Diagnosis Murder (1993–2001): Season 2, Episode 19 - How to Murder Your Lawyer - full transcript

Arnold Baskin, Steve's timid evening law course professor, is suddenly the target of a hit and run. It's prevented by his law firm assistant and most zealous student Agnes Benedetto and an illegal home search. At the firm, the commercially vital Orinsky case file Baskin is working on repeatedly disappears and reemerges, making senior partners Wallace Carstairs and Jeffrey T. Canfield warn his job is on the line. Steve assures Arnold's protection and investigates, helped by Jack, who once more has painful run-ins landing him on the patient slab, and ultimately coached to the solution by Mark.

MAN: For more on rents,

I refer you to Hilton and
Johanna, chapter seven.

And now, we plunge
into the exciting world of...


What precisely is
a tort, one may ask?

And where does it fit
in in the grand scheme

of American jurisprudence?

(snoring softly)

The tort is sadly misunderstood
by lawyers and laymen alike.


If you're bored,

why don't you go down
the hall and string beads?

I worked 16 hours on
my day job already, okay?

Okay, now can
anyone here define tort?

Torts? We're on torts already?


Miss, uh... You.

The one sitting next
to the guy who sleeps.

Tort: a wrongful act,

not including a breach
of contract or trust,

which results in injury to
another person's property,

uh, reputation, or the like,

and for which
the injured party's

entitled to compensation.

From the Latin
"tortum": wrong, injustice;

and "tortus": twisted,
crooked, dubious.

Wow! That was good!

That's the tort!


(tires squeal)


(people exclaiming)

MAN: Is he okay?

Are you okay? Speak to me!

Say something!

Who are you?

Oh, my God, he has amnesia!

I couldn't remember your
name before this happened.

I'm Agnes Benedetto.

I'm in Labor.

Shouldn't you
be in the hospital?

No, no, no. The
Labor Law department.

We both work at
Canfield, Carstairs

and Manners.

I don't get into Labor much.

Are you all right?

Well, everything feels
like it's in the right place.

We'd better get
you to the hospital

just to make sure.

Crazy driver!

Probably some high
school kid blasted on brew.

That was no accident.

How would you know?

The daytime job?

I'm a homicide cop.

It looked to me

like he deliberately
tried to run you down.

Oh, my God!


I'm ready to go to the hospital.

Now I have a
possible concussion.

(heart monitor beeping)

(heart monitor flatlining)

(theme song playing)

♪ ♪

Reflex is normal.

Well, vital signs are normal.

Blood pressure's normal.

I'd say, except for a
few cuts and abrasions,

no harm done, Mr. Baskin.

Mr. Baskin, do you have any idea

who might have made
the attempt on your life?

Why would anybody

want to kill me?

I'm a Capricorn.

What does that have
to do with anything?

Capricorn, the goat:
plodding, cautious.

We're too dull to
make any enemies.

Well, somebody
tried to run you down.

Lieutenant, I'm a tax attorney.

My best friend is my calculator.

The last time I
was even in court

was, uh, to pay
a traffic ticket.

Well, have it your way.

Mr. Baskin, may I ask
you a personal question?

He's my father.


The guy who does the commercials

for those big-and-tall shops...
Murray Baskin... he owns them.

When he's not
filming, he's my father.

Oh, I see. No, I mean, uh,

my son is taking a
night course from you.

I wondered how he was doing.


It's a parent/teacher

Well, I-I can honestly say...

your son could get through
my class in his sleep.

Well, take care of
yourself, Mr. Baskin.

Thank you.

And you thought you
were failing, counselor.


(tires screech)

(grunts, gasping)


Oh, my God, are you okay?


You were driving that car?

Yes! I waited to
see if you were okay!

(gasps) What, what is it?

My knee! Here, let me help you.

No, no, no. Stay away from me!

Oh, this is the thanks I get?

You know, I could
have been home by now

soaking in a hot tub studying.

Well, I don't want to come
between you and your torts. Ow!

