Departures (2008–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Thailand - full transcript

Scott and Justin wind down their yearlong trip with a stop in Thailand.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(energetic music)

- We're leaving the
comfort and familiarity

of New Zealand behind,
for the culture Shock

and surprises Thailand has to offer.

New Zealand was a perfect place
for me to go before Thailand

because it got me over a lot of my fears,

everybody has ever talked
about Thailand has told me

that it's like the Las Vegas of Asia.

It's supposed to be one
of these countries where

you can do anything you want.

Justin and I are dropping
everything and just gonna

travel the world for a year.

- I gave up quite a bit
of stuff to do this.

I just always thought there's definitely

something missing like traveling.

- That travel bug gets in you,

and it's got you one whole
year was buying a Blake

(upbeat music)

Well for certain, Bangkok

And now it's time to have a few drinks

and just relax and enjoy the evening.

This guy's birthday, so I'm
taking him out Bangkok style

It's no secret here that
a lot of prostitution

goes on in Bangkok. It is illegal here.

It's just not enforced, and so, you know,

like he saw these cops
over here directing traffic

in front of like a huge section
of where the stuff goes on.

You're not gonna avoid it.

There certain streets you walk down

and the girls come up to you.

I mean, the girls literally
mob and claw at you.

Kind of you become aware
very quickly, you know

what are their intentions.

It's been going on long before we got here

and it will continue going
on long after we leave here.

- As long as you don't
partake, then, I mean

I guess you're more of a
solution than a problem.

(lively music)

We got the camera inside and right away

they were like, no, no, no, no camera.

You could tell exactly what
was going on down there.

900 Western businessman,
all sitting at the bar

happily chatting up a 16 year old girl.

We are horny businessmen,
so there's no reason

for us to be down there.

- Perhaps not this man
- Oh, okay.

We bounced around from bar to bar

and all these girls have a hidden motive.

We keep on moving until we find a place

that's a little bit safer.

- We're on the strip here,
there's gifts out the galore.

I owe you a birthday gift.

So you see something, let me know.

And it's yours.

- I already know what
I want for my birthday.

I've eaten so much weird shit this year.

- I don't like this.

- I just want to pick out one
thing for you to eat here.

So you can say you ate something crazy.

- All right, whatever.

(lively music)

Oh my God.

(lively music)

- I love how there's like
ladles and scoops for some

of these things for us as a
big dare, to just have one

and put it in your mouth and
for them to have like weights

and measures and scoops
and ladles and bags

and serious business.

This is enjoyed by many here.

Not by me and probably not by Justin but,

- what do you, what do you recommend?

- I recommend this one, (inaudible)

- If I buy you help me?

- Yeah
- All good.

Are those good?
- No no

- No, okay good cause I
don't wanna eat those.

I'll eat, one of each
and then they keep back.

Is that fair enough?
- Sure.

- Yummy maggots, bag of maggots.

- How much?
- 30 bucks.

- 30 bucks, that's the
best price I've ever paid

for Crickets and locusts


- Nicely done.

- It's a grasshopper. (chuckles)

He's having a good time. Okay.
I'm not taking the maggots.

The crickets, it tastes good right now.

(people chattering)

Give me a cricket, okay here, enjoy.


I feel free dude, that was awesome.

You got, gotta eat one of these things

and this is probably the most
tasty that's actually tasty

Third hop you go into your mouth, okay?

Wait, you're doing now what I'm doing

- No, this is going in your mouth.

- Well, we're not gonna do this guy.

- You put it in my mouth.

- That's perfectly creepy, but all right.

Three hops? Ready?
- Ready

(both chuckling)

- Eat it.

- That's all right, actually,

- I told you.

They're all in my teeth, I can't talk.

(bouncy music)

Putting off these girls a
naked, further and further in

is like babysitting

- 28 years old, my first
birthday on the road.

And I had a good time tonight.

But the one thing that kind of bothers me

about it is the obvious
problems that, that Bangkok has.

It's sad that Thailand doesn't
want to do more to stop it.

(bouncy music)

Justin and I just hired a cab to take us

to the outside of Bangkok where
there's a floating market.

(blissful music)

We got a boat ticket.

Get on board, the long-tail boat here.

