Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 6, Episode 16 - The Chase - full transcript

When Celia comes down with the chicken pox, Gaby must keep her distance. Having never had the chicken pox herself, Gaby stays with Tuc and Bob and is reminded of what it's like to be single again. Lynette and Tom forget Penny's birthday; Bree hires a promising new employee; Susan cheats on Mrs. McKluskey; Katherine makes a surprising discovery; and Angie grows concerned over Danny's disappearance.

Previously on Desperate Housewives.

All right, I love you! There, I said it.

Feelings were stated boldly.

I think it's time for me
to give up on men.

You could always just do what I did.

A romantic suggestion was made...

- Date chicks.
- Oh.

...and a plan was hatched...

He wants to represent you.

They want you
in New York immediately. break up a romance.

This is a huge opportunity.

The best part is, she is miles away
from the nearest Bolen.

But young love couldn't be stopped.

Since she'd become a mother,

Gabrielle Solis
had learned many things.

How to get gum off of a remote control,

how to rescue a doll from the disposal,

and where to find
disappointing report cards.

Gabrielle had also learned
that no matter how hard she tried...

Cereal again?

...she couldn't please everyone.

Yes, another free meal
you didn't have to work for.

It's tough being seven.

Celia, get down here!

Ana used to make us bacon. I miss her.

Yeah, well, she also used to do
the laundry and the windows,

so I miss her more.

Celia, the milk is poured!

- I need cupcakes for school today.
- Today? How many?

- Mom...
- Three dozen.

- Why didn't you tell me this last night?
- I forgot.

We got any ham? I need meat.

Babe, are you gonna pick up my suit
from the dry cleaners?

Yes, after I fold the laundry,
fry up some ham,

and pull three dozen cupcakes
out of my ass.

- Mom!
- What?

My face itches.

- What are those, mosquito bites?
- Whoa, that looks like chicken pox.

No, no, no, no!
I don't have time for sick kids.

Forget the dry cleaning.
You've got to take her to the doctor.

Oh, God.
What do you do for chicken pox?

- I never had them.
- What? Stop!

- Why?
- You can't go anywhere near her.

If you haven't had them,
you're not immune.

- In fact, you got to get out of here.
- Honey, Celia is sick.

Chicken pox is dangerous
for adults. Go.

I have to do the laundry,
I've got dishes...

I will take care of the house.

Yes, Gabrielle had
learned many things as a mother.

The most important...

See you.

...was to get
while the getting was good.


Any soap opera fan will tell you
it's an art best practiced...


...on those who are vulnerable.

Hey, there. You hungry?

I am now. What's that amazing smell?

Cinnamon brioche French toast.

But I probably shouldn't.
You're such an amazing cook,

I'm already having trouble
fitting into my clothes.

You need some maple syrup.

Seriously, you heated the syrup?

You are unbelievable.

You should eat it while it's still hot.


Oh, no.
Look, I just got syrup all over me.

I don't know what it is with me.
I just have to get dirty.

You got some on your bra, too.


I'll get it.

Please, it's wrong.

Then why does it feel so right?

Katherine? You up yet?

Oh, good.
I was calling, but you didn't hear me.

I think you fell asleep with the TV on.

So, what would you like for breakfast?

Anything but French toast.

I don't think you'll be here that long.

I got it.
I got the perfect name for the baby.

- Patricia.
- Let me think about it... No.

Why not? It's a great name.

I told you, I want to honor my aunt.
We're naming her Polly.

Polly. Okay.

You get a peg leg, I'll get an eye patch,

and we'll carry her around
on our shoulders.

- Morning, Penny.
- Hey, baby.

Where are my pancakes?

Sweetie, I've got a lot going on today.
I'll make you pancakes this weekend.

But I always get pancakes
on my birthday.

That's right, you do. But...

We have an even bigger treat
planned for you this year.


Like I'm gonna tell you
and ruin the big surprise.

How could you forget her birthday?

Me? I'm pregnant.
I forget pants sometimes.

What's your excuse?

What's my surprise?

- What the hell are we gonna do?
- Cover me, I'm going in.

Birthday breakfasts are for kids.