Okay, look, let me help you.

No, no, no. I'd sooner
crawl. Thank you.

Fine. Have it your way.

AGNES: But my landlord says no.

He needs the place for his
sleazebag son, and I'm out.

So that's when I knew I
had to follow my destiny.

And then Frankie and I...

we loaded up the car

and honeymooned on the turnpike.

Well, it wasn't
really a honeymoon

because we weren't
actually married,

but it felt like a
honeymoon, you know?

And then Mike and I,
we found this huge...

Whoa, whoa, whoa, who
is Mike? W-what Mike?

What happened to Frankie?

Oh, that lowlife? He
left me in Des Moines.

Took the car and all the
money I saved waitressing.

So after Frankie left, I had to
hitchhike the rest of the way.

Mike picked me
up in Albuquerque,

and when we reached L.A.

we decided to move in together,

only I threw him out
'cause I caught him

fooling around with some
topless dancer in Inglewood.

And me a perfect 36C!

That's when I got the
job at Canfield, Carstairs.

Worked my way up to a paralegal.

Right here! Pull
over right here.

You live here?!

That's what the lease says.

How does an associate
afford a place like this?

I never traveled the
turnpike with Frankie.

Here, let me help you.

Oh, no, that's okay.

You've, you've helped enough.

Believe me, I don't
know if I'll ever recover

from all of your help.

Well, don't forget to, uh,

ice that knee so
it doesn't swell up.

Thanks. I'll do that.

Thank you!

Thanks for coming
over, Lieutenant.

Still think you're too
dull to have enemies?

Cash still on the dresser,

TV in the bedroom.

This isn't a routine B&E.

Have any idea
what they were after?

I don't have anything
valuable enough for this.

Well, somebody thinks you do.

Well, this couldn't
have anything to do

with what happened in
the parking lot, could it?

Tell me about your life, Arnold.

That's an easy one.

I don't have one...

outside the law firm, that is.

Let's see, uh, I
don't really date.

I don't have any
friends to speak of

and I spend most of my
time trying to establish

some kind of
relationship with my father.

It's, uh, it's Murray.

The guy at the
big-and-tall shops.

How am I going to
explain this to him?

He paid for most of this.

Well, tell him
you're redecorating.

Arnold, if you want
to talk, give me a call.

Th-that's it? "Give me a call"?

Like "Let's do lunch"?

Look, officially,

I'm not even
supposed to be here.

I'm Robbery-Homicide.

This is a burglary,
and you're not dead.

Yeah, well, somebody
tried to run me down!

It's tough to prove without
a suspect and a motive.

Look, Arnold,

I'll turn this over to Burglary.

What are you
getting in my class?

You know what I'm
getting in your class: a "D."

Try an "F". An "F"?!

How'd you like an "A"?

I'll think about it.

And you put on
your thinking cap.

Somewhere out there

is someone who
really doesn't like you.

Good morning.

How's the Morton
proposal coming?

(irritated): I'm working on it.

Canfield expects it by 4:00.

Do you think you're
going to make it?

You're all the
incentive I need, Tyler.

You look terrible.

Late night.

Oh. Big date?


I hope you got some
sleep after I left last night.


Still waters, eh, Baskin?

You, on the other hand,
are a raging torrent.

And you are raw sewage.

You're in earlier than usual

this morning.

Stay away from me.


Morning, Mr. B. Morning, Kenny.

Here's that file
you requisitioned.

United States

v. Orlinski, D'Angelo et al.

I didn't order this!

Uh... Have some coffee.

It'll wake you up.

No. No, thank you.

I don't drink coffee.

No, no, really. Here,
have some. Oh!

Ah! Ah! I'm sorry. Here.

Let me help you! No, no, no,
no, no. Maintain a distance.

You're worse than the bar exam.


BRIGGS: Excuse me, Doctor.

Coming through. Coming through.

Keep pace, Ms. Grimaldi.

Keep pace.

