Departures (2008–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - New Zealand: Risks & Rewards - full transcript

Adventure in New Zealand does not come without consequences, especially when Scott and Justin meet up with their "larger than life" kiwi friend Ellis. Justin's competitive risk-taking side takes over, while Scott deals with his own fears.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(wheel rattling)

(soft music)

- [Justin] We've flown from the
Cook Islands to New Zealand.

New Zealand is an
incredibly diverse country

geographically speaking.

You can go from ocean to ocean,

cutting right through the
mountains in a matter of hours.

With the holidays quickly approaching,

it's gonna be fantastic to
be so close to good friends.

(soft music)

(upbeat music)

- Justin and I are dropping everything

and just gonna travel
the world for a year.

I gave up quite a bit of stuff to do this.

I just always thought there's
definitely something missing,

like traveling.

(soft music)

That travel bug gets in
you, and it's got you.

One whole year goes by in a blink.

(upbeat music)

(bright music)

- We just arrived in Auckland.

And we're gonna be meeting up

with an old friend of mine, Ellis.

But he lives on the South Island

and we're on the North Island.

So we've got a lot of the country to see

before we get to him.

Getting in a car and doing it on the road

is the way to do it.

You see everything in between.

- You gonna let me drive this thing?

- Do you have an international license?

- He hates when I drive.

(upbeat music)

- When it comes down to it,

this is one of the most scenic
countries we'll probably see.

You go one exchange into the other.

And we're gonna be going across
the whole freaking thing.

- [Scott] Yeah.
- Can I say freaking?

'cause I said it.

Keep this body at lean mean sexy machine,

I've had to make a couple
rules for this road trip.

No chips, no cookies, no chocolate,

no pop or soda and no beer.

But I can drink alcohol
and I can use pop or soda

for mixed drinks or drinking alcohol.

(upbeat music)

- My old friend and arch
nemesis, the fuel pump.

You see Ultra 91, not Diesel.

One thing I remember from
New Zealand is the meat pies.

And they're really good.

Try bite this one?

(soft upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

We've stopped at the
side of the road here.

This is a familiar sight.

Me having to stop so that
Justin can get up close

and too personal with the wildlife.

- Give me a kiss.

You will give me a kiss in the lips.

Who has seen me look (indistinct)

Now you know you gonna be a sexy sheep.

All the girls will come by
like that guy is good looking.

Look it up.

Hey, later dude.

- See on the surface,

it seems like Justin loves animals.

But that would be very superficial

because he really just torments them.

He just like ties knots in their beards

and like puts flowers in their hair

and gets the goat all tangled.

- Here you go.

- Well, thanks buddy.

- You can put it on your hair.

- Okay.

(upbeat music)

By the time we get to
Rotorua, it'll be dark.

So we'll grab a hotel room for the night

and see the city in the morning.

(Upbeat music)

(soft music)

- Woke up started day two

in New Zealand here in Rotorua.

This is the first real
change that we've seen.

And we're only a couple
hours outside of Auckland,

It was hard to see in
the nighttime coming in

but you can certainly smell it.

- I know you could smell it.

Absolutely, you could smell it

when we came to this place.

- This is such a geothermally active area

that you get all that
sulphur smell coming.

In a matter of a few hours

or a couple of hundred
kilometers, it just changes.

Totally flips over and changes.

(upbeat music)

- We rolled into Rotorua.

It was kind of like doing some sites,

seeing some things here that
we're gonna checkout and stuff.

But I came across this thing called Zorb.

I mean, you only hear once, right?

I could be here several
times, but I'm here now.

So, gonna check this thing out.

(upbeat music)

- Start of another day.

Another on the road, another pie.

No breakfast's better.

(upbeat music)

- This is Zorb.

For all you people who
don't know what Zorb is,

that's it behind me.

- When he showed me the pamphlet,

I was just like, what
the hell is this thing?

- This is got trouble written all over it.


So I just crawl in here,
or what's the deal?

