Desperate Housewives (2004–2012): Season 4, Episode 1 - Now You Know - full transcript

After agreeing to run away with Carlos on her wedding night to Victor, Gabby gets a call from Carlos, informing her that Edie has tried to commit suicide. One month later, Lynette tries to hide the fact that she has cancer from everyone, despite the fact she has no hair while she continues to deal with her difficult mother Stella. Meanwhile, Bree continues to hide the fact that her daughter is illegitimately pregnant by pretending to be pregnant herself. An old friend of Susan's, named Katherine Mayfair, moves back onto Wisteria Lane along with her second husband, gynecologist Adam Mayfair, and Kathrine's teenage daughter Dylan, all of whom have more secrets to hide.

MARY ALICE: Previously on
Desperate Housewives.

Susan and Mike finally tied the knot.

Lynette got some disturbing news.

Where the hell do you get off having
cancer and not telling me about it?


Bree returned from her trip...

- Holy crap.
...with a surprise.

There you go.

Gabby married Victor.

Gabby is the smartest thing
you've ever done.

With her bringing in the Latino vote,

the governor's mansion's
as good as yours.

While Carlos...

Why are you so reluctant to
make a commitment to me?

... ended it with Edie.

I am done with you.

But the search for true happiness

led to events that were unexpected

and distinctly desperate.

MARY ALICE: The first thing
you should know

is that Edie Britt never
actually intended to die.

But someone she loved
was trying to leave her,

so she planned every detail,

from the silk scarf she'd hang by

to the suicide note
detailing her despair.

Now all Edie had to do was wait

for her beloved to come home.

Hey, Edie, I'm here to get my stuff.

You see, to hold on to her man,

Edie knew she'd have to find
the perfect moment to let go.

Hey, Carlos!

Sadly, for Edie...

Could I talk to you?

... her timing was fatally flawed.

CARLOS: Mrs McCluskey.

KAREN: I need to show you something.
Come here.

What's this?

Those are trash cans.

I know they're trash cans, smart ass.

I'm asking what they're doing out
on a Saturday night

when the trash got picked up
on Thursday.

Fine. I will take them in. Happy now?

Carlos, what the hell is that?

And this is how Carlos Solis arrived

just in the nick of time
to save the life of Edie Britt.

Oh, baby. What did you do? Come on,
you gotta wake up. Come on, please.

Of course, had he known
what she was about to do to his life,

he would have let her hang there.

MARY ALICE: There is
a certain time of night

after children have been put to bed
and husbands have begun snoring,

that women lie awake

and think of the secrets they've
been keeping from their friends.

It might be an impromptu wedding,

or a recently diagnosed tumour,

or a make-believe pregnancy.

Regardless, it's all they will think of
until something comes along

to remind them that
other people have secrets, too.

- Carlos! How is she?
- What did the doctors say?

They've got Edie on a ventilator,
but she's gonna be okay.

What the hell happened?
How could she pull a stunt like this?

She left a note,
which pretty much blames me.

Oh, sweetie.

I can't believe this is happening.
It's like Mary Alice all over again.

Yes, but the good news is
she's gonna live.

I know it's her wedding night,
but do you think we should call Gabby?

Oh, crap!


Gabby, you know, this better be
one hell of a wedding night,

considering how long
you're taking in there.

Trust me, Victor.
This will be a night you'll never forget.

CARLOS: Let's get out of here.

I'm serious! You, me... Just screw it all.
Let's... Let's run away together.

I just got married!

There are 200 people out there
waiting for me to lead a conga line!

Gabby, you just said you don't feel like
Victor really loves you,

- and you know I do. I've never stopped.
- I can't dump him on our wedding day.

That's a horrible thing to do,
even to Victor.

He'll get over it.

But I've never gotten over losing you,
and I won't let it happen again.

VICTOR: Gabby, are you in here?



Hi. I was just counting gifts.

