Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 8, Episode 5 - The Art of Making Art - full transcript

Susan is mortified when the students are asked to show up in art class nude; Lynette struggles with dating again; Carlos finds himself hitting rock bottom.

Previously on Desperate Housewives...

After an incident at school...


Gaby was forced to replace
the P.T.A. President.


Carlos was struggling
with his guilt.

This is not me. I can't sleep.
I'm seeing ghosts.

I know.

Susan found a way to cope.

I'm taking a painting class
being taught by Andre Zeller.


But the famous painter
didn't make it easy.

You're a bored housewife
trying to kill time

between spin class and driving
your kid to soccer practice.

And Lynette discovered
that since their separation,

Tom had started dating.

It's just a couple of dinners
and... coffee.

God, Tom. When were you
gonna tell me this?

In their 20 years together,

Tom and Lynette Scavo had
followed a few simple rules...

Always share the housework...

Never waste the hot water,

and never, ever
go to bed angry.

Yes, the rules
for being together were simple.

But the rules
for being apart...

Were anything but.

Stop calling it "dating."

It's dinner with a friend.

Do not do that.
Do not do the snort.

Could you make her stop

I find it more effective

when we use words rather than
inflammatory noises.

You want words?
Here are some words.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Lobster for two at Chez Nous
is not "dinner with a friend."

A $300 night at Sakura

is not strapping on a feedbag
with a buddy.

I still do
our credit card bills, genius.

All right, enough words.

Hey, it's not like
I went looking for this.

Jane lives in the building.
We got to talking.

You know what?
She was actually nice to me...

something I'm not used to.

Oh, I can't snort,
but a drive-by like that's okay?

All right, emotions are running
a little hot,

but I think I know why.

You two embarked
on this separation

without a clear goal in mind.

Are you trying
to get back together,

or are you trying to find

a graceful way
to end the marriage?

We don't have to decide this
right now,

but we do need to lay down
some ground rules.

For example, are you dating?

He is.

Two dinners.

All right,
so you are dating.

What about sex?


Not yet.


He just answered
your first question.

He wants to end the marriage.

No, Lynette,
that's not what I'm saying.

I'm not giving up.

"Not yet"?

Look, I still hope that we can
find a way to work things out,


We don't
make each other happy.

We haven't for a long time.

So what if... I mean,

what if there was
someone out there who could?

I just feel like
if we don't...


Then we are gonna end up right
back in here, on this couch,

hating each other.

Sounds like you have a lot
to consider.

There's nothing to consider.

We're... cleared for sex.

Let the dating begin.

Yes, Tom and Lynette
were learning

the rules of separation.

And the first rule?

And I can't wait
to let my new boyfriend

do that thing
I never let you do.

There are no rules.

Desperate Housewives 8x05
The Art of Making Art

In any group,

there are roles that people
are destined to play...

the perfect homemaker
to bring the snacks,

the financial wizard
to keep the books...

And the busybody
to share the gossip.

But sometimes
the most important role of all

goes to someone

who's not the slightest bit
prepared for it.

Hi, guys. I know,
I'm a little bit late.

A little? Try 45 minutes.

Well, once you hear
what I've been through,

you will totally understand.

So... you know how it's called
a hot stone massage?

So there I am at the spa,

laid out with my mojito,
my "Marie Claire,"

and all of a sudden,
I feel a cold rock on my ass.

I know!

So Armando was all apologetic.
He wanted to reheat the rocks.

But at this point, I'm like,

"I'm sorry. I've got
a P.T.A. Meeting to run."

If you left, why are you late?

Oh, Armando felt so bad,

he gave me a complimentary
seaweed wrap.

So... what's on the agenda here?

We're supposed to plan
teacher appreciation night.

Mm. Right, right.
So who's doing what for that?

Cindy, you wanna handle
the food?



Rachel, you never stop talking.
You wanna emcee?


Okay, what's going on here?

What's going on is
you've wasted our time.

I'm leaving.
I have to pick up my kids.

I have to get back to my job.

I need to take my mother
to chemo.

Wh... okay, okay. Let's not play
sad-life poker here.

I need your help.

You know, we would love
to fritter away our days

with manicures and hairdressers
and spa appointments,

but we're not like you.
We have lives.

So you can do
teacher appreciation night

on your own.


Well, could you at least
fold up your chairs

and Stack 'em
on the rolling cart?

And can someone empty
the coffeepot?

You'd really do...

Jeez! Talk about selfish.

