Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 3, Episode 15 - Mind Over Murder - full transcript

Attractive Kristie Lofton wounds her head falling on a video recorder and tells Jesse in ER she had a psychic vision of the murder of investment broker Nick Holloway, who planned a ...

Hi, you're on the air
with Psychic Buddies.

First names only, please.

Hi, my name's Bob.

Hi, Bob.

How can we help you?

Well, my girlfriend
wants to get married

and I guess my question
is... Should I do it?

I mean, I-I love her, I think.

That's a good question, Bob,

and before we get to it, let me
remind those of you at home,

your psychic buddies
are just a phone call away,

24 hours a day, only
two dollars a minute,

billed to your
major credit card.

Okay, now, let's turn
Bob over to Sylvana.


Well, Bob, I'm sensing a
lot of uncertainty in your aura.

I guess.

I don't know. Maybe.

What I'm seeing are
heavy browns and purples

in your meta-sphere,
Bob, and what that tells me

is that you're not clear
in your own space.

If you're not clear
in your space,

you won't have room to
share with another soul spirit.

So, like, you're
saying don't marry her?

I mean, so how's
she gonna take that?

Let's ask Zalman.

Zalman, what do you think?

Robert, the future
is an immutable

pattern of probabilities.

According to Shrodinger,

no probability actualizes

until acted upon by an observer.

So you're saying
she won't be mad?

On the contrary,

an assessment of
the probability flux

indicates an 82.0032% chance

of undesired
matrix actualization.

Uh... maybe we
should have Kristie

put that into English for us.

Kristie? Kristie?

♪ ♪

So then after Mount
Rushmore, I made a beeline

to Herbert Hoover's birthplace.

You work hard and
you play hard, Norman.

And get this: 28.7
miles to the gallon.


So, boys, what's
new around here?

Amanda, nine o'clock.

W-What are you doing?

Protecting you from Amanda.

A-Amanda? W-What
are you talking about?


I have some beautiful
pictures of Mount Rushmore.

Don't start with me, Norman.

And why would I want to
look at Lincoln's nose, huh?

I told you.

And that goes for you, too.


What's going on?

She's having trouble

getting her kid to sleep.

And she doesn't want any advice

from anybody about it.

He's got colic. All he needs is

a couple drops of simethecone.

Stay out of it, Jesse.

Well, how much longer do
we gotta tiptoe around here?

Well, colic's a
behavioral pattern.

It'll go away in a
couple of months.

Amanda's gonna be like
this for a couple of months?

Mmm. Where you going?

Back to the ER to get
some peace and quiet.

Amanda, let's... Don't
go there, Norman.

Don't you go... Don't.

Two months?

Welcome home, Norman.

Welcome home.


All right. So, you fell

and you hit your head
on a video camera?

Does this happen often?


Of course not. It's...

It's just we don't often treat

video camera-related

injuries here.

Who are you?

I-I-I'm a doctor.

Your mother must be very proud.

Yes, she is.

I-I'm Jesse... Travis.

Kristie Lofton.

Right. Kristie.

I guess you're here about...


Yeah. I guess I gotta
take a look at that.

Oh, that's a nice bruise.

Oh. How'd this happen?

It's a very long story,

and you wouldn't
believe me anyway.

Well, try me.

No. I tried to tell a cop
in the emergency room

and he didn't buy it,
so... why should you?

Because I am very gullible.

Ask anyone. What happened?

I saw somebody get killed.


His name was Nick Holloway.

He was an investment broker.

He... he was trying
to buy the company

that I work for.

Let me check your ribs.

You saw somebody get killed

and the police
don't believe you?

Well, I think maybe it's the way

I saw him get killed
that they don't believe.

Deep breath. Ow.

Okay. Sorry.

Okay, I'm done. I'd like to get

an X ray to be
certain, but I don't think

that anything is broken.
Just bruised. Um...

this guy that you saw
killed, when was this?

I don't know. I'm not very good

with time with these things.

It could have been the
past, could have been

the present, the future.

I'm sorry. I'm, I'm lost.

I saw him killed in my mind.

I had a vision.

Oh, so, so you're a psychic?

Like I said, you
don't believe me.

Thanks for the checkup, Jesse.

I'll see you around.

Uh, no, no, no.

Wait, wait up a second.

