Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 3, Episode 1 - An Innocent Murder - full transcript

Teenager Ashley York murders her surprised sick father Arthur by fixing his Deprosine pills to an overdose. Mark doesn't believe it's suicide, there's no note, absolutely no fingerprints ...

So how'd you like it?


How did you like dinner?

It was okay.


You know, it's
Mom's lasagna recipe.

Do you remember when
she used to make it with...

I didn't care about your
mother's lasagna recipe

when I was married to her,

and I could care
less about it now.

You know, Dad, things
really do have a way

of working themselves out.

I mean, when Rebecca died,

I never thought
I'd get over it...

but I did.

Why can't you?

I told you never to talk about
your sister or the accident.

That is something
you never get over.

I'm going to bed.

All right, you
should go home now.

Are you going to
work on your book?

I don't know, Ashley.

I'm tired.

Well, I'll just finish
cleaning up in here

and then I'll be in
with your medication.

Don't worry, Daddy.

Things work out.

Not everything works
itself out, Ashley.

I only meant...

I know what you meant.

You're wrong.

What's taking so long?

I'm just, uh... cleaning
the lasagna pan.

Leave the pan.

The maid will get
it in the morning.


I'm coming.

Sorry it took me so long.

Forget it.


Now don't you feel better?

I know I do.

Ashley... Ashley, why? Why?


Nightie night, Daddy.

Miss Joon Li?

I'm Dr. Sloan.

I got your note to
meet you down here.

Listen, I really
appreciate you taking time

out of your busy
schedule for me.

But when I saw the improvement

in Dr. Morgan
after studying Tai...

Oh, I'm sorry. Were you...?

Uh, should I go...?

You need to relax, Dr. Sloan.

The study of Tai Chi
will help you with that

and put your mind
at one with your body

with more focus,
energy and flexibility.

That's it. That's
exactly what I want.

Then we shall begin. Great.

Back here.


First, step on your horse.



Grab the earth with
your bubbling well.

Hi, Dad.

Sorry to interrupt.

Oh, that's all right.

We're just getting
started anyway.

Joon Li, this is my son.

Nice to meet you.

Listen, I got a body
just up the beach.

You interested?

What does it look like?

Maybe a drug overdose.

Oh, you guys are sick.

Oh, no. No.

Uh, Steve's a
homicide detective.

I do occasional consulting
work for the police department.

Initial report said suicide,

but I could use
an expert opinion.

Oh, okay.

Uh, look, I'm really sorry.

I-I better go.

Fine. I'll see you Monday.

Monday's good.
Thank you, Joon Li.

So, uh, how do
you like this Tai Chi?

So far I've learned
you have to shut up.

Some place, huh?

Having money doesn't guarantee

you won't have trouble, though.


The maid called
it in this morning.

She arrived at 8:00
and started cleaning.

When she went to vacuum
the bedroom, she found him.

What a way to start the day.

Preliminary coroner's report
says "death by overdose."



What is it?

A pain killer used for
things like neuralgia.

Could it kill you?

It could if you
took enough of it.

Well, I guess it looks
like a suicide then,

pending a final report.

I think I'll poke
around a little bit.

I'm going to need a
list of the next of kin.


And how long have you
been working for Mr. York?

I've been his
maid for two years.


I'm Dr. Sloan.

I'm very sorry to hear about
what happened last night.

You all right?


Can I get you anything?

No, thank you.

Boy, oh, boy, does
this coffee smell good.

Are you through in here?

I'm just wondering if it's okay

if I poured a cup of coffee?

Knock yourself out.

I, uh, haven't even had my
morning cup of coffee yet.

It's such a bad habit.

I hate to say it,

I can't even get moving
until I've had mine.

Oh, that's delicious.

What kind of beans
you use in that?

I didn't make it.


Find something?

I think I may have found

Arthur York's
motive for suicide.


Well, by the looks of
his medication regime,

the poor man was suffering
everything from depression

to degenerative bone disease.

Probably in a lot of pain.

I guess he'd had enough, huh?

Yeah, apparently.

Excuse me?

Did you happen to
make this cup of coffee?

I'm a cop, not a waitress.

