Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 6, Episode 8 - The Coffee Cup - full transcript

Susan is sentenced to community service as a punishment for her accidental shooting Katherine after she presses charges against her. Later, thanks to the twisted Katherine's meddling, Susan discovers a connection between Mike and Katherine and begins questioning her marriage to Mike as a result. Despite Bree's efforts to hide the truth about her affair with Karl, Angie finds out, but becomes conflicted at what do do. Meanwhile, Gabrielle will stop at nothing to get Juanita into a Catholic school to continue her studies. Julie's coffee shop friend, Emily, is interested in Angie's husband, Nick whom tries to hide his past. Also, Lynette's pregnancy becomes impossible to hide... but she continues lying to Carlos knowing it will cost her job, and then Gabrielle finds out which leads to Carlos offering Lynette a promotion to move to Florida after she tries to prevent a co-worker from going.

Previously on Desperate Housewives.

No sex for at least a month.

Bree made a decision.

Focus on getting me a divorce.

And hired Angie.

Let's get cooking.

Gabby struggled at home.

- What is going on?
- It's called homeschooling!

Lynette's body was changing.

I have to hide these things at work
so Carlos doesn't find out I'm pregnant.

Cops wanted to know
where you were the night

that Julie Mayer was strangled.

You know I never attacked her.

Angie knew about the affair.

Is it true you shot Katherine Mayfair?

And Susan got in trouble.

If someone wanted proof

that Judge Mary Gallagher
had a sense of humor,

all they needed to do was
watch her pronounce sentence.

For the slumlord
who refused to fix a furnace.

You have to live in your own tenement,
for a month starting in December.

The woman who threw a phone
at her maid.

You will clean Mrs. Garcia's home
for the next six weeks.

And yes, you will do windows.

For the high school coach who made
lewd remarks to a cheerleader.

At the next school assembly,
you will perform a cheer, in uniform,

and I'd shave those legs if I were you.

And then there was the case of
the housewife who shot her neighbor.

You'll stand next to me.

So, she just popped up in my window
and I fired. It was an accident.

Liar! It was no accident!
She wanted me dead!

I did not! At least, not then.

As you can see, Your Honor,
this is an unfortunate situation.

It's a mess, is what it is.
I assume there's some history here.

- She once dated my husband.
- She stole him from me.

Stole? He came screaming back
like he was running from a fire!

I take it you're the man in question.


Yes, Your Honor.

I could see shooting someone over you.

Thank you.

Okay. I'm going to rule now.

My inclination is to avoid
giving out jail time in this case.

- I object!
- Overruled!

However, a firearm was discharged,
and there are consequences for that.

Your Honor, before you hand down
your ruling, may I say something?

Make it quick.
I already find you uninteresting.

Not only did Susan shoot me
at point-blank range,

she trashed me
to all of my friends and neighbors,

telling them I was
some kind of crazy, stalking nut.

That true?
Have you been trashing her?

I never said "nut." I said "loon."


Mrs. Delfino?

Okay, I trashed her a little,

but what I said was true,
and that's free speech.

You can't punish me for that.

when it came to sentencing,

Judge Mary Gallagher had
a sense of humor.

But not everyone found her funny.

There is a coffee shop
in Fairview.

It's known as a place where
you can read your morning paper,

where you can meet your friends,

where you can bump
into your neighbors,

whether you want to or not.


Boy, I hope they have decaf today.

Last time I was here, they were out,
so I had to have regular

and got so wired, I didn't sleep all night.

Does that happen to you?

Seriously? You think
I'm gonna make small talk with you?

Excuse me?

I know you slept with my husband.


So, I'm thinking
we're past the chit-chat stage.

I am so sorry.

Let me tell you how shame works.

When you see the wife of the guy you
banged, you don't make conversation.

You don't even smile and say hi.

You avert your gaze and you blush.

Nod if you understand.

Here's your mocha latte.
That'll be $3.50.

It's on her. She owes me.

Hey. You're going to be late for class.

- Dad?
- All my clothes are too tight.

- I had to borrow yours.
- I was going to wear that shirt today.

Well, when you're hiding your
fourth month of pregnancy with twins,

you can have it back.
What do you think?

I'm still attracted to you
in men's clothes. Is that weird?

All I need is to pull this off
for two more days.

You should have told Carlos
two months ago.

There's no way he won't be furious
when he finds out.