It's not that I
don't believe you.

It's just I have never
met a psychic before

an-and this is a
new thing for me.

So just give me a second
to catch up to speed here.

You actually had a vision?


And this guy Holloway,
y-you saw him dead?

That's what I said, right?

Whoa. Okay.

So what we need to do,

is we need to get the
cops to investigate.

They won't. They will.

You're dreaming.

Okay, if I can get the
cops to investigate...

would you have dinner with me?

I don't know what it was, Mark.

I shook her hand

and there was this
electrical thing between us.

You know that feeling you get

when you meet
someone for the first time

and it's like you've known
them your whole life.

I do. And it doesn't
happen often, either.

Oh, man, but when it does...

You have to meet her.

I have a feeling I will.

Yeah. I sent a patrol car

by Nick Holloway's
office. He wasn't there.

Aha. You see? It's
'cause Holloway's dead.

He wasn't there because he left

on a two-week camping trip

in Yellowstone
yesterday morning.

What's that?

His, uh... office
manager saw him off.

She said he was in good health,

high spirits, and, as far as
she could tell, very much alive.

I think this psychic is doing
a number on you, Jess.

Uh-uh. No way.

Well, why would
she do that, Steve?


She wants to get her
name in the papers.

This company that
Holloway's buying,

the one that, uh,
Kristie Lofton works for,

it's an infomercial studio.

Kristie Lofton is
an on-air performer

for the Psychic Buddies Network.

It's one of those

600-number phone-in shows.

She didn't tell you, did she?

I didn't ask.

I mean, it didn't come up.

Well, I can look into it
further if you want, check out

her background, but, uh...

as far as I can tell, there's
no murder to investigate.


Yeah. Thanks.


Is there a sign on my
forehead that says "loser?"

A minute ago you thought
you'd met your soul mate.

Well, I thought so,
but if Steve is right...

Well, Jess, there's right and
then there's right, you know.

Facts don't explain everything.

Instincts count
for something, too.

As a matter of fact,
in my experience,

instincts have been the basis

for most true psychic phenomena.

True psychic phenomena?

Wait, wait, y-you-you
believe in this stuff?

I believe there's a lot
of things we don't know.

What do your instincts
tell you about her?

Well, that she's
telling me the truth.

Well, then you owe yourself

the chance to find out

what Kristie has
to say about all this.

And, uh... not
cramping your style,

I wouldn't mind tagging along.

Well, whose side are you on?

I don't have to be on any side.

I'm eccentric and
I'm semi-retired.

Our next caller

is Rhonda from Downey.

This is Rhonda's third call

to the Psychic Buddies Hotline

and we'd like to remind
our home viewers,

we offer a special discount rate

to frequent callers.

Please phone for
more information.

Operators are standing by.

Now, how can your
Psychic Buddies

help you, Rhonda, today?

It's about

my husband, Morris.

I think he's having an affair.

What should I do, Sylvana?


I sense a shadow on your aura.

There's a gathering of...

of darkness on your
transmetamorphic horizon.

Now that could be

a past life residue.

You have to remember, though,

allow yourself to go

with the energy
that's around you,

an-and realize that
there is a definite pattern

of instability in your
cosmic balance.

So you think Morris
is seeing someone?

I think we really
need to examine

the entire balance
of psychic energy.

It was yours.

Uh... excuse me?

It was your umbrella.


Are you talking to me?

It was yours, wasn't it?

Wasn't it?

What's going on?

Cut it. I don't know

what's going on. Ask Sylvana.

It was your umbrella.
It had that stupid

ying-yang symbol all over it.

I saw it in the rain.

It was your um... it
was your umbrella.

Look, girl, I don't know
what you're on about,

but, uh, you'd
better get some help.

I'm taking a break.

Sit down.

This is the second time

you've messed up a taping.

Now, if you do it
again, you're fired.

You understand that?

Sylvana's right. You...

You need help.

Ten minutes, everybody, please.

That's ten, everyone.

Hey, Kristie. You
want to come with me?

There's someone
I'd like you to meet.


So, they think I need help.

Do you think I need help?

Well, not the help
they mean, Miss Lofton,

but... everyone
needs help sometime.

You seemed to go into
some kind of a trance in there.

What happened?

I don't know. I never do know.

It's just, it's like a
part of me goes away.