Well, I didn't-I didn't mean...

Well, sorry.

What is it with
you and the coffee?

Well, I'm just a little curious

to how that pot of
coffee got made.

It didn't make
itself... a timer.

Welcome to the '90s, Dad.

Look, I've got to get going.

I've got to notify
the next of kin.

Okay. Can I go with you?

Be my guest.

I'll buy you a donut
to go with your coffee.

A timer, of course.

Set for 7:30.

Why would he do that?

Well, think about it

for a minute.

Why would a man set the
timer for a pot of morning coffee

if he was going to kill
himself the night before?


Well, maybe.

How about this?

He makes the
coffee, sets the timer,

watches a little
TV, gets depressed

and swallows a handful of pills.

What do you suppose
he was watching?

Mrs. York?

Dr. Elaine York?

That's right.

Have we met? No,

we haven't, but I
feel like we have.

I'm Dr. Mark Sloan.

I think I have every book
you ever wrote on my shelf.

Thank you.

But why do I get the feeling

this isn't a social call?

Dr. York,

I'm Lieutenant Sloan.

May we come in?

Of course.


So, um, what can I
do for you, Lieutenant?

I'm afraid I have some
bad news, ma'am.

Your ex-husband was
found dead this morning.


Well, it appears
to be a suicide.

He ingested a lethal
dose of Deprozene.

Oh, my God.

Ashley, honey,

your father was a very sick man.

But that can't be.

I was with him last night.

Honey, it's okay.
It's going to be okay.

Look, I know this is difficult,

but we have to ask you and
your mom a few questions, okay?

Do you remember about what time

you left last night?

It was, like, 10:00.

But... I would have
stayed if I thought...

Dr. York, did your husband
have any enemies at all?

Not that I know of. Why?

Well, officially, we
can't close a case

until we rule out any
other possibilities.

I thought you said
it was suicide?

Well, there's a few
unanswered questions yet.

Such as?

Yeah, such as?

He didn't leave a suicide note.

Is that unusual?

Well, no, not exactly.

About 60% to 70% of suicides

do leave some kind of a message.

Did your husband ever
attempt suicide before?


Uh, I think that will
be enough for now.

We'll show ourselves
out. Thank you.

Shall we?

Hey! A postcard from

the new hubby?

No, it's from Jack! Jack who?

Jack Stewart.

After his residency here,

he set up his own
private practice.

You mean he actually left
beautiful Community General?

Well, actually,
he bought a house

in Aspen Grove outside of Vail.

He works three days a week

and he's dating the entire
Swedish women's ski team.

Wow, I like this guy.

Hey, let me ask you,
have you seen Dr. Sloan?

Actually, he left after
he took a look at this.

What is that?

This is York's pathology report.

Can I take a peek?

Yeah, sure.

Mark was right. He
OD'd on Deprozene.

Wow! 350 milligrams.

What's with this
Proxilene, Orocet, Zylotac?

He was on a lot of medication.

Oh, no, no, no, no,
this is really weird.

What's weird?

Well, why would you take
all of your other medications

if you were just going to
be taking a long dirt nap?

Now you're starting
to think like Mark.

As a matter of fact,

he had the very same
conclusion about an hour ago.

So then we got a murder, right?

Where is he? I mean,
we should get on this.

I mean, we should compare notes.

We should get on
this. Jesse, slow down.

Amanda, we got a case.

And I'm late for
my prenatal... class.

Hey, are you okay?

Well, considering that
I've been throwing up

for the past three weeks,

I'm feeling remarkably
well, thank you.

Sorry that your husband can't
be here to share in that fun.

Not to worry. When he
gets back from his tour,

there will be plenty of
time to share and lots of fun.


It's going to make those flybys
over Bosnia a piece of cake.

I can see wheels turning.

Well, don't you think it's odd?

I mean, about the fingerprints.

Coffee on a timer,
no suicide note.

You're thinking
murder, aren't you?

Well, I can't help it.

Nothing adds up here.


Yeah, this is he.


Yes. Yes, I can be right there.

What does she want?

I don't know, but I'm not
waiting around to find out.

