Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 13, Episode 10 - It's a Griivarr World After All - full transcript

The Gunner Channel slaps and kisses their way through Han Ober and Uncle B.O.B's Fantanimalland.

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(dramatic music)

- Hello, hello.

Welcome back to another thrilling episode

of Dimension 20: A Starstruck Odyssey.

I'm your humble dungeon
master Brennan Lee Mulligan,

with me, as always, are
our intrepid heroes.

Say hi, intrepid heroes.

- [All] Hi, intrepid heroes.

- Last we left off the Gunner Channel,

had hopped aboard the
Wurst and did their best

to get the hell outta dodge.

Or in this case, Baustin.

We took to the stars,

we started in the marketplace,

got to the skiffs, grabbed all our gear,

jumped aboard the Wurst, fought
squadrons of brigade Tigers

as an orbital laser zap the
desert sands to either side,

hit hyper speed and got outta here,

headed for the Griivarr worlds,

which is exactly where
we find ourselves now.

(zooming sound effect)

Moving through faster than light travel,

engaging the tachyon drive,

the krystal reactor core humming

with borinyum krystal power.

All of you have a few marbecs.

Even going faster than the speed of light,

it will take you some amount of time

to get all the way to the core worlds.

Is there anything that you all
want to do aboard the Wurst?

You leave Baustin here with
Aurora Nebbins on board,

a newfound population
of big horn tortoises.

- Population?

- Population, yeah.

- They been going at it.
- So many of them.

- Small civilizations.

- You don't hear 'em in the vents?

- I tried to--
- Wait.

Can I please try to see, as we leave...

Can I do a perception
check for Loose Duke?

- Give me an invest--

- Can I give her the help action?

- Yes, psychically scan the ship? Okay.

- I mean, I rolled really well,

but I'm never gonna trust
it until it's a crit.

So I mean, I got--
- Is he on here?

- I got 21.

- 21?

- Don't do that exact thing!

To your knowledge, Loose
Duke is not on the ship.

- He's on the ship, I know it.

I feel it in my heart.

- Do we have more, space junk...
- Drive. My hard drive.

- Like material?

- Well, I have repairs to make
to the slug pistol you got,

the friction gloves I have.

- Yes, we would love to take a nap.

- Yeah, I actually have, I
want to try to start working

on Servo Sam, but I feel a
little intimidated by that.

So I think I'm gonna, as my first project,

take the broken rocket boots
I found and try to make 'em

for Riva's drone.

Try and fix them for Riva's drone.

- Ooh, the rocket boots for
Riva's drone, incredible.

- Can I ask everybody here a question?

What is the worst thing

that Norman "Skip" Takamori did to you?

- Mostly verbal abuse.

- It was a lot of verbal abuse.

- Yeah, he really hated clones.

- And droids.

- A lot of throwing things.

Not necessarily at another person,

but in a way that like made you think

it might be, in the future?
- Interesting.

- And being a small little egghead,

at least that's what I...

He would be like stop being
a small little egghead,

which I don't don't know
exactly what it means

to be a small little egghead.

But I guess I did it a lot.

- Your head's more than big enough.

- He would tell me you got bits
and bytes for brains, babe.

- Wow, that's...

- It was alliterative.

- It was crazy.

- So that guy would say
you've got bits and bytes

for brains, babe.

- Wow, honestly, that was
a little bit too close

to how it used to be.

- Wow, that, yeah, that was scary.

- It was a lot.

- He would always hold
the door open for me,

even if he was so far ahead.

And then the time of him
watching me walk towards him

felt loaded.

And then he would always touch
just the bottom of my back

when I walked through the door.

- I'm sorry to hear that.

- I was about to say--
- I used to cringe at that.

- Yeah, it was always like, okay.

- Sometimes I--
- And sometimes I would try

to walk in like this, but
it would be a little...

He had long arms!

You have long arms.

- Yeah, look at these things.

- I'm only 5'9" but these guys.

- So yeah, traveling faster than light.

You're moving through the galaxy.

Have your astro-navigation checks made.

Yeah, any activity on the
ship during that time?

- Why did you wanna know that?

- Just curious as to why this
man is in so much trouble.

- Yeah, I mean, if you
wanna find out more,

you're certainly wearing
the perfect disguise to.

- Yeah, can I try to make
some memory check or any?

- Go ahead and gimme
an intelligence check.

- Nat one.

- It's only a nat one...

- Yeah, you guys see Skip
starts bleeding from the nose.

- Oh.

(speakers yelling)

(Zac screeching)

- I kiss him on the lips.

- Why?
- Whoa.

- Wow.

- Now there's blood all over your clothes.

- Oh my God, you just
have like a blood mustache

from kissing the captain.

- Getting confused.

- You feel that there may
be some utility to that

when it is on a different occasion.

And you feel yourself really stymied

and feel like you would
need some psychic help

to be able to understand
sort of what's going on here.

But it feels like something
that is of interest.

This was merely like a failed attempt.

- Do we remember?

Is this a recent thing that
we've been getting chased

by Amercadian soldiers looking for Skip?

'Cause we've been on his ship for a bit.

- Yeah, so I think that on the mission

in which we got boxes
with the eggs in them,

I think that we were set up to frame him

or maybe when we saw that guy and he said,

it's wearing off, that then they decided

we need to--
- Gust Weatherall.

- Retrieve them.
- Gust Weatherall.

- Gust Weatherall.

- My enemy, I assume.

- Yeah, I have kind of a question.

I was wondering Barry,
if you could help me.

- Okay.
- Lift up Gnosis

and put it back into the power spots.

- Sure.

- I just have some questions
about Crown and Scepter.

I was wondering if I could kind of...

- We just have to remember
you gotta be quick.

- Are we attached?

- It's just gotta be quick.

I just wanna know about we, well, one,

the Griivarr worlds and that
whole corporation and this,

but I was thinking Skip,
you could maybe try

to find out about you also.

- Can we not do it while
we're in hyperspace?

- Yeah, once we get there, I mean.

- Okay, last time we did it--
- When we're doing like ship.

- We were asking about
Skip, that's when everything

went haywire.

- I just have some,
let's just be in my work.

We can keep the conversation going.

I just have to clean up the slug pistol

and some other stuff.

Yeah, I'll make those.

Is it okay if I use Handy Annie?

- And this is actually
going for the slug pistol,

this is gonna be an arms tech.

- Ooh, I'm not--

- I think I actually, I have arms tech.

- Oh.

- So you can go to the
workshop, that's arms tech.

- I was just gonna try to
make some power cells too.

- And it's mechanics for the gloves.

- Great.

- Wait, did we have a it
back about the sponsorship?

- That email never got sent.

- Oh.

- Oh, great.

- 13 plus nine equals...

- 22.

- 22, let's see.

Okay, you succeed, the
friction gloves are fixed.

- What is proficiency plus
intelligence, I would guess?

- Yes.

- Okay.

This might actually not be great.

- Potent aptitude, unless you...

- Oh, appreciate you, 10 flat right now.

And what does put an aptitude give me?

- D4.

- 12.

- 12.

This slug pistol is made
outta neutron star material.

It is gonna take up
your entire encumbrance.

You can fire it.

It's just otherworldly heavy.

- Can I also look at the
mounted gun that I pulled?

- This is a rotary cannon.

- Whoa, that sounds sweet.

- This is rotary cannon.

You can look up its
stats in your own time.

It's incredibly powerful, it's quite good.

- And then what would
I roll to try to hack

these rocket boots for Riva's drone?

- That would also be
a mechanics kit check.

- Okay.

Do I add my intelligence if I
don't have proficiency anyway?

- So you add your intelligence,

even if you don't have proficiency.

- Hey - and help action.

- 18.

- Unfortunately...

But you have two pairs
of rocket boots, right?

- Well, yeah.

Well, one work and one don't.

- Yeah, so you're trying to
fix the ones that don't work.

- Yeah.

- You go to fix the ones
that don't work and see,

you didn't quite understand
these actually do work.

They are boots that have rockets in them.

So in other words, rather
than being like jet pack,

I'm flying around rocket boots.

- Like the gun boots.

- Like gun boots, exactly.

- Can I get those?

- You want them still? As is?

- Yes.

- Okay.

- You also see that these are oriented

in such a way that the
rockets fire straight down.

- Rockets fire straight down.
- Okay.

I can psychically throw
myself up into the air.

- Amazing, cool.

You've spent some time fixing your gear

and getting all your gear ready.

You emerge from faster than light travel

and see the swirling young yellow star

off in the distance of this solar system.

Or rather not solar system,

but rather at the heart
of the star system.

And off in the distance,
scintillating stars all around

in the vastness of space.

You see in a broaching teal
blue and green brown planet

filled with vegetation and water.

As you begin to approach,
your stealth drive kicks up.

So what I'm gonna need here

is a dexterity hide check,

which you have advantage on.

- I make that?
- Mhmm.

Okay, still a negative one.


- Okay.

- It's not bad.
- I think that's okay.

- For a hot dog.

- Watch out.

- Yeah, you wanna add so me to it?

Go ahead and add a D6.

Go for it.
- Go down there.

- Throw a D6.
- Please.

- Three, so 20.

- Dirty 20.
- 20, I love that.

- Cruising along.

You cruise along stealth, kill the lights,

kill any like broadcast or
frequencies coming outta here.

You scramble slash VPN, all
of the Jib-Job employees

stuff coming out.

- And I still have psychic confusion

going on Gnosis as well.

- You guys are a whisper in the vast night

of the cosmic void sailing
towards the planet of Hon Grii.

going in stealth mode is going to mean

a couple of interesting things,

which is primarily, you can't be hailed.

Nobody can comms you guys.

So all of your info as
you approach the planet,

hopefully a dirty 20 is enough to get you

through whatever the at
planet's screens or sensors are.

You know that being a medium size ship

means you have atmospheric capability.

So the planetary defenses
are mostly worried

about like gargantuan space
stations and destroyers

and stuff showing up,
you guys are freighter.

This planet has, on any given malton unit,

there's gonna be hundreds
of thousands of freighters

taking off and going.

It's like trucks coming
into and out of a city.

So hopefully you can just
get lost in the noise.

However, it means that you're
effectively flying blind.

The only bypass for this is broadcast.

You guys can tune into
open channel broadcast

without giving away your position.

You see that there is a
sort of static channel

that seems to be very wide ranging.

That is on sort of like the first,

FM radio thing you can kind of turn on

as you approach Hon Grii.

- Okay, I mean, yeah. Bump it.

- Get into it. Bump it.

- I send the psychodrone out into space

to move the rabbit ears in the radio.

- Up on the bridge,
the holoscreen comes up

and floating in front of
you on the krystal screen,

you see a be spectacled warm face man

sitting by a fireplace in a
sweater, drinking a cup of tea,

big thick sweater on.

And you see that a little thing pops up

and a squirrel pops up
holding a thing of cookies

and goes, "Hi, Uncle B.O.B."

He says, "Well, hey
there, Smaggie Squirrel.

"I didn't see ya come in.

"It's your old Uncle B.O.B,
is that a gift for...?

"We have friends.

"Hi there, friends."

And you see Uncle B.O.B
turns out to the camera.

- Is he talking to us?

- I think so.

- Hi, Uncle B.O.B.

- It's your old Uncle B.O.B here.

First of all, I want to say
welcome to the Griivarr worlds.

And thanks so and much
for coming by to visit.

If you're getting this frequency,

odds are you're not using your comm system

to hail one of our many top
of the line space ports.

If that's because your
ship is in distress,

don't worry, hang tight
for a couple of marbecs

and one of our repair
crews will be with you.

If it's because you've
gone silent on your comms,

well, let me just say
whatever your worries are,

you don't have to have 'em here.

You're home now.

Here on Han Ober, we
want what's best for you.

Feel free to turn those comms on.

And if not, I hope that
your stay is pleasant.

Uncle B.O.B here wishing you all the best.

And remember, a stranger is
just a pal you haven't met yet.

"That's right, Uncle B.O.B."

"Aw, Smaggy."

"Hey Uncle B.O.B, I got..."

"Smaggy Squirrel, when did you get it in?"

The loop starts back over again.

- So do we need to turn on our comms?

- Can I make a like investigation
check or perception check

with the ship to see if I see anyone else,

like having just listened
to that message turn on

their comms or something
like that, like...

- Yeah, go for it.

- I also wanna kind of
do like a perception

or like an investigation
to see if there's like,

this is so weird, but if
it's like any kind of psychic

energy that this message is exuding.

Any kind of manipulative energy.

- Give me like an insight check

and you can gimme a perception check.

- 19 on the die plus expertise

if it's related to the ship.

So its 26.

- 26.

- 18 insight.

- 18 insight.

I mean, yeah, there's
something kind of saccharine

and maudlin in that.

You wouldn't go so far
as to call it psychic

except for the classical
definition of psychic.

Meaning just sort of like of the mind.

There's something kind of sickly, sweet,

you know, sickly sweet there.

With that perception
check, no, you don't see

any ships bringing their comms on.

It means something very distinct
to be approaching a planet

in peace time without any...

There's no trade blockade,
there's no military.

Any military ships in the
region are completely silent

and at rest or they're do...

Like to approach a planet
with your comms killed,

it means it doesn't mean just one thing,

but the whole list of things
that it means are, you know,

they have commonalities between them.

Like, "Hey, I would like
to come into this place

"in the dead of night
without letting anyone

"in the harbor know that I'm coming."

It could be many strange
reasons for that, yeah.

- There could be many
strange reasons for that.

But none of them are I'm here
and people know to expect me

and everything I'm doing is above board.

- But I mean, that is kind
of why we're going silent

is because several of us are wanted.

- No, yeah, definitely.

And that video seemed
very like I'm smiling

and also letting you know, I'm fully aware

of what you're up to.

- Can I check--

- Well, you guys do know
that they know enough

to send this message out to
people, but it is broadcast.

So it's just flying out.

- It's not just for us,
but still it's very like,

we're fucking sharp.

We're smiling, but we're sharp.

- Does it give anyone pause?

Like, should we consider
maybe contacting someone

and turning our comms on?

- I think we just claim distress.

- I say we just try to
park as soon as possible.

I don't want someone coming
out to try to fix the thing.

- Margaret, with your
like knowledge of law

and the way that corporations work,

is there anything that you--

- Great, yeah, can I
make a roll to see like,

is there something from
UFTP world that I can use

as like a new call sign?

Or can I like mask or just
know how to maybe like--

- Ooh...
- Fake this?

- Do you want to try to fake,

like fake a different transponder code,

fake different ship codes

rather than having the Wurst come in.

Like you could try to disguise
your ship using a hacking kit

and that way, at least you
could dock and go somewhere

and like hail from a different
frequency if you want.

- We both have hacking.

- Yeah.

- You have hacking, I'm...

- Oh, you don't.

- So I have hacking.

- Yeah.

- Do you wanna try to disguise it?

- What do you guys think?

Should we just try to...?

- Try to disguise it.

Not if we can get it.

Is there anyone with
knowledge of this stuff

that can help, Sid?

- Does anyone--
- Hacker help action.

- I'll give you help action.

- Yeah, okay.

And it's all computers, right?

- I would say yeah.

And the best thing to do
would be to do a hacking check

and also to do a forgery check,
if anyone here has forgery.

- Okay, well I got 19 on hacking.

- Okay.

- Great.

- Is what's ha...

What, forgery's intelligence?

- Forgery's intelligence.

I think Margaret, you do
have a forgery proficiency.

- Yeah, you do.

- Of course I do, yeah.

- Perfect.

- What was that?

- Ooy, oy, yay.

- Not great.

- Dare Mr. Policeman, I
gave you all the clues

- Shoot.
- Two nat ones.

- Margaret did.

- What you did.
- Oh no.

- Okay, copy that.

- You guys, I think I got it.

- Cool.

- And I'm making a fake--
- You're in the bathroom.

- Sid, you're able to basically fabricate

a series of transponder
codes that will hail

ship's nursery here.

