Dinotrux Supercharged (2017–2018): Season 1, Episode 1 - Superchargers - full transcript

With the increasing number of storms in the crater ty and the others decide to build a light tower to help trux find their way in the storms but the task proves to difficult for them until they find a large nest of powerful superchargers

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Oh, no!

Oh! The T-­Trux!

Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah, that's the spot.


Home sweet home.

Well, time for breakfast.



Huh? Whoa!

That's not good.

Run for your lives!

Go, go, go, run!


-­There you go, little guy.

-Go, go!
-Faster, faster, keep going!

Run, run! Go, go!

My home.

Anyone out there?

Don't worry,
we got ya!

Almost there.

Hey! Where are you headed?

Where's all the ore?


A T-­Trux!
Let's get out of here.



Look out!




Uh, I think you forgot something.

-­Yeah, you.

-Come on. Eat up.
-Is this some kind of trick?

Hey, if I wanted to crush you,
I'd have done it by now.


That's encouraging.

I apologize. I have never
had a conversation with a Dinotrux before.

Me neither.

I mean, with a Reptool.

-You surprise me.

Hey! You're back.
And you brought a friend.

-It is a bolt.
-­I see that.

I can use it
to fix your broken tread.

You're offering to help me?

Reptools are naturally adapted to solve
complex mechanical problems.

Let's see what you got.

Well? Hm?


Please, feel free to test it.


This feels great, little tool.

I prefer not to be called "little tool,"
but you are welcome.

I am Revvit.

Ty Rux. But you can call me Ty.

- You do this a lot?
- Fix Dinotrux?

No. Never.

It is unheard of.

So, here's to firsts.


To firsts.

You know, you're pretty brave.

Whole herds of Dinotrux run from me
but not you.

I took a calculated risk.

Huh! Given how little you are,
that sure was a crazy risk.

Well, actually,
I find that being small...

can be an advantage.

Combined with speed...
balance... intelligence...

How's that intelligence
working for you now?


You were saying?

You've got quite a dent up here.

Yeah, it was an accident.

Bet you wish
it was an acci-­don't.

So what are you doing here?

I got caught in a volcano.

Destroyed my whole valley.

I was lucky to escape.

I am sorry to hear that.

If your valley was destroyed,
where will you live now?

Well, what's wrong
with staying right here?

Lots of ore, plenty of water,

no rivers of burning lava.

Seems perfect.

You would think,
but you'd be wrong.

Uh, who's that?

The reason you'd be wrong.

Well, if you'll excuse me.

Hey, where are you going?
I got this!

No, I do not think that you got this.

Hey, T-­Trux!
This crater your territory?

It's nice.
If it's all right with you,

I thought I might stick around
for a while.

Okay, I guess not.

Out of my crater, T-­Trux.

I get it, I get it.

It's always one territory,
one T-­Trux.

But there's plenty of ore
for both of us to share.

-­For everyone.
-I don't share.

Yeah, I'm getting that.

All right.
I didn't want to have to do this,

but here comes the thunder!

Is that the best you've got?

Ty, look out for his tail!

Thanks, Rev! Glad you were there!

If you're still here
when I come back,

I'll turn you into scrap.

Enjoying the view?

I would have enjoyed it more
if you'd kicked his tail.

Could've used a little help.

That's for sure.

Well, I picked up a few more dents,

but at least my tread still works.

Guess I'll roll on down the road.

See you. It was interesting.

Hm. It was interesting.

Huh. Huh.

You know what?

I'm not going anywhere.


But you will have to fight D-­Structs
every single day.

And as we just saw,
you cannot beat him.

Maybe not,

but this little repair of yours
gave me an idea.

I think it will take more than a bolt
to fix what D-­Structs will do to you.

Rev, I'm talking big picture!

You, me, the other Dinotrux here,

working together
to stand our ground against that bully.

You think that Dinotrux and Reptools
can work together?

Hey, I'm a surprising guy.

That's not surprising, it's insane!

Dinotrux don't work with each other,
let alone Reptools.

Oh, yeah?
When I was in the desert,

I saw two Craneosaurs actually
risk their lives to save another one.

They're in the same herd!

Different species
don't work with each other.

You did, you fixed my tread.

I was repaying you for the ore.

And don't you think everybody would like
to enjoy all this ore in peace?

If we work together,
it could happen.

I believe you may be right.

Yes! Tail bump.

Ah, come on.
You know you want to.

You are the most unusual T-­Trux
I have ever met.

We'll work on that.
Now, let's go recruit the others!


Let's try the Ankylodumps.

