Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 6, Episode 7 - Careful the Things You Say - full transcript

Lynette begins to hide her pregnancy from both Carlos and Gabrielle to protect her promotion at the office. Bob and Lee adopt a baby from an Asian country. Meanwhile, an Italian-American ...

Previously on Desperate Housewives.

Old friends fought.

You knew that Julie was in trouble
and you chose not to come to me.

New lovers lied.

Where did you get it, Bree?

She bought it, I'm assuming.

Oh, yes, at that little antique store
down on Pearl Street.

Sorry. We sell furniture.

She must have gotten it
somewhere else.

And suspicion was born.

Do you know where Katherine
was the night that Julie was attacked?

Julie Mayer
was having trouble sleeping.

You see,
every time she closed her eyes,

she dreamt of her neighbor.

They met
when she came to tutor his son.

Later, a chance encounter at a caf?
led to hours of conversation.

He asked to see her again

and again

and again.

And the next thing Julie knew,

she was having an affair
with a married man.

But then after a close call,
she came to her senses,

and told the man it was over.

Unfortunately for Julie, some men
can't take "no" for an answer.

Can I come in?

What What, that's it
It's that simple for you?

You have to leave now.

Come on, come on.
Let's just talk about this!

- There is nothing to talk about!
- Yes, there is!

- Just go!
- Come on, talk to me, huh?

Lynette, hi. What's up?

I'm just dropping off that band candy
your mom bought from Penny.

Everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine.
Mr. Bolen was just leaving. Right?

Yeah, I guess I was.

- Hey, Lynette.
- Hey, Nick.

- What was that about?
- What do you mean?

Well, I don't mean to pry. It's just...

When I was walking up,
I heard you two arguing.

He's the guy.

- The guy?
- The guy I was having the affair with.

No. No!

- Why did you tell me this?
- You asked.

Why not lie? I'm late for work.
I would've bought anything.

- Look, don't freak out. It's over.
- Not for me.

- Now I have to tell your mom.
- No, you don't.

She was pissed when I didn't tell her
you might be pregnant.

If I don't tell her about this, I'm dead!

- Come on, Lynette.
- I'm serious!

She already shot Katherine.
Now she's got a taste for blood.

There's no reason to tell her anything.
I broke it off weeks ago.

- Then why was he here?
- He wants me to take him back.

- Threaten to tell his wife.
- He doesn't care. He says he loves me.

Oh, honey, you're smart enough
to know that that's a lie. Right?

I keep trying to get over him,
but then he comes over here,

and he says all this stuff,
and I just get so confused.

Listen to me. I will handle this.

Really? And you won't tell my mom?

No, I won't.

Thank you.

That night, for the first time in weeks,
Julie Mayer would sleep well.

Lynette Scavo would not.

Fairview Home Schooling Workbook

was created to help parents
teach their children.

It's colorful, very entertaining,

a bit challenging
and guaranteed to make teaching fun.

Pick that up
or I will knock you into next week.

I hate fractions!

I don't care!
You still have to learn them.

Why? Fractions are boring.

Okay. Fine,
let me make it more interesting for you.

Say I take Mrs. Doolittle, your favorite
doll, and I chop her into thirds.

I bury one-third in the yard.

I put another third
down the garbage disposal.

How much of Mrs. Doolittle
do you have left?

You're not gonna hurt her, are you?

It depends on how you answer
the question.

Gabby, can I see you for a sec?

- What is going on?
- I'm teaching math.

By threatening her toys?

Well, maybe teacher's
a little tired, okay?

It's not the only thing
I have to do around here.

- I also have to cook and clean...
- Okay, I hear you.

It isn't fair that all this falls on you.

- I'll get you some help.
- Thank you.

We'll get a housekeeper.

What? No, no, no.
I'd rather have a tutor.

You'd rather scrub toilets
than teach your daughter?

Well, at least the toilets won't talk back.

Gabby, she just had to leave her school
and all her friends.

And now her mother's gonna abandon
her and leave her with some stranger?