That's fine. I was actually
looking for that publicist guy.

- You haven't seen him, have you?
- No.

Okay. I'll give you a holler
when I need you.

Come on.

Who doesn't wear underwear
on their wedding day?

Focus, you idiot!
Well, come on, when are we leaving?

So we're doing this?

Great. It'll take me a few hours
to get stuff together.

I'm gonna pick you up tonight.
Just be packed and ready to go.

Okay, wait!

Aren't you gonna kiss the bride?


Finally. Carlos, where the hell are you?

I'm at the hospital.
Edie tried to kill herself tonight.

Oh, my God! Is she okay?

I found her just in time, but obviously
I can't come pick you up tonight.

Okay, that's all right,
I'll just take a cab and meet you.

Gabby, I can't leave Edie now.
Look, maybe in a couple of weeks.

In a few weeks? What? No!
It has to be tonight.

Victor's in the bedroom right now,
waiting to consummate.

And Edie's on a ventilator.

Look, you don't have to stay
with Victor. You have a house.

Okay, you know, running away with you
on my wedding night

was crazy enough,
but running away to be alone is insane.

Gabby, please. She needs me.
Can't you just wait?

No. I would rather try
and work it out with Victor.

VICTOR: Gabby?
Are you coming to bed?

Happy one-month anniversary.

I didn't know we were doing this.

Well, we've just been so happy
the last four weeks,

I thought we should celebrate.

- You are happy, right?
- Yeah. I've never been happier.

That's sweet.

- I don't believe you.
- Susan...

I watch you sometimes
and you seem very disconnected,

- like something's missing.
- Nothing is missing.

So our life together
is exactly how you pictured it?

- You've gotten everything you wanted?
- Yeah, pretty much.



"Pretty much" means
there is something

that you want that you don't have.

How can I give it to you
if you don't tell me what it is?

Susan, I swear, I am ecstatically,

beyond my wildest dreams,
lip-smackingly happy. You got it?

This marriage is doomed.

Hey, a moving van just pulled up.

Andrew, I'm having problems
with my strap. Could you help me?

Look, I told you three weeks ago,

I was no longer participating
in your little hoax

and that includes strapping you in.

For heaven sakes. Orson,
could you come help me, please?

I'll remember this the next time
you want money for leather pants.

People are gonna find out.

All right, and then
we're gonna all look like idiots.

- Well, not if we're careful.
- This isn't the '50s, okay?

Teenage girls get pregnant all the time.

I mean, my ex-lab partner's
practically a grandmother.

Look, this family's reputation is
already hanging by a thread.

I mean, first people thought
that your stepfather was a wife-killer,

then your sister takes up
with her history teacher,

and now we're supposed to parade
a little bastard up and down the street?

We might as well sit on the porch
and play banjos!

Bree, did you know
there's a moving van next door?


PARKER: Mom! Are you awake?

Okay, honey. Just give me a minute.
Give me a minute.

Hey. Hey, my wig is gone! Where is it?

- It's on the nightstand.
- No, no, I'm looking at the nightstand,

and all I see are a few stray hairs

and this sports blooper DVD
you thought would cheer me up.

- Peyton Manning is funny.
- PARKER: Mom!

Hey, I'm coming!

Hey, don't just lie there like a lump.
Come on, help me look.

God, honey, this is one of
those moments when it occurs to me

that wouldn't it be easier if we just
told everyone that you have cancer?

Oh, I found it!

Look, I mean, I get
not wanting to scare the kids,

- but to keep all our friends in the dark?
- Look, I can deal with the chemo,

I can deal with people telling me
my hair has never looked better,

but what I cannot deal with is the pity,
so we are doing it my way.

You were crooked.

Hey, sweetie. What's up?

There's a moving van across the street.

MAN: So you want it listed right away?

And don't worry about getting top
dollar. I want this place priced to move.

What's going on here?

I'm meeting with our realtor.
Gabby, you remember Gil.

