Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 9, Episode 6 - Episode #9.6 - full transcript

DI Neville Parker has to investigate the death of a survival instructor.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Listen up, chaps.

Tomorrow morning,

I'm leaving you to fend for
yourselves for two whole days.

I'm ready to rock and roll, Wolfie.

It's what we're here for, isn't it,
love, the full survival experience?

Yeah, definitely. Can't wait.

Malc? Case?

Oh, well up for it, Wolfie.

Yeah, feeling, you know, ready.

You'll need to work as a team.

You'll need a strong, smart,
committed leader.

So drum roll, please.



Your new team leader is...


Oh, no.

Oh, I don't...
No, I don't think I'm really

ready for this. I...
Don't doubt yourself, Malcolm.

I have seen your fighting spirit
over the last five days

and I have absolutely no doubt

you'll be fine.

You all know what you have to do,
so let's get to it.


It's day five of Desert Island

and things are
getting tense out here.

Last night, it all kicked
off big style.

WILL: Casey!

Sounds like Major Moody's
on the prowl

so I'd better say ta-ra!


Stay still!




I got it!


Couple of days ago,
you wouldn't even touch a dead fish,

now look at you.

Yeah, for our next holiday, Dave,

you're going to have
to make it up to me.

Guys, I'm heading up to check the

Don't you need a pointman?

No, won't take long.

I'll be back before lunch.



Taste lovely, that did.

Yeah, it was good, that.

It wasn't bad, was it?

Shouldn't Will be back by now?

I don't know.

I tell you what,
I'll go look for him, huh?

Hone my tracking skills.

Wolfie! Are you there, mate?

What are you doing?


Will, you all right?


I'm not so sure about this, DS

Well, we need a senior detective
to lead the case.

I know, I know.

I just wish it didn't have to
be that senior detective.

He's pretty good at it, no?



Inspector Parker.

What are you doing to my shack?

I'm just making a few, er,
home improvements, sir.

This place is a bit of a magnet
for mosquitoes.

I'd appreciate you seeking my
permission before you set about any

I just have a bit of a

to mozzie bites, sir.
I think it's my Type-O blood.

Um... How have you been feeling
the last week, after your collapse?

OK, sir. says just
carry on as normal,

keep wearing the compression socks.

In a few weeks' time, I'll be out of

Why? There's been a murder.

A man has been stabbed on one of the
smaller islands near here.

Ile Saint Felix.

And we were wondering if you might
be OK to take, er,

one more case for us.

Yeah. Actually, yeah.
I'd...I'd welcome the distraction.

I'll just pack my stuff.

There's a helicopter waiting to
take us over.


Where is this Ile Saint Felix?

Ten miles off the north coast.

The locals call it Mosquito Island.

Very funny, sir.

Hi. Afternoon, JP, Ruby.

You ready? The journey shouldn't
take long.

The victim is William Arnott,

British ex-Army.

Worked as an instructor
for a survival course.

Any witnesses?

No, it seems not, sir.

He left camp and his body
was found in the jungle.

They are saying the killer

must have been an intruder
to the island.

Hi. Hi.

Dave. Dave Hammond.
It was me who made the call.

Did you find the body?

Yeah, but I didn't touch him.

I saw him lying there,
I went to check on him...

It's OK. Just show us where it is.

Why don't you head back to the camp,
Mr Hammond?

Right. Ruby, photos of the body,

JP, perimeter search of the crime

I'm on it.

Initial examination shows the weapon
used punctured the lower central
abdomen... I can only assume
he must have bled out.

Wound is approximately 1.5cm
in diameter, and almost circular,

so it can't have been a flat blade

It must have been something


We got something.

Just here...

The grass has been trampled.

And look.

Footprints, but the sea's washed
most of the details away, sir.

We've got one set leading
from the sea up into the forest.

And the other one heading back.

So the intruder might have
arrived by boat and moored here.

Headed into the forest
and then committed the murder.

And then left the way they came.


Yeah, you'd think that's what
happened, wouldn't you?

Now, we know that, when a foot
presses down on a blade of grass,

it'll flatten it in the
direction of travel. Like so.

