Dimension 20 (2018-…): Season 13, Episode 11 - Flee From Fantanimalland - full transcript

The crew, split up on Uncle B.O.B's Fantanimalland, fends off some unfriendly foes.

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(adventurous music)

- Hello, one and all!

Welcome back to another thrilling episode

of "Dimension 20: A Starstruck Odyssey."

I'm your humble dungeon
master, Brennan Lee Mulligan,

with me as always are our intrepid heroes,

say hi, intrepid heroes!

- [Cast] Hi, intrepid heroes!

- Last we left off, our intre-

Last we left off, our intrepid heroes

were on the world of Hon
Ober in the capital city

of Hon Grii, at Uncle
B.O.B's Fantanimalland

searching for ancient Terran artifacts

as well as the mysteries of the day

of the slaughter of the Barry Battalion.

To try and sum up what's
happened this season so far

truly is hard to do.

Suffice it-

- Can we have our first recap
episode in Dimension 20?

- I don't think I could do a recap.

- Do the recap, do the recap!

- Do the full recap.


Pretty much what's going on is this.


- You were completely fine
until the camera started.

- I know, because everyone was doing this

and it started to make
me feel really giddy,

but if I think about certain
things I'm gonna cry.

- What, like we've been
having so much fun?

Like last day at camp?

- We've just had a lot of funny moments!

(cast laughing)

- A lot of funny moments.

So like to try to get our
head around where we're at

and what's going on in AnarchEra 220

here in the galaxy... (laughing)

- We're all Covid hugging you.

- Don't cry, 'cause if
you cry, I'll cry, and...

- Okay, actually though, 'cause if you...

Do you know that if you cry?

- I know, and that's why I'm
like Emily, keep it together.

- I'm kind of being serious.

- This is the energy, both
here at the table, in the dome-

- We all do an actor
off where we're like...

- I'm not gonna cry, I'm
not crying this season.

No tears from Siobhan this season.

- [Ally] Oh.

- Don't spit in the face of God.

- [Siobhan] I'm not fucking crying!

- So, okay.

We start with a ship called
the Red Hot... (laughing)

- We gonna do this?

We gonna do this?

- Are we gonna do this?

- Be real, we doing this?

- No, okay.

I don't know, I actually
don't know what's happening,

if you're at home and you're
seeing this, send help.


(cast laughing)

- I just was feeling giddy,
and then when he said

we're gonna do a recap, I started
to think of funny moments,

and I can't control it.

- But they made you
cry they were so funny?

Or like, 'cause it's about to be over?

- No, because I was starting
to try to hold in a laugh,

and when I try to hold in a
laugh, it comes out as tears.

- Oh my god.
- For sure, for sure.

For sure.

That makes sense.

So again, loosely.

So if I try to zoom out and talk about

what's happened in this season so far.

- [Zac] Yeah, where are we, in space?

- We're sort of in space.
- Great.

- Big, big, big points here.

'Cause you gotta go back
and watch the season

to sort of see what's going on.

Big points here are Norman "Skip" Takamori

gets brain slugged at around the time

that Margaret Encino, an executive

of United Free Trade Planets, goes through

a quarter life crisis.
- Yeah.

- Because her friend gets promoted

to Crown and Scepter Limited and chooses

to deeply invest in a sort
of junker space freighter

proldier vessel with a much,
if I can say mistreated crew

of Barry Syx, the now
brotherless clone trooper,

Sundry Sidney, first and last of her line

and rogue android, Riva,
the Aguatunisian psychic

on gallivant and Gunthrie
"Gunnie" Miggles-Rashbax,

cyborg mechanic of about
750.000 credits in debt

to the Acme-Ashmun Corporation,
and soon by extension

the Repo Reapers.

Things turn around for the
newly renamed "The Wurst"

as the ball starts rolling uphill

with a couple of big Smash n' Grab jobs

and a reorganizing of
the business strategy

by Margaret Encino and a
brand new management style

from now who we are calling
Skip, the newly Cerebro-slugged

pilot of The Wurst.
- Right.

- The successful sabotage
of the Carbine Kennel Club

dog show aboard Rec 97, the overthrow

of the corrupt Sheriff Warner Codge

in the city of Baustin, New Texas,

and behind all of that, bringing on board

some new crew members,
not only Raymond Zam

and his Jib Jobbers, who have
been since the beginning,

but Aurora Nebbins,
the Royal Blue Mastiff,

the Princeps Zortch of Rubian
Five, and their new chef.

- The Princhepf.

- The Prince-chef, the
princhepfs, oh my god.

And the princeps bringing
along a holofract

of a planetary supercomputer
known as Gnosis.

Origins of Gnosis originating
in a Terran artifact

on Griivarr worlds that
you have recently copied

onto Margaret's data pad, here
at Uncle B.O.B's Fantanimalland.

So much lore, a lot going
on, various factions

across the galaxy are in pursuit of you.

Warfare Whitneys trying
to scrub some bad PR

in the form of Sundry Sydney,
United Free Trade Planets,

who has frozen the account and
terminated Margaret Encino,

the Amercadian Space Brigade
and the Admiral Gust Weatherall

seeking to go after Skip for the murder

of 12 sisters of the Cosmic Veil.
- "Murder"

- Fuck that guy.

- The Repo Reapers coming
to repossess Gunnie's parts,

the Lone Star Directorate
on the planet of New Texas,

oh, and of course, your old
nemesis, that mean old lady

out there amongst the
stars, Jan De La Vega

of the Lady Pike.

- She's our best friend.

- She's gonna be on our side.

- She's so close.

- She's so close.

- She's so butch.

She doesn't know that
about me, but so am I.

(cast laughing)

- She may not know this yet.

But she'll learn.

- We found Dr. Edwina
Castor, who had a life

that you all decided was sad,
but that she thinks rules.

- Oh my god, I forgot about that.

- Doing home shopping,
getting drunk as a skunk

on mojitos and white Russians.

- So much lime and milk.

- So much lime, so much
milk, so much mint.

Who told you that you didn't
originate as a patent,

you originated as a trademark,
by the marketing associate

Auma Lou.

And by the way, Auma is a A-U-M-A, Auma.

- Oh.

- A-U-M-A, oh, so it's not
Alma like Spanish for soul.


- Who you realize that
the trademark originated

with Auma and that Auma was maybe the one

that released you back at that boardroom.

- And Auma...Margaret knows.

- And you know Auma, back from the,

yeah, from the leadership summit.

- That's why I'm the cool aunt.

- Exactly.

Additionally, you
discovered the craniobolt

buried, Riva and craniobolt, that...

- Some metallic thing.

- Some metallic thing that Riva and Skip,

working inside the
brain, discovered there.

And there's also some outstanding business

to take care of, this fabled
email to Jan De La Vega

we've been hearing about, not only that,

but also you have meetings on the book

with both a sponsorship
email for Acme Ashmun, and...

- Do I need to have been saying that like,

Handy Annie, equipped with the
holorecorder that I paid for,

has been capturing footage?
- Yes.

- Okay.

- Established canon.
- Okay, cool.

- We will assume that's always
happening in the background.

- [Emily] Great.

- But you have important points of contact

with Acme Ashmun for that sponsorship

that you're gonna approach them about

as well as your potential
union enrollment,

yeah, with Ife and U4F.

However, where we left off to the moment

was in Uncle B.O.B's Fantanimalland

with Barry and Margaret
in between the restrooms,

the invertebrate house,
and the discipline hub,

with Riva swimming in a giant fountain,

Gunnie going to get
snacks, and Sid and Skip

investigating the elevator shaft.

And last we left off,
Skip felt a blaster pistol

in this back, and was addressed once again

as Prince Valdrinor.

We return to this moment,
Zac, Skip feels the gun

on his back, and you feel
the bristling mustache.

- [Zac] I feel the bristling mustache?

- You feel the mustache, he's
like whispering in your ear,

so the mustache is like
right up here, going...

Your majesty.

It seems we meet again.

This time I think you shall find me

much more formidable than
when I was in the body

of Melon, the pug.

- In the human voice of Norman.

What do you want?

- You can only avoid your
destiny for so long, I am afraid.

The great emhatchening must commence.

Your father is very worried, your majesty.

He wonders with great force where you are.

- Don't do this.

- What you mean, don't do this?

- Just give me more time.

- More time?

We are running out of time.

Soon the great egg will be finished,

and the great emhatchening will commence.

For a thousand years
have the cerebro slugs

and the house of Frangus bent
all of our vast resources.

The Mentophagian Dynasty's
very future depends on,

he's screaming loud in
your ear, in the middle.

It's like balloons, people
getting cotton candy,

people walking around.

- Please.

I was frozen for a very long time.

I didn't get to experience anything.

- Experience?

There is no need to
experience, your majesty.

We know what our destiny is.

You must join your father.

We cannot create the genetic
sequence without you.

Our species depends on it.

- There's no way to do it without me?

- Your line, your glorious line.

(Emily laughing)

Your beautiful genes, sire.

- You can feel his mustache,
but what else do you feel?

(Emily laughing)

- He's standing really close behind you.

- This is getting so sexual.

- Okay, okay.

- The great egg is being prepared.

We will join gloriously.

We will begin a pupation,
and then all of our bodies

will commingle in a great orgasmic soup!

Without your genes, the
soup cannot be made!

- I think Skip is trying
to think of any way

out of this at this moment.

He says, please...

I have a son.

- Give me Deception.

- I have a son.

My sweet boy is out there alone.

- Give me a Deception-
- Getting a snack,

and if I go before he comes back,

he will be scared and alone.

- It's me.

- Cocked.

- Is it Deception if it's true?

- Is it true to Skip?

- [Emily] To Skip.

- Then it's Persuasion or Deception.

- That I'm his son?

- Either is negative one.

- No!
(Emily groaning)

- Four.

My sweet boy is all alone-

- He shoots you right in the ass.

- My ass!

- He's gonna make an attack roll.

That is going to hit.

He deals five points of damage to you.

- Okay.

- That's all right.

- You see he says, now that,
sire, is just a love tap.

- Can we talk face to face?

(cast laughing)

- We are now going to, I'm
gonna ask everyone here.

We're not gonna enter
combat, but I am gonna ask us

to roll initiative.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- Yeah.

Ooh, baby.


- 18.

- 17.

- 10.
- Six.

- 15!

- We're gonna start with 21.

- That's me!
- That's you.

Sid, you're around the elevator shaft.

- Yeah, so you said I'm
not seeing any of this.

- Give me a Perception check
and also a Investigation check.

- Perception is 22.

- Cool.
- Here we go.

- And Investigation is 14.

- You can sense a draft
coming from down below,

but you notice in the open elevator

that there are no buttons for
going down to lower floors.

So it feels like there's a big opening

that there are lower places
in the elevator shaft here,

even though the elevator's
not capable of going to them.

- Okay.

Can I...

I guess like I was coming
to inspect it with Skip.

I presumably don't know
anything that's going on.

- You hear loud shouting around.

So that on that 22 Perception,
you hear someone being like,

"House of Frangus", and you know.

- Okay, then I think I will go over-

- Shot in my butt.

- Oh yeah, and there's,
okay, so can I look over

and be like, Skip, what's going on?

- You see his chin on like
the nape of Skip's neck

and his mustache up in
his ear, turns to you,

fully pressed up against
Skip, and goes, oh, nothing.

Simply a conversation about
this unknown guest littering in-

- Cool, I shoot him.
(cast laughing)

- Can I do something real fast?

- [Brennan] Yes, absolutely.

- Initiative with bad
feeling I can move before?

Would you say I would be able to.

- Yes.

Does it count as a disengage?

- It doesn't, but can I
use my reaction disengage

when I do it?

Or if that's before, maybe I can't.

- I think you can use
your reaction disengage,

yeah, absolutely.

- I wanna do that just to fly straight up

to get out of like, to
give her a clear shot.

- Okay, incredible.

So you just go straight up.

- And then I'm going to weapon
expert attack with advantage.

That's 20.
- Crit!

- Crit, baby!

- [Siobhan] Oh, yes.

- Okay.
- Sweet.

- And if I crit and I
use a kinetic die on it,

do I double my kinetic die?

- You do double your
kinetic die, that's correct.

- Yes, baby!

- Do brain slugs fly
out of people's bodies

into other bodies, or
do they have to land?

- I guess we'll find out.

- Yeah, right.

- Okay, so 25, 29 damage
on my first attack.

And then I'm gonna fucking attack again

'cause I have two attacks now.

- Go for it.
- Wow.

Here we go.

- [Siobhan] Here we go, world.

- Okay, does a 13 hit?

- 13 does not hit.

- Okay.

And then I'm also going to
activate my rocket boots

with my bonus action.
- Hell yeah.