So those codes mean you'll
come through as another ship

which will be fine, but for the fact

that that ship won't
be registered anywhere

and won't have any, like...

There won't be like a trucking registry.

There's not a delivery you're
making or anything like that.

- So are we almost more
conspicuous this way?

- I mean, I don't know that
I was that bad at my job,


- Unfortunately, yeah.

- Okay, well Margaret's my
boss and she's the best boss

I've ever had.

So let's do it.

- My mind is elsewhere, I'm so sorry.

- Cool.


So you guys turn your comms on.

- Yeah, but with the forged transponder.

- Yeah, turn them on.

You come on, get pinged
by a couple of people.

So now the question becomes,

you have these transponder
codes that are going out

so that people can see
that there's incoming ship.

You're not flying in dark.

I assume you're headed for
the capital of the planet,

which is Han Ober.

- We're here to storm the capital.

- What?

Margaret? What?

- You head towards the capital.

What sort of place are
you looking to dock?

'Cause it's big capital city.

You can go ahead and give
me an investigation check.

- Okay, great.

- Can I help with that or...

- Yeah, you can help.

- Maybe make my own if it's related to--

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, go for it.

- Investigation would be...

- 17.

- 17 and...

- It's 19.

- 19, okay, cool.

On a 19 you're not getting
like a huge bevy of places.

The ton of places that are open

is just a chain modification
ship nursery place here

called Ship Shape, which is
all over the Grivarr worlds.

It's the Pep Boys of starship
like repair and maintenance.

And the other place that
you find a small solo garage

that actually has the ability
to hold on to a freighter,

like a medium class ship.

But you're not seeing this
place as like- this place

is a little bit junky
towards the outside of town

called Ronnie Kwans.

- Of course...I vote Ronnie Kwans.

- Ronnie Kwans?

- Ronnie Kwans.

Who's Ronnie Kwan?

- Let's go find out that guy.

- That one.

- All right, you guys start to descend.

As you begin to go through the atmosphere,

you see heading towards one
of the larger continents

on the planet that-

(energetic booming sound)

The moment you get through atmosphere,

you begin to see little like
solar windmills on clouds.

There's like a lot of
like sort of Cloud City

cloud architecture as
you're coming through.

You see enormous amounts
of blimps in atmosphere.

This planet is choked with blimps,

all of which have very round
smiling characters on them.

Huge advertisements everywhere.


The sky is choked with blimps.

- I've seen a cat.

It's another cat.

So many cats.

- Fire everything.

- You look down and see for
a highly populated world,

this place is bizarrely suburban/agrarian

like it's urban.

It has a smaller number of urban centers

and a lot of planets of this size,

but there's almost zero
wilderness anywhere.

Everything is squares cordoned
off, rectangles, rectangles,

squares, squares, rectangles, rectangles,

all sort of plastered
across the continent.

You also see it's a remarkably flat world.

There are neither like
mountain ranges nor valleys

as you approach.

And you begin to see these again,

huge rectangular neighborhoods.

You get towards Han Ober,
which gets really fanciful,

technicolor, huge floating
billboards and screens

and blimps

Welcome, welcome.

And you see the spiring towers

of Uncle B.O.B's Fantanimalland.

Sing a happy, silly song

when you're here with your friends.

- Steadies his hand towards his gun.

Stops his hand from going to his gun.

- Can I ask what B.O.B.'s
Fantanimalland needs towering

spires for?

- There's a lot more
going on at Uncle B.O.B's

Fantanimalland than I originally thought.

I thought we were just
having a fun day at the zoo.

And yet there's a museum there.

- Very, very suspicious.

- Why is there a museum at the zoo?

- Why is there a museum at the zoo?

- I just thought it was
sort of a fun stop for...

- Now you're gonna learn things.

- I have a question and
I totally understand

if after two nat ones,
you won't allow this.

But I took tech amateur,
which means I can cast

a first level tech power for long rest.

So it's intelligence as
my tech casting ability.

I chose Copy.

So could I make a better, like...?

- You would have to have
the thing you were copying.

- But would I have something
like that from UFTP files

that I've seen in the last month?

That's the...

- Oh, that you have a perfect...?

I don't think that you were at the level

where you were looking
at like ship register.

It would be like, you know, like, yeah.

- We just gotta pickpocket a pilot.

It's fine.

- So you head towards the
outskirts of the city.

Outskirts here in the
Grivarr world seem...

This is not like a rec station
where there's like a baudy

kind of red light district at all.

The outskirts of the city are mostly like,

just like strip mall paradise,

like so many different
competing juice franchises.

Just so many different juice shops.

- It's Silver Lake.

- Yeah, like double decker
strip malls everywhere.

And you see this large ship nursery,

which doesn't appear
to have, this is sort,

this is sort of more warehouses

and in sort of the industrial
spine of a large city.

There's no sign outside.

This is not the kind
of place that you go to

that they're getting like traffic, like,

"Hey, let's stop there."

But you stop at a large
ship nursery there.

As you touch down, you
see a large, mostly human,

but some aliens as well, sort of workforce

that appear to be not in uniform.

It's a little bit more
casual than that here.

But your ship touches down and you see,

as they start to affix stuff to the ship

on your comms channel already,

100 credit docking fee.

- Okay.

- Okay.

- That's fine, I mean we,
to 700 something credits

on the casino.

- We did make 720 credits on the casino.

We rolled it during the Adventuring Party.

- Does that strike us as
odd as like being charged?

Like it knows our bank information?

- It's just a very upfront.

It's not unusual, it's just rude.

- Oh, okay.

- I'm fine with rude.

- I'm more than fine with
rude, let's meet them.

- Do you remember like it does this mean

that we're getting fleeced
by coming to the outskirts?

- Do I remember how much
the Barrys were charged?

We know it's twice as much,
more than twice as much

as what we...

- I feel like the outskits
are gonna be cheaper

than the inner city.

- That was my hope.
- I'm thinking Ship Shape

is gonna also rip us off.

- Yeah, I think if we don't have--

- The suburbs are more
expensive than the inner city.

- So it's coming outta the casino fund?

- I think let's just pay the hundred.

- Yeah, let's just keep paying.

- And then see.

Look, the more rude they are here,

the less likely they are to tell on us.

I think if we go to a place
that's real buttoned up,

the people who are coming
after us are very buttoned up.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Yeah.

- Ronnie Kwan wouldn't squeal.

- Yes.
- Can I do an insight check?

- As you say Ronnie Kwan wouldn't squeal,

you see Ronnie Kwan approaching

and everything about his vibes

suggests that he would not squeal.

- Hell yeah.
- There you go.

That's what we want.
- Look at that blazer.

- You have a strong handshake.

- Yeah, you go give me a persuasion.

- 22.

- 22.

Ronnie Kwan is like
late 30s, skinny cyborg.

You see, he's got two sort of like ridge,

the sort of like segmented
Cybertronic metallic arms.

Skinny, sort of got like the A-frame.

Got some oil on him.

Handsome looking backwards cap,

Asian guy takes a cigarette out, says,

"How's it going, what's your name, chief?"

- Oh my name's Margaret.

- Margaret, nice to meet you, Ronnie.

Nice freighter you got here, huh?

- Yeah.

- What's the--
- You, how long you been

in this town?

- How long have I been in this town?

- Yeah, are you like a local?

- Oh nah.

You know, I'm actually
not from any planet.

I'm a rec station, born and bred.

But nice place to open a garage, right?

- Definitely.

We were wanting to
absolutely soup up our ship

and we got a casino on board

that we would love to invite you in

anytime you wanna hop in.

- Ah, okay.

- Can I pass him some complimentary chips?

Not the eating kind.

- Too many, not too many.

- What kind of chips do you--

- I do a few too many.

- No, like to play.
- Casino chips.

- Oh, he takes some casino chips.

It's like, "Hey!"

- She's not inflated--

- A casino on the...

So what charity are you
guys affiliated with?

- Well, because you can only do casinos

for charity around here?

- Oh, Uncle B.O.B is a big
fan of an honest game of cards

if we're raising money for charity.

- Right, of course.
- You know what?

- Big Barry Funds...

- Hey, that's our fault.

Why don't you give those chips back?

- We actually--

- Unless you wanna hold on to 'em.

- That's all right.

- We actually, we rehome-

- We just have to let go of the chips.

- We rehome rejected animals
from B.O.B's Fantanimalland.

- You home rejected animals...?

- Yeah, Aurora.

(Brennan makes nasty animal noises)

- Go ahead and give me
deception with advantage.

- And dozens of turtles.

- Yeah, can I wrangle a turtle?

- Nat 20.
- Ohhhhhh.

- He goes, "Oh, oh,
oh, I don't like dogs."

You see he gets back.

- I rolled a nat one on
my turtle wrangling roll.

- Yeah, you see he gets back.

Ronnie steps way back and says,

"Get over your fuckin'
dog back on the ship!"

- Okay, okay.

Now you understand why it is so
necessary to invest in this...

- ...charity.
- You guys, I think he might be cool.

I think we can just level with it.

- Let's just...

We don't need to tell him...

- That's why I'm trying to
ask about not being weird.

I'm just trying to strike up a convo.

- We would like to you work on our ship.

- Give me an insight check, Gunnie.

- We can just pay this fucking guy off.

- I think he just wants us to say

Charities, we're not saying charities.
- Pay him for what?

- 'Cause we know he's gonna
ask for our ship stuff.

- I don't think he
will. I think someone...

- You notice that as he reacts to the dog,

he goes for his arms.

- Ooh.

Who's your make?

- This?

I got these.

He's he sort of shrugs real quick.

New Eden tech.

- Oh, word, I'm Acme.

- You got the Acme-Ashmun?

- And I'm still paying for it.

- Oh, really, that's on lease?

- Oh, big time.

Yeah, we're not owners yet,

but ball's rolling up, so we got hope.

- I like you, man.

I like you.

Yeah I got, you know, thankfully for me,

the insurance covered the
most of this, but I...

- Now that's, there you go.

- I used to have a
garage on a rec station.

- Really?

- Had to sell it to get these bad boys.

- I'm honestly, it's a whole long story,

but it's definitely it's
cost me a lot of stability

having to outrun a certain kind of person

who wants a certain kind
of thing, aka my body.

- Are you trying to disguise from...

Are you trying to speak to him in innuendo

or are you trying to--

- No, I think I'm
attempting to level with him

as someone who also has
had hardship brought on

by the extreme expense.

- Yeah, 100%.

Do you think that in this moment
you are okay with this guy

knowing kind of to whom you are referring?

- Yes.

- You see, he looks and
says, "Jesus, that..."

"Oh my God, what's your name, friend?"

- Gunthrie.

- Gunthrie, Ronnie, pleasure, man.

- Absolute pleasure.

- That's a fucking trip.

I'm sorry about that.

Hey, if those guys, anytime
I see 'em, you know.

And you see here, he actually says.

He says, "You got your
own personal transponder?"

- Yeah.

- I'm on a chain of other
guys that if we see those guys

in town, we let each other know.

- Hey, I appreciate that.

Yeah, ours is I give
him the gunner channel

transponder code.

- Yeah, he took that in.

- That's the one we use.

- You guys see that there appears
to be this like connection

forming between Ronnie
and Gunthrie and he says.

He says, "I don't fucking...

"I don't have to watch out for
those guys personally myself,

"but fuck those guys."

- Fuck those guys.

- Fuck those guys.

- Ronnie's a cool ass dude.

- Yeah, can we ask him
about some of the repairs

that we wanna make or the upgrades?

- Yeah, what are you kinda
looking for here, huh?

Trying to get maneuverability?

- Yeah, big time thruster upgrade.

And we got credits for it, big credits.

- Okay, if you say so.

Yeah, for sure.

All right, you're looking
for a workforce as well?

- I think so, yeah.

- All right.

- And we tip well.

- You don't say? All right.


Go ahead, I'm gonna say real quick.

Go ahead and give me a
group persuasion check.

And due to that, a little
moment of vulnerability there.

Go ahead and do it with advantage.

- Just him or everybody?

- Everybody.

- Okay good.

I rolled a two and a three.

- Oh no.

- Nat 20.

- Nat 20.

- Four.

- Thank God, 13.

- Six.

- 18.

- 18.

Okay, amazing.

- Two nat 20s.

- Yeah.
- Incredible.

So you see.

Yeah, Ronnie looks and says,

"All right, well, I'll tell
you what, we're in business.

"You and the crew of the..."

You see, he looks--

- Told you guys.

- He looks and says, "We can get...

"...the Meridian?"

Looks at the giant hot dog.

We can get you outfitted in no time.

- Great.

- Is there...maybe you could ask him

for some kind of ship
signature to change it to?

- Are we changing our name again?

- No, no, no, to disguise it as.

- If we can get some
info from somewhere else,

Margaret can forge it.

- I can copy some stuff and
it'll be in this garage.

Sounds like it's gonna be safe.

- We're just leaving the ship here.

I think maybe we just upgrade it for now.

- Yeah, you see he says, "All
right, we'll get to work."

He says, "What kind of
thrusters do you want on this?"

- I think we're getting class--
if everyone's okay with it.

It's 40K out of the Kubla
Khan- Kublacaine fund.

- What are you doing man?

- Oh come on, in front of Ronnie Kwan?

- Code name: "the drug fund."

- Yes, out of the drug fund,
if everyone's okay with that.

- Drugs for children fund.

- Yes, there it is.

It goes to a good cause.

- We killed that guy and we took his...

- Yeah and you put his head on the cactus.

But if everyone's okay
with taking it out of that,

we'll have to redistribute
kind of where the money is,

but yeah.

- Okay, max workforce is 20.

He says, "You want 20 guys on this?

"I can call in some people."

- How much do they cost?

- He says, they're 20 credits a day.

- How many days do you
think this job would take?

- He's gonna look at that right now.

That's gonna be 40.000.

He's like with 20 guys working on it,

he goes, he's like four malton units.

- Oh yeah, let's make it happen.

- Let's do it.
- 1600, we can do that.

- Four days.

- Plus another 300 for the docking fees.

- Ronnie, you're killing
us with these docking fees.

I'll tell you.

- Hey, you know, I hear that.

But you know, the Meridian
is worth every penny.

- Ah.
- Agreed, agreed.

- Can I shake his hand and say,

"Thank you so much for
understanding that, man."

And I'm pressing a card into his hand

that has 2.500 credits on it.

- He takes that.

I will tell you right now,
not even in character,

as a dungeon master,

you've made a very wise
move in this moment.

You made a very wise move.

You see, he looks and says...

He looks and he looks over at you, Gunnie

and he is like, "You know,

I was gonna be a hero about it,

"but it's nice to not have to be."

Ms. Encino, it's a pleasure
doing own business with you.

- Pleasure is all mine.

- And he's like, "All right,
fellas, let's get to work.

"You're gonna like the
changes, I promise."

- There's a very dangerous dog on board.

- Yeah, I don't like dogs.

- Yeah, we'll seal it shut.

- She's actually really nice--

- She's actually kind of perfect

and no one goes inside.

- Can I rip a leg off the
Terrapin and hand it to him?

- Jesus...
- Jesus!

- We hold her back, we hold her back.

No I'm bringing it to
Aurora she'll like it.

- I mercy killed a turtle.

No, no if someone doesn't like dogs-

- It's in that thing, right?

Androids love to kill turtles.

I heard that thing about that turtle test

that Androids take.

- Turtle upside down.

- Turtle upside down kind of thing.

- They're like cockroaches,
they're everywhere.

We've gotten immune to it,

but that was the worst
thing I've ever seen.

- That was terrifying.

- How disgusting.

- You know what, I-

(overlapping voices)

I'm truly watching you

reach in with your gun
hand and saw off a leg-

- Can you make him remember that?

Can you make him forget that?

Let's just run away.

- I wipe that from his memory.

- He goes, all right.

Well, hey, it's nice to not
have to be a hero about it.

(overlapping voices)

- I chuck it over my shoulder
like a grenade for Aurora

- So, that's incredible.

So that's the docking fees taken care of.

He looks and says - by
the way, it was another

two fuel units to get
all the way out here.

