Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 6, Episode 17 - Chromolume No. 7 - full transcript

A chance encounter with supermodels leads Gabrielle to an unexpected revelation; Preston returns from Europe, with some excess baggage; Bree discovers a shocking connection to her new employee.

Previously on Desperate Housewives.

- May I sit?
- Not just yet. What is it you want?

I want to learn your business
from the ground up.

And then I want to help you expand it.

- Bree...
- Mr. Allen...

...hired a new employee.
- Now you can sit.

You should be saying,
"Great, Ana, go for it."

Gabby thought
she had ended a romance.

- Where's Danny?
- New York. Danny went to find Ana.

- You have to leave.
- Robin was asked to go,

but Katherine had a change of heart.

Preston Scavo was finally
coming home from Europe,

and his family was wondering
what kind of souvenirs

he'd be bringing them.

His brother wanted an army knife
from Switzerland.

His sister wanted some wooden shoes
from Holland.

His father wanted some cheese
from Bavaria.

And his mother, well, all she wanted
was to hold her little boy in her arms.

Guess who's back!

But she'd soon discover,
her little boy wasn't so little anymore.

- Hey!
- Hey! Let me at him! I get the first hug!

- Mom, you're huge!
- I know! Well, look at you!

Porter, now you don't have
to grow a mustache

to see how bad it would look.

- What'd you bring me?
- Penny, he just walked in.

Give him a chance to unpack
and give me my cheese.

- Actually, I do have a little surprise.
- There's plenty of time for that.

You've been traveling all day.
You probably want to take a shower

- or a nap...
- No, I kind of need to do this now.

Yeah, Mom. You are really gonna want
to see this surprise.

Okay, I'm a little nervous.
Maybe I should explain.

No, you don't need to explain.
I'm sure we're gonna love it.

Everyone, I'd like you to meet Irina.

Hello! I am finally to meet
the lovely Preston family.

Nice to meet you, Irina. Um...

Preston didn't say
he was bringing a friend.

She's more than a friend, Mom.
We're in love.

Yes. Preston Scavo had
returned from his trip

with a beautiful souvenir,

and his mother would soon wish
he hadn't.

Sometimes you must
wash away the mud

to reveal
that sparkling yellow underneath.

Sometimes you must carry the flower
into the sunlight

to appreciate the redness of the rose.

Sometimes you have to take off
the wrapping to understand

just how green a bike can be.

And if you want to see
a woman's true colors,

just make her feel unnecessary.

- Ana, you're doing it again!
- But you can't see my face!

This is a tool calendar.

It's gonna be hanging
in some fat mechanic's basement,

and he won't be looking at your face.

I came to New York
to be a fashion model!

I came to make art films.
Isn't life funny? I'm getting a donut.

You have two minutes
for an attitude adjustment.

- Hey, Ana.
- What are you doing here?

- I've been looking everywhere for you.
- You wasted your time. We broke up.

We were broken up by your aunt.
She doesn't care about your career.

All she's ever cared about
is keeping us apart.

- That's why she sent you here.
- Oh, my God!

That's why the agency's only been
sending me out on these crappy jobs.

It all makes sense now.

We've got a lot of catching up to do.
Can we go somewhere and talk?

Come on, January! Time is money.

I quit.

- Gabby You in here?
- Yeah.

I need Ana's address in New York.
I'm on my way to the airport.

- Why would you need that?
- Because Danny ran off to find her.

Well, I will save you the trip,

'cause if Danny finds Ana,
she'll send him packing.

She wants nothing to do with your son.
She'll tell you herself.

Hey, this is Ana, leave a message.

And if you're my Aunt Gabby,
I know what you did. Drop dead.

Hold that cab. I'm coming with you.


Wow, aren't you a little overdressed
for bacon and eggs?

And buttered toast.

Buttered toast! Well, if I'd known that,
I would have worn my formal boxers.

So, do you like it?

I got the check from the sale
of the strip club

and I decided to treat myself.

Plus, I figured I needed something
to wear when we go to Chez Naomi.

Chez Naomi? Why don't we just
stay home and eat money?

Because you promised to take me there

to celebrate paying
your business loan off.

I'm sorry, but that loan is years away
from being paid off.

Not anymore. I took care of it.

- You did what?
- With the check I got.

What the hell did you do that for?

