Departures (2008–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Morocco - full transcript

Justin has been travelling alone for the past couple of months when Scott and Andre decide to come meet him at a festival in Spain. They head to Gibraltar, where Justin is attacked by candy-stealing Apes, before hopping on a ferry...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
(upbeat music)

- [Scott] Andre and I
are gonna leave Canada,

fly over to Spain and try
to rendezvous with Justin.

Justin's been traveling around Europe

for the past month or so.

This is just an
opportunity for Andre and I

to finally get away from the office

and have a bit of a vacation.

- [Justin] They said
they had some time off,

so they're gonna meet me
for this big festival.

So, we're gonna take it from
there and see where it goes.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] After traveling
the world for a year,

Justin and I, we were charged
with a whole new energy.

- [Justin] As I got further
away from my old life,

I started to realize that
this is where I need to be.

This is now my lifestyle.

(serene music)

One day I hope to say
that I've seen the world,

but that day's not here yet.

(lively upbeat music)

- Andre and I have arrived in Spain

and it feels really good to
be back on the road again.

The plan now is to rent
a car and head south

to the town of Seville
to meet up with Justin.

When you come home from
traveling for an entire year,

it's hard to put it all into perspective.

It's hard to describe
to people what you saw,

how you felt, you know,
what you experienced.

It's something you probably won't

ever be able to properly explain.

There's a feeling being on the road

in a foreign place that charges you

with so much life and energy.

It's such a rich experience to have.

I completely forgot just how
good it is to be on the road

and see history and culture
and experience it all at once.

(upbeat music)

No matter where you go,
you're reliving history

and you can't recreate

that old world feeling somewhere else.

(upbeat music)

(rain pouring)

Let's try this place.

On the plane on the way
over here, just, you know,

sometimes when you change
a bunch of time zones

and you have that jet lag

and you know you feel kind of sick,

but after good sleep,
you're ready to roll.

And I haven't really
recovered or caught up

and it feels like I've
got a bit of a cold now

and I'm starting to get a chill.

So, I hope it doesn't get any worse,

but this weather can't help it very much.

(calm music)


The night of the big festival

and here I am enjoying
it with the best of 'em.

- This is the spring festival in Seville.

This is the main event and
I'm down here to meet Justin

'cause Scott's sick as a dog

and Justin told me to
meet him under the lights

and that's all there is,
is lights everywhere.

It's 360,000 lights.

There's a couple of thousand people

and I'm supposed to find Justin.

I'm pretty easy to spot,
I got a big camera on.

(crowd speaks in foreign language)

(crowd cheers)

These people are friendly here.

(crowd speaks in foreign language)

(soft music)

I finally got a text from Justin.

He's actually just up here
in one of the casitas.

- Where's Scott?

Is he all right?

- [Andre] No, he got, he
came down with the flu.

- Really?

I didn't think you guys would come,

but you know, Scott said
like what, a week ago,

he's like, "yeah, me and
Andre are thinking about

"coming down and doing the
whole shooting thing again."

I'm like, "might as well."

(people shouting)

(speaks foreign language)

To Scott. (laughs)

That's the first time
ever the camera is there,

and me and you are in the same shot.


- I think so,

I think you're right.
- I think that's

the first shot.

Maybe we'll get rid of Scott

and me and you will just travel the world.

Bye Scott, you should have showed up.

You lost out.

It's like not even on us.

This will be very typical.

There we go, for the next
year, just like this.

(serene music)


- Hey.

- (chuckles) Welcome to Spain.

- Yeah thanks.

Why are you waking me up
at four in the morning?

- You missed a hell of a night.

- Oh yeah?

- Let's go see him.

Well, since you're up.

- To be honest, I think it's
just like a flu or something.

I must have caught on the
way over 'cause I can't sleep

for more than like two hours at a time.

- Yeah, I ain't sleeping
anywhere near you.

Hopefully you feel better,

and I hope I don't catch what you have.

(calm music)

= It's nice to get a
little bit of fresh air.

Although it's pouring rain.

I haven't been this sick in years.

Get yourself a little vitamin C.

(calm music)


This looks ripe.

Wow, it smells like candy.

(calm music)

(groans) That's not ripe.


This was supposed to be a super relaxing,

low-stress vacation
ethically for us to go on.


The three of us had decided
that once we all connected,

we'd be able to go down to the coast

and really enjoy Spain together, you know.