Tom, I may be wearing men's clothes,
but I am not an idiot. I've got this.

Terrence Henderson
and I are about to close

the biggest deal
in the history of this company.

Once Carlos sees how great Terrence
is, he'll see the work can still get done,

even when I'm on maternity leave.

And you're sure
this deal is going to close?

Nope. That's why we need to keep
our fingers crossed.

Okay now, wish me luck.

Good luck. Now come here, Mister.
I want to kiss you.

Okay, now it's weird.

Bless me, Father, for I have sinned.

Go ahead, my child.

Well, I've been homeschooling my
daughter, and it's been a living hell.

So, I tried to bribe someone
to get her into Catholic school.

And what happened?

Well, you tell me.

Gabrielle, what are you doing?

Come on, Padre!
You're the head of admissions,

and you've got a great school here,
but there's a two-year waiting list.

Put your money away.

It's your money! Sleep with it
for a while. See how it feels.

No! I wish I could help,
but my hands are tied.

Come on, I'm not asking you
to part the Red Sea.

Just find a spot for one kid
in the second grade.

Look, if a student were to withdraw,

I might be able to move you
to the top of the waiting list.

- Fantastic.
- But, frankly, we tend to favor those

- who are more faithful.
- What does that mean?

Well, I've noticed
that you don't come to mass very often.


I hear you, Padre. You're okay
with money, as long as it comes

in one of those little wicker baskets
you pass around.

No, that's not what I'm saying.

Of course not! I realize it's dark in here,
but just know I'm winking back.

So, your first opera.
That's quite a milestone.

Throw in "last" and it's two milestones.

Oh, stop. I saw you tear up
at the end of Act 2.

Only because I realized
there was an Act 3.

Madame Butterfly
is Puccini's masterpiece.

Didn't you enjoy it just a little?

What about that scene when Butterfly
tells her child not to feel sorrow

for her mother's desertion?
Didn't that make you feel anything?

Actually, that's when
you leaned forward

and I saw a little peek of your boob,
so I guess it made me feel horny.

Karl, don't!

Come on, it's a dark parking structure.

People are just going to think
I'm mugging you.

We agreed, no sex for a month.

We need to find out if we can be
together in a non-sexual manner.

I'm serious.
Can you keep your hands to yourself?

Can I?
Thanks to you, it's my only choice.

Hey, how was your business dinner?

Oh, uh...

Our bid was too high.

Looks like they're going to go
with another caterer.

What are you listening to?

It's a new recording
of Madame Butterfly.

Isn't it glorious?

It is. I should go to bed, Orson.

Good night.

All right, guys, you sign the lease
and we'll pop the champagne.

The Florida branch is officially a go.

Terrific. So,
when do we get our branch manager?

We've got somebody great lined up.
We just need to finalize some things.

We'll get back to you. Thanks.

Who do we have lined up?

That's the thing we need to finalize.

But today, we celebrate. Lynette,
you really hit this one out of the park.

I've got to give credit
where credit is due.

Terrence did a lot of
the heavy lifting on this one.

And I don't care if I embarrass him.
This guy is a star.

Strangely, I'm not embarrassed.

Carlos, I didn't want
to interrupt your phone call,

but your wife is here.

Just tell her to wait in my office
until we've finished.

You listen to me,
Carlos Solis!

I just came from St. Ursula's,

and we've got big trouble!
Do not blow me off!

So, according to the Catholic Church,
we're not holy enough,

but I have a feeling
a big fat check might slap on a halo.

- How big?
- Well, something that'll make

a priest say "holy" and "mother"
in the same sentence.

That should get her to the top
of the waiting list.

I'm not going to write a big check
on the chance that it might get her in.

- Carlos!
- Gabby, I can't do this now.

You know the problems that I'm facing

trying to get the new Florida office
up and running.

Now, if you don't mind...

Fine. Can I trouble you for $5?

I'll buy Juanita a hairnet and prepare
her for a future in the fast-food industry.


Hello, gentlemen.

What? A lot of people
are wearing this style.

Well, it doesn't make it right.

Hey, Gabby. I heard you mention
St. Ursula's. It is worth the hassle.

Our daughter Molly's in the second
grade, and she loves it there.

Oh, I didn't know Molly
was in the same grade as Juanita.


Would you excuse me for a second?

Hey, that branch in Florida?
I think I found our man.

