Departures (2008–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - New Zealand: Adrenaline - full transcript

Christmas approaches as Scott and Justin continue their travels through New Zealand. Finding adventure and uninhabited landscape reminds them of how long they've been on the road and of all the family and friends waiting for their return.

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(video roaring sound)

(upbeat music)

- [Narrator] We living
Cheviot on the East coast

heading Southwest five
hours to Queenstown.

We're Leaving our friend Ellis behind

who's inspired us to go out

and find our own sense of adventure.

So we're heading to the Harvard hall

in Queenstown New Zealand,

and then often to the wilderness

to celebrate a Christmas
we'll never forget.

(soft music)

- [Scott] Justin and I
are dropping everything

and just gonna travel
the world for a year.

I gave up quite a bit of stuff to do this.

I just always thought,

there's definitely something
missing like traveling.

That travel bag gets in you.

It's got you one whole year

goes by in a blink

(upbeat music)

(soft music)

- Well, this time of year

and from where I am,

these are Christmas cards.

Happy holidays, happy
holidays, merry Christmas.

You know how people use a Christmas card

and they take some chintzy
picture of their family

and they'll get it mounted
onto some Christmas card

and to send it to everybody.

Well, this is my chintzy Christmas card.

Pictures of New Zealand.

So we good.

(guitar music)

- [Narrator] New Zealand
is known for being

the most extreme place on earth,

as far as it comes to adventure.

- But then you stop and you see Mount Cook

and just like wow!

I mean there's more to New
Zealand than just adventure.

It's just the raw beauty of it all.

- And in for me,

a lot of the adventure is just
getting out in this stuff.

I love getting out and
seeing something that

of course I'm not the first person to see

but it feels that way.

And it helps to feel that way

when you pick your own little plot of land

and say this is mine
for 24 hours, you know.

Take these things out of your ears.

I feel like you not even listening.

- I am listening.

Its not even on.

- Trail around the guy for
fair part of six months.

And he just wants to tune you out.

- We've learned that,

you gotta take the
opportunities when they come.

When we saw this kind of blue sky

and we could see Mount
Cook and Mount Tasman

we figured, "Let's go have a look."

Pilot is comfortable
enough with the weather

and with his own skill,

to put us down on a Tasman glacier.

- No hiking, no cars flying.

- [Scott] Yap.

- Helicopters and plane
that's how we role.

- Well, the thing with Mount Cook

is the weather changes quick.

So less chat more flying

(engine plane sound)

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- [narrator] Getting up here

and just seeing the snow
really reminds me of home.

And it's, a really
great feeling to see it.

You know, it's one of those
things that we've missed

almost this entire year being
on the road and seeing it,

is in a strange way, just
a sort of homecoming.

(upbeat music)

(engine plain roaring)

- Awesome.

Is like a big toboggan.


- If we had never decided to quit

and do this whole adventure
in the first place.

What would you be doing right now?

- Doing this.

Send another email.

- Yeah.

You know what I'd be doing?

Aha , aha.

Yes, sir, aha, click.


Guys like us have no business being here.

- I'm not gonna say I was with you


(soft music)

- We gotta get out of here real quick.

This cloud's coming in really fast.

And he says, if we don't get out of here

we stuck here overnight.

- Okay come on, guys lets start moving

(soft music)

- Really sudden weather change.

And all of a sudden there's,

a whole bunch of cloud moving in.

Pilot's not happy with it.

And if he's not happy, I'm not happy.

So we're getting the hell
out of here in a hurry.

- [Narrator] We were literally another

minute or two later leaving.

We could have been stuck there
for an hour, three hours,

10 hours overnight, who knows.

I mean, it's up to the weather to decide

when enough's enough.

- The client doesn't
usually move that quickly,

But we gotta right on the move.

So that's a better rare day,

but a bit of excitement for the boys.

- That turned it more of an
adventure than we first planned.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah that was a close call.

- [Justin] A little bit
interesting if we actually had

to stay overnight there.

- [Scott] I didn't really
come prepared enough

to stay overnight.

So I don't know if that would have been

as cool as it sounds.

(upbeat music)

End of day one on our own

and we've already flown over

and landed on a snow cap mountain.

And we haven't even arrived

in the adventure Mecca of Queenstown.