Is he in?

He can't be disturbed now.

He's preparing for surgery.

A sky hook! Oh!

(laughing) Nice shot.

What a shot!

All right. What's that?



JACK: Oh! Hey,

nice shot off the head.


I tried to stop him.

That's all right, Delores.

What can I do for you, Norman?

You treated a
patient last night at...


Yeah? What about him?


Nurse Grimaldi
here neglected to get

his hospital
insurance information.

Three people came
in right behind him...

A gunshot, a possible heart
attack, and a severed finger.

It was a madhouse.

And the inmates are
running the asylum.

Do you have any
idea what it cost

to treat this phantom patient?

And we have no
one to bill for it.

His name is Arnold Baskin.

It might as well be
Arnold Schwarzenegger

for all the good it does us.

I need a copy of
his insurance card.

Steve knows where to reach him.

I'll call him right after
surgery, all right?

Look, Norm, don't
worry, all right?

We'll track this guy down,
and if he has any children,

then we'll, you know, we'll
take their firstborn hostage

until this guy
gives us his card.

How's that?

You might find this
amusing, Dr. Stewart,

but this is just the kind
of sloppy procedure

that raises costs
and lowers inventory.

Try laughing when you reach
for a bandage and it's not there.

You know, Norman,

you're very attractive
when you're aroused.

Do you know that?

(Jack laughs)

Well, so much for relaxation.

Ah, don't worry about it.

I'll call Steve and I'll get
this guy's card personally.

Okay. So what was
it? Three... three-two.

Three-two. Okay.

All right, come on.


JACK: Ooh. Ooh.

I'm making my last run
of the day, Mr. Baskin.

Are you finished with
the Orlinski, D'Angelo file?

In the basket, Kenny.

It's not in there.

Well, I put it in
there this morning.

That's an active case.

You know that.

You lose that, you're talking
early retirement. (laughing)

I didn't lose it, Kenny.

Right. Well,

when you find what you
haven't lost, give me a yell.

I didn't lose it!

Yeah, right.


They're waiting for you
in the conference room!

I'm just putting the
finishing touches

on the Morton proposal, okay?

Now, Mr. Baskin.

Right. "Now, Mr. Baskin."

(printer whirring)

Are you unhappy here
at Canfield, Carstairs?

No, Mr. Canfield, not at all.

Do we ask too much
of you, Mr. Baskin?

No, sir, Mr. Carstairs.

Then where is the
Morton proposal?

Surely, this can't be the
sum total of your efforts?

Well, sir. Sirs.

I have all the raw data.

I just haven't had a chance
to put it into proposal form yet.

I was going to do that
last night, but, um...

I had a little trouble.

The bombing of Pearl
Harbor was "a little trouble."

This is a major disaster.

realize that Harold Morton

and his entire retinue
flew in from Chicago

to hear this proposal?

I hope they had a nice flight.

Damn it, Baskin!
Now, now, Wallace...


I know, Jeff.

I know.

We don't want to
ruffle any feathers here,

but he might cost
us Morton as a client.

we should give Arnold

a chance to redeem himself.

Look, let me finish
the Morton proposal.

I'll work all night.

You can assist
Winthrop and Barrows,

but one more
screw-up, you are out.

CANFIELD: Wallace, Wallace.

No need to belabor the point.

I think Arnold is...

sufficiently contrite
about his oversight.

What's next on the agenda?

Ah. United States
v. Orlinski, D'Angelo.

Anyone not directly
involved in this matter

is excused.

We're having some difficulty

locating one of the files

on the case. I'll see
if it turned up, sir.

CANFIELD: All right.

Tough break, ace.

My heart really bled for you.

Excuse me, uh,
Miss... uh... Benedetto.

You remember when you
were in my office this morning?

Yeah! I don't know
what made me so clumsy.

No, no, no. Before you affected
my ability to have children.

Kenny brought in a file
he said that I requisitioned.

What file?

United States v.
Orlinski, D'Angelo.