I just, I don't wanna
miss out on any of that.

(jazzy music)

(serene upbeat music)

- I'm back!

It's been a while since
I've done this thing.

Camera aah!

I came back home and it wasn't the same.

Didn't have anybody to go back to.

You know, I can't look back on
my life and regret anything.

So, you know, kind of
push forward with that.

I kind of came to the conclusion
just to stay on the road

and that's where I am.

That's where I will be until
I figure out what I want.

It's not easy traveling by yourself.

Sometimes it can get
real boring and lonesome.

I went like three or four days

where I hadn't talked to anybody,

but there's something out
here for me, I know that.

I don't know what it is,

but if I have to go around the world

seventy times to find it, so be it.

(serene music)

- We're only a couple of
kilometers away from Gibraltar,

which is this enormous rock.

Coolest part about it is that

all of Spain that we've seen so far,

we're actually gonna be crossing on to

United Kingdom territory.

So, we have to clear
customs and everything.

- Maybe the queen of
England will be there,

maybe get her autograph, hang
out with her for the day.

You never know what's gonna happen.

(lively upbeat music)

- After the UK gained a more
permanent control of Gibraltar,

some of the sailors,
since this was used as

a military garrison and a
naval base for so many years,

the sailors coming back
and forth from Africa,

brought apes with them

and let them go feral here on the island.

They've taken quite well,

although over the years,
they've started to deplete.

During World War II,

Winston Churchill actually
had more of them brought in

to repopulate the apes

because they say that
if the apes ever leave,

the rock will cease to
be English territory.

So, it's pretty important
for them to make sure

that they keep these apes around.

(upbeat music)

- Even though they're
used to human interaction

and people coming up to them
and taking their pictures,

you just got to keep
your distance from 'em

and don't do anything stupid.

You got a little itch?

Itch that for you?

Little itch, let me itch that for you.

Okay, okay. (laughs)

- See this is a sign.

And the animals are finally
saying, enough's enough.

- These guys, I knew not
to bother these ones.

'Cause it's the mother

and the baby.
- Did you?

Did you know not to bother them?

'Cause it looked like you
didn't know not to bother them.

- They're very curious
and they're very hungry

and their diet consists
of vegetables and fruit.

And when you're going up there

and if they smell any kind of
candy or any treats on you,

they'll attack you.

Oh shit!

Is he off?

He's not off.

Get him off, (chuckles) get him off.

Scott, get him off!

And of course my backpack's
loaded full of treats

and candies and cookies and all that.

- [Scott] He's trying
to steal your stuff man.

He's stealing you're stuff.

- Get him off of me, get him off.

First time they stole
like my hand sanitizer.

Give me back that.

Hey, give it.

Hey, don't eat that.

I started eating these cookies.

I was like a candy store
walking through their town.

Oh shit, he's coming at
me, he's coming at me.

One just came right at me
and started attacking me.

I had cookies.

I was coming up here with my cookies

and he saw that I had cookies

and he just started chasing me.

Well, we're about to leave
all these monkeys behind.

- You keep calling them
monkeys, they're apes.

- I guess the difference
between apes and monkeys

is monkeys have tails and apes don't

and that's one thing I
had to kind of figure out.

See, monkeys are, I
think they're higher up

because they can smoke
cigars, they can roller skate,

they're productive in society.

Apes they don't do nothing
except steal stuff.

- There's a reason that the
UK's held onto this place

for 300 years now.

If you're going in or
out of the Mediterranean,

you have to pass this point

and it's the narrowest point
in the entire Mediterranean,

so, logically if you
want a defensive point

or an offensive point,
this is the place to be.

You can see Europe, like
Spain is right there.

We're in the UK technically.

And then just a little bit in
the horizon there is Africa.

So, I mean, you can see two
continents from this point.

- Which part of Africa is over there?

- That's Morocco.

- Oh, wow, Morocco.

You've ever been to Morocco?

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] We're leaving Europe behind

and switching continents to Africa.

It's about a three hour
ferry ride from Algeciras

to the town of Tangier in Morocco.

From coastline to coastline,

only about 20 kilometers
separates the two continents.

(upbeat music)

- This is kind of what I've envisioned

getting back on the road with these guys,

you know just pushing ourselves

and these guys being here
has made this trip for me,

that much better.

