Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 3, Episode 14 - The Murder Trade - full transcript

The board has given ruthless business-bitch Marsha McArthur authority to downsize Community General. When Mark makes a stand for patient needs, he's told the 'early retirement' ax will chop his head first. Dr. Ronald Trent is deep in loan shark-debt, Jimmy Christopher literally holds a knife on his throat. Trent now kills Marsha, and demands Sloan 'returns the favor' or be framed for her death. Steve's help to trick him fails, as it was an elaborate test, and Steve's younger ex-colleague and present superior, Lt. Kincaid, refuses to take their word for anything. Trent tries again, now for real... .

There are a lot of different
ways to kill someone.

I mean...

I mean, kill them efficiently.

You know, some... some prefer
the .22 to the back of the head

at close range.

Now that...

that requires some privacy.

And then some... some prefer
the ice pick through the ear

while the subject is
still in his car or even...

even in a darkened theater.

Using a knife... Now
that can be difficult

and potentially
very, very messy.

Th-There's always
a lot of blood around.

You're... and let's face it,

you really have to be something
of an expert on anatomy

to do it quickly and cleanly.


Poison, that's not bad...

as long as it's not
easily traceable.

How you do it,
Doctor, that's up to you.

Me, I'm just
trying to be helpful.

But since you need
that insurance money

to pay my people,

I'd come up with a plan.

And soon.


like by Monday.

Otherwise, Doctor...

you're going to be on the
end of some real expertise.


Thanks for letting
me stretch out, Doctor.

I appreciate that.

I really haven't been
sleeping a lot lately.

I've been having all
these strange dreams.

Doctor, if everything

works out okay for you,

you mind if I come back
and talk to you about it?

Oh, Doctor, you
look a little warm.




Cancel the rest of my
appointments today.

Thank you.

Just how do you propose to
pay for these services, Dr. Sloan?

Well, Ms. MacArthur,
I don't pretend to have

any magical solutions
to these problems.

I'm sure we'd all agree

that we could be
more efficient, certainly.

But I... I do seriously
feel that we should look

for alternative resources for
our patients without insurance.

Most definitely.

And also it could be

that some of the
senior staff members,

myself included,
could either, uh...

accept deferrals

or possibly just reduce
our compensation.

I know, of course,
that you're...

Thank you... uh...

supposed to be an
expert on downsizing.

But one thing I
don't think we can do

is downsize our responsibility

to provide health care
for this community.

Well, this is all very
noble of you, Dr. Sloan,

but the board of this hospital

has empowered me
to enforce economies,

and that's what I intend to do.

Well, I don't think
you can expect

the staff to stand quietly by.

Now, I have substantial

I don't much care
what you have, Doctor.

I've heard enough.

Now, we have serious
business to conduct here.

The preservation of this
hospital is serious business,

and this kind of
narrow-minded arrogance

does not solve the problem.

As a matter of fact,
it is the problem.

You really want to help
us streamline this place?

Yes, as long as it
doesn't harm the quality

of our care.

How would you feel

about early retirement
for senior staff?

As long as the senior
staff member agreed to it

and it didn't reduce
our capability,

I wouldn't oppose it.

I am so glad that we have found

some basis for
agreement, Doctor.

I was specifically
thinking of you.


why was I

chosen for this honor?

Dr. Sloan,

in this fiscal year,
you have ordered

17% more CAT scans and MRIs

than any other
attending physician.

I order only those tests
which I think my patients need.

You routinely refer your
patients to specialists.

No, no, there's nothing
routine about my referrals.

I treat each patient
as an individual.

Maybe you just don't
trust your own judgment.

As far as I'm concerned,
you are wasteful,

inefficient and non-cooperative.

And as a doctor, you are

fast becoming irrelevant. Why?

Because I treat my
patients like human beings?

Step aside for the
future, Dr. Sloan.

Where you're going,
there is no future.

You can't cut back on
people's right to help.

You are the problem.

If you do not accept
our retirement package,

we won't renew your contract,

which expires in
exactly 27 days.

Either way, you're
out of here, Doctor.

Maybe I am.

But I just wish I could
take you with me.

Is that a threat, Doctor?

I don't make threats.

Neither do I.

The day your contract expires,
I want you out of this hospital.

Well, she can't do that,

can she?

I'm afraid she can.

You'd better call an
attorney about this.

I went to the hospital
counselor yesterday.