I remember telling you
I wasn't ready to sell the house yet.

Gil, could you give us
a minute, please?


Gabby, we agreed that after we
got married you would sell the house.

I still have a lot of stuff here.

My house is over 10,000 square feet.
I'm pretty sure there are closets.

I'm just not in a rush
to unload this house, okay?

This was my home.
I was very happy here.

Well, we've got a new home now.
Aren't you happy there?

Yeah, it's a great house.

Well, good, then sell this place.
What are you waiting for?

I'm not waiting for anything.

Oh, look, a moving van.

- New neighbours. What do we know?
- Well, dining chairs. There's a clue.

Yes. It proves they eat sitting down.

No, I mean, they're Stickley.
It means they have taste.

And money.
They've been remodelling for weeks.

I wish Edie were here. Without her,
there's no one to give us the dish.

Yet another illustration of
the fundamental selfishness of suicide.

You think this is them?

Oh, my God! Katherine!

- Katherine!
- Susan!

I cannot believe it has been 12 years.
You haven't changed a bit.

Well, you clearly have.
Your eyesight's going.

How's your aunt? Katherine
used to live here with Mrs Sims.

Not very well, I'm afraid. That's really
the reason why we moved back.

I didn't want poor Aunt Lilly to spend
her final days in a nursing home.

- That's so kind of you.
- SUSAN: Yeah, it is.

And as luck would have it,
my husband found a job here.

Adam, could you wave or something?

- Hello, ladies.
- Hi.

I look forward to meeting you
when I'm a little less sweaty.


- He's a cutie. What does he do?
- He's a doctor.

Okay, don't take this personally,
but we hate you.

Mom, I finished unpacking my room.
Do you need any help?

Oh, my God. This is not little Dylan!

I'm Susan, Julie's mom.
She is gonna be so excited to see you.

Great. Who's Julie again?

Honey, you remember.
Your best friend when you were little.

Oh, right.

Why don't you go help your stepfather
with the last few boxes?

It was nice meeting you all.

What a beautiful family. I feel so lucky
to have you for a neighbour.

No, I am the lucky one.
Look at my view.

Your garden is absolutely breathtaking.


- And that pine tree in the backyard.
- It's my pride and joy.

It absolutely kills me
to have to ask you to cut it down.

- Excuse me?
- Well, I'm sorry,

but I'm not going to be able to
grow my prize-winning vegetables

with that tree blocking all the sunlight.

Oh. Well, I'm...
I'm sorry about your vegetables,

but that pine shields my view
of the Purcells' backyard,

and if you had ever seen
Mr Purcell sunbathe,

well, you'd know exactly
what that tree means to me.


Well, I don't want to quarrel.
We will not touch that tree

until we have come up with a solution
to our problem.

Curtains, perhaps.

So, you're back. How fun!

I should have a brunch
so that everyone can get to know you.

No, no need.
I'm having a barbecue this Saturday.

I'm inviting the whole neighbourhood.

- You don't need to do that.
- I insist.

I have missed Wisteria Lane so much.

And I wanna do something special
for my dear old friends,

and all you lovely newcomers.

The nice thing about this
fake pregnancy is my feet don't swell.

I mean, I'd never be able to
squeeze into these sling backs

if I really was
eight-and-a-half months pregnant.

Bree. Don't you look radiant!

- Oh, hello, Mrs McKeever.
- Well, I heard that you were expecting,

but I had no idea
how far along you were. May I?

(EX CLAIMS) There's no need.
The baby's just not kicking right now.

Sometimes if you give them a little
jiggle, you can get them to move.

She doesn't really
want to be jiggled right now.

She's very sensitive down there.

But I'll be gentle. You know, in my day,
mothers thought that it was good luck.

Perhaps I need to make my point
a little more clearly.

Bree, you're hurting me!

Is there a problem here?

No, not at all. I'm just saying hello
to a very dear friend of mine.