Okay, what I think
you meant to say was,

"Thanks, Susan.
You're the best wife ever."

That loan was my responsibility.

You were paying 9% interest.

You were never
gonna pay that loan off.

Look, I appreciate it, but in the future,
just check with me first, okay?

Okay. I'm gonna take out the trash.

- Now?
- Lee's getting his mail.

He can't see my new dress in here.

Think about it.
You already specialize in comfort food.

Marry that with a Creole or Cajun twist.
It's a no-brainer.

- It's brilliant. I love it.
- You love what?

Sam just came up with the idea
for my next cookbook,

"Down Home Cooking
with Mrs. Van De Kamp."

Thank you, Sam.

"My darling Sam, I couldn't make it
through the day without you."

What was that?

It's the dedication page
to your new cookbook, I'm guessing.

Oh, and I have your first recipe.
Apple Brown-Nose Betty.

That's Sam's specialty.

Since when is hard work

That young man is the first one here
every morning

and the last one to leave at night.

Yeah, well, it takes a lot of time
to turn all that water into wine.

Well, I am sorry
you don't appreciate him.

I think he's tremendous.

In fact, I have decided
to give him a promotion.

A promotion to what?

Vice president.

Hey! Check my stationery!
I'm vice president.

Well, a company can have
more than one.

There's plenty of work to go around.

I don't believe this.
You barely know the guy.

- I'm your son.
- I know you don't understand this now,

but I am doing what I think is best
for both of us.

Remember that sentence.
You'll be hearing it the day

I put you in a nursing home.

Oh! Did I wake you?

Uh... No. I just didn't get much sleep
last night. What's going on?

Well, I was just on my way
to buy some overpriced shoes

to go with my overpriced dress.
You want to come?

Thanks, but it's not a good time.

- Is everything okay?
- Yeah, fine. Gotta go.

Please don't
shut me out, Katherine.

Now that you're home from the hospital,

I want us to go back
to the way we used to be.

There was a time you and I
could tell each other anything.

Hey, Susan. Morning, hon.
I'll go make the coffee.

So, anything you want to tell me?


- Are you Rose DeLuca?
- Why?

I think you're my grandma.


So, after we get to Manhattan,
what's our plan?

We go to Ana's modeling agency.

I know that world.
It's all interconnected.

Someone will know someone
who knows where they are.

How do you know that world?
Were you a model?

Yeah. You didn't know? Big time.
I was even on the cover of Vogue.

- Really? What happened?
- Mmm-hmm.

I decided I wanted a different
kind of life and married Carlos.

Wow. Good for you.


- What?
- It's just,

I shared something about my past,
and I know nothing about yours,

like where you grew up, or where
you lived before moving to Fairview.

- My past isn't that interesting.
- Come on. I shared stuff about me.

Telling me you were a supermodel
is not sharing, it's bragging.

It's not bragging when it's the truth.
And the fact is, I was very successful.

Well, if you were so successful,

how come I've never heard
of you before?

Because you had to be looking
in a fashion magazine,

and I doubt you were ever doing that.

- Are we done sharing?
- Oh, yeah.

Wow. So, Paris, Prague, Madrid.
It sounds like you guys saw everything.

But you still haven't told us
how you two met.

Well, the first time I saw Irina
was on the beach in Nice.

It was...
How you say in English? The...

- Topless?
- Yes.

Wow. You really did see everything.

I was so embarrassed
to show my breasts in public.

- Well, clearly you've gotten over that.
- Sweetie, would you give me a hand?

- Oh, sure. Are you finished?
- Thanks, Mom.


Why are you being so rude?

Because I love that boy
more than anything in the world,

and there is no way in hell
he could get a woman that hot.

So, what does she want?

Fine. He's dating out of his league.
Remind me to high-five him later.

Now, get back over there and be nice.

- Here you go.
- Thank you.

You have given me
so much beautiful food.

You're welcome.

And you have beautiful boots.

Preston buy these for me in Paris.

300 euros. Almost 400 American, yes?

Huh. I remember sending you money
in Paris for an "emergency."

I didn't realize it involved footwear.

Fine. I'll pay you back
out of my college fund.

Your son is so generous.

You know, he promise to take me
to the shopping spree

in real American mall.

I hear people pay $80 for t-shirt.

Well, here in America, people are
willing to pay a lot for beautiful things.

