Deepa & Anoop (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Long Night/Staycation - full transcript


[elephant trumpeting]

♪ Right this way,
enjoy your stay ♪

♪ Here at Mango Manor ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop! ♪ [clap clap]

♪ We all say a perfect day's
when we are all together ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop! ♪ [clap clap]

♪ Come on in and join the fun ♪

♪ Plenty of room for everyone ♪

♪ Need some help?
Our family's here ♪

♪ Ready, set, go,
let's give a cheer! ♪

♪ Namaste, we'll turn your day ♪

♪ From good to great,
come celebrate ♪

♪ With Deepa and
Anoop ♪ [clap clap]

- ♪ I'm Deepa, he's Anoop! ♪
- [trumpeting]

[Deepa] Surprise, Surprise!

[trumpeting snore]

♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪

♪ Happy Birthday, dear Anoop! ♪

♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪

[kissing] I made
this just for you!


[trumpeting "Happy
Birthday" happily]

Now for Anoop's surprise
birthday balloon!

Oh! He's gonna love it!

Huh? Where'd it go?

[trumpeting "Happy Birthday"]


Where… is it?

- [trumpeting]
- Huh?

Oh, what am I doing?

I'm looking for, uh… my
lucky birthday socks!

Heh heh heh…



Uh, here's your special
Birthday Wish Jar!

Why don't you write down
your biggest birthday wishes

and put them in here, okay?


I'll be right back!

[laughing nervously]

I've got to figure out where
Anoop's birthday balloon went.

- [giggling]
- Huh?

- Wait! Pintu?
- Bal-loon, bal-loon!

I made that to give to Anoop!

Today's Anoop's birthday!

And that balloon's
a special surprise.

And it's extra special
because I put a ladoo in it!


[ladoo rattling]

Please give it back.

I want to surprise
Anoop with it!




How about a trade?

This ball is the best bouncer
in the whole universe!

It bounces higher than Baba!

Bouncy ball!

Bouncy bouncy ball!

[balloon popping]

- [ladoo flying]
- Oh…

Wow, uh, what was that?

Guess something broke…
but Baba will fix it!

- [Anoop drawing]
- Phew!

Uh, here ya go, Anoop!

It's, um, tradition

to start your birthday
off with a sweet treat!



♪ My best friend's
the sweetest ♪

♪ And I just want to say ♪

♪ That I'm so
happy to know you ♪

♪ And celebrate your birthday! ♪

♪ Oh, ladoos may seem
like a special treat ♪

♪ But you're the one who's
special and oh, so sweet! ♪

♪ My best friend's
the sweetest ♪

♪ And I just want to say ♪

♪ That I'm so happy to know you
and celebrate your birthday ♪

♪ Anoop, I'm happy to know you
and celebrate your birthday! ♪



I think we finally have enough.

Thanks for helping with my
new balloon birthday surprise!


Anything for our dear Anoop.

You know how much
he loves balloons!

Almost as much as
I love bananas.

Now we have so many
that if one pops,

it won't matter!

It'll still be raining
balloons! Right, Baba?

That's right, Beta.

This should do the trick!

So the plan is to drop
all these balloons

the moment Anoop comes in.

When the time is right,
just pull this string,

and all the balloons
will come down at once!

Thanks, Baba!

Ooh, Anoop will be so surprised.

Maruti, will you
please get Anoop?

I love your jar full of
wishes! What a collection!

You know, once I ate 89 bananas…

Get ready to yell
"surprise," Munjal!

[Maruti] …to make
a giant banana!


True fact! Follow
me. Right this way!

Coming, Naani-ji! More
bananas for your recipe!




Where did Anoop go?

Maruti, why didn't you come into
the sitting room like we planned?

I heard someone say
"bananas" in the kitchen,

and I couldn't help myself!

Some ladoos for
the birthday boy.

Oh! Just save room
for your cake.

- [trumpeting]
- [kettle whistling]

Squawk! My ears!

Air can be so noisy!

[kettle whistling]

[turning it off]

Noisy air?


[gasping] Be right back, Anoop!

Save me a ladoo!

Mama, I need your help!

What's going on?

Can you please keep Anoop busy

while I make a super
birthday surprise for him?

I suppose I could…

[gasping] really use
Anoop's help in the garden.

What is this birthday
surprise plan of yours?

