Deepa & Anoop (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Deepa Games/Rockin' Raki - full transcript

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[elephant trumpeting]

♪ Right this way,
enjoy your stay ♪

♪ Here at Mango Manor ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop! ♪ [clap clap]

♪ We all say a perfect day's
when we are all together ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop! ♪ [clap clap]

♪ Come on in and join the fun ♪

♪ Plenty of room for everyone ♪

♪ Need some help?
Our family's here ♪

♪ Ready, set, go,
let's give a cheer! ♪

♪ Namaste, we'll turn your day ♪

♪ From good to great,
come celebrate ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

- ♪ I'm Deepa, he's Anoop! ♪
- [trumpeting]

[Deepa] Anoop Blasts Off!

[Deepa] Ooh, I think
I see a unicorn!

My favorite constellation
is The Big Dipper.

See? It looks like a big spoon.

Oh yeah!

You sure know a lot
about space, Janay.

But you know what's even better
than looking at the stars?

Going to the stars!

Three… two…


blast off!


Yeah! [laughing]

To the moon!

Light speed!

Mama, come blast off
into space with us!

We're astronauts!

Maybe later, Beta.

I have some exciting news…

a real astronaut is
staying at the Manor!

U.S. Major Kwaku.

I thought you might
want to meet her.


Astronaut Kwaku?

Whoa, that's Anoop's hero!

[trumpeting] [reception
bell dinging]

Ooh, that should be her now!

Well, what are we waiting for?
Let's blast off to the lobby!

[laughing down the slide]


Well, hello there.



Ha, thank you.

Major Kwaku, meet
Deepa, Anoop, and Janay.

They are very
enthusiastic about space!


He's your biggest fan.

So nice to meet you all.

And especially nice to hear
you're interested in space travel!

I heard there's a
space launch coming up.

Is that why you're in town?

Ah! It sure is, Janay!

It'll be my third space mission.

I've missed zero gravity.

Well, then, we better get you
settled so you're rested and ready.

It was so nice meeting you all.

Especially my biggest fan.

Maybe one day, you'll
go to space too.


Bye, Major Kwaku!

Nice to meet you!


Sure, Anoop!

You can absolutely,
positutely go to space!

Ya know, it takes a lot of
hard work to be an astronaut.

I've read a whole book about it,

and even watched half of a
space documentary with my mom,

so I know all about
going to space.

Hmm, I guess you're right.

But, Janay, between everything
you know about space

and everything I know about
doing awesome things with Anoop,

we can train him to
become an astronaut!

[trumpeting excitedly]

Then maybe Major Kwaku will
take him to space with her!

He would be the first
elephant in space…


So, whaddya think?

Ready to reach for the stars?

♪ Blasting off
into outer space ♪

♪ You'll find yourself
in a starry place ♪

♪ We're gonna reach, reach
Reach for the stars ♪

♪ 'Cause anything can happen
When you try real hard ♪

♪ Reach for the stars We'll
give it all that we've got ♪

♪ To learn how to
be an astronaut ♪

♪ We're gonna reach, reach
Reach for the stars ♪

♪ 'Cause anything can happen
When you try real hard ♪

♪ Sure is bright up
here next to Mars ♪

♪ Keep reaching, reaching
Reaching for the stars! ♪

All right, Anoop, in space,
everything goes really slow,

'cause there's
hardly any gravity.

So for your first astronaut
training exercise…

We'll practice walking in…

[slowly] slow motion!


[slowly] Way to go,
astronaut Anoop!

I never knew I
could move so fast!

Just like my ol' glory days!


You're really getting
the hang of it!

I've never seen such
a graceful elephant!


Slow astronaut walk… check!

For our next assignment,

we've got to see how Anoop
does in small spaces.


It's a pretty tight
fit for astronauts

inside a space capsule.


Great idea, Deepa.

This refrigerator box

looks just like a space capsule!


How you doin' in
there, astronaut?


Excellent! Tiny spaces: Check!

You know, all this astronaut
training's made me a little hungry.

Anyone else up for a snack?


We've gotcha, Anoop!

Three, two, one…



Nothing like Naani-ji's
fresh samosas!

Now that we're all fueled up,

our next training exercise
is all about G-force!

G-force? Doesn't that mean fast?

Yep, sure does.

Astronauts have to get used to
traveling super fast through space.

Super fast? Like, blastoff fast?

Oh yeah. I know just what to do!

[trumpeting dubiously]

Once this luggage
cart gets rollin'

and the fan starts blowin',

you'll feel like you're
speeding through outer space!

Prepare… for… takeoff!


Here comes the wind!


[fan blowing]

Uh… whoa!

Wind's… too… strong!

We're coming, Astronaut Anoop!