- When you're ready,

you gonna do a big run and dive then jump.

- All right.
- Stay on him.

Take your marks,

- Get set, go.

(soft upbeat music)

- I don't know why Scott's not doing this,

'cause if he's chickening any of this

then it's gonna be a pretty
boring couple of days for him.

This is just like the tip of the iceberg

of things I wanna do in New Zealand.

- The Zorb ball wasn't
exactly my cup of tea,

but Justin was really into it

so who am I to stand on his way.

(upbeat music)

- It's like coming out of a womb.

I think I just absorbed in my pants.

- I got to tell you it's funny

'cause I'm sure in there
it's completely different.

'Cause from down here it looks like

you're just sort of like leisurely like--

- You can never knock
anything until you try it.

Like that is like prime exam.

'Cause I'm like, while
watching people coming down

it was like so slow and stuff like that.

And I'm like, naah, whatever.


If Santa is coming this year

and I'm put on the list, I wanna Zorb.

Make it happen Santa, make it happen.

You want this kid to smile?

Put Zorb underneath my tree.

(upbeat music)

We're here and we're finally doing it.

I know it's gonna be an amazing trip,

especially where I kinda
got scared there for a while

in Cook Islands that I thought
Scott might be going home.

And I'm so glad he stayed.

It doesn't matter how much
money he would have made

and stuff like that.

These experiences are priceless.

This is the time.

This is the chance.

You have one shot in life.

This is it.

(soft music)

- You know I made up my
mind in the Cook Islands

that I was staying on this trip

and I wasn't going home and succumbing

to the the nine to five pressures

that I left behind in the first place.

But in the back of my head,

I was always getting the
push from New Zealand

and being able to see New
Zealand at the hands of Ellis.

Justin's off to a great start.

I get the feeling like now
every time he sees a brochure

or get some sort of crazy idea

he's gonna want to take it up.

But I have a feeling
he's gonna really start

to put the choke hold on me

to start doing some of this stuff too.

(soft music)

Only a couple of hours, South of Rotorua,

and we carved through Lake Taupo region

and then boom, someone
flips the light switch

and it turns to dessert.

- [Justin] Do you know what I need?

I need a guitar solo out here.

(speaks faintly)

Shirt off, guitar solo.

(upbeat guitar music)

Ladies and gentlemen,

thank you for coming
to my concert tonight.

- We'll put a shirt on there, Axl.


(upbeat guitar music)

And we're gonna leave the Taupo region

and the desert here for a Whaganui.

And hook up with a good
buddy of mine, Richard.

We got to make miles because
we're gonna arrive very late

at this point if I don't get moving.

(upbeat music)

(bright music)

(speaking faintly)

(speaking faintly)

(upbeat music)

When you staying at a friend's place,

this is the international currency.

And besides, this is the season.

- This is always the season.

- We're staying at Richard's tonight

and I met him at Ellis's
wedding about three years ago.

Richard was actually the
the wedding celebrant

or as we like to call him Reverend Rich.

And he said if I was ever
back in New Zealand again,

he would open his doors to us

and we could stay at his place.

(slow upbeat music)

It's just great to see him again.

Such a cool collected guy
and a good spirit, good soul.

Just had a bit of a campfire last night

and sat around and caught up.

And then just put up a couple
of tents on the lawn here

had a wicked sleep last night.

So we're gonna put his boat in the water

and headed towards Kapiti Island

and just sort of explore the Kapiti coast.

Maybe do a little bit of fishing,

which I'm really looking
forward to as well.

I'm just gonna wake Justin up now.


Getting him mobilized.

- Hey.

Hey, don't kick my tent, dude.

You say rise and shine.

Never kick it.

(upbeat music)

- Finally Scott let me drive.

Driving the boat.

How are we doing that side?

(upbeat music)

(tractor engine roaring)

(upbeat music)

- Kapiti Island lies
just a couple of miles

off the coast of Whanganui beach.