Now that you're 11,

I was planning to make you

the best birthday dinner ever

with decorations, tons of presents,

pin the tail on the...

You forgot my birthday. Wow.

There was no covering that, babe.

You're twice the man he is.

What's Raymundo gonna say

when he finds out
Tiffany is sleeping with his brother?

Alas, you'll never know.

Hey, Mom. We were just taking a break.

So I gathered. If you don't mind, Tad,
I'd like to speak to my son.

- Sure, go ahead.
- In private, Tad.

- Oh, so you want me to...
- Be anyplace else but here. Right.

- So what's up?
- There's a truck outside

with the flower arrangements
we ordered for the Adams party,

all 100 of them.

- Wait, but we only ordered 10.
- That's what I said.

And then the delivery man
showed me this invoice.

At first I wasn't sure
if that was Tad's signature.

But when I saw that his name
was misspelled, I knew it was him.

- Would you like me to talk to him?
- No.

I would like you to hold him down while
I strike him with a large wooden spoon.

Whatever. I'll take care of it.

What are you gonna say to him?

Look, when Orson had his accident,

did you or did you not
put me in charge?

Yes, but I'm starting to think
that you are not ready.

Look, I'm never gonna
figure this job out

unless you let me make mistakes
and learn from them.

I realize that, Andrew,
but you're making...

Mom, I know
you have your control issues.

But when stuff happens,
you're gonna have to learn to just relax

and let me clean up
my own messes, okay?

Hey, where do you want
all these flower arrangements?


No problem, Tad.
As luck would have it, we've got extra.

Roy, we've got guests.
You can watch your soap later.

Come on, Roy.

Again, thank you for inviting us
over to brunch.

- Everything looks delicious.
- Yeah, it does, doesn't it?

All right, Karen. You know what I want.

When company comes over,
I get to use salt.

Roy's on a low-sodium diet.

"Low-sodium" is code
for "tastes like socks."

So sue me 'cause
I don't want you dropping dead.

Listen to you two. You sound like
a sweet, old married couple.

So, have you ever thought of
making an honest woman out of Karen?

What are you doing?

I just want them
to be as happy as we are.

We're happy.
Living in sin suits us just fine.

- Is that how Karen feels?
- Susan, why don't you try this frittata?

Karen doesn't care about marriage.
Do you, pumpkin?

Here. Have some more salt.

I always figured you'd say no.

So, why don't you grow a pair
and find out?

Are you serious?

Of course she's serious!

Fine. Mike, give me a hand, will you?

Oh, my God. This is so romantic.

Karen, will...

Son of a bee,
there's the battery to my hearing aid.

Okay, okay.

Karen, you want to marry me?

Golly, I don't know what to say.
This is all so sudden.

Answer. My knee hurts.

I would love to marry you, Roy.


So if Gabby's just staying
a couple of days,

why'd she bring three suitcases?

She said most of her dresses
haven't had chicken pox either.

Oh, that was amazing.

I just took a nap
in the middle of the day.

I guess it's a little different
without kids, huh?

Are you kidding me?

I haven't taken a nap
since Juanita crowned.

Okay, you just created a visual
that is forbidden inside these walls.

Try to watch that.

Here. You're just in time
for pre-dinner cosmos.

In a crystal glass?

Celia broke our last one
six months ago.

I've been drinking my cocktails
out of a Scooby-Doo sippy cup.

Mmm, I'm in heaven.

So, it's movie night.
Have you seen this?

Does it have a talking penguin
or a dog that plays basketball?

No, just gratuitous sex
and lots of violence.

Yay, art.

Oh-oh, somebody's glass is empty.

That's also forbidden
inside these walls.

I know I don't know you guys that well,
but I love you.

Oh, wow.

Are you okay? Oh, my God.

All right, it's time for cake.

- I got your favorite.
- Chocolate?

I got your second favorite.

- Mom?
- Yes?

I have a date in half an hour.
Can I go now?

No, you cannot go.

Preston's in Europe,
Parker's at band practice,

- you are representing all siblings.
- Mom...

Don't you feel bad
we forgot her birthday?

I didn't forget.
I gave her a present this morning.

So don't take it out on me
that you and Dad failed as parents.

We used up
all our good parenting on you.