- I don't think so.
- No, but...

No buts. Juanita needs you right now.
You're doing this.

Don't worry, your doll's safe.

If I'm gonna chop anything off, it's
gonna be something of your daddy's!

So, you're saying
you won't even talk to her?

No, we already
interviewed Mrs. Mayfair.

That's when you thought
Danny Bolen had attacked Julie.

You treated her like a witness.

Now you need to treat her
like a suspect.

Look, Miss, we're not trying
to dismiss your concerns,

but women don't commit
this kind of crime.

They tend to keep at a physical remove
from their victims.

Vehicular assaults, poison.

Well, maybe Katherine was thinking
outside the box.

- Hey, did you get any mayo?
- Yeah.

Look, I was skeptical, too,
but she does have a motive.

- She hates Susan.
- Well, that's a motive to attack her.

Well, maybe Katherine saw Julie taking
out the garbage and thought it was me.

She mistook you for a 23-year-old?

I'm sorry, Mrs. Delfino,
but unless you've got actual evidence,

we're gonna keep assuming
this was a random incident,

one that your daughter
thankfully survived.

Damn it, they forgot the pickle!
What is with this place?

Is there anyone here that understands
a woman can be a psycho killer, too?

Maybe I can help.
You want me to take this one?

- Have at it.
- Thank you so much.

So, how about I take a look at your file,
I will swing by tomorrow

- and I'll get your statement then.
- Great.

It's nice to know that someone
cares about justice more than pickles.

Come on, Mike.

Are you sure you want this case?

Because I've got a serial killer here
that might be more fun.

Nah, she and I go way back.

She doesn't remember me now,
but she will.

I wish you hadn't committed us to this.

Why? They're our neighbors,
and they've been asking us for weeks.

I'm not a fan of Angie Bolen.
She can be very forward.

I like her. She's earthy,
takes a real interest in people.

Yes. Last week she asked me
how much my dress cost,

and did I still get visits
from my Aunt Flo.

- I believe that's a euphemism for...
- I know what it means.

By the way,
I stopped by that antique store today,

the one where you said
you bought that brooch.

- Oh?
- Yeah, I thought I'd get you

a replacement,
since you gave yours to Susan,

but the owner said they don't sell
jewelry there, just furniture.

Well, that's odd.

I must have confused that store
with the jewelry shop on Maple Street.

Yes, I remember now.
That's where I bought it.

Hey, look who's here.

My goodness, another course?

My Grandma Bombelli always said,

"If the men can still button their pants,
dinner ain't over yet."


Is her braciola amazing or what?

I have to admit, I've never had
this before, and it is quite tasty.

Thanks, hon. Hang on a sec.

We don't want to
stain that gorgeous blouse.

I'm actually a very neat eater.

Hey, when Nick here
starts twirling his pasta, nobody's safe.

I did get some friendly fire
from a meatball earlier.

I'm glad we're finally doing this.
You two are hard to pin down.

- Well, we've been incredibly busy.
- I'll bet.

Especially since Katherine wigged out
and you had to give her the boot.

You know,
if you need someone to replace her,

- you could do a lot worse than Angie.
- Oh?

Yeah. Her Grandma Bombelli
had the best restaurant in Little Italy,

taught Angie everything she knew.

I mean, if you're looking for help.

- Well, if your food is all this good...
- We're not hiring.

- Sorry.
- Okay. It was just a thought.

- You sure, Bree?
- She said no.

No, I'm just saying,
you don't know what you're missing.

Nick, she's had four courses.

She knows what she's missing.
Now, zip it!

Don't bite my head off.
I'm just trying to help.

What, by embarrassing our guests?

Just ignore him, okay?

It was your idea to cook for her.

Thank you! Now they're gonna think
that I don't cook for people

unless I have an angle.

I am so sorry.

Now, look at them.
They're wishing they hadn't come.

- No! We're having a lovely time.
- No, we are thrilled to be here.

Now you're making our guests lie.

