Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 8, Episode 21 - The People Will Hear - full transcript

Bree starts to develop feelings for Trip; Susan becomes concerned when Julie doubts Porter's commitment; The ladies are shocked with Gabrielle's nonchalant attitude.

Previously on Desperate Housewives.

Lynette found that dating Tom's boss...

If I asked you to have Tom
work a few nights this week, you'd do it?

You just say the word.

...had its advantages.

I'm sending Tom to Mumbai
for a year.

Julie made a big decision
about her baby.

I'm gonna keep her.

And the baby's father
made a commitment.

I'll get a job, I'll take classes.
I'll do whatever it takes.

- Carlos and Gabby argued...
- Carlos!

I am not gonna let Bree take the fall
for a crime I committed!

...after Bree was arrested for murder.

This is one of those times when
the best thing you can do is do nothing.

But Bree's attorney was confident...

Did you have some new thoughts
on the case?

Why don't we discuss them
over dinner? well as convincing.

Since Bree Van De Kamp
was arrested,

she had experienced
a wide range of emotions.

One moment, she felt afraid.

The next, she was angry.

And through it all, she felt ashamed.

But now that her trial was approaching,

she was beginning to feel
a little rattled.

Bree, are you okay?

Yeah. Just all this witness
preparation is making me nervous.

Gabby's been in there for ages.

Trip's very thorough. He just wants
to make sure we're all ready.


- There you are. That took a while.
- GABRIELLE: No kidding.

I haven't been grilled like that
since Carlos got my last credit card bill.

Well, as alibi witnesses,
you're gonna be asked

about every detail
of the night that Ramon disappeared.

And we can't afford any slip-ups.

So, how many dinner guests
were there that night?


- What color dress was Bree wearing?
- Red.

What sauce did she serve
with the chicken?

Oh! I got this.


Gabby! Of all the things
I've been accused of,

the idea that I would serve
barbecue sauce at a dinner party.

You're right. I'm sorry.

That sounds way worse
than saying you killed Alejandro.

Wait, who's Alejandro?

My gardener. I'm always getting
my Mexicans confused.

Which I'm allowed to do
because I'm Mexican.

I've gotta run. You gonna be all right?

Of course. With you in my corner,
how can I not be?


Okay, what was that little prom
photo moment with the hands?

We warned you about this.

You're still going after him, aren't you?

Of course not. I am totally focused
on the case and so is he.

Okay, fine. What am I supposed to do?

He is the most intelligent,
caring, charming man

- I have met in ages.

And, by the way,
it isn't exactly a one-way street.

He's been showing
quite a bit of interest in me, too.

- Um, Bree...
- And, besides, if I reject him,

he might be too humiliated
to do a good job on my case.

Yeah, something tells me
he's gonna bounce back.

after Bree Van De Kamp was arrested,

she felt a range of emotions.

But the one thing
she didn't expect to feel

was jealousy.

At the Fairview Childbirth Center,

there are certain conversations
you expect to hear.

Discussions about the magic
of a changing body...

Look at me, I'm a cow.

...the beauty of natural childbirth...

Just so you know, I'm getting the drugs.

...or the importance of healthy nutrition.

Take a chip, lose a hand.

But Julie Mayer found herself
having a conversation...

I can't believe Bree is on trial
for murder.

I mean, come on.
Killers don't wear aprons.

...that was rather unexpected.

I know. It sucks.

You know what else sucks?

Somebody trying to relax you
by talking about a murder.

You're right. I'm sorry.

So, what would be a good thing for you
to visualize that might help relax you?

Me punching Porter
in the face for being late.

Okay, forget visualization.

How about we try
some of that breathing stuff again?

Ugh. No. I hate that "hee-hee-hee."
It feels stupid.

I know. But it works.

Relaxes you when you start
to get stressed out.

nice job, everyone.

We're gonna show
the birthing DVD now.

Julie. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I had to clean out the fryer
before I could leave.

No worries. Plus, you smell like
French fries. I love French fries.

MAN: (ON TV) It's because
you're about to go through...

