Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 8, Episode 19 - With So Little to Be Sure Of - full transcript

Susan learns Mike had been keeping a secret; Bree needs a lawyer to get her murder charges cleared; Carlos is concerned with Gabrielle's job.

Previously on...
"Desperate Housewives"

Renee had good news.

We're getting married.

Oh, how wonderful.

Gaby's talent for shopping
became an opportunity.

The personal shopper job?

For you, my dear,
it is a calling.

Things heated up
between Tom and Lynette.

- Oh, my God. I'm on fire!
- Oh!

Aah! Oh!

M.J. and Susan began
their recovery

after Mike's death.

Oh, sweetie.

The police questioned Bree
and advanced their case.

Judge Kemp just signed off
on that warrant.

That was fast.

Sooner I can prove
she's guilty,

sooner I can watch her
pay for it.

When it came
to throwing a bridal shower,

Bree Van de Kamp believed

that everything should be done
with taste and dignity.

There should be
personalized party favors...

Delicate pastel flowers...

elegant refreshments...

and she insisted
on traditional gifts,

even if they received
an untraditional response.

What the hell? Mixing bowls?

Nesting mixing bowls.

Come on. This is a shower.

Isn't there one gift over there
that's, uh,

you know, buzzing?

Oh! I know just the one.

Oh, here we go.

I use mine all the time.

I used to do it by hand,

but this gets the job done
so much faster.

Ah. Now we're talking.

It's a brand-new...

immersion blender?

Now you can puree soups
right in the pot.

So is every gift gonna be

Well, that's the theme

that I had letterpressed
on the invitations.

Okay, I might have to send
someone out on a beer run.

Well, I am sorry to disappoint
you, but if you're looking

for that kind of shower,
you're in the wrong place.

Oh, Bree, can I talk to you
for a second?

Okay, so I had a feeling your
shower might be kind of a dud,

so I may have sort of hired
a male stripper.

Gaby, you didn't.

There he is, so yay!

No. Male strippers are
beyond degrading,

and I don't choose to be
humiliated in my own home.

Now please, get rid of them.

Bree Van de Kamp, we have
a warrant for your arrest.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. She also has
the right to remain horny.

Listen, change of plans...

Ma'am, I'm gonna need
you to stand aside.

Just take the money and go.
And tell the agency

three dumpy strippers
does not equal one hot one.


You're under arrest
for the murder of Ramon Sanchez.

What? Oh, my God.

Bree, what's going on?

Oh, I'm sure it's just
a misunderstanding.

Is there anything we can do?

Yes. I just put the mini quiches
in the oven.

Would you be a dear and take
them out before they burn?

Yes, Bree Van de Kamp believed

in doing everything
with dignity...

Even in the most undignified
of circumstances.

Subtitles by MemoryOnSmells

Sometimes no matter
how much we plan...

things don't turn out
the way we expect.

A sterling reputation...

may become tarnished.

A clear explanation...

might get messy.

An ideal arrangement...

could fall apart in a flash.

And one person
may end up paying the price...

for a crime that everyone
thought was shared.

Honey, are you okay?

Yeah, thanks to Bob.
He bailed me out.

- What happened?
What do they have on you?
- Very little...

Orson's ridiculous letter,
which is inadmissible in court,

since he's... gone,

and a very cryptic
phone conversation

which can easily
be explained away.

Oh, thank God.

Well, they also have
Bree's fingerprint.

On what?

A button on the victim's shirt.

When we were wrapping him up
in the tablecloth,

I noticed that his shirt
was unbuttoned.

You tidied up the dead guy?

I felt it was respectful
at the time.

Obviously, I see things
differently now.


Well, we're not gonna let her
take the blame for this.

- Yeah, we're all in this together.
- Whoa, whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

If we confess,
they'll find out about Carlos,

and they could put him
away forever.

So what? We let Bree
take the fall for us?

Yeah, that's not gonna happen.

- No, I'm just saying, we should
think this through.
- Well...