(upbeat music)

- [Narrator] New Zealand
is totally just like

sparked this energy or this craze

or I don't know what it is,

but spar something in me.

And it's been motivated
me to try new things

and you know, push
myself to that next level

and live on the edge.

That's where I like
living its on the edge.

- I had a feeling we should
never have even shown Justin

a potato gun.

But now he's in love
and he's got a new toy.

So I figured, I think
it's been driving him nuts

just always drive always driving

and he just want to get out,
stretch his legs for a bit.

- This things are awesome.

So making one of this.

A little bit of hair spray.

- [Scott] I think bringing
a dog along you just

you gotta let em' have a little fun,

play fetch for awhile.

- [Justin] Who knew so much
fun could come of a tennis ball

some Hair spray, a barbecue lighter

and some PVC piping.

Yeah, ooh!

You're out!

That's awesome.

Here Scott you catch this next one.

You ain't gonna move from the car.

- oh, he's a bad shot.

You never have to worry with him.

He'll never come close.

And if he does and he busts a window

then he has to pay for
it as simple as that.

(soft music)

- You lucky I have a bad shot.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] We've got to
Queenstown rolled in got a hotel.

Woke up this morning to
what is really a beautiful

looking town actually.

- This is it, this is the big place.

This is the whole trip
New Zealand's all about.

Come here, have a good time.

You don't need paid, jump off shit.

What bungees do you have here?

- Well we have the three bungee

the (indistinct)

- What's the biggest one here.

Like the best one.

- This is the biggest
and beast one (inaudible)

- Is this like one of the highest bungees

in New Zealand or?

- Yap, this is the highest one.

- This is the highest one?

All right.

It's official I sign up for bungee

My life is now in someone else's hands

and hopefully the big cat upstairs as well

he can help me out.

I don't feel like dying on this one.

Weird, I'm weird right now.

I don't know what to expect.

Cause I'm like, this is like,

this is big one.

This is big thing on my list
of things to do in life.

And I don't even think about it.

I just wanna do and get
it over with you know,

I don't know, I don't
wanna think about it.

I'm not jumping, I'm
not gonna jump at all.

I'm gonna go to the library instead.

I'm gonna go to the library and read.

- Are you gonna extreme read at least?

- Yeah, extreme read.

- You not gonna back out on bungee?

- No.

- Yeah you will.

- I'm not gonna back out.

What do you think my name is Scott.


Scott, for some reason
he doesn't wanna do that.

I guess he feels, he's
done bad things in life

and bad karma.

- All the horrible things
I've done in my life.

The karma will just catch up
with me on the butt cheek.

There's gotta be something in

this town we can do together

and be like all right,
this is extreme both of us.

- You just gotta invent in
your own extreme things.

Something that you can do that's extreme.

(upbeat music)

- Extreme laundry.


I haven't had an adrenaline rush

while doing laundry like this in years.

Now we have to extremely dry them

before I can extremely wear them.

(upbeat music)

Dam thing has been eating my money,

extremely eating my money

and extremely pissing me off.

Queenstown extreme dryer.

(upbeat music)

It's Queenstown has
kinda become this modern

day adventure Mecca.

So if you have the money to spend

this is the perfect place
because you can do just

about everything you've ever wanted to

plus probably about five

or six other things that you
didn't even know you wanted to

or you didn't even know
existed before you got here.

Well, there's couple of
things I got planned.

I definitely wanna do this bungee.

I think that's the main one.

There's some other little small things

I gotta try to hit up

with the bungee is the main one

and you know, signed up, ready to go.

And I'm a little nervous here and there,

but just to I don't know just tired.

Just trying to sleep and
try not to think about

and just kinda wake up and do it tomorrow.

But it's on my nerves

and I'm just trying to
get my mind off of it.

Hey Justin.

- Yeah.

- Extreme sleep.


- [Scott] You gotta hit those lights.

- Yeah.

- [Scott] Goodnight man.

- [Justin] Extreme night.

- [Scott] Have an extreme dream.

(upbeat music)

- Big day.

Big bungee jump.

134 meters.

I think it's what it is.

It's pretty high.

- Bungee is never really had
much of an interest for me.