The one they can't find.

I don't remember any file.

Are you going

to nest here, Mr. Baskin?!


There's a man asking for you.

What's he want?

He said he hoped
your health insurance

was paid up.

Look, tell him I'm not here.

Tell him I'm out.

Tell him I went to Sri Lanka.

Arnold Baskin?

Hey. Come back here. Hey!

Excuse me. Coming through.

Right through. Hey!

Listen, one way or another

you're going to
have to pay, pal!

Oh, my God!

I'm so sorry! Are you okay?

Jack, I hate to say it, but
you are logging more time here

as a patient than as a doctor.

That girl tripped
me deliberately.

All this for someone's
medical insurance?

Well, that's the last
time I do Norman a favor.

Why would Arnold
Baskin run like that?

Surely he has medical coverage.

Doctors, I just came
to say good-bye.

Through for the day, Janet?

Through, period.

Mr. Briggs put me
on indefinite leave...

without pay.

He said my work was
sloppy and inefficient.

"L'Affaire Baskin," as he
calls it, was the final straw.

This thing is snowballing
all out of proportion.

An injured doctor and
now a suspended nurse.

I'm sorry, Dr. Sloan.

I didn't mean to
cause all this trouble.

Don't worry about it,
Janet. I'll take care of it.

Look, why don't we all chip in,

pay this jerkweed's bill and
get back to normal around here?

Steve should have
his home address.

Look, I've got a
gallbladder in 20 minutes.

I'll call him after that.

Come on, Janet.

(copier whirring)

And here it is again.

(country-western music playing)



Arnold. Aha!

You said that.

What are you doing here?

Line dancing. Aha!

The question is, what
are you doing here?

I followed you from the office.

Oh, my God, those guys!

Hold me. Touch me. Kiss me.

What, are you insane?

We have to look
like we're on a date

or they'll get suspicious.

Who'll get suspicious? Come on.

What are you doing?

Trying to blend in

so we don't attract
attention to us.

Well, you're doing
a hell of a job.

Dance, damn it.

I don't know how to line dance.

Would you like someone
to shoot bullets at your feet?

Now will you please tell me
what the hell's going on here?

Okay. The two guys
who just walked in?

What two guys? Don't look!

How am I supposed
to see if I don't look?

Just take my word for it.

I recognized them
from the parking lot.

They were the guys
who tried to run you down.

Oh, my God.

We got to get out of here.

I'm going to go.

You go buy a drink.

I'll go to the ladies'
room. You follow.

And then we'll
sneak out the back.

Fine. Okay.

Oh, my coat.

Give me the keys. I'll drive.

Why? You look too polite.

I'm ruthless behind the wheel.

Give me the keys!

Don't forget to buckle up.

(engine starts, tires screech)


Get down!

My windshield!

Oh, no, another guy!

At the very least, this
better have something to do

with the overthrow
of the government.


MARK: You know, you're
getting to be quite a regular

around here, Mr. Baskin.

We'll have to get you
your own ambulance.

So you used Arnold's
authorization code

to requisition certain files.

That's why people
were trying to kill me.

Why his code and not yours?

I'm only a paralegal. I
don't have the authority

to access high-priority cases.

What exactly was in
those files, Ms. Benedetto?

Well, my boss,
Mr. Aldrich, he...

he was killed a few
weeks ago. Hit-and-run.

Only I didn't believe
it was an accident.

Why not?

Well, before he died,

he was nervous.

He was frightened.

He worked late every night.

And when I offered to help him
with whatever he was working on,

he said it was
best if I didn't know.

He was... he was
trying to protect me,

you know?

Take your time. Take your time.


Well, when I
cleaned out his desk,

I found a stack of
newspaper clippings

hidden in the bottom drawer.

Most of them went
back three years,

but they were all about
people who died accidentally.

One was a hit-and-run.

Another burned to
death in an apartment fire,

and some poor
guy fell off his roof

putting up Christmas

And on each clipping
was a case file number.