- Aah!
- [trumpeting]

We've gotta turn off the fan!


[fan slowing]

- Whoo!
- Whoo!

G-force: check!

Anoop, you've done it again!


One step closer to your dream!

Ready for your last test, buddy?


Don't worry.

It's gonna be great!

Um… what's our last test?

An astronaut's space capsule
spins as it returns to Earth,

so we'll help Anoop get
used to that spinny feeling!

And I know the thing to do it!

Our remote-control roly vacuum!

Good for cleaning floors
and astronaut training!



[trumpeting quizzically]


- There ya go!
- Here come the spins!

And here come the
super speedy spins!

- [trumpeting]
- [gasping]

- Oh, no!
- Oh!



He's getting really
dizzy, Janay!

We've got to stop him!

Just make sure you stop it…

…slowly. [laughing]

Sorry 'bout that, Anoop.

You okay?


Well, Anoop,

you passed your astronaut
training tests with flying colors.

[all celebrating]


You'll definitely go to space
with Major Kwaku tomorrow!

Think it will be hard to be apart
from each other for so long?

What do you mean?

Well… astronauts are usually in
space for a really long time.

[trumpeting sadly]

Sure we'll miss
each other, Anoop.

But you can't give
up on your dream.

Especially after
all that training!

Yeah, you've totally got this!

Although I guess it's
really up to Major Kwaku.

Let's see what she
says in the morning.


Major Kwaku, meet your
junior astronaut... Anoop!

After a whole day of
astronaut training,

Anoop can walk in slow motion,

fit in teeny-tiny spaces,

roll with G-force,

and his spinning is
pretty impressive!

Minus that little crash.

And I have all the
notes to prove it.

Wow, it sounds like you
have your own astronaut

right here in Mango Manor!

Do you really want to blast
off into space today, cadet?


Aw, I know, Anoop.
I'd miss you tons.

When I go away, I miss my
friends and family, too.

It's a challenging part
of an astronaut's job.

But just because
you're not ready today,

doesn't mean you'll
never go to space.

If you're determined,

with more training and
getting a little older,

I'm sure you'll
get there one day.

We'll help you.


But for now, you can still
enjoy the wonders of space

from here on Earth…

with your very good friends.

- [beeping]
- Oh, time for me to go.

It was so nice to meet you all.

Especially you, Anoop.


- Have fun in space!
- Good luck, Major Kwaku!

I'll wave from the stars.

Just keep an eye on the sky.

Whoa! I think that's
Major Kwaku's rocket!


Even though you didn't get
to go to space today, Anoop,

you're still my
favorite astronaut.



[Deepa] Speedy Slip-Ups.

[Deepa] Okay, Anoop,

I think Topi Toss could be
my best game invention ever!

We each throw these
balls into this topi hat,

and whoever gets the
most in first, wins!

But if you miss, your
ball is gone, gone, gone

down the Deepa Slide.

Ready, Anoop?


Set… go!


Huh? Yep. That went fast.

Let's go get 'em!

[telephone ringing]

Mango Manor.

Yes, can you please hold?

Of course, one moment.

[telephone ringing]

Mango Manor, will
you please hold?

Mango Manor, will
you please hold?

Is it a holiday I
don't know about?

So much cooking to do today!

Mama, why is it so busy today?

Mango Manor is fully booked
with guests in every room.

Ah, there's so much to do!

- [telephone ringing]
- Mango Manor?

Yes, first thing
tomorrow morning.

I don't know how I'm going to
deliver all these important messages

before the afternoon rush.

Anoop and I could help!

We're great at delivering messages,
especially the important kind.

- Hmm, well, I...
- [telephone ringing]

[telephone ringing]

Okay, quickly, then.

Please take these messages
to room five, seven, and 10.

Don't worry, Mama.
We've got this!

Thank you, Beta.

And check in with Baba!

He might need some help too.

Oh, and Naani-ji!

It's such a busy morning!

Mango Manor. Thank
you for holding.

[elevator dings]

Need anything, Baba?

Anoop and I can help you with
your most important tasks.

Thank you!

Actually, I do have
something important.

Could you please collect the
laundry from the third floor

and deliver it to the basement
to be washed and folded?

That sounds very important.

You can count on us, Baba!


Mama said Naani-ji
probably needs help too.

- [elevator dings]
- To the kitchen!

Ooh, it smells so good in here.

Need any help, Naani-ji?

As a matter of fact,

there'll be plates of food
to deliver to guests soon.

We can do it!

Anoop and I are helping
all over the place today!

Thank you, Beta.

Grandpa, do you need help too?


It looks like drying those
dishes could take forever.

No help for me, thank you.

I like to go at my own pace.

Hmm. Well, good luck!

Be back soon to get
those plates, Naani-ji!