(upbeat music)

(futuristic music)

- Well, I'd certainly
be lying if I said that

any of this is how I
envisioned my trip turning out,

from getting sick, to pouring rain

to completely switching continents.

Every step of the way has
been a complete surprise.

Now, Justin and I have this vehicle

and we're just driving south,
hugging close to the coast

and we're going towards
a little fishing town.

There's certain nuances
of life and the people

and the language and the
landscape that's changing now,

every mile we drive that
really makes it feel foreign

and each town is getting
further and further

away from Europe, and it feels that way.

(serene upbeat music)

(slow piano music)

The city of Essaouira here
has had a lot of visitors

over the years because of the fact that

they wanted to come see
a very active place.

Boat builders, fishermen, both going out

and catching their fish and cleaning them

right here at the edge of the Medina.

(serene music)

This town in particular had
its heyday over 2000 years ago

when the Imperial Roman
color of purple was reserved

almost exclusively for them,
simply because there was

no synthetic way of
making the color purple

except if you came to this town

and got a particular mollusk

that grew on the rocks around this area.

They crushed these mollusks down

and when they crush them down,

between their body and the shell

would make a natural purple dye

that they would be able
to dye clothes with.

So, I mean, everyone from
Cleopatra to Alexander the Great

tried to get something from here

in order to make a purple cloth.

(serene music)

(slow music)

We've left the coastal area.

Things are starting to come alive now,

the market's starting to open,

shops and restaurants
are starting to open up

since it's after nine o'clock now

and everything is slowly coming to life.

(slow music)

- You don't wanna sneeze in here.

(mimics sneezing)


(slow music)

- This is kind of reminiscent
of the old spice trade.

They've got all kinds of
different weird spices and roots

and what looks like
rocks that are probably

for all kinds of different
maladies and things.

Anti-stress, insomnia.

- Viagra here.

- Viagra.

- And this, you just kind
of grind it up into like

make a tea or something
out of it possibly,

or just eat it or just rub it against it?

- Yeah.



- Anti-stress, this is like rocks,

so you just throw it at
the people you don't like.


Stress release.

(bright upbeat music)

(children chattering)

- With every hour it
gets closer to lunchtime,

the hotter it seems to get.

- This would be a good time for me

if I had any time to go surfing now.

So, hopefully we can make
our ways to the coast.

See what the surf's doing,
and get some surfing done.

(upbeat music)

What kind of shark do you have out here?

- It's the blue one, you know.

- [Justin] The blue shark?

- Yeah, blue shark.

- It's not the most ideal
scenario for surfing,

but you know what?

You take what you can get,
especially here in Africa.

There's a local kid here, Sufyan,

he surfs these waters every day.

He took me out and showed me where to be

and where to stay away from the reef.

You know, I'm not the
best surfer in the world,

that is for sure.

(upbeat music)

I love challenging myself

and surfing is one of those things

that I've never really mastered at all.

You know, I got like a wave and a half.

Like, I got half a wave.

I don't think it's possible
to catch a half a wave,

but I'm counting it.

So, I got a wave and a half.

(upbeat music)

Sufyan said there was,

he was doing this motion and I'm like,

and I didn't understand what he was saying

and so, I kind of paddled
over and I'm like, watermelon?

'Cause that, to me, this
looked like for watermelon.

And he's like, no, no, no, shark, shark.

He's like, well, there's
a shark over there.

I'm not afraid of sharks or anything,

but you know, I'm not too keen
on surfing with the sharks

and I caught my first wave in Africa.

I try and that's all that matters.

- In order to get to Fes,

we basically have to cross
the country of Morocco.

So, we got to keep moving.

(upbeat music)

We stopped to pick up a
couple of snacks for the road

and I come out and all of a
sudden Justin's just helping

to wash some guy's car.

- Well I'm getting this guy
ready for his hot date tonight.

You got a girlfriend?

- Yeah?

- Girlfriend, girlfriend, like marry.

He said he's got a wife,

but he's going on a date anyways.

(upbeat music)

- He's doing a good job at least.

- Your girlfriend's gonna
like this car nice and clean.

Watch, watch, watch.

Watch this.

Wax on, wax off.

- Oh, right.

- You try it.

Wax on.

- Wax on.

- Wax off.

Wax on, wax off.

It's an ancient Asian secret.

Okay, I gotta go.