She has the authority.

Well, this is terrible.

There must be
something that we can do.

Yeah, like make her
an offer she can't refuse.

♪ ♪


Mind some company?

No, not at all.

I'm not up to a run.

That's all right.

You're Mark Sloan, aren't you?

Yes, that's right. Have we met?

No, I don't think so, but, uh...

I heard what happened
at the hospital this morning.

I'm really sorry.

Bad news travels fast.

Well, everybody's
talking about it.

You must be furious.

Well, I suppose she's just
doing what she was hired to do.

Oh, come on.
Don't be so gutless.

I mean, you must be angry.

Oh, I wouldn't exactly rule that
out, no. Well, I would think not.

A man of your experience
being rejected like that.

Suddenly losing everything
you care about in life.

If I was you, I'd
want to kill her.

I'm not quite that angry.

Well... I would be.

Do you live around here?

No, no, I'm just
here for the day.

What was your name again?
I didn't tell you my name,

Dr. Sloan, but
maybe sometime I will,

if we help each other.

I'm sorry... "help each other"?

I know that you would love

to get rid of this
Marsha MacArthur.

Get your life and
your dignity back.

I know that.

I have a similar situation.

Just exactly what
are you suggesting?

A little
back-scratching, Doctor.

And don't think for a
moment that you're not up to it

because I know you are.

Who are you?

I'm your dream
come true, Doctor.


You got it?

I can't see anything.
Get over by the light.

Dad, she can't fire
you just like that

after all these years, can she?

Well, there's no law that says

the hospital has to
give me a new contract.


Okay. There. Now
do you feel better?

I'll feel better when I get
home and can get out of this.

Listen, you'll have a good time.

Dance a little tango
with Cindy for me.


Something. Yeah.

And, Dad, remember to
lock all your doors in case this

new friend of yours decides

to come back. Don't
worry. I'll be careful.

And if he does show up,

page me, will you?
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Have a good time. Bye-bye.


Dr. Sloan.

This is Marsha MacArthur.


Dr. Sloan, I need to
see you right away.

What about?

I have to discuss
this in person.

It's about Community General.

I don't think we have
anything to talk about.


Doctor, please.

This is very important.

I need to see you at once.

All right.

I can meet you at the
hospital in 20 minutes.

All right?

No, no. Not there.

335 South Elmore.

The park.

Twenty minutes.

Very nice.

♪ ♪

Sorry. Thought
you were burglars.

You scared us half to death.

You'd better put that
duck down. Right.

We've been calling
to check up on you

and you haven't been
answering your phone.

I... went out.

What, by yourself?

No. Actually, I got a call

from Marsha MacArthur.

Very strange.

She asked me to
meet her somewhere

and then she didn't show up.

Well, what does
she want with you?

I don't know.

It's something
about the hospital.

Very mysterious.

Then I got home...

this back door
was standing open.

I'm sure I locked it, but
I could have forgotten.

Then I heard a noise...

What are you doing
home so early?

You go to a retirement party
with a lot of homicide cops,

you hear a lot about homicide.

Just getting up
on the dance floor

with Cindy and this
clown grabs the mike

and says as long
as Jake's retiring...

he's going to show him the
nightly homicide's he's missing.

Here it is.

When police arrived, they
found Ms. MacArthur's body

hidden behind some underbrush.

Officers on the scene
tell us that it appears

she was slashed repeatedly
in what appears to be

a very professional murder.

Sheila Alcott,

Channel 6 News.

Steve, I'll bet it's him. Who?

A very strange man
I met on the beach.

He said he knew I would be glad
to get rid of Marsha MacArthur.

You think he killed
her to do you a favor?

Just who is this guy?

So I thought she stood
me up. I went home.

That's fascinating.

I mean, I have never heard
anything remotely like that before.

Lieutenant, I have a very bad
feeling the killer made her call

before he murdered her.

And you think it was this,
uh... strange guy who did it?

Oh, yeah.

Bizarre, isn't it?

What do you think I should do?

Wait and see if this
guy contacts you again.

All right.

Well, listen,

I don't want to keep you.

Thanks for coming in.

It was a real pleasure
to meet you. You, too.

You know, I read up on all the
work you did with this department.

It's outstanding.

Oh? Reading up on me, huh?

Well, I mean... once I heard
you were involved in the case.

Oh. Oh, I see.

Well, if there's nothing
else, I'll be going.