You missed, like, the whole class.

She did great.
Let me tell you, this girl can visualize.

I planned on getting out early,

but a shift opened up
and I had to take it.

What do you want me to say?

I want you to say that
you'll be on time for one thing we do

as we get ready to have this baby.


It's not funny, Mrs. Delfino.

Look, I said I'm sorry.

The point is, I'm here now and I'm
100% focused and ready to help.

Just stay calm.

MAN: Crowning begins, and the head
of the baby becomes visible.



Hello, this is Bree Van De Kamp.
May I please speak with Trip?

Oh! Was he having lunch alone?

Oh, right, the blonde woman
with the convertible.

I see. Right. Thank you.

Okay, I know there's been a lot of talk
about what you should wear to the trial,

so I've selected a few outfits
that just scream acquittal.

What do you think?

Black and white stripes?

Oh, good point. Don't need to put
an idea in the jury's mind.

How about ruffles?

I read somewhere that no one has ever
been convicted while wearing ruffles.


Okay, you're right.
There's always a first time.

To hell with ruffles. How about this one?

It's lovely,

but I am being accused of sleeping
with a total stranger and killing him?

And red is the color
of blood and whores. Got it.

Don't worry, we'll find something else.

Bree, is something wrong?

Apart from me standing trial for murder
in three days, no.

Life is good.

Relax, it's gonna be okay.

Remember, you're actually innocent.
Juries can sense things like that.

- I hope you're right.
- Of course I am.

And Trip's a brilliant lawyer.
He's going to get you off in no time.

I'm just worried that he's been
a little distracted lately.

He seems fine to me.

I have some other dresses in the back.
Let me bring them out for you.

It's going to turn out fine, Bree.
Honestly, I'm not worried at all.


Not India.
He said he's going to Mumbai.

That's in India, you idiot.

PENNY: How long
are you gonna be gone?

A year.

What? Dad, you're going to miss
my eighth grade graduation.

It won't be so bad. We can
send him pictures, we can Skype.

So, he's supposed to teach me to drive
over the computer?

And he's going to miss
the birth of my baby.

TOM: I am sorry, guys.
Look, I talked to my boss.

He's not changing his mind.
There's nothing I can do.

Besides, it's just for a year.
It'll go by like that.

Daddy, no. I don't want you to go.

TOM: I know. I love you so much, baby.



Guys, could I have a minute alone
with your dad?

Yeah, all right.

(CHUCKLING) Guys, it's gonna
be okay. We're gonna get through this.

I don't know how
we're gonna get through this.

So, how did Jane take the news?

Timing could've been better. We're not
exactly in a good place right now.

Well, maybe some time apart
will do you good.

Well, maybe.

It's gonna be really weird
being so far away.

I know.
It's going to be so hard on the kids.

Actually, I was talking about you.

I don't think we've ever been apart
for more than a month.

Who's going to tell me what to do?
What to think?

Whether your shoes
are on the right feet.


I'm really going to miss you.


(SIGHS)... so sorry.

Why? There's nothing
you can do about it.


(GASPS) Hello.

Are you looking for Trip?


Well, he's meeting with the judge.
On my case.

I'll wait for him.

So, how exactly do you know Trip?

He hires me from time to time.

And what is the nature of your work?

I really can't say.
Discretion's an important part of my job.

Oh. I see.

Well, part of your discretion
is falling out of your blouse.

Excuse me?

Look, this is Mr. Weston's
place of business.

Maybe you should meet him
in your place of business.

Perhaps a seedy motel room,
or a street corner.

Are you calling me a hooker?

Well, if the push-up bra fits.
Or in your case, doesn't.

That's it. Screw you, lady.
Tell Trip I'm off his case.

Lindsay. Lindsay.


What the hell?

She wanted me to tell you
that she's off the case.

What was she doing on the case?

She's a private investigator.

Who was working
on a really big lead for us.

Why did she quit?

No idea.


I'd better go talk to her.


I mean, you know how careful
you have to be with some women.

