Death in Paradise (2011–…): Season 9, Episode 7 - Episode #9.7 - full transcript

DI Neville Parker and the team have to investigate the murder of a hairdresser who was killed in her salon.

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by JA-13 Feat. Dave Barker

Oh! Back in my day,

traditionally the groom was supposed
to remove this with his teeth!

Well, don't tell Henri that, Mama.

The man won't be able to control

Ah, good morning, Auntie Eleanor.

Good morning, Cynthia.

Kiki, Georgine, morning.

Oh, I thought she'd be ready by now.

You gonna have time to do my
treatment? Course I am, Auntie.

Let me get your jacket for you.

Oh, no, I can manage. Thank you.

There's rum punch in the fridge.
Can I get you a glass?

I prefer to abstain, Georgine.

You're here because I want you
to be here,

so just ignore her.

Thank you, darling.


Come on, Ki! You ready?

One minute, I need to get Auntie
under the dryer.

Well, let me do that for you, Kiki.

Come on, Eleanor.
Oh, don't forget your iced tea.

Thank you...




VOICEMAIL: ..and I'll get
back to you. Bye.


I'll be with you in two secs,
Auntie. OK?

GEORGINE: She's nodded off.

There. Now...

..what do you think?
I love it!

Thank you, Ki.

You look beautiful, sweetheart.

I'll just go sort Auntie Eleanor.

Now to get you into that dress!

Auntie, wake up now.

You're all done.

Oh, my God!

What's happened?
Is she all right?

There's blood!

I... I-I think...

I think she's dead!

Aw! Ah, yeah,
there's definitely something there.

I think maybe a rash.


Madeleine, could you have a look?

You want me to examine your rash?

Is that a no?

Maybe it's sunburn, sir?
I seriously doubt it.

I'm very diligent with
the old protective hair spritz.

And it's definitely not eczema.

Yes, it is hot and itchy,
but if there's one thing

I know when I see it, it's eczema.

Well, let me take a photo for you,
sir. Oh.

Thanks, Ruby. That's...
that's very kind of you.

Yeah, it's just sort of...sort of

OK. Oh, wait, um...

So, is there something you wanted,
other than to discuss your rash with

Not really. I'm just bored
and itchy.

Don't suppose there's any new cases
come in you need my help with,
are there?

Oh, here you go.

Oh, yeah, that is an inflamed scalp
if ever I've seen one.

All right, that was the paramedics.

They're just outside Port Royal.

There's been a stabbing at
Eleanor's Hair & Beauty Parlour.

We need to head up there.

Well, it looks like your visit
wasn't a waste of time after all.


Ladies, I spoke with the owner of
the cafe and you can wait just

The Inspector will speak to you


Sir. Sarge.

So the victim is Eleanor Beaumont.

63 years of age.

The eponymous owner, I presume?

Er, that's right, sir.

The salon was closed this
morning, because she was here

with her two nieces and their mother
getting ready for a wedding.

So how did she end up stabbed?

None of them know.

None of them know?

Well, Ms Beaumont was left
under the hairdryer alone.

And when her hair was done,
that's when she was found - dead.

OK, but the back door was left open,
so it's possible there was an

All right, well, let's take a look.

Oh, er, actually, one sec.


I'm not much good in hair salons.

Antihistamine -
I'm allergic to propylene glycol.

To what?

It's a compound found
in most hairsprays.

Of course it is.

It looks like a narrow
puncture wound.

No more than one centimetre wide.

Straight to the heart.

Paramedics reckon it was
a quick death - less than a minute.

Now, if I've got this right,
they were all here in the room

when the victim was stabbed,
yet none of them saw anything.

That's about the sum of it, sir.

How is that even possible?

Why didn't she scream and shout,
or put up a fight?

Iced tea, which she didn't finish.

And a Bible.

"Bear ye one another's burdens.

"Galatians 6:2."

So obviously a very devout woman.

Can we bag this up, please?

Right, let's go take a look
at that back door.

The salon gets hot, so they leave
the back door open to let breeze in.

OK, well, let's get this door and
corridor dusted for prints, please.

Yes, sir.

This washing machine's on.

At 12.38pm,

there are, seven minutes
left on an hour-long express wash.

JP, what time did the call come in
about the stabbing?

Er, the paramedics
logged the call at 11.43.

So then, that means this wash was
put on after the murder took place.

Three minutes after, to be precise.

Bit weird, isn't it?

You've just found out
your aunt or sister's been stabbed.

You've called the ambulance
and then, of all things,

you decide to put a wash on?

Be the last thing on my mind.

JP, can you wait here

and when this stops, can you bag
whatever's inside, and get Ruby

to dust for prints?
Yes, sir.

Let's go chat to our three suspects.