- Maybe we ask to refill.

- Yeah, yeah, definitely.

We'd never wanna be in a
position where it's like.

- Oh yeah, go ahead and fill her up.

- He says, "Fill her all the way up?"

- Yep.

- You got it, boss.
- Right on.

He goes, "All right, let's go."

You see, after coming back from Baustin

where every single thing is broken.

Yeah, it's a lot of money up front.

It's 40K and then the labor
and everything else, costs...

But top of the line core world thrusters

begin to come at--

You see--

- Look at that dex. Look at her rise.

- And you see that it's like...

And they're not even messing
with the main thrusters

at the back of the ship,
like your main engines.

You see what's going on is
it's all these side thrusters.

It's things that you'll be able to let...

They're going on the side of the ship.

It's all this stuff where it's like,

you'll be able to like at full speed

do like e-brake turns and shit.

Like get--

so it's all these like side thrusters.

It's like auxiliary support engines

to get this ship really
moving in a serious way.

- A hot dog can do a donut.


- Incredible, he gets to work on that.

Now that's gonna take four malton units.

If anything happens in the
intervening four malton units.

- We just gotta keep it
together for four maltons.

- And we can just run away and hide.

- The money that--

- The best way to stay low is to probably

take a couple Smash n' Grab jobs, right?

- Of course.

- Oh my God.

Yeah, let's vote on
what order of operations

we want to be.

Do you have to stay with the--

- No, no, no, Ronnie.

They've got enough help on this one.

- Cool.

- Should we talk about what
to do with (whispers) Gnosis?

- Well, it's kind of nice
that he's so afraid of dogs.

We can kind of like leave
stuff hidden in there

and then no one's gonna go inside

'cause we have this insane dog.

- They do say dogs are
a good security measure.

- They do, people say that.
- Beware of dogs.

- Yeah, I take a sign to
the door of the spaceship

that says beware, really big.

But a lot of people say beautiful dog.

- Thank you, thank you for including that.

- This does seem like at some point

it's gonna bite us in the ass

to not have Gnosis with us.

- It does seem like it.

- Let's bring Gnosis.

- Is there a way to bring Gnosis?

- We make you look like you're pregnant

by duct taping it to your stomach.

- But it's clearly an Android.

Can Androids get pregnant?

- Why don't we just--

- Excuse me, I wasn't
made to do everything,

I was made to do anything.

That includes getting pregnant.

- But do we have some
kind of like for instance,

a backpack, like just
some something like--

- Yeah, that I can wear on my front.

- Yeah, you can absolutely
get a simple bag

to like hide this computer.

- Let's just have a backpack.

There's gotta be like some
kind of military grade,

like something that you
would normally carry ammo in.

Either me or Sid.

- You can't walk around with one
of those in the Griivarr world.

- Really?

- Oh, yeah.
- Like a big military bag?

- Can we have--

- Let's make it look like a dirty gym bag.

- It's still AnarchEra.

- Yeah you will be okay.

- We all have a bunch of guns.

- You will all be okay
carrying weapons here.

There might be situations
or locations in Han Ober

where they would ask you to be disarmed.

But being on the street is fine.

As Murph said, it is still AnarchEra.

- So, do we think bring
with us or keep on the ship?

- God, they all feel bad, right?

- I think--
- It seems wrong.

- I think we bring it with us
'cause I would love to see--

- Unless one of us was
gonna stay on the ship.

It seems like we should--

- The Princeps will be here, right?

- Does the Princeps have a
way to get in contact with us?

- I mean, I can leave my
comm with the Princeps.

- That's a great idea.

- Yeah, you see Zortch
looks and says I'd be happy

to stay with Gnosis if you want.

I mean are you just worried about someone

coming and stealing Gnosis?

- Yes.

- Okay.

Yeah, yeah, I understand.

Yeah I can stay.

- Do you want us to pick you up anything?

- Maybe like a book or if they have...

Oh, you know what, they
do have a special here.

Has anyone ever here had the little,

there's like a sweet
maple cake that they do

at Uncle B.O.B's Fantananimalland,

which is really, really good.

- We'll get that for you.

- Yeah, I tried to have one.

- Oh no.

- Oh, Barry.
- Princeps.

- Barry, it's not their fault, okay.

It's not their fault.

- I'm sorry, I snapped.

- You cant be triggered--
- That's on me.

- Every time anybody says Fantananimalland

on the planet where Fantananimalland is.

- Anytime we talk about the zoo,

I just kind of freak out.

- Gotcha, I understand.

- I do actually understand.

I do, I do.

- I explain the whole Barry saga,

like in a way that takes
a really long time.

- While Barry explains
his life story is there,

can I actually ask Ronnie
if he has a security kit

that we can try and use
to set up a little thing

for our spaceship?

- Oh, you want us to have like physical...

- If he has the kit,
then like me and Gunnie

can try and use it.

- Do you guys feel like if we leave Gnosis

and the Princeps in one perfectly--

- Yeah, should Princeps just come with us?

- Let's just bring Gnosis and I don't know

maybe the Princeps.

- People recognize the Princeps.

- Yeah, Princeps can hang out.

- People will recognize us though.

Can't we just put the Princeps

in like a little bit of
a costume or something?

- I have a disguise kit.

Can I disguise myself?

- Yeah, absolutely.

- Do you just make a roll?

- Do I need to disguise myself?

- Yeah, yeah, charisma plus proficiency.

What's that?

- Do I need to disguise myself?

- So this is an interesting
thing 'cause I don't know

how aware you guys are of the degree

to which you have like
been "made," so to speak.

You're not appearing on- the
people that are the most made.

Were like you on Rec 97 and then you did

the Warfare Whitney thing.

But like actually, you know,
go ahead and make an insight.

Anyone wants to make an insight check.

- Yes please.
I got a 19 on my disguise.

- You can disguise
yourself to not be visible.

It might not work up
close, but at a distance,

you don't look like yourself.

- I got a 22 insight.

- I only got a six.

- Here's what you think.

Looking at different rec station
news and stuff like that,

you've always been this psycho drone

and there's tons of psycho
drones all over the galaxy.

Gunnie has either been on the
ship or when you were all out

in public was never got on
like a news frequency anywhere.

You know that Gunnie's being searched for

by the repo reapers.

But that's a private company.

Margaret Encino's name
never appeared anywhere.

But you know she's
secretly being hunted after

by United Free Trade Planets.

But again, that is a secret thing.

UFTP doesn't wanna air their
interior corporate business.

- And they can assassinate
somebody on an enemy...

- On an enemy world.

Sid had that thing on
the rec station news.

But what that no one's like,
"Oh, that was Sundry Sidney."

A never released Android that
nobody knows the name of.

They thought that was a
maybe if they were paying

super close attention, a
weird looking Warfare Whitney

and then the press around
Warfare Whitney became,

you don't think anyone looking.

And also...

- So my disguise will
be, I try to make myself

look more like a Warfare Whitney.

- More like a Warfare Whitney.

But again, bear in mind
like Android commercials

are like car commercials.

They're everywhere, but regular people

aren't buying brand new cars every day.

Like only the very wealthiest people

are buying lots of Androids.

So the average person seeing you

is just gonna think Android.

And then for Barry, that's a different...

Barry didn't get on rec news anywhere.

- And Barry Nyne's also around

and is presumably just walking around.

I think he's just like a...

He hangs out...
- You guys...

- At like the Fantanimalland, I think.

- You guys are ma...

Like when you guys showed up

on Crunch Moon-Jones' Instagram,
he didn't interview you.

You're guessing that he's
a famous workfluencer

and probably showed up somewhere

and literally someone important saw it.

Or they have something
scanning social media

on a couple of important
worlds and rec stations

and had facial recognition.

You are not made to the public.

There are powerful people looking for you.

- I will take the steps though,

to make myself look more
like a Warfare Whitney.

- Cool.

- I would love to,

and maybe I can borrow clothes
from someone at Jib-Job

or something, but I want
to look like a very angelic

perfect wife.

- Oh, well the Swiss army wife can help--

- Yeah, I have like
French braids for this.

Two French braids and I'm
in like a floral dress.

- Amazing.

- First time ever I'm not in
my like stark black suit--

- Somehow the sunset is--
- Amazing.

- We look like tourists.

- We just need to look like tourists.

- I'm gonna hit the souvenir
store and get a t-shirt.

- Let's do it, let's do it.

- I'm also gonna dress in
that Jib-Jobby kind of like,

I have like khaki slacks
on and a tucked in shirt

with like a pin in this pocket.

- You guys just look like a couple.

So you guys do disguise yourselves.

You look like a Warfare
Whitney and the rest of you

look like...

- I go up to Barry, take his six and go.

- Oh.

- My God, I look just like him.

- Incredible.

- Do you want us to paint you gold?

- I suppose that would be more effective.

I mean, but if it's too much.

- Yeah, we don't have to,

but we might get some weird info.

- Barry and I have the same DNA.

So, am I capable of
what he was capable of?

- No, you're definitely not.

I slap you, but then I kiss you.

(all laugh)
- Oh my God, wow.

- I'm sorry, well, look, I just...

I've never felt this fertile.

- Amazing, you guys are all disguised up.

You're ready to go.

- I think I will do like
the gold on the thing.

- Hell yeah.

I'm gonna say you guys can take your time.

Get super disguised up.

Jib-Job workers all head out.

Zortch is gonna stay on the
ship also to keep an eye

on Gnosis and leaves
Gnosis in the reactor area

with Aurora Nebbins hanging out.

The reactor's one of the safer places

because the vibrations from
it keep the big horn tortoises

out of there, they don't like it.

- How many tortoises?

- Okay, I'm so sorry not
to throw a wrench in this.

This is annoying, but
Zortch is gonna fuck Gnosis.

It's gonna put this signal out.

Someone's gonna come--

- No, no, no, but psychically--

- Why don't we just real quick ask Zortch

if they wanna come with us or not.

- Great.
- Or...

- Let's ask.

- Zortch, would you feel safer
with us or here on the ship?

I think it's gonna be a
little dicey no matter what.

- Sure, I'm happy either way.

If you need me to stay
just there's someone here

in case Ronnie has a question
or anything like that.

- Just wanna make sure you're cool.

- I'm all good.

- Ronnie, did you find a security kit?

- Sure.

Oh, you want me to install
like security stuff on?

- Oh no, no, no.

Just the equipment for us
to try to put a little trap.

- It's an item.

Yeah, do you stock that item?

- Oh, I don't sell like
personal security kits.

- All right, no worries.

- Do you think we could
have taken a long rest

at some point?

- Yeah, yeah, I think so.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- That makes a huge
difference to everything.

- Well, actually, if you
guys want to do this,

like the following, you guys
can like take a long rest

when you dock.

Go to the crew quarters.

- [All] Yes, yeah.

- Go to the crew quarters, sleep.

'Cause it's like already
better for you guys

to give them more time
to be working anyway

before you can all get in trouble.

- Before we go get in trouble.

- That's what I'm
worried about with the...

The Smash n' Grab plan worries me

because I don't wanna
have to run to the ship.

- I hear you.

- Do we want to look at the Smash n' Grabs

(speakers talking over each other)

- We're just gonna browse.

- Oh, Barry, Oh Barry, you know.

- And then I think I do want
to go to the Fantanimalland

and I do wanna go talk to...

- I really wanna go to the museums.

- What are the odds we will
see a Smash n' Grab job

we feel like we have to do immediately?

- That's crazy.

- Tug on me once and I die.

- We should have done that one.

I'm endlessly curious.

- Tug on me once and I die.

- I'm gonna cast like a concealment

on both the Princeps and Gnosis.

- Hell yeah, great.

Great, great, great.

- Okay.

- Cool, long rest.

- You turn on Smash n' Grab.

Smash n' Grab pops up.

Give me an investigation check.

- Help.

- May I help?
- Is Barry Nyne

operating near here,
can we check that too?

- Ooh, yeah.

Hell yeah.

That's so high, 27.

- 27, cool.

On 27, the first thing
that happens is this,

you go to look for job listings.

As you do, frighteningly...
at first there's zero

and you're like, okay, I'm
gonna to set my thing wider.

- It's too buttoned up.

- There's not a lot of
murderers on the planet.

- It goes way wide, like
two or three offers come up

going like 80 mile radius.

Comes up and you see, one
of them is a 150 credit job,

which is "Owed money by
owner of local billiards hall

need help extracting money."

When you go to click on it
just to get more information,

a little notice comes up on Smash n' Grab

and you see it's got
the same kind of design

as Smash n' Grab it's like in app,

but it has Smaggy Squirrel on it.

It has like one of the
Fantanimalland characters.

And as it pops up, you see it says,

Hey there friend, it's Smaggy Squirrel.

I see you're trying to
take a Smash n' Grab job.

Uncle B.O.B would be happy to offer you

a matching rate to just hang tight

and enjoy your time on Han Ober.

If you choose to take this job anyway,

we'll be offering double
the rate to your contractor

to cancel the job and
let us know who you are.

- Wow, so that's the kind
of place that we're on.

- I don't wanna do
anything in either side--

- We've got museum,
we've got Fantanimalland.

We've got the home of Edwina.

- We gotta get the maple cake.

- We got the maple cake,
we gotta get that...

Yeah, let's--

- Could we VPN Smash n' Grab

so that Smash n' Grab doesn't--

- Oh, it was already VPN'd, right?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You're operating out of
the stealth concealment

of your ship.

- Even through a VPN, Uncle B.O.B knew

that we were in the Griivarr
worlds, is what I'm saying.

Like we can't pretend that we're-

- Oh, that you're somewhere else.

- Would've scrolled to the
Griivarr world to see what--

- You had to use your location services

to go to the Griivarr world
in order to like find out

what the jobs here, yeah.

- Can you maybe look up
where Edwina Castor lives?

- Oh yeah, do we have all of that?

- Yeah, you can--

- Okay, I google it or...

- You actually got that the
first time Gnosis was turned on.

So, you can go straight there if you want.

That's no problem.

- What do you guys think?

We all go together and
make these three stops?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, let's do it.

I have- was the professor
one of the Barrys killed

or did I see the professor's body

when all the clones were killed?

- Yes, you did.

- Oh, okay, all right.

- One of the Barrys you saw
was the professor's body.

- Your professor.

- My professor, Barry One.

- Not her professor.

- Her professor, different professor.

- Great.

So academic.

- I figured while we were
going to one professor,

we'd see if they ran in the same circle.

I don't think- it seems like my professor-

- It'd would be crazy
if we saw my professor.

- I loved all of my professors, honestly,

at the platinum cog leadership festival.

- We don't go to school, we
just learn things organically

through listening to people's thoughts.

- Oh Montessori.

- It's kinda what the Barrys did

just by kind of talking things out.

- Shall we go to the museum?

(all laughing)

We doing scientists or museum?

I think scientists first.

Honestly, bad things happen
when I go to this goddamn zoo.

- Really?

I'm kind of nervous 'cause
when you're a droid,

your maker is kind of like your mom.

- Yeah, definitely.

You look great though.

It's been--

- No I'm dress dressed up
like a Warfare Whitney...

- Hey, we can send Handy
Annie in there possibly.

And then I can read the
lips and maybe we can get

kind of like a...

We can see what she's up
to and what she's like

before you decide if you wanna meet her.

- Okay, yeah, let's do that.

- Maybe she's a really nice lady

and she'll be so happy to see you.

- I know she's--

- And if she's not, we'll kill her.

- Amen.

- Wait, we can't kill my mom.

But I just I'm so...

You just haven't seen 'em in a while

and you don't know if
they're gonna let them down

with the choices you've made.

- Hey!

I slap you, I kiss you.


- Hey Margaret, that's the first thing

you've done as a boss that
I'm like that's not right.

- I'm so sorry.

- Margaret, that was
almost as good as Gnosis.

(speakers talking over each other)

- No problem with the kiss,
but the slap is inappropriate.

- Amazing.

So what's our first stop?

- Edwina Castor.

(speakers talking over each other)

- We're gonna kind of spy on her.