- And I'm, you know what,
Skip is out of the way,

I will, as a reaction,
throw a grenade at him.

- Absolutely.

- I'm just gonna do one
of my plasma grenades.

So strength, sorry.

So he's gonna do a Dex save.

Explosives thing.

- He does make the save.

- Okay, well he still takes half damage,

and I'll take that half damage.

Oh, nine and an eight, 17.

So half of that.

- Eight damage, cool.

So as this guy keeps being
like, sire, you, whoop,

turns around and... (gunshots banging)

You don't know if the guy's dead,

'cause there's just a crater.

There's just a crater.

You're like hovering up on,
you're both like rocket boots

and jet pack up in the air.

- I think I also say, I think there's more

down underneath this elevator,

and so we can like fly under there,

but we just can't get
there with the elevator.

- Okay.

- I'm gonna look around
just to see if, like...

I feel like I have to kill this man.

- Yeah, no, we actually gotta kill him.

I just wanted you to know.

- Good to know.
- Yeah.

- Have you seen my son?

- From this angle, can
I see where Gunnie is?

From this hovering-

- No, he's like off at the snacks section.

- We lost him!

I'm worried about your son too.

- Cool.

Do you go over the elevator?

Do you wanna try to do,
like, bypass it in some way?

Or like how do you want
to interact with it?

- Oh, I think I'm just letting him know,

but I think I'm gonna stay here,

because I'm worried
about, I don't want him

to get fucked up or anything like that.

- If it feels like we
need to go down that-

- Okay, then I guess I'll use my...

I guess my hope was to use my rocket boots

to kind of like float down.

- Oh, cool.

So do you wanna like send the elevator-

- Up to a higher thing.

Like press it to go up

- One of you give me a security kit check

to see if you can open the elevator doors

while the elevator's not there.

- I have a security kit.

- That means that you're
proficient, I think.

- So just add my proficiency to-

- It's just Intelligence plus proficiency.

- Yeah.
- Oh, I add a...

- Fuck yeah.

- I add seven to this.

- Hell yeah.
- Nice.

- [Emily] Great.

- 17 on the die, so 24.

- Easy.

You send the elevator up, you
take out your security kit,

put a little telescoping rod
that you slide in between

the sort of closing elevator doors,

slides open, the rod
pushes the thing open.

Both of you have a jet
pack and rocket boots

and see a long chasm going down.

- Okay.

Then, yeah.
- Should we be telling?

- I think we should,
yeah, we should definitely

just shout to everyone.

- Oh, we have comms.

- Oh yeah, in the comms,
on the Gunner channel.

- Gunnie, you don't have comms, right?

You gave yours to Zortch.

- We're heading down the elevator shaft.

There's some sort of
mysterious thing here.

I'm assuming everyone is receiving this

and I can't wait to
rendezvous with all of you.

- Cool.
- Down the tube.

- I'm gonna roll a Luck check real quick.

You want higher numbers.

That's a four.

Okay, great.

Now, so you guys go down.

Murph and Ally.

Barry, you are standing
in between these buildings

looking around, and your eyes drift over

to the invertebrate house.

- Can we poke our heads
in there for a quick sec?

And do we know, when
the worms jump into you,

is it eye or mouth?

- With the Skip it was nose.

- Oh my god.

Is there any, do you
wanna, we should cover up.

- Yeah.
- We should mask up.

Yeah, I'm just gonna, I-

- We pull out the N95 masks.

- I assume we have some
kind of like space thing.

- Right?
- Yeah.

A little like pressure suit.

- Kinda just wanna put
a little something on,

sunglasses, gives her sunglasses.

- I'm wearing the biggest sunglasses.

I'm like, I feel fucking cool.

(cast laughing)

- You're dressed like a wife.

(Siobhan laughing)

- I have long, long braids.

- [Lou] Yeah, and Skip's
wearing like khakis and stuff.

- I look like Kristen
Applebees, like at a rave.

- [Lou] Polo shirt and khaki pants on.

- Yeah.
- Truly, truly perfect.

- All right, we gotta
go, we gotta get Gunnie

and we gotta get to where these guys are.

- Yeah, so we heard that, right?

- But real quick, I wanna
poke my head in there

and see if there are like
gathering psychic slugs in there.

- Yeah, can I look around also?

- Yeah, both of you guys give
me Investigation checks as,

you're both entering the
invertebrate house, right?

- Yeah.

I guess I'll give Marge the help action.

- Cool, thank you.
- I don't have-

- Yeah, I have a plus 11 to Investigation.

- That'll be a lot better
than whatever I do.

- Woo!

That will be a 29.

- Easy.

You scoot up to the invertebrate house.

Lots of weird, you know,
mollusks and other,

basically anything without a
spine you can find in here.

There's a giant tank, and you
see a bunch of little kids

and families running up, huge tank

that says "cerebro slugs."

And you sees there are about like 30-odd,

they have like a terrarium,
there's a weird purple branch

and a little plaque with
information about cerebro slugs,

and you see these little (slurping)

lime green cerebro slugs, and
you see there's a tour guide,

like, now these invertebrates, of course,

are an extremely invasive
species and can be found...

And you see that one of
the kids like goes up

and puts their face up against the glass,

and as they do, like 12
of the slugs (slurping)

leap to the glass and (slurping)
like suck on the outside

of the glass, and the
kid's like, ha ha ha!


- Everyone enjoy them at a distance.

- I'm sorry.

You see the tour guide
says, I'm so sorry, sir.

The exhibit is perfectly safe.

The cerebro slugs don't pose a threat.

- Actually, they're not.

- Yeah.
- I grab him.

- He's right.

- I wanna look deeply in his eyes

and see if there's a worm in there.

- Can I shine like a
light from my palm device?

- Let me see your eyes.

- It is weird, there's
been explosions outside

and the tour guide is
still doing the tour.

- [Ally] Yes.

- Give me an Insight check.

- I'll give you the help action.

- [Brennan] Yeah, do it with advantage.

- Please.

- I think you should crit.

(Siobhan laughs)

- I think you should crit.

- Oh.

- Murph, did you actually
choose not to crit?

- Wow, Murph.

Your wife told you that she
thought you should crit.

- Was I too naggy about it?

That I wanted you to crit?

- Margaret, can you look
at this dude's eyes?

- Yea, on a nine, you can't be sure.

He goes, sir, please, let go of me.

I understand.

I understand you're upset.

You step away.

- Let go of me.

- Do we know...

- I would assume, so I as myself know

that this is probably what
happened to Barry Nyne,

and I would assume Barry
knows this at this point,

sees the invertebrate things.

- Cerebro slugs in here
next to the bathroom

where Barry Nyne went, yeah, for sure.

- I'm gonna convey that to you guys too.

By the way, if you guys see Barry Nyne,

I think he was cerebro slugged.

- Whoa.
- Cerebro what?

- Can I look and see if
there is a hole between

like the tank and like the bathroom

on the other side of the wall,

or if that was just like a fluke?

- As you start looking for
that, go ahead and give...

You hear a little (beeps)
on your transponder.

- I check it.

- You have a message on Reddit.

- I check it.

I check it.

- In response to your last message,

which was "Get well soon."

(Emily and Siobhan laughing)

- I'm looking down with my huge glasses.

I'm like, still got it.

All right, what does this say?

- You're looking at your
phone through your sunglasses.

- I'm leaning against the wall.

- Inside, in this dark
like invertebrate house

where they don't have the lights on.

- Three sentence, or three statements,

each of which end with just simple period.

"You're in danger.

Get off the Griivarr worlds. Now."

- Mm-hmm.

- Leaping from a corner
of the invertebrate house

and hitting you square in the
side for 18 points of damage.

- [Emily] Crap.

- As you feel something sharp
punch through your armor.

Give me a Strength saving throw.

- No time to go into the zone.


- You see someone leaps out of the side,

you go prone on the
floor, and someone puts

a knife up to your throat.

You see straddling you
is Hogg Cobb, who goes-

- You fucking moron.

- Where's the fuckin' princeps, man?!

I know which Barry you are, Barry.

You're Barry Syx.

- Look which armor I have on.

- Yeah!
- Barry Nyne?

- What?

- Who Barry Nyne really is?


- What?

- Or is there something
else going on here?

Is this tour guide actually a tour guide?

- Where's the fucking princeps at?!

- The princeps is in the zone.

(cast laughing)

And I try to kick this dude's ass.

- Means nothing to anybody else.

- Nothing Barry just said
means anything to anyone.

- Laying down on the
ground putting sunglasses.

- All right.

We're gonna move from there.

- Wait, but before we do, can I please,

on the comms device, say I
just got a very scary message

and we have to get off the
Griivarr worlds immediately.

- Also Barry is being killed.

- Also Barry's being attacked.

- As you and Hogg start to go at it,

you go on the comms, give that message.

As you come off that message,
you hear something scramble

on the comms and hear Zortch's
voice yelling something

sounding far away from their comms device,

and you hear a noise of like struggle

and like something going on.

- It was on our ship, right?
- He's on our ship.

- Can I do an Insight if it is Loose Duke?

- Okay, give me insight.
- Oh my fucking god.

- Oh my god, Emily.

(Emily groans)

- I won't believe it till I crit.

That was an eight.
- Sorry, what did you roll?

- I rolled a 19.

- It's every possibility it is Loose Duke.

- I don't believe anything you say!

- Could absolutely be Loose Duke.

- Yeah.

- You're about three
back from the snack shop,

so the menu up on the...

Emily, are you okay?

- She had just taken a sip.

Cut to Gunnie with no comms.

(cast laughing)

Getting treats.

- Yeah, what the fuck.

Getting a maple cake.

- We came to B.O.B's Fantanimalland,

we're gonna have a Fantanimal,
we're gonna do this.

We're gonna do the day right.

- So you're about, you are now...

There's a person at the register

and then there's one
other person and then you,

so you got, perfect view of the menus.

Are you taking this time to
like really scan the menu?

- Can I do a Perception check to see

what people around me are eating?

I wanna know what the good thing is.

- [Brennan] Yeah, gimme an Insight check.

- If you crit on this, I'm
gonna fucking walk off.

- No crit.

That is just a flat eight.

- You're looking around.

I mean, it seems...

- Get some bad treats.

- It seems like most people here

are getting the maple cakes, like that's-

- Can I tap the person in front of me?

- Yeah, absolutely.

- Hey, what are you getting?

What's the good...

I've never been here
before, but I've always

wanted to be here, and
what's like the thing to get,

like what's the thing
like I would be upset

if I left and I hadn't had it?

- Oh, well, I think we're
all getting something.

- Ah, hey, thank you.

(cast laughing)

- You see-

- I'm just gonna ask the cashier.

- By the way, as you, the
person you tap in front of you,

as they turn around, they have a full,

they're wearing like a weird
black ribbed turtleneck sweater

and have a full, you
didn't see it from behind.

They have a little sort
of jaunty, black beret,

and as they turn around,
they have a full gas mask.

Like one of those blacked
out eyes, like trunk,

like little elephant trunk looking thing.

Turn around and just go like...

You see that as you sort of go,

they don't turn back
around to face the front.

- You having a fun day?

- Place seems a little
sort of passe to me,

sort of like it's kitsch, but it's not

aware that it's kitsch.

- I feel like I like
that about it, you know?

I feel like it's important to still have

some kitschy parts of the
world that are like, we do this

and we're pure than like, you know,

you can go do your like
hardcore thing over here,

but like here, it's just, this
is for everybody, you know?

- You hear a voice behind you.

Behind you there is an identically dressed

and gas masked person who says,

what are your top five favorite albums?

- Wait, what was that
one hit on the radio,

like a couple years back?

That they were like playing all the time?

What's that song?

It's like-

- He says, oh, "Tag
Along with the Tachyon?"

- Yes!

I loved that one.

Also, you guys together?

I can go behind.

I got time.

- What makes you think we're together?

- You dress the same.

I mean, I don't know if
that's just a coinci...

Was that rude?


But I really do love "Tag
Along with the Tachyon."

That album is kind of number
one, I play that a lot.

But I really haven't had, I haven't been

listening to music for a while now.

- You see one of them just pulls the pin

on a grenade on his body.

(Brian laughing)

- What's going-?

Is that...

Is that a grenade?

- It means what you take away from it.

- Is that, are we gonna,
are you, is that...

Okay, is that...

Hold on.

I just want cake.

Are you about to blow up?

- The person in front of this guy

like gets their food and leaves.

You see the cashier in
like a little paper hat,

just kind of pokes their head around.

Okay, take the next in line.

- You haven't exploded yet.

And I really want this cake.

Can I do a Perception check to
see how real that grenade is?

- The grenade actively starts to smoke

red smoke in front of you.