Now these were the
files you requisitioned.

Most of the people who died
were scheduled to be witnesses

in cases being defended
by Canfield, Carstairs,

but they died before
they could testify.

MARK: Are you suggesting someone
at the law firm had them murdered?

Well, they were all
prosecution witnesses,

and with each death,

the state's case
was either weakened

or it went out the
window completely.

You said most of
the people who died.

Yes. The, uh...

the last clipping...
Two days before

Mr. Aldrich got run down...

Someone named Harriet Lake

drowned in her bathtub.

But there was no Harriet Lake
in any of his files and his cases.

I checked the last file tonight.

Orlinski, D'Angelo.

The union guys that were charged
with looting their pension fund?

Mr. Aldrich

was an expert in labor laws.

He was advising the firm

on their defense.


Well, if you're a
conspiracy buff,

this Harriet Lake should
have been a witness

in some case.

Otherwise, all this sounds like

you've got is an
overworked attorney

with a morbid interest
in fatal accidents

who got careless

crossing the street.
What about me?

Was I careless
in the parking lot?

I'm not saying
it's not connected.

I just don't have enough
string to tie it together.

These files you copied,

where are they? Uh... my car.

Under the spare tire.

Only I left my purse at
the bar. The keys are in it.

I'll send someone
to pick 'em up.

Insurance card, please.

Uh, I must have
dropped my wallet

in the parking lot.
Remove that bandage.

Well, Nurse, this man was
almost killed... Be that as it may,

Doctor, Norman Briggs
has mandated me

to put this emergency room
on a pay-as-you-go basis.

So, if you don't pay, you go.

Nurse Brackett? Hmm?

This is called an emergency room

because when people come
in here, it is an emergency.

I'm chief of internal
medicine here

and as long as I am,
no one gets turned away.

And if I catch you
walking in this room

without my
permission ever again,

you'll be the one
needing medical coverage.

And you can tell the management
that what they charge in here

for aspirin and
bandages is criminal.


Thanks for the lift.

Well, it's the least I can do

after everything
you've done for me.

Do I detect a note of sarcasm?

Oh, it's not a note.

It's a whole symphony.

They shot at me too, you know.

Boy, they trashed your
place worse than mine.

I... I was in a
rush this morning.

Besides, my old
man's a carpenter.


And what did he do?

Saw your broom in half?

He can't afford to lease
me a fancy apartment

with closets and maid service.

That was a graduation gift.

Ah, ho.

Imagine what you
would have gotten

if you hadn't finished
bottom third of your class.

How'd you know where I finished?

Oh, you lead a charmed
life at Canfield, Carstairs.

Any other lowly associate

who screwed up on
the Morton proposal

the way you did would've
been thrown out on his ear,

but you got a slap on the
wrist. I wanted to know why.

So I did some checking.

Surprise, surprise. Your
father's a major client.

They bill him over a
million dollars a year.

Well, it's a thankless job, but
someone has to take his money.

And some of us

don't get everything handed
to us on a silver platter.

Some of us actually have to earn

what we get. Oh, damn!

What? I left my
violin in the other suit.

You know, I wanted
to be a lawyer, too.

I got accepted to three
law schools out here.

Only when Frankie
walked off with my money,

I had to put law school on hold.

Oh, cease fire, will you?

Look, I'm sorry you
hooked up with that bum.

But I did not
introduce you to him.


I just get...

I don't know, frustrated
sometimes, you know?

Like I'm stuck in neutral,
like I'm never going to get

where I want to go.

Well, if it's any consolation,
you're my best student.

I am?


Hell, I didn't even
know what a tort was.

Look, uh, I'm going
to go find a hotel room.

How are you going to pay for it?

See, I knew we should've
gone back to that bar

and found my wallet.

Well... you could
stay here if you want.

How do you know they
won't come after you?

I didn't requisition
those files.

Good point.

Give me a hand. Sure.

Let me ask you something.

