Deepa & Anoop (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Princess Anoop/Get Up Gramps - full transcript


[elephant trumpeting]

♪ Right this way,
enjoy your stay ♪

♪ Here at Mango Manor ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop! ♪ [clap clap]

♪ We all say a perfect day's
when we are all together ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop! ♪ [clap clap]

♪ Come on in and join the fun ♪

♪ Plenty of room for everyone ♪

♪ Need some help?
Our family's here ♪

♪ Ready, set, go,
let's give a cheer! ♪

♪ Namaste, we'll turn your day ♪

♪ From good to great,
come celebrate ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

- ♪ I'm Deepa, he's Anoop! ♪
- [trumpeting]

[Deepa] The Elephantelope!

[Anoop trumpeting steadily]




You can open your
eyes now, Anoop!


[Deepa giggling]





You found me! [laughing]

The hide 'n' dress up master!


Time for me to dress up
some more while you hide!



I'm coming to find you
on the count of three.

One, two…

Cam Spotter here!

Adventurer and mystery
creature investigator.

Excited to check in to this
new, fascinating environment.

Namaste, Mr. Cam Spotter.

Welcome to Mango Manor.

A flower garland
for our new guest.

Thank you!

Say, I've never seen a
creature like you before.

The wings suggest
you could be a pixie…

A pixie?

Of course not.

Pixies don't have antennae.

How about a gnome?

But gnomes don't have
wings or antennae.

I'm Deepa, a human girl!

Oh! Of course.

I would've figured that out.


How do you know so much
about pixies and gnomes?

I travel the world in search
of mysterious creatures

that most people
think aren't real.

I even have photographic proof.

That's a merman.

And there's no mistaking the smell
of the Purple-Horned Skuzzlewort.



That's so cool! But…

They're kinda hard to see.


Whenever I try to snap a photo,

I get so excited,
my hands wobble,

and it ruins the picture.

I know just what to do!

Come on!

Here you go!

All guests get Naani-ji's famous
welcome mango lassi and ladoos.

Thank you very much!

What a charming garden.


Ooh! Dragon's dimples!

Do you see that?


[gasping] Keep it together, Cam.

Oh, that's just...

the Elephantelope!


It seems that Mango Manor is
home to the rarest of creatures!

The Elephantelope.

It's an elephant with the
antlers of an antelope.

You think Anoo...

I mean, the creature outside...

Is an Elephantelope?

It has to be!

This is a once-in-a-lifetime

Deepa, will you be my guide as
we track the great Elephantelope?

Sure! Of course I'll help.

Why don't you go get your gear
and I'll meet you back here!

Back in a flash!



We're gonna play a new game!

Our guest thinks you're
a wild Elephantelope.


An Elephantelope.

It's because of your
dress-up antlers.


Just pretend that
you're an Elephantelope,

and we'll try to find
you and take a picture.

It'll be the best game of
hide 'n' dress-up ever!


Remember, you're not an Anoop.

You're an Elephantelope!


Once I get a picture,

I will finally prove the
Elephantelope of Mango Manor is real!

I think you're
mistaken, Mr. Spotter.

I've never even heard
of an Ele-wella...

The Elephantelope, Mama!

And it's super
difficult to photograph…

but I know just what to do!

Ah, yes. Of course.

Have fun, and good
luck with the search!

[laughing] Oh, Deepa.

The backyard is the Elephantelope's
favorite stomping grounds.

- See?
- Whoo-hoo!

Stomp prints!

[gasping] The Elephantelope!

Uh-oh, stay calm, Cam Spotter.

Oh, who am I kidding?

That's the most amazing
creature I've seen!


[gasping] You startled
the Elephantelope!

You better get a
picture of him now!


[clicking] I got the shot!

I got the shot!

[sighing] I only got
its hindquarters.

Don't worry, we won't give up until we get
a perfect picture of the Elephantelope!

Any sign of him?

It's like the Elephantelope
is too good at hiding!

[trumpeting quietly]

Did you make that noise?

I didn't make a noise.

And if you didn't make a noise…

- Who did?
- [trumpeting]

Follow that Elephantelope!

I could have sworn I saw
the creature come in here!

I bet it'd help our search

if we heard the call
of the Elephantelope.

[Cam shuddering]

It says here the Elephantelope sounds
like an elephant and an antelope combined.

[confused trumpeting]


I'm hearing all elephant,
but no antelope.

[honk trumpeting]

Hmm. Nope.

- [vroom trumpeting]
- Nope.

- [trumpeting]
- Nope.

- [kazoo trumpeting]
- Huh? Wait!