Thank you.

You help somebody out, they help you out.

Now he's cleaning our windshield.

That's nice of him.

Good luck with your date tonight.

I hope you're a lucky man.

Hope he gets lucky.

(upbeat music)

(soft music)

- [Scott] For now, we're
cutting across kind of

a prairie-like landscape in
order to get back to the coast

and over to Fes.

Fes is one of those really old cities

that just sort of reeks
of Moroccan culture.

So, it's a necessary stop for us.

(smooth music)

- This is the bakery here.

- It's not so much just a bakery

in the sense that we know it.

All the people who live in the area

bring their own dough here

and then they pay a small
fee to have this used

as kind of a communal oven.

We've had to get dough from this family

so that we can actually
have bread to cook in here.

So, this is what we bought.

Two nice dough patties.

- Make a circle in here, make it a donut.

What do you think?

- [Scott] That's about right.

- [Justin] I made donuts
when I was in high school.

There, I got two donuts now.

Three donuts.

Pretty creative, eh?

- So, here's Justin's toilet seat.

That's a little bit closer
to how it's supposed to look

That's a bit more like
a bagel and there's.

If they're a donut.


- That's hot.

That's hot out of the oven.

Hey, don't wreck it.


(jazzy music)

You want it?

- It's no donut, but.

- [Justin] Is it healthier?

- I'd like to say it is healthier.

- There you go.

See that?

- Eating it at this size
might not be as healthy.


- Sprinkles, do you sell sprinkles?

Everybody's looking at me
like, what is he doing?

- It certainly is elaborate.

(jazzy music)

- You want some?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.


You guys want some?

- Thank you.

- You want one?


Yeah, yeah.

Donut, try it.

- Yes.

Mm, (indistinct) thank you!

(upbeat music)

- We've headed from the Medina and Fes

down into the tannery district,

which is where they
take all the raw leather

and dye it in big open vats

the way they've done for
years and years and years now

and as you come into the district,

you not only see a lot more
leather the closer you get,

you start to really smell it too.

There's a big heap of
sheepskin here (laughs)

and boy does it smell.


(soft music)

You can see these poor guys
in here have a hell of a job

dragging these lambskins
that are just out in the sun

and putting them into these different vats

to cure them or dye them

and then they get hung up along the wall

and the sun does the rest.

- I'm wondering where I drop off a resume.

This just seems like a pretty sweet job.

- All the leather you can smell.

- Right?

(soft music)

It's a tough way to make
a living in Morocco,

but then again, somebody's got to do it

and these guys are willing to.

I don't know about you, but
I've had enough of the smell.

I feel bad for those guys.

I've had some really crummy summer jobs

and I think that one would take the cake.

- [Scott] We're gonna
leave the city life behind.

We're heading south from
Fes to the Atlas Mountains.

When someone says the word Africa,

the last thing you expect
to see are snowcap peaks.

The real magic seems to happen

when you leave those city limits behind.

The buildings of these small towns

look like they've erupted
right out of the earth

and things are there
just out of necessity,

not for any sort of vanity.

(soft music)

- [Justin] We decided to stop
here at a small little town

and sometimes we do just
kind of blow through a city

real quick or a town real quick.

You know, every once in a
while, we get a chance to stop

and see what their life's all about.

You really gotta cherish those moments.

(soft music)

- We've just been invited for some tea

on the back kind of terrace here.

He just sort of motioned us out back here

and hold out some tea.

So, we're happy to oblige.

A really warm welcome for
a couple of strangers.

- I guess he lives here with his family

and the older woman that we saw,

she lives here as well.

They don't know where she's
from or where she's been.

- The community takes care of her,

which is just sort of a testament to

how kind these people are

and I mean, we've gotten our own

firsthand experience with that.

- It's such as simple life out here.

I think a lot of people where we come from

strive to have this,

but they're afraid to
give up certain things.

(speaks foreign language)

(jazzy music)

In our travels to date,

every time that we've
left the city life behind

and gone out in the country,

we've had amazing experiences
with people and landscape

and this is exactly what
keeps me motivated to travel

and exactly what keeps us on the road

and keeps us traveling.

(soft music)

- [Scott] We ran into a woman in town

when we were fueling up who spoke English

and we're just trying to pick her brain

about a place to stay in the area here

and she had suggested
actually staying here,

which is a a hundred plus-year-old kasbah.