A word of caution.

You are an enormously scary T-­Trux.

Be polite and patient.

I got it.

Excuse me!



Uh, huh. Ow!

Okay, let's talk to the crazy one.

Yes, at least you'll have
some common ground.

Hey, there!

Dude, you've got a Reptool on your head.

Name's Ty! I want to talk to you
about teaming up against D-­Structs.

Are you kidding? I'm not messing
with that dude.

I know it sounds crazy,
but it could be an effective plan.

Dude, the Reptool's talking to me now.

Dude, the Reptool has a name.

It's Revvit.
We're partners on this.

A T-­Trux and a Reptool? No way.

How would you like to get more ore
with less D-­Structs?

Yeah, right.


D'oh! Wait, this is just a trick.

Stay back!

Wait! Don't!

Ty, duck!

You think about it,
and we'll come back later.

Hold on.

A T-­Trux and a Reptool
are working together

to take the crater
from D-­Structs?

You got it.

We believe there is more than
a reasonable chance of success.

Dinotrux can't work together.

But, Skya, what if they could?

Wouldn't it be nice to not have to hide
your ore on top of cliffs all the time?

-Uh, how did you know?
-Believe it or not,

you're not the first Craneosaur
I've ever seen.

Hey, that's not D-­Structs.

Now there's second one?

Let's see if we can scare him off.

You know what? I'll give it a shot.

But you're gonna have
a lot harder time convincing him.

Him? Him who?

Get out of here!

Hey! What's going on?

-­You need some help with that?
-­I got this!

Come on, back off!
I'm just here to talk.

I don't talk, I do!


Well, go do it somewhere else.
I don't want to fight.

One T-­Trux is bad enough.

We don't need two.

The two of you will end up
destroying this crater.

Hey! Would you just listen?

That is tar. This is really bad.

If I get out of here, you're parts!

And I mean tiny parts!

-This is not the way to make friends.
-It was an accident!

Are you talking to a Reptool?
You're crazy!


I don't think smashing things
is gonna solve anything.

I'm trying to save him.

You seem busy.
Perhaps I'll just get off here.

Or I could wait!

It's not working.

Skya! Can you reach him
with your hook?

He's too far out!

Hey, what's that T-­Trux doing?

Believe it or not,
he's trying to save the Dozeratops.

Whoa! Never seen a T-­Trux
do anything like that.

Of course, I've never seen one
work with a Reptool either.

You know, on second thought,
I could use a tread out of here!

We're running out of time.

-We need to build some way out.
-But it can't sink.

-What if the rocks were on something?
-Like posts! That's what I was thinking.

Nice. But we should use trees there,
unless they'll sink, too.

- Not if we drive them into the tar.
- Hello? Remember me?

Trux in the tar here.

-Just a sec! We're making a plan!
-Plan faster!

If we move this piling here
and that extension there, it will work.

I can get the trees, but I'm not
tall enough to drive them down.

-I am.

-What about the rocks?
-I can hook you up. Hey, Ankylodump!


Call me Ton-Ton.

-We need your help, Ton-Ton.
-Does it involve crashing?

-Oh, yeah.
-Dudes, I'm in!

Then let's do this!

Uh! Took you long enough.

Uh... I could put you back in.

-­Dudes, you're losing it!
-­He's too heavy.

Skya! We need your hook!

-Boom! Did it!



You saved my treads, T-­Trux.
Name's Dozer.

You're still here?

Why? Were you missing me?

I warned you.

It doesn't have to be
like this, D-­Structs.

-There's plenty of ore for everyone.
-I told you.

I don't share!

Well, I'm not going anywhere.

-­Neither am I.
-­Me neither.

-That's good enough for me.
-Dudes, I'm always ready for action.

It's over, D-­Structs.

I may not be as big as you
or as fierce,

but I've got something you don't.


And you can't take us all.

For now.

- ­He's gone.
- ­He'll be back.

But we'll be waiting.

You gotta hand it to him, though,
that exit was pretty cool.


-That's embarrassing.
-Not to worry.

I know a great repair guy.

Look at what we did.

I've dozed a lot of stuff in my time
but nothin' that looks that good.

-Couldn't have done that by myself.

with a little angle
that could be an awesome ramp.

Just imagine the things
we could build together, Ty.

Now you've got the big picture, Rev.
Tail bump!

Now, let's eat.

No worries, dudes!
Ore's on me tonight.

- ­In!
- ­ In!

Aw, dudes, isn't this awesome?

Having fun with your friends,
going to get food.

Come on, guys, let's get excited!