[jazz trumpeting]

Go back. The one before
the jazz trumpet.

[kazoo trumpeting]

Leaping Leprechauns! That's it!

The sounds are coming from
somewhere in this room!


Dragon's dimples!

Whoo-who-whoo… whoops!

Follow me!


[Deepa] He's heading
for the basement!

[elevator dings]

It's darker than an
ogre's den down here.

Not to worry.

I, Cam Spotter, came prepared
with night-vision goggles!


[Deepa] What's that
rustling behind the shelves?


We're catching the
Elephantelope mid-meal!

[camera snapping]


[Deepa] Maruti?

What are you doing here?

Eating from my
secret banana stash.

Which isn't so secret anymore.

Eh, sorry!

Don't worry, Mr. Spotter.

We'll find that Elephantelope.

The ela-fella what now?

[elevator dings]

Look! [snapping pictures]

Ooh! Ah! Oh!

[snapping picture]

[snapping picture]

[snapping picture]

[snapping picture]

[snapping picture]


Please rest if you need to.

But I, Cam Spotter, won't stop until
I get a picture of the Elephantelope.

If Mr. Spotter isn't giving
up, then neither will Deepa!

Deepa, Beta?

Can I talk to you?

I'll check that corner up ahead.

I don't think Mr. Spotter thinks
of this as a pretend game.

You should tell him the truth
about the Elephantelope.

But he'll be so sad when he
finds out it's just Anoop.

The longer you keep up this search,
the more disappointed he'll be.


You're right, Mama.

Time for Cam to say goodbye
to the Elephantelope,

but hello to Anoop!

Mr. Spotter?

I've got to tell you something.

Look! Outside!

You can do this.

[camera snapping]

Kraken's kittens, Cam
Spotter's done it!



Those antlers… aren't real?

This is Anoop. He's an elephant.

He's also my best friend.


Nice to meet you, Anoop.

I really hoped you'd
be the Elephantelope.

I wanted your stay at Mango
Manor to be the best ever.

I thought that meant getting a
picture of the Elephantelope.

Actually, I should thank you.

Really? For what?

I had so much fun today!

- Yay!
- [trumpeting]

♪ Some things in life
will always be a mystery ♪

♪ But unsolved mysteries
can be fun for you and me ♪

♪ The best part of riddles ♪

♪ Isn't the answer ♪

♪ It's the time you
spend together ♪

♪ That's the best adventure ♪

♪ The best part of
riddles isn't the answer ♪

♪ It's the time you
spend together ♪

♪ That's the best adventure ♪

♪ The time you spend together ♪

♪ That's the best adventure ♪

Thanks for being a
good sport, Anoop.

That was the search
of a lifetime.


Hold… the… biryani.

Did you just change colors?

Cam Spotter has never
seen that before!

[trumpeting a question]

I know just what to do!

[snapping pictures]

[Deepa] Boo! [giggling]

They're going to have to add
an entry in the guidebook

for my latest
one-of-a-kind discovery…

Anoop, the
color-changing elephant!

Let's get a picture to
remember the moment.

Everybody say, "Elephantelope!"

[Cam and Deepa] Elephantelope!


[Deepa] Bonkers For Bananas!

[Naani-ji humming a tune]

- [Bina squawking]
- ♪ La la la la la la ♪


Wow! Naani-ji, why do
you have so many bananas?

Because I am going to make for
everyone a most ancient recipe,

Banana Malpua!

Did someone say… banana?


[excited panting]

Oh, no ya don't, Maruti!

These bananas are for Naani-ji's
awesome Banana Malpua.

You mean I can't have just one?

Not even a nibble!

These bananas are the most
important ingredient in my recipe.

Well, bananas and one
other secret ingredient.

[mischievous giggle]




Doh! Sorry, I just
can't help myself!

[Anoop trumpets disapprovingly]

Oh! Maruti's monkey
business is too much!

I can't prepare for my special
dish and keep an eye on him!

Don't worry, Naani-ji!

Anoop and I will keep
your bananas safe.

[trumpeting in agreement]

And Bina will help too!

[Bina snoring]


With all of us on
kitchen patrol,

there's no way Maruti
can sneak past us!



What's next is we
wait, and watch.

Nothing will get past us!


[Anoop snoring]

- [Bina squawking]
- What was that?

[Bina snoring]


Phew, the bananas
are still here!

If Bina's going to
keep falling asleep,

we've got to stay alert, Anoop.

Ya never know where
Maruti's gonna come from!



[trumpeting "uh-oh"]

Gotcha, all right!

Hand 'em over, Maruti.

I can't help it.

Just look at these big
bunches of yellow beauties!


