Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 2, Episode 20 - Naked Babes - full transcript

Amanda surprised the gang plus Norman hosting a dinner party, when her high-pregnant friend Angela Pearson arrives and gives birth to healthy quadruplets, two of each, while insisting apparently deliriously not to let the babies be stolen, something to do with her friend Carol at Shady Glen, a well-reputed home Aanda recommended herself. The hospital colleagues are literally left holding the babies, a task soon ceasing to be cute. Angela goes missing next morning, so the quadruplets -claimed as publicity boon for Comunity General by Norman- stay at Mark's beach-house, to avoid social services placing them in impersonal protective custody as abandoned, so Jack, who gets stuck with them the most, hires student Ty Bradford as part-time male (despite his and common prejudice, actually simply superior, admirably organized) nanny. Meanwhile Amanda checks in at Shady Glen, pretending to be a mother-to-be willing to have her baby adopted, and Mark and Steve play their own part snooping, and recognize suspended medical fraudster Dr. Henry Wexler, who is in league with nursing staff there, who are willing to kill for babies to sell or to protect that illegal secret...

MARK: This is delicious.

JACK: And it's very dangerous.

You know, men have
died over food like this.


They get married.
They get married.


These, uh, pancake
things are great.

You mean crepes, with morels.

Amanda, you have
been holding out on us.

What do you mean?

He means, when did you have
time to take cooking lessons?

No lessons. This
is natural talent.

Van Gogh paints. I cook.

JACK: Yeah, right.

(doorbell ringing)

Oh. I wasn't expecting anyone.

Excuse me.

Eat up!

That's French.

Well... Angela!

Help me, Amanda.

Oh, my God.

The babies... they're coming.

Everybody, this is my
friend, Angela Pearson.

She's about to have quadruplets.

Why did you leave Shady Glen?

Don't let them steal my babies.

Lift her up. Lift her up.

Forget the hospital.

Get her into the bedroom.

She can't deliver in
Amanda's bedroom.

What happens if there
are complications?

Norman, relax. They're doctors.

She's in good hands.

Here. Have a drink.

We'll, uh, we'll
boil some water.

For what?

For the pasta, Norman.

Oh, the babies.

AMANDA: Come on.

Come on, Angela.


All right, Angela,
go ahead and push.

Now. Come on.

(baby crying)

JACK: Here comes number two.

It's a girl.

There you go.

Okay. Okay. Shh!

Shady Glen lied. Shh!

I have to tell Carol.

No, no, no. Angela.
Angela. Focus.

Now, come on. Push. Push.

Come on. Breathe.

Now, push.

Carol's baby's not dead.

Push. Come on.


MARK: All right, Angela,
one more hard push.



(baby crying)

Number three.


Here comes number four.

By the way, this is a
personal record for me.

Anybody got a camera?


(baby crying)

Rest. Rest. Relax.

Congratulations, Angela.

Two beautiful sons,
two beautiful daughters.

(babies fussing)



Don't let them steal my babies.


(heart monitor beeping)

(heart monitor flatlining)

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

Four beautiful babies.

How's the mother of the year?

Finally asleep,
but she kept talking

about Shady Glen
and her friend Carol.

Something about stealing babies.

I guess she was delirious.

What do you know
about Shady Glen?

Oh, a lot.

I helped Angela research
the maternity hospitals.

Her husband's out
of town in Alaska

working on an
environmental project,

so, she's alone. She
needs special care,

so it was the least
I could do for her.

Why did you pick them?

It has an impeccable reputation.

And I spoke to the
administrator of the hospital.

Is, uh, is something
wrong with Angela?

No, she's had a
tough day is about it.

I think she's just suffering

from temporary stress
reaction, that's all.

She'll be okay as soon
as she gets a little rest

in maybe 20 years or so.

May I?

BRIGGS: Mark? Mark!

I found some more
towels for the kids.

Oh, good man.