- You guys are on a dangling hover trolley

scooting along through kind of like...

- Wait, like a super, like Six Flags ride?

- Yeah, like Six Flags, like yeah.

So you're all strapped in
like this, dangling along.

You see that there are like
hanging flowering plants.

Everything here...

The whole vibe is like
the Americana at Brand.

It's like, Barry would love this

if he didn't hate it so much.

- I'm definitely wearing
a Smaggy Squirrel hat.

Like one of the ones
that like, I don't know,

it has like her or hands
or something as ear covers.

- You're scooting along and you're like,

"This isn't the park, this is the street."

We're not at the amusement park,

but you're just going
along like (vocalizing).

Weird sort of like
animatronic dudes coming in

and out, flowering plants.

- I keep going to shoot them.


- I hear you, Sid.

- Can I pat Barry's back and be like,

I know that this is gonna
be really hard for you, man.

- Yeah, I used to love this shit.

Barrys...we went nuts for it.

We were honestly way too old
to be watching this cartoon.

- No I, yeah...

- No, we were, all right.

We rib each other 'cause
that's what Barrys do.

They rib each other.

- That sounds really fun.

- Goddamn, we all loved him.

- We can rib you more if you want,

you piece of shit.
- Please.


- My God, no one's been as mean to me.

No one's been mean to me since Skip.

- I wanna give Barry my critical analysis.

I'm training on Barry and being like,

"Hey, you know, you had
a really bad memory here

"and maybe this is gonna
come in as a good memory

"and we're gonna start evening it out."

You could love this place again

if it's really stuff that you love.

- If I fucking absolutely
kill my clone brother here

then I'll start to love it again.

- That's...

- We could leave you--
- Good enough for me.

- And if you ever have
a moment and you're like

freaking out, I can just
cast calm emotions on you.

It only lasts for a minute.

- Right on.

- Like you just calm down.

- I immediately need to go into the zone

and we're just on the trolley.

- I'll try to keep ribbing
you, you stupid fuck.


- Fucking hilarious, Barry.

- As you guys zero in on Barry,

Skip and Gunnie, you're
over in another series.

They have little sort of
in, or like in front of you,

there are sort of like Taxi Cab TV

of like little stock
ticker next to like a thing

playing a commercial
and then another screen

in the screen playing stuff.

As you're scooting along,
you see (vocalizing)

Rec station news (vocalizing).

This is Rootersnoos Ferret Jimmy
the Snout coming to you live.

Zooms into something on the rec station.

You see he says, "First
shots fired on Rubian V,

as local magistrates opposed
to revolution are found dead

with silence from the monarchy.

Do they approve of this
active move to war?

The Amercadian space brigade
has sent a peacekeeping force

to the sector.

And what's this, Natalia
Cicero Connie Lee Carter Bajar

a no show for the first time

at the Galactic Banger's Ball on Mirage.

A statement from her fiance
that she's not feeling well.

Also noted theater critic,
Rupert Quasar - dead

at the age of 93, killed
by a plasma grenade,

in yet another terrorist attack
from the Guernican art squad.

Some say the strike was
retributive for a scathing review

the critic made of the
group's previous attacks

in the sector, calling them 'derivative

rehashing of the group's
earlier, more inspired bombings.'

Experts say the attack may
also have been unrelated

and exist as some sort
of commentary on grenades

or art in general.

The group has released a
statement saying the technology

to complete their ace up the sleeve

has recently been discovered."

- I really liked Rupert.

- I know some of his reviews
were really mean, but so funny.

- She, what?

- So did it seem like it was implying

that the fiance went to the
ball, but Natalia didn't

or they both didn't go?

- It only made a statement from the fiance

that Natalia Cicero was not feeling well.

- Do I know the ball?

- Oh yeah, you've been to the ball before.

- You've been to this ball, Gunnie?

- Yeah, we go every year.

Yeah, I used to do a lot
of kind of fancy boy stuff

growing up,

because it was just, you know,

when you're around the kind
of class of people that I was,

it just comes naturally to you.

- Can I kind of like shrink into my phone

and just start frantically
Googling everything

about Natalia, about
Lucienne, about Damien.

- Yeah.

- Facts.

Just kind of...

- Give me an investigation check.

- I'm gonna look over
to Gunnie and be like,

I just remembered, I just
felt a memory inside me

that Skipper was sad
that he is not a father.

So can I call you my son?

- I mean, you can...


- My little boy.

(all laugh)

- 17 investigation.

- On a 17 investigation,
you don't find anything

about Lucienne or Damian.

You don't find anything about
Natalia Cicero Connie Lee

Carter Bajar.

You don't like see her anywhere.

- Is there some sort of
like a firewall on me

using the internet while I'm here?

- No, you're looking for, it's
just like you're not seeing,

like everything about her is like

from like a couple of nargons ago.

You're just not seeing anything recent.

Like, no, no--

- What about her socials?

- No paparazzis, socials all go dead.

Socials, all go dead.

- She's just been quiet.

- You remember I brought this up.

There could be some kind of conspiracy,

but the a Griivarr 'cause
it seems like Griivarr

versus Crown and Scepter.

- Maybe Lucienne's playing
both sides somehow.

- Yeah, I mean she's not a Griivarr,

she's a Bajar.

She's Crown and Scepter.
- But they're Crown--

- But she might--
- But Lucienne...

- Griivarr is Crown and Scepter.

- She might--
- No, Bajar is Crown and Scepter.

- Sorry.
- No, exactly.

- Does she mind--?
- What am I saying?

- Get it sorted, Barry, I
know you're stressed out,

but Griivarr and Bravar
are completely different.

- Bajar.

Oh, there's three of them.

- I mean...
- I don't know.

- Actually though, Barry
is making some sense

because Lucienne...
- Hilarious.

- A small symbol's as much
sense as that loser can summon.


- Barry Three, you're outta control.

- Take out a little knife
and just stab you a little.

- Easy there, Barry.

- Can I just write a little "5" on my...

- But they like...

- On your drone body.

- Griivarr lands, we
don't know anyone there.

We don't know any of these players,

I only know the Crown
and Scepter and UFTP.

- You know some platinum cog people,

like you could reach out to some people

in management here.

- Right, but this is like
a Crown and Scepter issue

that this person is disappearing.

- Yes, yes, yes, yes.

This is something unrelated to goings on

in the Griivarr world.

- But I really feel like though
he could be onto something

like do you know if Lucienne
ever had any contacts

with any Griivarr people?

Is it possible that she
was straddling the two?

- I mean, definitely.
- Literally.

- Like, yeah.
- Yeah.

- Definitely yeah.

I mean, it could definitely get to a point

where she's like trying to like
take over the world probably

'cause she fucking could.

- You guys arrive.

- Are you all right, Marge?

- She's just, like, so smart.

- Is the Princeps Zortch's parent dead?

- Someone died, the mag--

- No, the Monarch was silent
on anti revolution magistrates

found dead.

So in other words the voices,

the voices against revolution
on Rubian V are now dead.

So in other words, it's
like violence breaking out

and also the people who were
like let cooler heads prevail

are now dead.

- Can I go on my Reddit and see
if there's news there, like.

- All of those magistrates'
former allies are silent

and all of their enemies
are now taking up the mantle

of their political enemies
saying it is a tragedy

that these magistrates are dead.

But now we can see what we
have been saying all along

was true, which is that we must go to war

against United Free Trade Planets.

- So that's a headache for Lucienne.

- Headache for Lucienne.

- Can we calm--
- Theoretically.

- To Zortch.

Can we calm Zortch and tell them

and report this to them and ask--

- Zortch you guys left
back on the ship, correct?

- It would be like on open
comms is the only thing.

- I think that might be stressful.

I mean, maybe we should tell
them when we are with them

and not just like, "Hi, there's
stuff going on in your home.

"We have to go to the zoo."

- I think that'll go on the Reddit.

- Hey bud.
- With that unknown person

where it's just like our DMs.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- And just write.

Get well soon.


- Hell yeah, great.

- Oh, I have my spell slots back also.

Can I cast probe mind on the Skipper?

- Oh yeah, you can do that.

- As we're going along
on this rollercoaster.

- Bud, you okay?

- What?

- Pretty scary news, huh?

- Yeah, this is actually a little...

It's actually a lot.

I'm gonna take this hat
off, I feel too young.

- I'll take the hat.

- Gunnie, you kind of already
have a couple dads, right?

- Yeah, I have two dads.

- Yeah.

- Okay.

- I mean you can think of me as a son.

That is perfectly fine.

- I have five parents.

- Okay, well it's not a parent race,

but you know what
actually, I take it back.


- I hand Gunnie like a
chocolate chip cookie

dough cream cone.

Do you want?

- Are you trying to be...

- Do you want it?

- I'm 30 years old.

- If you want to do--

- I'd give you a little Ziploc Cheerios.

- If you wanna do that probe
mind now you totally can.

- I just like them, they're good.

- Go ahead, give me a pilot
check and you can do it

with advantage.

- Have you always had these?

- 18.

- 18.

Okay, do you do it with advantage as well?

- Oh the piloting check.

- Yeah, a pilot check
can do it with advantage.

- 18.

- 18, cool.

And what is probe mind doing?

- For the duration, you
can read the thoughts

of certain creatures, blah, blah, blah.

Basically it's surface thoughts.

I can, as an action,

either shift my attention
to another creature thoughts

or attempt to probe deeper
into the same creature's mind.

If I probe deeper, the
target must make a wisdom

saving throw, if it fails,

it takes one D6 psychic damage

as you gain insight into its reasoning,

its emotional state and
something that looms large

in its mind.

- So it deals damage.

- It does deal one D6 of damage.

I'm assuming that he could fail the check.

- You can choose to fail if you'd like.

- And it's only one D6 of damage.

You have fairly high AC, right?

And we would find out--

- HP, yeah.

- HP.

- Yeah.

Go ahead and roll one D6 damage.

- Great.

- You guys know it's gonna be six, right?

- It's five.
- Okay.

- Skip, you take five points of damage.

And you momentarily feel yourself

severed from the brain stem.

You are loose in Skip's brain right now

and you feel yourself leaving the place

that you've been nestled for days now

and moving through and you find something

'cause Riva is helping guide you.

It's this...


- You touch an area of the
brain and feel it tactly

with your body and feel that the texture

and density changes.

A deep scar in the mind.

And as you touch this,
Riva, you feel some,

and you see the deep
close weather beaten face

of Gust Weatherall.

I knew you'd understand.

This is why we trust you so much.

Norm, you're a good man and a good friend.

You see landscape moving
through a freighter craft,

piloting over Amercadia, your home world.

That in this memory, you
remember as your own.

As you're moving through
it, looking at your hands

and you hear faint tinny
emptiness in a holding bay

and you smell something
like blood and champagne

and you hear a cheer of congratulations.

But in this memory, it is a memory

and it is a memory that
is being held obsessively

over and over and over again.

And the spell ends.

- I think Gust Weatherall is
a bad man and a bad friend.

Did you see that?

- No, what happened?

- You can communicate it back to...

And as you do that you feel.

And you've known about things
like this before in the past

where like cerebro slugs work
with the brain they've got,

you know what I mean?

And there is something,

you know that there is something here

that you go back to that memory

of the institute in Amercadia.

You have memories now that
you two working together.

As the spell ends, you can isolate it.

There is a moment, not
maybe like a cycle or two

after Skip was promoted to captain

where things were going
up, you were doing well.

- The ball was rolling up.

- The ball was rolling
up and you actually came

into the friendship of Gust Weatherall.

And then there's a period of
time where you have a memory

of taking a mission, of getting a meeting

with Gust Weatherall's office,
meeting him personally,

which is sort of breaking
the chain of command

in some ways for you to do that.

And then you getting the mission

and the mission was
piloting a test vehicle.

And then after that you just took it out

for a marbec or two.

And then you, was it a vacation?

You didn't fly for about a half a nargon,

but you weren't-- this
was a weird vacation.

You just sort of stayed home, you think.

And then your career kind of stalled out.

And it wasn't more than a cycle,

maybe a couple cycles after that,

that you took your pension and...

- Got the hot dog.

- Got the hot dog.

- I think we have to
keep probing his mind.

We have to try and is there
a way to like cure that scar

or something like that,

because I think there's
a memory burn there.

- Yeah, I mean, I don't
think that there's any way

that I can do it.

- Or something implanted into it.

- I think a memory was...

I think that he was sent on a mission

and then that memory was
wiped from his brain.

- And if it's wearing off,

maybe that's what he was talking...

Maybe we were about to
get that memory back.

- Yeah.

- And I think he probably took the fall

for something maybe.

- Riva, you remember the feeling

of scornful and disdainful
pity that Gust Weatherall felt

when he ran into Skip on Rec 97.

- Right.

- Do I have any recollection
of like this whatever

kind of thing I was piloting?

Have I seen anything like it since?

Or have I seen any...

- Yeah, the thing you were piloting there,

gimme a piloting check.

- Can I get.

- Or yeah.

- Help action.
- Yes you can.

- Great.

- It's cocked.

That is a 14.

- Drop ship.

It was an Amercadian drop ship.

The kind of drop ship that has bay doors

that you can just open whatever's in there

just falls out.

- Like think of like
really like atomic tests

or something like that.

- Like a weapon, possibly
dropping a bomb or something.

- Yeah.

- Interesting.

This guy was fucked up.

- Would we, can I do a history check

and just know if there were
any like famous nuke droppings,

like heinous bomb
droppings, like, you know.

- I'm gonna say that this
drop ship was not armed,

it was not a bomber.

It was not...

- I'm thinking it's some kind of like--

- I'm thinking it's gotta be
something that was secret.

Otherwise, why would they wipe his brain?

- Totally.
- If everybody knew about it.

This is they're behind
something that we don't know

what they're behind.

- I'm like, is it some
kind of like they dropped

some sort of like
information device that...

- And the scar felt
like a psychic scar or--

- No, that's part of it.

If it was a psychic scar, you
could have pushed through it.

The problem is it's something physical.

It would need to be some
collaboration between you and Skip

actual Skip inside the
head there to like go.

Not Norman Takamori, Skipper
our friend, the brain slug.

- Oh got it.

- You guys working together
could probably get in there,

but it might also require
some kind of medical thing.

It might require actually going in and...

Actually make one last investigation check

and you can give the help
action here too, Riva.

- Yes, I will do that.

- Sorry.

- 14.

- Yeah, you feel around
that area and it just feels

rigid hard.

- Like metallic?

- You push in and you
think that past the scar,

there might be something
permanently in there.

- A chip?

- I've got a plus two to medicine.

- Gunnie, with your plus two to medicine--

Can you do brain surgery?

- Can I take a magnet
from my drone and see

if it will stick to his head?

- No, it doesn't seem to stick.

- Aluminum.

- You guys arrive.

You guys arrive at 38 Hugglesby Plaza.

Upon arrival, you are looking for the home

of Dr. Edwina Castor.

This is the address that Gnosis provided.

You're looking around and
see these are enormous

like thousand unit apartment buildings.

This huge, huge, huge apartment complexes.

And you see that there
are these sort of tiny

little balconies and
the balconies are each

sort of like individualized
to some degree.

And you see that all the people
living in these apartment

complexes have chosen to
individualize their balconies,

almost identically.

- Is there a call box?

- I was just about to say
can we look for the mailbox?

Call box, either one?

See if there are any like bulky,

like Amazon packages that
couldn't fit in the box.

- Yeah, can we go through
all the packages out front?

- Can we go through these people's mail

break into the front door and...

- Yeah, you guys wait.

There's so many people in this building

that the door is constantly
opening and closing

as people go about their business.

- But yeah, call box makes--
- Call box will start.

- Call box and--

- Is there a doorman?

- You see "Castor, Edwina."

No door man.

- Oh.
- I press it.

- Thanks for using the call box.

Hope you're having a great time.

Hello, hello?

- Is this her?


- There it is, there's the int-

there's the killer instinct.

- Be yourself.
- Say it's good.

- You can do anything!