I'm sorry, the water was running.

Did you just say
Katherine is a leprechaun?

Lesbian. Katherine is a lesbian.

Okay, the first one made more sense.

Apparently, the other night,
Katherine and Robin got a little drunk.

Hold it. Robin?

Yeah. She's a leprechaun, too.

Wow, Katherine and Robin...

Okay, okay, you can just get the image
out of your head,

- or I'm not gonna tell you anything else.
- This is too weird.

Well, a lot of people discover
they're gay later in life.

No. I mean, how could she go
from being with me

to being with women?

Mike, she was probably
leaning that way already.

She was lucky to have you.
You were a nice transition.

- What?
- Well, you know. I mean...

When you make love, you're so gentle,
and you like to cuddle...

So, what are you saying,
that I make love like a woman?

No, no. I'm saying...

That you are a well-balanced man
who's in touch with his feminine side.

I don't even have a feminine side.

Mike, come on, I...
It's what I love about you.

- You cry at movies.
- Movie! One movie! Brian's Song.

And The Notebook.

- Tears of boredom.
- Mike.

I don't want to talk about this anymore.

Why is Daddy yelling?

He may have turned a woman
into a leprechaun.

Look, you can complain about Irina
all you like. I think she's nice.

Please. Your opinion of her was set
once you heard the word "topless."

That reminds me. Did Preston
take any pictures on this trip?

Tom, I was there
when she unpacked her suitcase.

"Preston buy me this.
Preston buy me that."

I am telling you, that woman is,
how do you say, a gold digger.

You know, if you're right,
she'll move on soon enough.



I need to talk to you guys.

I know that look.
He's come to his senses.

I proposed to Irina, and she said yes.

Okay, I don't know that look at all.

You proposed? But you've only known
each other for a few months.

Yeah, but she's the one. I know it.

Oh, honey. Wake up!

- What's that mean?
- Your mother's just concerned

that Irina might be with you
for the wrong reasons.

Like your college fund.
Why'd you tell her about that?

Wow. You must really think I'm an idiot.

I think you're young, and I'm sorry,
sometimes young is idiot-adjacent.

You don't approve? Fine.
I can live with that.

- But I want Nana's ring.
- No!

You want to buy that woman boots,
I can't stop you,

but she is not getting
my grandmother's ring.

Nana promised I could have that ring
when I got married.

- You don't get a say.
- Oh.

Hey, you're making a mistake.

Yeah, well, maybe the mistake I made
was coming home.

God, your friend owns this place?
It's pretty swank.

Yeah, we used to call it
"the house that bulimia built."

I could have never been
a model. I like food too much.

Yeah. That's why.

- Can somebody get me a coffee later?
- Holy crap! Is that Heidi Klum?

- Hey.
- Yeah.

- Do you want to meet her?
- Get out!

Sure. She's an old friend.
Come on. Heidi!

Hey! Heidi. Hi! It's me, Gabby.

- Gabrielle Marquez.
- I remember you.

It's hard to forget someone
who taped toilet paper to the bottom

of my Manolo Blahniks, and laughed
when I walked down the runway.

I was quite the practical joker
back then.

Anyway, this is my friend Angie Bolen
from Fairview.

Practical joke, my ass.

Because of you, I didn't get to be
on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

So screw you, screw your friend,
and screw Fairview.

She seems nice.

- Gabrielle!
- Luke!

- Hello, gorgeous.
- Hi! This is my neighbor, Angie.

Oh! Nice cheek bones.

Now, what the hell is up
with that snotty niece of yours?

I mean, don't get me wrong.
She's gifted and she's got the look,

- but that attitude!
- Tell me about it.

Do you have any idea where she is?
She's not in her apartment.

Your niece walked off a shoot.
Her boyfriend, Broody McFine-Ass,

showed up, told her that he had
relatives in town they could stay with.

Short story shorter, I don't know
where she went, and don't care.

- You have relatives in New York?
- Only one.

- Who's there?
- It's me, Ma.

What? I finally get to meet
my grandson for the first time,

and now you're telling me
that he has to go?

- You know it is not safe here, Ma.
- Here's what I know.

Every night for the past 18 years,
I was the only one at this table.

Yeah. One plate, one cup, one chair.

And then, someone knocks on my door,

and they sit right there,
and he calls me Grandma.