And we've got a driver who's gonna take us

into the floating market.

(blissful music)

- Hello, (foreign language)

- Can I see that for half a second?

Do I look good?
- Yeah.

- very pretty?
- Yeah.

There's lots of puppets here.

Hello, stop. Did you get those cookies.

I didn't know, what are you talking about?

Men this is all bulshit.

- Your first tight souvenir
is a Pinocchio marionette.

- Thank you (foreign
language), nice to meet you.

- Do you know how to say thank you?

- No.
- You want to learn?

- Yes. But quite quick.
- (foreign language)

- Okay, right. One, two,
three, (foreign language)

I think we're getting to the edge of

the actual floating market.

I can see this big elaborate
sign over top of us now.

(blissful music)

- Bananas.
- Banana.

- 30 bucks

- That was easy enough.

We've barely entered the market here.

- Do you want a bowl of soup?

- Yeah, definitely.

- Two please.

For a dollar 50, we're
getting two bowls of soup.

- That was incredible, dude.

What do you do with the bowl,
you get to keep the bowl?

The bowl, does the bowl stay here?

Of course you get to keep the bowl.

I feel bad, I think I'll be
like a, just rip them off.

- Remember when used to
go to like fast food joint

and get a collector cup for a movie.

This is like your collectible compiler.

- This is some sort of fish.

I think its (inaudible)

- That's not fish.

- Yeah, it is.
- Yes

- Yeah, this is fish dude.

- No, it's not.

- Yes it is.
- No, it isn't

- What is it then?
- Tofu

- Eh?
- It's Tofu.

- Well, let's see if Tofu is true.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- You're very good at that

(foreign language)

- Pineapple?
- Pineapple.

- It's like a drive-through
it's got a delicious

bowl of soup and it's
higher thing of plantations.

Coconut drink.

We've got some chicken on a skier.

We've got some pineapple, not even $3.

(blissful music)
(reggae music)

- Hey, a goose behind me.

I know. Quiet. Alright,
let's do this dire champion.

He's coming (goose honking)

Go, I don't have anything.
Get away from the camera.

(goose honking)
(indistinct chatter)

Thailand has been one of the countries

that I've been really,
really looking forward to.

I hear stuff from the
bushes that freaks me out

freaking snakes or something.

Just hearing shit now,
what's going on here?

(goose honking)
(indistinct chatter)

Got our train tickets at the
Bangkok train station. Yeah.

(clock chiming)

Got ourselves a ticket up to Ayutthaya

and which is the old capital city.

Apparently there's a
lot of ruins of temples.

- This is old schools (inaudible)

- This return ticket to Ayutthaya
and back is gonna cost me

about a dollar Canadian.

I'm not sure if it's going
to be the most upper crust

kind of train

- Did you just say pizza
on this upper crust.

(lively music)
(foreign language)

Justin and I don't know
what just he's talking

to some stranger.

- Like me. Just like me.

(indistinct chatter)
(engine revs)

He said he'd take us to all these places.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- Everyone of this places?


- No air conditioning,

you got ice cream,

you got ice cream.

What's your name?

- Dan.
- Dan

- Justin, nice to meet you,
we're doing business with you

(engine revs)

- Hey.
- Hey.

- Are you gonna buy us ice cream too?

He's buy penises? (both chuckle)

This truck even looks like a famous

I don't care what he's obsessed with.

As long as he gets us
around where we need to go

and plenty of time and
back to the train in time.

(lively music)

Ayutthaya is the old capital
of Siam or what's now Thailand.

A lot of Dutch, Chinese,
Japanese explorers

and traders came through
this ancient city.

Some six or 700 years ago when
it first started its heyday.

At that point, it was said to be one

of the most incredible cities on earth.

(Blissful music)

- Hello? You can just walk
through all of these temples

and ruins uninterrupted.

They just sort of assume
that you'll give it

the respect it deserve.

(Blissful music)

This was originally the
center of the entire town

of the ancient town of Ayutthaya.

The modern day centerpiece
is somewhere over this way

which is a Buddha head that's kind of cut

and wrapped into a
tree, Buddhist believers

and casual viewers like us
all want to have a look at it.