Are you gonna back off now?


Car's here, dear.
Lovely to see you, Mrs McKeever.

Why must old ladies always do that?

I don't know, but you've got to
stop roughing them up.

I'm sorry, Susan, Dr Gorenberg
just had a patient go into labour.

His new partner is covering for him,
if you're comfortable with that.

- Sure, I'm just here for a check-up.
- Doctor?

- Thank you.
- Sure.

Hi, I'm Dr Mayfair. I'm gonna...

Hold it. Have we met?

Yes. Yesterday.
Susan Mayer, your new neighbour.


I didn't know
you were this kind of doctor.

I sure am.

- Listen, maybe this isn't...
- Feet up, please.


And scootch down.

It's just that it's weird, you know,
considering you're...

Where'd you go?


And relax.


And relax.


And relax.

Sorry! Hey, not to change the subject,

but when is Dr Gorenberg
coming back?

Almost done.

You know, Katherine has talked
about you for years.

It's nice to finally
put a face to the name.



Muriel. How are you doing? What's up?
You look good.

Don't try to sweet talk me,
Lynette Scavo. I am fit to be tied.

Did you or did you not volunteer to
run the fundraising gala?

Yeah, things have been
a little weird lately.

Don't even think
of wriggling out of this, Lynette.

Every other third-grade mom
has chaired an event. It is your turn.

- Okay. I'll jump right on it.
- Great. Okay.

See, that's where someone with half a
brain would've played the cancer card.

- I can handle it.
- Like hell.

You've been nauseous all day
from the chemo.

- You shouldn't even be here.
- It's my life.

Some stupid disease
is not gonna keep me from living it.

Besides, Parker's expecting to see me.

There, he saw you.
Now duck out when the lights go down.

He's gonna be watching for me all day.
He's one of the leads.

He's Friar Tuck. It's a thankless role.


Well, everything seems normal.

But you say
you've been having irregular periods?

Yeah, you know, one month off,
two months on. That happens, right?

Ever experience night sweats?

Sometimes, but Mike's a big spooner.
He's like sleeping with a hibachi.

How about hot flashes?

Okay, whoa,
I'm gonna stop you right there.

I am way too young for that.
Please refer to your chart.

Susan, I know for a lot of women

the word "menopause"
has negative connotations.

They hear ageing, brittle bones,
loss of sexual desire...

Okay, before we go any further,
can I check those diplomas?

Look, there's a simple blood test
we can use to find out.

I don't need any test!
I am not old enough for menopause.

Now, I don't know
what kind of nonsense they taught you

at Harvard Medical School,
class of '97?

Oh, my God. I am old!
Just give me the damn test.

We will live in these woods
till our work is done.

If the sheriff comes, we'll drive him
away with our bows and arrows.

You okay?

- I'm feeling a little... I'm fine.
- BO Y: God save all ye Merry Men.

I beseech thee, pray that I may join
your man... Band of Merry Men.

I am more than just a jolly friar,

for I can handle
both a sword and an arrow.

We must support Robin Hood
in his noble quest to give to the poor.

- Oh, I'm going to be sick.
- Right there with you, lady.

All hail Robin Hood!

- Okay, let's go.
- No, it's too late.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry,
I'll get you a new purse.

Fine. But that wasn't my purse.

KATHERINE: Hello, you have
everything you need?

You just let me know.

Hi, good to see you. You look great.

Mrs McCluskey. Hello. How are you?
Do you remember me?

You're Bess Truman, right?
Of course I remember you.

If that was your way of checking
if my brain's gone all tapioca, I'm fine.


So, I saw your kid
and your new husband. Nice catch.

Oh, well, thank you.

I'm very eager for him to
experience life on Wisteria Lane.

The times that Dylan and I spent here
were the happiest of our lives.

Yeah? Then why'd you take off
so suddenly?

You skipped town
without even saying goodbye.