Oh, thank goodness.
You're alive.

I'm sorry, reverend.

I know that I haven't been
to church for a few Sundays.

A few? Try five.

You know who's been bringing
snacks to fellowship hour?

Helen Johnson.

Ugh. Let me guess.

Bran muffins
from the mini-mart?

Why hast thou forsaken me?

I should've called you.

It's just,
I haven't been feeling...

Very spiritual lately.

It's not uncommon for us

to lose our way spiritually
from time to time,

to feel...

In the woods.

Interesting choice of words.

It's just that I...

Feel like maybe
I'm not worthy of...

God's love right now,


I've lost my connection
to him.

But here's the good thing
about God, Bree...

he's easy to find.

Just seek out the people who are
in need, and there he is.

It always comes back to
the needy with you, doesn't it?

It's kind of in
the job description.

I hear your new neighbor
Ben Faulkner

does wonderful work
with the homeless.

Why don't you speak to him?

Perhaps I will.

Thank you, reverend.

I did mention that
Helen's doing the snacks, right?


I just finished a batch
of macadamia nut scones.

Would you like one?

Bless you, my child.

And maybe one for the car?

I get so nervous every time
I walk into this class.

I mean, Andre Zeller, right?

Between you and me,

he doesn't think
I'm a serious artist.

But I'll show him.
I have pain.

I mean, like this morning,

my 9-year-old walked
right into school

without even saying good-bye.

No hug, no kiss.


Well, I'm gonna take that misery
and use it in my art.

I'm using
my father's suicide.

Today we'll be working
with light and shadow.

Ooh! Eggs. Cool.

Ms. Delfino,
this is my breakfast.

You will not be sketching eggs

or any other
hackneyed still lifes today.

You'll be drawing the male form.




Takes some... getting used to.

As you begin to sketch,

think of the human form
as an object.

What is it
that catches your eye?

Didn't mean it. Just popped out.

I want you
to pay close attention

to which parts of the human body
reflect light

and which parts cast a shadow.

I'm sorry, Ms. Delfino.

I didn't realize
we were in junior high.

Have you never seen a penis

No. No. Yes, I have.

Uh, lots. Well, not lots.

The appropriate... amount.

Please try to be professional.

I am. I am professional.

Penis, penis, penis.

Just trying to take the power
out of it.


Tell me about
your father's suicide.

Hey. What are you doing?


I was, uh, looking
for my phone,

and, uh...

I know this is gonna sound
stupid, but...

I couldn't go in there.

Oh, God. I don't mean
to sound insensitive,

but is this dead guy angst?

'Cause I am really pooped
right now.

It's just, every time
I go into that room,

I think about that night.

Well, here's an idea.
Don't go in that room.

Look, there's the kitchen.
No one died in there.

You know what?
We're both stressed.

I'll pour us
a couple of drinks.

No, thanks. I've been hitting
that stuff pretty hard lately.

I don't want it to become a thing.

Well, after the day I had,
I'll finish the bottle myself.

This P.T.A. Gig is turning into
a serious pain in the ass.


I show up
the teensiest bit late,

and the girls are all over me.

They're like,
"Gaby, why are you late?

You should be sad and miserable
and on time, just like us."

It's like they're jealous
or something.

Oh, my God.

They're jealous.

I know what to do.
Thanks for listening.

It's nothing fancy,
but, uh, I'm proud to say

we feed hundreds
of homeless people every day.

Oh. Wonderful.

This is exactly what
I'm looking for.

Well, great.

But, uh,
just out of curiosity...

Uh, what did you do?

Excuse me?

Well, when most people
wanna give back,

it usually means
they've done something

they're, uh, ashamed of.

You know, embezzlement,

What's your story?

I suppose I could ask you
the same thing.

And I'd have the good sense
not to answer.


I've just been feeling
disconnected lately,

and I thought by doing something
meaningful with my days

that I could change that.

Actual selflessness.
That's refreshing.

I wish the city council was
as enlightened as you.


Ah, they're holding up
one of my developments

'cause it includes
low-income housing.

Ah. Typical
"not in my backyard" attitude.

By the way...

It's not in your backyard.

Uh, I'm gonna have to take this.

But, uh, I will leave you
in the capable hands

of, uh, Donnie here.

Excuse me. Hello?

Who are you?

Oh, I am Bree,
your humble sous chef.

What do you need me to do?
Prep? Saute? Chop?

You wanna prep?

Start prepping.