Goes away where?

I can't explain it
to you, all right?

I don't want to explain it.

I just hate when it happens.

You know, maybe if you tried
to describe to us how it felt?


You know, Kristie, you
can't hide what's inside.

Well, I've had
a lot of practice.

I know it's hard,

but y-you have
to try and open up,

try and... understand it.

Do you know what it's like

when you hear
voices in another room

and you can't quite
hear what they're saying,

you know?

But if you listen really hard...

you can almost...

What? What is it?
What do you see?

It happened here.


92 what?

The killer put the
body in the trunk

and he drove away.

It was his car.

Whose car?


He was... going camping.

There was camping
equipment in the car.

But he never made it.

He died right here.

Are you sure it was here?

Did you see his
face or anything?


All right, there's some
marks up there in the mud

that might be footprints.

That doesn't mean the
dumpster was pushed.

It could have just slipped.

Or it could be the
setup for a con.

A setup by whom?

You think I tried to
run myself down?

You really can read minds.

Come on, Steve, knock it off.

Kristie, would you excuse
us for a minute, please?


Hey, look, Steve,

I don't know what
you're doing, okay,

but Kristie is not
trying to scam anybody.

Jesse, after you stopped
by the house this afternoon,

I ran her ID through
the FBI database.

Guess who has a
rap sheet in 16 states?

A minor con since she was nine?

No convictions.

Probably 'cause the marks
were too embarrassed

to testify against her.

Well, Steve, she's
been clean for two years.

Look, Dad, if there's
one thing I learned

in my stint at Vice, it's
once a con, always a con.

Listen, Jess,

I'm just telling you
this for your own good.

Thanks a lot.

Aren't you due or
another shift at the hospital

about an hour from now?

Yeah, I guess so.

Yeah, I do mean
it, though. Thanks.

Forget it.

I'll try.

You know, if this
was not an accident,

and it wasn't a setup,

then somebody tried to kill her.

Why would anybody
want to kill Kristie Lofton?

To hide the truth about
who killed Nick Holloway.

Psychic visions
from a full-time con?

I just don't buy it
and I don't have to.

There's no body, so how
can there be a murder?

You're not going to
let this go, are you?

Well, if there's one thing
I've learned in 40 years

of practicing medicine, it
is to keep an open mind,

especially in a case like this.

Dad, I've used a
psychic on a case before.

It turned out to be a joke
and I looked like a fool.

I'm telling you,
this girl is a con.

Well, rap sheet or no rap
sheet, I think this girl is sincere.

She doesn't want to experience
what she's experiencing.

And I feel partly guilty
because I encouraged her.

Wait a minute.

Something's coming in here.

You want me to check
out the license plate number

she gave you and
you are going to go

poke around the
Psychic Buddies Network.

Now, that's amazing.

I don't know how I do it.

Really wonderful. It's a gift.

What are you doing, dying?

I needed to lie down.

You're on a cadaver table.

It's because I
feel like a cadaver.

Don't we have a doctor's
lounge for this kind thing?

I'm waiting for Amanda.

I need her advice.

Go away.

Go away?

Go away.

You're going to ask
Amanda for advice

in her present state of mind?

Are you nuts?

She's a woman, I
have a woman problem

and I need a woman's advice.

Well, try me.

What do you mean? Try you what?

Well, I'm not a woman,
but I'm very much in touch

with my feminine side. Try me.

How do you feel about
the great unknown?


Mental visions?

I'm a Gold Card Member
of Psychic Buddies.

You actually have a gold card?

Well, after 80
hours on the phone,

you get the gold
card, the video,

a one-on-one session with
the psychic of your choice

and of course, a
bi-monthly newsletter.

So you believe
in all this stuff?

I'll tell you the truth.

I think I have the power;

the gift.

The gift?


What's that?

Pick up something.

Pick up anything
in the room. Go.

Just pick up something?


Anything. Go. Come on.

How about, uh...

Da-da. Don't show me.

Just, just pick something up.

Focus on it.

Think hard.

Build a mental picture of
the object you're holding

in your mind.

Concentrate. Concentrate.

Hey, Norman, I..

No, no, no. Don't talk.



A pencil.

You're holding a pencil.

I was close. I was very close.

It's wood.

Very close.

I'm going to go lie down.

Look at this.