I'm gonna go stir the sauce.

I'll get more wine. We're gonna need it.

Just curious, how many more courses?


Orson, I never thought
I'd say this to you again,

but please unbutton your pants.

Okay, if you have half a cabbage and
someone gives you a quarter cabbage,

how much cabbage do you have?

None, because I hate cabbages
and I wouldn't take them.

Fine. They're balloons.

There's no such thing as half a balloon.

Well, there is such a thing
as half an allowance,

which is what you're gonna get
if you don't start to focus.

- Why can't I just use a calculator?
- Because you have to know this stuff.

If not, you're gonna end up
scrubbing other people's toilets.


Look, if you finish this page,
we'll go get some ice cream.

How does that sound?

I don't want to have ice cream with you.

I'm gonna get some air.

Will you make sure
she doesn't move from the table?

- What do you call this again?
- Foie gras mousse.


Tastes so elegant.

- Don't you think it's elegant?
- It's okay.

Would you like to
sample something else, Mr. Vitale?

Some salmon en croute
or perhaps some coq au vin?

Got anything I can pronounce?

You don't need to pronounce it.
You just got to wipe it off your shirt.

You want to end up on a plate
next to the salmon? Keep it up.

I'm sorry we wasted your time.

My husband doesn't understand
elegant food. He's an ignoramus.

Hey, this ignoramus is throwing you
an anniversary party for 500 people.

Five hundred, you say?

Let's sit down and figure something out

because I would really love
to cater this party.

Look, you seem like a nice lady.

It's just that our guests
are coming in from the Bronx.

They don't know from fancy food.

It's more of a
sausage-and-peppers crowd. I'm sorry.

I could make you braciola.

- You can do braciola?
- Yes.

And gnocchi and tortelloni
and lasagna verde!

But none of that stuff's on your menu.

That's because they're family recipes
from my grandmother Bombelli.

You're Italian? You don't look it.

Papa was Irish.

I may get my hair
from the O'Rourke side,

but my stomach, she's all Bombelli.

If you give me this job,

I will feed your family my stracotto
till the men can't button their pants.

Now that's what we're looking for.
You're hired.

I feel better.

All right, let's get back to it.

Hold it.
You got all these problems right?

- You cheated, didn't you? Confess!
- No. Ivana helped me.

- Who's Ivana?
- That's me.

We met when you handed me
this bucket and rag.

Yeah, right. Sorry. You helped her?

I told her to look at fractions
like a big chocolate cake.

The bottom number is the whole thing,

and the top number
represents how many slices.

Well, I should've known cake would
make everything come into focus.

Math is my specialty.

I have a PhD in engineering
from the University of Bucharest,

but it means nothing
in the American job market, so...

Wow, a doctor, impressive.

The upstairs bathroom
has a bunch of hair stuck in the drain.

- Can you take care of that?
- Sure.

Mom, this next page
doesn't make sense. I need help.


Doctor? I'm thinking that drain can wait.

- Nick.
- Hey, Lynette. Perfect timing.

I was just thinking
about busting open a bottle of wine.

Well, actually, I'm here to talk to Nick.

I was admiring your roses,

and I was hoping
you could give me a few pointers.

Honey, you hear that?

People are asking us
for gardening tips.

We are officially suburban.

So, wine?

- You go ahead.
- All right.

- Thanks, though.
- Mmm-hmm.

So, here's the key. You cut going away
from the bud at a 45-degree angle...

I know about you and Julie.

For God's sake, you're twice her age.

Okay, Lynette,
this is none of your business.

- No offense.
- None taken,

but you know who might be offended?
Her father.

If Karl finds out,
he's gonna come over here

and cut your buds off
at a 45-degree angle.

Yeah, thanks for the warning.

I mean it. If you don't stop
bothering Julie, you will be sorry.

- Happy gardening.
- Hang on a second. Hang on, hang on.

Wait, Julie said I was bothering her?

Did she also tell you
that she started this whole thing?

She came after me.
There are two sides to every story.