My, you do remember a lot, don't you?

Excuse me, I really must mingle.

I think these eggs are past their prime.

So you just shun them
and throw them away.

Well, yeah, since mayonnaise
left out in the sun can kill you.

Everything okay?
You seem kind of moody today.

Yeah, get used to it.

- Okay. Did I do something wrong?
- No, I'm sorry.

I'm just a little... You know what?
Forget it. Let's eat.

Susan! We saved you a place.

- Come on. Come on.
- We want you over here with us.

Oh, my God! Dylan!

- Hi.
- It's me, Julie.

Julie's the one we were talking about.
Hi, honey. She was your best friend.

Yeah, and I brought you a little
welcome-back gift. Your favourite.

Oh, my goodness. You remember
how much you used to love liquorice?

I did? Okay.

Come on, I've got some of the old gang
I want you to meet.

Have fun.

Aren't you a little young for that?

I know!

And you thought you married
a vibrant woman in her prime,

and instead you got a wife
who's dry and dusty!

No, honey, it's a natural part of life.

Yeah, the part before death!

I know that it's upsetting,
but it's really not that big a deal.

Yes, it is!
What if you want to have kids?

We agreed that we didn't.

No, you said you did, I said I didn't,
and you changed your mind.

- What if you change it back?
- That's not gonna happen.

Listen, my last egg could be on its way
down the chute at this very moment.

If you want to have kids,
you might want to jump on it right now.

All right, this is all very romantic,
but let me be clear about this. Okay?

I love you, and if kids don't happen,
I'm fine with that.

I don't want you to be fine.
I want you to be happy!

All right, I'm just trying to find
a nice way to shut you up, so...

Yep, we're doomed.

Hey, look who's back.

Oh, my gosh, she's out of the clinic.

- Thanks, darling. Hi.
- Hi. How are you?

- Oh, careful. The neck.
- Sorry.

Thank you all so much for the cards.

Sometimes it takes a near tragedy
to realise just how much you're loved.

So why don't you talk to your friends,
and I'll go unpack the car.

Thanks, sweetheart.

I have to admit that I was a little
concerned about how you'd react

when you saw me, but this...
Throwing me a party.

Well, we just all love you.

And, Edie, you look great, especially,
you know, given the circumstances.

You mean that I tried to hang myself?

Well, it's okay. The doctor
encouraged me to talk about it.

Surely not over food.

Well, Carlos and I
talk about it all the time.

You know, and this whole thing
has just brought us closer together.

We've actually talked about marriage.

Hello, I don't think we've met.

I'm Katherine Mayfair,
your new neighbour.

Edie. It's a pleasure to meet you.
Welcome to my party.

So, I hear congratulations are in order.

Edie just announced
you're getting married. Best wishes!

We're not engaged. That was
just a kind of "what if" conversation.

Really? Because she thinks
you're getting married.

Everyone else thinks you're
getting married. So again, best wishes!

Gabby, the woman tried to kill herself
because I left her.

She's not real good
with disappointment.

Neither am I!

You told me
you want to run away together,

and then I don't hear from you
for a month!

That was only because
I was going through stuff with Edie,

but it doesn't mean that
I wasn't thinking about you constantly.

- You were not.
- Yes, I was. Every second of every day.

Yeah, well,
I kind of thought about you, too.

- I need to be with you, Gabby.
- Yeah? Prove it.

- Can you get away tonight?
- Oh, my God, are you serious?

Damn right I am.


I just have to be back by midnight
to give Edie her pills.


Well, if we're gonna have an affair,
we've got to be discreet.

Affair? I thought we were talking about
running away together!

I can't do that.
Edie's too fragile right now.

That old battleaxe
is gonna outlive us all.

Hey, don't talk about her like that.

Oh, far be it for me to speak ill
of the future Mrs Carlos Solis.

- We are not getting married!
- Best wishes!

No, absolutely not.
That's my final answer.