Look, I'll see you
in a few minutes.

I'll be in the office
right along, okay?

All right. Bye.

Excuse me, sir.

It's being shown
by appointment only.

Oh! I'm not looking for a house.

I already have one
down the beach.

Oh, is there anything I
can help you with? Oh, no.

I just wanted to see the
daughter of the deceased.

Isn't this a little bit fast?

The body's barely cold.

This is one of my
biggest moneymakers.

Oh, really? What
do you get for it?

$25,000 a month.

Is that what Arthur was paying?

Checks came from the
management company like clockwork.

Management company. Oh.

May I, uh...? Certainly.

Thank you.

Hi, Dr. Sloan.

Thanks for coming.

It's no problem. What's up?

Well, I was thinking

about what you said
about a suicide note...


And, well, my dad
had been pecking away

at his laptop all night, so...

I found this in his
printer tray in the den.

"My dearest loved
ones, believe me,

the last thing in the world
I want to do is hurt you."

Well, you have to admit,

that's the one
place we didn't look.


Well, it's just that

a suicide note's
such a personal thing.

Why would anybody write it

on a computer
instead of by hand?

Oh, Dr. Sloan, you
didn't know my dad.

He did everything
on his computer.

I still can't believe he
would do this to himself.

Me neither.

Why? Do you think...

do you think someone killed him?

I don't know.

There was no forced entry.

No sign of a struggle in here.

But if somebody did kill him,

they had to know his medication,
they had to know his schedule.

My father didn't have
an enemy in the world.

You know what the
most confusing thing is?

According to the police report,

there were no fingerprints
on the bottle of pills

on the nightstand
or on the water glass.


How do you pick up a bottle
of pills or a glass of water

and not leave any fingerprints

unless the murderer
was covering his tracks?

I don't believe you!

Calm down, Ashley.

You can't do this, Mother!

Just calm down and listen to me.

No! I-I've listened
to you my entire life.

I am sick of listening to you.

Your father has left you
a great deal of money.

You're damn
straight, and it's mine.

I earned it. Every penny.

I'm the one that took care of
him when no one else wanted to.

I'm the one he yelled at.

Look, I'm sorry your father
treated you the way he did.

No, you're not.

The only thing you've ever
been sorry for is Rebecca.

Stop it, Ashley.

You stop it. I want my money.

No one is trying
to take your money.

It's just going to
be put into a trust

until you turn 25.

You're still trying to control
me, aren't you, Mother?

No, I'm trying to protect you.

You're just jealous 'cause
I'm the only one in the will.

Oh, don't be absurd.

You're simply not old enough

to be responsible
for that kind of money.

It's several million
dollars, for God's sake.

Believe me, this is
for your own good.

I'll bet it wouldn't be put into
a trust if this was Rebecca.

But it's not Rebecca
we're talking about, is it?

It's you.

The subject is closed.

The lawyers will begin
drawing up the papers tomorrow.

I'm going to the office.

My back. My back is killing me.

Norman, you don't
look well at all.

So far I've tried a heating pad,

hot showers and cold ice packs.

I'll tell you something,

I'm almost ready
to see a doctor.

But you don't need a doctor.

What you need is
to learn how to relax.

I hate relaxation. I
work best under stress.

Well, in that case,

you'll be in top form
in your hospital bed.

How about prescribing
me some muscle relaxers?

That's almost like relaxing.

How about if I
prescribe exercise?

It's great for stress.

I tried that once.

I got hit on the
head by a volleyball.

Not very relaxing.

What about Tai Chi?

And look like one of
those eccentric old people

you see at the beach,

arms circling around
like a windmill?!

I think that's called
a seagull movement.

Why don't you ask Mark?

He's the one that's
studying Tai Chi right now.

He really doesn't care

what anyone thinks
of him, does he?

Oh, for crying out loud, Norman.

It's so stressful,

it's so exhausting worrying
about what other people think.

Now, if I were a worrier,

do you think that I
would have been able

to marry a man I'd only
known for four months?

Of course not!
Sometimes you just have

to do what you think is
right, no matter what. Yeah.

Any word from the husband?