The face is just like
completely at one with nature

in that piece with the
world, pretty much summing

up it's religion sums up
Buddha, at least, yeah.

(blissful music)

- Behind me these bats are
just coming out of here.

They're freaking me out,
(indistinct chatter)

You can see like they
fly right over my head.

Look at them all coming out
of there. (indistinct chatter)

Oh my God. I don't love that.

You know, it was just one of those things

I'm like why not try to conquer this fear

and kind of get up there

and see how close I can
get to these freaking bats.

I can just hear them. Geez. Okay.

That's done. I don't know if I'm brave

or just stupid, but I always
say to myself in situations

where I walk away from, I
kind of that wasn't that bad,

but I know one of these days
it's gonna bite me in the ass

- Thank you very much.

- You take it easy on that ride.

Don't drive it too hard.

(foreign language)
(lively music)

- At the airport now, and set to have

a one hour flight up to Chiang Mai

and expect to explore a bit
of the North of Thailand

(upbeat music)

We've been driving for a while now.

And we're getting kind of nervous.

Cause we got up in the mountains

and we can't see a gas
station for the longest time

and kind of a quarter tank

and we hopefully we can find gas.

And we did. Here it is.

It's like on aside of this road
is like a little shack here.

- Wasn't the gas station
I was expecting to find

but it doesn't matter, it's a gas station.

- Back in North America, you say

gasoline, gasoline, can
I have some gasoline.

Give me some gas man, man give me some gas

Here's can I have some petrol please?

- No.

- No.
- Yeah

- We're not sure what's going on right now

because there's the gasoline,
but they're saying no gas.

Maybe the machine doesn't work.

- No gasoline.

- No gasoline no, no, no, no, no.

(foreign language)

- How far back is that?

- Where we had started originally

(foreign language)

They have gas but I don't think they have

the octane that we need.

Thank you.

(foreign language)
(classic music)

- We have been given directions
saying cant go this way.

Go that way, that way, this way, that way.

And we've been going around in loops

and we've been going down the wrong roads

and dead ends and gas station this way,

gas station that way.

Why are you stressed so like this?

- It's the only one thing I do

Go sleep, when I wake up
(inaudible) good night, Mr. Wilson

(classic music)

There's gasoline, gasoline right?

It's gasoline, 91

- Yeah. I can see it from here it says 91.

That's what we need.

It's not like running this
thing on cotton candy.


(engine revs)

- [Lady] Quick
- Quick

(both laughing)

- No spark hopefully, Okay.

I broke the handle.
(both laughing)

This way, this way.

- Why don't you let her do it so we

can get out of here today.

It's gonna take driving
through some pretty

sketchy terrain at times in order to find

the Karen Hill tribes
which are an indigenous

long neck tribe that
lives up in this area.

(blissful music)

It looks like she's making scarfs here.

How long till this one's done?

- Two days.
- Two days?

And she sells over a hundred baht

which is like $3 back home.

Feel heavy that is,

- That's only half.

- Two years, this I can put that new

So she won't be able to add another ring

for another two years.

- If you're gonna go with
more of these, more rings

would you take that one off
and then make a new one?

It's not several rings, it's one big one.

- Yeah

There's a misconception
that the neck actually

gets stretched and the
vertebrates gets stretched out.

But that's not the case.

The way the process works
is that the rib cage

and the collarbone actually sink down

giving the illusion that
the neck is being stretched.

I've been invited over here
to sample some of the food.


What is this?

Tastes like a potato

Put it in the water on a fire
and it boils and it cooks it.

(foreign language)
(all laugh)

I don't love them though but,

- Hello
- Hello

- Where are you from?

- Canada.

How long have you been here for?

How long have you been here for?

(foreign language)

Trying to break the communication barrier

but having a hard time doing it?

I think she's the best
English speak English.

But now I think she's been telling her not

to speak English so it's
stopped bothering her.

- We really went out of
our way to drive out here

and sort of feel like it
was all worth that now.

There's a lot of small
countries, all framed

in this very small area.

And they're all very
different for these Burmese.

For this Hill tribe, life
is gonna be a lot better

here in Thailand than it
was gonna be back home

in Myanmar.

Recurring theme on this
trip, I can't find Justin

- It's gonna pee on me

- It's not a very big
village so I don't think

we'll be separated for too long

but it's a bit like amazing here.