It's just never been something

I felt like that's
something I've got to do

before I die skydiving.

Now that's something.

- I go skydiving, you
come skydiving with me.

- [Scott] Yes.
- Okay.

Started feeling a little
bit nervous last night.

And then this morning I woke up.

I was like hmm, what's
with the agenda today.

And I'm like oh yeah, I got bungee

and just like my stomach just flipped.

I was like ah!

So I just wanna get it over with.

(upbeat music)

(soft guitar music)

Not nervous yet.

Still Kinda cool.

Keep cool, keep cool ice cold.

(upbeat music)

My heart's kinda calm right now.

Kinda calm, but that'll change
once I get out there I think.

Third highest bungee in the world.

Highest bungee in New Zealand so.

(upbeat music)

- [Narrator] Bungee
jumping is something else.

Cause' you have to commit
you're the person actually

has to jump off the platform.

No, there's no cable that's polled

or there's no person pushing you off it's,

you gotta commit to it.

And you know, that's the
scary part is just saying

I trust these guys and I
think I'll be all right

at the end of this.

- I'm still shaking, a little bit.

(hands clapping)

Yeah I just got my composure.

Back to reality saying like,
yeah, this is totally fine.

It's totally safe you know
I'm not gonna get hurt.

Heart rate?

Heart is beating.

I'm just thinking, I hope this...

I know this guy knows what
he's doing I'm just like,

Can't chain up the first persons locked up

but stop thinking about
and just do it right?

(bouncy music)


- [Instructor] Are you ready?

- Yap.

- Instructor] Here we go, nice dive away.

- Ready for this?

- [Scott] Ready.

- Three, two, one.


oh man.


(upbeat music)

(audience chattering)


- I gat that shake you wanted.

Oh my God.

So glad I did it.

- You just living off the buzz now.

- Yeah, yeah.

As soon as I did it

I just wanted to do it agan.

Like I just wanted to go
again and again and keep going

till that Cable breaks.

Something about jumping off that platform

and your mind knows how far
and how long it does take

before you hit the ground.

And you just see like the
world just rushing at you

at this incredible speed.

I don't know something about that.

It was just, it was very real.

And I think that was
what made it, you know

very scary for me.

Cause' its just something
that was happening.

My body could understand
what was going on.

You gotta do that.

Who's ever watching, you gotta do that.

(guitar music)

- Extreme round about.

(guitar music)

You gotta do it 10 times for it to count.


- I can't do it 10 times I gotta...

- Don't, oh my!

That's one and a half.


Definitely one and a half, man.

- [Scott] That was two, that was..

- One and a half.

- That was the third one
I exited on the third.

- You did not exit on three.

- Yeah, there's no way

- [Justin] I will count it

- You can take the beer

there's no way I can
do 10 laps around here.

- You can't, I'll do 10.

I'm gonna take it.

- No you are afraid to drive on the left.

- Not when I'm going around in circles.

- Okay.

- [Scott] Ready?

One, one.


Okay shit dude, you going on...

three, seven more.

- All right.

- Yeah!



- [Justin] That's five.

- Six.

- Who taught you to do it?

- No here comes seven.

- No he's going the other ways, seven.

This car is gon blow up.

Oh my God, he did it.

Oh, I'm gonna throw up.

- There you go.

Extreme roundabout.

- What you gotta know buddy.

- I'm still dizzy, still dizzy

It's like we're drunk.

- This guy invented, he pioneered it.

He's like, anybody see this.

This is the guy who invented
it, extreme roundabout.

First time in Queenstown.

There Pat in, Pat.

Right here Pat in 2007 zinc.

(upbeat music)

- Now it's all about chasing that rush.

You know, you get that Shaw adrenaline.

Now it's like all day today
where we kind of looking

at different things to do.

And like it's been a chase.

The chase is on.

(upbeat music)

I can't even talking.

- Seriously.

- I didn't fucking do
anything except for trowl now.

My brain is completely shot.

I'm just totally wiped out.

I think that's coming down to
it mainly as I get seriously,

just get, been on the road way too long.

- Extreme hunting ssh!

(upbeat music)


- Go carts?

- Done (laughs)

- If you're gonna go
carting, I'll have a beer.

- What do you think?