Why'd you pick my
authorization code?

You figured I was too dumb to
catch on to what you were doing?

Something like that.

But I never thought
anyone would try to kill you.

So, um, about
this sleeping thing?


How do you want to handle it?

Well, you see that
pile of junk over there?


Somewhere underneath
all that is a chair.

Of course there is.

Here, look at this.


Well, it looks innocent
on the surface.

Unless you know what
Agnes found in the files.

This is a case that

Aldrich was working
on when he died.

United States v.

Orlinski, D'Angelo, et al.

They were business agents
for the construction worker's local

until they got their hands
caught in the cookie jar.

Well, maybe Harriet
Lake is hiding in this file.

I'll let you know if I find her.

Oh, thanks, Steve.

See ya.

See ya.

You know something?

From your description of the
two men who attacked you,

they could be
construction workers.

You know, maybe Arnold and I

should wander
down to the union hall

and see if we can ID anybody.

Okay. But listen,
be careful this time.

I don't want either
one of you back in here

as patients again.

What about me?

You need a lawyer.

Dr. Sloan?

What did you do
to Nurse Brackett?

She quit. Good.

Good?! She was going to
whip that emergency room

into fiscal shape.

Norman, I understand that there
is a business side to medicine,

but when it starts to interfere

with the medical
side of medicine,

you've got to draw
the line somewhere.

Look, I promise I'll be more
diligent in the future. Thank you.

Right after you
reinstate Nurse Grimaldi.


I'm telling you something.
She was very, very

moved at your eloquence
when you let her go. No.

No, no, no. Really, she
can't wait to get back here

and prove that she has
seen the financial light,

so to speak. She can't?

It's a great gift
you've got, Norman.

Somehow you inspire
the people under you.

Thank you.

Why don't you give
her the good news.

Tell her she's back. Go on.

I will. Thank you.

Good boy.

CARSTAIRS: Ms. Bentley,
Mr. Tolliver, how can we help you?

Ms. Bentley recently
relocated from Baltimore

and as her investment counselor,

I thought it might be prudent

to retain a West Coast firm
to handle her affairs here.

Let's get down to business.

How'd you hear about us?

An old family friend,

Harriet Lake.

Harriet Lake?

I'm not really familiar
with that name.

Wallace? Name
doesn't ring a bell.

The poor dear

is no longer with us.

She drowned in her own bathtub.

We're having a memorial
service for her on Thursday.

You care to drop by
and say a few words?

How can you talk about
somebody you didn't even know?

Well, obviously, there's been
some miscommunication here.

As far as I know,

Harriet Lake has never had
any dealings with this firm.

Pity we can't ask her, isn't it?

You know, Kenny is

waiting at reception if
you'd like to take a tour

of our offices. What
a splendid idea.

And we can meet here in a
half an hour and have lunch.


Have you heard this one?

You know why a vampire will
never suck a lawyer's blood?

No, why?

Professional courtesy.


Hey, guys.

You know what the
definition of a waste is? What?

A busload of lawyers
that goes over a cliff

with two empty seats.

I take it you don't
want a seat on that bus.

Are you kidding?

After watching lawyers
for the past five years,

the last thing I want
to do is become one.

You want to grab
that file, sir? Sure.

No, sir, I'm going to start
my own skydiving school.

Yeah, combine
business with pleasure.

Work when I have to.

Jump when I want to.

You want to drop these in
that box, Mr. Tolliver? Sure.

You're very good
at delegating, Kenny.

Well, isn't that
what a boss does?

Hey, Kenny.

Oh, here you go, Mr. Tyler.
Seen Baskin around?

He hasn't been in
all morning, Mr. Tyler.

Carstairs is screaming
for the Morton proposal.

His days are numbered.

Can't hide in his daddy's
deep pockets anymore.


Who's the happy messenger?

Stewart Tyler.

Hotshot litigator.

Climbed over a lot of bodies
to sit at Canfield's right hand.