That's why you're so delightful.

Okay, here we go!

- One, two, three...
- Who's Polly?

- Oh, my God!
- Erase, erase, erase!

Sweetie, I am so sorry.

You know,
I don't know if you know this,

but pregnant women
get a little scattered.

And then your dad and I
were talking about baby names,

and I got on the phone
with the bakery, and...

Which is clearly a terrible excuse
and again, I am so sorry.

Let me fix this.

Hey, that just made it worse,
and how would you like a puppy?

Forget it.

But you haven't
opened your presents yet. Come back.

- Penny.
- I know her name.

- Nick!
- Yeah. What What's going on?

Danny took off. Listen to this.

"Didn't want to wake you.
Went camping with Eddie.

"Had to clear my head
about the whole Ana thing.

"P.S. Took my cell,
but doubt we'll have reception."

Good for him.

Are you crazy?
He's never been by himself.

He knows how to drink out of a canteen
and pee on a tree.

- I think he'll be fine.
- This isn't funny.

Look, should he have asked us?
Okay, yeah. But I think it's healthy.

Hey, better hiking with Eddie than
alone in his room with a bottle of pills.

- I don't know.
- He's 19.

Eventually, we've got to let him
live a normal life.

He's never gonna have a normal life.
None of us will.

I realize the mistake was ours, Mr. Tan,

but what am I supposed to do
with 90 extra floral arrangements?

Well, it will be your problem
if I stop doing business with you.

Yes. What can I do for you?

Actually, the question is,
what can I do for you?

I'm sorry, did we have an appointment?

No, but I've been wanting to meet you
for such a long time,

and when I woke up this morning,
I told myself, "Today is the day."

- May I sit?
- No, no, not just yet.

- What is it you want, Mr...
- Allen. Sam Allen.

I have been following your career
for a while now, Mrs. Hodge.

I've been to some parties
you've catered, I've got your cookbook.

I've read every interview
you've ever done.

And I think you're quite amazing.

How nice. Now, let's skip to the part

where you assure me
that you're not some deranged stalker.

Hardly. I want to work for you.

- Doing what?
- Anything. Everything.

I'm very busy, Mr. Allen.

If you'd like, you could
leave your r?sum? with my assistant...

I worked as a sous-chef
to put myself through business school,

where I graduated
at the top of my class.

I know my way around a kitchen
and a calculator.

And I'm not asking you
to pay me a lot of money.

Not yet, anyway.

I want to learn your business
from the ground up.

- And then I want to help you expand it.
- Really?

You are a woman who has something
to say about traditional values.

And I think our country
is ready to listen.

I am flattered. But I'm also fully staffed.

And I honestly wouldn't know
how to use you. I'm sorry.

So am I.

In regard
to the extra floral arrangements,

you could donate them to a hospital

and record the loss
as a charitable contribution.

And if you split the arrangements
in half,

you could double the amount
you claim. Just a thought.

Mr. Allen...

Now you can sit.

Hey, where's your blushing bride?

Upstairs in the can. What do you want?

Well, I thought I would drop this off.
It's a bouquet I found.

Don't you think
it'll be perfect for Karen?

Haven't you done enough already?


We had a good thing going,
me and Karen.

Now, 'cause of you,
we're gonna get married and ruin it.

Getting married isn't gonna ruin it.
It's gonna make it better.

- No, it isn't. It's like salt.
- What?

All my life, I never cared about salt.

But when my doctor said
I couldn't have it anymore,

I started craving it.

Wait. Are you telling me
that you're gonna cheat on Karen?

I go to a stretching class at the center.

There's a lady with blue hair
who always sits in front of me.

Six months she's been there,
I never gave a crap about her.

But this morning,

48 hours after you told me
I had to propose to Karen,

I'm looking at old blue hair
and I'm smacking my lips. Salt!

You're 80 years old, Roy.
Infidelity is dangerous.

My body's 80, but inside,
I'm still a randy teenage boy.

Susan, I'm telling you, I have to kiss
some other women before I die.

Well, you can't, so forget it!

Just think about Karen
and how much she loves you.

And if you do that, I'm sure you'll be
able to resist any inappropriate urges.