Well, Anoop loves
balloons, so I figured,

what could be better than
the sound of balloons?

[balloon squealing]

Imagine getting a
whole birthday song

by a Balloon Birthday Band!

That would really be something.

I'm sure Anoop will
love it! I'm on it!


I need you to help
me in the garden.


Okay, time for band practice!

[balloons squealing]

[balloon popping]

That note was a little
sharp… like my claws.

Gotcha covered, buddy!


Ready? Let's give the
birthday song a go!

And a-one, and a-two, and…

[balloons squealing]


[Munjal groaning]

[balloon squealing]

[balloon flying]



Ya ya ya ya!




Oh! 'Scuse me!

Guess band practice is over.


I have to surprise Anoop
before his birthday is over.

I just have to!


Maybe Baba has an idea.




Ah, thank you very much, Anoop!

Can you help me
carry these inside?

Baba, what if Anoop's
birthday goes by

without me giving him a real,
true, birthday surprise?

I have total faith you will come
up with a great surprise for Anoop…

because you are my Deepa.

Hammer, please.

Anoop loves balloons so much.

Wouldn't it be awesome if there
was, like, an unpoppable balloon?

What could be better?


An elephant-sized
unpoppable balloon?

What about… an
unpoppable balloon

that you can be inside
of, like a house.

[gasping] A bouncy house!

That would be the biggest
birthday surprise ever, Baba!

[Baba chuckling] Okay, then.

Mama and I will help you.

I know just what to do!

Don't I sound like you, Beta?


Birthday decorations, check!

DJ Raki and his
rockin' tunes, check!

Special ladoo
birthday cake, check!

Ah… ha!

And the biggest
birthday balloon ever...

A bouncy house!

Check, check, check!

Here is the birthday boy!

Anoop is in the house!

[dance beat playing]




Check it out, Anoop!

A balloon that
you can bounce in!


Uh oh! I think the bouncy
house might break loose!


[object falling]

Oh no!

[Grandpa] Whoa! Get down!

- [laughing]
- Oh, goodness.



Oh… oh, no.

Arre Baap Re!

[Grandpa] Oh dear!

Whoa, who knew it was
going to be this bouncy?

I have to get Anoop
to stop bouncing!

Ah, this ladoo should do it!

Anoop! Come and get
your birthday treats!




I wanted to give you the best
birthday balloon surprise ever,

but nothing went right.

Now your birthday
cake is smushed!


[trumpeting joyfully]


Hope you made a wish!

[trumpeting affirmatively]

Wow, you filled up your
special Birthday Wish Jar!

Let's see!

Aw, look. It's
you and me, Anoop!

They're all of you
and me playing!

Looks like Anoop's only birthday
wish is to play with you!


You'll definitely
get your wish, Anoop!

We'll play all day!

In fact…

tag, you're it!

[trumpeting and laughter]


[Deepa] Wind Beneath Her Wings!

[Deepa] Three, two, one…

Look out, Anoop, ready
or not, here I come!




[gasping] Found you…

Mrs. Bandicoot!?

G'day, Deepa. [giggling]

G'day to you too.

Uh, why are you hiding
behind a painting?

Tonight is your
family's big party

for the International
Himalayan Festival!

I flew in all the
way from Australia

for your Naani-ji's
extra-special dessert,

and I want to
sneak a peek at it.

Naani-ji wants it to be a
big surprise, Mrs. Bandicoot.

So no sneaking a peeking!

Well, I'll try, Deepa,
but no promises!

[trumpeting] [laughing]

C'mon, Anoop, let's see
how dessert's coming!


Squawk! Secret code, please!


[knock knock-knock knock knock]

[toot toot]

[Bina] Come in!



There must be a hundred of them.

I made this
mango-flavored mountain

to celebrate all those
who live far away

near the gigantic
Himalayan mountains.

Everyone's going to be so surprised
by this dessert, Naani-ji.

Oh, it's not the only
surprise I have in store.

When I present the mountain
to our guests tonight,

my flying feathered friend here

will carry this shaker
filled with powdered sugar

high over the yummy mountain,

and then shake out a
sugary blizzard of snow!



It'll look just like the snowy tops
of the real Himalayan mountains!

I think a little
rehearsal is in order.

Challo, Bina, show us!


Yes! Exciting!

- Ohh!
- Whoa!







[gasping] Bina!

Oh no!