They can misinterpret the littlest things.

I'll talk to her.

So, what do you think, maid of honor?


You do realize you're gonna
have to wear this in public.

You got a problem with it?


It's just that purple
is such a bold choice.

Aren't you afraid it's gonna pull focus
from the bride?

And the sky and the earth?

Lee, look at my wedding dress.

All of this wearing all of that?

Santa Claus in a thong riding a unicorn
would not be able to pull focus from me.

Lynette, you okay?
You seem a little distracted.

I think she's still in shock.

No, it's just this whole thing with Tom.

Lynette, it's gonna be fine.

My dad traveled all the time.
My siblings and I adjusted.

Yeah, but he said
he was gonna miss me.

Really? Suddenly I'm interested.
That's great.

And it was the way he said it, too,

like he'd been kind of
missing me already.

Well, what are you gonna do?

(LAUGHS) I don't know.

But there's no way I can let him
get on that plane to Mumbai.

Or eat these
if you're going to fit in that dress.

Lindsay, hi. I think we got off
on the wrong foot earlier.

Keep walking.

I suppose I deserve that.
But if I could just have a... Oh!

I'm on surveillance. Stay down.

How exciting. What are we surveilling?


Well, nothing now.
I've been waiting six weeks

for that cheating bastard
to leave his curtains open.

I'm sorry.

Trip told me where to find you,

because I wanted to apologize
for my unkind words.

You were merely doing your job,
and I was very rude.

You were more than rude.

Yes, I was also off-color.

I never should have implied you're
a hooker or insulted your bosoms.

They're lovely.

No, not that.

(SIGHS) You like him.

You thought I was sleeping
with him and you got jealous.

I'm not jealous of you and Trip.
Is there a "you and Trip"?

God, no. He's, like, 100.

Look, I'll come back to your case

and I'll give you a free pass
on the crazy jealousy.

It's not all your fault.

What do you mean?

Trip's a good lawyer.

He listens carefully,
he tells you he'll protect you.

Female clients are always
getting the wrong idea.

Well, that might be the way
it normally goes,

but I happen to believe there really is
something between Trip and me.

Sorry, but I know him.
He's all about the job.

He's into your case, not you.

Porter is going to be fine. Trust me.

Oh, sure. He'll just wear a helmet
so he doesn't crack his head open

when his head hits
the delivery room floor.

Baby, I'm telling you,

when the man gets in there with you,
it just clicks.

They see the blood and stuff

and it starts to seem like
a video game to them.

I'm getting a bad feeling about this.

Okay, you know what?

Mike almost passed out
when he saw that video.

And he was a little shaky
in the delivery room, too.

But once MJ was born, he was my rock.

MJ took his first step right there.

We were so excited.

Then he took his second step
right there, fell right on his face.

He was bleeding, and I was a mess.

And Mike knew exactly what to do.

He always did.

Oh, Mom.


I'm okay.

Just so many memories of him here.

Anyway, the point is,


You shouldn't worry about Porter.

I just... I think that he's not
into this anymore.

That he's losing interest in being a dad.

He was late for class because of work.
You've gotta cut him some slack.

It's not just that.

He's missed
some doctor's appointments,

and he missed the tour
of the birthing room at the hospital.

We had a deal.

He was supposed to help raise the baby
so that I could finish school.

But now,
I'm afraid that it's all falling apart.

That was delicious.

I'm glad you liked it. More wine?

Lynette, it's our third date.
I'm pretty much a sure thing.


Something wrong?
You're acting a little weird.

Yeah, there's...
I have a little favor to ask you.

Please, don't send Tom to Mumbai.

You have a very odd sense of foreplay.

I know. It's just the kids are upset,
and Tom is a wreck,

and I don't think I can go through with it.



Yeah, I didn't want him to go.
I was just doing it for you.

I'll send McGuinness instead.

That son of a bitch had the nerve
to beat me in tennis last week.


Thank you. I am so grateful.

Well, I can think of one way
that you can show your gratitude.


Whoa. Maybe you're the one
who needs another glass of wine.