When Mr. Baskin joined the firm,

I think he was scared he
was going to get shoved aside.

This shirt is scratching
the hell out of me.

It's called blending in.

A way for us to look around
and not have anybody hassle us.

Oh, by the way, I
borrowed these union cards

from my cousin, just in case.

Santo Ruggiero?

It was the best I could
do on short notice.

All right, what if
we find these guys?

We'll call the cops.

They'll arrest them, and
maybe they'll roll over

and give us their
contact at the law firm.

Assuming they
don't kill us first.


What do you two want?

Uh... looking for work.

Sorriest day of organized labor

when the made us take
women into the union.

Santo Ruggiero?

Uh... he's new in the country.

He doesn't speak any English.

Che cosa?

There's one of them.

I thought he couldn't
speak English.

Knows a few words.

Uh... you know what
we're going to do?

We're going to go
grab a bite to eat

and then we'll check
back with you later.

Okay. Bye-bye.

GEORGE: What's your hurry?

MAN: First they're looking for
work. Now they don't want any.

Well, stick around.
We'll dig some work

up for you.

You don't mind working
underground, do ya?

Hey, fellas,

look what I found.

A couple of scabs
with phony union cards.

Okay, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

Okay, I'm a lawyer.

I'm a lawyer and she's...
and she's practically a lawyer.

And you want to
work construction?

AGNES: You're not
helping us, Arnold.

Santa Monica or Van
Nuys? Excuse me?

I think he's asking

if we want to be part of
the mall in Santa Monica

or the new courthouse
in Van Nuys.

I don't believe this. I'm a
tax attorney, for God's sake.

Tax attorneys do not end
up under Bloomingdale's.

You know you guys
are parked illegally?

We were just going to move it.

Well, I'm afraid it's too late.

I'm going to have
to write you up.

ARNOLD: Agnes, look out.


Get him, Agnes.

Come on.

Agnes, get his gun.

Get him... get him off of me.

Arnold, give me a hand.

Cuff him.

You two aren't the only ones

who connected this to
the construction trade.

I matched up the
description of the guys

that attacked you with
everybody who was indicted

with Orlinski and D'Angelo.

Came up with these two beauties.

Oh, yeah.

I also found Harriet Lake.

AMANDA: Well, what
does Harriet Lake have to do

with the construction
workers' union?

Clearly in the obituary,

it says that she was a grade
school teacher in Pittsburgh.

I'll get to her in a minute.

Now, none of this
is in the indictment.

I got it from a friend
of mine at Justice.

A fella named Pete Sotos

was a vice president
of the International

until he got convicted
for taking kickbacks.

Pete didn't want to spend his
declining years doing hard time,

so he rolled over and went into
the Witness Protection Program.

The government was going

to trot him out to testify

against his old
cronies in Local 604

until he got instant amnesia...

the day after Harriet Lake
drowned in her bathtub.

She was his sister.

Lake was just her married name.

Well, that kind of information
could be worth a lot.

I was right.

Someone is selling the
names of potential witnesses.

Well, that's a very gruesome
way to make money.

Or win cases.

AGNES: You know, Stewart Tyler

was on a couple of those cases.

He won both of them.

That's how he made
his name at the firm.

We ran a check
on all the calls made

from the union hall while
Arnold and Agnes were there.

One of them was to a beeper

leased by Canfield
and Carstairs.

Every lawyer in
the firm has one.

I've got one, too.

Steve, these two guys who
attacked Arnold and Agnes...

Can you keep that arrest
quiet? For how long?

Until tonight.

I guess we can lose
them in the system.


Agnes, see if you
can get in those files

and find out who was assigned

that particular
beeper number. Sure.

Use Arnold's access code.

If it's okay with Arnold.

Oh, it won't matter
to him. He'll be dead.

(phone ringing) (beeping)

(phone ringing)

(distorted voice): So
what do you got for me?

He's dead.

(line disconnects,
dial tone buzzing)

We can't tell you
how delighted we are

that you have chosen
us to represent you.