I could have looked at him
till my eyes dried up.

And now you show up
and you tell me it's not safe!

- Why? The Feds don't care about him!
- It's not the Feds I'm worried about.


So that's why you want
to take him away. Patrick Logan?

If my kid shows up,
he's a direct link to me.

- That's how he'll find me.
- That was 18 years ago.

Patrick Logan does not care about you,

and he sure as hell does not care
about my grandson!

Ma, please.

I'll tell "Danny" you were here.

Robin the stripper?
You had sex with Robin the stripper?

Holy Chaz Bono.

- Was that the first time you ever...
- Yes.

And Robin's at her cousin's wedding,

so I only have a couple of days
to figure this out. Am I gay now?

- Well, did you enjoy it?
- I don't know. It was different.

I mean, we started kissing
and then we...

No details necessary.

Katherine, you're not gay.

As much as you think you can switch
your entree from meat to fish,

it doesn't work that way.
This is not a choice.

But how could this have happened
if I'm not gay?

Look, I was with women
all through my twenties...

Any excuse to drag that out!

But it always felt weird.
Then when I slept with a man,

- I knew that was it.
- Then, 1,000 men later, he found me.

My point is,
if it didn't feel quite right to you,

chances are it was just
a one-time thing.

Maybe you're right.
We were both pretty drunk.

If you're not sure, take sex out of it.
Get to know Robin.

It's a little late to start dating.
We already live together.

That is fast. Maybe you are a lesbian.

And in the short time he's been here,
Sam has proved himself invaluable,

so I would like you all to give
your support to our new vice president.

Thank you. This is a great company,
but I think we can make it even better.

Now, I've got a lot of great...

I'm sorry. I was just
showing my support. Carry on!

Andrew! Is that a beer?

Hey, just 'cause you can't have
a liquid lunch,

doesn't mean the rest of us
have to suffer.

- Andrew!
- It's okay. It's okay. I've got this.

Okay, buddy,
why don't we get you some coffee?

Why don't we not?

Besides, I believe everybody
is waiting to hear

how you're gonna sprinkle
your magic fairy dust

and whip this company into shape.
Am I right?

- You need to go now.
- Get your hands off me!


Sam, are you okay?

I'm fine.

But if you don't mind,
I think I'll take the rest of the day off.

See? Told you he was a slacker.

- Lynette, what can I do for you?
- Hey, Jimmy.

My son came home from Europe

and is engaged
to a beautiful Russian girl.

- Congratulations.
- I hate her.

- Okay.
- Anyway,

this is my grandmother's ring,
and Preston wants to give it to her.

She's very lucky.

- She's not getting this.
- Okay.

Because you are going to find me
a cheap copy.

I can try, but she's probably
gonna know the difference.

Oh, I'm counting on it.
Irina is quite the opportunist.

Five seconds after she gets it, she'll
have that piece of glass appraised,

and when she finds out
my son has given her a fake,

I'm betting that little Russian parasite
will be looking for a new host body.

But when your son finds out,
isn't he going to be mad?

That's why I keep having kids, Jimmy.
To replace the ones who hate me.

MJ's asleep. Are you coming to bed?

I miss you.

What, you need somebody
to do your hair?

You know us sensitive men
are good at that.

Please don't pout. You are all man.

You're one of the strongest,
most macho men I know.

Now, come upstairs.

I don't have to come upstairs
to show you that.

What are you doing?

I can show you how macho I am
right here.

Don't you think our bed
is a bit more comfortable?

- Beds are for wimps.
- Okay, that was MJ's lunch.

And now I'm getting rid of this T-shirt.

- God, what is this made of?
- Here, let me take it off.

- No! I'm ripping it.
- Oh!

Mike, you don't have anything
to prove here.

Where are the scissors? I just want to
make a little starter cut.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I like it rough.

I'm glad that you're having fun,
but my back is hurting,

- so let me get on top.
- No! No! I'm on top.

Seriously, Mike, I'm on a salt shaker.

Sweetie? Are you okay?

No, not really.

Honestly, if I had known
that you were going to get this upset

about Katherine...

It's not about Katherine. It's you.
And it's not even really about you.

It's me.

Okay, just how hard
did you hit your head?

The loan, Susan. You paid off my loan.

Well, isn't that a little 1956 of you?