So, when are you
going to bring the babies

to the hospital?

Not long.

"The Community
General Quadruplets."

I'll alert the press.

We'll have a video
crew waiting for you

when you arrive at the hospital.

Norman, before
you call the networks,

you'd better check
with Angela...

See if it's okay with her.

Well, why wouldn't it be?

They could become
America's sweethearts.

All right, Uncle Mark.

I'll prepare a release.

Thanks for the dry ones.


STEVE: Jack,

I'm gonna drop this or
break it or something.

Would you take it?

JACK: Steve, I've
kinda got my hands full.

Besides, you're doing fine.

It hates me. Dad?

So precious.

Aren't they sweet?

You know, I want one
of these for my own.

Oh, not me. I grew
up changing diapers

for six brothers and sisters.

I'd rather have a Ferrari.

Listen, I'll take her.

What? You get paper towels.

Paper towels?

For diapers. Diapers.


Dad, why is it crying?

He's a baby. That's his job.

Well, my job is chasing
bad guys and I gotta call in.

You know, I didn't find

any paper towels, but...

I found this.

"Gourmet Catering.

Elegant food at
discreet prices."

All right, so I
needed a little help.

You catered the whole thing?


Here. You take this.
I'll get the towels.

Unbelievable. No. I have
some old pillow cases

Yeah. That I need to tear up.

Would you mind? Oh, yeah.

Plenty of room. Yeah, big boy.

Van Gogh can paint.

Now, where are you going?

You can run from me,
Amanda, but you can't...

You know what? Yeah.

She'll never hear
the end of this one.

Hey. Whoa, whoa.

I'll be right back.
Amanda, come here!


Now... Uh! Don't
kick your sister.

You've been together
for nine months now.

You be real nice, okay?

Here. Sorry.

Hey, wh...?

An emergency.

Hey, Delores, come
back here a minute.

I got to cut these bath
towels up into diapers.

(babies cry)

Uh... I need a diaper.

(babies crying)

Uh... two diapers.

Bring me four diapers.

Who did that?

Which one of you did that?

Hey, Amanda!

Jack? Delores?

Was that you that
did that to me?

Was that you? Did
you do that to me?


Take one of these
guys, will you?

Oh, all right.

Oh! Man, this one's
wet. Give me a dry one.

I am all out of dry ones.

And watch the wet
ones. They're slippery.

Take this guy.

Here you go.

Here you go.

Oh, baby.

AMANDA: Mark! Mark, come quick.

It's Angela.

She's not having
another one, is she?

I came to check in on
Angela and she's gone.

hospital administrator?

Dr. Wexler?

Okay, I see.

Thank you.

Wexler. That sounds familiar.

You know, when I asked her

about Angela,
the nurse told me...

They don't give out
patient information.


(latch rattling)

What took you so long?

What? We drove around
the neighborhood three times

looking for your friend.

Then we did some shopping.

We bought all the
baby stuff we could find

in the all-night market.

You know, diapers an-and
food and stuff, and, uh,

I couldn't resist
these cute little things.

And, uh... I got some
sweets just in case.

I got some Hot Gobsters
and some Wow Wows.

Those are good. Candy?

Well, you know, soft,
dessert kinda stuff.

And, uh... oh, I got
some ear plugs for us.

Here. Take this, will you?

Oh, Dad, I can't.

You know, the babies are gonna

have to bunk here
till we find Angela.

What? Why don't we put them

in the hospital?
Well, she could be

charged with
abandoning the babies.

She could lose them.
Isn't that right, Steve?

Well, I gue... Well, yeah.
If they were abandoned

I should be calling
Child Services to, uh...

get them taken into
protective custody.

(baby howling)

Oh, Dad, this
baby hates me, too.

I can't.

AMANDA: You know, Angela was

really frantic about
her friend Carol.

Do you suppose she
went back to Shady Glen?

I don't know,

but I want to go
out there and check.