Well, I'll talk to you later.

That was Danielle. Now she wants us
to send a DVD player for her room.

That hardly seems extravagant.

You're missing the point!
It's a convent, not the Four Seasons.

You have mustard on your chin.

I mean, it's one thing to
forgive bad behaviour.

It's another thing to reward it. There are
consequences for her mistakes.


Bree! Oh, my God! Are you all right?

Oh! No, no, I'm fine. I'm fine.

- You're bleeding!
- No, no, no.

It's just... It's a little barbecue sauce.

Where is Katherine's husband?
He's a doctor.

- She's fine!
- Adam! Adam!

Get over here, right now!
Bree got stabbed in the belly!

Oh, my God, are you all right?
Let me take a look.

No, it's nothing!

We were just teasing Ida,
it's something we do.


Look, it's a trick barbecue fork.
We got it at a magic shop. See?

- Retractable.
- Oh, oh, my baby!

Wow, that's quite a trick.

Hey, let's go freak out Mrs McCluskey.

He's such a scamp.

Psycho mom at 5 o'clock.

You say the word,
she gets a face full of pig bones.

My hero. I can handle her.

Lynette. I just spoke with Helen,

and imagine my surprise
when she told me

that you'd not started
on the decorations for the gala.

I'm in charge of decorations?

Yes. Which you would have known
had you bothered to pick up the packet.

I don't want to hear it.


Piggyback, Mommy.

I'm sorry, sweetie. I'm just...
I'm just too tired right now.

Here, honey, I'll get you.

Yes! Mommy has to conserve
her energy for more important things.

We are not throwing in the towel
over a minor mishap.

How many more mishaps
are we gonna get away with?

Yesterday it was an old woman
in the Macy's shoe department.

Today a magic fork in the belly.
Pretty soon, this whole charade

will completely unravel
and we will be humiliated.

We're already in too deep.

We could go on a trip, tell people
you miscarried while we were away.

And then what would happen
to the baby?

Well, Danielle would keep it.

Do you think Danielle
could raise this child?

Orson, you've seen her in action.
She's shallow, and she's selfish.

- She would ruin this child's life.
- How can you say that?

Because I'm her mother.

And I know what I've created,
and that's the real humiliation.

Orson, this child deserves better.

And I know what to do now.
Please, please let me try.

So really what you want
is a second chance?

Well, would that be so horrible?

Well, then let the charade continue.

- So, you're bailing on me now?
- I know, the timing is terrible.

Damn right!
It's three weeks before the gala!

I just didn't realise how tired
I would be when I took this on.

We're all tired, Lynette,

but some of us still manage
to honour our commitments.

Okay, I'm going to be honest with you.
I haven't been feeling that great lately.

Don't whine to me
about your aches and pains.

I've had the same migraine since '87.

And my knee's so bad,
I can't even use the treadmill any more.

Yeah, that's rough.

By the way,

I have cancer.

I'll give Helen a call.

So, I am halfway through chemo,

and my doctor is very confident
that I'm going to beat this.

So you can all relax.
I'm not going to die.

Well, not unless we kill you.


Damn it, Lynette, what did we say
after Mary Alice? After Edie?

"Why didn't they tell us?"

We're your friends.
Why would you shut us out?

I just liked being able
to throw on my wig,

and join you guys for a cup of coffee

and a good gossip
about the new neighbours.

You know, for five minutes,
I could pretend I wasn't a sick person.

But once your friends know you're sick,
you can't pretend any more.

Because you can see it in their eyes.
The fear, the pity.

Is that all you see in our eyes?

No. No, of course not.

You know what? Let's make a pact.

No more secrets.

From now on, we tell each other
every shocking detail of our lives.

- I'm in.
- Me, too.

You with us?

Absolutely. No more secrets.

You're right. I'm not happy. Let's talk.

All I'm saying is, I just want to know
that I come first with you.

Sometimes I feel less like your wife
than a possession.