We've got three big jobs to do.

And remember, Mama said it
was going to get even busier

with the afternoon rush.



Maybe we should have delivered
the messages already.


It's okay!

I know what to do!

We just have to do
everything really fast!

The faster we get
these jobs done,

the more time we have
to help with other jobs!


Yep! First we'll
deliver Mama's messages.

[elevator dings]




Thanks, Anoop!


Oh, they're mixed up now.

Which message goes
to which room?


There. I think I got 'em right.

But ya know, instead of
delivering pieces of paper,

it could be super special
if we sing the messages!

Maybe it'll even be
faster than reading them!



♪ Hello ♪

♪ Your friend must
be on your mind ♪

♪ But I must tell you
he's running behind ♪

♪ Hey! ♪


But… I wasn't expecting anyone.


♪ A wedding was happening ♪

♪ But not today ♪

♪ It will be very fancy ♪

♪ But in a new and special way ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

But I don't get it.
Who's getting married?


♪ Sorry! We are out of jalebis ♪

♪ But please do not fret ♪

♪ You can get some
in the morning ♪

♪ Probably ♪

♪ Hey! ♪

That message might
be for someone else.

We did it on time,
and I made it rhyme!


Way to trumpet a tune, Anoop!


Now, let's see, what's next?

The laundry!

Let's hurry and get it
down to the basement.


I have an idea!

We can send the laundry
through a Deepa Door

and meet it in the basement!

It'll be super fast.




Can't see them.

I bet they're in the
basement already.

High five for fast helping!

[elevator dings]


I could have sworn there was
a Deepa Door in the basement.


But if the laundry didn't
come to the basement,

where did it go?


We can look later.

We have to deliver Naani-ji's
room service meals.

Can't let the food get cold!

And when you are finished,
come back for more.

We'll be back in no time!

Hey, Anoop…

if we had a bigger cart,

we could deliver even
more room service trays

and be done even faster.

The faster, the better!


Okay, Anoop.

All set for the
speediest service ever!

Let's roll!



Oops! Maybe not that speedy.

Yes, the jalebis will be available
first thing tomorrow morning.

You… didn't get the message?

- [telephone ringing]
- One moment, please.

Front desk.

Oh, I'm so sorry, Mr. Greenwald.

Did you not get your
message about the wedding?

Deepa, did you deliver the
important messages from earlier?

Not only did we deliver
them, we sang them!

But I might have mixed
them up a little.

[Mama laughing]

It's okay.

We'll get it straightened out.

Oh, Deepa! Do you know
where the laundry went?

Guest are waiting
for clean towels.

We thought it would be faster

to send the laundry to the
basement though a Deepa Door,

but there's no Deepa Door
in the basement, and now…

we don't know where
the laundry is.

[trumpeting sadly]

Well, not to worry.

It's got to be here somewhere.


Are you in there, laundry?

We've messed
everything up, Anoop.

Guess we better tell Naani-ji
about the room service.

[trumpeting sadly]


Um, Naani-ji?

We need some extra
meals to deliver…

because we accidentally
spilled some.

Oh? And how did that happen?

Well, we were trying to
deliver them really fast.


But we cleaned up the mess.

Good thing I made extras.

When I cook, everyone
wants seconds.

There. Last one!

All washed and folded.



Where did you find the laundry?

You're not the only one who
uses Deepa Doors, you know.

Faster is not
always better, Beta.

Your grandpa moves
slow like a turtle,

but look, the laundry
is ati uttam. Perfect!

You can make mistakes
if you go too fast,

and fixing those mistakes
makes things take even longer.

Slow and steady wins the race.

And leaves plenty
of time for my nap!

[chuckling] Nap, nap, nap, nap!

[Grandpa laughing]

Grandpa and Naani-ji
are right, Anoop.

When you go too fast, it sure
is easy to make mistakes.


♪ When you want to
get a big job done ♪

♪ There's a rule
that's number one ♪

♪ Don't rush, slow it down ♪

♪ Slow it way down ♪

♪ You want to hurry
to finish the task ♪

♪ But what's the
rule? No need to ask ♪

♪ Don't rush, slow it down ♪

♪ Slow it way down ♪

♪ If you work too fast
And you're doing less ♪

♪ It could just end
up in a big old mess ♪

♪ Don't rush, slow it down ♪

♪ Slow it way down ♪

♪ If you take your
time, you will see ♪

♪ It's the best way
to help you or me ♪

♪ Don't rush, slow it down ♪

♪ Slow it way down ♪


More messages delivered…

without rushing.

And we still got so much done
that we have time left over.

What do you want to do next?



So that's where
my lucky hat went!

Thanks for looking
after it, Deepa.

- Baba, wait!
- Ah!

Guess it's not so
lucky after all.