Here. Oh, Dad.

Here you go.

You told Carol that
her baby was dead.

You stole him.

Poor Carol.

I put her in a cab an hour ago.

She's gone home to mourn.

Now, about you.

Oh! Don't just stand
there, Dimwit. Help me!

Let me go. Let me go.

How is she gonna tell you

where she hid the babies
if you knock her out?

This is morphine.

She won't be unconscious,
just a whole lot more agreeable.

No! No!

This is a disaster.

The baby broker
arrives tomorrow,

and we don't have the babies.

We will have the babies.

How? Angela's not going
to tell us where they are.

Yes, she will.

I can be very persuasive.

And how? Look at the mess
she talked you into, Henry.

Dr. Wexler, there's a
Dr. Mark Sloan here to see you.

Oh, at this hour?
This is trouble.

Henry! Tell the doctor

we'll be right with him.

Right away.

Hello. I'm Dr. Mark Sloan,
Community General Hospital.

You must be Dr. Wexler.

Yes. Yes. It's nice
to meet you, Doctor.

This is my
assistant, Kate Davis.

How may we help you, Doctor?

I just dropped by
to see a patient

of yours... Angela Pearson.

Miss Davis, would you take
Dr. Sloan to see Mrs. Pearson?

Thank you.

Dr. Wexler, I am so sorry.

There's something I
should have told you.

Well, what is it, Miss Davis?

Mrs. Pearson left Shady
Glen this afternoon.

She wanted to go home.

She wanted to go home?

I couldn't stop her.

We can't keep a
patient against her will.

I knew nothing about this.

Why didn't you tell
me, Miss Davis?

Because I was going to try
to talk her into coming back.

I knew how upset you would be.

Dr. Wexler views all

of our patients as
family members.

In this case, a family member

we've failed.

Do you have any idea why
she wanted to leave so abruptly?

Well, in the last few weeks,

she had become
emotionally unstable.

But, with multiple births,

and her... her husband away,

I was certain the condition

was temporary, and I,
uh... trusted my colleagues

to keep a close eye on her.

Well, naturally.

Well, uh... I was just about
to look in on my patients.

Can I walk you out?

Yes. Certainly.

How many patients
do you have, Doctor?

Oh, we can accommodate 12.

I feel the atmosphere
should be warm,

familial rather
than institutional.

Well, it is homey.

Well, thank you very
much, Dr. Wexler.

Miss Davis, a pleasure.

Very nice, Henry.

He bought it.

Then why do I hear a prison
door closing behind me?

MARK: Angela didn't
go back to Shady Glen.

She told them she
wanted to go home.

Well, she's not
there. I checked.

I couldn't find any
cream in there.

Oh. Here you go.

It's good for you.

Thank you.

Dr. Wexler says he didn't know
that Angela left Shady Glen.

His assistant, Miss Davis,
was afraid to tell him.

What do you think?

Well, I have no reason
to disbelieve him.

Where would she go?

Does Angela have a
mother or family? Friends?

Anybody who might
know where she went?

That's exactly what I'm
going to start checking on.

What about her husband?

Oh, I called. Get this.

He's on an icebreaker
up by the Pole.

They're weathered in.

He may not get out
for three or four days.

Poor guy. First, you tell
him he's a daddy four times,

then you tell him
his wife's missing.

You know, I'm worried about her.

She's not in good
emotional shape.

She needs medical attention.

And, of course,
her babies need her.

Well, I've got a
laparoscopy in 40 minutes.

I'm out of here.

Yeah. And I'm on duty.

Well, listen, you've
got to come back.

I've got surgery at 11:00.

Mark, these kids
should be in the hospital.

All right. I'll come back.

See you later. Okay.

Delores, I have known Angela

since we were sorority
sisters in college,

and I know she wouldn't
leave these babies

unless she had a good reason.

Well, you'd think
that at least she'd call.

Well, I'm sure she
would if she could.