Our first full-length


"Weight Washers?"

"Losing weight is as
easy as taking a shower."

Now, we moved a
million units in two weeks.

Isn't that something?

If it slices and dices,

if it comes in a set of 12,

but for a limited time only

we'll throw in a
dozen more for free,

if it's celebrity-endorsed
and you can get it

in three easy installments
of $9.99 a month

plus shipping and
handling, as seen on TV...

I have sold it.

So your company
doesn't just produce

the Psychic Buddies
Network, huh?

No. We're a multi-operational,
multi-faceted company.

We've got nothing to hide.

Oh, I'm sure.

Now, Dr. Sloan, I don't know

what Kristie's been
making you believe,

but opening a
police investigation

is really pushing it.

Oh, this is totally
unofficial. It's off the record.

Well, I haven't
got a lot of time.

Well, I won't take much time.

Time is relative.

I live in 30-second bites.

You give me a minute, I
can make a million bucks.

Give me a half hour, I
can sell you Rhode Island.

The clock is ticking, Dr. Sloan.

I've got a business to run.

Well, it sounds like a
mighty successful one.

Well, it very, very,
very much so is.

Well, let me ask you
this. If you're doing so well,

why you sell out
to Nick Holloway?

Who said... who said I was?

Well, that's the
buzz around here.

Well, again, the buzz is wrong.

Now, Nick's an
old friend of mine.

And he knew I had a
temporary cash-flow problem

and he offered me
some operating capital.

Did you take the money?

Didn't need it.

Buddies put me in
the black overnight.

So you, you
wouldn't be too happy

to hear that he turned up dead?


Nick's a prince. Why
would I want him dead?

He's not, is he?

Well, there's a possibility.

By the way, where
were you yesterday

between 8:00 and 3:00?

You're not serious.

Well, I was, I was here
cutting our show with Max.

That is right, Max.


So you and Mr. Wohlman were here

all yesterday morning?


What's that?


You get migraines?

Especially when
I get interrupted

in the middle of something.

I'm sorry, Max.
Dr. Sloan is investigating

the possible murder
of Nick Holloway.

We're not all that sure
that he's been murdered.

Uh-huh. Then why are
you looking for alibis?

It does sound a
little odd, doesn't it?

Well, stranger things

have happened around here.

So I can vouch for Craig.

Now tell me why you're not
sniffing around the other bozos?

The other bozos?

I think Max is talking
about the psychic buddies.

Oh. Well, why would any of
them want Holloway dead?

Are you kidding?

The guy was going to 86 every
one of them to cut overhead.

If he bought the company.

And as far as

as any of us knew, he was.


Okay, it's coming...

It's coming...

A letter opener.

That makes you oh-for-seven.

I was close on
the chest spreader.

You weren't close. You...

Hey. What are you
two doing in my lab?

I don't know what he's up
to, but I need to talk to you.

Not gonna happen.

Oh, Amanda, I don't
like to see you like this.

You look like the
Bride of Frankenstein.

Norman, would you go away

and take your sidekick with you?

Out. Amanda, I am
not with Norman.

Amanda, seriously,

my brother's wife's cousin Cathy

had-had the same problem
that you have with your kid.

You're bottle-feeding, right?


In Cathy's case,

little Kelly had a
dysfunctional suck.

See, babies are supposed

to make fish lips when
they feed, like this.

No, actually, it's more of a...

Well, whatever.
But the point is,

little Kelly was pinching
her lips, so therefore

too much air got in
and that gave her gas.

And guess what Cathy did.

Okay, have you two always had

a suicidal tendency or
is this something new?

This is something new.


I have a beautiful paperweight

of Herbert Hoover
for you. Norman.

Your hair is frightening.


I just came by for some advice.

To get it, not to give it.

Do I look like I have a sign
around my neck that says,

"Free Therapy, Five Cents?" Huh?

No. I'm sorry.

Advice about what?

A girl.

Two minutes. Go.

Okay. See, um,

I really like her

and I think that there's
something special between us.

Um, but the thing is, she
has a record as a con artist.

Now Steve thinks that
she's scamming me.

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse,
never mind Steve.

What do you think?

Do you believe the woman
is scamming you? No.

Then I don't see that
you have a problem.

That'll be five cents.

Leave. Yeah.