That's... it?

Oh, I forgot to show you
the spice rack.

Here you go. Salt. Pepper.

And we're out of pepper.

If I may,

have you ever considered
making the soup from scratch?

We don't have time
for that.

Just get 'em in
and get 'em out.

Yes, because we all know

how pressed for time
the homeless are.

Look, these people
may not have homes,

but they do have taste buds.

Would you be offended

if I tried whipping up a batch
of homemade soup?

Can you get it done by noon?

Oh, dear. I guess
I'll have to keep it simple.

It's just a rustic
acorn squash bisque

finished with a dot
of maple-infused creme fraiche

and a little crumble
of fried sage.

Holy crap!

Finally, a blurb
for my next cookbook.

I understand that some of you
are uncomfortable

with the naked body,
maybe even find it laughable.

Mr. Zeller, I'm so sorry.

One cannot create real art

if one is crippled
by one's own inhibitions.

I'm gonna strip them away.

So... for our next class, we're
not gonna have nude models.


We're gonna have nude painters.


Painting in the nude
will force you

to create from a place
of total honesty.

And if you're serious
about being an artist,

you shouldn't have
a problem with it.

No problem at all.

What's going on, Gaby?

Yeah. Why'd you
call us here?

I just want to apologize

for what happened
at the last meeting.

Keep talkin'.

It was wrong of me to blow
you off for a spa appointment

when you have such busy lives.

Message received,
loud and clear.

Thank you.

So to show you I've taken
your complaint to heart,

may I present my beauty team!

the best masseuse in town,

Kay, my hairdresser,

and Ping on nails.

You no longer have to be jealous
of my fabulous life.

For one day, you can be me.
My treat. Go crazy.

Wow. Good to know
you got our message.

You're welcome.

So you think you might want
to reconsider doing the food?

I'd love to.

Uh, I'll handle decorations.

Yeah, whatever you need
from us.

That's more like it.

Now today, relax.

Take a break from
grocery shopping and spanking.

I have to go meet
my travel agent.

Are you guys serious?
Are we really helping her?

No. We're helping ourselves
to a free spa day,

then we're going to leave her
twisting in the wind.

Oh! Hey, ladies,

anyone know of a good hotel
in the south of France?

I'm sorry.
I did it again!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Hey, Lynette,

did I leave
those fabric samples?


That is a porn slam
if I've ever seen one.


I was checking my e-mail.

Come on. It's okay.
We all look at porn.

What are you into?

Straight, bi, solo,
bald guys,

fuzzy whispers,
cinnamon cakes,


Do I have to learn
what those are?

'Cause I really
don't want to know.

Oh, come on. Let me see.
I promise I will not judge.

No. I signed up
for an online dating service,

and I took a stab
at my introduction video.

Hi, I'm Lynette.

I'm 35 to 45-ish.

I'm a cancer,
and I beat cancer.

Coincidence or not? You decide.

That is more disturbing

than any porn
I've ever seen.

You said you wouldn't judge.

Oh! Online dating sucks.

It's full of guys who Photoshop
hair on their heads

and crop out their man boobs.

You want to meet men?
I'm taking you to a bar.

A bar? Oh, I don't know.

It's been 25 years since
I tried to pick up a guy.

Well, with me as your wingwoman,
you can have any man you want.

Friday okay?

I thought you had a date
with Ben.

Mm. He canceled. Again.

Some stupid real estate
development for the poor.


Well, his loss.

If he doesn't appreciate
what he's got,

I will find someone
who does.

Oh, and lay off
the ice cream.

There's no Photoshop
in real life.

What's for breakfast?

Eggs. I was gonna make bacon,
but it seemed a little risky.

Susan, you get upset if I take
my socks off in the kitchen.

What's going on?

Andre feels "until we shed
our inhibitions,

our art will be
only superficial."


for our next class,
we have to paint in the nude.

So I'm trying
to get used to it.

And I want to prove to him
that I can be a real artist.

Wow, that guy is good.

He gets to see a bunch of coeds
naked and call it work.

Oh, honey, I'm kidding.

No, I can't do it.

I'm not a naked person.

Maybe I'm not a real artist

- Susan.
- No, I mean it.

Andre doesn't like
any of my work.

I'm not serious
like the other students.

I think I'm just gonna quit
the class.

Quit? But this class has been
really good for you.

It seems like
it was pulling you

out of that dark place
you've been in.

You think so?

Yeah, and I feel like
I'm getting my old Susie back.