Ladies, stop.

Nothing is gonna happen to me.
The police have no case.

And of all of us,

I am in the best position
to take this on right now.

I have no job, no small children
to look after.

But you do have a halo
over your head.

Yeah, Bree.
It's incredibly generous.

Bob, you swear you're gonna
get her off, right?

Actually, she needs
a criminal defense attorney.

I know the perfect guy.
He's a real shark.

He's not cheap,
but he's worth it.

Well, obviously,
we're gonna pay for it.

- Yes.
- You don't have to do that.

No arguing. You are doing
something huge for us.

Well, thank you, but I promise
you, it's not going to be huge

because nothing is
going to happen.

I swear to God,
this woman is guilty.

If she walks,
I am gonna lose it.

You don't have to convince me, but
a jury's a whole nother story.

There's no motive,
no connection to the victim.

Then we have to find one,
all right? Fast.

Are you sure you're not overreacting
because she dumped your partner?

I don't think
she just dumped him.

I think she might be the reason
Chuck's dead.

Come on.

We need to keep digging.

No. No way.


I am not gonna let Bree

take the fall
for a crime I committed.

Okay. Wait, wait, wait.
Before you do anything stupid

and macho and Noble, just sit
your ass down and listen to me!

Or stand your ass there
and listen to me.

You can't turn yourself in.

Why not?
I'm the one who did it.

You've already been to jail

You get a third strike, they're
gonna put you away for life.

So what, I'm supposed to
send Bree in my place?

Bree's not going anywhere.

The evidence against her
is very flimsy,

and we're getting her
some hotshot defense attorney.


Who is "we"?

The girls and I.

We decided since Bree's
in the hot seat, the

least we could do is
pay her legal fees.

Yeah, a... and I'm
all in favor of that, but...

How are
we supposed to afford this?

I just quit my job and I have
a lead on a nonprofit,

but it is hardly
gonna pay anything.

Okay, relax.
Relax. Sit down.


I'm working now.

No offense, but I don't think
personal shoppers

make hotshot defense attorney

Okay, seriously, you need to
keep your mouth shut and lie low

until this Bree thing
plays out.

I just wish that there was
something I could do.



this is one of those times
when the best thing you can do

is do nothing.

What about his suits?

I'm giving it all away.

It's what Mike would've wanted.

I think I'll keep these.

M.J. always says he's gotta
fill daddy's shoes.

So if I save a pair, someday...

he will know that he did.

Are you crying?

No. No.

- Can you grab that stuff
on the shelf?
- Yeah.

What's this?

I don't know.

Never seen it before.

Hmm. I'll grab Mike's keys.

Um, maybe you opening it
is not a good idea.

Why not?

Because it's in your house, in
your bedroom, but it's locked.

So maybe Mike didn't want you
to know what was in it.

That's ridiculous.

I have a box like this
in my house

that I would not want
Bob to see.

Why? What's in it?
No. Don't answer that.

It's probably
just papers and stuff.

You're probably right,

but if it's something else,
you may not want to know.

Well, what do you suggest I do?

Throw it away?

Keep it on the shelf?

Okay, how about this... you go
make yourself a nice cup of tea,

I will open it, and if it's
just papers, I'll tell you?

And if it's something else?

I will decide
if you should see it.

I'm just trying
to protect you, Susan.

Men have secrets.

Mike didn't.

He kinda did.

Hey, thanks for
bringing that over.

You can keep it.

Who thinks a cake stand's
a good gift for a bridal shower?

Me. I gave it to you.

Oh. Well, you owe me
a less sucky present.

And by the way, I think you guys
owe me a whole new shower.

I mean, when the host
gets arrested for murder,

it kinda puts a damper
on things.

Yeah, weird.

And what's up
with the cops in this town?

Last week, they hauled Ben
in about some body they found.

Now Bree?

I'm sure they'll straighten it
out. Thanks again for this.

Who's the cake for?

It's his birthday tomorrow,

and I am implementing phase two
of operation get Tom back.