Gregg, no.

Okay, what's going on?

I just...

I'm not ready for that step,
and I don't know that I ever will be.


I'm sorry. There's someone else.

You just realized that?

No. No, I just realized
how much I want it to work.

So let me get this straight,
you use me to get back at your ex,

and now you're dumping me for
some other guy? That's unbelievable.




REPORTER ON TV: In local news,
the trial of Bree Van De Kamp

is set to begin tomorrow.

Van De Kamp is accused
of killing Ramon Sanchez,

whose body was discovered

beneath a condominium development
in Chapman Woods.

Hey. Couldn't sleep?

Hey. No.

Thought I'd take a walk.

Remember the last time
we were up this late together?

The night we buried Alejandro.

God, if we could only go back.


Hey. You having trouble sleeping, too?

No, I woke up to get some water
and I saw you from the window.

What are you guys doing up?

We can't sleep because

our friend is going on trial
tomorrow morning for murder.

Oh, relax. Bree's innocent.
The jury's gonna see that.

Juries make mistakes.

Well, you know, it doesn't help Bree
for us to be negative right now.

You know what I was thinking
we should do to help her?

Go to the judge and tell her the truth.

I was thinking the exact same thing.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.
What's going on here?

What, it never even crossed your mind?

Well, we have a plan in place.

And if we just hold on a little longer,
everything will be back to normal.

And what if Bree is convicted, huh?
What are we gonna do then?

Well, I don't know.

- Clearly. Do you even care?
- Lynette!

Okay, it's late. (SIGHING)

Look, let's just talk about it tomorrow.

Well, I don't get this.
Why are you guys mad at me?

Because you're not having
any trouble sleeping.


WESTON: Don't freak out. It's just me.

Trip. What are you doing here?
It's the middle of the night.

I had a feeling you might be up.

Do we need to discuss my case?

Nope, just the opposite.

Donuts, Casablanca.

That's one of my favorite movies.
Yours, too?

Never seen it.
I'm more a Caddyshack kind of guy.

But I had a feeling about you. May I?


My trial starts in six hours.
Is this really what we should be doing?

Do you know anything about sports?

No more than I have to.

This is just like
going to the championships.

You practice your ass off to get there,

but the night before the big game,
you just forget about it.

I can't believe I'm going through this.

But if I have to,
I guess what I'm saying is,

"Of all the gin joints, in all the towns,
in all the world,

"I'm glad you walked into mine."

Am I supposed to know
what that means?

Start the movie.

Thank you.



JUDGE CONTI: In the matter of
People v. Bree Van De Kamp,

we are here for opening statements.
Ms. Stone, you may proceed.

How well do we really know
our friends and neighbors?

They borrow our lawn mowers,

sit with us in PTA meetings,
bring us tuna casseroles.

But as this case will demonstrate,
they also have secrets.

Secrets they keep from their neighbors.

Secrets that can poison a place
like Wisteria Lane.

WESTON: Ms. Stone wonders
how well we know our neighbors.

Well, in this case,
as it turns out, pretty darn well.

Bree Van De Kamp's friends will tell you

that she is a woman of honesty,
integrity and compassion.

Bree Van De Kamp is an alcoholic,
a woman of loose morals.

She would pick up strange men in bars,
have sex with them,

frequently waking up
with no recollection of what happened.

If picking up people in bars is a crime,

there might be a criminal or two
in this very courtroom.


The defendant lured Ramon Sanchez
into her house,

seduced him and bludgeoned him.

There is no connection whatsoever
between my client and Mr. Sanchez.

And while it isn't against the law

to sleep with any man
who'd buy you a martini,

it is illegal to kill them.

WESTON: Has Bree made
some questionable choices? Yes.

Does that make her a killer? No.

It makes her human, like the rest of us.

This is a case about a woman
who led a secret life.

But here's the thing about secrets.

Like bodies,
they don't always stay buried.

Welcome to Big Top Burger.

Hi, I'm looking for Porter Scavo.
Is he done yet?