No, this is not
Dr. Sloan's office.

His office is on
the third floor.

This is path... Who?

Just a minute.

Jesse. Here. Kristie Lofton.

She sounds upset.

Oh. Hi, Kristie. Yeah.

It's Jesse.

I need to talk to Mark now.

I don't know where
Mark is right now.

Jesse, I did what he said.

I tried to open myself
up and now I can't stop it.

And I'm scared.

Okay, okay.

Where are you?

Yeah, I-I know the place.

I'll be there in about
20 minutes, okay?

Amanda? Huh?

You got to cover for me. What?

You want me to cover
for you when you know

that I have not had
a decent night's sleep

since Colin went back
to his unit in Bosnia?

Bosnia. Men have it so easy.

Okay, look, if you cover for me,

I'll sit up with
your kid tonight.

Are we talking all night?

Sundown to sunrise.

Got a deal.


♪ ♪



Are you all right?

I saw it again.

You saw what again?

All the blood.

I could feel him dying.

It's okay. I'm
here. It's all right.

First time in my life
I'm not running a scam

and nobody believes me.

I believe you.

You don't even know me.

I want to.

You've got to help me out here.

My daddy always said never
let anybody get too close

'cause it'll cost you.

Your dad was very cynical.

He was very tough.

He was a carnie.
He ran the ring-toss.

You know, dollar a throw,

win your girlfriend a
big stuffed alligator.

My mama read tarot cards
and I was the miracle kid

who could guess your
age and weight for a buck.

So you were con artists?

Strictly minor league.

We never hit the
same town twice.

That would explain
the rap sheet.


Uh... Steve showed it to us.

Um... boy, that must have been

a lonely life, you know,
traveling around like that.

You know, Jesse, I
learned really early

that there are two kinds
of people in the world:

those that hustle and
those who get hustled.

And I also learned that you
never buy into your own game.

The joke is on me because it
turns out I really am psychic.

And I am scared.

I know.

And I am going to help
you get through this, okay?

You really do believe me.

Yeah, I do.


The lake.

It's in the lake.

Right, I copy that.

Another five minutes
and we should have it.

Yeah, keep it
going. Nice and easy.


Go, go, go, go. That's it.

Nice and slow.


I'm leaving.

Kristie, will you please
just wait a minute?

Jesse, I know what they're
going to find, all right?

I've already seen it.

He's dead.

Okay. Okay. Calm down.

I'll take you to your car.

Kristie, I'm going to have
to ask you to stick around

for a while, if you don't mind.

Uh... Steve, do you mind?

She's a little upset.

Yeah, well, depending on what
we find in the trunk of that car,

I might have to ask
you a few questions.

What are you talking about?


Excuse me.

Open it up. Let's
see what we've got.

Oh, God.

All right.


Why do you want to take her in?

For reporting a crime?

Look, it's just for
questioning, Jess.

Look, I know how you feel,

but try and think
about this logically.


You want to talk about logical?

First you don't believe her

when she tells you that this
guy Holloway was murdered,

and it turns out
that she was right.

Now you want to drag
her downtown like criminal.

That's logical?

I'm not dragging her
anywhere like a criminal,

but think about it.

I've got a dead body
and a supposed witness

who knows details only
the murderer could know.

She's got a motive.

And her only alibi is that
she saw this whole thing

in a psychic vision.

Now, maybe she killed Holloway

and she's using this vision to
throw us onto somebody else.

I have to explore
that possibility.

Wait a second. Back up. Motive?

My dad told me.

Thanks a lot, Mark.

Look, Jess, I would
have found out anyway.

All three "Psychic Buddies"
were going to be replaced

if Holloway bought
Wohlman's business.

I've got to talk to her.

Look, Holloway's car
clock stopped dead at 10:42

when it hit the water.

I've already asked
Kristie where she was.

And she doesn't have an alibi.

Taking a nap in
her dressing room.

He thinks I killed him, Jesse.

I didn't say that.

But you want me
to make a statement.

I'll go with you.

You don't have
to do this, Kristie.

Every con knows
never try to stop a cop

from doing his job.

Jesse, you know...

No, please, look, I'm going
to get you out of this, okay?

Sure you will.

Do you want to cuff me?




Oh, Mark, go away.

Amanda, I need your help.

Oh, which part didn't
you understand?