Besides, this guy
sounds like a jackass.

Don't let him win.

You're right.

I am a serious artist.

I just need to get used to
people seeing me naked.

It's Lee. You home?

Perfect. My best gay.

Who better to practice on?

Good morning, Lee.

This is Bob's... mother of God!


Gay marriage doesn't seem
so freaky now, does it?

Looks like my tuscan bean with
parmesan crostini is a hit.

Yeah, it is,
but I think you're starting

to attract
the wrong sort of crowd.

Excuse me, but, uh, you don't
exactly look homeless to me.

Yeah, I-I'm homeless.

And yet you have
a $2,000 laptop?

But I live ithe box
it came in?

Okay, I-I'm a college student.

But my parents
did stop talking to me

when I switched from pre-med
to creative writing.

Well, I'm afraid
you're gonna have to leave.

Too bad. I just gave you
mad props on my blog.

Is that a good thing?


"Homey but refined,

"Bree Van de Camp's
tuscan bean soup

is a revelation in a bowl."

Revelation, you say?

Uh-huh. And it's already
been "liked" on Facebook

and retweeted 200 times...

Which is also a good thing.


But hey, if I gotta go...

Hold on.

I can't let a talented
near-orphan like you go hungry.

Let me get you a refill.

Oh, and it's "Van de Kamp"...
With a "k."

Hey, Mike. Need a hand?

No, I'm okay.

Uh, Susan around?

Uh, she's
at her painting class.


I'll... stop by later.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

You need to say
something to me, Mike?

Yeah, I do.

If things were different,

if it had been me
that killed somebody,

and your wife walked in,

I'd have gone to the cops
and turned myself in.

I wouldn't have
dragged Gaby into it.

There's a lot I would've done
differently about that night

if I could.

Yeah, well, you can't.

But here's what you can do...
you can leave Susan alone.

Just let her find a way to deal
with what you put her through.

It just really helps

to talk to her.

But it doesn't help her.


I won't do it anymore.


technique is a crutch.

Learn it and throw it away.

That way you can begin
to find your own voice

and that's what that...

Oh, my God.


Taking casual Friday
a bit to the extreme,

aren't we, Ms. Delfino?

Isn't this the day we were...

Aren't we all supposed to be...

The school put the kibosh on
my little artistic experiment.

It was all there
in the e-mail.

What e-mail?

The one
you obviously didn't open.

Maybe you didn't send me one.

Why would I do that?

To humiliate me.

To punish me for laughing.

You have singled me out
since day one.

Why not try
to make a fool of me?

Because in the vast landscape
of my interior life,

you're merely a dust speck.

Now get dressed and sit down.


I signed up for this class
to learn something,

not to be a punching bag

for an egomaniac

with a paintbrush!

I quit!

Hello and welcome
to our soup kitchen.

I hope you're hungry,
because I have prepared

a hearty Italian wedding soup

Donnie, two.

Reverend Sykes.
What a nice surprise!

That's quite a crowd
out front.

I practically
had to fight my way in.

Well, ever since
I took over the kitchen,

we've been jam-packed.

Thank you so much
for suggesting I get involved.

I have never felt more needed
or important in my whole life.

The intention of charity is not
to make us feel important.

Of course not.
It's to help people.

Feeling important's
just a bonus.

So what brings you by?

I was hoping you could tell me

where a homeless person
could get a hot meal.

Well, right here, of course.

No, Bree.

Ever since you've turned
this soup kitchen

into a bisque kitchen,

the homeless don't
feel comfortable here.

Why? I was just trying
to make this place special.

It was already special.
It was home for them,

until you took that away.

Excuse me.

I'm sorry, but you're
gonna need to leave.

Hey, we're still eating.

Well, then go eat
somewhere else.

You certainly look like
you can afford to.

Whoa. Where's the attitude
coming from?

We made is place a success.

No. This place is supposed
to feed homeless people.

It's a dismal failure.

This food isn't for you. It's
for the hungry and the poor...

the people we walk past
every day.

Everyone deserves
to have a place,

and this place was theirs
until I made it mine.

So please, pack up your laptops
and your smartphones and go.

Please go.

Ben, I'm sorry. I have made
a terrible mess of things.

Don't worry about it.

You think you can make a speech
that good again tomorrow?


You're gonna help me push
that low-income housing project

through city council.

This is where you live, huh?

Norman Rockwell would
walk down this street

and say, "a little much."