I'm guessing phase one
was a success.

It was great, right up
until he caught on fire

and then realized the entire
evening had been a web of lies.

But right before that,

there was this moment,
this look between us,

like we were
Tom and Lynette again.


I could see it in his eyes.

Tom still loves me.

So birthday boy,

what do you wanna do
for your big day tomorrow?

Oh, let's just, uh, go out
for dinner or something.

That's it?
I could have a party.

Invite your friends over,
open up some champagne.

Oh, you don't have to worry
about that.

The kids are throwing me
a little party Thursday.

Oh. Well, then I guess

we'll have to come up with
some other way to celebrate.

Sounds good.

Hey. Aren't you
forgetting something?



Thank you, but I meant
your divorce papers.


As much as I have enjoyed
sleeping next to them

for the past three weeks,

maybe they could make their way
over to Lynette sometime soon?

It's just been
so hectic at work.

I haven't had a second to call
the process server.

No, but anybody
can deliver them, right?

I mean, what about
your assistant?

I don't think that
that's appropriate.

Well, I could...
have a messenger?

Jane, honey, it'll get done.

I'm just really busy right now.


I love you, and I look forward

to spending many more birthdays

You are the best,
and now I really am late.

I will see you tonight.

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Bob just called.
I gotta run.

Whoa. Whoa. Hang on.
What about the box?

Huh? The what?

The box...

that's in your hands?

Oh, the box. I...

Actually couldn't open it.

You were up there
for 20 minutes.

I feel asleep.
Man, you have a comfortable bed.

Talk to you later.

Oh, my God.

Is it that bad?

Listen to me.

Mike is not defined by what is
or isn't inside this box.

Okay. I have a right to know.
I'm his wife.

I know. I'm just trying
to protect both of you guys.


Susan, please,
trust me on this.


Welcome to Cumberly's
personal shopping service.

Can I help you with something?

I see we have
very... similar taste.

I always work with Margaret.
Is she here?

Oh, you don't want Margaret.

Her idea of fashion is wearing one
normal shoe and one clunky shoe.

She has a prosthetic leg.

And that's why she's my hero.

Lazaro! What gives?

You said I'd be kicking ass
at this job.

It takes time to build
a client base, Gaby.

Stick with it, okay?

Five, six months from now,
you'll be our top seller.

Six months? I don't have
that kind of time.

I need money quick.

I'm sorry. Most of the ladies who come
in here already have a personal shopper.


You know, you could try
the men's department.

You would be very persuasive
over there.


Well, I've always been able
to get men to buy things for me.

How hard could it be to get
them to buy things from me?

Mm-hmm. Just wear something
sexy, show a little cleavage,

and maybe lose
the wedding ring.


Oh, yes.
Guys tend to spend more

when they think they have a shot
with the hot salesgirl.

- Lazaro...
- I know. It's demeaning and degrading.

- I shouldn't have even...
- No, no, no, no. I just need to know,
show I lose the jacket?

'Cause these things are
a lot more persuasive

when they're out.


I don't care
what the D.A. says.

There's no case.
My guy's innocent.

Please stop calling it a body.

It's a foot, an ear,
and a flap of skin.

Do these have raisins?
'Cause that grosses me out.


No. Okay. Look, I gotta go.
Um, my 11:00's here.

Yeah. Okay.

Sorry I'm late.

Uh, not a problem, Mr. Weston.

Call me trip.

This is amazing.

Well, I don't like to brag,

but I am famous
for my orange-glazed muffins.

Yeah. Uh, Bob said that
you were one hell of a Baker,

but he didn't tell me much
about your case.

Well, the whole thing is
quite ridiculous.

The police found a dead man
at a construction site,

and they think
that I killed him.

Yeah. Everyone's guilty
until proven innocent.

They must have something
on you.

Well, they did receive
a letter from my ex-husband

saying I did it.

Well, that's nothing.

The guy's got a vendetta
against you, right?

Yes, he does.