So even if our killer used
the same route twice,

most of the damage would happen
on the first trip.

Yes, because on the way back, he
would've gone over the ground that
he trampled on.

Exactly. Now, if...

Bless you.
Bless you.

Sorry. It's my rhinitis.

It's just the pollen.


You OK?

So, because most of the trampled
grass here

is pointing towards the beach,

that means that whoever created this

stabbed our victim in the

went to the beach first,
and then came back.

So the killer didn't arrive by boat?

Exactly. I think someone staged
those footprints on the beach

to look like there was an intruder

when there was no such thing.

We arrived on the
island five days ago.

Will's been training us up in

for a couple of days
here on our own.

He's taught us everything.

How to build shelters,
start fires, hunt, fish...

Yeah, proper
back-to-nature, you know.

No phones, no booze, no fun.

Wait, no phones?

So, how did you make the emergency

On Will's satellite phone. Here.

Would you mind walking us through
what happened today?

Well, this morning, we all split up
to go and do our daily tasks,

so me and Case were down by the
river, getting water.

I was, uh, getting coconuts.

And I was with Wolfie, fishing.

Wolfie? Yeah, it's his nickname.
Got it in the Army.

Once you'd completed all these
tasks, what then?

Erm, we started to get lunch ready.

Yeah. Will came back to camp,
filled up his water canteen

and then set off to check the traps.

WILL: I'll be back before lunch.

He said he'd be back in time to eat,
but...he wasn't.

So I went to check he was OK.

That's when I found him.

And between Mr Arnott leaving the
camp and you finding his body, Dave,

did anyone else leave the group?

At all?

And did any of you know the victim
before you arrived here?


How were things
between you and Mr Arnott?

Any fights or arguments?

It was fine. Yeah, we got on...

..really well, didn't we?

Why are you asking us that?

Are you saying you think one of us
did it?

Let's just say we're not ruling it

But that's impossible!
We were all here when it happened.

What are these?

Spears for fishing.

One of the first things we learned.

You all made your own?

Well, Will knocked us one up,
and then we all made our own, yeah.

I don't know if you know this,
but Ian Fleming

was something of
an accomplished spear fisher.

What's that got to do with anything?

The tips of these look like they
match the wound on Mr Arnott's body.

And there's only four of them.

Anyone know what might have happened
to number five?


JP, what is up with you today?

Me? Nothing.


Well, I mean, you just seem so

Listen to you, humming a tune to

Well, it is mine
and Rosey's wedding anniversary.

Ah! Happy anniversary, JP!

Thank you.
So, what have you got planned?

I've got some home-made rum punch
chilling in the fridge.

Mm! And I've made reservations
at Rosey's favourite restaurant.

Then we'll see what happens from

Oh, no, we need to hurry up to make
sure that you can get back on time.

Oh, it's fine.

The reservation ain't till 8pm,
so should be good.

But have you left time for the

the ironing of the shirt,

the cleaning of the shoes
and the brushing of the teeth?

You know, I didn't think of all of

Men seldom do, JP.

But don't worry...

..Ruby's got your back.

I've checked the route
between here and the camp,

and no sign of the missing spear.

I mean, it could be anywhere.

Most probably lost to the sea.

But the fact that they used one
of the spears only confirms for me

that one of those four
must have killed Will.


So it begins,
mosquito witching hour.


Are we supposed to be on that?

Well, JP and Ruby are heading back
to the paramedics.

They are sending a boat
for the rest of us.

How long will that take?

The sooner I get off this island,
the better.

Anything else of interest?

Huh? Oh, yeah.

Uh, the sat phone,
there were two emergency calls made.

Two? Yeah, one today to report the

but there was another one
made last night.

What? Mmhm.

If the cops are thinking it's one of
us, maybe they're right.

We all saw what happened last night.

If you're with me,
I think we should tell the police.

Stick your hand up.


The call was made by a man in

The operator said
that he sounded frightened,

saying he had to leave the island
before someone found him.

Then the line went dead.
Why wasn't the call put through to

Well, when she called back,

the same man said it was a joke
that got out of hand.

She logged it and left it like that.