No, no, no!
You can't send Terrence to Florida.

You should take it as a compliment.
You trained him well.

Exactly! You can't send him away!
What if you need him here?

Why would I? I've got you.

But what if I was hit by a bus and I was
put on bed rest for, say, three months?

Who... Who would cover for me?

That's not going to happen.

Hey, you jinxed it.

Now for sure,
some version of that is gonna happen.

Lynette, it's done.
We are sending Terrence to Florida.

And I really like this new look
that you've got going.

But careful,
Roberta in accounting asked

if I thought you'd like
to go bowling with her.

Hi, Susan.

Oh, God. What are you doing here?

I was just having lunch with some
friends who are not on a chain gang.

Thought I'd stop by and say hi.

- You mean stop by and gloat.
- Maybe a little.

So, how's it going? Meeting anybody?

They say the friends you make
on the inside, you'll have for life.

Yes, Katherine, this all sucks.
But you know what?

At the end of the day, I go home
to Mike, which means I won.

That's big talk for a woman
standing in an orange jumpsuit

with blisters on her feet.

Well, Mike will rub them
when I go home.

And for the record,
I totally make this work.

The fact that you think
you look good in orange

shows I'm not dealing
with a rational person.

By the way, you missed something.

- No, I didn't.
- Yeah, you did.


Hey! Come back here!

- She littered! Shoot her!
- What a moron.

I wish I'd caught her license plate
number. She'd be sorry.


What kind of damage could you do
with her home address?

You missed something.

- Did you get them all?
- You're supposed to eat it, not wear it.

Well, they call it crumb cake
for a reason. Come on.

Emily, can you steam me
some 2% milk?


This is what happens
when I'm five minutes late?

- What?
- The waitress, with the hands?

- She was brushing crumbs off my shirt.
- What, the ones Julie missed?

Oh, my God. Is this how it's gonna be
every time I talk to a woman?

Yeah. Probably.

Ange, I'm sorry. I don't know
how many times I can say it.

I'll do anything you want.
I'll do couples therapy.

Great idea.
Let's tell somebody all our secrets,

and then when we're cured,
we can kill him.

I don't know what you want.

I want you to be the guy you used to be,

the guy who saved my life,
not the guy who destroyed it.

How are we doing here?

Never been better.

- Hey!
- Hi!

- Come on in!
- Yeah!

- This is so nice of you.
- Oh, no.

It's not every day that one of my
associates gets a big promotion.

Thank you.

Tom, why don't you take Crystal
into the den and get comfortable,

while I steal this guy
to help me make cocktails?

Come on, right this way.

So, how excited are you? Miami!

Pretty jazzed.
It's an exciting opportunity.

I think it's great how you're
concentrating on the upside of this.

There's a downside?

No! Not really. Forget I mentioned it.

It's just...

Do you remember Tim Baker who was
sent to head up our Chicago office?

- Never heard of him.
- Exactly.

So, you are moving to Florida. Wow!

- Pecan?
- No, thanks. I'm on a diet.

Yeah, I can't wait. No more winter.

Yep. Just heat and hurricanes.

I'm willing to put up with that. Miami
has so many other things to offer.

It certainly must, to attract
all those Colombian drug lords.

The Chicago branch was
a little slow out of the gate.

Corporate freaked,
and made Tim the scapegoat.

- Where's he now?
- He's in plastics.

Or paper, depending on what you want
your groceries in. Wine?

And when they cut into
the alligator's stomach,

not only was the guy's arm still intact,
but it was still holding his golf club.

I think he would've been fine
if his wife hadn't left him.

That led directly to the alcoholism,

which probably had something to do
with him threatening the president.

Boy, is that a bitch on the old resume.

That humidity, your hair.
I think it's a recipe for cotton candy.

Here we go, everybody,
we've got the wine.

I would like to propose a toast.

To Terrence and Crystal, may
Miami be everything you think it will.

Hear, hear.

- Knock, knock. Anybody home?
- Come on in, Angie.

This is pretty. What is it?

It's from the opera Madame Butterfly.

She sounds so sad.

Actually, in this aria,
Butterfly is hopeful

that one day her lover will return to her.

- Oh. Does he?
- No.

Because of his abandonment,
she kills herself.


You ever see Avenue Q,
the musical, with the puppets?

Now that's good theater.