Can I come in?

Of course. How else are
you gonna make fun

of the inside of my house?

By the way, I, uh,
checked my e-mail,

and, uh, you never sent me one.

Did you check
your campus e-mail?

I have a campus e-mail?

I'm gonna make this brief,

mainly because I've got
a dinner engagement

with someone infinitely
more interesting than you.


Climb down from your cross
and come back to my class.

So you can abuse me more?

Yes, I will abuse you
and scream at you,

make you paint in the nude
and do anything else

I have to do to get you
to stop being so scared.

I'm not scared.

I showed up
at your class naked.

Then you ran away.

It seems to me you do
a lot of running away

and nervous giggling.


You act like
someone who's...


You're hiding something,

and I'm gonna pull it
out of you,

and when that happens,
there is a chance...

the remotest, slimmest wisp
of a chance...

that you might actually
become an artist.

Oh, God. Is this the part
where you tell me

that the reason
you're being so hard on me

is because I'm the only one
in the class with potential.


Amy Yamata's the only one
in the class with potential.

You're a bizarre car crash
that somehow fascinates me.

Thank you?

Now if you'll excuse me,

this is about
as long as I can spend

in a room decorated
with ceramic elephants.

Hi, ladies. Someone wanna
help me with these flowers?

Okay, no worries. I got it.

What have you guys been doing?

People are gonna be here in two
hours. Nothing's been set up.

Well, I'm just so relaxed
from that massage.

I'd hate to lift something
and tense up again.

Yeah, and... and Ping worked
so hard on these nails.

I would hate to chip them.

And I... can't think
of anything witty to say

about my fabulous new 'do,
but I'm not doing squat either.

Why are you doing this to me?

I went out of my way
to help you people.

Oh, my God,
you are so out of touch.

Do you really think
a hot stone massage

is gonna solve my problems?

You don't understand the kinds
of things real people deal with.

You live in this perfect
little fairy tale.

Fine. I don't need your help.

I have two hours
and a very capable husband.

This event is going off
without a hitch.

Oh, and one more thing.


Honey, sorry to bother you
at work,

but this is an emergency.

Whoa. What's going on?

I need you to meet me
at the school.

These P.T.A. Beeyotches...

yeah, I'm talking to you,

Are refusing to help me.

I need an extra pair of hands.

I'll be... be right there.

Ha! He's on his way.

Thanks. You're a lifesaver.

Wow. When I pictured this
in my head,

I wasn't as old
as all the other people...


Uh, two martinis, dirty.

Oh, wait. That's me.

Feel free to use that
if you want.

Maybe I will... at home,
'cause that's where I'm going.

Oh, relax.

Look at this place
like a candy store.

You just have to figure out
what you're in the mood for.

something with nuts.

I thought
I was done with this.

I dated, I combed through
all the losers,

and I finally found a guy,

someone who was smart
and made me laugh.

And now to be back here,
at my age,

doing it all over again,
it's depressing.

Oh, my God. You're right.


- It is depressing.
- Renee.

What am I doing
in hell's candy store?

I have a guy. He's smart
and he makes me laugh.

I thought you said
Ben works too much.

Oh, he's passionate
about his job, but he's a 10.

You add up every guy
in this place and you get a 6.

But you stay. There's definitely
somebody here for you.

Orange cable...

Goes around here...

This one goes here.

Ha! And...



So is "presto" Spanish
for "cover your ears"?

That's hilarious, Cindy.

You know,
you should've been a comic

instead of a pint-sized
pain in my ass!

Oh, it's getting late.

Looks like
your perfect husband

isn't gonna be here
to bail you out.

Aha! Look who's here.

There's my hero!

Now hurry up.
We need to get cracking here.

Hey, what are you doing?


Hey, Gaby.

Carlos, you can't be
here like this. You've gotta go.

No, no, no.
Gonna help, okay?

No. Please.
You need to leave.

No, I'm gonna help, okay?
Gonna help.

No, honey.
You have to leave, please.

Hang on. Hang on.


Rachel, get the soundboard
set up.

Melissa, Megan,
start putting out the food.

Melissa, now.

It's okay, Gaby.

We got it.

I don't know what to say.

Just take care
of your husband.


I'm Phil,
and you're beautiful.

You're just saying that.

But I'll take it.

God knows it took me long enough
to get ready tonight.

I even had to pay the sitter
to come early.

Sitter? So you have kids?


Five. Five kids.

Wow. That sounds like a lot.