(upbeat music)


(upbeat music)

- Yeah I gotta get Scott.

Scott is gonna come do this.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

How is it looking so far?

- Big (laughs).

- Big?

You just keep trying,
but you just, haven't got

to that ultimate adrenaline,
buzz yet have you?

- Yeah that's the whole thing, you know?

It's like, you keep searching
for the ultimate rush.

That one thing that just
gets you every time.

- [Scott] You wanna get adrenaline rush.

How about I pick the way you go down.

That way it's the unknown.

- [Justin] Yeah yeah .

- And you don't even
have to decide that way.

- Easy way you pick my poison.

- All right.

- Deal?

- Done.

(suspenseful music)

He's getting a bit too used
to the whole adrenaline rush.

So after, try to step it up for him.

The cutaway, the chair of death.

You're in a chair, it's like,

they put the chair on the edge

and they just keep
leaning you back, you know

in school when you're in
those chairs and you're just

like always leaning back on
them and you feel that point

and you're like, Oh, I'm gonna go.

Well, picture that over the edge.

There's so many options

- I know he's gonna pick something that's

gonna test my courage.

Hopefully I just don't
look stupid doing it.

I guess that's, I don't know

if I trust him now (laughs).

Now I see him over there looking

and he's pointing out stuff
and like, Oh, that was scary.

That could scare me.

What's he looking at?

I just wanna do it get it over with.

- [Instructor] I'd like
to show you something.

- Is it anything I've seen so far?

- Yeah.

- Anything i could extreme out of?

- It may be even more extreme
than the extreme roundabout.

- A little bit shaky.

- [Instructor] Is it Mr Wilson?

- Lets get you hooked up.

Is this how far we are dropping?

- Yeah is a couple hundred feet.

- How is it a couple of hundred feet.

- Yeah.

- Man its high.

I'm just wondering what
Scott's got planned for me.

- Well, let's get him hooked up.

- You hook on that, yeah I helps.

- Yeah.

What I did this time, it
was like, I went out there.

I'm hanging there I'm stuck out there.

And now it's Scott's like
yeah, well guess what?

You're not canceling nothing.

- That's a good way.

- Did you draw his phonics

- I really didn't check it.

- What do you mean?

- Well I was rushing.

- Why wouldn't you check it?

- I don't know.

- He's hanging over a cliff run.

- He is now.


- Oh well, it sucks to be you.


- Show us.
- There's the shake.


- [Audience Member] That's good,

you can just hang over there.

- You know, I'm just sitting there

and I just want him to cut it.

Just like cut it.

It's like a, band-aid just
pull this stingy thing off

but it was just like
slowly cutting himself.

Come on, dude ,just cut it.

(air whooshing)



I love my job.

- Oh, that was sweet.

Hopefully he got the adrenaline
rush he was looking for.

- [Scott] How was it?

- That was awesome.

- [Scott] Was that the best?

- That was the best so far.

That was, yeah.

You can do this, man.

- [Scott] I'm not gonna do it.

- [Justin] Yes you can, Why?

- I told you Cause' it
scared the shit out of me.

And I don't wanna do it.

- You were thinking about doing it though.

- I was but I don't want it.

- why not?

- Cause' I saw it and I don't want it.

- I wanna be you, right
now I wanna be you.

I wanna be terrified of this thing

- I wish I could take it.

- That's what I wish I had.

I wish I had that, I wish I was just

so terrified of this thing.

Then I'd be like, I am so freaked out this

I don't wanna do, but I'll do it.

I mean, that's what I,
the fear I look for.

- [Scott] Yeah.

- That's the best part
of life is fear man.

And conquering it and walking away from it

and just feeling like I
was so scared of that.

And I did it.

That's the best...

That's the best thing in the world.

- Yeah.

Oh my God (laughs)

I don't know where Justin is
or where he's wandered off to

but I've decided I'm gonna do this thing.

They've asked if I wanna
jump and I wanna jump

and if I don't do it now,

I'm not gonna do it at all.

So this is it.

(upbeat music)

Don't tell Justin (laughs)

- That's a bunch a bunch of
fucking bullshit right there.

You didn't fucking do it.

Fuck I'm pissed.

Why didn't you fucking wait for me?

- Cause' it was a...

- He didn't fucking do it.