It's a highly protected bird sanctuary

and nature reserve controlled
and owned by native Maoris.

But in this case, Richard
knows some of these people

and I think with a little beer bribery,

we're gonna get ourself on the Island.

- Where you don't have a permit,

all you need is a case of beer

and that's all you need
to get on an Island.

Thank you so much.

Really appreciated it.

It's been great time.
- Enjoy your trip here.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Good bye (indistinct)

- Come back mate.

- It's the currency.

It's a worldwide currency.

All you need is a case of beer

and pretty much win anybody's heart over.

- Have fun.

- Serious?

- You have fun.


- Believe me.


- Beer currency is a
wonderful thing, isn't it?

(boat engine roaring)

(soft music)

(upbeat music)

- Sorry to keep you waiting so long.

- Not at all.

Let's see if we can find
some fish for diner.

- [Scott] Cool, yeah.

(upbeat music)

Having spent some time with Richard before

I know that he's a spiritual kind of guy.

He's not necessarily a religious guy,

but he's very in tune spiritually.

(soft music)

- I'm trying get a mental

and spiritual connection with
the fish, then jump on board.

I generally just take a fade.

Wouldn't feel comfortable with taking more

than I was going to need.

Just like the old Indian say
that we've borrowed this earth

and this world from our children.

So we got to look after it for them.

We're on.

The rule is,

my rule is you always
put your first one back.

That's for appreciation.

(suspense music)

Hopefully it's a keeper.

Boys get pretty hungry here.

- [Justin] Hopefully it's big
enough to split up four ways.

- Settle down fella.

- [Justin] How long will it sleep for?

- Until it hits the fry pan.


little, little guilty.

Thank you Lord.

- Oh, nice.
- Yes, (indistinct)

- That is a cracker tilapia.

(suspense music)

(speaking faintly)

- We won't be dying hungry
tonight that's for sure.

(suspense music)

- Richard caught all the fish today

and he's putting on
this big dinner for us.

I felt a bit bad that we
didn't hook into anything

and we have nothing to show
for the dinner tonight.

So I wanted to get back there

and see if I could dig
up something for dinner.

See if we can sort out some
more of these shellfish.

(soft music)

Well, that's a dead one.

- Come on Scott, hurry up.

Let's go.

- I feel like I've got
to provide a little bit.

And even if it's just a
couple more of these guys

to fill the basket up, at
least that's something.

(upbeat music)

Feels like, some old sea
hag who's coming back

from her grocery shopping,

but at least we've got something
to contribute to dinner.

Not too shabby.

(upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

I think one of the main
reasons that New Zealand

feels so much like home
is for this very reason.

Staying with friends and
being put up in a house

and having a home cooked dinner.

All of those elements make
you feel like you're at home

and it makes a big
difference versus a meal out

at a restaurant and sleeping
the night in a hotel.

This is a much better feeling.


- Cheers.

- To fresh catch.

(soft upbeat music)

- Quick visit mate.

- It's good to see you man.

- Nice to meet you man.

- Good meeting you.

- [Scott] Take care man.
- Drive slowly.

(car engine roaring)

Run away from Richard's
place here in Whanganui,

South to Wellington
where we're gonna catch

the inter islander ferry

from the North Island to the South Island.

(soft music)

- We are on our way, getting on a boat,

going to the South Island,
bye bye North Island.

It's fun, but it's about get funner.

(soft upbeat music)

- We are on the Cook Strait,

which is the enormous body of water

between the North and the
South Island of New Zealand.

- I'm dying, ha ha.

(soft upbeat music)

I think crossing from the North
Island to the South Island

kind of represents the real beginning

to this trip for me, you know.

The North Island was great
and I was super stoked

that we were able to
cross paths with Richard

and it was great to see him, but you know,

to get over to the South Island

is where all the excitement is.

And for me, that's all
encompassed in getting

to meet up with Ellis again.

A little side story for you,

Ellis in order to push
his own limits again,

he got this dinghy, like the little tub

and he tried to paddle and sail his way

from the North Island to the South Island.