Yeah, that's the stuff.

How is your wife being molested funny?

It was just a kiss
from an 80-year-old man.

It's too bad he didn't grab my ass.
You'd be rolling on the floor.

What do you want me to do?
Beat him up?

Take the tennis balls off his walker?

Okay, forget about me.
What about what he's doing to Karen?

I mean, they're about to get married

and he has no intention
of being faithful.

Because he feels trapped.
And whose fault is that?

Don't point the mustard at me.

Susan, I was there.
You practically forced him into this.

Okay, I made a mistake.

I didn't know that
he was some sort of Jurassic gigolo.

I have to tell Karen about this right now.

No. You've meddled enough.

I can't let her marry him,
knowing what I know.

Susan, he's having second thoughts.

I mean, come on.
There's not a married man on Earth

who didn't have second thoughts
before he got married.

Oh, really?

I didn't mean...

Okay, I'm done.

See you, boys! Thanks for driving!

Bye, Gabby! Don't forget to friend us!

I won't, Fernando.
And good luck with your pec implants.

All right, time for a nightcap.

Nightcaps. I'd forgotten
all about nightcaps.

I miss the gay, single life.

You know what?
She deserves the full experience.

- We're gonna throw you a party.
- Brilliant!

I have mini-quiches in the freezer
and 10 homos on speed dial. It's done.

I'm so excited! Invite those guys
from tonight, except Fernando.

- He's prettier than me.
- Mmm.

- Hi, it's Bob.
- And Lee!

- Leave a message.
- Leave a message.

Hey, guys. It's Carlos.
I'm looking for Gabby.

The doctor says
the girls aren't contagious anymore,

so she can come home now. Thanks.

That's good news.

What? That is horrible news.
My children are healthy, damn it!

- But you can go home now.
- No. I'm not ready.

I'm just starting to remember
what it's like to be human again.

Sleeping in, not stepping on toys,

eating at restaurants
that don't have a slide.

I have tasted freedom
and I am not ready to give it up!

But what are you gonna tell Carlos?

Oh, no. A stomach virus?

Yeah. When you called
earlier I was throwing up.

Well, we don't want the girls to catch it.

What's that noise?

My teeth are chattering.

Anyhow, I'll be home as soon as I can.
The doctor says it's a 24-hour thing.

- Don't forget the hangover.
- Or a 36-hour thing. Got to go.

Start pouring. I said I was throwing up.
I don't want to be a liar.

I can hire whomever I want.
It's my company.

And I run it for you.
I should have been consulted.

Why are you being so unpleasant
about this? I hired Sam to help you.

I don't need his help.
I've got it under control.

Andrew, all I've seen lately
is evidence to the contrary.

And if you think I'm gonna stand by
while everything I've built falls apart...

- Sam, I thought you'd gone home.
- I stayed late to finish the inventory.

Well, aren't you industrious?

I also wanted to talk about Tad.

What about him?

Every task I've given him,
he has either botched or failed to finish.

I think it's time to cut our losses.

We're not firing Tad.

- Why not? He's a moron.
- He's a good guy.

And I don't want you talking that way
about my employees.

Andrew, you have to admit,
he's more than a little incompetent.

Give him a chance. He's just a kid.

You're having an affair with him,
aren't you?

Sam, how could you say such a thing?

I think the more pertinent question is,
why isn't Andrew denying it?

Andrew? Have you had sex with Tad?

- Just once.
- Oh, my God.

He came on to me.
It was late and I'd been drinking...

That's your excuse? Honestly, Andrew.
I am so disappointed in you.

Really? You want to play that card?

- You're living with Alex.
- And you're married to Orson!

Yeah, I know about Karl Mayer.

"Hello, Pot. I'm Kettle.
It's nice to meet you."

I cannot believe you would bring this up
in front of a stranger.

Yeah, you know me.

Hypocrisy just makes me
forget my manners.

- Perhaps I should go.
- Yes.

But I want you back here
bright and early tomorrow morning

to help me fire Tad.

No! No! You can't fire him!

Yes, I can.
In fact, I can fire anyone I want.

And then right as I was
taking off her bra, I woke up.

What do you think that means?