Uh, and then there's

a slightly more damning
phone conversation

in which I expressed remorse

for, um, putting a body
in the ground.

Big deal.

You were talking about
burying a dead pet.

I suppose I was.

And then...
The police claim to have found

one of my fingerprints
on the dead man's shirt.


That's bad, right?


I think that it's Noble...

Noble that you donate so much
of your clothing to Goodwill...

And a shame that that poor sap
ended up with your shirt.

Bob was wrong.

You're not good.
You're amazing.

So you'll take my case?



No offense, but, um,
it's kind of a snooze.

Excuse me, but I have been
accused of murder.

My life is on the line here.

Oh, please. What jury is
gonna convict you,

with your... your pearls
and your perfect hair

and your subtle scent
of lavender?

Well, I would think
that a lawyer

would enjoy defending
an innocent client.

You would think so,
wouldn't you?

But I love a challenge.

Last year, I defended a guy
who was found standing

over his dead father
with a bloody knife in his hand.

Not only did I exonerate
his guilty ass,

I got him 50% of the estate.

That is reprehensible.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, Ms. Van de Kamp,

but this is just...
it's too easy.

I mean, people who are famous
for their muffins...

not generally killers.

Good morning.

My name's Gabrielle.

I'm a personal shopper here.
Can I help you?

No, no, no. I'm just trying
to find the men's department.

I need some socks.

Oh, I can help you with that.
May I?

Oh, you're right.

These ankles deserve...
So much better.

You think?

I-I've always thought
they were just average ankles.

Average? They're exquisite.


Do you work out?

I do
a little mall walking, yes.

Well, I don't say this
to every man,

but you've got the perfect
ankles for cashmere.

Let me show you a few pairs.

40 bucks for socks?

I know. There's just something
irresistible about cashmere.

Promise me you won't buy
one of these cashmere sweaters.

I wouldn't be able
to keep my hands off you.


I really just need the tie.

How can you take the tie
without the blazer?

With your shoulders?

And this color up against
that beautiful silver hair...

I'm sorry. I lost myself there
for a moment.

Ooh! Hello, George Clooney!

It's just so expensive.
I don't know.

You know what?

Maybe I should measure
that inseam one more time.

What if it was drugs?

I just fell asleep.

Oh. This baby's been working
on her black belt.

I'm just saying,
Mike had a drug problem.

Those things never go away.

I'm sure it was
nothing like that.

You're right.

It's probably porn.

And you know what?
I'm cool with that.

As long
as it was nothing weird.

Oh, God. You think
it was something weird?


Just trust Lee.

If he thinks you shouldn't
see in the box,

well, you don't want
to find something

that would tarnish
your memories of Mike.

You're absolutely right.

I should just leave this alone.

Susan, it's...

2:00 in the morning. I know.
But I can't sleep,

and I am never gonna sleep until
I know what's inside that box.

So you can either let me in now
or we can do this again at 3:00

and then at 4:00
and then at... thank you.

So there's his passport,
letters from his mom,

a really cute picture
of you and M.J.

Just get to it.

And a checkbook.

Apparently, he set up an account
eight years ago.

That's when we were divorced.

And every month since,
he's written a check

to some woman named
Jennie Hernandez.

I've never heard of her.

This is her address.

Somewhere in mount pleasant.

Oh, my God.

Any chance those are M.J.'s?


Well, maybe it's...

We both know what it is.

There's a child out there.

Mike's child.

77, 78, 79, 80.

Hi, Lynette.

81, 82, 83...

What are you doing?

84, 85. Making Tom a cake.
86, 87...

- Gosh, how old is he gonna be?
46? 47? 48?
- 92, 93, 94, 95...

I made dinner reservations
at 7:15.

Or was it 7:16? 7:17?

Nice try, but I am like
rain man. 98, 99, 100.

Sorry to bother you.

Penny and Parker left this stuff
over at our place,

so I thought I'd drop it by.

Thanks. I see
they're making lab coats

a lot tighter
than they used to.