Yeah, well, your side is married.

Look, I tried to resist.
She just wore me down,

talking about how
she'd never met anybody like me,

she never felt this way before.

She's been jerking me around
since the day we met.

I don't care. Just leave her alone.

Yeah, all right, all right, fine. Hey, hey.

If I find out you told anyone about us,
you're the one who's gonna be sorry.

So, like I said,
you wanna water your roses,

you know, a few times a week.

Don't get anything on the foliage.
All right?

That's how they get diseased. All right?

Hey, thanks, baby.

You okay?

I think I might know
who strangled Julie.

Hey, good timing.
I'm putting dinner on the table.

I thought the housekeeper
was supposed to start today.

She did, and she's fantastic.

And her family escaped from Romania
with practically nothing.

What were they fleeing from,

Well, I didn't want to just throw work
at her the first day.

- We needed time to bond.
- Okay.

So, when does she start bonding
with the dishwasher?

Daddy! Look what I did. Fractions!

All right. So Mommy taught you
how to do fractions.

- Mommy didn't. Ivana...
- "I wanna take all the credit myself."

Can you believe her?
After all the work I've done.

Let's go teach you some manners.

So, the best they can figure, the attack
happened around 11:30 that night.

Now, people saw Katherine
leaving the wedding in the afternoon,

and no one saw her again
until the next morning.

So, you have to wonder.

I'm sorry, but aren't you gonna
write some of this down?

You totally don't remember me,
do you?

Oh, my gosh!

- No. Sorry. Can I get a little help?
- Denise. Denise Lapera.

Of course!

- A little more help, please?
- Fairview High.

I used to sit behind you
in Mr. Parsons' English class.

Oh, my God. I am such an idiot.
Denise Lapeera!

- Lapera.
- Lapera.

Oh, whoa!

Wow. Mr. Parsons. Pit-Stain Parsons.

Oh, gosh,
I wonder whatever happened to him.

Yeah, I actually arrested him
a few years back, twice. Drunk driving.

He got a little aggressive.
I had to use my Taser.

Part of me was like,
"That's for Beowulf."

That's good times, yeah, good times.

The good times
just keep rolling for you, huh, Susan?

I mean, look at you,
you got a handsome husband

and two beautiful children
and a lovely home.

How about you, Detective Lapeera?

- Lapera.
- Lapera.

You know, you have done
very well for yourself.

Professionally, maybe.

But I'm living in my mother's basement.


- I'm sorry. Divorced?
- Never married.

- Dating anyone?
- No.

But I did bowl a 179 the other night.

And you're a detective.

So, back to Katherine.

Is there anything else
that you need to know?

No, I'm good.

I'll just head over there now and nose
around and see if she has an alibi.

Actually, Denise, one more thing.

This is a very tight-knit community,

and I'm afraid if Katherine finds out

that I'm the one that accused her
of this, things could get ugly.

- Oh, we wouldn't want that, would we?
- Exactly.

So, maybe you could just say
it was an anonymous tip or something?

- Sure.
- Thanks.

- Say hi to your mom.
- Yeah, we don't speak.

Oh, look. What a nice gift.

It's the least I could do
to thank you for that marvelous dinner.

Please, we should be thanking you
for not walking out

when me and Nick
started screaming at each other.

It was just one course.

The rest of the meal
was extremely quiet.

God, you are so tactful.

You think
you could teach me some of that?

And take away that earthy charm?
I wouldn't think of it.

Listen, Angie, I have this friend
coming to town next week,

and I would love to serve her
that dinner you made for us,

if you don't mind sharing your recipes.

Gee, I would love to help,

but Grandma Bombelli was real strict
about not sharing the family recipes.


This friend just loves good Italian food.

Take her to Piccolino.
Their food is good.

This friend, she doesn't really go
to restaurants anymore,

not since the fire.

- People stare, so...
- Oh, my God, that's awful.

You know what, Grandma would want
this woman to eat well. Hold on.