Well, it was
Mr. Tolliver's decision.

You have a young
man with the firm

I've heard quite
good things about.

Oh, and who might that be?

Arnold Baskin.


Yes. His father Murray
is an old, dear friend.

We'd like him on the team.

Well, unfortunately,
Mr. Baskin is no longer with us.

Since when?

Since this morning.

We... had to terminate him.

He wasn't pulling his weight.

But Mr. Tyler here is an
excellent replacement.

Yes, as a matter of fact,

Mr. Tyler is working on one
of our most important cases,

a trial...

Two certain union
officials charged

with malfeasance in office.

Oh, yes, yes, I've
read about that.

Should be quite a feather in
your cap, Mr. Tyler, if you win.

I intend to.

No doubts?

Not anymore.

Well, gentlemen, if we
can't have Arnold Baskin,

you can't have us.

Miss Bentley, shall
we? Gentlemen.

Poor Arnold.

So young to be terminated.

It sounds like
they're all in on it.

Well, time will tell.

Let's just hope Agnes can get
those beeper assignments tonight.


I've got a feeling that'll tell
us who's behind the murders.

KENNY: I've put it on hold.

I should have known
Arnold was too stupid

to figure out what was going on.

Mr. Baskin's a lot smarter than
he looks... or acts. He's dead.

But someone used his access code

to requisition the
beeper assignments..

Let go, Kenny!

You're going to
have a little accident.

You're going to trip on those
high heels and break your neck.


Just a little ruse we
cooked up to smoke you out.

Now who's the stupid one, Kenny?

What the hell. I
always liked a bargain.

Two for the price of one.

What'll it be? Murder-suicide?

Armed robbery that went wrong?

Look, let her live, okay?

She's nothing but
a ditzy paralegal.

I'm the brains behind this.


Bright as a new penny...
Just as worthless.

(cocks guns): Everybody knows you
got this job because of your old man.

STEVE: Freeze, Kenny.

KENNY: Mr. Tolliver.

Not anymore.

This skydiving school

you want to start...
expensive proposition.

On what a messenger makes,

by the time you had enough
money, you'd be too old

to climb on the plane,
much less jump out of one.

So you came up with
your own alternative way

of financing your
dream, didn't you?

Selling the name of
potential witnesses.

Every file, every memo, every
piece of mail came to you first.

Even before the attorneys
knew who was going to be called,

you had that information.

Say good-bye, Kenny,
for about 20 years.

Hey, Kenny, You were right.

My father did get me this job...

But I'm going to
keep it on my own.

You wait and see.

He may not be the best lawyer
in the firm, or the brightest.

He may not know
much about the law.

He may never have
tried a case in court...

Okay, that's enough
defending me.

You're going to
get me disbarred.

CARSTAIRS: We all thank
goodness this horrible business is over,

and in acknowledgement
of his splendid work

of uncovering the
viper in our midst,

we welcome our newest partner:

Arnie Baskin.

(applause) REPORTER:
Great, Mr. Baskin.

Can we get one right here?

Splendid work indeed.

He brought the first breath of
scandal to this firm in its 94 years.

I'd like to say "thank
you" to Mr. Carstairs

and I'd like to especially thank

Mr. Canfield for believing
in me. Oh, no, please.

He's more than my
mentor. He's my friend.

I'm going to destroy that man.

A little late for that. You
just made him partner.

Merely a higher perch
from which to fall, dear boy.

I'm going to see that he gets

every potentially career-destroying
case that comes down the pike

until he either fails miserably,

giving us cause
to give him the boot

or until he becomes so
whipped and beaten he resigns.


Congratulations, Arnold.

Thanks, Dr. Sloan.

I owe a lot of this to you.

And you.

And to show my gratitude,
how would you like to work

for the newest partner

in Canfield, Carstairs
and Manners?

Do you mean it? Absolutely.


I think you deserve a little
bit of what I'm going to get.

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