- Seems pretty straightforward.
- But I'm not a lesbian.

You're getting ahead of yourself.

Maybe this dream
isn't even about Robin.

Maybe it's about
how I've been so hurt by men

that women
are the only safe option left.

Why are you even thinking
about relationships at all,

with men or women? You're still fragile.

Now, when you're stronger,

then we can talk about
who you might be attracted to.

But I'm not attracted to her.
That's what I'm saying.

Women my age
don't just wake up one day

with a whole new sexual identity.

This dream has got to mean
something else.

Well, what it tells me, clearly,

is that you are being distracted
from your recovery.

So what am I supposed to do?
Stop dreaming?


But you might want to consider

asking Robin
to find another place to stay.

God, this lettering is so small,
I can hardly read the label.

All right, while you're deciding
which one is dolphin-safe,

I'm gonna get some beer.

Hey, Mrs. Bolen! Do you shop here?

Where's Danny?
He said you guys were going camping.

Oh, yeah, no...

It turned out I couldn't go.
So, he just went by himself.

- You want to get in line?
- You want to make me?

Spill it.

I'm sorry. He said he'd call you
when he got there.

Eddie. Hey, you guys back already?

So where is he really?

New York. Danny went to find Ana.

Hey, hey. Don't freak out. It's a big city.

What if he goes
to the old neighborhood?

- Patrick is not going to find him.
- He found us the last time.

Come on, I've got to go pack.

You're in early.

Oh, I couldn't sleep, so I thought
I'd review our liability insurance.

- But I'm having a little trouble focusing.
- Maybe some coffee will perk you up.

About what happened yesterday, Sam,
that ugliness with Andrew...

Driven, successful people like you
have complicated lives.

But the specifics
are none of my business.

My relationship with Andrew is,

to say the least, complicated.

I'm sure Andrew respects
and loves you very much.

- I just worry that...
- What?


It's not unusual
for children in a family business

to have a sense of entitlement.
I hope you don't mind me saying that.

No. Go ahead.

This must be so hard.
What do you do in this situation?

Keep coddling him,
hoping he'll change?

Or do you cut the apron strings

and trust that all the hard work
you've done will allow him to thrive?

It's a good question.

You know what?
I've got everything under control here.

Why don't you go back to the house
and catch up on your sleep?

But there's so much work to be done.

Sure. But that's why you hired me,
isn't it? To help you out?

Thank you, Sam. You're very kind.

And, Sam, I'm very glad you're here.

- Come over to my house.
- Okay. Come on, let's go.

Hurry up.

Wait, let's play.
Let's go play kickball.

Hey, Bert, I'm looking for Penny.
She didn't get off the bus.

That's because she didn't get on.

I figured she went home sick
or something.

What? No, she didn't come home sick.
Where is she? Penny!

Mrs. Scavo?
Penny said to give you this.

She's running away.

Any idea why she would run away?
Problems at home?

No, no, everything's fine.

Well, we did kind of forget her birthday.

And she put the wrong name
on her birthday cake.

Honey, could we please stick
to the facts that pertain to the case?

How could you
get your daughter's name wrong?

Are you people involved in narcotics?

No! No, I'm pregnant,
and it makes me very forgetful.

Surely you can understand that.

I'm not pregnant.

You're not gonna look for our daughter,
are you?

Aguilar. Yeah, they're still here.
Oh, okay.

Your daughter's fine.

She tried to use your credit card
to check into a hotel.


You mind if I come in?


Marble bath, flat screen,

$8 can of peanuts, nice.

Sweetie, I am so sorry about the cake,
and about forgetting your birthday.

I know you hate me right now
and I don't blame you.

I don't hate you. I hate that.


Because you're not gonna be
the baby anymore.

Penny, sweetie,

you're missing the big picture here.

Preston's gone. Porter's next.
When this girl comes along,

we are poised to take control
of the house with a three-two majority.

Do you know what that means?

Women get veto power
over what TV shows to watch,

what take-out to get.

Just think. Think of a world
where the toilet seat is never up.

This is our time to take them down.

I'm sorry I ran away.

- We can go home now.
- I have a better idea.

Since you've already paid for the room,

how about we order hot fudge sundaes
and spend the night?