Okay, we got the gnocchi,
lasagna verde, the tortelloni,

the braciola, the stracotto, arancini
and the polenta cake.

But I'm making a big exception here,

so promise
you won't go passing these around.

Trust me, I will treat these recipes
as if they were my own.

She has been over there
a long time, hasn't she?

Man, are there enough photos of you
in this yearbook? Wow.

Do you still have this
cheerleading outfit?


I just thought if you put it on,
it might jog your memory.

All right. Looking at Denise's photo
might do the trick.

Hey, here she is.

Yikes, hair in the '80s.
What were you girls thinking?

- Oh, my God! Moose!
- Too much mousse, if you ask me.

No. The animal.
That was her nickname.

- Oh, God. Oh, God.
- What's wrong?

This is Moose Lapera.

She was the only girl
that hated me in high school.


I may have mentioned to Beth Porter
that she had a laugh like a moose.

- You gave her the nickname?
- No, I just made that comparison.

Beth is the one
that got the entire school to go...

Whenever she walked by.

And she hates you because of that?

And also, I kind of stole her boyfriend.

"Kind of"?

She spent all senior year in love
with Mark Malone.

And they went on, like, one date.

And Mark noticed me
and dumped Moose to ask me out.

So, the guy came after you.
Wasn't your fault.

Clearly, you were never
a high school girl.

Moose was convinced
that I stole Mark from her,

just like Katherine is convinced that I...

Oh, my God, I sent her over there.

It's like a meeting
of the I Hate Susan club.

- What am I gonna do?
- This was a long time ago.

Nobody holds a grudge that long.

Hey, maybe you're right. Look at this.

I think she might be
arresting Katherine right now.

That is a perp walk.
She is taking Katherine on a perp walk.

Looks more like a perp hug.

What's going on? What is she doing?

I think she's showing us
how long someone can hold a grudge.

Juanita, I was thinking, after you
and Ivana finish your school work,

would you like to go see a movie
with me? Just the two of us.

Can we have Junior Mints for dinner?

It wouldn't be a movie if you weren't
throwing up candy on the ride home.

- Hi. Can I help you?
- Hola, I'm Christina.

From Happy Housekeeper.


There must be some mistake.

Our maid is Ivana. I requested Ivana.
Where's Ivana?

My English not so good.

It's okay. It's our new cleaning lady.

Would you excuse us one moment?

What do you mean
"new cleaning lady"? Where's Ivana?

I called the agency and had them
send over someone else.

- Why?
- Because Ivana sucked,

and not in that
good vacuum sort of way.

Hey, cut her some slack,
she's Romanian.

When your people are being chased
into Argentina by angry Cossacks,

maybe a sparkling toilet
isn't that important.


How about you stick to fractions,
and I'll teach Juanita geography?

- Goodbye.
- But...

So, how do you feel about
teaching math to 7-year-olds?

My English,

- not so good.
- Not so good.

Yeah, I know.

Knock, knock.

Angie, what are you doing here?

Your shortbread was so good, I made
you a batch of my pignoli cookies.

How incredibly thoughtful of you.

Hey, I smell marinara.
You cooking my food for your friend?

- Yes, and I am way behind, so...
- No, let me help you then.

Wow. You sure got a lot of sauce here,
a lot of potatoes, too.

This is all for three people?

Well, with food like yours,
who wouldn't want leftovers?

arancino, gnocchi, braciola."

You were stealing my recipes
for a catering job.

I wanted to serve foie gras.
The client demanded pasta.

So you come running to me with
some sob story about a burn victim

who can only be healed by manicotti?

- I admit that was a bit tacky.
- I lit a candle for that woman!

If you think about it,
it was a huge compliment.

And the compliment is

that my food is good enough
for your business, but I'm not.

I would never say
you weren't good enough.

Of course you wouldn't. You're tactful.
But you know what? I'm not,

which is why I can say that you're
a two-faced, condescending bitch

who will never make a nickel off
my dead grandma's braciola!

But enjoy the cookies!