Squawk! Bina's okay!

Bina's never crashed before.

Well, you've never made it snow
sugar over a ladoo mountain before.


Want to practice again?

Nah. Bina's good.

Are you having
trouble flying, Bina?

I'd help, but I'm so
busy baking, and...

And that's where
Anoop and I come in.

With our help, Bina will
be flying high in no time.

Don't worry, Bina.

I know just what to do.


I see you there, Mrs. Bandicoot.

No sneaking for a peeking.

[Mrs. Bandicoot] Oh…

- [giggling]
- [trumpeting]

All right, Bina.

You're going to pretend your perch
is Naani-Ji's ladoo mountain.


It's time for takeoff!

You've got this.

[squawking sadly]



Whoo-hoo, Bina!


Naani-ji will be so proud

when you top that
dessert with sugar snow!

Squawk! Top the dessert?


[crying out]



[squawking a question]

Are you okay?

Squawk! Bina crashed. Again.

So why can't you fly?





[gasping] That's it! Feathers
fly with just a bit of wind,

and Bina's practically
made of feathers!

Okay, new plan!

We're gonna get you some
wind and get you flying!

All systems go, Bina?


Anoop, prepare the air!








I'm flying again.

Grand finale, here I come.

Ooh! A grand finale.

Is Bina part of the surprise?

Please don't crash! [chuckling]



Aah! Incoming!


- [falling]
- Oh… uh…

Gotcha! Phew!

Also, no more sneaking and
peeking, Mrs. Bandicoot.



[discouraged squawk]

Friends came from around the world
for Naani-ji's extra-special dessert.

Bina's gonna crash
and mess it all up.


That's it!

It's not that you
can't fly, Bina.

You're just scared of
crashing when you fly.


This happened to me when
I tried skateboarding

and kept falling.

Really? What'd you do?

I was scared to
fall, just like you.

But then I acted
confident and brave

until I felt
confident and brave.


♪ Check her out ♪

♪ She's an awesome bird ♪

♪ Her name is Bina
Just like you heard ♪

♪ She's getting back
All her confidence ♪

♪ So real big smiles ♪

♪ 'Cause she's got this! ♪

♪ Power poses make
you feel strong ♪

♪ Flexing wings Fly
all night long ♪

♪ Looking good and
feeling all right ♪

♪ Believe in yourself ♪

♪ And you'll take flight! ♪


I finally feel like I can do it.

Thanks to you,
there's nothing to it!

Look at you, Bina the Brave!

But your makeover
wouldn't be complete

without one last thing.

The walk… of confidence!


Oh, yeah.


Mrs. Bandicoot!

No peeking till dessert!

Also, that's too many balloons.

You might float away.

[Mrs. Bandicoot] Oh,
I don't think so!

Now, let's see a super
smile, a power pose,

and a takeoff!

Squawk! Bina's brave! Squawk!

I think.

[inhaling and exhaling]


[giggling] Mm-hmm!

Whoo-hoo, Bina!

[Naani-ji] Oh, very good, Bina!

You're finally ready for
your big snow-top finale!



Oh no, Bina!


Hoy hoy!

Mrs. Bandicoot?

[Mrs. Bandicoot] Aw,
yeah, mate, ya caught me.

Oh, my! Oh, no! Oh!

- [trumpeting]
- Oh, my!

What is this? Enough!

You tell these balloons
to come down now!


We've got to pop those balloons
to get them back to the ground!

C'mon, Anoop!


Reach! [straining]

Oh no! We can't do it.

But I can!




Oh! [laughing]

Look at her, Anoop.
She's so brave!

Whew! Oh! Phew!

Oh, thank you, Bina!

But what's been going on here?

Are you okay?

Bina couldn't fly because…

I was scared I'd crash into
your special snow-top finale.

I love and believe in you,
Bina, whether you fly or not.


Thank you, Deepa.

Oh, yeah, look at you!

Your confidence is back!

I think we all know
what that means.

Time to celebrate!

[Naani-ji] All right,
who's got room for dessert?

[all cheering]

I flew thousands of miles
and ate airplane food

just to see this,

and it's better than
I ever imagined!

Get ready for it to be even
better, Mrs. Bandicoot.

Isn't that right,
Bina the Brave?


Oh, yay!

Oh! Oh, very good, Bina!

Dessert… saved.

[squawking joyfully]