You know, somebody goes
left, somebody goes right

and you meet up 400 meters later.

I think this is a school.

Yeah. Chalkboards and
children dead giveaway.

- They're actually learning
how to speak English.

So I kind of work out, yeah.

- What meat do you like best
duck, chicken, pork or monkey.


- What did you write?
Did you write chicken?

Good, good answer?

- I agree disrupting the class maybe

- That's, that's how I was in school.

It's funny how much of
a distraction we are?

I know it's like, if we were back home

in school and like Santa Claus
walk past your classroom.

Okay. Everybody focuses
like, oh my God it's Santa.

And so we are, well we're not saying that.

(children chattering)
(indistinct chatter)

- Very few times on these trips.

Do I have a real goal coming to Thailand,

I really hoped that we would get here

and be able to experience
this and see this firsthand.

And I didn't know how probable it was

but sometimes slugging
it out really pays off.

And it certainly did
in this instance to see

that they still exist is a
real breath of fresh air.

To know that the whole
world's not westernizing.

Things like this and in
many parts of the world

have long since been extinct.

So to speak that the culture

or the style is slowly dwindling

and things aren't passed on.

(blissful music)

We're headed toward capital

which will serve as our
gateway to Southern Thailand.

From there, we're hoping to explore some

of the other islands like Ko
phi phi and Ko phi phi Lee.

(blissful music)

You know when you make
that decision to travel

it's like every day can be an adventure.

And if you don't take advantage
of that, then you know

you're kinda missing
out on a lot of reason

you left in the first place.

So I could possibly fight
somebody he's saying.

- You can fight the
model, I can do for you.

- Looks like Justin's gonna
get himself into some boxing.

- You're good fighter?

- I don't know, (inaudible) fair maybe.

- They have a big fight here
on the Island tomorrow night.

And there was just some
posters for it already

on the way in.

We figured we might go have a look at it

but I'll definitely go have a look at it.

It's so funny.

- You think I can fight?
- Good.

- You beat me up pretty good?
- Yes

- He wants to see if
I can fight, I have to

- I know, how you look, you win

I know because it's
medium, it's same same.

- It's knees, elbows.
- Yes it's okay.

(foreign language)

- I might even cheer for him.

- It's okay, good fight for you.

Okay. Tomorrow, he'll fight here tomorrow

- Justin, lead paint
- Lead paint from Canada.

Fighting this Thai people tomorrow.

- Well, we were planning on
hopefully seeing a fight.

Now I'm actually gonna go now.

- I don't know how to
feel, so it's just like

I have to pretty much
like, come in swinging.

- Please don't use that form tomorrow.

What's the lead paint story?

- I don't know, I just kinda
came up with something.

Lead paint, cause
everybody's like lead jaw

lead fist, I'm Lead Paint, the slow killer

(blissful music)

The promoter brought down the
guy I'm gonna fight tomorrow.

So I gonna get up close
view of my competition,

- Nice to meet you

So this is guy I'm gonna fight tomorrow?

Yes, with you

All right, okay.

(both laughing)

- Okay. Thank you.
- Here we go.

- That's the guy you're
gonna fight? Really?

- He could be decent fight.
You know what I mean?

I'm not a fighter at all, so..

- That guy could probably
go 44 rounds, so you better

just try to knock him out
in the first round or two.

- Let's go to the island,
we see a train or something.

You gotta get you on a
training regimen or something.

I love Thailand.

- Oh, we got some good,
healthy food for you here.

And I know no drinking,
I'm not drinking tonight.

- Getting our first
look at Ko phi phi Lee,

we're within striking distance now,

that's where we're gonna be
spending the night tonight.

(blissful music)

- This is what I'm talking about, dude.

- Once again, we got all
new pieces of the world.

- We found our own little cave separate

from the rest of the Bay.

Took a little bit of a hike,

but we're used to it, aren't we?

We say we set up camp before
we lose all the light though.

- Yeah. It's a wonderful idea.

(blissful music)

- There's a couple other
groups on the Island

that are here camping as well.

And I would figure we'll go over and see

what's going on with them.

(indistinct chattering)

- Nicely played.