No, Porter's working the drive-through.


I thought he was only working till 1:00.

Well, I heard him say he'd cover
the afternoon shift, so that's till 6:00.

Now, can I get you something to eat?

No, I think I'll get something to go.

PORTER: Welcome to Big Top Burger.
Can I help you?

I've got a better idea. How about you
help the mother of your child?

Mrs. Delfino?

Dear God! Is there another person
who could say what I just said to you?

No. Of course not.

Porter, why are you making Julie
do all of this stuff without you?

I'm busting my butt trying
to make money for her and the baby.

I'm working three jobs.

Well, then tell her that.

She's worried that you're
losing interest in being a dad.


I'm talking to the clown. Shut up.

Can you please pull up to the window?


Look, Mrs. Delfino,

I barely graduated high school,
I ditched college,

and this is about as much
as my baby's daddy is going to achieve.

You can always go back to college.

When? Everybody says how expensive
it is to have a kid.

With the crap money I make,
I'll be working all the time.

Look, I get it.

It's just not right for Julie
to do this without you.

I totally agree.

Julie has given up so much
so I can be in this kid's life.

But I'm starting to realize
that was a bad trade for her.

Look at her, a regular black widow.

It says here she slept with 15 guys
in a two-month period.

And she was drunk the whole time.
Sounds like college.


Excuse me, but you don't know
what you're talking about.

Do you even know this woman?

Actually, a friend of mine used her
to cater a party once.

Said she had shifty eyes.

They do look pretty shifty.

Well, I do know her. And she's innocent.

Yeah, I don't think the police go around
arresting innocent people.

She must have done something.

Oh. So you guys read one article,
and just like that she's guilty?

It's not just us.
Everyone says she killed the guy.

She's the last person in this world
who would kill somebody.

She's a friend and a mother

and probably the most
decent person I know.

And she would die if she knew
how people are talking about her.

Well, she better get used to it.

If I'm a juror,
she's going away for a long, long time.


And with every exhale,
the tension is being blown out.

And every inhale
brings in positive energy.


Now you're imagining a peaceful scene.

That beautiful lawn
by the science building at your college.

And you're walking
towards the chemistry lab

to finish the research
for your dissertation.

And now, on that same lawn,
a graduation ceremony

in which you are finally
receiving your Ph.D.

Mom, what are you doing?

The other day you were talking
about a murder trial,

and now you're talking about stuff
that will never happen.

I think it will.


Because I am going to move

back up there with you
and help raise the baby.

- What?
- I'm going to sell this house,

and MJ and I are going with you
so you can finish your degree.

But what about Porter?

Well, there will always be
a place for him in his child's life,

but Porter needs
to find his own life right now.

No. I can't let you do this.
You love the Lane.

I do, but nowhere near
as much as I love you.

And besides,


I think it'll be good for me, too.

- What do you mean?
- Well, I told you, honey.

There are memories here that are
just too hard to live with every day.

Mom, this would be awesome.

But are you sure you wanna do this?

I'm sure.

Okay, lay back down.

As Mike used to say,
"We gotta practice birthing a baby."


You are gonna love it there,

And, hey, if you don't, it's only a year.

I'll give you
my India On Fifty Rupees a Day book.

All right, people, let's get started.

Thanks again.
I am so glad to be staying here.

Well, thank your ex-wife.
She's the one who convinced me.

Really? Lynette did that?

Yeah. Real piece of work, that one.

I don't know how you put up with it.


I'm sorry, um, aren't you guys dating?

Nope, she dumped me. Apparently
she's hung up on some other guy.

I'm surprised you didn't want to go to
Mumbai just to get away from her crap.


I know she can be a bit of a handful.

Yeah, that's why you dumped her.
'Cause she's a "handful."

No, I'm telling you, guys,
23 years living with that psycho,

he's either a saint or a masochist.


Okay, okay. (CHUCKLES)
Let's start the meeting.

No, no. Seriously, I mean, I barely
survived one week with that ball-buster.

Gregg, I'm asking you. Drop it.