I see they're making sweatpants

just as baggy as always.

Besides, I'm not going to work.

I'm taking Tom
to his favorite restaurant,

because, you know,
it's his birthday.

Yeah, I know.

That's why I'm making him
his favorite cake.

Looks appetizing.

Don't forget to add
the eye of newt.

Oh, 'cause it's green?
It's a funny story.

When Tom and I were
first dating,

he wanted a red velvet cake
for his birthday,

but I only had
green food coloring,

and he liked it anyway,
so it's become a tradition,

one we have shared
for 25 years.

I think we're
gonna keep sharing it.

stop embarrassing yourself.

Tom is through with you.

We have a family together.

You don't just throw that away.

Until you do.

Mm-hmm. What is that?

Your divorce papers.

Tom already signed them.

Now it's your turn.

What the hell?!

Oh, my God!

You look beautiful.

Oh. You're just saying that
'cause it's obvious.


I'll be home for dinner.

Oh, by the way, think you
could mix things up?

Getting a little tired
of chicken.

You forgot something.

Oh. That.

Here's the thing...

It's better for business
if I don't wear it.


I have a lot of rich men
as clients.

If I flirt with them,
they buy more stuff,

which means I make more money,

and you can cook something
other than chicken for dinner.

You know what?
I'm not comfortable

with you dressing like that
and flirting with those guys.

Oh, honey, you have nothing
to worry about.

They're just a bunch of nerds
with money.

This just helps.

You can't dress for church
if you want to move the merch.


You gotta shake your rear
to get them to buy the gear.

- Gaby...
- You wanna sell some
knits, you better flash your...

Gaby! I got it.

Too bad.
I have, like, 15 more.

See you tonight.


What are you doing here?

Look, Jane's meeting me
for my birthday.

Uh, Jane's running late.

She had a little trouble
with your cake.

You signed this?

How did you get these?

They were handed to me
personally by your new roommate.

Answer the question.

I did not ask Jane to bring
these to you, I swear.

It doesn't matter
if Jane brought them.

He's gonna need
a few more minutes.

Look, I'm... I'm... I'm... I'm taken
a-a little off guard here.

Can we talk about this later?

This is your signature,
isn't it?


When did you sign it?

I don't know.
A while ago, I guess. I...

You guess? Jeez.
This isn't a gym membership.

This is for the dissolution
of our marriage.

Look, I know.

You think I don't know?

This is hard for me, too, okay?

But you gotta believe me.

There is no way I meant for Jane
to bring this to you.

Then just tell me,
what is it you do mean?

Do you want
to end our marriage?



I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm s...

Please talk to me.

You know, it's just that you've
had so much going on lately,

I-I-I, you know, I thought...
I thought it would be helpful

if I took the papers over
for you.

On what planet is

you serving my wife
divorce papers a good idea?

I thought I was
doing you a favor.

Me a favor?

Really? Me?!

Fine. Us!

I just want us to move forward.

I can't stand this "one foot in,
one foot out" thing

that you've got going
with your ex.

It's not what I signed up for.

I told you
I would take care of it.

Now is not the time.

It's never the time, Tom,
until you make it the time.

You don't just th-throw papers
at someone

and say, "Here. Sign this.

Everything that we have known
and worked for is over."

It's not that easy.

It is when you know
what you want.


I love you.

But if we're gonna be together,

you've got to stop
thinking about her needs

and start thinking about mine.

I am always gonna care
about Lynette.

She's the mother
of my children.

So you need to decide
whether you can live with that.

It's gonna be okay.

Hi. I'm looking for Jennie.

I'm Jennie. And you are?

Susan Delfino, Mike's wife.



I'm so sorry for your loss.

Thank you for your sympathy,

but what I really need from you
is an explanation.

Why was Mike sending you
checks every month?

They weren't for me.
They're for Laura.


Who's Laura? Mike's daughter?

No. His sister.

So... this is a group home?

For autistic adults.