Did she get the caller's name?

No. Nothing. It was Malcolm.

He made the call.

It was nothing.

Well, it didn't sound like nothing
from what Dave just told us.

Well, I was scared. I didn't know
what he was going to do.


Look, last night I went to the loo,
and torch died on me.

It was pitch-black, I got lost
and I guess I freaked out, panicked.

I didn't know where I was, I

I couldn't see anything.
And then Will found me.

And I don't know why, but he just


You won't even stand up for

He'd been drinking. He had a bottle
shoved away. We all knew.

So you stole the sat phone?

I just wanted to get off this

But he caught you making the call.

Yes. And he was angry at first,

but then he started fretting
about what it was going to look like

if people knew what he'd done,
so he begged me not to tell anyone,

that he really needed this job,
it was all he had.

So did as he asked.

Malcolm, are you OK?

He's absolutely fine.
Go back to sleep!


My ex-wife always said
I was too sensitive.

That's why I came out here,
you know, to toughen up.

And still, people treat me badly.

You think I killed him.

Did you?


I couldn't defend myself in a fight.

You really think I am capable
of murdering another human being?

Why would anyone pay good money
to send themselves

to this hell-hole for a week?

No accommodation, no food, no

Would you do something like this?
Maybe. To challenge myself.

Then I think you're as barmy
as the rest of them.

Not everyone likes to live
in their comfort zone.

Well, I...


Why can't they just leave me alone?

JP and Ruby landed safely.

Oh. Do you get a signal here?

One bar. Only in this spot.

Oh. Let's go.

I'm telling you, Inspector,
I haven't got a phone on me.

We had to hand them in.

And yet, you spent a lot of time
in the one exact spot on the island

where you get a phone signal.

Hmm. OK.

Oh, DS Dumas? Mmhm?

Would you search her, please?

Of course. All right!

All right! No need for all the

One of those four is the killer,
I'm sure of it.

The question is, which one?

And how they did it. Exactly.

How did one of them stab
Will Arnott in the forest

when all four of them were at base
camp at the time of the murder?

How was Ile Saint Felix?

Uh, the body's on its way to the

and the first suspects
are back on Saint Marie, sir.

Well, keep me abreast of any

Will do, sir.

And enjoy taking your new boat out
for a spin.

And, um, what led you to that
conclusion, Inspector?

Well, sir, first of all,
you look...jaunty.


Secondly, those keys you're
clutching, they're brand-new.

There's no house or car nearby,
and they have a float on them.

And thirdly, I saw you stealing
a loving glance at...

..Hortense over there.

Party tricks don't impress me,

But good, solid policing
always does.

He's definitely warming to me.

Bethan, love.

There's something you're not telling

Like what?

Like what happened on that island.

Something happened, didn't it?







Wakey, wakey, sleepyhead!


You really know how to celebrate
your wedding anniversary.

We had an argument.

Oh, I'm sorry,
do you want to talk about it?


Oh, this is a serious one.

I just think that you should try
to worry less about it all.

I've learned that a Saint Marie way
is to relax a little more,

to embrace the environment

rather than fight it.

Oh, the principle
of paranoid behaviourism.

Yeah, you're saying that if I expect
to be bitten on every square inch of
my body,

then that's exactly what'll happen.
Something like that. Oh, well,

thank you for that
diagnosis, DS Dumas,

but I think I'll stick with the

and regime already prescribed to me,
you know, by actual doctors.

Morning, guys.

Oh, morning, sir. Morning, Sarge.

How are we getting on?

So, the pathologist confirmed
that Will Arnott bled to death

from a stomach wound.
Plus, the wound matches

that of the spearhead we gave him
for comparison.

OK. How about his background?

Eh, so, the victim is ex-SAS soldier

William "Wolfie" Arnott,
44 years old,

served in Iraq with the M

He was discharged three years ago.

Employed at Trackers Adventure

a company specialising
in adventure holidays.

Now, I spoke to the company's HR

They didn't give out details,

but from what I gathered,
Will suffered from PTSD.

Huh, poor guy. Hm, and he was
getting counselling, sir.