I'm just saying,
Lynette is a first-class bitch.

Well, I hope that was worth it.
'Cause you're fired.

Okay, Mr. Weston, is the defense
ready to call its first witness?

We are, Your Honor.
The defense calls Susan Delfino.

How long have you known my client?

Nearly 20 years.

So, it's fair to say
you know each other well?

We're like sisters. She's the most
honest person I've ever met.

Can you tell us what happened
on the night in question?

It was a progressive dinner party.

I'm sorry, I don't get out much.
What is a progressive dinner party?

The whole street throws it. Every house
is responsible for a specific course.

Sounds like fun.

Unless you don't know how to cook.
They skipped my house that night.

Now, as you traveled
from house to house,

were you with Bree the whole time?


Really? Where did she go?

She left my house
to go check on her entree.

Wouldn't that have given her time
to kill Mr. Sanchez?

Or have sex with her boyfriend
while the chicken burned,

which is what she was doing

when the whole neighborhood
walked in on her.

WESTON: I imagine
that must have been awkward.

Clearly you haven't spent much time
on my street.

And then what happened?

The party finished at my house,

and then Susan, Lynette and Bree
stayed late to help me clean up.

- How late?
- Around 2:00 in the morning.

And the coroner's report said
that the time of death

was between 10:00 p.m. And midnight.


So there's no possible way

that Bree could have killed
Ramon Sanchez that night?

No way. Bree couldn't hurt a fly.

The only thing she killed
that night was the chicken.

No. As God as my witness,
Bree did not kill him.

That's it from the car. My assistant's
gonna pack up the rest of it.

Security's been told
not to let me back in the building.

I swear, Tom,
I am trying to be supportive,

but I'm having a hard time
following this.

Why would you hit your boss?

I just never liked him.

So? There's lots of people
you don't like.

Mr. Indich in 3F
who never picks up after his dog.

I can't even get you
to write an angry note.

You know what, I lost my temper.

Because he was going to transfer you?


Because he was dating Lynette.

Oh, my God.
Are you still in love with her?

Jane, look, you have to understand.
Lynette has...

Been a part of your life
for 23 years, I know.

She's the mother
of your children, I get it.

You've given me this speech
a hundred times.

Now answer the question.
Do you still love her?



And I was, what? Some wall you built
to try and hide that from yourself?


You were the woman
who was there for me

when I was broken and confused.

And I still care about you very much.

No. Tom, you don't get
to break somebody's heart

and still say you care about them.

If it matters, I loved you.

So you recognize this man as well?

Yes. I slept with him, too.

I can imagine how painful this is,

having to publicly acknowledge
liaisons with all these men.

No, you can't.

You didn't have to testify.
Why did you subject yourself to this?

Because I admit my transgressions.

Was killing Ramon Sanchez
one of them?

No. Absolutely not.

That seemed very heartfelt.
So your conscience is clear?

Yes, it is.

Your Honor, I'd like to enter
into evidence Prosecution Exhibit 24.

Objection. We haven't seen this.
They can't blindside us with anything...

This just came
into our possession last night.

It rebuts Ms. Van De Kamp's testimony
regarding her clear conscience.

I'll allow it.

Does this letter look familiar?

Yes. I wrote it.

It's a suicide note, isn't it?


The letter was discovered
on May 7th at the Frost Hotel,

where Ms. Van De Kamp
had taken a room.

The manager heard shouting,
including a reference to a gun.

Police were summoned,
but Ms. Van De Kamp was gone.

This was found in the waste basket.

Proceed, Ms. Stone.

Do you recall anything else
of significance occurring on May 7th?


That's the day your boyfriend
Chuck Vance,

a decorated Fairview police detective,

was killed in a hit and run accident,
wasn't it?

Objection. My client isn't on trial
for killing Detective Vance.

- Not yet.
- Your Honor.


Please read the letter.

"I never thought I could feel
such remorse, such guilt."

Your Honor,
if we could take a short recess.


BREE: "No one knows who I really am.

"I'm entirely alone.