Laura's one
of our more severe cases.

She can't speak.

Loves painting though.

Spends hours every day
at that table.

Did Mike ever mention
having a sister?

No. Never.

He was great with her.

He came by every Monday night
to visit.

Told me he had softball.

Excuse me a moment.

This is crazy.

No. This is good.

There's no other woman, no kid.

Why wouldn't Mike tell me
he had a sister?

I don't know.

Did he think I'd be upset
about the money?

Because I wouldn't.

I'm sure he knew that.

But why did he think he had
to hide this from me?

I mean, did he think
I was the kind of person

that wouldn't accept her?

Sorry about that.

Would you like to meet Laura?

We'd love to.

His name is, uh, Ramon Sanchez.

He would've stayed here
around, uh, six months ago.


Hmm. Doesn't ring a bell.

But he could be
in my treasure chest.

I keep all the items
guests leave behind.

My husband calls it hoarding.

But I fancy myself
more of a collector.

20 bucks says we're barking up
the wrong crazy here.

If the prosecutor
needs more connection

to that Van de Kamp broad.
Trust me. I'll find it.

Must be your lucky day.

Room 208. Ramon Sanchez.

Thank you.

Magazine with a map,
some receipts.

I don't think
there's anything here.

He circled Wisteria Lane.

So what? It doesn't connect him
to her. Not directly.

It does if he was going
to her address.

Bob should be here any minute.

You really don't need
your lawyer.

I just wanted to show you
something that we found.

What is it?

It was with some
of Mr. Sanchez's things.

As you can see,
he wrote your address on it.

But that doesn't make any sense.
Why would he...

Look, if this goes too much farther,
there's nothing I can do to help you.

But if you come forward now,

tell me everything
that happened,

things will go a lot easier
for you.

I think I should wait
for my lawyer.

Is there someplace I
could get some water?

Right outside.

Mr. Conklin's parole hearing
is tomorrow at... 10:00.

Do you really want me
telling the board

that you couldn't find

the documents
that I requested a week ago?

I-I'll check again,
Mr. Weston.

Don't check. Find.

Ms. Van de Kamp.

You okay?

I think so.

Just, uh, waiting for Bob.

They found some other evidence,

and I'm just not sure
what to make of it all.

Look, uh,

I'm trying
to help you out here.

But there is a clock
on this deal,

so I'm not sure how much longer
you wanna wait for your lawyer.

You must hate
being a detective, huh?

Mr. Weston.

Even a rookie cop knows
that interrogating a suspect

without counsel present is
a violation of their rights,

so this must be your way of
trying to lose your gold shield,

and you know what?
I think it's gonna work.

We're just making small talk,
waiting for her lawyer.

Well, small talk's over.

I'm her lawyer.

Let's go.

You don't need his permission.

You wanna talk to her,
you talk to me first.

Is that clear,
soon-to-be-a-patrolman Murphy?

Good evening, detective.

I thought my case was
too boring for you.

It was, but I realized something
that made it interesting.

You may not have done this,

but you sure as hell know
who did.

Thank you. Ooh. Wine list.
I'll take that.

And be sure to bring me
the check.

Tonight's my treat.

Whoa. Kinda pricey.

I thought we were supposed to be
saving for Bree's lawyer.

We are, but I'm starting
to do really well,

so I think we can afford
one splurge.

I don't know.

Oh, come on, Carlos.
I want to do this for you.

Can't you just enjoy it?

I guess I can do that.

- Gaby?
- Jason!

Hey! I thought that was you.





Who are you?

Oh, this is Jason,
one of my clients.

Jason, this is Carlos, my...


Oh, hey, man.
Nice to meet you.

Grab a chair. Join us.


So, uh,

your sister here is
quite the little saleswoman.

You believe she talked me
into a $4,000 suit today?

I mean...

that is so... sis.

Carlos, maybe you should go to
the bar and get us some drinks.

Nah. I'm not thirsty.

So, uh, I'm wearing one
of the shirts you picked out.