- Sid!
- There it is, there it is.

And it's beautiful, and it's beautiful.
- Look at me, Sid!

- I have a bulky Amazon package for you.

- Well if you please you can...

You can...

Did I order it?

- Yes, you did.

- Okay, well, I'm sorry.

You can...

- Hi, this is her supervisor.

You have to sign for it.

- Door opens up.

- Can we see which
suite she was by like...

- Oh, from call.

No, didn't show the apartment.

- Can we ask it really quick?

- Press it again.

- Thousands of doors.

- Thanks for using the call Box.

I hope you're having a great time.

Did I do it right?

- Yeah.
- Hey.

Oh, sorry, go on.

- Sorry, this is his supervisor.

- Mmmhmm

We were just clarifying.

Do you want us to come up to your room

or are you going to
come down here to sign?

- Yeah what he said.

- Let's make a group
deception check real quick.


- Who is that, who is that?

- He kind of looks like a string cheese.

- I got a 19.

- 19?
- This is frankly...

- 22.
- ...Loose Duke behavior.

- 16.
- 16.

- 11.

- 11.

- Nat one.

- Okay, great.

All right, so, should I...?
(Skip growls throatily)

- Keep pulling back.

- Did you...should I...?

Would you prefer that I come
down or that you come up?

- No, it is perfectly
fine that we come up.

We just need to clarify
which floor you are on

and your room number.

- 12th floor, unit 85.

- Thank you.

- All right.

- I was really worried we'd
have to punch somebody.

- Sid, this is your creator
who gave you free will

so that you could get away from the people

who were trying to control you.

- What if she's
disappointed with what I did

with my free will?

- Then she's dumb as hell.

- You're on a sick ship
with an awesome crew

with an amazing casino with, I mean,

and you're rich kind of, sort of.

- The ball is rolling uphill.

- Listen...to my son.

- I'll lead with how much money I've made.

- I think that's a great
way to kind of measure

how well you're doing.

- I think you just need to
embody the, I can do anything.

- Yeah.
That you know.

- You don't have to do everything.

You don't have to make
her life meaningful.

She has to do that for
herself, you can do anything.

- It's pretty fun to just
do what you wanna do.

- Yeah, right.

Then I turn on my rocket
boots and I zoom in.

- You zoom in.

Are you all going upstairs?

- Yes.

- Definitely.

You get to 85, you hear like some music

sort of coming from the apartment

and you smell, some kind of
smell coming under the door.

Feels like some...

There's some kind of pungent odor

coming out from the
other side of the door.

What do you do when you get to unit 85?

- I ask Barry what the smell is.

- What's that smell?

- Oh, like lots of old takeout.

- Oh no.
- I'm gonna hang out out here.

- Is this a hoarding situation?

- Okay, I put a little bit of money.


- Okay, yeah, do whatever you want.

- It's a flex.

- Do whatever you want.
- It's a flex.

- Why does everyone flex
so hard all the time?

- You don't have to flex,
you're already buff.

- Yeah, exactly.

- And you're all buff on the inside.

- Wow.

- And I wish you all knew that.

- Thank you, you fucking loser.

- Okay, well, I wish I
could tell Repo Reapers

I was buff on the inside and
they would take that as payment.

- No, those guys, we kill those guys.

- Okay, I'm going to just
reach up my gun and be like,

"No, that's wrong."

And then I'm gonna take my third hand.

I'll knock with Handy Annie.

(knocking sound)

- Music inside continues to play.

- What kind of music?

- Do you wanna put up your
ear to the door and listen?

- Yeah.

(singing Escape [The Piña Colada Song])

- Classic music.

- This is awesome.
- Wow, okay.

- It's just a very interesting
bedroom to walk into...

- Is she getting ready to go out?

- You hear a voice, "Is
there someone at the door?"

- And the door opens.

You see Dr. Edwina Castor.

She's wearing boxers and a
really food stained t-shirt,

flip flops.

Tons of open takeout,
the Escape song blaring

in the other room.

Sort of thick glasses.

Frizzy sort of like
graying hair and like this,

like one side kind of got
like a scrunchie or hair tie

kind of situation, other
ones fully come undone.

And she looks up just drunk as a skunk.

- Dr. Castor, do you remember me?

- ♪ If you like making
love with at midnight.♪

- Very cool.
- I don't think you have to...

- ♪ If you like making love at midnight.♪

- Dr. Castor, it's me, it's Sundry Sidney.

- Okay.
- Do you remember?

- I understand you from my package.

Tell your supervisor's supervisor

that he sounds handsome.

- Wow.

- That's me.
- No, no, no.

That was sort of a subterfuge
to help me summon the courage

to come see you, but
it's me, Sundry Sidney.

Do you remember me?

You made me back at Handy Andi.

- I would love to take Sidney and say,

"Okay, so I don't think you're
gonna get what you want.

"Save the big speech."

- I actually.

- To actually connect,
we're gonna sober her up.

Can I help myself into her apartment?

- Yeah, absolutely.

- What do you got hash browns in here?

Like start going through the freezer.

- Let's get some carbs, shall we?

- Gunnie's gonna clean up a little bit.

- I was gonna say, I think
I brush off my sort of major

domo skills and just start cleaning.

- She looks around and says


Well, well, well,


do my wandering eyes deceive me

or am I experiencing a home invasion?

- I lock the door, take the tap,

the shower nozzle thing
on the kitchen sink

and just spray her face.

(Edwina screams)


- Okay you two.

- Good evening.

- Cool, go ahead and make
a group persuasion check.

- Come on guys, come on.

- Come on.

- Oh, okay.

- Oh God.

- 12.
- 21.

- 15.

- 15?

- Four.
- Six.

- She goes, I've been sprayed in the face.

I am not having it, thank you very much.

Please escort yourselves
out of my domicile.

- You don't even recognize us?

We are all of your closest
friends, Dr. Edwina

and this is an intervention,
we are worried about you.

- Give deception and give
me it with disadvantage.

- Goddamnit.

- Potent aptitude.

- What does that mean?

- D4.

- Add a D4, okay.

- An 18 and a four.

- [Brenan] Okay, a four.

- And a two.

- What do you add to deception?

- Oh, wait, yeah.

- You have plus six.

- Yeah, okay.

So that is a 12.

And then I'm gonna use
defiant, that's a 13.

- Okay, you got real excited.

- She's gonna roll insight.

I thought it was before.

- She's gonna roll insight,
she has a plus four,

but she's also drunk.

So she's gonna roll disadvantage.

- Okay, great.

- So if she gets a nine or
higher on the lower of these two,

she sees through it.


She goes, oh my God.

You're my best friend?

- I am your best friend.

(background music)

And I'm worried about you, and I hug her.

And we just kind of sway.

- She starts crying hard
without sobbing and goes,

"I don't even recognize my best friend."

- It's hard, I know.

I look like such a cute mom today.

- Today and everyday,
my sweet best friend.

- Have a seat.

- Yep, she falls down.


- Do we see if she's got any
like notes around front--

(overlapping voices)

- Not to do a full break
in, but we kind of are.

- While I'm cleaning, I
think I'm looking for like,

Whatever the fuck is going on.

- If she's got any sort of
like outstanding payments,

Or what.

- A settlement or something, like.

- Give me investigation.

- Can we all do it or..
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- They might have just paid
her off and sent her...

- Yeah.

- She took a job though with

Living Doll.
- Living Doll.

- So I got a dirty 20 to my investigation.

- I got 17.

- 17, cool.
- 7.

Anyone beat a 15?

- 17.
- 17 here.


For those that beat a 15,
what were you looking for?

- Gunnie, what were you looking for?

- Oh, I think Gunnie's looking

for like a termination letter

or like it's something in the mail.

- There's very little mail here.

You don't see a termination
letter, but it is also true.

I think you're looking
around and don't see,

You don't see a work station in the house.

You know work, you work
on the ship all the time.

You don't see work going on.

- Can I also, what's her drink of choice?

- She's making a lot of
white Russians for herself

and a lot of mojitos with
rotten mint in the fridge.

- Oh God, that's so.

- It still kind of taste like mint.

Milky and nasty.

- Gunnie's gonna keep just
cleaning around the house.

- And we had a 17 here as well.

- Yeah.

I guess I'll look for.

I mean, you said there's
nothing to do with work here.

- Very little, yeah.

- I guess just sort of insight
into like when this started

happening to her.

- I'll tell you what,
putty monger that you are,

you see the big central
screen in the living room

is a like home shopping channel

and that you look around and recognize

all the stuff in here is home shopping.

- Great, and are there
any magnets on the fridge?

- Retail therapy.

- Are there any what?

- Magnets on the fridge?

- Yes, there are a bunch.

- I will take a couple.

- Take a couple of fridge magnets.

- I guess like, I kind
of wanna look for...

I mean, you said there's no work,

but like if there was like
a doodle of a schematic

or anything like that, or
I guess instead of that,

maybe like a bank statement or...

- You start looking for a...

Yeah, on a dirty 20, you can
go to her personal computer,

which is here in her home.

Ill advisedly, it's not locked,

but she's got security on it.

But you go through to her banking.

- I pretend I'm just dusting it.

I have like one of those duster gun.

I turn my gun into one
of those like (gunshots).

- She's got 80.000 credits in the bank.

She's got a lot of credits in the bank.

So she's not hurting - you look
on her ankle and see a home,

like a home arrest or like
tracking device on her ankle.

- Do I see anything related
to court documents at all?

- You don't see anything
related to court documents.

This doesn't appear to
be a governmental thing.

- Is there anything on the ankle
monitor that says a company

or something?

- Living Doll Cybernetics.

- They are paying her off
to just stay out of it.

- Okay.

- And they stole the idea.

For you.

- Okay.

Okay, here's the deal.

I'm gonna do something
impulsive and I'm really sorry,

But I need you all to have my back.

- Do it.

- Can I cast Off on the...

- On the monitor thing.
- On the ankle thing.

- It turns on off.

- And then just shoot it off
of her foot and then just.

- Yep.

- Can we just take her,
we just gotta take her.

- Okay, this is the second
person you've tried to steal.

This one is a lot less magical.

- You're absolutely right,
we need to get a bigger bag.

- The ball's already in motion, okay?

Because they're gonna know that this thing

was got turned off.

- Let's run.

- Can we just turn it back?

- It's on the 12th floor?

- Can we just wrap it
around something else

and turn it back on?

- She shot it.
- Yeah.

- Just turn it back on now.

- She shot the strap.

- Yeah, turn it back on.

- I turn it back on.

- Okay, you turn it back on.

- Let's get out of here.

- I think we should get out of here.

- Can I roll an investigation
check to see if there's like

maybe cat or a dog that we
attach this ankle monitor to?

- Sure, yeah.

- Wait, I wanna just leave a...

We'll have to take the cat or the dog too.

- Are we doing like a hiding thing, or...?

- Yeah, I'm gonna cast
Smuggle on all of us.

- Okay, great, let's
go, let's go, let's go.

- I cast Smuggle on all of us,
and we just need to put her back.

- You leave the ankle
monitor in the apartment.

- I'm gonna walk a
little ahead of everyone.

- Cool.

- Is there a fan?

- Yes, there is a fan.

- I attach it to the fan
and then turn the fan on.

- Very smart.

- Wow.

- I don't know, it just
seems like the kind of person

who would pace around
the circles? Right. Yeah?

- I'm gonna say, make a
technology check for me.

- Okay.

- Not my dice, Ally's dice.



- Okay, so (whirring)
this little ankle monitor

is moving around on this fan

was only off for a second or two.

And you grabbed Dr. Castor.

- Dr. Castor - us, your
best friend wants you

to come with her.

- I think later.

- We'll do like, get some Pedialyte,

a breakfast sandwich...

- I fireman carry her and we
all have smuggle cast on us.

- ♪ If you like makin'
love at midnight! ♪

- You are going to...

- You guys take off, go
ahead and give me a...

Yes, what's up?

- On our way out, I mean,

there are thousands of doors, right?

- There's a lot of them, yeah.

- Okay can I hang back a little bit

while everyone's really like
getting her out of here.

And I would like to
knock on a couple doors

and ask if they have a...

I'm just gonna like try
to pitch a droid to them.

So like what's another main company?

- Oh, there's Living Doll and Handy Andi.

- Andi.

- Handy Andi.

I'm gonna say hi, do you
have like a home droid

that you like? 'Cause we have a new line.

- You're gonna knock on some doors.

You're gonna ask if you--

- I'm gonna just try to make
a presence for Handy Andi

in this building so then
maybe it can seem like--

- Marge is pretending like a
different company is stealing-

- Has stolen their researcher.

- Do a forgery of a Handy
Andi thing and slip it

under her door.

- Okay, I'm gonna need
you to roll a luck check.

Just a flat lock check before
we get to the deception

and I'm going to need you to
do this with disadvantage.

- Oh my God.
- Come on.

- God, it's just gonna be
another security guard,

like at the hotel.

- Oh my God.

- Luck check with disadvantage?

- Yes.

- Not too bad, 10 and a 16.

- Hey, 10 is right in the middle.

Okay, so go ahead and
gimme a deception roll.

- Okay, 16.

- 16.

You have left a trace
that like representatives

of Handy Andi were here in this place.

- Cool, that's all I needed to do.

- Give me stealth roll,
group stealth roll.

- Add plus 10, nat 20.

- 23.

- 19.

- 32.

- Jesus.

- Over 20 for sure, 22.

- 36.
- 26.

- I believe the lowest roll here was a 26.

The lower third.

- [Siobhan] I got 17.

- Oh, sorry of the top
three, the lowest was a 26.

- Yes.

- So unbelievable, you
are gone in Hon Grii.

Where are you headed to?

Are you headed back to the
ship, are you headed...?

- Let's go to the breakfast place.

- We gotta keep the ball rolling up.

- Wait, Dr. Edwina would be maybe amazing

to work with Gnosis.

- I mean, yeah, definitely.

- Once we can sober her up.

- I feel like we don't head
back to the ship just yet.

- Wait, but if we do go back to the ship,

the Princeps can make them breakfast.

- Can we send her an Uber back to-

- But I also.

(speakers talking over each other)

- I want one of those
squirrel shaped pancakes

they have at all the places here.

- Should we stay one of the themed hotels?

- Oh yeah.

- That could be a lot of fun.

- We have money now.
- Exactly.

- We can stay in hotels.

- They have like make your
own pizza bars and stuff.

I would love that.

- Can you look up the
like corporate structure

of like what is the least
connected to this cybernetic

for the Living Doll company,

like just in case there is
like a same parent company?

- Is there a Living Doll factory

in the place that we're
staying, that we're at?

- Give me a lore check.

- 14.

- You don't know that the
main manufacturer is here.

Main manufacture might be off world.

- Yeah, I think Skip's
concerns might be right.

Maybe we do need to go back to the ship

'cause between us and...

- Yeah.
- ...the Professor.

- What's that, what'd you say?

Oh wait, I don't totally get the
concern, I do wanna understand.

- I think maybe Living Doll
could have like a similar,

be owned by the same
company that has like hotels

and stuff around.

- Oh totally.

All connected.

- And my smuggle only lasts for an hour

and by the time that that's over,

then we could get picked up by...

- It kinda seems like
we have a safe haven.

- Yeah, let's bring
her back to the hangar?

- Bring her back to the ship.

- You do have a place that
the guy had made a connection

with your crew, and you
give a 2.500 credit.

Data cards too.

- We'll pick up some food.

- Oh, I mean the Princeps
can whip us up a little.

- Oh, that's true.

- Avocado pancake.

- Margaret, the businesswoman
keeps reminding you guys,

that you have free meals on the ship.

- I know we have breakfast at home
it's just we're in a special place.


- We can have breakfast
for dinner or lunch.

- We can have McDonald's at home.

- Every place only sells breakfast here.

- It is like we've all
been eating eggs so much.

- For nonstop.

- All of you arrive back at the Wurst.

You get in you, in one
of the sort of crew bay

like sleeping areas,
actually out more public.