"Living with this secret is too painful.
I can't go on."

Doesn't sound like a clear conscience,
does it, Ms. Van De Kamp?

No further questions.

- Bree.
- Please. I just need to be alone.

Not until you tell me
what that was about.

I already told you.
I was in a very dark place,

with the drinking
and my friends abandoning me.

But I did not kill anyone.
You have to believe me.

I do believe you.
I just hope the jury does.

Come on.
You don't know that it's your fault.

Please. Tom loses his job
the day after I dump his boss?

There's got to be some connection.

And the worst part is, this is exactly
what broke us up in the first place.

Me trying to control his life.

(LAUGHING) I can't...

You really suck at this gay friend thing.

I'm sorry, I can't take you seriously
in that dress.

You look like a giant taffeta bruise.

I know, it is horrible.
Maybe if I accessorize?

Unless the accessories are two hands
over your eyes, forget it.

Why don't you just tell Renee
you hate the dress?

Because she'll pick another one
and I'll hate that one, too.

It's what I do. I did it to Tom all the time.

I didn't want him to go to school,
and then I didn't want him to quit.

I wanted him to get a new job,
and then I hated it.

I don't know,
maybe I wasn't unhappy with Tom.

Maybe I was just unhappy.

Well, at least we know
you were right about that dress.


Now, turn around,
let me get you out of it.

Seriously? We're this close?

When I tell the whole neighborhood
about it, I will be kind.

You're a good friend, Lee.

JUANITA: Celia, give me the remote.

- CELIA: No. Stop.
- Give it.

Girls, don't make me come in there.

JUANITA: It's my turn.
CELIA: It's not.


- Who did this?
- Celia.

Is that true, Celia?
This belonged to my grandmother.

You are in big trouble, young lady.
Sweep up the rest and go to your room.

It's not my fault. She pushed me into it.

You pushed her?

She wouldn't give me the remote,

and it was my turn to pick
what we watch.

So you broke this?

It was my turn.

Juanita Solis,

you were gonna let your sister take
the blame for something you caused?

That is horrible.
This is your fault, own up to it.

Don't you see how bad...

Mom, I'm sorry.


It's okay. Go wash up for dinner.
I'll take care of this.

And the fracture
found on the victim's head

is consistent with a blunt force injury.

STONE: A blunt force that someone
of Ms. Van De Kamp's size

would be capable of inflicting?

CORONER: In my opinion.

Your Honor, the defense
asks the court for a recess?

How did you find that?

When Gabby mentioned her "gardener"
Alejandro, my alarm bells went off.

I had Lindsay do a little investigating.

- Oh.
- "Oh"?

We're halfway through your murder trial

and I find out the victim is Gabby's
stepfather, and all you can say is, "Oh"?

I'm sorry.
I wanted to tell you, but we made a pact.

Who did? You and Gabby?

Me and Gabby and other people.
People that I care about.

You care about them enough
to lie for them? To commit perjury?

How about enough to go to jail?

You don't actually think
that's gonna happen, do you?

I don't know. After the DA's
suicide note stunt, it's possible.

To the jury, you look like you're hiding
something, and the fact is, you are.

Look, I just...

I wanna win this case for you, okay?

And if this is something
that can exonerate you...

It can.
But not without betraying my friends.

Bree, you're facing 20 years to life.

This could be your only way out.

I think it's time
to tell the truth about Gabby.

MARY ALICE: Yes, recent events
in the lives of my friends

had stirred up intense emotions.

Excitement about
starting a new chapter.

Guilt over causing another's pain.

Disappointment in a failure to change.

Then there are those who are asked
to put all emotion aside

in order to make
a cold-hearted decision.

Gabby. What are you doing here?

I finally found the perfect scarf.

It's elegant, it's dignified, it's beautiful.

It's you.

You are so sweet.
You didn't need to do this.

Yes, I did.

I haven't truly thanked you
for what you're doing.

The way you're sacrificing yourself
for me and my family,

you're just a much better person
than I could ever hope to be.

Oh, Gabby.