Do you want me to talk
with the counsellor? Yes, please.

Did he have any family?
No wife or children.

He lived alone in a flat in
Brighton, England.

His parents divorced when he was 16,
and he joined the Army at 17.

OK. JP, Ruby, when we're done here,

will you go and give his villa the
once-over, see if that turns
anything up?

OK, suspects?

We've got David Hammond.
Not much to tell, really.

He's an IT consultant living in

And he came to the island
with his girlfriend, Bethan Miller.

She's 30 years old,
a junior school teacher.

What about this guy?

Malcolm Simmons.

He's 42 years old, divorced.

He works as a family law solicitor

and he attended Thornmoor School
in Worthing

and then went to university.

Worthing's near Brighton. Any chance
Will Arnott went to the same school?

I already checked, no William
Arnotts. Good work, both of you.

And what about this one,
old Bubblegum Betty here?

Casey Booth.

She's 22, from Liverpool,
and she is a vlogger and influencer.

Yeah, she's got two previous
convictions for assault,

a fight in a nightclub
and a road-rage incident.

So she has a temper. Well, yes, she
does, sir, but, you know,

that's part of her appeal. She says
it as it is.

Her vlog is called The Scouse That

That's quite good, actually.

I think that is why she had her
phone on the island, sir.

To record her vlogs.

Anything of interest on them?

A video she made
the morning of the murder.

Hi, guys.

It's day five of Desert Island

and things are getting tense out

Last night, it all kicked
off big style.

WILL: Casey!
Coming. Ugh.

Sounds like Major Moody's on the
prowl, so I'd better say ta-ra!

Give me the phone now.

No way, it's mine.
Give it here.

Just back off, pal,

or I'll show everyone
what you've been getting up to here.

Is that what you want me to do?
Just give me the bloody phone.

Oi! Just get off me!

Look, I admit, Will and I,
we had a bit of a barney,

got a bit physical.

I don't deny it,

but my phone, it's my livelihood.

So you came here to, what,
give a review of the place?

Not at first, no.

Just thought it'd be fun to film.


But as it went on, I felt I had to,
you know, give my followers

an honest account before any of them
wasted their own money.

How do you mean?

Well, just all sorts.

Will would get drunk,

lose his rag when we couldn't do
stuff he'd asked us.

You know, I know he's dead,
but the guy had some serious issues.

What troubles me, Casey, is,

how did you get the phone back
after he took it from you?

Well, he had no right
to take it in the first place.

You were angry.
Damn right I was angry.

You have two previous convictions,
right, both for assault?

Look, OK, I had a bit of a short

but that's ancient history.

I'm a different person now.

I lost it with him,

but by the time I got back to camp,
I'd cooled down, I swear.

How did you get the phone, Casey?

When Dave ran back
after finding the body,

I went to have a look.

And, yeah, got my phone back.

Look, I'm not proud of it,
but I didn't murder him to get it.

And more to the point, how
could I have?

Cos I was with all the others
when it happened.


Well, something must've happened.
Look, I don't want to talk about it.

JP, a problem shared is
a problem halved.

Come on, JP, just tell me
what you and Rosey argued about.

All right.

But if I tell you, it goes no
further, OK?

Cross my heart, hope to die.


..Rosey told me she was pregnant.

Oh! Congratulations!
Oh, that's so amazing!

Best news ever!

Well, how did it end up with you
being kicked out of your house?

Man, she was so excited.

It was like she was waiting for me
to say something. And...?

I hesitated.

You hesitated? But it was,
like, only for one second.

JP, you should've been
down on your knees,

praising her for
the goddess that she is.


Not stopping to think about if you
are happy or not.

Do you not know anything?

You know what I
don't understand? What?

Will Arnott was stabbed here,

in the lower central abdomen, right?

No vital organs were hit,
he just bled out. Right.

Well, don't they teach you
all that stuff in the Army?

I've just been
on a survival website there,

and they've got a whole section
devoted to treating wounds

using moss to stop the bleeding,
what plants to use as antiseptic,

improvised field dressings...

Well, maybe he was drunk, passed


Hold on, is that empty?