So you're out in the Jib Job space

on one of the sort of nice depressed sofas

where people are normally
like posted up with a laptop.

Dr. Edwina Castor still like
stained like big pajama shirt,

boxers, flip flops.

You see Zortch sort of there
with this like incredible

stack of pancakes.

- Are they shaped like
just normal pancakes?

- Zortch goes like,
"Do you want 'em shaped

"like something else?"

- It's fine.
- Squirrel?

- He wants them shaped like a squirrel.

- No, but you're not gonna
do it the way they do it

'cause they have the molds and stuff.


- Can we say that on our
way back, I cast disarm

on one of the breakfast chefs

and got like a squirrel
shaped waffle press.

- A chef that enormous mustache goes,

"And one Smaggy Squirrel, noooo."

Pancake flies across.

- Smaggy is so funny.

- No, I'm fine, I already ate.

- You see Zortch leans
over, touches their forehead

to Dr. Castor's forehead and says,

"Awaken, I made pancakes."

And leans back, Dr. Castor
and is just tenderly served

a fork full of pancakes and begins,

"My head is ringing."

- Dr. Castor?

- Oh my goodness.

- It's me, Sundry Sidney,
dressed like a Warfare Whitney,

but still essentially Sundry Sidney.

- How did I get here?

- We kidnapped you, pretty much.

- (scream) Help me!

- You see she reaches-

- Look at your ankle.

- You see she looks down and says,

"What have you done?

"My ankle monitor.

"That's how they know I
haven't broken my contract.

"I am a very wealthy woman."

- Because if...

- You wanted to stay in your contract?

- I have 80.000 credits in the bank.

- You can still go back.

The monitor's on the fan and it's fine.

- They won't know you are gone.

- Gunnie ringed it on a fan.

- Yeah.
- Do you ever just spin in circles?

- She takes out a little transponder

out of like a fanny pack off the side.

She takes it and she
says, "I have 180 emails."

Dr. Castor, we clocked you sprinting

in a tight circle for the past 45 minutes.

Is everything all right?

You buffoons, you babbling bozos.

- It's gonna be fine.

Do you wanna white Russian?

Do you want a white Russian or a Mojito?

- No!

- Yes!

- Make a virgin one.

- Okay, yeah, great.

You breathe, I'm gonna
get you a white Russian

We're gonna hang out.

And Gunnie pours a bunch of milk.

- Is this some kind of...

- A little coffee and a little coffee.

- What is this?

- Hey, it's a white Russian.

Calm down, calm...

- This is weak as hell.

- Here's a mojito.

- Let me just pour a little
bit of vodka down the straw.

That's what bartenders do.

Then it's just boozy for the first sip

and they forget about it.

- Okay.

- You listen and you listen
here, you nincompoops,

I'm about to be...

I'm about to be broke again.

- Okay Dr. Castor, what happened?

It's me.
- You kidnapped me.

- Why are they trying
to keep you in a room?

- Kidnap is a big word.

- He used it.

- I smack her and then kiss her.

- Stop.

- You said she goes, ah, smack.



- Listen.
- You do not seem happy.

- I'm not.

- Yeah, so we tried to
take you outta a situation

that clearly was not serving you.

- I'm not happy because
I've been kidnapped.

- No, we'll take you back, all right?

Just after we talk.

We kidnapped Zortch.

- Where am I?

- Zortch is very happy.
- Zortch loves it here.

- You see Zortch comes over
says, "Listen, I understand.

"Can I attempt to link
with you telepathically

"to enable..."

And you see Dr. Castor smacks Zortch.

- No more slapping.

- I'm gonna slap whoever I please.

- I'm gonna cast calm
emotions on the doctor.

- All right.

- It's a charisma saving throw.

- You see she calms down and
says, "All right, all right,

"I've slapped a number of you.

"I'm going to let..."

- We don't take it personally.

We get slapped and kissed
all the time around here.

- No we don't.

We're not gonna normalize
that behavior, okay?

- I slap Gunnie and kiss him.

- Stop, no, no, no.

- Zortch kisses the doctor.

- Stop.
- Doctor slaps them again.

- We are coworkers

- Dr. Castor, I'm trying to figure out.

Okay, first off, have you
lost your drive to create?

- I've lost my...

You sound absolutely
unhinged, drive to create.

- Of course I'm unhinged.

You made me and look how unhinged you are.

- I'm unhinged?

I was enjoying a lovely
bout of home shopping

in my beautifully appointed suite

where I happened to be a wealthy woman.

- Smelled so bad in there.

- Oh, I'm sorry, it didn't smell like this

hunk of junk ship.

- Your calm emotions is
definitely wearing off.

- It only lasts for a minute.

- It's been like 20 seconds.

- To be clear, this is much calmer--

- Why are they paying
you to stay in one room?

You're a brilliant mind.

- Ohh, a brilliant mind.

- Okay, you know what,
you made me to be nice,

but you also made me to get nasty.

And I will do that if I need to,

I hold my gun up to her
fuckin' under her chin.

- Okay, now this feels like kidnapping.

- Now we're going to let cooler
heads prevail, all right.

- Oh.

- I'm sorry, I just, I
really need some answers.

And also I'm really
disappointed that you're happy

with that home shopping network life.

I thought you liked making droids,

and I thought you liked making me.

- Liked?

Oh goodness, that's right.

This was several cycles ago.

Well, listen I...

Of course, I haven't forgotten about you.

You're why I'm here.

So in your schematic

rather bones of your design,

it is some of my best
work, yes, absolutely.

- Thank you.

- But an incredibly flawed concept.

We had to design the hell out of you

just to get something workable.

And Living Doll paid an
extremely handsome price

for our design, for my design.

Rather, I did a little
crime, I did some crime.

- Can we subtle control
her mother calling her

very flawed design?


It's a wisdom saving throw.

- You were a great design.

- Hey, all I heard is that I was great.

- So rather the only thing
to remember here is that...

Look, what, what is it, first of all,

how are you still alive?

You were supposed to be
melted down for parts.

The last thing I remember was you skating

out of that building and throwing
a grenade back into the room.

- Yeah, well, did you
notice that I angled it,

so you wouldn't get hit?

- You did, you grievously
injured our CEO, Max Griivarr.

- Well, I mean, I think
you did that, didn't you?

I was in there and then they
were gonna scrap me for parts.

And then you must have pressed
some mysterious button,

And then all of a sudden
I was like, wait a second.

I occupy a different space
than all these fuckers.

And I have roller skates and I don't need

to be here anymore.

And all these thoughts came
to me like they were my own.

So I thought you did something.

- I didn't release you.

- You didn't unlock her?

- No.

- Coward, slap.

- She kisses you.

- Oh my.

- Everyone relax.

- Cheetos and peanut butter.

- It's good, it's good, it's a good combo.

Yes it is, yes it is.

- No.

- Look, I didn't...

I'm glad that you escaped.

Your tremendous amount of resources

and by the way, recoverable
assets from Android

are only 15% of the cost of creating it.

In any case, the point is this,
it's fine that you escaped,

but I didn't release you.

Look, are you here because I'm mommy?


- Wow, you're rude, okay.

I'm a clone and Barry
One was also a professor

and Barry One made me and
Barry One and me hung out

all the time and we ribbed each other

and this isn't friendly ribbing.

This is frankly rude.

- Yeah, this isn't ribbing at all.

- This isn't ribbing.

- Who else could have unlocked her?

Do you even know?

- It's possible that the
junior marketing associate

responsible for pitching
the Sundry Sidney line

may have released you.

- And who was that, what was their name?


- She goes, "Oh hell, I had
this somewhere in the...

"And I stole the schematic."

- Right, the crime you did, correct.

- When you did the crime.

- Well, the nice thing about
stealing something secret

is nobody can report it.

So when they wanted to scrub Sundry Sidney

from the company's log, I
said, well, that's some very...

Again, look, you have reason.

You don't have to beat yourself up.

There's good engineering work in you,

it's just the concept was flawed.

- The concept was what?

- Good.
- The concept was good.

- Concept was fl-ine...

You see that she goes
here, and pulls it up.

You see a recording

of a meeting with the R&D department

at Handi Andi from many cycles ago.

She holds it up to you says,
this is Dr. Edwina Castor

recording initial notes session
between research and development

with the marketing
department for the new...

is this for the new 192 and moves through.

She like scans forward and
shows you a young woman

who looks very nervous, young, new woman,

Hair tied back in a bun
wearing sort of slick-like

metallic blue suit looking forward.

And she stays with marketing
associate, Auma Liu.

And you see that Auma, who you recognize

was in your flashback,
the marketing person

who spoke up on your behalf.

- Yeah, the one who says
she's kind of aspirational.

- She's kind of aspirational.

And you see Dr. Castor say,
"So talk to us a little bit

"about where you see this fitting
into this new cycle's line

"of releases" and you see
this woman start speaking

and she says, "Well, so in my imagination,

"she's like the everything Android.

"The perfect companion, the
perfect executive assistant

"majordomo, the perfect
protection companionship.

"She's the like espionage artillerist.

"She's the protocol and personal defense.

"She can kind of do it all."

Do it all, that's sort of a
design challenge, very well.

And you see this interview
unfolding as you get described

by this marketing person.

You get described by,
and you realize that--

- So I was her idea.

- Yes, yes.

There's a collaboration between
research and development

and between marketing.

You did not start in a laboratory,

you started as this young woman's,

which she referred to as "her dream."

- She's not Barry One, she's Barry Nyne.

- I don't get that!

I don't know what that's about.

- She's rude.

Barry Nyne is the bad Barry
and Barry One's a good one.

- Can I disarm her phone
so I can get the schematics

for my own making?

- Sure, yeah, absolutely.

- Oh my goodness, guys.

- What?

- We're gonna put you back.

- Would I have known Auma Liu

from the cog leadership summit?

- Oh, I'm going to say yes, 100%.

You know this person.

- Wow.
- Okay.

- You know this person.

She got fired from Handi Andi
after Sundry Sidney escaped.

But she was great, you
knew her at the platinum

cog leadership summit.

And her whole deal was she wanted to...

You knew about her.

She wanted to make
Androids more accessible.

One of her parents had fought
in the Triclon invasion

on the side of the cyberforms.

She was basically someone who
went into business development

to try to make Androids
not this like hyper niche

only for the wealthiest,
wealthy people in the world,

but went in sort of with
dreams of like making this...

She was a cool person, you knew her from--

- She was always very like
positivity to the world kind of--

- Positivity to the world kind of thing.

And basically felt like if there was a way

that Androids were more public facing,

that it would be possible to
create like different tiers

of Androids that different
people could afford,

but was just herself someone
who went into business

rather than going...

Just thought she could do more

from the business side of things

than from the tech side of things.

She was like, if you go into tech,

you are always sort of
at the mercy of building

whatever you were asked to build.

But if I was able to become an executive

at one of these companies,
I could provide resources

to androids for what Androids

wanted to see androids getting built.

- I have a question, I'm not clever.

I'm not good at the robot stuff.

I'm more of like an intuition
spirit kind of a person.

But if Sundry Sidney
could become self-aware

and make her own choices, which we support

and Warfare Whitney is
based on the same schematics

as our friend Sidney here,
could Warfare Whitney,

Not fans of Warfare Whitney,
very skinny, very mean.

- Its definitely in my game
plan to come around to them

in a way that's like,
"Hey, let's be friends."

- Okay, but what if they're bad though

and then they have free will
and they already hate you

because to be fair,

you did start off on
a bit of a wrong foot.

- I know.
- Understandably wrong foot.

- I do have some
apologizing to do for that.

And I'm ready.

- You cannot give an Android free will.

- But...

- You can though.

- You did though.
- Barry Nyne.

- You actually did give
an Android free will.

- Right on.

- Can I roll to see if I can
find Auma Liu's contact info

in some of my old....
- Hell yeah.

- Like my emails?

- Listen, we definitely can put you back,

but we're gonna have to
spin you around a bit

so it doesn't seem like you decelerated,

like you just immediately stopped.

- Maybe we can put you in some suspenders

and attach you to the fan

so it looks like you're-

- Well listen, I am sorry
that I was not the person

that you...


I'm very glad that you all running around

and you've had this Android.

I don't want you to be destroyed.

I actually thought given the
constraints of the ludicrous


- Oh my god, you just keep talking.

- I think we did some
rather smashing work.

And certainly Living
Doll Cybernetics agreed

or they wouldn't have wanted
your core programming.

The issue wasn't that you didn't work,

the issue is that nobody would want to buy

that type of Android.
- What?

- Who at Living Cybernetics hired you?

- Who at Living Doll Cybernetics hired me?

- Yeah.

- You see she looks up and
says, "I was reached out to...

"First of all, I wasn't hired.

"The important thing is this,
I came with this schematics

"because Max Griivarr and Handi Andi

"weren't going to sue
about a design schematic

"that they never publicly released

"because they would have
to say, yes, we're suing

"about this thing that we
tried to internally scrub

"and lie to our shareholders about.

"So of course that's not going to happen.

"So they had to try to
deal with it secretly.

"So I could come and give this schematics.

"And there wouldn't be any public grounds

"to come after me on.


"if you want some kindness from me,

"then I can tell you this,

"the patent for Sundry
Sidney was bought illicitly

"by Living Doll Cybernetics
because they know

"that Handi Andi can't
come after them for it,

"'cause they don't want to admit
that Sundry Sidney is real.

"However, Sundry Sidney's patent

"is not where she originated.

"So you couldn't have
a programming law suit.

"Sundry Sidney was developed
in the marketing department

"of Handi Andi, which
means that your trademark

"preexists your patent.

"If Handi Andi were to
admit that they had in fact

"designed you, they would be able

"to shut Warfare Whitney down,

"if that's something you're interested in.

"But that trademark is
somewhere hidden along

"with your entire scrap
program in Handi Andi's file

"somewhere data shredded
beneath a mountain

"of who knows what.

"But in terms of the original
paperwork for that trademark,

"there is a possibility that miss Liu

"would've held on to it."

- Definitely.

- Is this all the information
that we want from her?

- Yeah, scrub her mind, please.

- Well, I... (laughter)

- What?!

- I was actually thinking
we could just get her

blackout drunk and just drop
her somewhere in the city.

- We could just bring her back

'cause she doesn't even
remember coming to the ship.

- Yes, but we should make
sure that she's in the bag

and doesn't know when we exit the ship,

where we are or what our ship looks like.

- We gotta spin her pretty fast.

- What are your experiences
with Warfare Whitney?

Is there any good in them?

- Living Doll didn't hire me for the R&D.

Once I gave them the schematics,

they put me in that
apartment, they paid me off

and I've been eating takeout ever since.

- How did they even know about it though?

What made them even want a
patent that no one else wanted?

- Yeah, did you go out selling
it or did they find it?

- They found me.

- You know, for a scientist,
you're not very curious.

- Very curious about
my areas of expertise.

- Which is take out and home shopping.

- (chuckle).

- I hand her a bottle of vodka.

- That did hurt my feelings.

- I take the bottle of vodka,
I take the bottle of vodka.

- Wanna go ahead and get you started.

- We did talk about a lot of our plans

in front of this woman.

Can we please like wipe her memory?

- Yeah, again, I really
think if she just drinks,

she just wipes her memory.

- But what if we dropped her off

and we took all the booze
out of her apartment.

I mean and we just like wrote her a letter

from like a concerned like neighbor.

- It's all good.

- It's all good.

Let's just blindfold
her and bring her back.

- Yeah, as you start to blindfold her-

- How about this, if you
tell anyone that you saw us,

I have Handy Annie take a
bunch of footage of her.

I'll say we'll send this along and show

that you broke your contract

and then you'll lose
your money, rich woman.

- And 80.000 credits
isn't actually that much

'cause we made that in one day.

- Selling drugs.

- Well la-dee-dah!

If I knew where to find
drugs, I'd sell them.

- Do you wanna buy drugs?

- Okay, we're not selling her drugs.

We are taking all the
alcohol out of her apartment

and leaving her a nice note.

- And I have this footage of
you, if you try to tell anyone.