Bree's not here. What do you want?

Well, I need to talk to her about
some work stuff. Where is she?

She's out.

That's generally where
Bree is these days, out.

She's meeting with a prospective client,
so she says.

She's had four client meetings
this week,

and not one has resulted in a booking.

Why do you think that is?

It's a rough economy.

See, I think she's taken a lover.

What? Come on. No way.

- How can you be so sure?
- An affair?

Oh, please.
The woman makes her own croutons.


Angie, I have to go away
on a golf weekend.

While I'm gone, could you do me
a favor and keep an eye on Bree?

- What do you mean?
- Just observe her.

Does she come home at night?
Is anyone with her?

Look, if you want to be paranoid,
go ahead. It's a free country.

But I am not going to spy
on your wife for you.

Yes. I suppose that's for the best.

I mean, if I did find out
she was betraying me,

I'd probably do something stupid.

Toughen up. It's just a little dust.

Look, I have to clean that area.

Would you mind having
your breakdown someplace else?

Just leave me alone, okay?
You won, I lost. Isn't that enough?


When you're sitting
on the side of the road

picking up Styrofoam and wads of gum,
it's time to admit defeat.

The man I love chose you. It's over.

- Are you messing with me?
- No. I'm being honest.

Why has this been so hard on me?

Well, you loved him.

I did. I really did. And now he's gone.

Katherine, you're an attractive,
intelligent woman.

- You're going to meet other guys.
- Not like Mike.

We connected on
so many different levels,

intellectually, emotionally, sexually.

Oh, I've never felt such passion.

Where am I going to find another guy

who'll make love to me
five times in one day?

- That's a lie.
- No, it's not.

Five times?

Susan, come on. Don't tell me
that you and Mike have never...



Maybe I didn't lose after all.

Remind me to ask you
what you want for breakfast more often.

- It beats a bowl of oatmeal, doesn't it?
- You kidding? That beat a waffle.

Listen. I have a crazy idea.
Why don't we both call in sick

and spend the day in bed,
naked, together.

Did I mention naked?

- You want to go for seconds?
- Mmm-hmm.

What's gotten into you?

Even on my birthday,
you told me to hurry up

because The Bachelor was on.

Can't a wife just want to spend time
with her husband?

Well, yeah.
It's just that your timing's bad.

I've got to finish Mr. Henkle's shower.

I promised him I'd be there yesterday.
I'm serious.

The old man hasn't had a shower
in three days,

and that's a long time
for an old man to not take a shower.

Oh, the hell with it. He survived
World War II. He'll get through this.

Father Crowley, hi. This is for you.

Thought I'd catch up
on my giving to my favorite parish.

Wow. I certainly didn't expect this.

Well, do with it what you will.
Buy a new pipe organ, help the needy,

take a trip to Tahiti. I really don't care.

Listen, I don't know which nun
you're going to put my kid with,

but make sure she's had a tetanus shot.
Juanita's a biter.

Gabrielle, I think
you're jumping the gun here.

Why? A spot opened up.

Molly Henderson
is moving to Florida, right?

Well, she was.
Her father was going to take a new job,

but he decided against it.

What? No! No! This can't be!

I'm afraid it is. Anyway,
how did you even know about this?

We'll talk about it in confession.

Have faith, Gabrielle. When God
closes a door, he opens a window.

Thank you, Father Crowley.

Hey, I got the stuff for the mushroom
tarts. How's that cake coming along?

Just when I think I can't top myself,
I do.

How about that. By the way,
Orson thinks you're having an affair.

- He thinks what now?
- He thinks you're stepping out,

but I told him there is no way
Bree Van De Kamp

is whoring it up in some sleazy motel.

Thank you for that.

Sorry to spring it on you like that.

I just felt you should know
what he was saying.

Well, I appreciate it.

I just don't understand
why he would go to you.

Well, he was drinking a lot.

Also, he asked me
if I would spy on you.

Relax, Bree. Obviously, I said no.

And I appreciate that, too. Would you
mind cleaning this up for me?

Are you sure you're done
topping yourself?

This is serious, Karl.
He asked Angie to spy on me,

and God knows who else
he has watching me.

I don't think
we should see each other again

until after you've gotten me a divorce.

Don't ask me how. You're the lawyer!

Hey, aren't you
supposed to be at school?

You never come home for lunch.

I thought I'd try something different.