The "go" or the "away?"

No, really, this is important.

Well, so's my sleep.

I just got Colin tucked
away at daycare

and now it's time
for mommy care.

No, wait. This is for Jesse.

That squirrel owes me
a full night's babysitting.

Look, I'll give you a night
myself if you come with me now.

Two nights?


Three nights?

Don't push it.

Jesse and his love life.

Oh, Jesse is
head-over-heels about Kristie.

You know, all three of
these "Psychic Buddies"

have a motive for
killing Holloway,

but Kristie thinks it
was Sylvana Kent.

Because she says she
saw the killer in a vision.

A vision. I can't believe
you believe in this stuff.

Oh, well, look, I know

that most psychics are
fakes or self-deluded,

but haven't you ever
had a premonition

that later came true?

Or maybe just an intuition
that you couldn't explain,

but you completely trusted?

Well, intuition is
different from a vision.

Well, maybe only a
matter of degree, though.

Who's to say that
Kristie's visions

aren't just a heightened
form of intuition?

Okay. Okay.

So Kristie's intuition tells her
that the killer is Sylvana Kent

because in her
vision, the killer had

Sylvana Kent's umbrella?

Yeah, but I've been thinking.

Just because she
saw Sylvana's umbrella

doesn't mean that
Sylvana was holding it.

So I want to question
Sylvana Kent.

You question Zalman Bain.

Who's Zalman Bain?

Right there.

Oh, no, I don't think so.

No, no, no. You handle Bain.

I'll handle Kent.

I really wish I'd held
out for three nights.

Oh, hey, Max, Have you seen
Craig around anywhere? No.

Well, if you do,
will you tell him

that I'm looking for
him. I need to talk to him.

Yeah, yeah. Thanks.

Wow. The power.

The energy.

I can feel it in you.

What are you talking about?

What I sense in your presence.

I have the gift, too.

Oh, what gift?

The psychic gift.

The third eye.

The shining.

I'm very glad for you.

So you'll help me?
Help you what?

You know. "Psychic
Buddies. You're on the air."

Oh, man. You want a job?


Taking all operational
indices into account,

statistically speaking,

there's a 78.9% probability
you'll get the promotion.

Unless we factor in
a dispersion curve,

in which case there's a
98.2% probability of being...

downsized in
corporate restructuring.

What the hell does that mean?

You're history. Thanks for
calling "Psychic Buddies."

I know. I know. I
should have called,

but I find phones a real barrier

to true psychic
connection, don't you?

Excuse me?

Although, maybe you're right.

There's impersonality
of a phone call

that allows for more pure
focus on the psychic forces.

That could be.

Well, anyway, as
long as I'm here,

why don't you
give it a try, hmm?

Start anytime.

Start what?

My reading.

You're not going to
disappoint me again, are you?

Again? Yes. I called yesterday.

They said you weren't
available. Don't you remember?

I wasn't?

No. They said you
weren't even here.

Where were you yesterday morning

around 10:42?


Let's see... What
time is it now?

Wait a minute.

That's when the police say
Nick Holloway was killed.

Why are you asking
me these questions?

Who are you?

Well, look at the time.

I have to have my aura
cleansed around 3:00.

We'll have to do this again.

Excuse me.

Oh. Sorry.

Clumsy me.

Who are you?

Try to work with
me on this, okay?

I don't do the hiring here,

so... we have a
personnel office up front.

If you just run
over... Your umbrella.

I see your umbrella.

Uh, wha...? I lost my umbrella.

Oh, I sense danger here.



Where were you at
10:42 yesterday morning?

All right, who the hell are you?

I'm Amanda Livingston.

I'm a doctor.

A police doctor?

Well, I sort of work with one.


Well, my psychic
doctor cop sister,

I was right here at
10:42 yesterday morning,

and that I can prove.


Hundreds of people benefit

from our insights each day.

Why not you?

We're available and waiting 24
hours a day, seven days a week.

We're only a phone call away.

When you need a friend,
remember your Psychic Buddies.

So you taped this yesterday?

Worked on it all morning
with Stu our cameraman.

Stu gave it to you for
editing yesterday afternoon.

Right, Max?

Yes, and I'm working here.

You mind?

Uh, could I get a copy, please?

Thank you.

Hey, why don't you get three?