Will came back to camp,
filled up his water canteen

and then set off to check the traps.



We were looking through
the victim's e-mails and found

When head office sent Will Arnott
the list of attendees for this week,

what was weird was,
when the list came through,

he immediately started running a
search on Bethan Miller.

It's all here in the history.

Why was he so obsessed with her?

Her name obviously meant something
to him. Can we look at this one?

"Reigate Resident Leads Tributes
To Soldier Brother."

So her brother was in the Army.

Along with Will.

That's great, thank you.

OK. Thanks.

According to the local register

the death certificate shows
that Liam Miller, Bethan's brother,

died at his barracks in Oxfordshire
three years ago.

It was recorded
as death by misadventure.

Sir, I just spoke
to the UK Army Welfare Service.

They were very reluctant to talk to
me when I mentioned Will Arnott.

You managed to loosen their lips,
though, didn't you, JP?
I managed to loosen their lips, sir.

They eventually confirmed that Liam

was an officer cadet in M Squadron,

under the command of
Major Will Arnott.

Death by misadventure.

It makes my brother sounds stupid,

his death was his own fault.

You don't think it was?

It was all covered up.

But Will Arnott, he
targeted my brother.

He thought he was a weak link,

so he decided to make
an example of him.

What did he do?

He ordered two soldiers
into his room at night.

They restrained him
and beat him with soap bars.

Then just left him.

They hit him so hard
that his lung collapsed.

He died there,
in the barracks, alone.

I'm sorry.

But Will Arnott was the officer in

That makes him responsible.

So that's why you came here,
for revenge.

No. When I first found out
what he was doing now,

I just needed to come and ask him
what happened, to his face.


I watched him
for the first couple of days,

just trying to work out
what kind of man he was.

He was a bit Jekyll and Hyde,

depending if he'd been
on the booze or not.

But you did eventually confront
him? Yeah.

My brother's dead because of you!

Liam Miller, do you remember?

He wasn't meant to die!


He was pathetic,

snivelling like a little child.

Does your boyfriend know
why you're here?

But I asked him to stay out of it.

Look, I didn't kill him.

In that moment, I wanted to...

..but it wasn't going to bring Liam
back, was it?

Are we done?

For now.

She's really convincing.


What do you think of the boyfriend,

A bit of an eager beaver, isn't he?

Well, he's nervous, for sure.

Well, love can make you do crazy


Oh, it's bugging me,
it's really bugging me!

OK, look, I think I might be able to
find a longer ruler somewhere, sir.

No. No, no, no, not the bites. No.

It's bugging me how all four

can confirm they were
together in the camp

at the same time as the murder
was taking place half a mile away.

Any ideas?

Well, I've been looking through
the financial records of the victim,

and he definitely was strapped for
cash, but I can't find any actual

And I've been trying to dig
a little deeper

into the victim's
life prior to him joining the Army.

Sir, it's like the man
never existed before that.

There's literally no records
of a Will Arnott.

Wait, didn't you say his parents got
divorced? Yes, at 16.

You don't think
he could have just changed his name?

That's a point,
sir. I'll check it out.

Well, actually, it's late now, which
means it's even later in the UK,

so you'll have to wait till the

which is probably as good a time as
any to call it a night.

So go get some rest. Thank you.

Night, sir.

Do you need a lift?
Oh, no, thank you.

I'm going to go home via the market,

pick up a few candles,

the lemony ones that mosquitoes

I know you probably think
I'm overthinking it again...

No, I'm not. I hope it helps.

Night, then. Goodnight.

Yes, of course.

Oh, um, I'll take six.

Just to be sure.
Six? Oh, OK.




Sir, sir! Thank God you're here.
I need to ask a favour.

I'm afraid I'm on my way
to the annual yacht club dinner.

I appreciate that, sir,
and I'm really sorry,

but one of the suspects
from our murder inquiry

is on the move, and the thing is,
sir, I need to, um...

..I need to commandeer Hortense.


This is really important.

I think he might be trying
to flee Saint Marie.

I really do appreciate this, sir.

Hopefully, we'll have you back in

for your little shindig
at the boating club.