And it doesn't look like much right now

but this thing can be one of
the most treacherous pieces

of water in the Southern hemisphere.

- So did he make it across?

- No.

He got close apparently.

Storm brewed up, pretty much sunk him.

Just about killed him.

The way he tells the story

is that when the coast guard got there,

they were pretty pissed.

(soft upbeat music)

And Now, since we've got the
car, we can make the miles

and get to the adventure which lies here.

South Island buddy.


Car is fueled up and so
am I with another pie.

Check this out.

Here's Highway 1, right?

- [Justin] Highway 1.

- We're on Picton.

- [Justin] Picton.

- Going South.

- Going South.

- Or.

- Or

- Or what do you think?
- Yeah, lets do that.

- We might as well start the South Island

off with a bang.
- That's a road?

- Yeah, that's a road.

It looks like an intestine.

Well, you're gonna be feeling
it in your intestines.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] Justin bought
these chocolate chip cookies

and I called him on it.

He's not supposed to eat chocolate

given his bet that we made.

So now he has nothing to do

with these cookies except
feed them to seals.

- I was trying to feed them cookies

and they won't eat them.

And I can put them right by his face

and he won't even eat them.

I don't know what's wrong.

They are chocolate chip.

Rainbow chocolate chip like that.

Hey, stop fighting eat cookies.

Stop fighting and eat more cookies.

I said stop fighting.

- [Scott] I feel he
legitimately loves animals,

it's just, I don't think
he knows how to treat them.

I wouldn't leave my dog
with him for a weekend.

Let's put it that way.

(soft music)

As I start to see
Christmas decorations up,

I start to miss home.

You know, having already
hooked up with Richard

and about to hookup with Ellis,

I'm amongst friends
and I'm amongst friends

that really make me feel like family.

- It's my first encounter
with these sandflies

and really enjoying them.

You know, I got Scott
here and Andre and stuff,

but that's, I dunno, it's
Christmas and I miss it.

I'm gonna miss it and
it's not gonna be easy.

It's gonna be hard
beyond the roof this one.

You know, Thanksgiving comes by like,

yeah, am gonna miss Thanksgiving,

yeah I'm gonna miss Easter.

Missing Halloween, that
was kind of a big one.

Theses sandflies.

It's getting worse.

(upbeat music)

- Cheviot 65 km.

(upbeat music)

Ellis is a really good
friend of mine from way back.

It was seven or eight years ago now.

I met him on the road

and we traveled around a bit together.

So we really grew together
as very good friends.

I came and visited him for his wedding

about three or four years ago
and haven't seen him since.

I remember right from the get-go

he was a very inspiring person.

There are a lot of situations
that I've been in with Ellis

that I know I went one way

when I would have normally gone another.

He definitely brings out
the best in your character

and knows exactly what buttons to press

to get the most out of you.

- [Justin] Wow!

Looks like a winery.

(upbeat music)

- How are you?

- How are you doing man?
- Good to see you.

- Happy to see you.

- Yeah.
- An important thing--

- Hi Justin, how's the going mate?

- to know about Ellis is that

the incredible house that he built himself

with his own bare hands,

and there's a million
stories to every brick

and every beam inside that place.

A lot of what's been done as has been done

either by himself or close friends of his.

He's picked up hitchhikers,
he's run into travelers

and so that beautiful house ends up

turning into a beautiful
international hostel.

He always has something up his sleeve

to throw you into the deep end

because he very much lives on the edge

and he's a bigger than life kind of guy.

We've only been at
Ellis's for maybe an hour.

He's already decided to take us up sailing

and offered to get Justin in
the water to do some surfing.

- Shit.

How nice, I got something to play here.

Like five Os, I got to surf.

- I mean, this is typical Ellis behavior.

You know, you walk in the door

and he's already got you
walking back out the door

with an armful of outdoor gear.

- Surfing shit.

Ooh I'm nervous.

I'm nervous now.