One for each line
of work that you're in.

Why don't you find
your umbrella? Yeah.

What's up with that hair?

What's up with that hair?

You can take her.
We're done for now.


No matter how many
times I'm in a place like this,

no matter where it is,
it's always the same view.

Have you ever been
behind bars, Jesse?


Jaywalking, Boca Raton.

Jesse, I really don't think...

Kristie, listen, if you have

any psychic thing going on,

then you have to know
that I believe you...

a hundred percent.

I am completely on your side.

Thank you.


I left my umbrella at
your house that night.

That's why you had it
when you killed Nick.

Are you all right?


You wait here.


Somebody please get Steve Sloan.

You okay?

You bastard. I'm
going to the police.


Steve, she's having
another vision.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Oh, God. The car...

Are you okay?

They killed Sylvana.

Who killed her?

I don't know.

I don't know.

It was like a seizure, you know?

I thought that she
was having a stroke

or some sort of
cerebral incident.

Well, none of that shows here.

As far as I can tell,
you're in tip-top shape,

you know, under
the circumstances.

Well, I wish I felt like
I was in tiptop shape,

under the circumstances.

My head is killing me.

I'll get you something.

Uh, in the bathroom.

Hydrocodone bitartrate.

Well, at least you're
not a suspect anymore.

Well, that's just because

I had the perfect alibi when
Sylvana was killed. Hmm.

Every time I close my eyes

I see it happening
all over again. Hmm.

Well, that'll fade soon.

Hi. Hi.

Sylvana Kent was run
over by her own car.

We found it about a block away

with her umbrella in the
backseat. Her umbrella?

Yeah, the, uh, umbrella
handle had blood on it.

Forensics has matched
it up with Nick Holloway,

but unfortunately,

the only prints on it
were Sylvana Kent's.

The killer wore gloves.

I saw them.

Can you tell us
anything else about him?

Height, weight, hair color?


Becoming a believer, Steve?


No, that's all right.

As a rule, I don't
believe in these things.

But, uh, I do believe

what happened to you was real.

And what you told
us did in fact happen.

Well, if I remember
anything else, I'll let you know.


And don't worry, Steve.

She's not going anywhere.

I found these, Doc,

but they have no labels on them

and pharmacology
was never my long suit.

Oh. Some of these are
supposed to be hydrocodone.

That's all right. Never mind.

Maybe some air will do me good.

Jesse, do you mind if we
take a walk on the beach?

Yeah. Yeah. Okay with you?

Yeah. We'll leave the
back door open if we go.

Well, let's see, Dad.

Sylvana Kent was making a
tape at the time of the murder,

and then she was killed. Yeah.

And Kristie was with me,
so she couldn't have done it.

So who does that leave standing?


Zalman Bain, right?

Wrong. He couldn't
have killed her.

Why not?

When somebody
mentions the time to you,

you automatically look
at your watch, don't you?

Yeah. Reflex.

Yeah, well, I mentioned
the time of the killings

to Zalman Bain and
he looked at his watch,

but with his fingers. What?

He has a watch with a
crystal that pops open

so he can feel the hands.

His eyesight is so bad

that he's probably
legally blind.

So he couldn't
have driven a car.

He couldn't have killed Holloway

and dumped the
car into any lake.

He doesn't even
have a driver's license.

How do you know he
doesn't have a driver's license?


I picked his pocket
and looked in his wallet.

Dad, what have I
told you about that?

I gave it back.

All right, you
didn't tell me, okay?

But we are definitely
getting short on suspects.


Look at these.

One's hydrocodone and
one is just plain aspirin.

They look very, very much alike

except one's ten times
stronger than the other one.

What if they just look like
what they were supposed to be,

but they were really
something else?

What if what was something else?

That's it. That's it.

You know, I was thinking I'd
get some time off next month,

and I got this friend who's
got a cabin up in Big Bear.

And, uh, well,

the only thing is we'd
have to share it with Mookie.

Mookie's a dog.

Uh, a cocker spaniel, I think.

And he's fine, you
know, I mean, all he does,

really, is just lay on the
couch and sleep all day.

Uh, so, you know, unless...
If you don't like snow,

you know, we can
go to Palm Desert.

I've got a friend there.

Kristie, what's wrong?


Jesse, I have this
thing in my head

and it makes my life crazy.