Oh, you know what?

Actually, one more thing.

Um... when Marsha
MacArthur didn't show up,

did you try to call her? I
didn't have her number.

That would explain why
you didn't leave a message

on her machine then.
Is that a problem?

No. I don't have a problem.

I cannot imagine you
killing this woman, you know,

just to get your job back.

Even though now you have.

Sorry, didn't mean
to bring that up.

Makes me feel like
such a cop, you know?

I think so.

How are we doing?

Yeah, we're, uh...
we're cool here.

You've got a great
son here, Doc.

I've learned a lot from him.

Hey, did you

see this... weird guy, Steve?


That would have
been great if you had.

My word's not good enough?

Of course it is.

It's just that Steve's
such a great cop.

You know, probably would have

busted this guy by now.

Do you have any suspects?

Uh... besides your dad?

Just kidding.


Not a thing.

Well, keep me posted, will you?

Absolutely. Yeah.

I'll see you guys later.

You know something?

I think I did it.

Well, don't let him get to you.

He's, uh... very ambitious.

He's only a lieutenant
and he's got his own office.


Yeah, I've got to
get to a briefing.

I'll see you at home. Okay.

So, did the police believe you?

Why wouldn't they?

You killed Marsha
MacArthur, didn't you?

Calm down. Things
are going great.

Calm down.

Who are you anyway?

In due time.

It's just a little precaution

until we get to know
each other better.

Well, we did it.

The perfect murder.

Eventually, the police will
decide that Marsha MacArthur

was a victim of random
violence in Elmore Park

with no connection to you.

You called me to the park.
Isn't that a connection?

No. That's insurance.

To make sure you'd cooperate
with the rest of our plan.

And if I don't?

Then I'll incriminate
you further.

How's that?

So far, the police have nothing

tying you directly
to her murder.

I'll see that they get it

if you don't do as I
say. Do you understand?

Now listen.

Like you, there is
someone in my life

who is a great problem to me.

Do you understand me, Doctor?

I committed your murder.

Now you'll commit mine.

You seriously think I'm
going to kill someone.

Yes, I do, Doctor.

I can't do that.

You will.

Or I'll see that
you're convicted

of killing Marsha MacArthur.

Well, I... I have to
know more about it.

I don't... where
can I reach you?

I'll call you with
further instructions.

The light's changed.

Drive carefully, Doctor.

I wouldn't want anything
happening to you.

Lieutenant Kincaid
wasn't very impressed.

He kept saying what
a great guy you were.

But he'd sure like
something more tangible.

Well, why should he
believe I talked to this guy?

Or that he exists
for that matter?

Well, recording
his call should help.

I've got us patched
into the department

so we should be
able to trace it.

Mark Sloan.

Hello, Doctor.

How are things in Malibu?

Just fine.

Ready to talk?

I think so.

Go to the pay phone

across from Sea Fair Market.

I'll call you in
exactly five minutes.

Well, that figures.

He's not going
to let us trace it.

And I haven't got enough
here to take to Kincaid.

He's going to be watching

so you're going to
have to go alone.


Hello, Doctor.

You ready to go ahead?

You said this would be easy.

Then you'll do it?

How do I know I can trust you?

How do I know you
won't frame me for

for Marsha's murder anyway?

The beauty of this plan
is that if one goes down,

so does the other.

Are you ready for the details?

Go ahead.

Go to the Somerset Hotel

in Santa Monica.

9:00 tonight.

Wait in the lobby for my call.

And bring a syringe of
something deadly and untraceable.

All we have to do is

find out who the
intended victim is

and we'll find out
who this guy is.

He's going to be
watching, so, uh...

try and look like you're alone.

Ow! I'm sorry.

You're the guy that
didn't want to shave.

It gives me a rash.

These microphones are so small.

What happened to
those other mics?

Well, it's a new model.

It's got much greater range.

How much greater?

Oh, about half a mile.

A half a mile? Where
are you going to be?

Look, I'll be close
enough, okay?

Don't worry about it.

This is cold.

Next time I'll put
them in the toaster.

All right, let's
test this thing.


Sorry. I told you it was cold.

All right, say something.

What'll I say?


Just say something.



You just... I heard you.

Don't worry, all right?
It's going to be fine.


Help. Help. Help.

Did you say something?

Ow! Does this work?

Can you hear me?


Just kidding.

Look, don't worry
about it, all right?