- Like in about to explode way or?

- Just like it starts a
little puffs of red smoke

and starts to sort of ooze out more.

- That's very nice.

And to me it means that you like violence.

And I'm gonna turn around
and walk up to the cashier.

- Amazing.

You walk around to the
cashier and the cashier says,

hi, what can I get you?

- Hey, so what's the thing
that like I would be upset

if I like left the Griivarr
Worlds and I never had it?

What's like the thing?

- I think, is this your first
time to the Fantanimalland?

- Yes.

- Well, I would say... (hissing)

Smoke, smoke, smoke.

I would say if it's your first time

at Uncle B.O.B's Fantanimalland.

I have my favorite thing on the menu,

but I would say... (coughing)

I would say you have to get
the maple cake just to have it.

- Okay, got it.

- You gotta get it just to have it.

But I actually love the
chili cheese fries here.

Full disclosure, I'm not
a sort of sweets person

or a savory person.
- 100%.

- So I do...

- Give me a Constitution saving throw.

- Oh!
- No!

- I knew it when you
mentioned Guernica art squad

in that news reel, I was like,
that's gonna come into play.

- That's that's a 13.

- You feel yourself start to go under.

- Can I use the Defiant feat?

- Please do.
- Yes you can.

You gotta hit a two.

- That's a three.

- Okay.

You stay up.

- [Ally] Oh my god.

- Get the cakes and get out of there!

You hear one of the dudes
go to a comm and say,

Mama Bear, we got him.

And are gonna make two Athletics
checks to try to grab you.

- Okay.

- Give me two Athletics.

You can do Acrobatics or Athletics.

- Okay.

I just wanted the cake.
- Mama Bear.

- Yeah, let's meet Mama Bear.

- Can I roll to see if any
fatherly instinct just kicked in?

- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

- Can I give him the help action?

'Cause I did say I was also canonically-

- First one, because of the fatherly bond

between me and Skip, I get a
nat 20 on the first attempt.

And that's a 19 on the second attempt.

Natural 19, higher than 20.

- You swat both of them away.

It is your turn.

- I'm gonna activate my jet
pack and go straight up 40 feet

and try and do a Perception check

to see where my friends went.

- Give me a Perception check.

- That's a nat 20.

- Incredible.


- The bad dice.

- We're back, baby.

The ball is rolling uphill.
- The ball is rolling up!

- With a nat 20, could he have,
with an object interaction,

grabbed one maple cake.
- A maple cake.

- Please let me have it.
- One.

- You can grab a maple
cake, if you would like.

- Gunnie fully wants to
get out of this situation,

sees a maple cake, grabs
it, is gonna be like

one sec, grabs it, and then blasts off.

- Give me a Stealth check.
- Okay.

- Do we have stealth on?

- [Ally] Stealing at the Griivarr world.

- [Zac] How is that a bigger deal than-

- That's an 11.

- 11.

Huge alerts.

Stop, shoplifting.

Stop, shoplifting.

- He knocked people out!

What's happening!

- You see a couple of
Vercadian protector androids.

- That's good, though.

- Riva, you are in the water,
what are you doing down there?

- I am gonna message...

'Cause I have mind link,
I can mind link to Gunnie

knowing that he doesn't have comms.

Just so you know, there's some
bad stuff that's happening.

- Oh, I know now.

- Okay, okay, great.

So we're just on the same page.

- [Lou] Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Can I see anything
that's happening right now?

Can I, in my swimming
around in this fountain,

am I within like visual
distance of anybody?

- This is all happening
in different places

throughout Fantanimalland.

- How far away am I from, say Lou?

- I'm gonna roll this and
times it by a hundred feet.

- [Siobhan] Great.

- You're 700 feet away.

- Oh my god, that's so far.
- Yep.

- God, Jesus.

- Are you in your robot or your real body?

- I'm in my robot body.

- Or I think if you're swimming,

you're probably in your
Aguatunisian body, right?

- No, I came here in my drone.

I'm swimming in the drone.

- Okay, amazing, perfect perfect.

- It's not very good at it.

Mostly floating and then like...

- Yeah, it's just like
sloshing as you move.

- I definitely am gonna get outta here

and there's just like water still in there

and like forever I'll be sloshing.

How far away am I from these guys

and how far away am I then
from the invertebrate house?

From the elevator and from, 'cause...

- You're about 1200 feet
from the invertebrate house,

from the elevator, you're 1900 feet.

- Is there anybody bad where I am?

Can I do a Perception
check for like bad people

near this fountain?


- Yeah, gimme a Perception
check for bad people.

- Nat 20.

- Welcome to the corner, all right?

- Wow.
- We hold it down here.

(Ally and Siobhan talking at once)

- If you don't see anyone,
you could deactivate

and go back to the ship.
- I could, yeah.

- Instead of just getting attacked.

- That's a great point.

- You sense a lot of psychic danger.

You sense a lot of psychic
danger coming from Gunnie.

You sense psychic danger coming
from off in the direction

of the reptile house, and
Skip and Sid are actually

kind of dropping off of your
ability to perceive them.

Additionally, yeah, you
feel, psychically you feel,

you have all these coins in your hand,

which actually are
resonating very powerfully

to you psychically, because
each coin is connected

to a wish that was made here.

So you feel a lot of
like the psychic energy

here in the fountain.

There's chaos.

What are you gonna do?

- Since I am so far away from everybody...

I think you're right, I think I have to

yell over comms and mind link,

like, grab my drone as you leave, please.

I think it's time for a hot exit.

And I go back to the ship.

- You return back to the ship,

open your eyes to see
at the pilot station,

in gold armor, Barry Nyne with
a ray pointed right at you.

Morning, sweetheart.

And pulls the trigger.

(cast groaning)

I am going to need-
- Through the glass?

- I am going to need
a Wisdom saving throw.

- Great, I roll that with advantage.

And thank goodness.

That is 16 plus eight, 24.

- Okay.

You are going to take half damage.



- Oh no.
- 22.

- And Aurora wouldn't even attack

because Barry Nyne looks like Barry Syx.

- 30 halved to 15 points of damage to you.

- Okay.

- You see that there's some
kind of krystal weaponry

in his hand that is specifically,

you can tell that it does...

- It's like psychic damage?
- Yeah.

Oh, do you have resistance
to psychic damage?

- I do have resistance to psychic damage.

- So that's going to be halved again.

- Great, so seven.

- Yes, seven damage to you.
- Okay.

- You take seven points of damage.

Whatever this gun is clearly like meant

to really hurt psychically adept people.

- I still have my turn, right?
- Still have your turn.

- It was a bonus action
to get back to the ship.

Can I just phase walk to a different room?

- Yeah, you wanna get off the bridge?

- Yeah, I just wanna be not on the bridge

where Barry Syx is.

Oh wait, no I can't, 'cause
that's a bonus action.

- That's a bonus action.

But you have an op- you
could just swim straight down

into the water system of the
ship and get out of the bridge.

- Great, I will use my
movement to get off the bridge

and then I will...

Do I sense that Barry
Nyne has psychic powers,

or this is just a psychic gun?

- Psychic gun.

You don't think he has psychic powers.

- Okay, great.

Then I will...

- Barry is psychic.

- Just floating Barry.

- I will use improved feedback...

On Barry Nyne.

So I just mind link to him and, and say,

you know, on a scale of your choice,

how well do you think
this interaction is going?

And because of that, he has to do

an Intelligence saving
throw, and on a failed save

takes damage.

- Intelligence saving throw.
- Intelligence saving throw.

- I'm hoping that he's got some-

- But he might have cerebro-

- That's what I'm thinking.

He might have cerebro stats.

- He might have both.

- He fails the save.
- Great.


Okay, he takes eight points of damage

and must immediately use his reaction,

if available, to move as
far as his speed allows

away from me.

- You hit him with his feedback. (groans)

He goes... (groaning)

You see a huge, leaps over the
bulb of water on the bridge

and begins to sprint down the staircase.

We're gonna cut back to
Uncle B.O.B's Fantanimalland.

(Emily groans)

Barry and Margaret, what are you doing...

It's your turn now, Barry,
you go into the zone.

- Sweet.

I'm sort of like grappling
with Cobb, right?

- Yeah.
- Sweet.

I guess I will, so that I
can use a rotary cannon,

I'll push him, I'll take
the opportunity attack

to push him off and I pull out a huge gun.

- Okay.

- And then I'll just make...

The way rapid attack works is that...

- He makes a Dex save and you
do double damage if you hit.

- And if he passes, does he
take half or he takes none?

- He takes none.

- Okay.

- Well, I would still do it, 'cause I...

Oh wait, no, no, sorry.

- You're there, do you have a thing to do?

- I do have things, I do have things.

- Maybe I'll hold until after Marge, then.

- Well no, I can goose your attack roll

or I can try and use...

- Do you have a way to hurt his save?

- Yes, I can, my bonus action,

I'll put my critical analysis to him,

and then if it's against
a hostile creature,

no, this also just adds to
damage attacks against him.

- Okay.

Then I will just do regular attacks.

- Cool.
- And I'll do reckless.

- [Brennan] Go for it.

- Jesus Christ.

Only a 13 to hit on the first one.

- I'll do a targeted strike.

I add a d6 to that.

- Okay.
- Six.

- Oh, that hits, 19 hits.

- And now you add that six
to the damage roll, too.

- Incredible.
- Wow.

- Okay.

I'll just roll both.

- That's good.

And then a 27 to hit.

- 27's definitely gonna hit.
- Oh yeah.

- Okay, so I add a d6 on the first one.

Seven, nine...

14, 17...

23 damage on the first attack.

- Gotcha.

- And then...

17 damage on the second attack.

- 23 and 17?
- Yeah.

- 40 damage all told?
- Yeah.

- You light Hogg up. (groans)

Still standing, but badly, badly hurt.

- Bonus action, I'm just
going to jump 30 feet

straight in the air and come down

and do my five damage punch to him.

- Incredible.

- It's like a Zack Snyder movie.

- [Ally] Yeah, exactly.

- Boom!

He gets knocked on his ass.


Margaret, your turn.

- So he's not down but he's looking bad.

- Looking quite bad.
- Okay.

I'll shoot him with my blaster pistol.

Is that smart?

It only does a d4.

Should we just get the fuck out?

- We need to kill this guy.

- Okay, you know what, I am going to...

- You can add your analysis to him, right?

You can do that as a bonus action.

- I can, and that just helps me hit.

- Gotcha, yeah, yeah.

- Okay, so instead I am going to...

I am gonna get...

I'm gonna get kind of close to him.

And shoot, fuck it, I'll just shoot him

with my blaster pistol.
- Go for it.

- So bonus action, I will do the,

he becomes the focus of
my critical analysis.

So my damage rolls use
my Intelligence modifier

instead Strength.



That is a seven to hit.

- Seven does not hit.

(Lou laughing)

- Okay, then I'm gonna...

Can I kind of cover my mouth?

Is it loud in here?

It's loud.
- Yeah, yeah.

- I just wanna, I'm gonna say Barry,

I have this ability and I
need your consent for it,

but if someone attacks me,
I can call you to intervene.

- Oh yeah, right on.

- And if you get hit, if they miss on you,

then you get to hit 'em right away

and we can just kill him that way.

- That's awesome.

- Okay, so I'm gonna kinda,
outta the side of my mouth,

do that, and then I'm gonna go...

You're so stupid.

You could never hit me.

And then I'm gonna take out my phone

and reply to that Reddit thing.

- Okay, give me an Intimidate check.

- You're so stupid.

- You're you're so stupid.

(Emily laughing)

It's a 27.

- [Brian] Whoa.

- You see he looks at you
and goes, I'm so stupid?!

Well then how come I'm
gonna kill you both?


(cast laughing)

- The down time between
the leap is so funny!

- You see, he's gonna jump
and take a swing at you.

- Boom, bonus action.

- He has to hit for it to happen, right?

- No, no, you're a willing creature.

My reaction is you are
stepping in front of me,

so you either get hit, or if he misses,

then you get to hit him right away.

- Got it.
- He misses you badly.

- Rad.
- Thank God.

- 24.

- That will do it.

- I get to roll a superiority die

and also add this to the damage.

- Ooh!

- Oh my god.

- 18.

23 damage.

- 23 with the five added in there?

- Yeah.
- You see he goes, gah!

And you just step in and
punch him so hard in the head

that he's dead.

You go, crack!


Hogg Cobb is dead.

He never even got his jet pack back.

- Thanks, bae.

- Oh, can we take the jet pack?

Oh no, he was trying to
get it, oh, right, right.

- Does the jet pack die
when Hogg Cobb dies?

- I just start falling through a tunnel.

- Bad timing, that'll happen.