It's not a shindig, it's dinner,
and it's the yacht club.

Right, sir.

Well, technically speaking,
this isn't a yacht.

Perhaps you should call for backup,

because it looks to me like your

is returning to the scene of
the crime.

Oh, Mosquito Island.
At sunset. Brilliant.

JP, I need you and Ruby
to head to Mosquito Island ASAP.

In your own time, Inspector.

Sir, it's the forest of 1,000 bites.

If I walk in there,
it's like ringing the dinner bell!

How are we going to find him?

He must have come back
because he left something behind.

But where?

Now, Dave was always
a bit of an eager beaver.

He found the body, he made the call

and he was the first person to meet
us when we got to the island, alone.

Would you be walking around alone
if you thought a killer was on the

No. He chose to be alone on the
trail between the camp

and the clearing where we first



Cleaning up your mess, Dave?

Think very carefully
about what you do next.

If I were you, I'd start by telling

EXACTLY what happened to Will

I've got nothing to say.


JP and Ruby should be here by now.

Sir, we have a problem.

JP says the harbour master
has declared a storm warning.

No boats are allowed at sea.

So we're stuck here, are we?
No, no, we can't be.

I'll call JP and get him
to send a helicopter.

Oh, it's ringing.
Inspector... JP? JP!

Inspector! JP! Hold on, I've been
cut off, I've been cut off. JP!

Inspector, Inspector...

We need to go back to the

You'd understand, sir, I can't stay

I have a routine, medications
that I need.

If that routine goes out of whack,
then so do I.

I'm not asking you, Inspector.

You know, we'll see the storm out

at least until we hear from the

Don't you want to call Rosey,
let her know you'll be back late?

I sent her a message.

You mean you don't want to speak to

just in case she hasn't calmed
down yet.

Shall we have a drink while we wait?

Yeah, sure.



When Rosey gave you the good news
and you, um...


Mm, that.

Were you not happy to find out
that you were going to be a father?

Of course I'm happy, Ruby.

I was just...

It just came out of the blue,
and, I don't know, in that moment...

..I was just scared.

Scared of what?

Look, I'm not even a sergeant yet.

How am I able to give the child
everything it needs?

I mean, what do children need, JP?

Designer shoes, a boat, diamond

Children need love, that's all.

Being a father is a big deal, man.


You've looked out for me since day

You've been patient,
you've put up with my mistakes.

Now, I know there haven't been many,
but even so.

You've made me a better police

better than I could have
ever imagined.

So if ickle JP Junior...

..gets half as much kindness

and support as you've given me,

then he or she will be fine.

So call your wife and make it up.

You're a good friend, Ruby

Yes, this I know. And don't tell her

that you're working late
with your hot co-worker.


This rain is really going to bring
the mozzies out when it stops.

Water activates the dry eggs
that the female mosquitoes lay.

My mum always says, "Take a cagoule
with you, whatever the weather."

She sounds like a wise woman.


Lemon bonbon, sir?

Sorry about my little outburst

I've just been rather

since I arrived in Saint Marie.

You strike me as someone

who is rather discombobulated
a lot of the time.

I don't choose to be like this, sir.

And however it may appear,

I do try my best to just get on with
it, manage it.

That's all I want, really,

just for my life to function
as normally as possible.

I'm not good at much in life...

..but solving puzzles, murders,
now that I can do.

I don't doubt that, Inspector.

I just think your various

may mean you're not suited to

being a good detective out here,
in the Caribbean.

Goodnight, sir.

Goodnight, Inspector.




I found these coconuts down by the

Thank you.


You've been ravaged!

Well, to be honest, it's not as bad
as I thought it was going to be.


If I can get some cream on it
by lunchtime,

I should be able to get it under





You all right?


I didn't kill Will Arnott,

When Bethan came back from fishing
with Will, she was off.

She was really agitated.

I could tell they'd had a bit of a

She was still angry.

And a few hours later,
you found Will dead?


So, like any good boyfriend,
you covered her tracks for her.

Well, I tried to.

But she had no idea what I was

I went back to the place
where they'd been fishing

and I found the broken spear
washed up on the beach.