If this wasn't fucking filmed
I wouldn't fucking believe it.

- [Instructor] How was it Scott?

- He didn't fucking do it.

He didn't fucking do it.

- Well show him the footage then.

- [Instructor] How was it Scott?

- It was good, I'm glad I did it.

- Seriously you didn't do it.

- I figured he'll be pissed
off for a little while

- So to see that you were
totally completely scared

to do it.

And then I didn't get to see you do it.

It's just like, ah, its
like a kick the nut thing.

Its like dam men.

- Where were you anyway?

- To chase a goat.

- [Scott] A goat?

- There's a goat over here
I was playing with it.

- Next time, it's just like

I'm the last one of the day.

The guy's like looking at
his watch and he's like

"do you wanna jump?"

I'm like, well.

- Make sure I'm around for that shit.

That did literally piss me off.

- I'm Sorry.

- For moments like that dude
that's like that's huge.

You know what I mean?

Overcoming fear and stuff like that.

It's amazing.

Now having this on your belt

do you think skydiving is
something you think about doing.

- I've always wanted
to, which is different

from this one but.

- That's the ultimate rush, right?

- You wanna just go book it we'll.

- Just go book it.

- We better do this as soon as we can

cause otherwise I'm not gonna do it.

- [Justin] Okay whatever it is.

- Yeah
- No backing out.

- We'll do it together.

- I trust you, I trust you.

- We'll do it together.

- [Justin] To found out he
jumped without me being around.

I was really devastated by that.

Cause' you know, it's like
the whole year together

and it's all about facing
fear and facing challenges.

And that was a big one

for him and just not to see, him do it

and him overcome it, it
was just, it was horrible.

I was gutted, I was really gutted by that.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- I'm always up for anything.

You know any challenges
put in front of me,

you know, I go at it full extreme.

- [Scott] Extreme electric fence.

- You gotta do it too?

- No, I managed to do the
extreme roundabout for ya.

- It's not that one is it?

For how long do you
think I can hold on for.

- [Scott] Three seconds.


- Three, two, one.

That didn't do anything.


I count to three I put my hand down.

- [Scott] Yap, tell me.

- Okay, hand is on now.


This is not easy for me, man.

Its electrocuting me.

- Ready?

- [Scott] Yeah.

- One, two, three, go.

- [Scott] One two three...

- Its not that bad its (mumbles)

- Four.
- Oh, shit.

- [Scott] That's good

- It's like, boom , boom.

Okay you try it?

- [Scott] No

- Just put your hand on it's not that...

Dude it's not that bad.

- [Scott] This is not
something I'm (mumbles)

- You've got be tasses to,

I tasses you in high school.

- I never got the taser.

- [Justin] I thought i tasses you once.

- No.

- You just tasses yourself for beers.

- Things I do for your entertainment.

And all I'm asking is you get zapped once.

Dance, monkey dance.

(soft music)

- As long as I can remember

I always thought it would
be so cool to skydive

and it sort of seemed like the biggest

and most outrageous and
most adventurous thing

you could possibly do.

(upbeat music)

This is it.

This is the moment of truth.

- Do you enjoy it?

(upbeat music)

I'm really calm right now.

I'm not freaking out just enjoy it.

Who are you?

(soft music)

- [Scott] Its such calm.

Its beezer all you can hear is

is definitely wind going past your ears.

And yet at the same time

I kinda heard nothing at
all and I'm just looking

around me and it's like being
in a fishbowl or something.

You can just look around
you in every direction

and see beauty.

- There you go Skydiving.


- Can you high five for me?

- Yeah.

- Woo!

- Oh my God.

- Pretty nuts ah!

How's your heart

is your heart pumping or what?

- Yeah, like it was the most
real experience in my life

but it was probably one
of the best as well, man.

Everybody has to do that.

- Skydiving was definitely the highlight

of my trip hands down.

Could be the best moment
of this entire year,

long adventure so far.

And you're falling to earth

from a plane at 200 kilometers an hour.

I mean what's how do you get used to that?

It's something the body
can never get used to.

And if that's the case

then I definitely wanna do this again.

And maybe again and again
and again and again.

(upbeat music)

(soft music)

- [Scott] Merry Christmas.