Good work, you two!

Bina, you sure are a loud
squawker when you wake up.

It seriously helped.


But that was pretty close.

We need a better way to catch
Maruti before he grabs anything.

[Naani-ji singing to herself]


Naani-ji, I didn't
know you could dance!

You should have seen me
in India back in the day!

Oh, oh…

I have something even
better than pictures…


My old ghungroos!

It was much better when
I wore them on my ankles,

but I can't reach those anymore.


[Naani-ji singing]


[gasping] I know!

Anoop, if we can't
always see Maruti coming,

maybe we can hear him coming…

with these ghungroos!
- [jingling]

There ya go, Maruti.

I know you can't help
yourself from nabbing bananas,

so Naani-ji's ghungroos
will be like an alarm!

Pretty cool!

Even if they do keep me
away from the bananas.



Ha ha! Hoo hoo!




Ha ha! Hoo hoo!

Ha! Hee hee! [laughing]

I can't help it if
I've got happy feet!

What you need is something to
take your mind off those bananas.

I know just what to do!

These are Pintu's
favorite picture books!

They'll make you
forget all about ba...

Uh, all kinds of things!

Thanks, Deepa!

Picture book, huh?

Hey, hey, what a cute puppy.

Ooh, nice blue boat.


I'm not sure those books

are going to distract
Maruti for long, Anoop.

We promised Naani-ji we'd
protect these bananas,

so we have to be prepared
for any monkey business!


Squawk! Bina needs
her beauty sleep!

[settling down]

You sure are a
light sleeper, Bina.

Anoop, that just gave me an
idea for the perfect plan!


[inhaling deeply]


Are there so many guests

that Naani-ji needs
all those bananas?

Surely they can give me just
one sweet-smelling real banana

with all of its moist,
mushy deliciousness…

and it's right…
through… that door!


It's gotta be
balanced just right

so it will fall and wake up Bina

when Maruti grabs the banana.

When we hear her squawk,

we'll rush in and
catch him in the act!


Come to Maruti!

- [Bina squawks in her sleep]
- [sighing]

Squawk! Banana alert!

Banana alert!




Ha! Caught you banana-handed!





Uh… [laughing nervously]


We were just keeping
the bananas safe.

Thank you, Beta.

But no more jumpy monkey
business in my kitchen!

Hmm… Ahh…


New plan!

We'll hide the bananas so
Maruti can't find them.

Ooh, this looks perfect.

Maruti will never
find them here.

Last one outside's
a rotten banana!



Must belong to
one of the guests.

I'll bring it up to their room.

[sniffing] Mm…

Naani-ji, the bananas
are safe and sound!

Ah, perfect timing, Beta.

It's time to add the bananas
to the Banana Malpua!

Thank goodness you
kept them safe!

Bananas coming
right up, Naani-ji!


The bin! It's gone!

Huh? I don't understand, Anoop.

Where could it have gone?

[elevator dings]

We found 'em!

Oh. So this is yours, Beta?

I was just about to put these
bananas in the lost and found.

[elevator dings]


There he is!








[Deepa] Maruti!



[Grandpa snoring]




- Ah!
- [trumpeting]

Oh! Oh!



Naani-ji was so excited
to make Banana Malpua.

Now no one gets to have
any, not even Maruti.

[trumpeting sadly]

[Deepa sighs]

He would have loved it.

You mean, the Banana Malpua
wasn't just for guests?

I'd get to have some too?

Of course!

Naani-ji was going to
make it for our family,

and you're part of
the family, Maruti!

Eating Banana Malpua
with my family

sounds a lot better than
eating bananas by myself!

Doing things together
is always more fun.

♪ Stomp to the beat
and have some fun ♪

♪ We'll share a
dance with everyone ♪

Dancing together,
we'll get funky,

I love bananas
'cause I'm a monkey!

♪ Giving to each
other shows we care ♪

♪ The real fun begins
when we share ♪

You have one banana,
I'll have two!

So many bananas,
I know what to do!

♪ Share with each
and every one ♪

♪ No one left out,
it's much more fun ♪

♪ Give to each other
and show we care ♪

♪ The real fun begins
when we share! ♪

[laughing and trumpeting]

Everyone, enjoy
your Banana Malpua!

[everyone] Mm…

So banana-y!

Mm, this is delicious!


I didn't think I could like bananas
even more than I did before,

but they taste even better now!

Things always taste
just a little bit better

when you share.

Plus Naani-ji has a secret
ingredient, right, Naani-ji?

That's right!

The special ingredient that makes
my Banana Malpua taste so good

is love, of course.

[everyone] Aw!