It's going to work. It'll work.

Do you see anything yet?


If you think I'm late,
your watch is wrong.

I'm never late.

I see you came prepared.

You said this would be easy.

Nothing could be easier.

Now listen.

Go to room 1110.

There's a woman inside asleep.

Give her the injection and
go out through the rear exit.

Room 1110.

He can see me in here.
He must be outside.

Approaching the room.

There's nobody around.

The door's been
left slightly ajar.

All right, I'm going in.

There's a girl across the bed.

I'm going to see
if she's all right.

You creep. Ow!

I... wait. I can explain.

Wait a minute.

Where's the other
guy? What other guy?

The guy that brought me in here.

Look, I don't know what
you two are into, okay?

But I don't go for it.

Take it easy.

I'm a police officer.

She's got a good right.

What the hell is going on here?

You first.

Um... okay.

Some guy comes up to
me outside the bar next door

and wants some company.

Look, he said he was married,
so he had me rent the room.

I do, I come up here; he
put something over my face.

I pass out.

Chloroform, probably.


This was a test.

And you blew it.

Good-bye, Dr. Sloan.

Is this the guy you described
to the sketch artist, Ginger?

Yep, that's him.

So am I being
charged here or what?

We don't have any direct
evidence of solicitation

if that's what you mean. Great.

But we do need your help
in an ongoing investigation.

Of what?

The guy that hired you.

Oh, come on, look.

I have told you guys
at least twice, okay?

I don't know this guy.

I didn't get his name and I
told you what he looked like.

So that's it for me, okay?

You know, I was going
over your rap sheet here.

Oh, man. Seems like
you're an old acquaintance

of Sergeant Aldridge
down at Metro.

Yeah, I guess you could
say we know each other.


Considering the amount
of times he busted you,

I'd say that was a
major understatement.

You know, I really don't
have anything else to say, so...

I'm leaving.

Not quite yet, Ginger. Sit down.

Man, why are you
guys hassling me?

I'm not hassling you.

If I decide you're not
being cooperative,

then maybe I'll hassle you.

Look, I talked to
Sergeant Aldridge.

He said he always called you
"the girl with something extra."

Yeah, well, he's a real riot.


Aldridge said he calls
you that because, uh...

every time you're with a john,

you walked away with something.

Mind if I look in here?

Yes, I mind.

Oh, I'm sorry.

Let me put that back for you.

Boy, look at that.

Everything but the
Home Shopping Channel.

Why don't you just tell
me which one of these

credit cards you
lifted from this guy?


you know, after the way he
treated me, he had it coming.

Thank you.

Uh... you can go.

And, uh...

I'll return the rest
of these for you.



Dr. Trent, Mr. Christopher is
waiting for you on the patio.

He didn't have an appointment,
but insisted on seeing you.

That's all right.

That's all right. Thank you.

Are you familiar with
the word "emphysema"?

If you'd like, I could tell you
what that'll do to your lungs.

I like it.

Even if it could kill you?

That's not a sure thing.

People smoke all
their lives, live till 90,

die in their sleep.

You're a gambler.

Only when the odds are right.

See, you could
gamble that the people

I work for are going
to wait for their money,

but you'd be wrong.

See, you'd lose.

That's a sure thing.

I'm getting the money.
That should be enough.

Oh, it is for me.

But you know, the people
I work for, they, uh...

they don't trust anyone.

Personally, I don't think
that's any way to live,

but, uh... then again,
I'm just paid to do a job.

And part of my job

is to see to it that you don't
leave town prematurely.

Well, I wouldn't do that.

That's what I told them.

It's going to be
taken care of tonight.


You know, I think we'll both
be relieved when this is all over.

Put that out for me, would you?

Guy walking out the door

is Jimmy Christopher,

a very bad boy from Las Vegas.

Here, take a look.

What would Christopher
want with Trent?

Well, Christopher's in

the collection end of the
loan sharking business.

If he's paying visits,

he's turning up the
heat on somebody.

So Trent's motive for
murder was money.

Yeah, I certainly
wouldn't rule it out.

And if Christopher's
breathing down his neck,

he must need money pretty bad.

Well, I've got a friend who
works down at the credit union

who ran a check
on your Dr. Trent.

Turns out he's got a
lot of outstanding bills

and all his credit cards
have been maxed out.

We should start looking
at life insurance policies

on a... a wife or an ex-wife.