(upbeat music)

- We're putting our trust in Ellis.

So myself, Andre, Justin,
and a couple of his friends

Eric and Dave are gonna
head over to the cliff

and try our hand at some up sailing.

Hiking into the bush here,

we're gonna do a bit of
an up sail off the side.

Essentially, you're starting
at the top of the high place

with a rope and you get
your way down to the bottom.

Getting over the leap is the hardest part

but after that, it's just enjoy the ride.

Hopefully you'll die.

(upbeat music)

(soft melancholy music)

- We just gonna use a
tree as an anchor point

and throw the ropes over the side.

So here, to (indistinct)

You are up for it?

- No turning back now.

- Come on.

- Oh no.


- Would you do it if it wasn't 80 meters,

like if it was only 30 or 40?

- If I do it dude you gotta do it.

This is my first time.

- I have he's eye on
50 'cause I'll try 50.

Him or a jump.

- I Trust him.

I trust him.

- You know to put this on?

- If I remember from those khaki knots

with it and Bangkok.

- Oh yeah.

- Okay.
- Thanks.

- It's just like the sex
swing he has in his house.

(upbeat music)

- All right.

(speaks in foreign language)

(upbeat music)

- What has come to moving now?

(upbeat music)

Oh, shit, (laughs)

(upbeat music)

You can send my resume to the SWAT team.

SWAT forces.

- They won't wanna watch this tape.

(upbeat music)

- Finally.

- Man!

- Good work.

- Yeah, yeah.

- Good job.

- Yeah.
- Good luck man.

- Within like spending like
five minutes with Ellis

he's pushing that envelope
and that's what he does.

He motivates people to do things

that they don't think they can do.

- Falling rocks.

(upbeat music)

- He sees me (indistinct).

He's doing the 1800 light

and where he makes his own
Onnit by wrapping the rope

around his own body and letting
the friction slow him down.






Man, it burns like crazy.

A bit red.
- You got rid of a 10.


- The next thing we're gonna do,

always after we do the amp sale, anyone's

adrenalin's running high.

We have a race and the
loser shouts to being alive.

So what do you reckon?

You're up for it?
- I'm up for it.

- Sure.
- Ugh.

(upbeat music)

(breaths heavily)

- I know one thing mate, I'm
not shy to be beaten tonight.

Come out the other end,
drenched in sweat, you bleeding

you got cuts, thorns
sticking all over your body.

You know, you had a good day.

(soft upbeat music)

- I haven't been surfing
in like a year now.

And my arms are totally dead.

I never paddled on a less before

'cause in Hawaii is the waters.

So one, you don't need a wet suit,

knows it's like paddling
with your lead vest on.

Andre got out in his first wave
and he got the taste of it.

And I could see in his
eyes, he's become a surfer

by the end of this trip.

(upbeat music)

I'm really happy to be here.

And being here over the
holidays means a lot.

It means a lot to be amongst good friends

and especially a really good friend

that I haven't seen in a while like Ellis,

because it, you know, it
gives a feeling of home

and especially a place
that I've been before.

But for now, I'm just gonna soak it in.

I can't wait for, for what?

Next adventure he has planned.

- Ellis!






- She just had this huge story

about how she hates bugs.

(crowd laughs)

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

(soft upbeat music)

(upbeat music)

- Ellis got us up bright
and early this morning

to give his parents a hand.

His parents have alpacas

and these alpacas need to be sheared.


- So, watch out alpacas,

'cause we're coming.

(upbeat music)

Alpacas, you're going down.

(upbeat music)

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

(upbeat music)

Come with me my burn yard friends.

Pass, in the field of plenty.

He's so beautiful.

Put lipstick on them, put some eyeshadow,

some blush.

(machine roaring)


You're gonna be the best
looking alpaca in a bunch.

(machine roaring)

Feels like my first pass.

And, I can do a pretty good job.

I may have a future career and...

Oh my God, she's so beautiful.

She's so beautiful.