- Hello.
- How are you?

- Hi.
- Good.

- Fine.
- You're welcome.

- I'm Justin.

(soft music)


- You like your room?

- Yeah, yeah.

- Is this okay for you?

- Yeah, it'll be great.

- Yeah, that'll do.


That will do perfect.

(soft music)

- It's starting to
really finally flow back

to me just how great travel is.

And it may not mean that I can necessarily

afford to travel the world
for the rest of my life,

but what it does mean is

I need to make a
conscious effort to travel

as much as possible

and so if that means funding
it a way to alter business,

so that I can be on the road
for six months out of the year,

well then so be it.

I need this.

I need this sort of release
and new look on life

on a much more constant basis
than I think maybe most do.

It's pretty cold away from the fire,

so I'm taking all necessary precautions

and pulling out the mummy bag.

- Just setting up camp here.

If you're not Moroccan,
don't come a knockin'.

- And don't forget the other
rule, don't rock the kasbah.

- I still like if you're not Moroccan,

don't come a knockin'.

Copyright infringements 2008
Justin Lukach Incorporated.

(futuristic music)

- Today, we're looking
to do a bit of trekking

into the mountains

and possibly staying up
in the mountains tonight.

So, how dangerous is hiking
some of the mountains here?

- I can see you are
ready for the adventure,

so maybe I can send you
to meet Mohamed to guide.

He's very good guide and he speaks English

and he will help you.

- I don't see why there's no
reason why we can't do it.

(futuristic music)

- They're trying to get them
down from this little ridge

on the side of the road.

They finally got them all down there

and Justin's like (imitates chicken)

and he scared them all
back up the side here.

And she's like, no, no, no, no,

and you could just tell, she's just like,

oh, why did you do that?

I just got them down.

And he's like, oh, you
want them down here?

- I don't know what's happening.

I guess I'm not a farm boy.

- This is a little town called Emlo.

It's kind of the last
town before Jbel Toubkal

which is the mountain back there

that we're gonna try to climb.

Naima has assured us that
her guide is knowledgeable

and speaks English and can
guide us up safely to the top.

He's told us that he'll
be able to cook dinner

for us on the way up, but we
just want to get a few snacks

and a few odds and ends and
supplies for in between meals.

- Got myself some chocolate bars.

(upbeat music)

So, from here to the base
camp, how long will that take?

- We are five hours from there.

- And then we camp there overnight

and then from the base camp
to the very top of the summit,

how long will that take?

- Four hours up and two
hours and a half down.

- Hopefully I have enough
chocolate in my system

to make it to the top.

He said this is where we
get the mules from here

to help us carry most of our stuff up.

- Thank God for mules, eh?

- Yeah.

These guys look pretty young.

A little spunk.

- That's good.

I want my mule strong and healthy.

- [Justin] A little spunk?

- Yeah.

I want to be on his good side.

He's carrying all my stuff.

(futuristic music)


- Scott's got a bit of the coughs

and his cold still with him.

We got to this point here

and there's like all these
little baby goats running around.

(futuristic music)

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] You know, this is
gonna be one of those things

I just sorta take off my
checklist of things to do in life.

Obviously I'm not a mountain climber.

We're just your average kind of guy.

You know, we haven't been training.

We haven't been preparing for this at all.

- [Justin] Everything's
kinda up in the air

right now for me.

I really don't know where
I'm going after this.

I'm trying to convince Scott
and Andre to stick on the trip

and stay with me and keep going

and keep on traveling
for who knows how long.

- [Scott] I miss the road.

You know, I miss these adventures.

It's not a vacation.

It's an adventure and I have to have it.

- What happened to the donkey?

Did he die?

- No, do you see the
blanket and stuff in there?

So, they spend the night here.

When you reach the snow,

it's not possible for
the donkeys to pass here.

- You should put snow
shoes on the donkeys.


(soft music)

Oh, hello.

Welcome, welcome to base camp one.

- You know, I'm sure in the
grand scheme of mountain climbs,

this is pretty mild.

This is the proverbial honey
garlic of your mountain climbs.

It's still not something
you just go and do

at the, you know, the drop of a hat.

- You know, I'm not much of a hiker.

You know, I kind of don't enjoy hiking.


Don't tell Scott that.

- We just figured why not?

We're here, you know,
it's been suggested to us.