You will lose all your money.

- Oh, that's right, I'm
on the Griivarr world.

They have that whole anti-drug
thing they make us all sign.

Okay, you see...

She looks up as you...

So you guys deposit her
back in her apartment.

As you deposit her there,
you see she goes up,

gets the little thing,
puts it back on her ankle.

And she looks back and says.

- I know I wasn't your idea.

- I made what I was asked to make.

- I know.

(somber music)

- They did approach me.

- Who?

- Living Doll.

Max Griivarr went to the emergency room

after you blew him up.

And with all of the security measures

we made for all of the Androids,

the thing that got the attention
of Living Doll Cybernetics

is we made an Android
that blew up our own CEO.

And when they approached me, they said,

"An Android fleeing for its
life, why would it do that?"

And I said, whenever
you're making an Android,

there's so many complex steps,

the krystalline consciousness,

there's so many factors at work.

But there is

carrying out Auma's vision.

We followed the design elements

that the marketing department

felt would make this approachable.

And while ultimately it did
not get favorable reviews,

there was something in the
translation of the design

that created something
I had never seen before

in an Android.

Handi Andi was too stupid to
see it, Living Doll was not.

- Do you have a name of
someone at Living Doll

that she worked with?

Is there anyone that we would recognize?

- Potentially, like you
know a lot of the people

at Living Doll.

She actually looks at you, she says,

"It came directly from the CEO himself,

"Anderson Grommit."

- Do you think that there's any chance

that they've done other
stuff with the tech

other than Warfare Whitneys,
something more secretive?

- Well, it's hard to say, I don't know.

They haven't clued me
into those conversations.

I've seen Warfare Whitney.

They were kind enough to
send me a holo-recording

of the ship from the
manufacturer I should say,

and it's good design.

No one's ever going to
make anything as dangerous

as the Vercadian protector Android.

The Andromedicones that
created those were operating

on a cyber form of
intelligence beyond...beyond.

But for human made
Androids, Warfare Whitney

is an achievement.

She is an achievement.

She smiles here and goes,

"I don't think she's a design achievement,

"but she is a marketing achievement."

And in this galaxy, that's what counts.

- ♪ If you like piña coladas!♪
- Wow.

- Okay.

- All right, goodbye Dr. Edwina.

- Goodbye Sundry Sidney
and goodbye Barry Nyne.

You are Barry One.
- Syx.

- You're Barry Syx.

You didn't mention Barry Syx at all.

- I talked about Barry Nyne a
lot because I hate Barry Nyne.

And I talked about Barry One a lot

because I love Barry One very much.

- And also--
- In fact I love all Barrys.

- Your shirt does say nine.

- And also it says nine because I'm...

Actually, I'm not telling you my plan.


- Very well, one more
kiss from either of you

and we'll be on our way.

- I kiss her.

- Okay, she goes--

- My drone also kisses her.

One on each cheek.

- And you guys leave the
home of Dr. Edwina Castor.

- You were a design exception,

you just didn't have marketing.

And that's really pure.

- I just keep hearing how
dismissively she said mommy.

- Oh yeah, no, she's not
your mommy, remember.

- Yeah, exactly.
- Auma's your mommy,

Auma Liu.

- Your bad stepmother.
- And she's really cool.

I know your mom.

- So you think I should just--

- I went to school with your mom.

I'm kind of your cool aunt.

- You think I should just
like, you're my aunt.

- I'm kind of your aunt.

- I hug Aunt Margaret.

- I hug her, I say I'm proud of you

say I'm so proud of you.

You couldn't have been
designed any better.

- I hug my son.

- I take the hug.

It's like...

- My psychodrone hugs my floating...


Okay, but here's what I'm
almost wondering is like,

did they find out that I've
rebelled against the people

that made me and they thought
that's a hackable design.

- I think...
- And they're using it in--

- And it sounds like
maybe that doesn't exist

in Sundry Sidney 'cause that
was the beauty of your design.

- But maybe they harnessed
it or maybe they have

some sort of thing that like,

maybe they're like almost
like Manchurian candidates

or something and the Warfare Whitneys,

they sell 'em out to a bunch of things.

And then suddenly they turn on the people.

- Yes, definitely.

We should try to track who...

- Right, can we look for Warfare Whitneys,

see if there's any weird news stories

about Warfare Whitneys?

- So here's the thing, it's
only been a few malton units

since the Rec station.

They delayed the release
by a half a nargon

after the Carbine Kennel Club Dog Show.

So Warfare Whitneys are
not out of the market yet.

- Okay, great.
- Okay, great.

- So those were prototype Warfare Whitneys

that came and attacked.

- Well, you know that
there's more than prototypes.

'Cause they've like created the batch.

They're just not for sale yet.

- Oh, okay.

So they've just been like
sending them out to influencers.

- Yes, exactly, like test
out your Warfare Whitney.

- "What's up, YouTube?"


- Yeah, can we see if Crunch has?

- "What's up fam, it's Crunch Moon-Jones

almost died as a brigade
tiger smashed into my skiff.

I'm here with Warfare Whitney right now

And I'll tell you what, no ones ever gonna

crash into my skiff again."

- Wow.

- I have so much research I wanna do,

but what do you guys wanna do now?

- Fantanimal...

- Do we wanna go to the Fantanimalland?

- Museum or the Fantanimal?

- Aren't they at the same place?

- Museum is in Fantanimalland.

- I mean, I feel like we also could use

a kind of more positive spin on the day.

- The last time I was there,

all of the Barrys were murdered.

- Sorry, I forgot.

- By a Barry, Gunnie.
- I forgot.

- Barrys killing Barrys,
that's what happens

at Fantanimalland.

Don't forget it, watch your back.

- Okay, but do you think
they have piña coladas there?

Cause she said piña coladas a lot.

- Do they sell alcohol at Fantanimalland?

- They do.

- So after what we just saw,
you actually want a drink.

- Yeah, that's allowed.

- Alcohol affects me differently.

Makes me more connected
psychically to people.

Very much like a...

"Shhh listen" kind of a
drunk, listen you're great.

She's great.

Don't believe, no shh...

- Dump him!

- So I'm gonna say that
that's like your first

or rather like your
you've kind of wrapped up

a malton unit and a
half, that's a full day.

- Okay.

Can I just see if Ronnie and
his friends used the casino?

- So Ronnie and his
friends now use the casino.

Do you wanna ask Ronnie
to open up the casino

and let people come to the ship nursery.

- Of course.
- No.

- No, because we have the princeps.
- Can we vote?

- I think we should vote.

- Okay.
- We vote.

- The Princeps--
- I vote to open it up.

- Yes.
- What?

- The Princeps, they're
all in the reactor safely.

- I vote against opening the casino.

- I vote against opening.
- I vote against opening.

- Dad.

Dad, dad.

Hang on.

- Dad.

- Wait a second, no, no no.

- Dad.

- Hold on, he didn't claim you as son.

- I'm claiming he was my
dad, it works both ways.

- Is that how it works?

I didn't know you could run
around just claiming people.

- I've never had a dad before just--

- But it's like a dad-son love triangle.

- Skip's dream.

- Your two sons fighting--

- 'Cause if it's a tie we have to,

we go with the, we open it, obviously.

- Who made that rule?

- Come on.

- Dad.

- I open the casino.

- Wait, now it's his time, right?

- He's captain, captain settles ties.

- We'll only open it at
night when we're there.

- Wait, it is tied, it is tied.

But captain counts as two.

- Okay, why don't we open the casino

just to do one game to
decide if we open the casino.

Because it's tied.

So one roll of the dice.

- One roll of the dice.

- Go ahead and roll it.

- Wait, what is opening it?

- Marge is on our side.
- 14.

- So you gotta roll higher than a 14.

- Okay.

I'm not gonna use your dice against you.

- You can.

- No, I use my own dice.


- Three.

- Casinos closed.

- Well, we opened the casino.

- As you walk out talking about like,

I'm glad we're keeping closed, yeah.

- Ronnie looks over and says,

"Sorry, what's that?

"You guys want to open the casino?"

- Well, we were gonna have it closed.

Why, what's...?

- We opened it briefly to
have a roll of the dice

to decide whether not to open it.

- It's a personal casino

that we didn't actually gamble credits on.

- Are you trying any gamble on it?

'Cause we can--
- Oh, not at all.

I was gonna say, if
you're gonna open a casino

in my ship nursery while
we're modifying your Starship,

I was gonna take--

- It's illegal, right?

Yeah, we would never do that to you.

- You were gonna do what?

- I was gonna take a huge piece of advice.

- Definitely.

- Yes, exactly.

- We're gonna not open it.

- We're definitely not gonna open it

because of the dice.
- Smart.

- Smart, smart, smart.

- We rolled a dice on that one.

- That's really smart,
that's really smart.

Yeah, for sure.

- Ronnie would've taken a cut.

- That's good.

- Ronnie is a great guy.

- Guys, you need to watch
yourself around here.

The Fantanimalland is a dangerous place.

- Oh, come on.
- Okay.

- Okay, you know what, can I
be honest, can I be honest?

- Yeah.

- I've never been to Fantanimalland

and I always wanted to
go when I was growing up

and my dads would never take me.

- It fucking rules.

- Yeah, I wanted.

- And that's how they draw you in.

- Didn't your parents know
that there's a museum there?

- Yes, they knew that
there was a museum there,

but they wanted me to focus on my studies

and that kind of stuff
because I had a future.

And so I had to work for it.

- Everybody has a future.

I didn't go to school and I've got future.

- Okay.

- I'm gonna die tomorrow, just like Plug.

- Let's all go to Fantanimalland.

- We cut to Uncle B.O.B's Fantanimalland.

Balloons, little gyrocopters...

Welcome to uncle...

You walk in and you see
an enormous holo-projected

Uncle B.O.B sitting in a
high back leather chair

with a little pipe going,
"Hey there, boys and girls,

"and kids of all ages.

"It's your old Uncle B.O.B

"saying welcome to Fantanimalland.

"Make sure to stay safe and
say thanks to your moms,

"and dads and parents and legal guardians

"for taking you to Fantanimalland."

- Thanks dad.

- You're welcome, son.

- Is this the next day?

- This is the next day, yes.

You arrive and you see Fantanimalland,

like weird, strange animals.

It is mostly a zoo with
all strange creatures

from all over the galaxy.

- Oh, are there any other Aguatunisians?

- Yes, there are
Aguatunisians in the exhibit.

- Do they want to be here?

- They communicate with you
telepathically and they say hi.

- Hi.

- Deep Current In the Ocean That
Takes You Where You Want To Be

I'm Sunlight Sparkling
Through the Upper Waters.

- What a beautiful name.

- Hi.

- How are you?
- Good.

- What are you doing here?

- Interning.

- That's so fun, I was an intern,

but now I'm a co-owner
and I'm my own boss.

- What?

- Yeah.

- That's amazing.
- Isn't that amazing.

How long have you been on your Gallivant?

- I've been on the Gallivant
for probably two nargons now.

A lot of us come out here
because they feed you.

- No!

- They come and throw food into the water.

- That's so fun.

- I'm gonna cast buffer on myself

because you said this is a dangerous place

and I'm feeling uncertain
about these interactions.

- As you are going around, do you?

Yeah, you see, they look and they say,

"Wow, how's your Gallivant going?

You're a co-owner and your own boss?

- Yeah, and I've killed a lot of people.

And I'm really into
money and shopping now.

Now I've changed and only for the better,

because the ball is rolling uphill.

That's a thing that we say.

- Ball rolling, rolling, rolling.

Rolling up hill.

- Yeah.

- Why would anything roll up?

And you see that there is this moment of,

I think that you fully hive mind

with your fellow Aguatunisians.

- You are getting a sense of
wonder and shock from them.

As your ease with like human idioms,

like the idea of anything going up a hill,

like underwater a hill is sort
of a weird concept anyway.

And you are getting this
feeling from them of how much,

like you are such a sweet
force in this group.

And immediately realize
that you are not even

halfway through your Gallivant
and vastly more dangerous

and shrewd, vastly more
dangerous and shrewd

than any of your family or friends

would recognize you as back home.

- Great.

Yeah, here's a trick,
here's a little trick.

Sometimes they say things
and they don't mean anything,

but it's just fun.

- You just hear like psychic
euphoria as these Aguatunisians

like swirl and dance in the
water, like, I can't believe it.

Oh my God.

And as you start to sort
of like just play mentally

in the space with them,
all of these lessons

about like how often people lie

and how self-serving people are

and all of the wild things
you've seen at the Rec station

and Baustin and here in Han
Ober just floods through them.

They go, wow.

And you see--
- Isn't that amazing?

- They sort of are crying.

They're like, "I feel so sad
and amazed and exulted and sad.

"There's all these feelings around this."

- Yeah, and here's the craziest thing.

There's not really much he
can do to change any of it

'cause it's so big.

- It's so big.

And you see a bunch of the kids

look at these sort of
exulting Aguatunisians

sort of touching
themselves and each other.

And you see a parent say,

"We're gonna go back
to the sloth exhibit."


- Can I project to them,

"Hey, you haven't seen
this guy, have you?"

And I project the image of
Barry Nyne's face to them.

- Yes, yes.

- When?

- Right behind you.

It's Barry.


- Is this the first day you've seen me?

- Have you seen this guy before?

- It's not the first day they've seen you.

- Oh no, it's not the first time.

- Well, where does he go?

- Has he asked you questions?

- You see, they say,
no, he's never asked us

questions before.

- He just comes here, with a person?

- No, he's been through once or twice.

And you see that one
of those over and says,

"No, well, none of us remember,

"it's a memory from the tank."

- Oh.

- And you recognize that
because the interns come here

for their Gallivant for a couple months.

Some of them stay- you see that
as much as these Aguatunisians

are being taken advantage of and
as fucked up as this situation

in where this like fully sentient species

of alien is being presented as like,

"Look at these wild psychic creatures,"

that effectively, these Aguatunisians are.

When they say a memory of the tank,

they mean that because there's
this community of interns,

has been coming here for
cycles and cycles and cycles,

that when people show up

and they just kind of like hive mind link

with each other, there's just
residual memories of like,

the wildest things that
have happened here.

It's not the most reliable
because at this point

it's like fourth or fifth person.

But they do share this memory with you

of Barrys back in the day.

So you see Barry Nyne
and you see Barry Nyne

coming through this place

and seeming like very violent and scary.

And you see some of the like museum

or some of the like the
Fantanimalland staff coming up.

And you see one of them
putting a hand on Barry Nyne.

And Barry Nyne reaching
around, grabbing the throat,

and crushing the throat of
the person in front of them.

And then like moving out of the room.

- Is it okay that your
dressed as Barry Nyne?

- Yeah, fuck.

- Can I-- before we head out...?

Thank you.

Just give them the
concept of unionization.

And leave some fridge magnets on the tank.

- You take these fridge
magnets on the tank.

- These are yours and you own them.

- Wow.

- And money can buy you more of them.

- Wow.

- And they are making
money from your labor.

- You see, they look at all the people

and they're like, everyone
looking at us paid to be here.

Oh our wonderful crumbs.

- They're literally and
figuratively crumbs.

Oh, let's go on strike.

And you see that all of
them begin to levitate

out of the- telepathically levitate.

And one of the zookeepers
goes, I better call the boss.

And they move outta here.


You all leave this place.

What are you all doing in Fantanimal...

I mean there, the museum here.

Do you all go to the museum together

or are the others of you?

- Do you wanna try to sniff out Barry?

- I mean, is anybody
looking at me because I look

like Barry Nyne?

- Give me an insight check.

- Can I do a perception
check around Barry?

- Oh yeah, I can also cast Probe Mind

and for a minute check
everybody's surface thoughts.

- Only 11.

- Only 11.

- Can I give them the help action?

- Sure, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Nat 20.

- Oh.

- Help action from your wife, huh?

- Insight check on a nat 20.

You are getting insight on
the people around you here

and there are...

You are not being recognized here.

You're not being spotted.