Never been married

and he's got no known
relatives in this state.

I don't know who
he wants to kill,

but we'd better find out soon

or there's going to
be another murder.

Hello, Doctor. Shall I call

security, Doctor?


No, thank you, Alice. Uh...

why don't you mail those
letters that I gave you earlier.

Yes, sir.

Were you really going
to let me kill that girl,

just as a test?

Well, what's one more
prostitute, more or less?

You are a sick man, Trent.

You need help.
Your eyes are dilated.

Your skin is clammy.

What kind of drugs are you on?

We don't have anything
more to talk about, Dr. Sloan.

Why don't you just leave?

And let you kill someone else?

Let's not get moralistic
now, shall we?

Ms. MacArthur's removal

benefited a great many
people, including you.

I'm just going to lift
another burden. That's all.

And there's nothing
you can do about it.

So just go back to your
hospital and heal all those...

poor sick people you
say you're so fond of.

You're more than sick,
you're twisted, Trent.

Who are you to think you can
handle life and death like that?

I'm not going to let
you get away with it.

I'll do whatever it takes...
What is going on, Alice?

Who are you?

I'm a police officer.

Good. Good. That's good.

You can escort this
man out of the building.

He forced his way in here and
he's threatening me with bodily harm.

I'm also his son.

Well, you have my
deepest sympathy.

Your father is delusional

and in need of
psychiatric evaluation.

I suggest you take
him to any local facility

for further diagnosis.

In any case, get
him out of my office.

Come on. I'm not
through here yet.

Look, Dad, let's go.

I'll see you later.

I've got it.

Anything interesting?

Yeah, a couple of things.

Hurry up, will you,
before he misses it.

I'm hurrying.

May I help you?

No, thank you. We
just helped ourselves.

Alice, have you seen
my appointment book?

Oh, um...


Thank you.

You know, what I
still can't figure out

is why he picked me?

What would make him think
I'd commit a crime for him?

I don't know.

But with those
symptoms of drug abuse,

maybe he's just
not thinking clearly.

Well, for a man who's
not thinking clearly,

he is pretty diabolical.


Why me?

Hi, guys. Hi. Hi.

What do you got?

Here's everything we've
put together on Trent.

Nothing too
incriminating in here.

No felonies.

Not even an outstanding
traffic warrant.

What did Kincaid say?

Said I didn't have enough
for a search warrant

and that he was not
impressed with these pictures

of Christopher and Trent.

Which one's Trent?

That one.

What about staking out Trent?

Kincaid said that he
couldn't spare the men

on pure speculation.

Oh, that's just wonderful.

We have a woman
whose life is in danger.

We can't do anything about it?

I went through those notes you
made about his appointments

and I found one thing.

And it's not very interesting

and it's probably useless.

What is it?

Well, Trent indicated
an appointment with

a Dr. Jeffrey Loomis.

Now, I called Dr. Loomis' office

and told them that I
was Trent's assistant.

Apparently, he never
had a 1:00 appointment.

Well, maybe he made a mistake
in his appointment schedule.

No, Trent wouldn't
make that kind of mistake.

What's Loomis' specialty?

He's an endocrinologist.

Maybe he went
under another name?

Why would he do that?

I don't have any idea.

But it's worth
checking out, I think.

I can't very well call

Loomis up and ask
him about his patients.

And I can't follow
Trent to Loomis' office.

He knows me. And me.

But not me.

And not me.

Hi. Hello.

Dr. Travis and Dr. Livingston

to see Dr. Loomis.

Do you have an appointment?

Dr. Trent's office didn't call

to tell that you that
we were coming?

No, no one told me
you were coming.

Who's Dr. Trent?

I'm not surprised. Are you?

Oh, not at all.

Um, maybe you
have the wrong office.

Thank you.

Wasn't that Dr. Trent?

No, it wasn't.

Now, if you'll please
take your seat, I'll tell

Dr. Loomis you're here.

Honey, this is an emergency.

And we need to speak
to Dr. Loomis immediately.

Dr. Loomis,

could you come out here
for a moment, please?

Thank you.

Thank you.

I'm Dr. Loomis.

Hi. Dr. Travis
and Dr. Livingston.

We're from Community General.

May we have a word
with you in private?

Uh, what's this about?

The gentleman that just left,

that was Dr. Ronald Trent.

He said his name was Maxwell.

One of the reasons why
we're investigating him.