What do you think?

Oh. I can't tell you what
I think in front of my brother.

You're so funny.

Hey, Carlos, how is it possible

that someone as awesome
as your sister

hasn't been scooped up already?

My guess is it's the herpes.

Sibling humor.

You're right. All those trips
to the free clinic

could've been for anything.

Seriously, Carlos,

some drinks for the table
would be really good.

You know, what the hell?

I'll take
a scotch on the rocks.

Uh, a single malt.

Actually, you're gonna have to
get that one yourself.

I am going home to my wife.

I'm married.

I can't believe
you just did that.

That guy's
one of my best customers.

Oh, are we talking about
that "nerd" you sell to?

Okay, maybe he's a little
better-looking than the others,

but it's my job, Carlos.

Fine. Whatever.
Let's just get out of here.

You are such a hypocrite.

How many times did you tell me
to show a little cleavage

when meeting
your out-of-town clients?

My breasts were practically
a tourist stop.

This is different,

and I don't like it,.

Well, too bad.
We need this job.

I'm the breadwinner now.

Yep. Throw that
in my face again.


"Make me dinner, Carlos."
"Get me drinks."

"Bring me the check."

Yeah, Carlos,
I did offer to treat.

And you know what I was
thinking? How good it felt,

how for the first time
in 19 years

I was able to treat you,

and I can't believe
that would bother you.

Well, it does.

It's driving me crazy
that you're the one

making all the money
and calling all the shots.

Well, get used to it,
because I did all this for you.

This is what you wanted.

Uh, give 'em to her.
She's driving now.

You're up early.

I'm up late.

Once, in college,

I wrote Mike a letter
about how horrible you are.

And good morning to me.

We'd just had a fight
on the phone,

and I needed to put my anger

Anyway, when you said

that Mike had some old letters
in that box,

I wanted to make sure
mine wasn't in it,

so I checked...

and I found these.

They're from Mike's mom adele.

It turns out you weren't
the only one

who was in the dark
about Mike's sister.

He didn't even know she existed
until eight years ago.

What? Why?

It was clear early on

that Laura was going to have
special needs.

I guess Mike's parents
weren't up for it.

"So, yes, Michael,
I am ashamed of myself,

"and I live with that decision
every day.

"But life with your father
was always hard,

"and keeping Laura would have
been an inconvenience

that might have destroyed

This was the last letter
she wrote Mike.

"And so now you know
the worst secret of my life,

"but I beg of you,
let it remain a secret.

"Your beautiful new family

"is one of the only joys
I have.

"Don't let them know the kind
of person I really am."

Mike wasn't keeping a secret
from you.

He was keeping a secret
for her.

Well, I know what Mike
would've wanted me to do.

I am gonna keep writing
those checks,

and I'm gonna keep Laura
in my life.

My God.

Adele had to live with that
on her conscience.


How do you do
something like that?

How do you give away
your own child

just because it's inconvenient?

Oh, no, no, no. No,
um, I-I didn't mean...

it's... it's not like that
with you.

No, mom, it is.

All the stuff I've said
about being pregnant...

That I'm not ready,

or that I'm not sure
I'd be a good mom...

It's all bull.

What this baby really is to me
is inconvenient.

I've been thinking about this
all night.

I don't want to make a decision

that I'm going to be ashamed of
for the rest of my life.

I can't live with that.

I won't.

Julie, are you saying...


I'm gonna keep her.

Yes, in life,
we all make plans,

but sometimes they don't
turn out the way we expected.

By trying to help out,
we may damage a relationship.

By attempting to reach out,

we may push someone
further away.

By digging into the past,

we may enrich our present.

But then there are those

who refuse to let go
of their plans,

no matter how badly
they're turning out.


Can I buy you a beer?

I figure you could use one.


Trip Weston's taking
the Van de Kamp case.

The guy won't quit
till he gets what he wants.

Yeah, neither will I.

So how about
you buy me that beer

when the bitch goes to jail?