(soft music)


- Can I do that?


Looks like a holder, you
act like a holder anymore.


(upbeat music)

Hey man, you want some grass?

You want to eat some grass?

(upbeat music)

He's gonna deal with too much grass?

Told you go eating that stuff.

(upbeat music)

Or just come in for some
scones and tea here.

We just notice that there's a couple

of pictures of Ellis around.

So we just wanted to have a look at those,

(soft upbeat music)

- See this picture up,
this painting up here.

And that's our family about 25 years ago

depicts what we were all doing it

in those times, you know.

- He is two years, eight months.

(soft upbeat music)

(engine roaring)

- See you later then.

- Bye guys.

- Okay, bye.

It's hard to tell whether Ellis is

on his way out or on his way back,

but he's either drawing
you from his last run

and, or getting ready for our next run

and the rafting trip that we're supposed

to be going on tomorrow.

- We eventually covered,

- Rafting.

It's been a while since
I've been on the water.

- Yeah,

- He's got all the gear.

So that should be interesting for sure.

- Oh, hi.

I'll tell you something.

If you guys might get a laugh.

- You know what it this?

- Title gun?

- Yeah, we call it an orange gun.

You gotta give it a crack.

Oh yeah, we will.


- Jeez!

- Holy shit.

Did you see how high that thing went?

That thing can go like a mile up.

I'll get you.

I'll get one shot at you,

you get one shot at me.

And I'll tear to pull it backwards.

(upbeat music)

- Ugh I don't want this, we'll all do it.

- Let's go.

(soft music)


(ball popping)

- Oh that's good, that was good.


I mean the shoulder leak it.


Is it anticipation which one.

- I mean, that one
wasn't really a good one.

Good luck with Gabriel.

Let's see if it's bruised.

- Wait till tomorrow.

(group chattering)

- There's no bruise.

- No bruise!

- Tomorrow maybe.

I knew you're gonna get me on that one.

I knew you were gonna get me

on that one.
- I'm sorry about it.

- I'm sorry.
- That's not good.

- We're just on the last stages

of getting ready for
this rafting trip here.

And then we'll hit the road.

We'll probably arrive close
to dark and start rafting

first thing in the morning.

(soft upbeat music)

(car tires humming)

(soft music)

- Well, starting with an Ice cream.

Half bar gum, and over here

you got lemon and lime
and cookies and cream.

There goes the diet.

- I had a whole betting thing with Scott.

Like every time I eat chocolate
or deep fried foods and beer

and he has not caught on to
it, he's totally from done so.

- Ugh, that looks like a,

one of those no chocolate
cookies in there.

- So get a beer because he broke the rule.

He's got chocolate in there.

Oh, it's worth it.


(upbeat music)

That was the camp.


(bright music)

It's been so long since I've been

with water rafting and all this was about

was everyone bonding,
getting to know each other

and just having a great time.

(upbeat music)

He took us to the iron gate bridge,

which crosses over the Buller

and he's like, oh yeah,

everyone always jumps off this thing

at the end of your boat trip.

This might be all you did.

I may not do this.

Now that you're underneath
it, it seems pretty high up.

This is what Ellis's all about?

Pushing that personal boundary
just a little bit further

than you think you can.

And feeling the reward afterwards.

I don't know, what are you thinking?

- I think you'll be okay.

I think you can do this one.

This is one is all you.

Show me how it's done.

Yeah, I guess I will.


(soft music)

- You know, I got up there.

And I wasn't gonna go first

and luckily Eric was big enough

to say that he would go first.


Seeing him enter the
water a little bit cocky.

I think it made my situation even worse.

Oh, that just break both my ankles.

You know the slapping sound?

- Yeah.

- That was Erick's
testicles hitting the water.

- Okay.
- But you don't need

to worry about that 'cause I'm pretty sure

you'll use a sheet rock right now.

- Yeah, yeah.

(suspense music)

- Oh, nice.
- Oh, beautiful.

- Nice.