No, you know, there's it's
been many, many cycles

since the Barry Battalion
had the slaughter here,

so it's possible.

It's also true that when Barry Nyne...

Barry Nyne didn't have
the gold plated armor

or the purple hair.

When he did that stuff,

he looked like any other Barry.

So actually you are wearing something.

You would be more conspicuous

if you had shown up in
your regular gear here,

'cause that would be what they remembered.

So you're looking around.

No one's recognizing
you here in this state.

But you look around and I
think on an insight check,

you go up to, as the
Aguatinasians are leaving,

you see one of them makes contact with you

and communicates with you telepathically.

And you remember that thing,

they share a memory with you,

of the thing Barry Nyne
said to you where he said,

you think you would've
done any differently,

Or you think you would've
behaved any differently.

And there's a moment of
insight on that nat 20

where you wonder if you ever understood

the full meaning of that.

And you've never known what
Barry Nyne was talking about.

What does Barry Syx think,

Barry Nyne meant on that day,

when he says, do you think

you would've done any differently?

- I guess it makes me
worried that the other Barrys

or the professor was up to something.

- On that Nat 20,

That notion that Barry Nyne knew something

about the Barry Battalion
or Professor Barry,

that notion is dispelled.

You know that can't be it.

You know that Barry
Battalion never did anything.

But you realize that
that's been the explanation

hanging in the back of your mind secretly.

Behind the idea that Barry Nyne

is just like an unexplainable villain

was like maybe there
was some deep darkness.

You dispel that, you're
like on a nat 20 insight,

you're like that can't be it.

But that leaves you sort
of in the wind mentally

in terms of explaining that behavior.

You look back and realize on
that nat 20 insight check,

you truly don't know even
the inkling of the mystery

of why Barry Nyne betrayed
the Barry Battalion.

- Do you wanna go to the
museum, you fucking idiot?

- Just I'm like about to cry.

And then I just "Heh!

Sid, you know exactly what
to say to cheer me up."


Yes I do, yes, I do.

- All of you make your way to the museum.

You arrive there and see
the 14 Terran artifacts

on display here in this place.

Let me know like what
you do in this space.

If you want to investigate them.

If you're looking for one
artifact in particular,

If you wanna just take
in the whole exhibit,

Whatever you wanna do.

- Do they have one of those machines,

where I can put in a credit

and spin it and it'll
make it'll smash a credit

and make one of those little--

- I get in line--
- I go do one of those.

- You guys go look around.

- Everyone spend a credit to
make one of those souvenirs.

- I start researching
all of the artifacts.

- Cool.

Margaret, you start going through.

- So, this is supposedly
he found a time capsule,

Gnosis was in it and all
of these other items.

- It is not cor...

You realize you get to the museum here.

It is not correct to say
that Gnosis was in it.

You go up and one of the
Terran artifacts here,

that they call a primitive Terran computer

is an extremely old IBM tower.

There's no monitor with it,
so there's no like interface.

You don't see like a mouse or a keyboard,

but you're just seeing
this sort of like little

metallic plinth that
compared to the computers

you have nowadays that
run on borinyum krystal

or krystal data storage,

it looks hopelessly outdated.

Truly ancient, like looking, you know.

Basically the difference
between this and like a tablet

with writing on it is like
pretty similar to you.

But you see that basically they say,

like this ancient
primitive computer was used

in order to communicate simple ideas

and derive the most fundamental
of arithmetic calculations.

- This might be really weird,

but should you cast copy on that computer

and like copy its hard drive?

- Oh.

- I don't know if there's any,

it might be a complete waste of a spell.

- Can we copy?

Can I roll?

Yeah, can I copy this?

- Gimme a technology check.

- Okay.

What is tech?

- Intelligence.

- Oh, cool.

Then that is a 19.

- 19, you do your best on your little-

just copy the tech on there.

Seems pretty easy like the tech you copy,

whatever's in there's
gotta be so like simple.

You copy it.

But you're looking at it and you realize

that this is something that was discovered

in the time capsule but
it's effectively like...

Whatever Gnosis is, it
traces its synthetic DNA

to what this was.

But clearly this is something else.

Whatever clues you have
gotten on your copy

of this hard drive,
you can go and discover

and find out and sort of see.

But fundamentally Gnosis
is new technology.

- Yeah.

- This is just the, again,
like the drop of blood

that starts that like chain,

the early sequence of
programming that would've led

to whatever Gnosis became.

- Sorry not really worth it.

- Yeah, what else?

- You see that there is
the original simple recipe

for happiness.

There is a thing called
a Terran shin destroyer.

- What's that?

- It's a Razor scooter, it's
just a Razor scooter there.

You guys see what they
call a clerical bonnet,

but it's just a Jamiroquai hat.

There is an ancient
synthetic intelligence,

little Tamagotchi.

You guys see what they say is
a completely unknown artifact,

which you, again, you don't
have an explanation for it,

but is a fax machine.

- This time capsule was huge.

- Huge time capsule.

Religious idol, which
is a little sippy bird.

One of like the little
water birds that comes down.

Early starship drive, which
you would have no reason

to disbelieve but is just a lava lamp.

You see there is a sort
of Polaroid picture

of what looks like a
sort of airstream trailer

in like a sort of New Mexico desert.

There is a jangling little
series of metal objects,

which you see are like which to your eyes

would be maybe be unfamiliar,
but are a set of like keys

so like a little key chain.

Underneath, they say it is our belief

that this may have been
deposited in the time capsule

by accident causing
some amount of distress

to whoever deposited it.

The Orb of NYMets, which
is just a signed baseball.

A Laugh In poster.

And then there's a strange
work of art that they call

a highly inaccurate
rendering of the night sky.

- Oh, is it?
- Starry Night.

- The actual real Starry Night?

- The actual real Starry Night

and it looks nothing like a starry night.

- Nothing like a starry night.

- What was the time capsule shaped as?

- The original time capsule?

They show you, it looks like
a sort of heavy cylindrical

sort of like almost like
a shipping container,

but like incredibly retrofitted
and made to be safe and sturdy.

- It's like you could
really do some damage

with that shin destroyer.

- Yeah.

- So that was, was that 13 things?

- Yeah.

- Oh, that's only 13,
I must've missed one.

- Oh yeah, what's 14?

- Maybe we could bring
the copy of it to Gnosis

and it would be like a familiar.

- Oh, yeah.

- We're stealing this stuff.
- I don't know.

- Are there in other
people in this museum?

I would imagine not, right?

Like we're in a place full of fun things.

- Pretty locked down, I don't
know that we wanna steal.

- No, I don't think so either.

- Oh come on.

- I mean that, what will
we even do with it though?

- What's the 14th thing?

- The 14th thing is a Zune.

- Does it say Zune?

- It says Zune on it.

- Me can, can I check?

- I mean, it must be easy
to steal stuff from museums.

What do you...

- We should maybe bring Gnosis here.

- Well, I was thinking we
could take the copy to Gnosis

and see and see if it reacts
to like its old hard drive.

- Do we need the simple
recipe of happiness?

- I think that's just
- Write it down.

- A regular book, right?

- It's it's an old National Enquirer.

- But he republished it, didn't he?

So we can probably get
it just in a bookshop.

- Yeah, this is just like the first one.

- Can I look at the keys closer?

- Yeah, for sure.

- Just make an investigation check.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, the keys were
the ones that stuck out

most to me.
- Can I do perception

to like see like are there
security guards here?

Are there cameras?

- Just 10.
- I'm just doing a perception.

And I only got a 10.

- You look around and see in the corner

wearing a sort of snappy
little blazer is a 12 foot tall

Vercadian protector droid.

- There you go.

- I've heard really good stuff
about your make and model.

- Android channel opens up.

Thank you, that's so kind.

I've never seen your
make and model before,

but you seem stunning.

- Thank you.

I'm getting there.

- Well, hope you're enjoying the museum.

- I am, have you been working here long?

Do you ever get any excitement here?

- Many have attempted
to steal the artifacts.

- Really, what's the most
popular one to try and steal?

- People seem to love the original

simple recipe for happiness.

- They wanna steal it, do they?

Why not just follow it, right?

- Exactly.

People are determined
to make their lives hard

and to have them end violently.

- Wow.

- And you make you see fit to that, right?

- I do see fit.

- What's your weapon of choice?

- Well, how can you choose
when you have this many?

Just unloads all these
like wrist launchers,

shoulder rockets, blaster pistols.

- Should I just go for it?

- Can I roll an investigation
on the original essay?

- Yeah.
- Happiness thing.

- Does anyone have any
way to like scan it?

- Hell yeah, that's so good, 27

- You look at it.

Yeah, it's the center of the
Griivarr world philosophy

it's here in the museum,
Vercadian protector droid

is looking over it.

- Is it just like in a box.

Can we only see the cover?

Is there--

- Glass case, but it's sort of mounted

to the original beginning of the article.

- I know this is, I'm
still on the droid channel.

I know this is like, you're
probably not allowed to do this,

but I mean, forgive a
girl for just a little

teaspoon of audacity.

Can I see the book?

- See the...
- Like.

- Terran artifact?

- Yeah, would you just like,

maybe you don't even have to
take it outta the glass case.

You could just put you your hand in

and like turn the pages
for us so we can read them.

- No.

- Okay, I'm just gonna go
ahead and close this channel.

- If you'd like.

- I mean, it feels like
I like the plan so far

that we take back the
copy of the hard drive

and we show it to Gnosis
and we catch a feel.

- Can you copy the book as well or is--

- I can only copy one.

- Can I take a picture of it?

- Of the book, sure, yeah.

- Well I think it's just...

- Okay, I got a pic.

- How come you don't just
go in and let people read it

page to page, I'm just curious.

- That's not how museums work.

- Can you ask if this book is different

than the like reprints of it?

- Is this book different
than the reprints of it?

Have you read the reprint?

- Uncle B.O.B was more
than happy to elaborate

on the points within the
simple recipe for happiness,

and create an entire guiding philosophy

for the Grivarr worlds
outside of the original list.

- Oh, I would like to say...

Can I just like, I wanna
say something just to Riva

and then have her
broadcast it to everyone.

The reason they don't
let anyone look at this

is because if they prove that everything

that Uncle B.O.B said
isn't actually in the book,

then his entire philosophy
and religious system

is out the window, that's why.

- 'Cause he took a creative license,

like really embellish.

- So, anyone sees inside the book,

then they'll be like, "Wait a
second, Uncle B.O.B was lying.

"This is a fictitious religion."

- Unlike the other religions which are...

- I'm just saying, that's my theory.

- Can we check out the area
where the Barrys got killed

and see if there's anything near that.

(speakers talking over each other)

- Hold your guns.
- Let's do that, yeah.

- That might have made Barry Nyne.

- I stroke your hair, I
give you a scalp massage.

- Can we see that courtyard from in here?

Is there some sort of like
a window from up here?

- To look down?

- To where the Barrys were killed?

- Yeah, if you wanna
go investigate the area

where the Barrys were killed.

- Yeah, let's investigate it.

- Let's check it out.
- Cool.

You go back to that area.

As you do and you have
a copy of that computer.


You see the Android waves
at you as you guys leave.

You walk out of here.

Cool, you go back to the area
outside of that sort of like

little blast elevator
where Barry Nyne escaped.

You're standing out here

and you see that there is...

Seems pretty empty around here,
there's sort of like janitor

sweeping up nearby.

What would you like to investigate?

- I guess I just wanna...

What were the Barrys looking
at when they were attacked?

- Give me an investigation check.

- Like one Barry taking
out that many Barrys,

it's like something else
had to have happened here

than just one dude.

Investigate, I actually did really good.

19, flat 19.

- They were looking at...

You had left to go get
treats for everybody.

You remember that Barry
Nyne walked with you

to go to the bathroom.

Barry Nyne also was walking
away from the group.

So the group, the other 10
were alone for a little bit.

But you had to wait in line
for a while to get treats.

But Barry Nyne also split
off from everybody else.

And you're looking at here,

there's a couple different
zoo enclosures around here.

And they were looking
at a kind of fountain.

It's like big fountain
with big things of water,

blast elevator nearby.

All of that was going on.

Bathroom that Barry Nyne went to

is probably like another
two or three gazebos over.

And the treat shop that you
went to is around the corner.

- Did Barry Nyne take the blast elevator?

- That's what he stepped into.

- That is how he escaped.

- Yeah, he tried to give you the...

- Could be in that bathroom?

- We should check out the bathroom.

We should check out the
blast elevator, I guess.

- Okay, let's do it.
- And the fountain.

- Where is everybody splitting up to go to

in the Fantanimalland?

- I'm going to the dessert shop.

- Dessert shop.

- I'm going to the blast elevator.

- Blast elevator.

- Bathroom.
- Bathroom.

- I'll go to the bathroom.
- Fountain.

- Fountain.

- I'll go to the elevator too.

- So Sid and you go to
the elevator, right?

Cool, the elevator's right there.

You jump into the fountain,
you to the dessert shop.

You two are going to the bathroom.

- This droid is not
actually that waterproof.

It's just a water resistant.

- As you guys split up.

As you guys split up,

I'm gonna need a group stealth check.

- We don't have smuggle?

- No.

- We don't have smuggle right now.

- I do have buffer on me though.

- Actually it's not a group stealth.

We're just gonna go
around stealth by stealth.

- Good god. 10.

- Stealth by stealthwest.

- 10 for Barry.

- Nine.

- What'd you get Zac?
- I got nat one.

- I've rolled like four nat ones
- Dude.

- Got an eight.

- 21.

- 21, okay dessert shop.

- Once again, the person
who goes to the snack shop.

- Snack shop is fine.

You go to the snack shop, you get some--

- Yeah, Gunnie just wants dessert.

- Cool.

Okay, blast.

You guys are at the blast elevator.

You go into the fountain.

In the fountain, you're swimming around

couple little credits in here.

Like seven credits.

- No concept of wishing
or anything like that.

I don't understand why
people would've thrown these

in there, but I'm assuming
they're for anybody to take.

- We'll start with Margaret and Barry.

- I'll give you the help
action with investigation.

- Yeah, go ahead and make an
investigative check of me.

- Actually, can I help
you with investigation?

- Go for it.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Margaret goes to just stand.

- Yeah.

- I keep thinking about
Barrys just horsing around

and I keep laughing to myself.

- 19.

- And then I guess, yeah,

we're going around and
seeing if there's any

like tiles missing, like
anywhere he would've gotten

a weapon or gotten a message
or something like that.

- Hell yes.

- Yeah, what's on the
other side of the wall

of the bathroom, like what's around that.

- Oh yeah.

- If we can see as we're walking in.

- The Godfather top of the toilet.

- You see that the bathroom,

you're going around through the bathroom.

In your investigation,
the sort of bathroom

is this little gazebo unto itself

in between the reptile
house, invertebrate house

and Uncle B.O.B's Administration
and Discipline Hub.

- Oh my God.

- Which catches your eye as a like...

And you see Uncle B.O.B's
face there being like,

"Everybody knows that sometimes

"you gotta get straightened out."

And as that's going on, you hear...

I'm gonna say that we actually cut back

to the blast elevator.

Gimme a perception check.

- Do I give one at all?

- You got a nat one, right?

- Nine.
- Nine.

So you're going on the other side.

Zac, you hear a noise behind you

and feel a blaster pistol
pushed into your back

and you hear, "Your majesty,

"I'm afraid you've been
running fast enough."

- Barry Nyne.

- Has been controlled by a mind slug.

- The reptile house,
the invertebrate house.

- He got brain slugged while at the...

- Time to come along.

And that's all for this
episode of Dimension 20.

Tune in next week,

and we'll see you in the stars.


- See you in the stars.

- There it is, there it is.

- What do you want?

- You can only avoid
your destiny for so long,

I'm afraid.

The great emhatchening must commence.

Your father is very worried, your majesty.

He wonders with great force where you are.

- Just give me more time.

- More time, we are running out of time.

All of our bodies will commingle
in a great orgasmic soup.

Without your genes, the
soup cannot be made.

- Please, I...

I have a son.