The Navy's not been
very cooperative,

especially when you're on
an aircraft carrier on alert.

So his tour won't be over...

In time for the delivery?

Who knows?

What are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

Well, I was going to look around

for some clues and stuff.

Do you know you're trespassing?

So are you.

I told the real estate lady

I was going to
look around in here.

Yeah... Okay, so
I'm trespassing.

You can't help
yourself, can you?

Oh, you know what
it's like, Dr. Sloan.

It's like you see a
patient, and he's sick,

and you want to make him better,

and so you poke and
you probe and you x-ray

until you get an answer so
you can finally sleep at night.

I know exactly what you mean.

And-and you just can't
turn it off, can you?

Not since I was your age.

So what are you doing?

Read this.


"My dearest loved ones..."

Suicide note.


But this is what
I was looking for.

Whoa. What does that mean?

It means we're one step closer

to finding our killer.

That's why you're missing
the mark. Come on!

Tuck your chin on the turn!

What time did you get?

I don't even want to tell you.

The lowest of the low.

So are you avoiding me, Coach?

I can't keep doing this, Ashley.

Sure you can, sweetie.

I don't think you
have much of a choice.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry to interrupt,

but, Ashley, that was
a spectacular dive.

Well, uh...

What are you doing
here, Dr. Sloan?

Pardon me.

I was... I was hoping
maybe you could help me.

Well, I'd be glad to try.

Do you know, Ashley,

if anyone else used
your father's computer?

Not that I know of. Why?

Well, I'm kind of a
computer nerd myself.

I couldn't help nosing
around his system,

and I found this.

I don't know what that means.

Well, uh, when
computer files are saved,

it automatically codes
the time and the date.

Now, according to this, Ashley,

your father had to have
written the suicide note

28 hours after he died.

Are you sure there
wasn't some mistake?

No. I had the computer
checked and verified.

So what you're
telling me is that...

someone did kill my dad.

And came back later
to cover up their tracks.

But-but who?

Well, that's what
I'm hoping to find out.

Well, if anyone can do it,
Dr. Sloan, I'm sure you can.

What can I do to help?

Tell me who had access
to your father's house.

Well, let's see... me,
the maid, my mom,

a few of my dad's business
partners, I suppose.

But no one knew anything
about medicine except...

Your mother.

That's crazy.

Isn't it?

Uh, I'll let you get back
to your diving practice.

Call me if you
think of anyone else.

This is great.

My back feels better already.


Thanks for letting
me join you guys.


Right, right, right.

Concentrate on your breathing.

Slow, deep breaths.

Cleanse your
mind of all thoughts

and let the tension
flow out of your body.

Is that slow deep breaths
or deep slow breaths?

Mr. Briggs, meditation
is accomplished

with the mind not the mouth.

Sorry. I'm just
a little nervous.

You know, I've never
done this before.

Norman, if you don't shut up,

you're not going to
be doing it again either.

Okay, right, right.

Dr. Sloan? I got it.
You're going to love this.

Now you won't believe
me. I'm sorry, Joon Li.

You and Norman
go ahead without me.

What is it, Jess?

Okay. I ran a financial
on Arthur York.

Get this...

Wait a minute.
You ran a financial?

Yeah. How did you do that?

Oh, Kathy Miller. Kathy Miller?

Kathy Miller... She's
a friend of mine.

She works down
at the First Savings.

And, well, I'm probably going
to have to take her out to dinner

because of this and
uh... she's not cheap.

Jesse, I'll buy the
dinner. What did she say?

Okay, good. Okay, she said
that when Elaine divorced Arthur,

he was awarded two
and a half million bucks,

and she paid it
without saying a word.

I wonder why such
a big settlement?

I don't know, but
I'd say she wanted

to get rid of him pretty badly.

Interesting choice of words.

Well, that certainly explains

how he can afford
that beach house.

Well, actually, your
realtor was only half right.

The rent was being paid
through a management company,

but it wasn't Arthur's company.

It was Elaine's.

You mean after Arthur
took Elaine to the cleaners

in the divorce, he was still
pulling 25 grand a month

out of her?


We don't have any
proof of that yet.