And, yeah, yeah, I buried it.

But then I panicked.
I thought

what if your lot
had come back and found it,

what if it had fingerprints on it?

So I decided to come back
and get rid of it properly.

I think it's time we went home.



She's... My boat!

She's gone!

I told you...
to tie her up!

I did, sir!

I did, but the storm.

I'll call JP and I'll get him
to send another boat over.

And we'll call the coastguard.
I'm sure we'll find Hortense.



Look, my cagoule.

Nearly forgot it.

Huh, what would my mum say?

Well, that's a thought, though,
isn't it?


Initial examination shows

the weapon used
punctured the lower central abdomen,

so I can only assume
he must have bled out.

No vital organs were hit,
he just bled out.

Don't they teach you
all that stuff in the Army?

I'm heading up to check the traps.

I'll be back before lunch.

Hold on, is that empty?

I mean, that would turn everything
we know on its head!

Um, you've solved it, Inspector?

In the process of, sir. Good.

I'll chase our boat back.

Oh, Inspector, you're back.
Yes, I am!

Morning, all.

Your face, what happened? Mosquito
Island, Madeleine, that's what

You should see the rest of my body.

It's like join-the-dots
under these clothes.

Anyone have a torch I could borrow?
Uh, yep, I do.

Here we go. Thank you.

Ha, ha, ha, ha! Yes!

Madeleine, do we have the case notes
from the victim's counsellor?

We do. Great.

Now, if this all played out
like I think it did,

it's all a question of geography.

I found these coconuts down by the

I found the broken spear
washed up on the beach.

So, me and Case were down by the
river, getting water.

I was out getting coconuts.

I was with Wolfie.

The question is why.
Why, Ruby, why?!

JP, how did you get on looking into
Will's parents' divorce?

Oh, yes, sir. I just came off the
phone to his local records office,

and you were right.

Up until the age of 16, Will's
surname was Wainwright, not Arnott.

Now, I haven't checked it out, sir,

but this is his medical
and educational records.

Yes! Ha-ha! Here are the notes of
the counsellor.

Thank you, Madeleine.

So, you know what happened?

I do now, yeah.

Do you want us to gather everyone,
sir? I can't speak to everyone

looking like this!
Well, don't worry, sir,

I used to be a beautician and I can
work wonders with a concealer.

Thanks, Ruby.
Oh, JP, I need one more thing.

What's that, sir? Chopsticks.


There's a line in Robinson Crusoe,

"Redemption from sin is greater than
redemption from affliction."

Redemption from sin is exactly what
Will Arnott was looking for.

He was a castaway, too.

A loner, washed up on that island,

hiding from a past filled with
violence and anger.

But no matter what he tried,
the old demons would resurface.

He'd drink, he'd lose his temper,

he'd lash out. He couldn't escape
his very worst self,

which must have brought back
awful memories for you, Malcolm.

You were sick
of people pushing you around.

You came out here to toughen up.

But instead, you became a murderer.


Because you killed Will Arnott,
didn't you?

Or should I say
you killed Billy Wainwright,

your old school bully?

What do you mean?

I'm sorry, Malcolm,
but's all in here.

Thornmoor School.

You were the year below him.

We missed it at first
because Will changed his surname

when his father left, took on his
mother's maiden name, Arnott.

But he used to be Billy Wainwright,
didn't he?

I can only imagine Malcolm's shock
to discover

that the very man whose ghost he was
trying to exorcise

was the same one running the
survival course he'd just come on.

And yet, I'm willing to bet that,
when you arrived,

he didn't even recognise you.

You must be my new group. Bethan.
This is Dave. Hi, Dave.

Casey, hello.

Er, Malcolm.

Malcolm? Welcome, everyone.

Welcome to paradise.

And then, when Will started

after being reminded of his brutal
past by the appearance of Bethan,

whose brother was killed at the
hands of bullies under his command,

well, then he did what all bullies

He took out all his rage and anger
on the weakest member of the group.

You. Pathetic.

You won't even stand up for

Suddenly, it was all happening

The same man who ruined your
childhood was ruining this,

victimising you yet again.