- Just us girls.
- Yeah.


You know, Mom, if you have
two more girls, we'll take the lead.

Let's just order our sundaes.

So, there I was at this huge party,
flirting with this Middle Eastern sheik,

and out of nowhere, he offers me
a million dollars to sleep with him.

- So, what did you do?
- I slapped him.

Apparently in the right place,

because I walked out of there
with 20 grand.

Gabby, it's Juanita.

Excuse me, guys.
Got to do the Mommie Dearest thing.

Hi, sweetie. How was school?

What? You scored a goal in soccer?

What? Wait, hang on, sweetie,

while I find a quiet place
so Mommy can hear you.

Hang on, sweetie.

Okay, honey, Mommy can...

Hold on, sweetie.

Do the words "wet paint"
mean nothing to you?

Juanita, honey, I have to call you back.
I love you.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to...

- Is this a...
- A nursery? Yes.

We haven't told very many people yet,

but Lee and I
are trying to adopt a baby.

Oh, I had no idea.

Yeah, it's something
we've wanted for years.

Oh, okay. Why?

I mean,
you guys have this amazing life,

parties every night, cosmos at 5:00.

You know all that goes away
when the baby comes.

And we can't wait.

Last month,
there was this baby in Ohio.

We got the call
in the middle of the night,

we were on a plane in the morning.

We got to the hospital
and there she was, a little girl.

We held that baby in our arms
for two days.

And then we went out to buy a car seat
to bring her home.

And when we got back to the hospital,

the social worker was waiting for us
outside the nursery.

The mother had changed her mind.

I know how that feels.

I am so sorry, Bob.

You may envy our life, Gabby,

but it's nothing compared
to how we envy yours.

Hey, what are you doing?
The party's just getting started.

I know. It's just...

Juanita scored her first goal in soccer

and she wants to tell me
all about it, so...

- Go. Give them a kiss for me.
- I will.

- Knock, knock. Karen, are you home?
- I'm in here.

Listen, I've been thinking
about your wedding,

and I just want to talk to you about...

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.

The doctor found a spot on my lung.

A spot?

He thinks it might be cancer.

- She told you, huh?
- Yeah.

It's gonna be okay.
She's getting a biopsy next week.

She's gonna lick this thing.

Cancer picked a fight
with the wrong broad.

So given the diagnosis,

maybe it's not a good time
to get married.

We are getting married
as soon as we can.

- But you said...
- I know what I said.

All I could think about

was losing my independence,
losing my freedom,

but after this happened, now I realize
the worst thing I could lose is her.

So, you're willing to give up salt?

I'm willing to give up anything.

- Oh, Roy.
- Uh, uh, uh.

Watch it, doll. I told you I'm giving it up.
One kiss is all you get.

Hey, you're still up.

Yeah. I sort of needed
to talk to you about something.

If it's me helping with the bills,
I've got great news.

You got the job?

You're looking at
the Downtown Grill's new hostess.

I start tomorrow.

Thank you for loaning me your top.
The manager said I looked very classy.

I can't tell you
how happy this makes me.

- So, you want to tell me your thing?
- No. It can wait.

- You sure?
- Yeah. Absolutely.

I'll get you a glass.

Oh, my God!

- Your blouse. I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.

- Wait, what are you doing?
- I'm just gonna rinse it out.

- No, no, no! Stop. It's okay.
- No, but it's gonna stain.

- I'll send it to the dry cleaners.
- But that's so expensive. Here we go.

You have to leave.

- What?
- I need you to move out of my house.


It's complicated.

Is this what you wanted
to talk to me about?


I'm sorry if I did something wrong.

I have a friend I can go stay with,
so I'm just gonna go pack.


You haven't done anything wrong.

I like you very much.

In fact, too much.

Lately, I've started
to have feelings for you

that I don't understand.
And it's confusing me.

You know what I'm saying?

I do.

I'm having those feelings for you, too.

You're right. I should go.

Seduction is an art.

Subtle methods of coercion are used
to sway the susceptible

and those who are determined

will take their time
to get what they want.

And when the seduction is successful,

those who succumbed ask themselves,
"Was I seduced?

"Or was this what I wanted all along?"