Well, it certainly
gives her a motive.

You didn't let me finish.

Guess who gets the
$2 million that's left?



Well, that gives her a
pretty good motive, too.

So which one?

Well, I think...

this gives us a pretty
good idea where to start.

And no one can testify where you
were on the night of the murder?

No. Ashley was out
when I went to bed.

And when she came in,
you didn't hear a sound?

No. I told you, I took a
sleeping pill and went to bed

around 9:30.

Is there a reason

you've been searching my house?

We're just trying to follow up
on every lead we can dig up.

Am I a suspect?

You said you never
went to Arthur's house.

I had no reason to.

You have any idea why this
earring turned up at his house?

And its...

identical match was just
found in your jewelry box?

No. No, I don't.

But I didn't kill my
husband, Lieutenant Sloan.

I admit, I didn't like the
man, but I didn't kill him.

If you didn't like him,
why were you paying

$25,000 a month for his rent?

Am I under arrest?

Not yet.

But I suggest you find
yourself a good attorney.

Mrs. York, are you okay?

What happened?

One minute I was talking to her,

the next minute
she was out cold.

Yeah, she was having seizures

when the paramedics
brought her in.

Phenobarbital or
oxycodone withdrawal?

Phenobarbital. How did you know?

When I first met her,
she had a rash on her arm

and her color just
didn't look right. Hmm.

I suspect she has a
long history of drug abuse.

Yeah, well, she's right in here.


How are you feeling?

I've felt better.

I've also felt worse.

Well, they've given you
something to take the edge off.

Oh, boy.

I can see the tabloids now.

"Dr. Elaine York,
author, noted psychiatrist,

can't even practice
what she preaches."

Well, being a doctor

doesn't mean you're not human.

It's been 15 years
I've been fighting this.

For a while there, I
thought I had it beat.

Then Rebecca died.

My whole world fell apart.


Our youngest daughter.

Oh, Ashley's sister.

After she died, I... I had
to take more and more

just to make it through the day.

You were still seeing patients?


I don't know why.

I didn't know what I was doing.

And it cost a
young man his life.

I didn't see it.

He was crying out for
help, but I just didn't see it.

Two days later, they found
him hanging in his bathroom.

I'm sorry.

Arthur found out and
threatened to take the whole thing

to the medical examiners board.

Unless you paid him?

And I've been paying him and
covering my habit ever since.

I may have hated my
ex-husband, Dr. Sloan,

but I didn't kill him.

Hey, what happened to you?

Oh, Norman tai-ed when I chi-ed.

I ended up on the bottom.

What are you doing here?

Hey, hot stuff, I've been
following Ashley all day.

Oh, you have?

Let me just say that she
is some piece of work.

Well, why don't
you tell me about it

while I clean up a little bit.

Okay, good, good.

Uh... okay.

11:26... the subject
exits her house

and heads south on
Santa Monica Boulevard.

Excuse me. "Subject"?

Oh, subject... you
know... Ashley.

Well, why don't you
just call her Ashley.

And you can probably
leave out the directions.

That's a good idea.

Okay, I got that.

All right, um, where was I?

Right, okay, The
sub... almost...

Ashley then continued on down

to the Will Rogers State Beach.

At Third Street, she
stopped at a drug store

and she bought a pack of
cigarettes, gum, suntan lotion.

It was a number two with
absolutely no sunscreen,

and I really wanted
to take the time

and warn her about skin cancer.

Jesse, I appreciate your
concern, but get on with it.

Okay, uh... let's see.

12:17... arrived at the beach.

She settled down
to catch some rays.

And I'll tell you, Doc,

she was wearing this really
hot micro string bikini that...


Uh... it was very... it
was very attractive.

Um, okay, 12:18...

This large buff male
tries to hit on her,

and they share a beer.

Uh, 12:45... she
goes for a swim.

And I'll tell you,
these five guys

followed her like
lemmings to the sea.

You're not playing
around with my stuff

out there, are you?



Uh... okay, 1:30... She
comes out of the ocean

and then she walks
to the parking lot

where she meets
this older looking guy...

in his car.

Are you looking for this?

Yes, I am.