We've just hooked up with
a proverbial UN group

of people from all over the world who are

camped up here on Ko phi phi Lee.

A million different drinking games

going on just by flipping over cards

and trying to design
different stupid rules.

I think with Thailand, you have to come

to terms with and accept the fact

that lots of other
travelers want to come here.

Some from your country,
some from other countries

we still got the feeling like we were just

in a bigger group of
the only people there.

There was no pretentiousness.

Everyone was there for the same reason.

(crowd celebrating)

(blissful music)

Nice and early this morning
trying to catch a glimpse

of this bay in the sunlight here.

- I got the day to day,
but just the big fight.

The worst that gonna
happen tonight is that

he gets me into a clinch
and just starts elbowing

and kneeing his shit in my face.

My nose will be broken or my
teeth will be knocked out.

The best case scenario is
I do all of that to him.

I backed out and I would
really regret not doing it.

What do you think? You think I will win?

- I think you stand a good chance

- Of losing.

(blissful music)

- The people we met
last night on the beach.

I went up to them this
morning, I'm like, hey guys,

do you guys still come in the fight?

And they're just looking at me like

they thought I was joking.

(indistinct chatter)

- Good luck with that.

- Congress was good this morning.

It's kind of going away now

but I'm on, I'll go with my coach so...

How many professional
fighters have you traded?

- Zero.

- How many fights have you been in.

- Zero. No, no, that's not true.

I was in a flight once and

- How old were you?

- Six. I'm pretty sure...
- Did you win?

- It was pretty much a draw.

I received a fat lip and
I give you the other kid,

a black eye. But if I have any advice,

wait for the recess bell and
then you can just go inside.

- Enjoy

(indistinct chatter)

(blissful music)

- We're leaving Ko phi
phi Lee and heading back

to Ko phi phi island, the bigger island.

We're living paradise and
going to the mainland.

- Justin went and talk to
the Thai fighting promoter.

One more time, I think
he's getting antsy about it

and anxious.

- Now see my head straight on,
get my head on straight here

and bite the bullet and get in the ring.

- The guy told him that his
fight is on and it's on at 11.

- The guy I'm fighting tonight
is pushing the promotion box.

That's telling everybody
to come to the fight.

I hope he's getting tired
of doing that all day.

- [announcer] One Thai night,
one Thai boxing championship

(Foreign language)

- At Aswindum stadium tonight,
9:30, big Muay Tae fight.


- I like watching fighting,
like reading about fighting.

- You know, he's been talking a lot about

more time wanting to go to a flight

and I'd love to see one.

- I don't know what to expect.

I've never even seen a freaking tae fight.

- Maybe it all happened too quickly.

And maybe he's got a
little bit of remorse now.

- Yeah. I'm nervous, I'm really nervous.

I never thought a million
years I'd be doing this.

- Justin sometimes doesn't
think things through.

- This guy joking around
and I took this fight

and then also it's like, it's a real deal.

And I was like, geez.

- I'm hoping that he hasn't gotten himself

into some trouble now.

- This is Muay Tae, this is not boxing.

And I gotta try and box him.

So I mean, I'm already
not even the right game.

- I think he's remaining
somewhat cool and collected

and try to be focused,
and that's the best.

You know, the best state of mind I think

for him to be in right now.

- I don't know. We'll see what happens.

- While we're out having
a bite to eat laughing

and enjoying a beer with friends.

Justin's back at the
hotel, just had arrest,

and I think probably
trying to psych himself up

In this particular restaurant,
which isn't air conditioned,

it's so hot that the cat is
actually asleep in the fridge.

I'd say I've never seen that before.

So Justin may he live to see tomorrow?

(indistinct chatter)

- It's go time.

- I got music listened to,
I got stuff in my nose.

Okay. My wallet stuff is left here

with all my medical information.

If I go to the hospital, okay.

Just come down here, got my stuff here.

- Should I just take it down there?

Then I'll be with my wallet.

- Yeah, maybe.

(energetic music)

- Justin's just standing
with this guy here

he's fighting tonight. He's from Sweden.

He's ranked Colonel world.

And cause he's just sort
of picking his brain right

now to try to get some last minute.

First time tips.