Justin and I have kinda parted ways

for an hour just to try to
do some Christmas shopping.

You pick each other a gift
out, that could interest him.

- Scott's a classy guy.

So I gotta get him something nice.

I can't give him something stupid so.

- Justin played a bit
of rugby in high school.

I know he's big on the all blacks.

- I think Scott, we'd like one of this.

A Willie warmer (laughs)

maybe I will come back.

- Over budget, over budget.

- See, this actually could be practical

cause' you can actually use
this for pillow for sleeping.

Its soft like this.

- It's not bad.

That's a good start right there.

Search continues.

- Can I get a single
scoop on a shirt cone,

cookies and cream.

Pick up is all black socks,
all black shot glass.

All black Bar towel.

- I here Scott's really
gonna like his gift.

- And I know that something
that you can't throw

cause every time I go
over his house you like

look at that guy where is it.

(bass music)

- [Narrator Form Queenstown,
it's nearly 300 kilometers

to the coast of Milford sound.

- You know, you drive all the
way out here just to see this

and then I don't know, go to a motel

or go all the way back to
Queenstown or something.

But in hundreds of kilometers, all

around us is a protected
national park that has

scenery just as spectacular
as what's behind us here.

And so let's go find a piece

of Fiordland national park
that we can kinda call our own.

Let's go find probably some snow

and have a white Christmas in New Zealand.

- Ex you know, like doing a
lot of crazy extreme things

here and jumping off cliffs
and buddy jumping and skydiving

and the things that I always wanted to do.

You know, it comes down to it, this stuff

but this is what makes it really cool.

And what makes you know,
Steve's venture, you know

that's this aspect of
is all about adventure.

Real adventure lies in
yourself and like what you

can accomplish and what
you think you can do.

Just trying to find a good
place to make camp for Christmas

which still sounds weird
coming out, but there's so

much land around us.

We might as well find our
own little sliver of it.

- We might as well get the
hardest part over with first,

the river crossing.

- Oh, yeah.

She's cold, huh huh.

- Gonna cross that water

its just picking up speed right here.

Its just getting real
deep and then it gets

on your junk and then it gets real cold.

- That is so cold.

- It's a hard way to start the trip.

I mean, we're just off
the road and we had to

get wet right away.

We tried to pick the
best line cross the river

but hopefully after this
it's smooth sailing.

Takes forever to climb over this terrain

cause' each rock your feet
slip around on these rocks

and as big boulders and
they're small rocks,

you have to have a lot of good
Christmas presents in there.

- I do.

You've been a good boy scout.

- All right, lots of presents.

Let's keep going, dude.

The sun's gonna be down soon.

We are not gonna be
able to climb this stuff

in the dark.

- Make (murmurs)

- I'm really glad we made
the effort to struggle up,

you know through all these
boulders and at the side

of this mountain to do this because

it's the thing that's really
gonna make it special.

It's the thing that's really
gonna make it stick out

as you know, one of the
best Christmases I ever had.

(upbeat music)

- I slipped in the water.

My feet legs bag.

Bag pack my entire
fucking bag pack, my tent.

- (Indistinct) She should
be fine for (indistinct)

- My boots.

I'm gonna make camp here, okay.

I don't wanna go any further than this.

I'm not gonna sleep in the snow

with wet clothes in a wet head
and wet fucking everything.

- I thought you were All
right that's all that matters.

Well, what do you wanna do?

Cause' I wanna try to make it on top,

I wanna make it to that great ship.

- I just think if i can share a tent

for like, there's only one sleep bag.

You are sure of shit you
are not sleeping in it.

I mean, if we were in the Arctic

and we were about to die.

Yeah, I'd get in a sleeping bag with you,

but like I get that.

- That's if I let you,
that's if I let you.

- Yeah exactly.

- We'll be okay.

- I am going to soldier on.

Big idiot cause' I gat all
in the water, you know,

we want a white Christmas

so we're gonna make it
up to the snow up there

and see if we can make camp there.

- There, we officially made it.

Could you ask me anything more?

We got away from all kind
of tourist part of it.

- We wanted to find our own
piece of land and we wanted to

have a white Christmas and we got both.

I didn't plan on getting
stoked, but make some camp?