- That's insane.
- I know this is hard for you...

It's impossible.
It couldn't have been Nick.

How can you be so sure? It was dark.

You told the police
you couldn't see who attacked you.

This doesn't make any sense.
He loves me.

Exactly. And you broke up with him.

Honey, this is something
we have to consider.

Well, I can't consider it, okay?
I just can't.

Julie, we watched you grow up.
You're like a daughter to us.

We can't stand by and do nothing.

So, you're gonna talk to the police
no matter what I say.

I think we have to.

It just couldn't be him.

You? What are you doing here?

The agency gave me this address.
Please, Ivana, I need you to come back.

Your husband told the agency
that I'm a lousy housekeeper.

You never told him
what I was really doing.

The agency almost fired me.
You have to leave.

No, no, no, no! Wait, wait! I need you.
Juanita needs you.


See? She needs you.

She has a test tomorrow, and when
I teach her, one of us ends up in tears.

Don't make me teach my baby.

I'm sorry. I have floors to scrub.

Forget scrubbing.
Ivana, you have a gift.

Share it with the world,
starting with my daughter.

What about the floor?

You missed a spot.

Got a minute?

This really isn't a good time.





Don't patronize me.
Angie's are light as air.

Mine are like little shot puts.

Well, perhaps this will cheer you up.

I went to that jewelry store on Maple
and look what I found.

- You like it?
- I told you I don't have time for this.

You know, it's odd.
I asked them about the first brooch,

- and they said they had...
- For God's sake,

Orson, would you just stop it?

I have told you again and again
I want a divorce.

Do you think
you can change my mind with trinkets?

I don't want jewelry. I don't want
romantic gestures. I want out.

Now, would you please leave me alone,
or for God's sake,

- I swear I'll throw something at you!
- Just not one of the gnocchi.

Those things
could put a man's eye out.

Sorry I'm late!

I had to take down some geezer
in the 10-items-or-less line.

Ivana, you should probably split
before Carlos gets home...


Yeah, I got off work early,
so I let our cleaning woman go home.

Juanita, good job.
Let's knock off early today.

Okay, Daddy.

Did you hear that?
I think Celia fell down.


I'm sorry. I asked you for help.
I asked for a tutor, and you said no.

Because you're her mother.

You should be able to set aside
a few hours each day

to teach your own daughter.

And I will teach her.

There are so many things
I'm gonna teach her.

How to dress, how to put on makeup.

I'll even show her
how to get a boy to notice her.

That stuff, I know.
And we're gonna have so much fun.

But fractions and grammar and history,

it's just not my thing, and she knows it.

And then she gets frustrated
because I'm frustrated,

and it's ruining our relationship.

Come on, Gabby. Let's not exaggerate.

Carlos, she turned me down
when I asked to take her for ice cream.

- Holy...
- I know. I know.

Some moms are made to homeschool,
and I'm just not one of them.

Okay. I get it.

We will figure something else out.

You won't have to
homeschool her anymore.

- Thank you, Carlos.
- You're welcome.

- Can I keep the housekeeper?
- Absolutely not.

I know. I know.

- May I come in, please?
- What now?

I just came to say I'm sorry.

What I did was wrong,

and those names you called me
were harsh, but regrettably accurate.

I don't know if you'd even
consider working for me now,

but if you would, I would be honored
to have you in my kitchen.

Well, well, well.
You must be drowning over there.

All right, I'm drowning.

- And you want me to save you?
- Please.

First tell me this,
why don't you like me?

- I like you. I find you colorful, and...
- Enough with the tact!

Fine. You make me uncomfortable.

I don't know how to respond
when someone is as candid as you are.

You say whatever pops in your mind.

You fight with your husband
in front of guests...

Well, not everyone's marriage
is as perfect as yours, Nancy Reagan.

My marriage is not perfect.

Oh, come on.

Orson and I
barely speak to each other anymore.

We haven't shared a bed
in three months.


I never would've guessed.

That's the point.
Our problems are personal.