- He fights right after me.
So after I'm done fighting,

I watch him and instead
if I don't have to go

to the hospital, go for drinks and stuff.

(energetic music)

- For me, it's just weird.

You know? Like every so often
I have these butterflies

And then I'm like, I'm not fighting.

The weird part is that I'm getting taped

and I'm watching my opponent
get taped the same time.

He's like, he's right here.

I mean, it's not like, okay,
I'm in my dressing room

and he's in his dressing room.

It's like, right.

Hi buddy. Hey, don't hurt
me, he's right there.

- I just feel weird because
there's a lot of technique.

Like I've seen a couple of the young guys

starting to fight already.

There's a lot of technique to
this and he doesn't know it.

He hasn't taken one class
at Muay Tae back home

or anywhere else.

(energetic music)

- Life's all about challenges.

And if you don't put
challenges in front of you

then you're not going to live life.

Sometimes they're good ideas.

Sometimes they're bad ideas.

Sometimes you get hurt.

Sometimes you get sick, you got to take

on anything and everything
is put in front of you.

(energetic music)

I saw people we've met on the beach

and they're all there to cheering me on

and kind of calm me down a little bit.

I know my limits but I think I got to like

push myself further and
further and get one shot

(energetic music)

- The moment of chance I guess,

all these people here I think,

are assuming he's probably
some priced fighter.

(energetic music)
(crowd cheering)

- I figured well, you
know, it's about time.

I stepped up and you
gotta face your fears.

And this is one of them

(crowd cheering)

I don't know anything about this,

but it seems like he did okay
for his first time there.

(crowds cheering)

(trumpet sounding)

- [announcer] Round two

(crowds cheering)

- You're fine man, just try
and get elbows in if you can,

okay, and try not to tell
tale don't be a haymaker.

The guys got guts. I'll tell you that.

I didn't think he'd last this long.

(trumpet sounding)

- [announcer] Round three

(crowd cheering)

I think they just threw the fight.

They called it and I don't know why

(crowd cheering)

- I was supposed to be on vacation.

It's supposed to be vacation.

- Maybe the other guy got so many points

or something, I don't know.

But they called it, you know.

- Are you happy?
- Oh, very happy

(indistinct chatter)

- Three rounds is better
than I kind of thought

don't tell him that.

But you know, you never know
everybody respects him for it

which is cool too, you know.

(foreign language)
(crowd cheering)

- How does it feel?
- Dazed

He got it good a couple of times.

I think I haven't that first round

and then second round, I don't know.

- I didn't expect come in
and swing like that fast

and that hard.

Yeah, that was good.

- I need a good, hard start.

And you've got the audience behind you.

There's a lot of respect flying
around out there, you know,

from the foreigners, from the
Thais from the guy you fought.

- Yeah, there's a couple
times I knew I had him

like all day and then
just I guess I didn't have

enough energy to finish him off.

- Right now, I'm gonna
watch my buddy fight.

Hope he does better than I did.

(upbeat music)

(indistinct chatter)

He was really impressed by my fighting

and he though I did a really good job.

So he said he'll pay me
2000 bucks for fighting.

I got my paycheck for the night.

He says, lead owed it, for lead paint

the slow killer, the slow killer.

I'm kind of proud of myself.

I didn't win the fight,
but anything's possible.

You just got to have
the confidence to do it.

You know, I don't think I'll
ever be a professional fighter

or anything, but I think I gained respect

from a lot of people in the
crowd and stuff like that.

A lot of people came up
to me, not the winner

but I proved to myself
that I have what it takes.

Geez, that's a Texas ranch right there.

- I think everyone has a little bit

of a preconception about Thailand.

And I know I did before I came here

and I thought I kind of
had it all figured out.

Just like every other country this year

we were able to find our own path

and therefore find a lot
of surprises that none

of us would have ever expected.

By hanging out at the bar with Victor

was just like the icing on the cake is

like coming back from war
and you have the story

now you can tell people.

Thailand's has been a
lot of like first for me

and kind of went on my
own little personal quest

to overcome some of the obstacles
that I never even thought

I'd ever put in front of myself.

Cambodia is our last trip
before we head back to Canada

and it's going to be a blast

and I just can't wait to get there.

(upbeat music)