You think there's
something stopping her?

Or someone. I don't know.

But I owe it to her to find out.

Burp for me.

I know I slapped your
bottom when you were born.

I apologize. Just
give me one little burp.

(baby burps)

Oh, there! That was good!

If I could do that, I'd
eat pastrami again.

Hospital just called.

I've got to go!
Where are you going?

Well, the hospital.

I didn't hear any phone ring.

It rang! Thanks, Delores.

Amanda's battery is dead.

I've got to drive her.

You can't leave me
here with the four...


(all crying)

Uh... listen, guys,
we have to talk.

It's right there.
There. That's it.

You've got it, little one.

Hang onto it. Hang onto it.

Okay, you'll pass. Good.

Oh, lost it? You lost it again.

Can't you hang onto it?

Try to sing in key, will you?

(doorbell rings)

Oh, no! Oh, yes! I'm coming!

Oh, poor little one.
He's wet I'll bet.


Oh, good.

I got your page.
What's the emergency?

You're kidding, of course.

Here. Take this and
feed him, will you?

Dad, I don't know
how to do that.

Give her a bottle.
It's not rocket science.

A bottle of what?

Over here. What?

One of these.

Dad, I've got to
get back to work.

Where are they? Up
on the table up there.

Do you need one?

Yeah. Bring me one fresh one.

What is that in your mouth?

A pacifier. Do you want one?

Okay, let's get organized.

Now, you take those two,
I'll take these two. Okay.

Steve, we're missing a baby.

There's only three.

What? I just put it down!
Where could it go? Where?!

I can't remember!
You were confusing me!

It didn't just walk out of here!

Here, baby! Here, baby!

(knocking on door)

One, two... Get
that. I'll keep looking.

Norman. I couldn't wait.

Gentlemen, this is
Miss Doris Patter.

Meet the "Community
General Quadruplets."

Norman, I think you're going to
have to get pictures real quick.

And no lights.
You'll hurt their eyes.

No lights? How can
we tape without lights?

Uh... you could at the hospital.

When? Uh... soon. Soon.

Soon, Norman. Okay? Okay?
Thanks for coming by, Norman.

It was good to see you.

We'll do it at the hospital.

We'll give you a call. Okay?

Thanks, Norman. Bye.

Steve, a snapshot. Norman!

I just set it down!

Where? Oh. Oh, there it is!

Honey... Oh...

I'm sorry, honey. Oh...

Okay, that's it.

Dad, look.

Get a hold of yourself.

It's okay. Here.
Take the baby. Here.

Here. You'll feel better.

DELORES: This is crazy!

You've got to tell
Mark what you're doing.

AMANDA: Delores,
I can't tell him.

He will try to stop me.

Now, Delores,
you've got to swear

that you won't say anything.

Listen, I'm not good
at lying, Amanda.

I'm a nervous wreck as it is.

And you're still here!

Well, look, if Angela's at
Shady Glen, then I'll find her.

If not, I'll be back
before Mark finds out.

Now, Delores? Delores?

Yes, yes, yes. Be careful.

Is it straight?

It's fine, fine, fine.

Okay, let's see here.

Let's see... front, back.

Oh, so you're the guy, huh?

I'll fix that.

Oh, where is Jack?

I got surgery.

Hey! Oh, hi.

I'm back.

Where is, uh...?

Where is Amanda and Delores?

Oh, they had an emergency.

I'm sure they'll be right back.

Wait a minute, Mark.

You don't expect me
to handle this alone?

Jack, it's easy. Just
stay calm, that's all.

Are you kidding me?

There's... there's four of them!

There's one of me!
I'm going to get killed!

I can't stay. I'm late.

What? Mark,
please wait a minute.

You owe me a
zillion days off for this.

You've got it.

Oh, boy.

All right.

All right, guys, let's
cut a deal right now.

Okay, ladies and
gentlemen, you...

you don't cry, I don't
leave town. How's that?