Hey, since we're both home, why
don't we go upstairs and make love?

What, seriously?
You want to do it again?

I just got a sub from Martinelli's.

Mike, I am offering you a nooner.
Drop your pants and get upstairs.

Can I bring my sandwich?

Yes! Bring it. Grab a pickle.
I don't care.

- You're the best wife ever.
- Come on!

Can I turn on The Three Stooges, too?

Lynette, it's Gabby!

In a minute!

Hey, Gabby.

Hey, Nanook.
Why are you wearing a parka?

Because fur is murder. What's up?

I talked to Crystal Henderson,

and she said you talked Terrence
out of going to Miami. Is that true?

I didn't talk him out of it. I merely
pointed out the pros and the cons.

Well, apparently the cons won.

You've got to un-talk him out of it!
I need him out of this state.


Are you sleeping with him?

No! The truth is, if he doesn't go,

Juanita can't take his kid's spot
at St. Ursula's!

You're unbelievable. You want this guy
to uproot his entire life

just so you can get out of
homeschooling your daughter?

Yeah, yeah. "Selfish Gabby," same
old song, join in if you know the words.

Well, sorry, Gabby.
I need Terrence here.

Why? Are you sleeping with him?

No! I just need him here.

Every time I turn around,

someone is trying to make my life
more complicated.

Why can't everyone just let it go?

Hey, I'm sorry. Come here.

Everything's gonna be okay.

I don't know
why you're getting so upset.

- What was that?
- What was what?

Your stomach just kicked me.

Open the parka!

- I'd rather not.
- Open it!

You're pregnant!
Why didn't you tell me?

Because I knew you'd tell Carlos.

Yeah, so I tell Carlos.
What's wrong with...

Oh, no.

When Carlos offered
you that promotion,

you knew you were pregnant,

and you knew you'd be leaving him
in the lurch?

- Gabby...
- Carlos just got this company.

He brought in people
he could depend on,

and he thought
he could depend on you!

I didn't tell Carlos because I knew
I was the best person for the job,

and I wanted to prove it.

Well, you certainly proved something.

Gabby, wait. Please don't tell Carlos.
I think he should hear it from me.

Yeah. Better late than never, right?

Susan, I'm home. Are you hungry?

Up here!

Hello, lover.

Oh, God. Susan, I can't.

I got nothing left.

I hit my hand with a wrench today,
and when I cried, only dust came out.

You cried? That is so sexy.

What is going on with you?
It's like you just got out of prison.

Is there a problem with
a husband and wife having sex?

We have a passionate relationship,
don't we?

Well, of course we do. It's just,

I was hoping that
tonight we could cuddle.

- Cuddle? Am I that repulsive to you?
- What?

It's okay, Mike, you can say it.

I'm a lousy lay.

Susan, we had sex three times today.
All right? I can't do it again.

It's not you, it's basic biology.

Really? Biology?
Well, here is some basic math.

You had sex with Katherine five times
in one day, and me, three.

Five minus three equals,

Katherine turns you on,
and sex with me is a chore!

You and Katherine
actually talked about this?

More like she rubbed it in my face.

Okay. Look, the only reason that
that record ever happened was

we got snowed in during a ski trip.

And we had absolutely nothing
to talk about.

Sex was all we ever had.

Don't you get it? There was
nothing else to the relationship.

But you and I, we've got everything.

We have a rich, full life together.

We can finish each other's sentences.

- Mike, I...
- "Have been so foolish."

Is that what you were going to say?

- And?
- You want to cuddle.

I was gonna say The Bachelor is on,
but cuddling is good, too.

Karl, what are you doing here?
Someone could see you!

Yeah, especially if you leave me
standing on your doorstep.

Relax. I parked two blocks away.

I don't appreciate your taking
risks like this. If Orson finds out about...

You won't have that
to worry about much longer.

I found a way to spring you
from this marriage.

- Orson's still on parole, right?
- For another year. Why?

If he violates parole by, for instance,
associating with a known felon,

- they can revoke it.
- Then send him back to jail.

All we need to do is get some ex-con in
a room with Orson, take some pictures,

and bam!
He can't touch you because, if he does,

the parole officer will get the pictures,
and it's bye-bye, Orson.

Karl, that's perfect!
And then he'll have to let me go!

I think someone deserves a kiss.

Karl, we agreed.