I grew up watching a man
who didn't provide for his family,

and I always swore that was one thing
I was gonna do.

I'll never be rich, I'll never be famous,

but I can be a guy
who takes care of his family.

In that case,
I will cancel the check tomorrow,

and you can pay the loan off
by yourself.

Thank you.

Hey, you know that 1956 thing?


- It's kind of sexy.
- Really?

- Mmm-hmm.
- Mmm.

Ana, this is my 17th message.
You might as well pick up the phone,

because I am not leaving New York
until I see you.

Tell me,
what exactly are you planning to do?

Find Ana, cut the purse strings,
destroy her hopes and dreams,

then catch a Broadway show.

Oh, my gosh! Hi, guys! Hi!

Angie, you met Luke,

and of course you recognize
the beautiful Paulina Porizkova.

She and I go way back.
How have you been? Give me a hug!


What's wrong?

You treated me like dirt,
and now you want a hug?

What are you talking about?
You remember all the fun we had

doing that photo shoot
on the beach in Brazil?

What I remember is getting you that job
when you were just starting out,

and then freezing on the sand
for three hours

while you bitched
because they couldn't find

the exact right shade of lipstick
that would make you look pretty.

I see you still haven't found it.

You know, I really don't think I need
to meet any more of your friends.

I'm gonna go call Nick.

Can you believe Paulina?
What was that about?

You're kidding, right?

Okay, maybe I threw
a little attitude once in a while.

You didn't throw it, honey.
You heaved it.

Oh, come on.
I was no worse than a lot of other girls.

No, sweetie.
You were the queen bitch diva.

Insulting photographers,
upsetting booking agents.

That's why your career
went down in flames.

No, my career ended
because I decided to marry Carlos.

You remember.
I called you the night he proposed.

Yeah, and I told you to grab
that brass ring,

because I knew it was over for you.
And you did, too.

Or else you never would have left.

Excuse me.
I think I'm in the wrong place.

- Does Sam Allen live here?
- That one. But he's not here.

Oh. Well, I guess I'll just leave these
on his porch.

If you want the dogs to eat it.
Put it inside. It's unlocked.

Mrs. Hodge?

What are you doing
with a picture of Rex?

I'm waiting.

He was my father.


This is not how I wanted you to find out.
I am so sorry.

Bree! Let me explain!

Irina really loved the ring, Mom.

That's why she wanted to go right
to a jeweler to get it sized.

- Good.
- Listen, I know I sprang this on you,

but once you get to know her,
you'll see what I see in her.

I am looking forward
to when we both see the same thing.

Hello, everyone.

- Hey, Irina!
- Hey!

You hungry? Mom made lentil soup.
I told her it was your favorite.

- Your mother is full of thoughts.
- In English we say "thoughtful."

- Yes.
- Hey, you're not wearing your ring.

Gee, I hope there's not a problem.

I am all day thinking about this ring.

I do not want it.

But Preston said you loved it.

I do, but it is too precious.

This ring has been in your family
for generations,

and for you to give it to woman
you don't know, it feels wrong.

Save it for Penny.

Wow. What a classy thing to do.
Thank you, Irina.

You can buy me another ring.

You sure? Nana's ring is worth
a lot more than anything I can afford.

Yes, Preston.
I know exactly how much it is worth,

but I want your mother to know
I am full of thoughts, too.

So, let's eat!
Come on, Preston, get her a chair.

Yeah, yeah,
you don't have to tell me.

Here you go, honey.

Now, we're having a little salad...

Wow. Two visits in 18 years.
It's getting monotonous.

I need to tell you something.

About Patrick.

This again?


What about the great
and powerful Patrick Logan?

First you have to promise
you won't ever tell Danny.

Ana! There you are.

- I have nothing to say to you.
- Wait, wait, wait!

Just give me five minutes.
If you don't like what I have to say,

- then you can tell me to go to hell.
- Two minutes.

I'll meet you inside.

Before you start,
I know you sent me to New York

just to get me away from Danny.

True. I begged Luke to take you,
and he did me a favor.

- I knew it!
- But it turns out

I was doing him a favor, too,

because he thinks
you're really talented.

- He said that?
- He also thinks

you're a petulant, whiny, spoiled brat,
just like I was,

and that's gonna kill your career,
just like it killed mine.

- I thought you were successful.
- I was.