(all crying)

This is not going to work.

(all crying)

DR. WEXLER: Are you
sure you want to place

your baby for
adoption, Mrs. Williams?

After this kid is born, I
never want to see it again.

And the father?

The father? My husband?

He ran off with my sister.
That tramp! He's a bum.

He don't even want the kid.

Look, I will pay you in full.

Those are my prenatal records.

That's the ultrasound.

I don't want to be examined.

I don't want to be
bothered in any way.

If you don't think that
you can deal with that,

I'm out of here.

No need.

Your records are complete.

Now, about the adoption...

What? Just draw up the
papers and I'll sign them.

There you go.

So, if you don't mind,

I'd really like to lie down.

Oh, of course you can, dear.

Roger, show Mrs.
Williams to room eight,

and I'll be up in just a moment

to make certain
you're comfortable.

You're about nine
months too late.

Well, Mrs. Williams seems
to know what she wants.

Mm-hmm. And we're going
to make certain that she gets it.

Call the broker, darling.

Yeah, that's right, I
said, "Four babies."

Four! Hello?

(babies crying)

Come on, guys, please?!

I'm doing the best
I can, I really am.

Hello? Hey, is this
Nursery Nannies?

Hold on a second.

How you doing?

Listen, I-I-I need, I-I
need a nanny right away.

Six months in advance?!

Who the hell...?

Oh, sorry.

Who-who plans
that far in advance?!

No, I didn't know I
was having a baby.

The whole thing was
a horrible mistake.

I... look, I don't care.

Look, I got to go,
all right? Thanks.

I swear, life's got to
get better than this.

(dialing phone)

Hey, hi!

Is this Elite Nannies?

How are you doing?

Look, I need to engage one
of your nannies immediately.

Look, I'll pay
double, triple the rate.

It doesn't... You will?

Oh, that's great. That's great.

What? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, that's the baby
you hear right now.

Uh... it's a boy.

One boy.

He's a day old.

Oh, he's got an unbelievable
set of lungs on him.

Look, will you just
hurry, please, all right?

Yeah, I'm at 1200...

I'm at 1200 Greene Street, okay?

All right.

Look, thanks a
lot, man. Good-bye.

All right, kids, the
cavalry's on its way.

(Amanda sighs)

I just got here.

I hate it already.

Have a seat.

So do I.

But at least you
won't be here long.

Well, if you hate it,
why don't you quit?

It's a cold world out there.

Don't you have
anything better to do

than to stare at your guests?

It's hard to imagine
your husband running off

with another woman.

(door opens, closes)

No more!

No, come on, guys!
No more... No crying!

Look, everybody's
happy, right? Come on.

We're gonna, we're gonna
watch Barney here in a minute.

You'll love him. (knocking)

Okay, here. Hold on!

Hold onto those keys for me.


Hey, how are you doing?

Look, whatever
you're selling, pal,

I really don't have the
patience right now, okay?

Are you sure about that?

Yeah, I'm positive.

Ty Bradford, Elite
Nannies, at your service.


You don't look like
Mary Poppins to me.

Hey, see you around, guy.

But... No!

Come on. Get in here.

You look a little bit like her.

Come on. Look, they're in there.

I think I fed one of them twice.

The service told me
you had one baby boy.

Yeah, I do. And, uh,
another boy and two girls.

You have some
cute kids here. Yeah.

Is your wife around?

I ain't married.

Oh, man, are you
in trouble?! (laughs)

Mrs. Williams, what
are you doing here?

Are you looking

for something?

(Southern accent): Well,
anything but that tacky room.

Y'all could have
spent some money

on some decent wallpaper.

I see.

Well, mothers often get restless

before they're about to deliver.

We'll find you something to do.

Let's see, we have
magazines, books.

Oh, we have some jigsaw puzzles!

Well, imagine how
exciting that sounds.


There you are!

I've been calling Amanda.