- We get the fuck outta here?
- Yeah.

Let's get to...

- Both of you give me Perception checks.

- Okay.


- Hell yeah, 24.
- Nice.

- 21.

- Both of you, as you look at each other,

like get the fuck out
of here, you hear it,

blood oozing out of Hogg Cobb's ears.

You see drowns out the
comm device in his ears,

and the last thing you hear is,
Fish, jump back to the ship.

I'm grabbing the princeps and
getting the fuck outta here.

Meet me back at the ship.

- Let me....

I want to grab the mic
and I put it on and I go,

listen, you piece of shit Barry.

You're not the real Barry, Barry's inside.

Barry, if you can hear
me, I'm coming for you.

Barry worm, I'm coming for you too,

but in a different way, to
fuck you up, Barry style.

(cast laughing)

- Barry style.
- Barry worm.

- Barry worm!

- I like to think that
even the cerebro slug

is like, oh, fuck, ah.

- Incredible.

Both of you hightail it outta there.

Gunnie, we're gonna come
back to you real quick.

- [Lou] Yeah.

- Cool.

- Wait, do we wanna go to the ship

or do we wanna try to find people

in the elevator that we heard them-

- I wanna try to make
sure everybody's okay.

- [Emily] Well, we're definitely hearing-

- I would assume, since
Gunnie's by himself,

I wanna run and try to find Gunnie.

- Cool.

- I mean, you should hopefully see me

floating about 40 feet up in the air,

just desperately looking around.

That nat 20 Perception check.
- Yes.

- Does that let me see the two of them?

- Yes.

You see them running out
of the reptile house.

I'm gonna say on that nat 20, Gunnie,

you rush right up to these two.

- Great.

We're outta here?

- All right, I think we
gotta get outta here.

I think send a comm
message to these two guys,

'cause they're faster than us, and be like

meet you back at the ship?

- Also some real like alty dudes are here

and I think they're trying to capture me?

- There's more people?

- Yeah, and they have
grenades that knock you out

and they're being controlled by Mama Bear.

- You guys see a little plinking,

in the middle of the three of you,

a little plinking grenade lands

with a little thing in French that says,

"This is not a pipe."

- I kick it.

As hard as I can.

- It's gonna go off and I'm gonna need

Constitution saving throws from you all.

- What?

(Emily sighs)

- Just don't let this
sour you on grenades,

'cause I actually really need to get more.

- Nice.
- 19.

- 25.
- Eight.

- Marge, you go to kick it.

Smoke right in your nostrils.

- I never played soccer.

- You guys see Marge is out.

There are about four of these
like sweater gas mask dudes.

- I'll grab Marge and
let's get outta here.

- Yeah, let's run.

- Cool.

You guys take off.

- Grab me too, please.

- Okay.

Yes, and also the psychodrone.

- You got both?

- Yeah, can I get to the psychodrone?

- Yeah, how far off is the psychodrone?

And can we buy a new one?

- I'm gonna say, that nat 20 Perception,

it is within grabbing distance of you.

- I'll grab it.

Can I carry it?

- [Brennan] Yes, you can
carry it, yes, yes, yes.

- It's so heavy.

- It's so heavy.
- It's full of water.

It's like a kayak that just rolled

and always have like a layer of water.

- Incredible.

You guys cannot get Sid
or Skip on your comms.

- Oh, so we don't even know
any of this is going down?

- [Brennan] Don't know
any of it's going down.

- You don't think that
we feel the earth shakin'

from all these grenades?

- I don't think you feel it.

- Where are we going, where are you going!

- I think we need to get back
to the princeps more than-

- Okay, but I did hear Zortch, though.

I did hear Zortch, right?

- You were the first
people to say anything

and you said you were going down.

So it's up to these guys here.

You came in first saying me and Skip

are going down to investigate.

- So I didn't even hear
the stuff with Zortch?

- [Brennan] Didn't even
hear the stuff with Zortch.

- Dammit, I was gonna try and
call through Zortch's comm

and tell Aurora to save the princeps.

- I have a plan.

- So, that's gonna be, Sid and Skip,

we're gonna come to you in a second.

We're just gonna resolve this.

Gunnie and Barry, it's up to you.

You have a psychodrone
and an unconscious Marge.

Do you go looking for Sid and Skip,

who are not responding to comms right now,

'cause they're deep underground?

- They keep throwing grenades at us.

- All right.

I'll trade you.

You take Marge to the ship.

I'll take the drone and
go look for those guys.

- Okay.

Yeah, sure.

- Warning, warning,
return maple cake at once!

(cast laughing) Fuck it, fine!

- I throw it.

- You see a 12 foot tall
Vercadian protector droid

goes, boop!

Thank you.

Please enjoy the rest of your time

at Uncle B.O.B's Fantanimalland.

- I'm not... (laughing)

- Was it the Vercadian protector
droid from inside that-

- Looks like a different Vercadian droid.

- I'll take Marge and
do a bonus action dash

and then action dash to start
heading back toward the ship.

- As you go, you see the Vercadian droid

looks at the maple cake and says,

would you like to purchase a maple cake?

- Yes!

- All right.

Sort of starts fumbling
around in the giant...

- I can't, I can't...

- You see he says, that'll be two credits.

- I don't have time, I have to go.

I have to...

- Can we do this quick?

- Oh, would you like an
escort out of the park?

- Will you escort me out?

- You see a bunch of
Guernican art squad people

start firing on you and
this protector droid

throws up this insane
shield in front of you.

(imitating blaster fire)

This customer's engaging in a transaction.

- Okay, cn we, I'm just gonna
start slowly walking back,

being like, all right, gimme one second.

Keep going, okay.

It's in my...
- I'm just dangling.

- It's in my pocket, it's in my pocket.

- Absolutely, sir.
- One second.

- Would you like frosting?

- Yeah, oh, definitely.

I'm gonna want all the toppings.

Come on, come on.

More bananas, extra bananas.

I hate bananas.

(cast laughing)

- You literally get to
the door of the park

with this Vercadian droid finally like,

all right, pistachios,
extra fudge, bananas,

whipped cream, vanilla and icing.

- Yes, great.
- Thank you.




It comes out to like five
credits with all the toppings.

- So expensive.

And I don't even want,
I can't eat pistachio.

(cast laughing)

- Gunnie's also allergic to tree nuts.

- Do we know if like Ronnie Kwan sees me

being pulled in unconscious
towards our ship.

Like did he let these
people get onto our ship?

- We don't know.

That information is not
available to you guys right now.

You head for the elevator shaft.

Riva, you feel, you're
in the water systems,

but psychically, you can sense Barry Nyne

running through the ship.

- Great.

I would like to cast
Hallucination on Barry Nyne.

- Hell yes.

- It's a Wisdom saving throw.
- Hell yeah.

- Please go ahead and do
the Wisdom saving throw

and then I will tell you,
if it fails, what happens.

- Ooh, who's the DM now!

(cast laughing)

- Who is the daddy now!

- Who's the daddy now, go ahead and roll

and then I'll tell you, bitch.
- Who's the daddy now?

- I don't give away my secrets.

- [Zac] He hallucinates that he's dead.

- What happens to Barry Nyne?

- Great.

I would for him to
hallucinate the princeps

just being right in front of him,

like passing through the
door in front of him,

all the way to the escape pod,

which is where we've been
keeping Aurora Nebbins.

- Incredible.
- My baby girl.

- Okay.


You create that, and he
says, what, you're awake?

And you hear, oh, I'm gonna get you.

I'm gonna get you.

I'm going to now roll a
Luck check here real quick.

- Great.

- That's a 14.

You feel him stop.

Psychically, he's in a
room, and you realize

he's in a room with the
unconscious princeps Zortch.

- Ah, shit.

- [Brennan] Give me another
Wisdom saving throw.

- 27.

- Okay, you are once again gonna
take a quarter damage here.

- Great.

Oh my god, that's still so many dice.

- Oh Jesus.

12, 22...

28, 31.

That's gonna be another seven
points of damage to you.

As you feel like this, he's
basically producing a cone,

and you see he says, nice try, fish!

I know there's only supposed
to be one of people.

- I...

This is a little spicy.

Can I use my subtle control to make him

forget that he saw the
body of the princeps?

- Sure.

There's there's a Wisdom roll here.

He's gonna do that right now.

Hold on one second.

The subtle control works.

He goes, hey, there you are.

No, get over here, you.

And he once again he hear
him running through the ship.

- Great.

- Towards the escape pod.

(Siobhan sighs)

- The Riva versus Barry
Nyne fight was not something

that I was expecting.
- Yeah, I know.

I'm gonna need you to roll
initiative for Aurora Nebbins,

if you'd be so kind.
- Yay!

- Okay, she got a 14, but I
don't know what she adds to it.

I don't have starts for her.

- Yeah, what's Aurora's Dex like?

- Oh, I have Aurora's.
- Probably good.

- Aurora's Dex, oh, actually
Aurora's Dex is only plus one.

- Oh, strong.

- Strong, she's a strong girl.

- Oh, so 15.

- Or so you see Barry
says, oh, phase walking

through the door, huh?

Oh, shit!

And Aurora Nebbins can attack first.

I'll tell you what to add here.

So you're gonna add, it's plus six

and it's two bite attacks.

- Okay.

The first one is not gonna
hit, unless a nine hits.

- [Brennan] Does not.

- Come on, Rick Perry die.

- Oh!

- [Lou] Was it rolling that whole time?

- It was rolling that whole fucking time.

- I'm gonna need, Barry
Nyne's gonna go into the zone.

I'm gonna need a Athletics check.

You're adding plus four to this.

- What is he doing?
- 18.

- He's a little spicy thing.

- You see Barry Nyne does not hurt...

Your wording was the hallucination runs

into the escape pods, correct?
- Yes.

- You feel that is very cleverly worded.

'Cause what happens next is this.

Barry Nyne grabs Aurora Nebbins,

does not hurt her, hurls
her out of the escape pod,

closes the door and says,
thanks for the ride, fish!


And the escape pod rockets
off The Wurst into the sky.

- Okay, well-

- Oh, but he thinks that-

- [Siobhan] He thinks that
he's got the princeps.

- The princeps in it.

So I'll comms to everybody like, well,

the good news is that
Barry Nyne isn't here,

and we'll get to the bad news when
you get back, 'cause we it's...

It'll be fine.

It'll be fine.

The good news is he's not here.

- I also consider that bad news.

- [Siobhan] Oh, okay.

- 'Cause I wanna pull
the worm out of his head.

- Well-
- Just bad news.

- Okay.
- Right on.

- Great.

(cast laughing)

- Amazing.

Wild, you fought Barry Nyne on The Wurst!

Some clever spell casting
from the ship's psychic.

Gunnie, you're heading back to
the ship with Margaret's body,

you have your nice maple cake.

You rush over there.

As you're trying to get
to the elevator shaft,

you see that there are these like

Guernican art squad people all around.

I am going to need, on your
way there one more time,

I'm gonna need a
Constitution saving throw.

- Don't be bad.
- Cannot be carried.

- 13.

- Any other shenanigans you can throw?

- We all have Defiant, right?

- No.
- Not me.

- [Brennan] Clone trooper.

- No!

- Is that like...
- I'm gone.

- Nope, I don't think so.

- Oh, they can't have him.

- And we're just stupidly
down a fuckin shaft.

- Gonna make you go to art school, bro.

They're gonna make you.

You're gonna have to
learn how to do fuckin'

figure drawing and shit.
- Yeah, dude.

You be doing fucking nonstop-

- Yeah, advantage on Dex saves I can see,

but I don't think I can
do anything about Con.

- Barry, you can see the
elevator shaft ahead of you.

You are running, you have the
psychodrone under one arm.

(air hissing)


You feel yourself...


You feel shapes come into
the smoke around you.

You hear voices going, look at this guy.

So big.

He's number six, it's like
he's referencing numbers,

but like where are the others?

What do you think it is,
sort of like a commentary

on like isolation or a commentary-

- Commentary.

- Well, it's gotta be
commentary on something.

- It's gotta be, it's gotta
be commentary on (mumbling).

- God damn you, assholes.

- Deep underground.

(cast laughing)

- Oh boy.
- Sid and...


- You are such a jerk.

Making us watch this happen and then...

- I thought Aurora Nebbins
was about to get iced.

And so I am like, no.
- That's true.

You are being quite kind.

- You destroyed all of our friends

and we couldn't do anything!

- We're in a dumb tube.

- We're in a dumb tube!

- We got cocky and we split up.

- Hey, you know, it is what it is.

- I didn't actually mean you're a jerk.

- No, of course.

I understand.

Listen, you know, these
are the moments we split up

and then something bad
happens to the chaotic galaxy.