Until everyone was tired
of putting up with my crap.

So I want you
to go back to Luke, apologize,

and start acting like a professional.
Modeling can be a great ride.

I don't want you to be kicked off
before it's over.

Like I was.

Mom, I know you're here for me,
but I'm not going.

All right, Grandma wants me to stay.

No. I don't.

- What did you say to her?
- She didn't have to say anything.

Your mother knows what's best.

But we have a relationship now, hmm?

We're gonna talk to each other
all the time.

- Really?
- I promise.

But as long as you're here,
neither one of us is safe.

Now, go pack your stuff.

Hi. Do you by any chance know
who that woman is talking to Rose?

Yeah, that's her daughter, Angie.

Really? I haven't seen her around here.
Where's she visiting from?


Still out there.
You really should talk to him.

- I have nothing to say.
- Bree, he's 26.

He was born
before you and Rex were married.

Fidelity is not the issue.
Rex had a secret life.

Fine. Be mad at Rex,
not at that young man. He's innocent.

He showed up to work for me

and didn't tell me that he was
my dead husband's son.

- What does he want?
- There's only one way to find out.

You told me you wanted to explain.
You have two minutes.

My mother and father met at a bar.

He was single. So was she.

They had one night together,
and then he went away.

When she found out she was pregnant,
she called him.

He had just met you,
and said he was in love.

He offered to support her financially,
but my mom, who was very proud,

turned him down.

- But he did visit you.
- A few times.

But my mom asked him to stop
because it was too hard on me.

- And did you ever see him again?
- Yes.

From right here.

I used to ride my bike over.

I'd watch you and Andrew and Danielle.

I wanted to understand why my father
would choose all of you over me.

And I did.

You were all so perfect.

My mom died six months ago.

That's when I decided
I needed to meet you.

- Why didn't you tell me who you were?
- Because I wanted you to like me.

And I wasn't sure you would.

You look cold.

Why don't you come into the house,
and I'll make you some hot chocolate

and we can talk.

Oh! Hey!

Yeah, not to put any pressure on you,
but I caught the bouquet.


Do we need to talk?

We haven't since it happened.

First of all,
you are a wonderful, beautiful person.

Oh. Yowza.

I was drunk.

I didn't even know what I was doing
until I was doing it, and then, well...

The other night was a mistake.
And I'm so sorry.

That is complete crap.


I'm not gonna let you blame
what happened on being drunk.

Okay, then.

You know
what I've been through recently,

and maybe I was trying
to forget that with you,

but I am not attracted to women,
so, no matter what it was,

it doesn't count.

I know how you touched me,

and I... I saw the look in your eyes
when I touched you.

You may deny it now,
but we connected.

And it counted.


It counted.

Thank you.

Hey. You want an extra pillow?

There's empty seats in the back.
I'm just gonna go sleep there.

- You okay?
- Yeah. I'm just tired.

Well, you may have picked up
on this trip

that I haven't always been
a good person.

I'm gonna work on that,
starting with you.

Did Danny say
there were seats in the back?

No, no, no. Come on, come on.
I'm serious. I'm serious. Look.

I know you have a secret.

Carlos and I overheard
you and Nick fighting.

Something about "blowing your cover"?

Don't worry, I didn't tell anybody.
I just...

I just want you to know

that I've carried around a lot of secrets,
and I know how lonely it can feel.

So, if you ever need a friend...


When I was 18,
I wanted to save the planet.

I organized protests against logging
companies, big oil, auto plants...

But then I got involved with a bad guy.
A really bad guy.

He convinced me
that we had to get more aggressive.

Long story short,

someone got killed.

So, this bad guy...

You're not talking about Nick, are you?

No, he's the one who helped me
run away from the psycho.

So, who's the psycho?

Danny's father.

It's not always easy
to see someone's true colors.

Sometimes, you must look
beneath the masculine veneer

to find that fragile ego.

You must ignore
the sparkle of the jewel

to know you're looking at a fake.

You must bring the truth
out of the shadows

to see the beauty of its smile.

Yes, people hide their true nature
from us every day,

and sadly, we only find out
when it's too late.

Mr. Logan? It's Iris Beckley.
I live next to Rose DeLuca.

You told me to give you a ring
if I ever saw Rose's daughter.

No. No, no, no. I'll tell you
where she lives when I get my $ 1,000.