Where is she?

Oh, excuse me, is that
the phone I hear ringing?

Hi, Steve. Hi, Delores.

Hi. Hi.

Anything new?

Well, I wish.

Her neighbors
haven't seen Angela

since she went to Shady
Glen two months ago.

Parents are deceased.

She's got a brother in
Chicago who's an importer,

but he's on a
buying trip in Japan.

Won't be back for two weeks.

That's it.

That's a dead end?

(phone rings)


Yeah, just a
second. It's for you.

Oh, thanks. Lieutenant Sloan.

Where are they?

The little woman?

The four bundles from heaven?

Bundles? All right.

Thank you.

Another case. I've got to go.

Uh, I'll call you later. Okay.

Hi, Norman. Bye, Norman.

What a thrilling life he has.

It would give me a heart attack.

Now back to our babies.

Norman, there's been a slight

technical holdup
for technical reasons.

Look, I'll let you know

just as soon as
they arrive, all right?

You'll be the first to know.

Delores, now tell
me, where is Amanda?


Don't wa-wa me.

(babies cooing)

So, I go to grad school at night
and during the day I'm a nanny.

Man, I took a lot of jobs
to get through med school,

but there's no way I was going

to change diapers for a living.

Is something wrong
with being a nanny?

No! No, it's just that, uh...

you're a guy.

With a great job.

The hours are right, the
clients are good people

and I study when
the baby's sleeping.

And when the women
find out what I do, man!

They like it?

They dig it big time.


Women look at me and
see "sensitive." Serious.

A guy that loves children...
That's every woman's dream.

Man, my phone rings
off the hook. Ring!

Ring! Ring! (laughs)

And I thought all I had
going for me was my charm

and my good looks.

Oh, yeah.


I don't have anything
else besides this!

It's the only flavor I got!

She's wet.

You're going to
have to change her.

But, but I need
two hands for that!

If I take the bottle
out of this one,

this one will start crying.

And she won't stop
until you change her.

(groans): This is not working.

Hey, do you have
some wire coat hangers...

some elastic... and a
round plastic container?

You want to tell us
where the babies are,

now don't you, Angela?

No. No.

Look, why don't we pack up

and get out of here
while we can, Kate?

We'll go to the Midwest,
open another clinic.

How like you, Henry, always
ready to weasel out and run.

Well, maybe this has
gone farther than I meant!

Maybe I know when
to cut my losses,

all my losses.

Oh, wait, darling, Henry.

You know,

as soon as we have
the $100,000, we'll leave.

I promise.

Do you really think

I'd let anything happen to you?

What about her?

We never talked about murder.

Don't worry, darling.

She has a postpartum infection.

All we have to do
is leave her alone...

after she tells us
where the babies are.

And she will.

It's inevitable, Angela,

you will talk.



AMANDA: Come in.

Cocktails for two!

Ugh! I hate milk!

Then don't drink it.

But don't tell Kate.

You don't like her much, do you?

She's my sister,
I don't have to.

That accent...
where are you from?

All over.

It's a long story.

I'll bet you're a knockout
when you're not pregnant.

Yeah, your regular
Playboy centerfold.

I'll never get a guy again.

Don't sweat it. You'll
get back in shape.

You think so?


Could you pass me my purse?


You know, you really know how

to make a girl feel good.

Then why aren't you smiling?

I been thinking about the baby.

You know, maybe I'll keep it.


To remind you every day
of the jerk who dumped you?

Besides, you've already
signed the papers.

So what? The kid's mine.

If I want to keep
it, I'll keep it.

Changing your
mind's not that easy...

and it could get dangerous.

Dangerous how?

Kate wouldn't like it.

There's really not much
Kate can do about it, is there?


Not a thing.

Like you said, it's your kid.

Don't worry about it.

See you later.


(door opens, closes)


Angela, oh, my God,
girl, you're burning up!

Let's go! Come on!

Come on, Angela!