- Let's make camp, lets make
some Christmas Eve dinner.

May I hang your stockings up?

That being wet socks.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] This year, all
the things we've seen

and lived through have
just been life experiences.

And so much of them has
kind of enriched my life

and the way I live life
and the way I perceive it.

And you know, hopefully
I remember those things

and I take a lot of them home.

Christmas dinner this
year consist of appetizers

as big beans.

- That's nice.

- But the thing is we don't
have any spoons, knives

or forks.

So we gotta do bean shots.

- Merry Christmas, New Zealand.

- Merry Christmas buddy.

- Merry Christmas buddy.

- I just can't wait for Santa now.


I'm psyched.

(guitar music)

- December 25th.

And I'm on the side of a
mountain in New Zealand.

I miss home, but this is
one year out of my life.

- Merry Christmas buddy.

- Beautiful morning aye.

- That sound like an Alse last night.

I got that small water
coming right through me,

underneath me.

This is the best way to wake up ever.

I have wake up then I had this waterfall

and this glacier runoff
you can't beat that.

You can't beat that.

- Christmas?

- Christmas morning.

Santa came up my tent and was like Lukach

"you wanna do some shot beans with me?"

I'm like, you know it.

- Hell , yes.

- He's like, I'm sick
of tire cookies, man.

I can't eat cookies all night.

I need some protein.

So we did shop shop for
beans til he was gone.

And I'm like, (mumbles)

He's like, yeah, I'm that guy, man.

I'm Like peace.

He said cursed.

He's like, "I got some from Wilson

can you give it to him?"

I'm like, yea, I can do that.

- Oh Cool.

It's like a vase.

- Well it's whatever you want put it in.

- What kinda wood is it?

- I have no idea.

- You probably should've found out.


What is it?

Is it native here?

It's like from New Zealand.

- Its a New Zealand tree or something.

- That's awesome man.

- I don't know, just bought it.

- Awesome man.

- Don't thank me, thank Santa.

- Oh yeah thanks santa.

- I gotta couple of things
instead of just like one

cause I couldn't find one specific thing.

And you're always getting
shot glasses everywhere

but I haven't seen you pick a shot glass

from New Zealand yet.

- Nice

- So I thought that might be a cool.

- All black shot glass.

- You start to get all
these different liquors

from around the world as well.

So you need good bark howl.

- Awesome.

- There you go.

- Hells yeah, thanks dude.

This is amazing Christmas.

Just, I mean, this is
something that will go down

to my memories as probably
one of the coolest

Christmas ever.

You know, it's not every day
you get to have spend Christmas

on the side of a mountain
with one of your best friends.

You know, it's not everyday
you get to see that.

And it's unfortunate that
we're not back home and stuff

like that with our family and stuff.

But I mean, I think they
understand what we're doing

and I think they're proud of us.

- I was really worried about
how I would feel on Christmas.

Not being home.

Christmas is always a really big holiday

for me and for my family.

I mean even in a place like
this, as gorgeous as it is

and with as good a friends
as I'm with, you know,

it's no replacement for family.

- Everybody I've ever talked to.

You said, if you go to New
Zealand you go make sure you

go to Queenstown.

I mean, Oh, I went to Queenstown,
I went there, went there

and I destroyed.

I wanna look back and be
like, well I did things

that even, I didn't think
I was gonna do and you know

that's what life's is all about.

Is pushing your boundaries

and pushing your limits
and stuff and never

regretting anything.

- You Know, there's a lot of good memories

that I'm taking with me.

And just as important

or more important are
brand new experiences

life experiences, you know

having kind of conquered a
very small, but you know,

but lingering fear of being
able to push myself off

the ledge.

I go through this phase
every time I'm about to

leave a place because you
have certain memories now

and experiences of what's been gained here

and what you've learned here,
it makes it hard to leave.

It's time to get on a plane
and head someplace else.

- [Justin] Well, we're heading
out come from the East coast

to West coast, North Island,
South Island hang out

with some really crazy friends.

You know, I've done everything extreme.

I kinda look at New Zealand.

What else can I do?

You know, like I think I've
done everything in my power.

As far as I pushed myself.

No, we're on the way to Thailand.

Maybe there's something in
Thailand that will, you know

challenge me even more.