And I am not going to
make your life crazy, too.

I've got to get out of here.

Hey. If you think you're
leaving, then you are crazy.

You don't understand.

I don't... I don't want
this. I want what I had.

You know, back
when I was just a con.

When I closed my
eyes, all I saw...

all I saw was the dark.

You don't mean that.

Yes, I do.

Dr. Sloan, what
are you doing here?

Oh, I'm just having a
little talk with Max here.

He seems to be
hanging on every word.

Well, I was talking to him
until he took one of these

to help me out
with a theory I have.

I don't get it; aren't
those his migraine pills?

No, actually they're not.

They look like his pills...

Same color, same
size, same shape.

But these I found
in your office.

A very high-strength

High-potency sleeping pill.

Your point being?

Well, you take one of
these for a headache

and your migraine
is gone, so are you.

For about an hour.

Max? Max, you okay?

Had a blackout, didn't you?

Uh, blackout, yeah.

Yeah, this has happened before

with your migraines,
hasn't it? Yeah.

Uh-huh. You know,
you were only out

a few seconds, but I'll
bet you wouldn't know

if you were out two seconds,
two minutes, two hours.

Would you? Uh, no.

See, that's where
you got your alibi.

Alibi? Why would
I need an alibi?

I told you I had no
reason to kill Nick.

You also told me he didn't lend
you any money, but the bank

says Holloway was about
to foreclose on your loans.

He was bleeding
you dry, wasn't he?

You switched these pills on Max

when you and he were
editing the infomercial.

Max blacked out and
lost all track of time.

Fortunately, the
editing machine didn't.


Okay, this is the tape you
and Max were working on

the morning Holloway was killed.

Now, this is the
"A" side of the edit.

You see, the digital
readout says 10:09.

But on the other side...
On the "B" side of the edit,


Now, Holloway's car
went in the lake at 10:42.

That gives you plenty
of time to have killed him,

hidden the body and have gotten
back here before Max came to.

You did it, Craig.

It was you all along.

Shall we take a little walk?


Mark's in trouble.

You, too, Max.

Yeah, I need to reach
Lieutenant Steve Sloan.

Yeah, this is an emergency.

Look, I don't care
if he's off duty.

Find him.

Not again.

What? Are you all right?

You're having a vision?
What are you seeing?

What do you see?

What is it?

I don't want to see
it. I don't want to see.

Please, not again.

Not again.

What? What?

Is it Mark?

Is he, uh...

Are you all right, Dad?

I'm fine.

It looks like he's
going to make it.

He's okay.

He's okay.

Oh, good.

You know, I think it's funny

that they call this
thing I have a "gift."

It's not. It's a curse.

Do you ever notice
how nobody ever gets

a premonition of good news?

You know, I'm not
so sure about that.

I'll bet if you
tried really hard,

you could find some
very good news up there

and in here.

You're talking about
my feelings for Jesse?

Don't be afraid
to feel, Kristie.

You might be surprised to
find out how nice it can be.

Hi. Hi.

Hey, uh... I just
talked to Steve

and according to
him, you are free to go,

if that's what you want.

Well, I've been traveling
around so much, Jesse,

I think I might stick
around here for a while.

If you guys are going somewhere,

you'd better go while
you've got the chance.

Stop. Hold it. Did
you think I forgot?

No, Amanda, we
were just going to, uh...

Dusk till dawn, baby.

And that's two
nights to you, Mark.

Now, wait a sec. We never
actually decided on a date.

Oh, yes, we did.

Oh, we most definitely did.

Amanda. Amanda,
take this the right way.

I mean, your baby...
It sounds like Caruso

and it is a hospital
zone already.

Yeah, and these two are going

to need a hospital
if they don't live

up to an agreement that we had.

Here, take Colin.

Shh, okay, okay.

Now Jesse, you
asked for my advice

regarding your girlfriend.

Oh, hello. And I gave it to you.

And you owe me.

And Mark, how could you?

You drag me down to
that spirit world TV show.

Psychic Buddies?

Well, psychic this.

You owe me two nights.


♪ And then you could
be like Uncle Normy ♪

♪ Or Dr. Sloan, it's up to you ♪

♪ Oh, cootchie-coo ♪

♪ Do, do, do ♪

That's what I call a gift.

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