They drugged you! Come on.

Come on. Wake up!

Angela! Angela! It's Amanda!

Come on! I'll carry
you if I have to!

Come on! Let's go!

I've got to get you out of here!

Come on, baby! Let's go!

Okay, here we go!

All right. Come on!

All right.

Don't tell me. Let me guess.

You got bored, right?

This woman is sick!

I was getting some help!

Take her.

Got her?

I'm going back to my room.


Well, well, well,
and what's this?

Now, who are you,
dear, and who sent you?

I'm Mrs. Williams
and I'm having a baby.

How cute. Hold her.

You know Angela,
she's been very sick,

so she's not been
very cooperative,

but you are going
to tell me everything.

What is that?

Oh, don't struggle, dear.

What are you doing?!

This is going to make
you feel real good.

(babies crying)

JACK: All right,
Ty, give it a shot.


(crying subsides)


You know, I saw the
Grand Canyon once.

This beats it.

To be honest with you, I
wasn't sure it was going to work.

You know, you should have
patented this thing, man.

You'd make a million dollars.

What did you say you
were studying in school?


Hey, man. A quiet high five.

Dr. Sloan.

Where's Amanda Bentley?


I don't...

I don't know the name.

A colleague of mine, a doctor.

She came here to
see Angela Pearson.

Doctor, I've already told you,

Angela Pearson left Shady
Glen against medical advice.

And I know nothing
of your Dr. Bentley.

I want to see every
inch of this place.

I want to see every
room, every office.

Of course.

We have nothing to hide.

Please, come with me.

It's this way.

Well, I think you've...

you've seen just about every
room in the hospital, Doctor.

Hmm, not quite. What's in there.

It's just a storeroom.

Would you open it?

Well, there's nothing in
there, but supplies and storage.

Would you open it, please?

Well, I, uh... I hope
you're satisfied, Dr. Sloan.

Not at all, Dr. Wexler.

Well, I'm sorry.

There's nothing else I can do.

We'll see about that.

(whispers): Mark.

Now I remember you.

You're Henry Wexler.

You ran emergency
rooms all over the city

until you were arrested for
defrauding insurance companies.

That was never proven.

No, of course not.

But you lost your license
to practice medicine

in this state.

You're about one phone
call away from prison, Doctor.

(Amanda whimpering)

Take a good look, Angela.


That's right.

You were hoping it was just a
morphine dream, weren't you?

Let her go.

Oh, we will.

Just as soon as you tell
us where the babies are.

And if you don't...

She's a junkie.

And you know what
happens to junkies.

Sooner or later, they all O.D.


It's up to you, Angela.

No. No.

No. No.

JACK: Now, you're not
going to cry anymore, right?

You big baby. Huh?


(babies begin to cry)

You rock and roll for awhile.

I'm exhausted.

You don't like
kids? I love kids.

It's just I'm punchy and
I'm tired and I'm hungry.

I guess you see
how they feel now.

You know it's amazing, I
can't keep up with them.

You probably can't jump either.

Hey, what do you say...


Balboa Park, a
little one-on-one,

me and you?

Oh, no, not me. Uh-uh.

What? You don't play ball?

I just don't like
to get picked on.

Who in their right mind
would pick on you?

They see a big guy and
the next thing you know,

they want to try
him on for size.

The game wasn't meant
to be played like that.

The game should be fun.

Nah. You're safe with me.

Oh, you can pick on me, J,

but nobody messes
with my babies.

Yeah, put a little
cash on it, man.

I'll lay you up.

No, thanks.

Well, all our patients are on
their way to Mayfair Maternity.

I told them the main
water line broke.

What about Angela?
And Amanda Bentley?

Well, we'll just have to tie
them up and leave them.

By the time they're
found, we'll be long gone.

You won't hurt them?

Of course, not.

Now, you go get
the car, darling.

This is almost over.

You know what to do, right?