We don't share them with the world.

But you can't seem
to keep anything to yourself.


Trust me, honey,

if there's one thing I know how to do,
it's keep things to myself.


There we are. You think I'm vulgar...

Excuse me, candid,
and I think you're a tight-ass.

But you need help and I need a job,
so let's get cooking.

You mean it?

Thank you, Angie. You're a lifesaver.

So, no sex for three months.
What do you do, sit on the dryer?

Okay, now you're just goading me.

One ham on wheat, extra mayo.

Corned beef, lean,
and of course, an entire jar of pickles.

- What's this about?
- Honestly?

I don't think this new detective
is up to the job,

and I need a couple of seasoned pros
with old-school savvy...

- Hello, Susan.
- Denise.

Why don't you call me Moose?
You know you want to.

- Moose?
- Moose.

Denise, I'm glad I ran into you.
I came down here to apologize.

No, you came down here
to get me kicked off the case.

Okay, one more thing to apologize for.

So, look, I really am sorry about Mark
Malone, but that was ages ago.

And that guy had "loser"
written all over him.


He's the CEO of Malone Enterprises,

with a six-bedroom home overlooking
the lake.

Okay, the point is

I'd hate for our history
to cloud your judgment in this case.

You think
I'm behaving unprofessionally?


When you were leaving
Katherine's house the other day,

you two did look pretty chummy.

Well, it turns out
we have a lot in common.

We both had boyfriends stolen by you.

I did not steal Mike.
Katherine just thinks that I did,

which is why
I'm betting she strangled Julie.

Yeah, well, she couldn't have,

because she was on the phone all night
with her daughter,

and the phone records confirm it.

- You sure?
- I know how to do my job, Susan.

In fact, I've discovered
some interesting facts

while investigating this case.

Is it true
that on the evening of September 16th

at approximately 11:45,
you shot Katherine Mayfair?

What? That was an accident.

And you not reporting it was a crime.

Okay, let's not
blow this out of proportion.

I hurt you,
but you've got to get past this.

You can't keep blaming me for the way
that your life turned out. It's just...

It's gonna make you bitter
and miserable, like Katherine.

You need closure, Denise.
You have the right to be happy.

And you have the right to remain silent.

In you go!

Hey, Susan,
you know what this is called? Closure.

The Julie Mayer assault?

We're not on that case anymore.
Detective Lapera's handling that. Why?

Well, we have some new information
to report.

The detective is out on a call
at the moment.

This needs to be checked out
right away.

What needs to be checked out
right away?

Did you guys ever talk to Nick Bolen?

The dad of the kid we arrested?
Yeah, yeah, we talked to him.

I'm guessing he didn't mention
that he and Julie were having an affair.

She broke it off
right before she was attacked.

No kidding.

Hey, babe. What's up?

Good news. I am a working girl.
Bree asked me to join her company.

Yeah? Hey, that's great.

- You're still gonna cook for me, right?
- You kidding? You're my guinea pig.


And there was something else
I needed to tell you...

Right, right, right. Cops called.

They wanted to know
where you were the night

that Julie Mayer was strangled.

Why would they be asking about me?

I guess because
you were having an affair with her.

Look, I don't know what they told you.

They didn't tell me anything.
I've known for weeks.

- Ange...
- Don't.

Don't embarrass yourself, or me.
You did a stupid thing.

But I know you can't go anywhere,
and you know I can't go anywhere.

So, we're gonna have to get past this.

I'm so sorry.

I've put you through a lot.
So, you get this one, but that's it.

You know I never attacked her.

And that is why I lied and told the cops
you were with me the entire night.

So, we're okay?

Now we're okay.


The truth is, there's only
so much we can learn from books.

They can't tell you
how to make your wife happy.

They can't tell you
how to appreciate your neighbor.

They can't tell you if that man
across the street is dangerous.

No, the only way to truly learn
is from your mistakes.

Of course,
if those mistakes land you in jail,

it might be nice
to have a book to pass the time.