Deep under Uncle B.O.B's
Fantanimalland, at the bottom of a...

No longer brightly colored elevator shaft.

It fades from the bright
greens and purples and yellows

of the metallic spires of
Uncle B.O.B's Fantanimalland

to simple slate gray,
little flickering lights.

Beep beep beep beep.

As jet pack and rocket boots
descend and touch down.

And it's damp down here.

Levels beneath the surface.

It is...

A forgotten place within
the Fantanimalland.

Where do you go?

As you see the tunnels
branch out from this place

and what is it that you are looking for?

- How many tunnels are there?

- There are two that
exit out to either side,

continuing straight down,
past the end of your vision,

with other branching
passageways coming off of them,

not all of which are at right angles.

There's some strange little
sort of like K intersections

where like a straight
tunnel will branch off,

one diagonally this way
and one diagonally that way

as you sort of you gaze down.

- I would say, I mean,
originally we came here

kind of looking for
Barry Nyne for Barry Syx,

so that might be on my mind, but also

kind of once we're in there
and we saw those artifacts,

I'm almost curious if those artifacts

are fakes for the museum
and there's a place

that they actually store them.
- Okay.

- What do you think, Skip?

- Skip is looking around and is like,

trying to decide, is this like-

- Also what the heck happened back there?

- [Ally] Yeah. (laughing)

- It's complicated, but they want me

and I don't want to do it right now.

(cast laughing)

- That must be so nice
to be wanted, though.

- In some ways, yes.

In a lot of ways, it is
extremely, he shot me in the butt.

(cast laughing)

- I could hear you shout,
"my ass!" (laughing)

- Holding like a theme
park napkin to my butt.

(cast laughing)

Looking around, I just wanna see, like,

you said it was forgotten.

It doesn't feel like in a theme park,

how they like have underground
tunnels that they use.

- It feels exactly like
that, with the exception

that Uncle B.O.B's Fantanimalland has had

so many renovations
and renewals and things

that this feels like an old one.

- Like the old characters used
to take smoke breaks here.

- [Brennan] Yes.

- I wanna look around to see if there's

any like costumes left down here.

- Give me an Investigation check.

You both can.

- Dirty 20, nope!

Dirty 21.

- 16.

- You look around and find
the there's some places

where things have been discarded,
but as you look around,

something has cleaned
this place out already.

You look and see that
a lot of the doors here

that would've been shut
and irised a long time ago

have been burst through, and
not with like energy weapons,

but something large.

- [Emily] Oh no.

- [Brennan] Has like broken
through places down here.

- Can I check to see if
they're sort of Barry sized?

- Give me a Survival check.

- Only an eight.

- I'll look for...

Nat 20.

(dramatic music)

- You touch the walls here where you see

incredible claw marks
in the side of the wall

that like ripped the door open.

And as you touch it, you
feel a resonant energy.

The claw marks have no
biological irregularity

in the depth of striking into
the side of the wall here,

but instead have the uniform pressure

of a synthetic organism.

- I see, so a droid.

Are they 12 feet tall?

Like a Vercadian?

- Yeah, must be, probably
some kind of Vercadian

or something like that.

- Can I look around with that nat 20 also

to see if there's any sort of like

spots where dust once was so it looks

like someone picked this up?

- You see that this place
is bizarrely free of dust.

And as you look around,
it's like something

is dusting this place,
perhaps accidentally.

But on that nat 20...
- A Roomba?

- Yeah, some kind of Roomba, maybe.

On that nat 20-

- Is that where Vercadian
droids come from?

- You hear a kind of humming and whirring

and clicking coming from
deep, deep within this

series of old performer tunnels.

As you look around as well, you see that

the reason these are
sort of older is that...

This is from a time prior to android usage

when like more of these performers

would've been humans wearing costumes,

and it looks like the park mostly

doesn't make use of that anymore.

The park has kind of moved
towards just employing androids.

But you hear something
whirring and humming

deeper within these catacombs here.

- I mean, I have nothing to do but assume

that our friends are
right on our tails, so.

- We're in the tunnel, if you can hear us.

- Hi, it's us.

We're in the tunnel.

We've got a hot lead.

- When you're done with rides, come...

- I can only assume that you've
all joined Gunnie in line

to wait for maple cakes.

- [Ally] God dammit.

- I feel like we gotta...

- What would we really do, right?

We'd probably follow this whirring sound.

- Yeah.

I think I wanna Stealth
through the tunnel to see if-

- Give me some Stealth checks, gang.

- 17.

- Dirty 20.

- Okay.

You make your way through these tunnels.

- You know what I can do?

Since our comms aren't working,

it might make sense for
me to send Handy Annie up.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

- To rendezvous.

- [Brennan] Yeah, that makes sense.

- Detach her, send her up.

- Actually, yeah.

For Handy Annie, give me a
Perception check, with advantage.

- Okay.

I actually don't know what her stats are.

It's a 13 and 11 on the die.

I don't know what her stats are.

- I think it's probably just a plus four.

Handy Annie scoots up
with the little GoPro

and goes back up the elevator shaft.

You two continue deeper into this area.

You've rolled your Stealth rolls.

You arrive at what looks like...

Some sort of deep basin.

You're in an elevated
catwalk, and this looks like

some kind of water containment area.

So it's that thing of a,
you know, rebar sort of,

or not rebar, but like steel grate catwalk

that you can see through,
ladder going down,

deep underneath is this enormous,

probably like hundred foot
diameter circular chamber.

The walls piled high...

With bright blue animatronic mouse heads

with the eyes torn out, weird banjos

from country band jamborees, all these

discarded cybernetic parts,

and a hulking monstrosity

busies itself moving amongst the piles.

What you see is...

Probably even hunched as it is,

its posture very hunched,
about 20 foot tall thing

that at first looks like it has plumage,

it rustles like it has feathers,

and you really realize why these hallways

seem so absent of dust.

Its plumage is made of
tatters of garbage bags.

So it has this heap-like shape to it

where it is just a mound of
different garbage bags, scraps,

almost like the feathers
of a massive bird.

Its arms are completely naked of flesh,

so just joint metallic
claws that can extend out

for like 20 feet each, so it's, you know,

reach is this sort of
enormous monstrous reach,

and you see amongst the sort
of garbage bag plumage, a...

Beautiful's not the right word.

A classically rendered
doll's face at the front.

- Just like really normal, nice things.

- I'm just whispering to
the comm just between us

like I think it's like
almost a sentient construct

of like a bunch of old animatronics.

- Do we think that is good?

Or bad?

- You know, Skip, I don't
necessarily trust my judgment

in this moment, but I
think it's fuckin' awesome.

- I mean, aesthetically, awesome.

- I'm like wondering if we
have space on the ship for it.

- I'm looking at the deep claw
marks in the walls around.

- You see that this
thing is grooming itself,

and as it does, you see, it pulls out

a little sort of fractured head

of some kind of very dirty,
soiled piece of technology,

goes... (mumbling)

It's kind of far away, it's
about like 80 feet down.

It's like whispering something,
and you see it sort of

roots around in the pile
and places this thing

deep in a pile of stuff and
sort scoops the pile back up

and pats it and moves
over to another pile.

Grooms itself.
- Collecting.

- Quite frankly love this little creature.

- It's not little.

- I know, but its behavior is so...

(cast laughing)

(Ally laughing)

- Just a little added context, also,

that Murph is very afraid of dolls.

- [Ally] Oh my god.

Oh my god.

- Can I do.
- Barry's dead on the ground.

(cast laughing)

- I sent up...
- Yes.

- Logically, we would not know that.

- [Brennan] You would not know.

- [Ally] That's very true, very true.

- I did the most in
character thing I could do

to just send Handy Annie up and
hopefully I'll receive word.

Can I do like a Perception check

to see if there's like
anything in all this old stuff

that I recognize?
- Yeah, go for it.

- Six.

- A Perception check?
- Yeah, Perception check.

- That is a 12.

- Yeah, not from up here.

If you got closer, maybe.

- I have not seen much of my life,

but something tells me that
this thing is gonna be like,

and then when we step on a
twig, it's gonna be like.

- Yeah, no, I kinda think you're right.

- But I don't know.

Do we want to at least
check what the other tunnel

has real fast?

- Okay, let's go through the other tunnel.

- Can we back up away from this?

- I take mental pictures
of this beautiful moment.

- Okay, gimme one more Stealth check.

- Oh.
- Uh-oh.

- 21.
- 10 for me.

- Or 22.

- 10.

You say, yeah, let's go check.

Clank with one of your roller
skates on the kind of ridge.

(Brennan screeches)

- Knew it.

(cast laughing)

- It's only seen me.

- Looks up.

And it begins to rapid, so rapidly,

in mechanical reference, this
thing has about a speed of 80.

- Oh boy.

- Up the tunnel?

- Okay.

I wanna smile really sweetly and curtsy.

- Give me a Persuasion check.

- Come on.
- I'm hiding.

- [Brennan] Give me a Stealth check.

Oh wait, what's your other roll?

What was your-
- It was a 22.

- 22, okay.
- 16.

- The doll's eyes do
blink, but they nictate.

So they blink from the side.
- No.

- You see a extremely grainy,
its mouth does not move,

but an extremely grainy recording
does come from a speaker

behind its stationary lips.

Are you broken?

- Depends who's answering.

By my standards, I'm becoming, not broken.

Your home is beautiful.

I'm so sorry.

There wasn't a door, and so I walked in,

but I had no intention of accidentally

walking into your home, but it
is beautiful, I can see that.

You've really built
something beautiful here.

What's your name?

My name is Sundry Sidney,
but I'm considering

changing it some day,
because I recently became

my own droid.

- Did you mean what you said?

- About being broken and becoming?

Or about your home?
- My home.

- Oh, no, I really like it.

I took a moment to sort
of admire everything

that was happening and the care to which

you've assembled everything,
I think it's aspirational.

I personally am trying to build
something cooler with myself

and I feel like I'm watching you do it.

- Oh.

That's very kind.

You said your name was Sundry Sidney?

- Sundry Sidney, but I'm
thinking of changing it.

- Oh.


Don't have that of my own.

But I have been called many things.

- What's your favorite
thing that you get called?

- Oh, I have been called
the high priestrix

of the discarded, I have
been called the Junkmother,

I have been called the
bag lady, many things.

- Have you ever found
remnants of a Servo Sam?

- Servo Sam?!

And he swoops down into the basin,

digs through a pile, and you see

takes a pair of coveralls
that just have the name Sam

on the outside that you
recognize as a Servo Sam outfit,

grabs like a chunk of
arm, grabs something else.

Is like, there is a great
deal here, a great deal.

Yes, a great, great, great deal.

But that line was lost.

I have no midcaps for them.

And she puts her hand
on the back of her neck.

- What's a midcap?

- Oh, a midcap is the term for like

the core processing
krystal, like the brain.

- I think I have that.

- You do.
- I think I have that, though.

- What?
- Yeah.

I was in a junkyard and I was
looking around for, you know,

discontinued droids, because
you know, it's lost potential.

And so I picked it up,
and the krystal's broken,

but I have all the pieces, I think I could

put it back together.

- You have a midcap for Servo Sam?

- Yeah, I think so.

- You see, she says, would
you consider throwing it away?

- No, I wouldn't wanna throw it away.

- Damn.

How am I gonna get my hands on one?

- Well, can I give it to you?

- What?!
(cast laughing)

- Okay, if I'm gonna throw it away,

I'm gonna put it in a present
and tie it up with a bow

and then throw that
away, but I can't do that

to Sam's midcap.

- Ooh!

Well, if you don't,
well, you can, but you...

I suppose you could give it.

- Yes, can I give it to you?

- I've never had a gift before.

- Well, get used to it,
because once you get a gift,

then you suddenly wanna
start giving things,

and once you start giving things,

more people start giving
things to you more.

(Brennan laughing)

That's what I noticed, me and my friends,

we were really dodgy with our money,

but then we pulled it together

and now we share all the time!

- Sha-ring.

Yes, yes.

Point well made.


You haven't come here to collect

and destroy all these things.

- No, absolutely not.

- No.


Well, if you give it to me, then that's

sort of a kind of trash.

- I just, I really don't wanna
say that about Servo Sam.

I really believe in like that I'm excited

to see Servo Sam return,
so let's just not call

Servo Sam trash.

- Trash is bad.
- How about trade?

- Trade.
- Trade be better?

- Oh, do you want something in exchange?

- Yeah.

- Hmm, what sort of thing do you want?

- I'm in the shadows.

- Hold on one second.

Let me talk to myself about that.


What should I ask for?

- Do you prefer Skip?

Or is that your term of
address for yourself?

- Yes, I would prefer Skip, thank you.

- All right, Skip.
- Hang up.

