaps concern
was the correct instinct.

Ton-Ton, what is it? What's wrong?

Nothing, it's just that the world I knew
when I woke up this morning

doesn't exist anymore.

No big deal!

Well, that explains it. Sort of.

Ton-Ton, just slow down for a moment,
and tell us what happened

I can't slow down, dude.

If I slow down, they'll get me.

What will get you, Ton-Ton?

The Scraptors. Supercharged Scraptors.

I can still feel 'em crawling on my bed!

Get off me, super Scraptor!

If a live supercharger
latched on to their internal systems,

they could be supercharged.

But the superchargers are all the way
across the crater from Scraptor Valley.

It doesn't make sense, Rev.

Who cares if it doesn't make sense?

Don't you get it?
I can't outrun super Scraptors.

And if I can't outrun 'em,
I gotta be afraid of 'em.

And if I gotta be afraid of 'em,
I can't live in the crater anymore.

Why are we not all moving
to a different crater right now.

I'll go pack my rock blanket.

Okay, all packed.

Ton-Ton, I know you are scared,
but you cannot always outrun your fears.

As I learned with the Rolladons,
sometimes you must deal with them head on.


Are you crazy?

You can't deal with super Scraptors
head on!

Not if you want to keep your head on!

You're safe here, Ton-Ton, okay?

Even if they are supercharged,

there's no reason these Scraptors
would come all the way to the Flatirons.

You really think so, Ty?

I know so. Now come on,
you've been running hot all day,

try and cool down
for the rest of the night,

and we'll finish your "Super Awesome
Ton-Ton Ball" first thing tomorrow.

Oh. Okay, cool down. I'll try.

Super Awesome Ton-Ton Ball...

You think he'll be okay?

Okay enough.

What I want to know is,
how these Scraptors got supercharged?

Yes, and if it has anything to do
with our missing supply.

What do you mean he lost them?

I mean he had 'em.

And then he didn't.

He knows what the word "lost" means.

He wants to know how he lost 'em.

I didn't lose anything.

You asked for a supercharger,

Skrap-It gets you a supercharger.

Let me just get it installed for ya.

Oh, no!

Lloyd has tripped me,

and I have dropped
the supercharger I got for you.

You see, this is all their fault!

Okay, you got me.
That was a lightning bitbug painted blue.

But it wasn't my fault.

Really. I found superchargers for you,
more than you could ever imagine,

but then

those things got 'em.

I'll be over here if you need me.

Regular D-Structs
trumps supercharged Scraptor.


-We'll address your failure later.
-Later works for me.

As for now,
if that thing followed you here,

I wonder if it would follow you
somewhere else.

What was that?

Must be hearin' things.

Definitely not just hearin' things.

Who's out there?

Come on, show yourself.

Or you could just stay hidden,
that's really up to you.

I totally knew
those things would find me here.

Wait, I should be running.

Dozer-dude, you gotta help me.

You're not Dozer.

Ty, Skya, Revvit,

your best pal Ton-Ton needs help out here.

Why isn't anyone
who they're supposed to be today!

They're everywhere.

Wait, where am I?

It was just a dream,

a super bogus dream.

But I am not lettin' it
become a super bogus reality.

Dudes, wake up!

And the dudes I'm lookin' for
better be the ones to come out.

Ton-Ton, what's goin' on?

They're coming, dude. They're all coming.

Don't tell me,

-super Scraptors again?
-Ton-Ton, I told you,

if those things really are out there,

there's no reason for them to come
all the way to the Flatirons, okay?

I might be able to think of a reason.

Don't mind me, just makin' a delivery.

A super special delivery.

See, I told ya, super Scraptors!

Guess now we know
how the Scraptors got supercharged.

And what happened to our supply.

Believe me now, Dozer?

-I'd believe anything now!
-I thought I hated desert Scraptors,

and arctic Scraptors, but I really hate
super Scraptors the most!

We gotta get outta here.

We can't beat 'em, dudes!

We're not going anywhere.

We've just gotta find a way
to tire 'em out,

and blow their superchargers!

And I know just how to do it.

Ty, this is no time
for my Super Awesome Ton-Ton Ball.

Yes it is,

but not for us, for them.

Exactly, Rev. This might be just the thing
to tire those Scraptors out.

So what are we waiting for?

Let's Trux it up.

Wait! We're really Truxxing it up

with super Scraptors around?

Got any better ideas?

Really wish I did, dude.

Okay, let's trux it up already!

Thanks, didn't even see that one.


How you doin' up there, Rev?

Not optimal build conditions
but I will work with it.

-Can't you stand still, Ton-Ton?

Boom! Did it.

Time to tire these things out.

-Hey Scraptors, follow--
-Ty, look out!

My Ton-Ton ball!

Someone's gotta go after that thing.

On it, Ty.

I think you mean on you.

And on me too.

Guess it's on me, dudes.

Good thing I'm still supercharged.

Super Awesome Ton-Ton Ball,

wait for me.

Gotcha, dude. Now come on, let's go.

Super Awesome Ton-Ton Ball to the rescue.

Close the door, and I'm safe and...

You weren't supposed to follow me.

I really wish
this was just another bogus dream.

Now that's just bogus timing.

Dude! This is not super awesome!

Or maybe it is.

It's working!


Can't catch me!

Not so super anymore, are ya?

And stay out!

But I think I'll stay in.

I hate to say it...

Then I will. I'm beat.

Just because I hate to say it
doesn't mean I wasn't gonna.

-Just hang in there, stand your ground?

Super Awesome Ton-Ton ball
to the rescue again, dudes.

Take that!

And that! And maybe a little bit of this!

Ton-Ton, you did it!

Rev-dude was right.

You can't always outrun your fears,

sometimes you gotta deal with 'em head on.

Or Super Awesome Ton-Ton Ball on.

Now if anyone needs me,
I'll be in here for a rest.

Finally tired himself out.

I mean for the rest of the day.


Is it me, or are we right back
to where we started?

Yeah, probably shouldn't have let him
call it a "Super Awesome Ton-Ton Ball"

after all.

Come on, let's at least try
to get that thing back on the stand.

My beautiful, Super Awesome Ton-Ton Ball.

My beautiful, Super Awesome Ton-Ton Ball.