Can I see some identification?

Oh, sure.

Has he been a patient for long?

Uh, no. This is the first time.

Why is the hospital
investigating him?

We'd rather not get
into that right now. Yeah,

not until we get all the facts.

Uh, be right with
you, Mr. Peters.


Uh, would you come inside?

Did you notice
anything odd about him?

Well, actually, he had
a couple of rather, uh,

vague complaints.

Uh, he didn't want
a thorough exam.

Then he said he
felt better and he left.

I wonder what he
would want in here?

Well, was he by himself

at all?

Yeah, for a few minutes.

Do you notice
anything missing, Doc?

Anything at all?



Well, that's very odd.


There are two vials
of insulin missing,

and they were here this morning.

Trent took a
whopping load of insulin

and a bottle of
chloroform from Loomis.

Taken alone all at once,
that insulin would kill you.

Why didn't he just
get the insulin himself?

Trent has a Ph.D.
in psychotherapy.

He's not a medical doctor.

Well, that ought to
get Kincaid's attention.

Say, Phil, have
you seen Kincaid?

Oh, yeah.

Where is he? Your place.

Now, what do you think...?


All right, who got
the search warrant?

Oh. I guess that would be me.

Why wasn't I notified?

Oh, geez, Steve. I'm sorry.

I thought somebody called you.

I didn't.

Why are you here?

Well, uh, the darndest
thing happened.

Somebody found the
murder weapon in the park.

What does that
have to do with me?

That's my question exactly.


it's a very unique weapon.

The, uh...

weapon is a...
ivory-handled scalpel.

And look what's carved
on the handle here.

"Arthur Conan Doyle."

Now that's a pretty
unique weapon. Uh. Uh. Uh.

It's mine. Your mother
gave it to me for my birthday.

He knows it's yours
or he wouldn't be here.

Now, Doc, uh...

do you have any idea how
this got to be in the park?

You just happened to
find that after all this time?

Or did you get a
convenient anonymous tip?

It doesn't matter, does it?

Now, all right, why would this

be in the park, Doctor?

Ronald Trent took it
from here, obviously.

Ah. Right.

When he murdered
Marsha MacArthur.

That's right. Were there
any prints on the knife?

Steve, I would not expect
a doctor who has access

to surgical gloves
to leave prints.

All right, that's enough.

If you're going to arrest him,

read him his rights so
we can call an attorney.

I'll make my arrest
when I'm ready.

You know the drill, Steve.

Dad shouldn't leave town.

We'll all hope for the best,
Doc. Come on, let's go.

Trent is framing
me for her murder.

And that idiot
Kincaid's buying it.

Has Steve talked to a judge yet?

He talked to a
judge who told him

he didn't have enough evidence

to search Trent's
home or office.

Maybe he won't commit
the murder after all

now that he knows
that you're on to him.

No. He's under too much
pressure from those loan sharks.

And I don't think he would
have stolen that insulin

if he wasn't going to go ahead.

Hey, take a look at
these. What are these?

Well, they were taken at the
hearing with Marsha MacArthur.

Well, there's Trent in the back.

That must be where he
got the idea in the first place.

But what was he doing here?
We've been asking ourselves

the same question.

He wasn't registered as
a patient or an outpatient.

I think I'd better
get Steve over here.

So Trent was at Marsha
MacArthur's press conference.

He was probably
visiting a patient.

Hi, guys.

I checked with Admitting again.

No one's been registered
under that last name here.

But you think he
stole the insulin

to try and kill a patient? Uh-huh.
It must be why he chose me.

I don't get it.

Who better than a doctor to
make it look like natural causes

and to sign the
death certificate?

But we don't know which
patient he wants to kill.

He could be here right now.

Or on the way.

Give me security.

Oh, I'm sorry.

It's a boy.

All right, make sure
everybody gets one. Thanks.

And seal all hospital exits.

Nobody gets in or out.

You heard the lieutenant.

This is the man
that we're looking for.

You're convinced
Trent's in the hospital?

I do know he's not going to wait

to kill whoever he's after.

Is he armed? Maybe.

Look, if you spot Trent,
notify me and then follow him.

Do not try and apprehend
him. Leave that to the police.

All right. Let's go.


I'll check in every ten minutes.

All right, we'll go floor by floor
and show these to the nurses.

See if anybody recognizes Trent.

Jesse, make sure my dad gets
some of those, all right? You got it.