- Wow, wo, wo.


- Nice one Scott, good entry.

(group chattering)

- Fairly perfect.

That was like the perfect way of doing it.

You went in there,

didn't make much of a noise.

It's your turn.

I'll jump off something

that's you know, 20 times higher.

Like I said, it's not the highest.

It's just that impact.

And I can't do it cause
I'll break something.

I seriously will, then I
won't be able to do anything

for the rest of the year.

So, it ain't worth it for me.

(upbeat music)

- Due to Ellis's giant
heart in hospitality.

We decided it'd be nice to
go get him a Christmas tree.

We got this chainsaw.

I mean, he's asleep.

So in the morning, he'll
have a nice Christmas gift.

(machine roaring)

- Yeah.

(upbeat music)

(machine roaring)

(upbeat music)

Truck's all packed up.

We've got Ellis's Zodiac ready.

We're going to Kaikoura.

It's kind of the Mecca of aquatic life.

And you know, sea activity here

in this whole area of the South Island.

(upbeat music)

- Well, the plan is to go get wind

and catch ourselves some dinner.

(bright music)

- Well, Ellis's diving for
some cray fish for dinner.

Justin and I are gonna snorkel around

and see if we can get
up close and personal

with some of these seals.

(soft music)

- There's a giant bull
seal and I'm looking at it

and he just pushed me right on top of it.

I had the seal is not impressed.

We're just sitting around
kind of waiting for them

and keeping our fingers crossed

that he's not keen enough
to run into some cray fish.

It's gonna make for an
awesome dinner if he does.

And if not, I guess it's hot dogs.

Hot dogs sprinkled with whiskey.


I got faith in him.

- So do I.

(soft music)

- Wow!

- Is this what we're after?

- Hey, hey, hey.

- Crayfish.

- This is a small star fish.

There's many leaves on the
bottom of the sea floor.

And this one is his granddaddy.

- Wow!

- So these ones are edible.

If you cook them, they
kind of just go mashy,

you best eat them raw.

Give it a go mate.

Just a bit of leap.

You bite it first.

Prove to me, you can eat this thing.

I can't eat, I've had--

- Allergic my ass.
- I ate so many

when I was a kid.

- This is a kenner.

And it's a sea sig.

And these are delicacy

as far as the marines are concerned.

And you have to try one of these.

Yeah, I'll give it a run.

- I'm not saying I'll eat the whole thing

but I'll give it a try.


(speaks in foreign language)

- This is the--
- I'm not eating this.

- Who eats the real fat?

That's all you Scott?


- Just pull a bit of that in there.

- No.


All right, I've had enough.

Justin, you gonna have the rest.

Tastes like slots, isn't it?

Only slimier.


(upbeat music)

- We just figured,

the last time we do some of it Christmas.

- What the hell are you guys been doing?


- Is that a Christmas tree?

- Well, that's the best one
we could find in the dark.

- That was a nightmare tree.


That was the (indistinct) part.


And when I come to your place,

I'm gonna cut a tree down too.


- You know, once again friends
have come through for us.

Ellis is a amazing person, you know,

he's very few people I mean, in this life

that really motivate me
and create this drive in me

to push myself forward on something.

The more you hang around Ellis,

the more he pushes you
and get you to do things

that you don't think you've
ever capable of doing.

Our time with him was well
worth the stop coming here

that's for sure.

- You make these connections here,

these people who are
gonna show you a good time

he just makes you wanna come back here.

- I hope that I'm gonna be
able to repay these people

one day with them coming
in and staying with me.

Now, traveling with Scott has been,

you know, I couldn't
ask for anything better.

You know we are a family
out here and you know

we gotta stick together
and make the best of it.

I couldn't ask for a
better couple of weeks.

(upbeat music)

- Now charged with Ellis's
energy and inspiration,

Justin and I are off on our own

to discover the rest of
New Zealand for ourselves.

The first stop is Queenstown

which is the adventure
capital of New Zealand.

(upbeat music)