(cast laughing)

- My name is Skip, actually, yeah.

- Fuck.

- What do you think, there's
anything that we need?

- Should I come out?

- Okay, if I...

Can I invite a friend over
to your beautiful house?

It's someone who also is really invested

in bringing Servo Sam.

- All right.

- Okay, I'm gonna call them right now.

I make a fake phone.

- You psycho.

- What are you doing?

- Hey, Skip.

- I like to imagine you're like
right there in the shadows.

- Does she have her comm?

- Would you like to...

- Would you like to come over, Skip?

- Okay.
- Give me a couple beats,

you know, to make it, to sell it.

Okay, he's on his way.

- Ah.

Should I go and escort him?

- He'll be here in a second.

- Hi.
(cast laughing)

- You see that...
- Knock knock.

- She looks at you.

Give me a Persuasion check.

- I don't have my gun out anymore.

- Can I give the help action?

Because I've been-
- Yes.

- Good.



- She looks at you and says,
you are not cyber form at all.

You are biological, organic.

What's your intention in this place?

- We saw a hole.

Had to check it out.

- The biological form
sometimes can be very reductive

in how they describe things.

- Some would say that I am
similar to a cybernetic thing.

- In what way?

- I am little inside my body
and I control this body.

Almost like a computer
controlling a machine.

- Hmm.



- Design.

- Design.

- There are various designers.

Some designs are for purposes.

An android may never question
the why of its existence.

You, however, were designed by

the most powerful force in the galaxy.

The random factor.

Survival of the fittest is the rule

of evolutionary organisms.

Not designed for a purpose,
instead, purposed for a design.


- I understand that pretty well.

I'm all about survival.

- Oh?

- Yes.

- And who has the
stronger will to survive,

you or the you within you,
or the yous within that you?

- Well...

The plural version of you is
pretty strong and after me,

but the you that is
within you, which is me,

is doing okay, I think.

- Hmm.

Well, you can't spell you without yous,

and to be youseful is any
android's greatest desire.


You wanted a trade?

- Yes.

I have thought about this,
and I have a friend up there

who is quite cybernetic, and I think

he would be really happy if I could get

a bar android for our casino.

- A Bar Buddy?
- A Bar Buddy.

- Bar Buddy.
- Bar Buddy.

- A Barbuddy.

- She says, well, then that's that.

Come down to my home.

Please, please, come, come.

And she skitters down the wall.

- Am I getting anything from Handy Annie?

- No, 'cause you're comms.

It's comm dead down here.

I know that you have that ability.

As you go down into the
lower level with her,

she produces a pretty mangled up,

older edition, discontinued Bar Buddy.

She goes, Bar Buddy,

not android, robot.

Cyber form basic.

To say this was prepossessed of sentience

or sapience would perhaps be a stretch,

but then perhaps that is true for us all.

We all have our own
programming, do we not?

- What's your programming?

- My programming is a rotten
sludge of toxic waste.

I should not exist at all.

- What do you mean by that?

- Oh, you know.

She lifts the garbage bags
at the back of her head

and shows you a really badly shattered

bunch of midcaps of
like Borinyum krystals.

It looks like she's maybe a series of like

different android lines
that all got jammed

into this sort of like
one body or consciousness,

and she just goes...

I think it was some kind of joke,

or perhaps the people doing
this were experimenting,

but in any case, I escaped
and they are all dead.


- May I look at it?

Because I've got some droids
that I'm hoping to kind of

give a little bit of mental freedom

so that they can kind of
decide who they wanna be

rather than just being helpers.

- Can I look at yours?

- Absolutely.

- You show your midcap.

She goes, my, my, my.

- Oh no.

- Can I get Insight check?

- What, what's wrong?

What's oh no?

- You are keeper.

- Yeah.

- The rest of your line destroyed.

- See, I think actually there
was no rest of the line,

and it's maybe just me.

- I am keeper as well, because
I was not meant to exist.

I am trash from the beginning.

- I don't think being a keeper

or being the only one is trash.

- No, you are keeper because it sounds

as if no more were ever made.

I am keeper because this, dink dink dink,

shows the broken krystals, was a mistake.

- No, it wasn't a mistake.

It was a blessing.

You talked about the random
factor, you're living it.

You're the combination of the
random factor and the design.

- Well!

I had never thought of it that way.

- Do you want another like you?

- I don't know.

What I want is just in these krystals,

and I've never understood
that any organism

in the galaxy has ever been
able to change what it wanted

by examining what it wanted.

Perhaps a fruitless endeavor.

But I do very much like myself more,

because if what you are saying is true,

and I see no reason that
it is not, then yes.

What is the difference
between me and another

that was produced some other way?

We all find ourselves produced here,

and even to be designed, like you are, is,

in some way, just another accident.

And there's some comfort in that.

- Yeah.

- Well.

Your Bar Buddy.

And she hands you this sort of broken,

fucked up looking robot,
has like a little sort of,

like a tuxedo spray painted
on like a robotic bartender.

- I picture Gunnie's face
when I bring this to him.

- Oh my god.

- And I just beam.

You really did it this time, Sid.

You really knocked it outta the park.

You are gonna come out
of that elevator shaft

and Gunnie's gonna be
there with open arms.

- When we come up the elevator,

all of our friends are probably
gonna be there clapping.

(cast laughing)

- I truly believe so.

- And she says, the trade.


- Right.

So it's back on, do I have it on me?

- I think so.

It's up to you.
- Okay, yeah.

Yeah, I think I like reach
into like a little apron pocket

and I give Servo Sam.

- Takes the midcap for Servo Sam.

You see she digs around and finds there's.

barely 50% of a Servo Sam
here, but she does have

the overalls, legs are
missing, some of the torso,

one of the arms is missing, but
you see that there's a head,

part of the face that looks
like it maybe got melted off

in some kind of attack
or something like that,

so it's partially sort of melted here.

But you see there's sort of a...

Servo Sam is kind of,
he's not a pleasure droid,

they didn't make him to look, you know,

beautiful or attractive,
but he kind of has

almost like a Fred Flintstoney look,

it's a little bit like
hey, it's a normal guy!


And you see that puts the midcap in

and just the one eye opens.

Hey there, partner, sorry
for lying down on the job.

(Brennan and Emily laughing)

- Wow.

I'm really just knocking
it out of the park today.

Hi, Servo Sam!

- Oh, hey there, Miss, how's it going?

Can I fill her up for you?

I don't seem to be able to stand too good.

Fill her up, that's right.

- Okay.

I mean, do you wanna come with...

No, you have to stay here, I made a trade.

Hey, you're back.

You're back, baby.

And this is your new life.
- So you live here now.

(Lou laughing)

- You're alive and you're in this sewer.

(cast laughing)

- You see that the-
- Have I done something wrong?

- It's probably fine.

- You see that the Junkmother
leans over and goes,

and says, well look at
this, I can't believe it.

Three keepers of souls in the same basin,

here deep beneath the Fantanimalland.

You see that Servo Sam goes,
wowee, keeper of souls?

Now I seen everything.

That's wild.

- I think the most important thing

is we need to be the learning
how to work on ourselves,

'cause we don't have
updates we can plug into,

and I think if we want to keep our souls,

we need to make more of ourselves.

So that's what I'm trying
to learn how to make droids,

and I think that with all
this material down here,

you two could do the same thing.

I'd like to see the world filled

with Junkmothers and Servo Sams.

- Oh my god, get out of here.

Oh my god.

Bad trip, bad trip.

- You see the Junkmother
says, it is very rare

to find a working midcap.

To think you would've
ventured all the way down here

into a place as forbidding as the sewers,

and now a line of androids
that was lost to time

has returned.

Hey, not too bad.

You're a pretty good fixer
upper yourself, miss.

- I mean, if you have any
more parts or krystals,

I'm a bit of a traveler, and
I'd love to just, you know,

go around awakening old
discontinued droids.

- You see-

- It may not sound like
paradise to everyone,

but to my ears, whew.

- The Junkmother looks you
and says, I would be honored,

honored, if you would bring more here.

Perhaps there could be a
place in this galaxy for

androids that have been discarded.

- Yeah, just cuz there's
better servos out there

than Sam doesn't mean I don't try my best.

- I think you're doing great, Servo Sam.

- Ah, shucks.

You take her easy on the road out there.

- I try to put his overalls on him.

It's fucked up.

- Hey, easy there, fella.

Buy a guy a drink first.

(cast laughing)
- Sorry.

- Okay, well, like I said,
I'm a bit of a traveler,

but if I'm on the road
and I find other krystals

and other parts, I'll bring
'em back here, whenever I can.

- You see the Junkmother starts
rooting around in the stuff

and looks over at Sam and
says, don't worry, Mr. Sam,

I'll try to find you, I
don't think we have legs,

but there might be
some, and she finds like

a little kind of like wheely garbage bin

that's like a little moving garbage bin

with like tank treads
on it, and just sort of

puts his torso in that and
like wires it up real quick,

and he goes, golly, well, look at me,

ready and raring to go.

- So you're gonna be able to use

the arm part of the
overalls, the rest will just

dangle in the front, is that okay?

- Mister, I'm doing pretty good.

We started off today not
even existing anymore,

and now we're back at it.

- I look at Skip and I'm
like, this is paradise, right?

- Oh my god.

- Right on.

(cast laughing)

- Would she know anything
about Bob Griivarr?

- Yeah, I guess I should be like,

what do you know about Bob
Griivarr and Griivarr World?

- Oh, up there.

Well, I came to be quite by accident,

as you said, the random factor,

In fact, I've been living down
here for a while, but I'm...

I know that most biological organisms

that have seen me have
opened fire on sight,

and I have had to either
flee or kill them,

defending myself.

- Skip is...

- No one has ever decided arbitrarily

to show me kindness before.

Arbitrariness is quite powerful,
I have come to realize,

and to be arbitrarily
kind, perhaps even more so.

- That's good to hear,
because recently I heard

that this world punishes
people who are idealistic.

- I think there is a difference, perhaps,

between being ideological and simply

choosing to be kind.

But perhaps I'm wrong.

I don't quite know.

I live in the garbage and I collect parts.

- Have you met Bob Griivarr?

- Oh, Uncle B.O.B.

Well, his consciousness is everywhere

all throughout this world,
but I know that he is

one of many great movers and
shakers across the galaxy.

It is very hard to consider
the great powers of the galaxy

and what they do, much easier
to root around in the sewers

and find things that are discarded

and try to find a home for them.

- Well, like I said, you've
made a beautiful home.

- Gorgeous down here.

- [Emily] Do you have
a bathroom, by the way?

- A bathroom?
- Yeah.

- You see, she looks around and says,

well, waste is what we
have here, so here, really.

- Okay.

I was kind of just curious, to be honest.

- You see, she says, I
will keep this place safe.

Strange things happen
all the time, I think.

And I think it's all right that sometimes

those strange things would be good.

And this has been very
strange and very good indeed.

- I agree, and I think Skip does too.

- Right on.

- She says, I will keep this place safe.

You may return whenever you wish.

And beyond just our trade.

She roots around and takes
a little data krystal.

She hands it over to you.

- Just put it on top of Bar Buddy.

- [Zac] Are you throwing that away?

- She puts it on top of
the Bar Buddy and says,

I have one of those in the
bouquet of them back here.

- So I can talk to you.

If I find someone rare, I can say,

I just found this person,
do you have anything?

And we can just talk about parts.

- Well, she looks and says, in a sense,

if you are able to communicate
with me over long distances,

I could open a channel through that.

But rather, that is one of these.

That is how I am able to find keepers.

- So I can give it to the Bar Buddy.

- The Bar Buddy does not
have an advanced enough

- So I could put it in myself.

- If you were to add that to your midcap,

you would be able like me to see

when you had encountered
a keeper of souls.

- Is it painful when you add
something to your midcap?

I've never done it before.

Never gone under the knife.

- Hmm.

Modifying yourself in such a
way that voids your warranty

is frightening, but not painful.

- Okay.

Well, Skip, do you
think, is there anything

that you'd like to add?
- Nothing else, really.

(cast laughing)
- Okay.

Well, I think this has been
really meaningful for us both.

- You see that you walk
out with the Bar Buddy

and this little midcap that will allow you

to detect frequencies of
like basically androids

that are the last of their
line or like unique androids,

you'll be able to detect with
this addition to your midcap.

The Junkmother looks at you and says,

goodbye, Sundry Sidney, your
kindness was extremely bizarre,

and for that reason, matters to me

more than anything I can say.

- Right on.

- Servo Sam says, thanks again, miss,

and I hope I see you around the ol' dusty.

- I can't wait to see you again too.

- You guys leave, and-

- Walk out with a skip in my step,

blissfully unaware of everything going on.