Sir? Sir? Excuse me.

Do you want maternity?

Yeah. Yes.

Well, you're on the wrong floor.

Maternity's on 5.

Oh, thank you.

This is my first one.

First... first baby.

Oh, congratulations. Thank you.

Rosie, do you
recognize that man?

He might have been
here visiting a patient.

No, I don't remember seeing him.

No, I'm sure I haven't.

Is he dangerous?

I don't want to cause
a panic, but be careful.

And hang onto that.

John? Yes, Doctor?

Nurse, I'm going to
leave this with you.

If any of the nurses
recognize this man,

I want you to page me
immediately. Do you understand?

If you recognize
him, you call security,

but don't let him see you do it.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

She's not breathing.
She's not breathing.

Help me. Help me.


Have you seen this guy?

Uh, no. I just got on.

All right, maybe a nurse's
aide would recognize him.

Um... well, they're
both with patients.

If I take this I'll ask them.

Okay. If they know which
patient that he's visiting,

you call security, okay?
It's very important. Okay.

Nurse Simmons to Admitting.

Poor Steve.

It's just that Steve's...

You're alone?

Where is my backup?

How many cops does it
take for a wild-goose chase?

I'm telling you Trent
is going to kill a patient.

Ah. Hmm. Which patient?

We don't know yet.

Oh, what a surprise.

We are trying to find out.

Well, okay, let's, uh... let's
see what we've got here.

No victim, no killer,

no murder, no evidence.

You're batting a
thousand, Steve.

Where are you going?

Somewhere out there,

a real killer is
committing a real crime

and I am going to nail him...

or get some coffee,
whichever comes first.

Maybe I'll drop by later.

Thanks a lot.


Julie, you got a minute? Sure.

Do you recognize that man?

Probably here
visiting a patient?


But I just got back
from vacation.

Helen might have seen him.

She'll be back from
her break any second.

I'll wait. Thanks.

Second floor nurse's
station, please.

Second floor nurse's station.

Uh... is Dr. Sloan around there?

Yes, he's right here.

For you.

Dr. Sloan.

Dr. Sloan, I think
they got that guy

you're looking for down
on first. I'll be right there.

Where is he, Lucy? Who?

Someone called and
said Trent was here.

Well, we haven't seen
anybody down here, Doctor.

Oh, my God.

Hold that.

This man... have you seen him?

Yeah, there.

Room 218.

What are you doing, Trent?

Get out of here, Sloan.

You didn't hold up
your end of the bargain.

You wanted Marsha
MacArthur dead. No, I didn't.

Yes, you did. You
said so. I heard you.

I never agreed to
that. We had a deal.

We could both have had
what we wanted so easy

if you weren't so gutless.

Who is she, Trent?

She's my favorite cousin.

You can't get out of
here. You're surrounded.

Hey. Help.

Stop him.


The second floor
nurse's station.

Security to the second floor
nurse's station. Stop him.

Get out.

Get him. Get him.

No, no, no, no.

Don't move.

Mark. Mark.


I... need... glucose.

Nurse, get some glucose

over here stat.

And... something sweet.


I don't know. Surprise me.

The intended victim
is a cousin of Trent's.

She's recovering from
severe pneumonia.

And the overdose of
insulin would have looked

just like death
from natural causes.

She's given us a statement
that after her husband died,

she made Trent the beneficiary
of her life insurance policy.

$2 million.

And he was her
sole living relative.

Now that is something, isn't it?


Wait a minute.

Is that all you're going to say?

No apology for my father or me?

Don't you think

you owe us something?

Well, a great
detective once told me:

Never explain, never complain,

and never apologize.

Actually, I think

it was you, Steve.

I'm not sure I like him.

How could you not like him?


Okay, dinner's on me, all right?

All right.

See you at Harry's
at 8:00. Right.

Hi, Steve.

Mark, you're going to
be late for the hearing.

Oh, that's right.

Oh, listen, have I got all the
emergency room statistics?

I hear that this new
downsizing expert is tough.

Here you go. Complete
with color graphs and charts.

I hear she loves graphs.

And here are the charts
on the seniors program.


I hope I've got enough
documentation here

to stop them from
dismantling all these programs.

When's Norman coming back?

As soon as these
hearings are over.

You'll be fine.
You'll do just fine.

You're gonna kill 'em.


I was just...

It was kind of funny.