We're kind of realizing now

just how mighty mother nature can be.

- It's a lot of work,

more work than I like to put into it.

- It's a whole lot of work
for very little glory,

but I mean the glory is what you make it.

- Oh I got to the top, wow, I'm so proud.

I'm like, I know I'm gonna
make it to the top of this.

You know, I'm in good shape.

I can handle it.

It's not a big deal.

- If I can conquer the tallest
mountain in North Africa,

well, that's pretty good.

- Been slacking a little bit.

You know, riding the
tourist bus around Paris,

going around the city (mumbles)

and these guys dragged me out like,

oh hey, let's go hike here.

Let's climb up here.

We're gonna climb to the top of this

highest mountain in the world.

I'm like, ah, sweet.

- We'll get up around six.

We'll head out around seven.

- You see that?

Anyways, it's fricking cold.

- With a little luck and
a good start tomorrow

we'll be able to make it all
the way back to the bottom

where we had started today.

I'll get a considerable
amount of satisfaction out

of this climb, you know,
provided we get there.

(soft music)

- Here we go.

- Just getting started with some crampons.

These guys have been nice
enough to lend us a pair.

From base camp here up to the peak

is a heck of a lot of snow and ice.

- The sun is up.

We are up

and the mountain is up, up, up.

- That bitter cold wind is
constantly blowing on you

telling you go back, go back.

(soft music)

- This, I hate climbing mountains.

We're 10 minutes into this.

Two hours and 50 minutes left.

It's a bunch of work for nothing.

I like sandy beaches, warm
water, girls in bikinis.

(upbeat music)

No gondola or stairs for us at the top?

- There's a ski lift.


(upbeat music)

I hate every second, every
step and every breath,

but I'll make it to the top.

(upbeat music)

- We've done 300 meters.

- You think of the 300 meter race.

That's not even that far.

- Just do that twice and
then a little bit more

and then you'll be there.

- Yay.

Whose idea was this?

(upbeat music)

- The valley we're in
right now has a lot of sun

and surprisingly little wind.

So, I'm getting pretty hot.

I just want to strip some layers off

so I don't really sweat through this.

- I'm done.

- Going home?

- Yup.

That's it.

'Cause I can't even see
the freaking top, man.

I can't make it to the top.

- We make a hole and we bury you

and then (laughs) we cover
you with flat stones.

That's all.

- I'll come back every year
and lay a rose on your grave.

- [Andre] All about the chocolate.

First one's free.

I know you can't resist.

- I got my own.

- Come on, come on dude.

- I'm done.

- No, you're not.

- Yeah.

Have fun.

(soft music)

- [Andre] It'll be worth
it, dude, at the end.

- It's not worth it.

I know it's not.
- [Andre] You're gonna

regret it if you don't.

- I won't regret it.

Jeans ain't helping.

Who climbs a mountain in jeans?

When I put my mind to something, I do it

and I'm putting my mind to not doing it.

So, if I do it, I'm gonna
be disappointed with myself.

(upbeat music)

- [Scott] For a while,

I didn't know if Justin was gonna make it

and I was glad to see him
come over one of those ridges

where I thought maybe he had backed out.

(slow music)

Justin's slowly coming.

This is something for us.

You know?

I mean, this is something
we can all do together,

like the three of us.

(soft music)

I'd be lying if I said that this stuff

wasn't a bit beyond my boundary

or a bit beyond what I
thought was my boundary

and it feels good to do it.

I'm not there yet, but I'll get there

and Justin's gonna get there

and Andre is gonna get there

and Mohamed's gonna beat us
by three and a half hours.

He's a 40 plus-year-old man
and he's putting us to shame.

(soft music)

- There's several times I actually quit

and said screw this.

And I didn't say the word screw.

I said the F word.

Never doing this again.

Never again.

This is the last mountain I climb ever.

This mountain, you.

I said I'd never climb a mountain so,

get your mountain shots.

It's over.

(soft music)

- If you come up here,
we can see the peak.

- [Andre] See that little triangle point?

- [Justin] Yeah.

- [Andre] That's it.

How far is it?

- It's only 200 meters.

- [Andre] Come on up.

Come see the peak.

- Hello!

(soft music)

- See that?

- I don't care.

(soft music)

It took a lot longer than
it should have for me.