- Oh my fucking god, Barry!

Barry, come in, Barry!

Oh my fucking god.

The killed him, they fucking killed him.

- I got a present for Gunnie.

- You walk out, get the
panicked chatter over the comms,

lack of Barry, and you get Handy Annie

streaming GoPro footage of an
alive and unconscious Barry

being transported in the
back of some kind of vehicle,

and Handy Annie, I rolled for it,

successfully made a Stealth check

to jump aboard Barry's unconscious body.

- Oh!


- Wait, so-
- We gotta go.

- We've come up to the top.

- Come up to the top again.
- Okay.

- Okay.

Do I see where the vehicle is?

- Handy Annie is in
the trunk of a vehicle,

not getting surveilance
footage of any neighborhood,

but you can sense a
like general direction.

- Then can I cast
motivator boost on myself,

which doubles my speed?
- Mm-hmm.

- And then let's just try to go find him.

- Sidney, I just feel
like I should say this.

All the other cerebro slugs are around,

and I don't agree with
them, and they're bad.

- Okay.

- If anything comes up around that topic,

just know that I conscientiously
object to their goal.

(cast laughing)

- It is different from my goal.

- Okay, great.

- I'm just trying to hang out.

- Amazing.

So as you're going, do
you hit comms with every,

'cause you guys, so
Riva, Margaret, Gunnie,

you're like halfway back to
the ship where Riva's at.

You also got this message from Margaret.

So as you're all over
comms, you're all once again

aware of what's going on with Barry.

What is it you all want to do?

- Riva, do we have to bring the drone back

for you to get into it again?
- Yes.

Yes, I have to be within I can't remember

how many feet of it.

- Okay, great.

- To bonus action back into it.

- I mean, and Margaret's conscious again.

- Am I?

- You pop back up as Gunnie's flying.

- Okay.

- I definitely, I hop on the
comms and I let everyone know.

- [Lou] Drop you hard.

- Why am I covered in bananas?

- I had to order a thing.

Are you guys, hello?

- Hi, okay, so we actually had like

a really beautiful moment,
at least for me personally,

I don't know how Skip
feels, but... (laughing)

Actually, you know what?

I think we were both
really vibing off of it.


Barry's been kidnapped.
- Yeah!

- Handy Annie is in the car
and so we'll be able to trail.

- Okay, got it.

- Also, Gunnie, huge news,
I got you a Bar Buddy.

- Wow, I wish I could feel joy.

And I will, I will feel
joy for that later.

We need to get...

You guys missed so much.

Barry Syx, or Barry Nyne was on the ship

and escape podded away.

Riva did some really cool shit,

so we're going back there right now,

we were on the way there so that Riva

can get back in the body, but
then we can come and find you

and then we can find Barry.

If that works, I don't know.

- So Skip and I will tail this car.

- Great, and I don't know,
maybe we'll take the ship

and follow you, I don't know.

- Great.

- Do you guys know how to drive the ship?


- Maybe.
- Okay, good luck.

- Can I do a Medicine check
on Zortch just to make sure

that they're not dying?
- Yes you can.

- Yes.

- [Ally] And is Gnosis still here?

- You guys look, Gnosis is
just down in the WeWork space

with some coffee mugs on it,
just down on a coffee table.

- I got an 11 Medicine check.

- Zortch is unconscious, but
you can feel them psychically.

They look out and say, Barry.

Barry knocked me out.

He was wearing gold plated armor.

- Yeah, it was the other
Barry, it was the other Barry.

- Oh, that's right.


- There's another Barry who's
actually not a Barry at all.

He's one of the people that's
like Skip, only bad, I think.

- Oh, okay.


I jumped in front of Barry to
stop him from getting Gnosis,

and he-
- That's very brave of you.

- Yeah, and he smiled and knocked me out.

And then...

- He was trying to steal
you and not Gnosis.

- What?

- I know, I don't know.

- Okay.

- He was very focused on you.

That's how I got him out of here.

- Would there be anyone
who's trying to get you,

to kidnap you?

- I mean, I am a princeps, right?

I'm a monarch.

- I think the people at the UFTP.

- Do you have like missed
messages or anything

like from your family,
like all looking for you?

- I'm unconscious right
now and we're all talking

through Riva.
- Oh, my bad.

I'll get off this channel.

(cast laughing)

- [Brennan] But you're
all psychically, yeah.

- This is the unconscious channel.

This is the princeps unconscious channel.

- Looking for the gunner channel.



- Can Gunnie fly this ship?

- Are you proficient in piloting?

- Yes I, no.

Yes, I am.

- You're proficient in piloting.

- I am proficient in piloting.

- Yes, you can get this thing.

So you see Ronnie Kwan
comes aboard and goes like,

all right, man, how we looking, we good?

- We're gonna take it
out just for a quick spin

and then we'll be right back.
- Hey!


Then I yell at him for...

- What you yelling at me for?

- Someone broke into our
ship, stole our escape pod.

- Tough fuckin' break,
that's not my problem.

You got, oh, a guy with a fucking cannon

the size of a scooter
comes in and tells me,

hey, I'm gonna go aboard this ship.

What, I'm supposed to say no, I would die

to defend the ships parked
at my mechanic's garage?

- You send me a simple
text, a simple heads up.

- You don't have insurance?

- No, what, I have
insurance, yeah, insurance-

- You need it.

No, I don't do that

I would never, I have 11 hit points.

- Yeah.

Yeah you see Ronnie says, look,

we got the thrusters installed,
you got Mark II thrusters.

You see Ronnie says, all
right, all right, look,

I'm sorry I let the guy board the ship.

He's a clone trooper, space marine,

what do you want me to do?

- Yeah, he's scary.
- He's scary, all right?

- Yeah.
- All right.

- [Lou] I get it.

- He says, good flying out
there aboard the Meridian,

and again, I don't know nothing.

- I know you don't.

- Is anyone looking for us other
than this crazy gunner person?

Did you have any other
people show up looking,

asking questions, poking around?

- Not that I could see, no.
- Okay.

- Hey, thanks for everything.

- Yeah.
- You got it, man.

You see that you get into The Wurst,

new thrusters all along
the outside of the ship,

ship takes off.

Yeah, I guess-
- Gunnie's sweating bullets.

Just like, yeah, yeah, yeah.

- It's a big responsibility
to be flying the plane.

- Yeah, I know, it's scary,
but I'm, Margaret's up here,

Riva's up here, we're
doing, I'm getting it done.

- Music off?
- Okay.

Yeah, there's no music playing.

Yeah, of course, I'm gonna be responsible.

- Check your two.

- Okay.
- Check your mirrors.

- Oh my god, taking Dad's car.

- Okay, we're on our way, okay?

- I put my hand on your shoulder.

My critical analysis is on you.

Like Gunnie, you're gonna
do an incredible job.

Let's do this.
- I'm ready.

- As you're getting ready to take off,

give me a Perception check.

- That's a four.
- Cool.

- Can I make-
- I'm terrified.

I'm trying to fly a space ship.

- Yeah, go for it.

- Perception.

Ah, fuck, it's almost.

That's a...


- Gunnie is listening to Skip's advice

and has totally ignored the message

that blips up on his wrist pad.

It's an email from Repo Reapers.

- Error.

- You have a message.
- What?

- Can you, I'm not allowed
to check my data pad

while I'm flying.

Can you take a look at it?

- We're actively flying right now?


Boop, I...

- You check it, so Gunnie,
you don't see this.

It's a message from accounts
receivable at Repo Reapers

saying Mr. Miggles-Rashbax,
as you are aware,

we have gone into repossession on several

of your prosthetic cybernetic limbs.

It has come to our
attention that you may be

in possession of a computational device.

In exchange for this computational device,

our legal department has advised us

that we may be able to
forgive your debt in total.

- I delete the email.

(Zac gasps)

- What was it?
- Oh!

- Oh my gosh, that is crazy, and something

that we'll talk about as a group later.

(cast laughing)

I really believe in you,
Gunnie, I have my hand on him.

(cast laughing)
- Thank you, thank you.

- Can I uplifting directive
now that we're in the ship?

- Yes, you can.
- Great.

So the ship gets plus five hull points.

- [Emily] Yes, baby.

- But also I will give Margaret and Gunnie

an inspiring display die so
that while we're in the ship

and doing ship things, at
any time if you wanna roll

a d6 to add to anything.

- So, because you are
not ranked as a pilot,

but you do have the piloting skill,

I am going to need a
maneuvering check from you.

- Great.


- [Brennan] So this is a
plus three to the roll here.

- And I will give the direct action.

- Cool.

So he rolls this with advantage.

- That's a six.

That's a nat 20.

(cast cheering)

- God.

- Riva, what does it look like?

So you would've rolled a six, Riva...

- On the left, on the left.

- Okay, sorry, yeah,
okay, yeah, there it is.

- Ship takes off.

Nat 20.

You got it.

Riva is able to replay you
like the hundreds of times

that Skip has done this
over and over psychically.

You take off, and Margaret, you have

that fucking email to consider.

- How the fuck did Repo
Reapers learn about Gnosis?

- That is what Margaret comes to.

If fuckin' Repo Reapers
knows about this...

- This is galaxy wide.

- Galaxy wide at this point,
which is why you're like,

Lucienne saying get the fuck
off the Griivarrr worlds

means, again, like,
Repo Reapers are scary.

This is like a loan shark company.

If they know it, UFTP,
Griivarrr, Amercadia,

you know, any faction
that's really serious

in the galaxy has gotta
know if Repo Reapers knows.

- It's a fucking mad, mad, mad world.

- What are we doing leaving, then?

Okay, anyway, well, yeah.

- Okay.
- Back to space Texas it is.

- Yeah, truly.

- Where we're kings.

- Yeah, what else did we have to do here?

- Why did we leave?

We were killing it.

- We were killing it in space Texas!

- We peaked in New Texas.

- Oh, right, yes, that entire
army did arrive to kill us.

I did forget that.

- Reminder, Skip and Sid, you are racing

through the streets of Hon Grii.

Big images of, you see as you're going,

you see little holograms
appearing of Uncle B.O.B

going, now remember, slow
down, 'cause a sidewalk's

just the outdoors of a living room

you share with all your neighbors.

- You know what's fucking freaky?

That's his fucking consciousness.

His consciousness is like, here.

- Yikes.

- You tear off and get towards
the edge of the capital,

back into like an industrial area.

You start to see like old warehouses.

But some of these warehouses
have like a little refurbished,

like coffee shop in them,
and they'll be like,

a mural up on like an old sort of like-

- This is the freaking Guernica Art Squad.

- You see a sort of hovercraft taxi,

and you get, as you are
closing in on this location,

Handy Annie is a hidden
in Barry Syx's armor.

- Can I like warg into Handy Annie

and have her do a Sleight of
Hand to get out of the trunk?

To open the trunk?

- The trunk is being
opened as you get this,

and Barry's being carried out.

- [Emily] Okay-

- Oh, so they're not actually
moving, they just parked?

- They parked.

You're still a couple blocks away, though.

- Can we just try to knock 'em out?

Can we like Stealth?

- I wanna get like above them,

like on a building nearby, and have like

kind of partial cover and
look, well, without...

Can I make a Stealth version of like,

are there other things flying around as-

- If you wanna make a
Stealth check, you can, yeah.

Go for it.

If you want to approach
stealthily, that is.

- Yeah.

Nat one.

- Two we're not doing stealth.

Okay, I'm gonna, the people
who are holding Barry,

I wanna cast disarm on.

- You're blocks away.

By the time you get there, Barry
and Handy Annie are inside.

- Okay.
- Okay.

- You also, rolling Stealth
means that you attempt Stealth.

Okay, I see.

- So as you draw closer, you are hailed

from the outdoors of what you see is

a clearly highly reinforced warehouse.

During this time, The
Wurst is now in transit.

So Riva, Margaret, and Gunnie are airborne

and mark down a fuel unit, by the way,

as you are flying atmosphere.

Now, as all of you are there...

You feel yourself sort of like hiding

at the edge of the street, looking down

towards this warehouse,
and you hear speakers,

like outdoor speakers, like
for what would almost be like,

you know, Uncle B.O.B announcements,

like Hon Grii has tons
of these sort of like,

for like big news
announcements or just like

playing advertisements
out in the open street.

You hear a... (buzzing)

You speak now to Arcadia Prime,

leader of the Guernican Art Squad.

She most possessed of
taste and refinement.

I have a trinket of yours.

A tisket, a tasket.

I lost my little basket.

A basket of berries.

And as we all know, berries
taste most sweet, a treat.

- Is this a type of
free association poetry?

- Slam poetry?

I think it might be.

What's the condition that he's in?