Yes. Thank you.

Can you describe the guy?

Oh, I can do better.

I got a photo.

Oh, you're good.
You are very good.


Mr. Caldwell? I'm
Dr. Mark Sloan.

I'm a consultant for
the police department.

Could I have a word with you?

Sure. Go ahead.

In private.

What is this all about?

Uh, it concerns Ashley York.

I saw you with
her the other day.

Mike, I'll be right back. Okay.

You must have a very close
relationship with Miss York.

What are you saying,
Doctor? I'm her coach.

Her phone records show

that she calls you
at home... often.

Is that, uh... diving lessons?

Is there a law against a
student calling her coach?

I think it goes
beyond phone calls.

It was all her idea.

You've got to
believe me, Doctor.

She showed up at
my house one night.

And one thing led to another?

It only happened that one night,
but she wouldn't leave me alone.

She threatened to
say that I'd raped her

unless I agreed
to keep seeing her.

Let me tell you,
that girl's dangerous.

You're not going to go to
the school board, are you?

Don't worry.

You better get back
to your students.



Dr. Sloan, what a nice surprise.

It seems destiny keeps
throwing us together.

I just had a talk with
your diving instructor.

Oh, isn't he great?

He probably told you all
sorts of things about me.

But don't believe half of them.

I have a long way
to go on my diving.

Actually, we didn't
talk about diving.

It was a little more
personal than that.

He told you?

God, I knew I'd never be
able to run away from this.

When he asked me to stay
late after practice that day,

I thought it was to
work on my dives.

I ran into the locker
room, but he followed me.

I didn't want it to happen.

I fought.


you are a better diver

than you are an actress.


What are you saying?

That's what happened.

I've got three girls
on the team right now

who will swear to it.

Oh, I don't doubt that at all.

Several million dollars
can buy a lot of things.

But you and I, now
we know the truth

I'm talking about, don't we?

My father again?

In case you missed it,

the police think that
my mother's guilty.

Now, that's what I
want to talk to you about.

When you left your
father's house that night,

did you set the alarm?

I don't remember.
Because the maid said

it was set when she
arrived the next morning.

Well, then I must have.

What's your point?
Well, the point is,

if the killer was in the house
waiting for the right moment,

how did he get out?

And if he wasn't already
inside, how did he get in?


he must have had
the code. Exactly.

Now, Ashley, there's you,
there's the maid and your mom.

Now, I'm guessing she
didn't have it, am I right?

Look, I don't have
to tell you anything.

You're just some
snooping doctor.

You're not a cop.

Ashley, it is all adding up.

The inheritance,
the sloppy note,

and now the alarm.

Dr. Sloan...

I don't understand why
you're doing this to me.

I loved my father.

I took care of him.

Ashley, I know you
killed your father,

and I'm going to prove it.

Well, not by bothering me!

You're the crime expert, Doctor.

What do you see?

A 17-year-old girl attacked in
her own school by an older man.

That's exactly what I'll say if
you come near me anymore.

If you're right about
her, she'd do it.

Oh-ho, no question about it.

If I go within ten feet of her,

she'll cry rape and
take it as far as she can.

No, my next move is going to
have to be with absolute proof.

Well, you've thrown
doubt on Elaine's guilt.

Oh, we ran a battery of tests...
The addiction's real, all right.

Functional addict, huh?

And judging from the
length of the addiction,

she's built up
quite a tolerance.

It would take a lot
to put her to sleep.

And if she took
anything at all that night,

she'd be in no shape
to execute a plan.

Oh, no. Uh-oh.

Something tells me
you won't be having

your Tai Chi
lesson this morning.

Aw, Norman, what
did you do to her?

Nothing! I swear!

Can you get her to the deck?

I think so. I'm
trying. I'm trying!


I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

My back! My back!

Oh! Dad, are you sure
this stuff is good for you?

Steve, get her a glass
of water, will you?

What happened?

I cannot take it any longer.

Mr. Briggs talks through
each and every lesson,

my eyes open or closed...

I'm doing the best I can, Mark.

"Deep breaths,

"not deep breaths.

Left foot, right foot."

And he has the balance
of a two-legged chair.