By your own admission,

you never fully recovered
from what Will did to you as a kid.

You told me yourself, you'd grown
into someone

who just put up with
people treating you badly.

That's why I came out here,
you know, to toughen up.

And yet, you still tried to quell
those feelings you had towards Will,

all that resentment, all that anger.

You even succeeded for a while,

until that morning, when you went
out to get provisions for the camp,

and you saw Bethan confront Will
about her brother.

Liam Miller, do you remember?

I'm so sorry.
You made his life hell!

Hearing again about
another poor soul

victimised by your old school bully,

something just took over,
an instinctive,

primal desire for revenge.

Hey, Will.

You don't remember me, do you?
Malcolm Simmons.


You ruined my life.

Wait, wait...



Well, it wasn't the most
sophisticated murder, Malcolm,

but we didn't catch you for a while

because you had an accessory.

Will Arnott himself.

Because now we get to the point

where even you don't fully know
what happened next.

These are the case notes

from Will Arnott's counsellor
back in the UK.

And as we now all know,
he was a very troubled man.

And the notes are very clear.

When sober, Will Arnott was
filled with self-loathing.

In these sessions, he talks

about how his death would provide

to those whose lives he'd ruined
by his actions.


..this is what I think happened.

After pulling out the spear,
he could have cried out for help.

He could have used the skills
he'd acquired over the years

to treat the wound, maybe even

Or he could have done
what he really wanted to do.

He could have died.

But he knew that, in doing so,

he'd be sending you to prison
for the rest of your life,

a life he'd already ruined.

So he staged it.

He staged an entirely different kind
of murder to protect you

and, in doing so, hoped to find
some sort of redemption,

his redemption from sin.

He packed the wound with moss,

an old survival technique
to prevent bleeding out.

And then he used the belt
from his rucksack

to put pressure on the packed wound
and, crucially, to disguise it.

And then, well...

..I can only imagine the surprise
on your face, Malcolm,

when he sauntered back into camp.

Guys, I'm heading out to check the

I'll be back before lunch.

But it was the only way he could

give you a cast-iron alibi for the

Then he made his way to a different

and he left a series of footprints
to give the impression

that someone had come to the island
by boat and then left the same way.

Then he headed to the clearing,
where he cleaned the wound,

meticulously removed all the moss
using the water from his canteen.

In his dying moments, he knew he had

to get rid of one last piece of
evidence, the blood-soaked moss.

He couldn't just throw it on the
floor, because he knew that we'd
find it.

So he thought on the spot
and he hid it in plain sight.

JP, the chopsticks, please.

Thank you.

Will packed the moss into his

shoving it down to the bottom,

where it would stay safely jammed


..having hidden that final piece of
evidence safely from view...

..Will Arnott laid down...

..and died.

I hated him so much.

You didn't need to kill him.

Um, I thought his death would, um,

bring me some peace.

But I was wrong.

Officer Hooper, Patterson, please.

JP! I hear congratulations are in

Thank you, sir.

I'm so excited.

Really? I'd be terrified.

Ignore Neville, JP.

Having children
is the most wonderful thing.



Rosey. I'd better get this.


Inspector, I'd like to congratulate
you on a job well done.

Thank you, sir. I couldn't have done
it without your help.

No, you could not.

And I'm sure you'll be pleased to
know that the coastguard found

Great news!

Off the coast of Montserrat.

If there's any damage to her,
I'll expect full compensation.

Just send me an itemised breakdown
of the receipts, and...


Just tell me what I owe you, sir.

What is wrong with you, JP? You look

Are you OK?


We're having twins.

Felicitations! Double the fun!

Yes, JP. I never thought you had it
in you, boy!

Well, if I may, a toast
to JP and his wife, Rosey,

and to neither of them
ever sleeping again.

Twins! No sleep!


Traditionally, the groom was

to remove this with his

Of all the days to commit
murder, the killer chose to do it

on the day the victim's niece was
supposed to be getting married.

Henri. Ruby?

Did Ruby say anything to you
about her and Henri?

Keep an eye on her.

Well, I guess I have no choice

but to deal with the little green

Here, Harry, Harry, Harry.