- Barry's unconscious,
and they could probably do

whatever they wanted to
do to Barry at this point.

- But like, is it something
that if I were to get

in range to heal him, that
it would bring him back up?

- No, it's, it's a status.

It's a status condition, yeah.

- I'm looking, like a
monitor is doing this?

- Little sort of speakers
out on the street.

- Okay.

- Do we wanna try to
sneak in or do we wanna

try to engage with this slam poet?

- God.

- Both options sound like they suck ass.

Still holding the Bar Buddy.

- Can I make a like a Perception check

to see if there's anywhere
else that we can like,

maybe just like in, you
know, a police chase,

like lose them in a building or something?

- Oh, I know what I can do.

Okay, I'm gonna drop my motivator boost.

Can I make a hologram of us?

- Yeah, you can do that.

- So like maybe we do some think clever,

like we kind of like fall backwards

and then I create the
hologram where we were,

and then we can stealth away.

- Go in a tunnel and
it goes out in one way.

- Yeah, so you're asking
for different information.

The speakers say...

Don't worry, little chickadees.

- Put your tongue back in your mouth.

(cast laughing)

- [Ally] Put that tongue in your mouth.

- Keep that damn tongue in your mouth.

- Your friend Barry is safe.

I just wanna play ball.

So why don't you step up to
the plate and swing away?

- I don't do the hologram yet.

I think I just say, okay.

- Okay.
- How do we swing?

- You and your three little friends

here, talking to me about
the future of this galaxy

and the role that I think
all of you have yet to play.

- What's that role?

- There are no small roles,
only big, big actors.

You can't see it, but-
- Big actors?

- There are no small
roles, only big actors?

- You couldn't see it, but I touched,

I was caressing Barry Syx's
face when I said that,

and he's big, so that's the reference.

- Okay.

- Where are you?

(cast laughing)

- Tick-tock, little crocodiles.

- Okay, where are we gonna meet up?

Where are we gonna do this?

- Come on inside.
- Where?

Come on inside where?

- There's like seven in
warehouses here and they're all-

- We're in the middle of a street.

- Hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.


Do you see a guy waving?

- No.

- No.
- Okay, wait.

- Which way?
- Where are you?

- One has a red door,
one has a green door.

- You hear a little door open,

you see a panting guy in a
turtleneck sweater and beret

with a gas mask runs out.
- Cool.

And this guy's gonna show us where to go?

- That's right.

- [Zac] And you can
see this guy right now?

- Can I what?

- Can you see this guy right now?

- Okay, I'm gonna, wait.

I'm gonna do a dance-

- So that means that you probably can't?

- I'm gonna do a dance.

And then have him mimic it.

I'm gonna do the Macarena
and tell him to do it

and then see if they know
that he did the Macarena.

- Okay, so you start doing it.

How do you communicate to him
from down the block that you-

- I mouth..."Do the macarena"

- He waves and walks back inside.

- No!
- Before he does.

- [Brennan] Yeah.

- As that person is going to lead us in,

I want to try to jump to their body

and leave Norman's body.

- Norman has to kiss them.

You gotta carry two
bodies maybe in a second.

- Okay.

- And Norman goes in for a kiss.

- So you walk up.
- On the gas mask.

- Now here's the issue.

Yeah, the guy's wearing a gas mask.

Okay, give me an opposed
Athletics to remove the gas mask.

- Okay.

- [Emily] Can I disarm of the gas mask?

- Yes, you can disarm the gas mask.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Cool.

- 14 plus I'm gonna use my defiant.

- Cool.
- Oh, remove the gas mask.

- I removed it, I just-

- Oh yeah, the gas mask removes,

you just have to kiss this guy.

- Yeah.
- Oh.

What check is that?

- There's no-
- Oh, sorry.

I was just trying to
help you by disarming.

- [Zac] Yes, oh, appreciate it, yeah.

- The gas mask.
- Okay.

So, the gas mask is off.

You grab the guy.

- Now I also have...

- Incredible.

- Stash them in a bush.

- So, Sid, you see
something horrifying happen,

which is Skip opens his mouth
and vomits a brain slug.

- Oh my gosh, it's so long.

- [Brennan] Incredible.

- Is there any way I could
still do the angle perception

to give him disadvantage on this?

- Sure, yeah, yeah.

- Okay, so it's my Perception
versus their Sleight of Hand.

- Cool.

So he's gonna do this with disadvantage.

He rolled up five on the die.
- Okay, then I beat it.

- Gonna roll this in front of the board.

It's a DC?

- 12 Intelligence-

- Intelligence saving throw, okay.

This dude adds a plus two.

- And then there's a
few other little things.

- So it's disadvantage, he needs a 10

on the lower of these two dice.

That is a two.
- Yes.

- Okay.

So they'll take 11 psychic damage.

- Yeah.

- Also on a failure, roll
3d6, if the total equals

or exceeds the target's
Intelligence score,

the score is reduced to
zero, the target is stunned

until it regains at least
one point of Intelligence.

- You need to roll a 14, which is gonna be

hard to do on 3d6.

- Come on.
- You can do it.

You can do it, come on.

- A 14?
- 14.

- Ah, no.

- The longest two kisses in the world.

- Yeah, so you see this
Guernican Art Squad guy

looks at him, this thing,
and he goes (shouts)

and it gets into his nose and he starts

clawing at his face going... (shouting)

But is not taken over yet.

Also, Zac, what happens as
Skip, as Norman Takamori

is vacated of this brain slug?

- I guess Norman Takamori is
on the ground, like, what?

(cast laughing)
- Oh.

- Sorry.

This crew.

This shitty, shitty little crew.

- Oh my god, immediate thoughts.

- It's not my fault.

- Oh wait, I don't have a stun grenade.

Just jump back into Norman Takamori.

- Can I try to jump
back into Norman's head?

- Well, roll damage.

Roll 2d10 psychic damage.

- 13.

- So this guy does drop, he
screams and drops to zero.

Now it's gonna be round by round,

so you're gonna roll those
3d6 until you hit a 14, right?

So, but here's the deal.

Norman's not back at full capacity.

It's been a couple weeks that he's been-

- Okay, I'm gonna go over.

Hi, Captain Skipper.

- What?

- Come with me if you want to live.

- And you don't even hit your shots.

- [Emily] And then can
I try and knock him out?

- Yeah, absolutely.

I'm gonna say in this prone state,

you just knock Norman Takamori out.

- So good to see you.

- [Brennan] Cool, give
me another 3d6 roll.

- Six, four, 13.

- Oh, so close.

All right.

So remember how long
it took Norman Takamori

to like come back online.


Where we're at right now,
you hear on the comms,

like bring them in.

Jeremy, bring them in.

- Fuck it, I mean, I think
then if that's the case,

do you wanna just go
back into Norman Takamori

and one of us puts on this outfit?

- Do you think I could jump back to Norman

if it doesn't seem like I can-

- Yeah, you could.

You could give it one more
shot if you want, or you can-

- I'm gonna bring, okay, I'm gonna...

I'm gonna do enhance android
to double my carrying capacity

and I'm gonna bring in,
passed out Norman Takamori,

this guy passed out so he can
keep trying to cerebro slug.

- Hell yeah.

- And the Bar Buddy,
and then go in and say,

there was a fight, it got nasty,

they knocked each other out.

- So, inside, you see probably about like

40 of these gas masked individuals,

like blasters, you see
a bunch of tables here

with like explosives things for making

different like ship weapons, missiles,

rockets, things like that.

And you see a throne

up on a pile of crates,

sitting there with a gas
mask in a black sweater

is a woman whose face you cannot see,

'cause she's masked up.

But you see, sort of
standing with arms crossed

to either side, some
sort of like bodyguards

for this leader of the Art Squad.

As you walk in, you have
another round to try that.

- I say, your guy got
nasty, knocked my guy out.

- Nine.

- You see, in front of
the mountain of crates

upon which the throne is
seated, at the base of it

is Barry Syx.

You are manacled up, so you're restrained.

But Barry Syx, you come to in this moment,

and Handy Annie is like
10 feet in front of you

on top of Barry.

- Go get the fucking manacles.

- Barry, you come to, see yourself

surrounded by Art Squad people.

I'm also gonna say Handy Annie
is streaming to The Wurst.

So you guys are seeing
the screens overhead,

and you just now like enter the
neighborhood over this area.

- Can I have Handy Annie
do like Sleight of Hand?

- Give me a Sleight of Hand, yes.

Plus two, we'll do a
plus five to the roll.

- 21.

- You feel a little click.

Up above, on the dais...

- Where does he put his sunglasses?

- On the dais, you see the
woman with the gas mask,

looks at you and says,
ring around the rosey.

- I hate this so much.

- Pocket full of poseys.

- So you said poseys,
like it was surprising,

but actually you just
continued to say the rhyme.

- Ha ha ha, well, let me tell
you something, Sundry Sidney.

All that glitters is not
gold, and all that's bought

is not yet sold.

So, I hear tell that you're
part of a pretty fearsome crew

of proldiers that
managed to get your hands

on a little device called Gnosis.


Etymology of the word.

No, I am Arcadia Prime, I'm the leader

of the Guernican Art Squad, the galaxy's

most feared performance art group.

- That is quite a special honor.

I know that there's a lot
of performance art groups

out there fuckin' scaring people.

That they're even continuing to perform.

I'll tell you where Gnosis is.

If that's what you want.

- That is what I want.

- So it's on our escape pod.

- Give me a Deception roll.

- This one.


- Have you ever heard fable
of the 10 blind scholars

and the elephant?

- No.

- Can I ram the ship into the building?

(cast laughing)

- A hundred percent.
- Yes, yes, yes!

- A hundred percent.

We're gonna get to that in one second.

She looks at you and
says, you might tell me

where Gnosis is, and that lets me know

where Gnosis isn't, but until
we know why Gnosis wasn't,

we'll never know why Gnosis shouldn't.

And I'll tell you this
for free, my friend.

There is nothing I wouldn't
do for true revolution.

But not the revolution of a
corrupt monarch on Rubian Five,

not the revolution of the UFTP-

- I would agree, that's not a revolution.

- Exactly.

You might know that we want
Gnosis, but do you know why?

- I would actually
really love to know why.

That's a sincere thing.

- The ace up our sleeve.



- Oh my god.

This is not imparting information to me.

This is fucking making me a
fucking dank ass word salad.

(Ally laughing)

- Well, it's dinner time,
and we're serving salad,

salad of the mind.

And I'll tell you this for free.

The greatest tyranny of
all is not governments.


Those tyrannies are based
on the foundational tyranny,

the tyranny at the heart of all tyrannies.

Here all the artists snap their fingers,

and you see he goes, how are
these entities able to oppress?

Because we live in a universe bound

by the most oppressive
rule of all, causality.

Effects following from causes.


Anti-Causality Engine.

And you see that one of them
whips a sort of like blanket

off of a thing and
shows this wild looking,

incredible piece of tech, sort
of like a big turbine engine.

She says, all we need is a computer

powerful enough to process it,

and we can reverse the most
fundamental rule of physics.

- What's that look like?

If I order french fries,
I get the french fries.

What's your world look like
if I order french fries?

- A world where you get french fries,

even if you didn't order them.

- Well, also wouldn't it also be a world

in which I order french
fries and don't get them?

- We will not be free
until you push the button

for french fries and all of the
stars in the galaxy explode.

We will not be free until stepping forward

sends you backwards or sideways,

and also you've got a hat now.

(cast laughing)

- Do I have a hat now?

- Until cause and effect are divorced,

we will never know real freedom,

and we have been waiting for
the final piece of the puzzle.

- Wait, but...

Oh god, I'm not in the room.

- She looks and says,
that's exactly right.

A world where things
don't cause other things,

but occur uncaused and don't occur caused.

- So you just, your needs,
your wants, your dreams,

just never satisfied except
when accidentally they are.

- Oh, we wanna talk about needs.

Let's get to know one another.

She pulls the mask off.

Margaret, on the deck of The Wurst,

two seconds before
impact, you're all braced

for a ramming action,
and right before the roof

comes off the warehouse,
removing her mask,

you see Natalia Cicero
Connie Lee Carter Bajar,

and that's all for this
episode of Dimension 20.

- What!


- The art brat is a rich kid.

(cast laughing)
- Classic!

- No way.

- You can get a cranial bolt
out, it is brain surgery.

- I took a few courses in biology.

I didn't go full PhD,
but here, I just push

a bunch of like metal off of like a table.

- Just like...

- Ball's rolling up, let's do it.

- Whoopsie.

(all talking at once)

- If I fail at this, he does die.

- He's dead, yeah.

It is brain surgery.
- Let's check it out.

- Oh boy.

- Fuck!

- So we're done here.

We're done here?