Looks like you've got
a spasm in your back.

I've got some pills here
that'll help relieve that.

You do? That's all I
wanted in the first place.

Actually, these are
just, uh, samples,

but there's enough
in here for a week.

You take one a day...

Wait a minute.

Seven days, seven pills.

Norman, give her one right
now... We'll get the rest later.

You lie still

and rest that back.

Let's go.

Wh-where you going?

We're going to count some pills.

Here. You know,
balance isn't everything.

I can't ride a
bike, either. Drink.

Mark, you've counted
those pills twice.

So there's some missing...
We know where they went.

Not all of them.

Read the label.

"Deprozene. One pill daily."

And the date?

It's four days before he
died. So a month's supply

would be 30 pills.

One pill a day

for four days would leave...?


So according to
your path report...

According to my
pathology report,

Mr. York had 350
milligrams in his system,

which averages
out... to seven pills.

So that should leave
19 pills in the bottle,

minus Friday and Saturday

still in the pill dispenser.


But there are 16.

We got a pill missing.

I think I know where it is.

Somebody called

the attorney's office
pretending to be me

and cancelled the trust...
If not you, then who?

I have no idea what
you're talking about, Mother.

Ashley, please! I have to go.

Ashley, wait!

Not anymore.

Excuse me.

How's our patient doing today?

Okay. Under the circumstances.

Uh, we haven't
met. I'm Dr. Travis.

Ashley. Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Uh, Ashley...

don't, uh, stress
about your mom.

Don't stress?

Doctor, they're telling me
that my mother killed my father.

Yeah, I know, but I
just talked to Dr. Sloan,

and he's convinced that
he's found some proof

that's going to set her free.

What kind of proof? Well, I...

I-I wrote this part down. Um...

Okay. He said that he's
figured that of the pills

that killed your
father, one is missing.

The killer must have
dropped it or something,

a-and if they find it,

the prints on that pill

are going to be as
good as a conviction,

so your mom's
going to be home free.

Isn't that great?

Sounds a little like a needle in
a haystack, though, doesn't it?

Not for Dr. Sloan.

Little late to be
washing dishes, isn't it?

Or were you washing
away something else?


Before you go
into an act, Ashley,

you can stop it... it's over.

It is over, Doctor...

but for you, not me.

Right now I'd say your
evidence is dissolved

into a tiny puddle
somewhere in those pipes.

That would be true
if that were the pill

with your fingerprints on it.

But, fortunately, that's
the one I put there

for you to find.

This is the pill with
your fingerprints on it.

We found it in the, uh,
vacuum cleaner bag.

You remember the maid?

You almost pulled
off the perfect crime.

You mean murder.

I've been accused of it
all my life, as if I killed her.

Her? Your sister?

But I thought that
was an accident.

I couldn't stop it!

I told them that over and over!

She wanted to do that dive!

I told Rebecca it's too hard,

it's too dangerous!

But no one could stop Rebecca!

She hit her head.

There was blood in the pool.

I pulled her out.

I tried to save her.

He went out of control

when he heard.

He hit me...

blaming me and blaming me.

I was older.

I should have stopped her.

I tried so hard to
make him forget.

I... I cooked for him.

I-I visited him
when he was sick.

He just wouldn't forgive
me for taking his baby girl.

I couldn't stand it any
longer... I killed him.

But... why point the
blame at your mother?

Because she
just... let it happen.

She just...

she just crawled
into that little pill bottle

and-and disappeared.

She just didn't love me
enough to fight for me.

You know, Ashley,

I think your mother
does love you.

She knew you took that earring.

She never said a word.

Joon Li!

Why aren't you down on
the beach getting ready?

I promise you, no
more interruptions.

In time, Dr. Sloan,

but first there's something I
must do for my own health.

Oof... ooh, ooh... oh, no...

Are you sure this
will help my Tai Chi?

Ooh... hello...


Balance is everything.

Oh, gee, I ought to
see if he's all right.

Nah. No problem. I'm fine.

Listen, on the second
form, is that a higher level

than the first form? Yes, it is.

I'm really excited
about getting into it.

I think I'm getting...

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