Bree, for the first time
since we've been together,

your husband is out of town. Do we
really want to let that go to waste?

Come on, come on!

Do not answer that.

This is Bree. Please leave a message.

Damn it!

- Hello!
- Bree,

you got to get that man
out of your bedroom right now!

What? There's no man in my room!

Good, because it was just about to get
a whole lot more crowded.

Orson is home!


You're home early.

Is something wrong?

Why are you back so soon?

I'm coming down with a cold.

You know how I hate to be sick
away from home.

What are you doing?

There are two glasses downstairs
and one has wine.

You're obviously not alone here.

What are you implying?

You know perfectly well
what I'm implying, Bree.

Who was drinking the wine?

Well, first of all, I am insulted
that you'd even think that...

Bree, where are you?

There you are. Orson.

Wow, I pop home for five minutes
to toss some clothes in the dryer,

and you've got a man in your bedroom.

You were here tonight?

Well, yeah, just tossing back
a little vino and gossiping.

Yes, this girl knows
everything about everybody.

Is there any wine left?
I could use a glass.

Yeah, downstairs on the table.

You go on ahead.
We're gonna finish up our girl talk.

- Where are the clothes?
- Behind the pillow.

Hey. You're going to have to jump.

There's rose bushes,
so put your pants on first.

- Angie, I can't thank you enough.
- I didn't do this for you.

- I did it for Orson.
- For Orson?

I defended you.
I told him you had too much class

to do something like this.

I understand your disdain,
but this is a complicated situation.

Let me make it simple for you.
Two men want you. Choose one.

But which one?

Orson's blackmailing me
to stay with him.

- He's manipulative and calculating.
- Then go with lover boy.

Well, what kind of life would I have
with Karl?

He's crass and conceited,

and the only thing
we seem to have in common is sex.

Then why are you having an affair
with someone you don't even like?

Did I mention the sex?

Karl brings out passion in me
I never knew I had.

I melt every time he touches me.

Then find a way out of your marriage

and start building a life with this Karl.

I would, it's just...


Orson likes opera.

- Hey, you busy?
- No.

So, did Gabby talk to you last night?

No, but I need to talk to you.


- I want you to run the Miami office.
- What?

If it isn't going to be Terrence,
then it has to be you.

The future of the company's at stake.
I need my best people on the spot.

It won't be forever, and depending on
how things go, after a couple of years,

maybe you could even move back
and telecommute from here.

- Carlos, what is this?
- What's what?

Come on!
I know you know I'm pregnant.

You're pregnant? Wow. Great.

Carlos, please. I know Gabby told you.


I would remember somebody telling me
something like that.

So, what's your answer?

You send someone else to Miami,
and I stay here. That's my answer.

Except I need you in Miami,
and I don't need you here.

Not anymore.

Carlos, I am sorry.
I know I should have told you

when I first found out.
Believe me, I wish I had now,

but you can't fire me
for being pregnant.

I'm not firing you, Lynette.
I'm offering you a promotion.

If you choose to turn it down
and quit instead, I can't stop you.

All I can do is say good luck

and congratulations.

No, it's late and I've still got to close up.

Yeah, tomorrow's no good, either.

Listen, you're a nice guy. I'm just not
looking for a relationship right now.

Sorry. Hello?

I know you girls think that's letting a
guy down easy, but trust me, it ain't.

You okay for now?
I've got to clean up in the back.

Yeah, I'm good.

Agent Padilla?
Little memory quiz for you.

This is Black Owl.

Damn, Chris, still sharp as a tack, huh?

No, no, no, no. Don't...
Don't ask me anything, don't talk.

This conversation will last less than
60 seconds and we both know why.

I'm thinking about coming in.
You interrupt me again and I hang up.

I said I was thinking about it. Now,
here's what you need to think about.

I don't care what happens to me,
but I have to know she gets a pass.

There'll be no further discussion
on this until that is firm.

The next time you hear from me, you
will have an answer to that question,

and it better be yes.

You eavesdropping on me?

No, no. I just got here.

And now I want to go home.

I'll see you.

There is a coffee shop in Fairview.

It's known as a place where
you can read your morning paper,

where you can meet your friends,

where you can have a cup of coffee
at the end of a long day.

Yes, it was a place
known for many things.

Oh. Hey. Did you forget something?

What are you doing?

But after this night,
it would be known for something

far worse.