And after I do it,
you pay me $20,000

and I never see your face again.

The deal of the
century, baby brother.

Oh, and if you wind up
in jail again, don't call me.

(alarm beeping)


What... what are you doing?

It wasn't until the last minute

that I remembered where
I heard Wexler's name.

Well, it was all I
needed to get a warrant.

They're not here.

Oh, the whole
place feels deserted.

What about Amanda?

He could have
taken her with him.

But don't worry, we'll find her.

Baby girl "M"... $10,000.

Baby boy "G," $15,000.

They were selling babies.

Angela was right.

I'm going to get a
warrant for Wexler's arrest.

I'll take a look around.

AMANDA: What are you doing?

You know, my friends
know where I am.


Rog... stop it!


Then they'll be
upset once they see

the Shady Glen is burned
to the ground. Are you crazy?

Roger, this is
murder. Don't do it.


Angela, get up.


Roger, stop it!

Roger, please. You
know you're not a killer.

Roger, listen to me.
Roger, listen to me.

Please, please...



Steve, there's a fire.

(Amanda screaming)

Amanda's upstairs.

Hey, stop...

STEVE: Hold it.




Steve, she's in
here. It's locked.

Mark! Mark!


stand back.

I got her.


Oh, that's great.
(singing lullaby

All right, we'll be out
of here in ten seconds.

Ty, they found the mother.

We're taking these kids
to the hospital. Let's go.


You hear that, you guys?

Real beds.

Here we go.

Now, we're going
for a ride in a big car.

You guys ready for
this, or what, huh?

It's your first road trip.

Let's put them in.

And I'm going to need your belt.

For what? What are you doing?

We've got to
strap the babies in.

Oh, that's a good idea.

If my pants fall down, you guys
are in a lot of trouble, you hear me?

What are you doing?

TY: You got a
lock on this thing?

It's a belt, Ty. Just undo it.

Well, well, well.

The things we'll
do for our kids.

Uh... you give her
the babies now.

Who the hell are you?

You're not touching these kids.

You're not taking them anywhere.

If you want these babies,
you've got to go through me.

Well, shoot him.

Oh, you coward, give me the gun.

(siren wailing)

STEVE: Freeze!

It's all over.

Turn around.

Are they all right?

Yeah. They slept
through everything.

STEVE: You have the
right to remain silent...

Your babies are
fine. Have a look.

There you go.

I thought I'd never
see you again.

Now you've got two pair.

And Mommy makes a
full house. Thank you.

No problem.

Oh, who's your friend?

Oh, he's just a
basketball buddy of mine.

Ready to go?

I'm Ty Bradford.

I work for Elite Nannies.


You're a nanny?

Yes, I am.

Well, Jack, that was
very smart of you

to hire professional help.

You're killing me, Ty.
Thank you very much.

Now I'm never going
to hear the end of this.

Oh, come on.


Oh, Jack, aren't they beautiful?

Yeah, and do you
know what I went through

taking care of these kids?

Yeah, the phone book.
Searching for nannies.

That reminds me.
Amanda, did you...

did you find your teddy bear?

I hope it didn't get
lost in the confusion

because I know you can't
sleep without it... Would you stop?

Stop. It's not funny.
You're waking the baby.

You're waking up the baby. Shh.

Hey, are you
picking on this lady?

Hey, Ty. Man, what's up?

Now, if you'll excuse us. I
have a date with your nanny.

Hey, Ty, eat her cooking.

It's unbelievable.

Thanks. Be quiet.

I'll do that.

Take it easy. Bye.

Hey, Mark. Hey, Steve.

Well, Angela is
recovering beautifully.

All the babies are healthy.

We're lucky.

So is Amanda.


Come here, little guy.

Hi, little fella.


Hey, hold him a minute.

Oh, no. Dad.

Now wouldn't you like to have
one of those of your very own?

Oh, is that possible?

You know, babies hate me.


Hey, look.