It's demeaning, it's... It's...
Why are you smiling right now?

Because this is fantastic.

After weeks of shutting me out,
you're finally telling me how you feel.

- We should do this all the time.
- Well, it's hard when you're so busy.

Maybe we should go away.

Let's just take a couple of weeks
or a month.

Let's rediscover what it was
that made us fall in love to begin with.

- That is a great idea. Let's do it.
- How's next week?

Let's see here.

Well, I've got the meeting
with the school board on Tuesday,

and in the end of the month,
I've got that conference in Washington.

Shoot, got the ground-breaking
for the new civic centre,

Dad's birthday,
economic development forum.

What about April? I can give you
two whole weeks in April.

- I'll see you later, babe.
- Where are you going?

- To Scavo's for a few beers.
- Can I come?

- No.
- Why not?

Edie, I know
you've been through a lot lately,

but I can't hold your hand
24 hours a day.

If you want this relationship to work,
you've gotta give me some downtime.

Okay, so I managed to get away
from Edie. What do you want?

To get you away from Edie.

Come on, you have to remember
your boyfriend Joey Miller.

You used to chase him
around the jungle gym.

Really? Do you think
I would've gone for this guy

with the sexy finger up his nose?

So you don't remember
any of the kids we used to play with?

No. To be honest, I don't remember
anything about living here.


So what is your earliest memory?

Well, I don't know if this is a memory,

but for years I've had
this creepy dream.

I'm really little,

and there's a guy in my room,
and he tries to grab me.

That is creepy.

Have you ever talked
to somebody about it?

You mean like a therapist?

My old babysitter suggested that,
but my mom got mad and said no.

- Really?
- Yeah. Then she fired the babysitter.

- ADAM: Susan?
- I'm in here.

- Your front door was open.
- No problem. What's up?

First, let me just say this is one of
the more embarrassing moments

of my career
and you have every right to hate me.

Adam, I have no idea
what you're talking about.

Well, your test results came back,
and your oestrogen levels are fine.

- You are not about to start menopause.
- Really? That's fantastic!

- There's more.
- More?

You're pregnant.

What? What did he just say?

I'm pregnant?

He said I'm pregnant.

I have never been happier.

Now I believe you.

There you are.

I'm sorry. I got in late last night,
I didn't want to wake you.

You don't have to explain. I trust you.

Well, good. You should.

- I just wish you trusted me a bit more.
- What are you talking about?

Why didn't you ever tell me
about your offshore bank account?


Well, you know.

The one in the Cayman Islands,
with 10 million dollars in it?

I miss you when you're gone.

Going through your things
makes me feel like you're with me.

Okay, I know how this looks.

What did you think I was gonna do?
Tell people? Turn you in?

Try to get my little hands on it?
I don't care about money, Carlos.

All I care about is you.

That's why this relationship
is going to work.

You can trust me with your secrets,

just like I can trust you not to hurt me.

MARY ALICE: There is
a certain time of morning,

it occurs after kids have left for school

and husbands have
headed off for work.

It's a time
when women think of the secrets

they've been keeping
from their friends,

and how shocked they would be
if the truth was discovered.

And how they'll do everything in their
power to keep that from happening.

But what of those lucky women
who have no secrets left to keep?

What do they think about
every morning?


Is something wrong?

It's just,
Dylan and I used to be best friends.

- I mean, we did everything together.
- I know. She was like a sister to you.

Well, that girl
that I've been hanging out with,

and I know this is gonna sound crazy,

but that's not the same girl.

These women spend their mornings
thinking of their neighbours

and the secrets they may be keeping.

There you are. I've been calling you.

- Is this the room?
- Yes.

Dylan's been asking me
if she can move in here.

So let her.

You may remember
what happened here, but she can't.

It doesn't matter. I won't allow it.

Hey, are you okay? Did we make
a mistake coming back here?

Did we have a choice?