I actually have a husband, too,
but we're separated,

and we're seeing other people.
Or he is, and I'm trying to.

Not that I'm doing it
to retaliate, it's just that...

wow. I can't seem
to stop talking.

Maybe you could
say something now.



Crowd's a little light tonight,
don't you think?

Can I buy you a drink
or are you already lit?

Oh, come on. I'll let you
play with my tie.

Here's the remote.

Don't I know you
from somewhere?

Not the most original line,

but you're cute, so...

Right. Right. You're Porter
and Preston's mom.

Oh, God.

Mrs. Scavo was
the coolest mom.

She used to make us
grilled cheese

in the shape of dinosaurs.
So what are you doing here?

I have no idea.

Here you go.

It's probably the only set
of keys with a purple lanyard.

My kid made it at camp.

Look, I'm wearing something
called skinny jeans,

which are very painful

because I don't have something
called skinny legs,

so I just wanna go home
and peel them off. Do you mind?

No, not at all. I just...
I don't... I don't work here.


Oh, God. I'm sorry.
You're not the valet.

I knew this vest
was a bad idea,

but the gay guy in my office
told me they're back.

No, the vest is great.

I have it in navy.

It's just... I haven't been out
in so long,

I figured I'd try
to mix things up.

You haven't been out
in so long?

Last time I was at a bar
like this,

beeper numbers
were exchanged.

I didn't even know
they banned smoking in bars.

And how did the good, old,
reliable Martini lose its job?

Apple? Cherry? Watermelon?
Those are slushie flavors.

I'm Lynette.


By the way, not that
it's a competition,

but I have two lanyards
on my keychain.

They're pink.

- Daughters?
- Yes.


No, thanks.
I already had one.


Uh, separated.


Listen, this is the first decent
conversation I've had all night.

What do you say we go back
inside and continue it?

I say...

Pomegranatinis are on me.

All right. That was easy.

You calling me easy?

Not yet.

Um, please.


Uh, can I get you
something to drink?

I have, uh, vodka.

I have milk.
I have chocolate milk.

I have juice boxes.

Having kids has really
ruined my game, huh?

Vodka and chocolate milk...

that's exactly what I give
my baby to calm her down.



Now what do we do?

I'd put on some music,
but my ex got all my cds.


I could turn on a black light,
but I'm not 16.

Maybe I could light
some candles,

but that seems like kind of
an obvious move, right?

Not as obvious as this.

Maybe obvious isn't so bad.


Oh, wow!

- No?
- No. Oh, no, it's good.

It's good. Keep going.

Mmm. Mmm.

I have another room
that I would love to show you.



You're getting... better
at this.



Oh! Hang on. Hang on.


Oh. Right here?


No, I... dropped something.

Oh. Can I help?

My ring fell off. You had
to have shag carpeting, huh?

Ugh. That gay guy at my office
said shag was back.

Really need to start getting
my style tips from someone else.

Damn it. Where is it?

This rug...
it swallows everything.

There used to be an
end table here and...

Oh, my God! Please don't
be funny right now.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

Here it is.


Thank you.

So, uh, where were we?

I'm sorry. I can't.

You're a really great guy.

You're nice and you're funny

Whatever you were doing...

To... to my neck
was really working for me,

but the idea of walking 10 feet
into your bedroom

is about the scariest thing
I can think of right now.



Hoping to work things out
with my husband,

and I guess I just...

I get it.

You're not there yet.

I'm not.

Well, I think I should go.

Come on.


I understand your hesitation.

I am one of those people
with a manicured lawn

who would object

when a proposal like this
threatens her community.

But my eyes have been opened,

and I will personally
go door-to-door

to help other people see
how essential this project is,

so that where we live
can truly be called a community.

You were amazing.

Well, I meant every word.

I want to help you
any way I can.

Great. Well, uh,
first thing tomorrow,

I'll take you out to see
the construction site.

Yes, we may think
we're all destined

to play certain roles.

But sometimes those roles
can unexpectedly change.

A nervous student may discover
a hidden confidence.

A longtime wife may confront
a harsh new reality.

A busy mother

may find her attention
is needed elsewhere.

And a woman who wanted
to do a little bit of good

may find herself playing
a much bigger role

than she intended.

I was searching and searching
for the perfect spot,

and then I found it...

Chapman woods.

Have you ever been here


Well, they're finally gonna
break ground on Tuesday,

and it's all thanks to you.

Glad I could help.