It comes down to is Scott and Andre

that really kind of pushed me

towards conquering that stupid thing

'cause I don't think I would've done it.

- (indistinct) We can go.

- I may actually make it
to the top of this thing.

I've quit seven or eight times.


Mountain's gonna win this one.

Mountain's gonna win.

- Can never forget this day

because all the time we
remember the hardest thing.


- Right now I hate it.

- You hate it now,

but after you leave you will love it.

You are at the top of North Africa.

(laughs) Not easy.

(soft music)

- Hopefully this is the
last press to the top.


- Did you say crest or breast

'cause if you said breast,
I'm definitely gonna

make it to the top.

I feel like I'm walking on ice skates.

(soft music)

- This is another one of those things

that I'm gonna get home

and try to explain to
people how tough it was,

but there are words in a language

and there are just life experiences

and this is one of those things

that the word tough or determination

don't explain what happened today.

They don't give anyone a real idea.

They don't give you that
aching feeling inside

when you're looking up at the next crest

and trying to figure
out how to tell yourself

you're gonna get there

and you're gonna go
even further than that.

(soft music)

That marks the top.

There's no higher point

in the whole of North Africa
we could be right now.

(soft music)

- Made it to the top.

Didn't enjoy one minute of it.

Quit about nine times.

Crampons got me, tripped
me a couple of times.

Maybe I shouldn't wear jeans hiking.

You guys kept on kind of
motivating me to get up here.

So, if it wasn't for you,

I would be back at the camp right now

in the hot shower, maybe sleeping.

Actually sounds pretty nice.

Thanks guys.

I could have been doing that right now.

Small accomplishment.

Don't deserve it.

(soft music)

- When we started this mountain climb,

it really didn't seem as
big as those words sound.

You know, it wasn't a mountain climb.

It was a hike in the mountains

and it ended up being
climbing the tallest peak

in North Africa.

That was the reality of it

and in the end, I think
it's just proven to us

that really this is just a launch pad.

This is a small step towards
so much more that we can do.

We're on our way down
to base camp and beyond,

all the way back down to the village

that we started at yesterday.

You got to kind of watch
yourself you don't roll an ankle

or something coming down

and not get going too
fast, just like going up.

- The easiest way to get down
to the bottom is just sliding

and that's what I'm gonna do.

- How did I know Justin
would have no problem

getting down the hill?

(upbeat music)

- This is awesome.

(speaks foreign language)


- There you go.

- [Andre] Good ole' Scott,
do it the old school way.

- One step at a time wins the race.

- Jbel Toubkal is conquered.

- Took me eight Snickers bars

and one celebration Snickers
bar to make it the top of that

and I cried and whined like a little baby.

- The point is is we did it.

And the bigger point here is
that we all did it together.

This is exactly what we wanted.

You know, this is exactly
what we didn't get

out of the festival in Spain

because I was bedridden with the flu.

I'm just as proud of Justin
and Andre as I am of myself

and I think we probably
would never have done it

if we didn't all push each other to do it.

(soft music)

- Okay, thank you for your visit.

- It's not gonna be
something we'll ever forget,

I'll tell you that much.

- Very patient man, very patient man.

(soft music)

- This trip had a lot of ups and downs,

but ultimately in the end,

it was the same old trip I'm used to.

- Now we're three strong and
I want to keep it that way.

- [Scott] It reminds me
of all the great times

that we had last year.

- It was good just being back on the road

and I think everybody enjoyed their time

and I don't think anybody wants it to end.

- Just like anything else, if
you really want it bad enough,

you'll make the proper
sacrifices to make it happen.

- I'm leaving in a day or so

and don't know where I'm going yet,

going forward that's for sure,

definitely ain't going back.

- You know, one day I may tire of the road

and I'll know when that
is and I'll feel it

and one thing's for sure
that that's not here yet.

I know Justin is hell-bent on
continuing to see the world

and I want to be there with him.

(soft music)

(upbeat music)

- [Justin] My plan kind of worked,

suckered them into traveling
with me for a couple of weeks

and I knew a couple of weeks
would turn into a couple months

and maybe a couple of months
would turn into a couple years

and it's time to move
on to another country

and we're gonna live yet.

The only rule is no more mountains.

- [Scott] The Sahara Desert
runs nearly coast to coast

across the top of Africa.

We decided to head to the
heart of it all in Libya

and experience one of the
cruelest environments on earth.