And that's when I took
Eleanor to the dryer.

And do you know what time that was?

20 past 11.

I was keeping an eye
on the time all morning,

cos we had to be ready by 12
to go to the church.

And no-one went near her after
that? No, none of us.

We were all
down the other end of the salon.

Kiki was doing Cynthia's hair.

And after that, what happened?

After 20 minutes, the timer buzzed,
and I went over.

It must've been an intruder.

Yeah, yeah, that...
that's one possible explanation,

except...none of you saw or heard

No, but there was music playing...

..we were talking.

But if an intruder did manage to
sneak in,

without the three of you noticing,
then...why didn't Ms Beaumont cry

Yeah, try and alert you to their

Or try and fight them off.

Oh, er, one more question, if I may?

I noticed the washing machine in the
back room of the salon was mid-wash.

I worked out that it had to have
been put on three minutes after

you'd called the paramedics, so I
just wondered, who did that?

I mean, it had to be
one of you three.

What, none of you put the wash on?


This is it?

Nothing else?
Nothing else, sir.

What are you thinking?

Thinking that one of them's lying.

One of them put this towel
into the washing machine.

The fact they did it three minutes
after a murder took place

tells me there was evidence on this
they wanted to get rid of.

But, sir, you can't believe
one of them's the killer?

I mean, they were together the whole

when Ms Beaumont was
underneath the hairdryer.

I know.

But until evidence of an intruder
presents itself,

we treat those as our prime

And if one of those three is the

that means the murder weapon
is still either about their person
or back at the crime scene.

JP, Ruby, I need you to search them
and get fingerprints.

Madeleine, we need to take
another look in that salon.

I'm sorry I wasn't here sooner,
babe. I had to go to the church

and let everyone know what
happened. It's OK.

I can't believe Auntie's dead.
I know, babe, I know.

Ru... Ruby.

What are you, er...?
You two know each other?

Yeah, yeah, we used to, erm...

Be old friends, from way back.

Yeah, it's been a while.

So you're a, erm...
Police officer, now, yeah.

That's what I do.

Baby, you've got a cufflink missing.
Let me just, erm...

That must have come off in the car.

So Henri was the man
you were marrying today?

Yeah, yeah. We're, erm...


Well, head over to the cafe
and we'll talk to you more soon.

So, er, what's the story there?

Henri and I were a thing.

A thing?

We dated for a year.

It ended, that's all, no big deal.
Happened ages ago. Hmm!

This belonged to the victim.

Anything of interest?


..appointments diary,
some lozenges, handkerchief.

Oh! Some pills.

Benzodiazepine. 20 milligrams.

This is usually used to treat
anxiety and seizures.

Maybe we should check in
with the victim's doctor. Ooh!

You know, I think the
airborne propylene glycol's

exacerbating the rash
on my scalp.


These kind of scissors would inflict
a narrow puncture wound

like the one on our victim.

Yeah, how to hide a murder weapon
in plain sight - first, you wash

..and then you just leave it

lying around with all the other
tools of your trade.


Towel and scissors,
can we get these to the lab

to be tested for traces of blood?
Er, yes, I get it over there now,

before they close. Thanks, JP.
Bye, JP.

So tomorrow morning, we need
to speak with the other traders

and see if anyone saw or knows

Er, I can do that, Sarge.

You know what I keep coming back
to? What?

Of all the days to commit murder,
the killer chose to do it on the day

the victim's niece was supposed to
be getting married.


It's a time for celebration,
a time of happiness.

So why today?



You don't mind me calling?

Is everything OK?
Yeah. Fine.

I just, er, wanted us to talk,
after today.

It was so weird with everything
that happened and then seeing you.

It was weird for me too.

And then, um, meeting your fiance.
I was gonna call and tell you.

I nearly did, but... we haven't
spoken since...well, you know.

It's OK.

I understand.

I mean, there was no reason
why you should've let me know. I...

I'm pleased for you.

Really I am.

So does that mean we're cool, then?

Yeah, we're cool.

OK, then, cool.

You know, I can't believe
my Ruby Tuesday's

a policewoman now.
What happened, girl?

It's Officer Ruby Tuesday, and it's
been good for me, so no making

I ain't doing that.

It was, er... was good seeing you today,

You too.

I've missed you.

Um, I-I have to go. Bye, Henri.

NEVILLE: As far as I can tell,
the skin's not peeling at all.

And I'm, like, 99% sure
it's not an allergy, Doctor.

I'm very diligent about avoiding
all irritants.


No, no, of course I haven't
got any pets!

How can a lizard cause
a rash on your scalp?

Because he has the run of the place
when I'm not there in the daytime.

OK. And?

And he could be getting up to all
sorts, running around on my pillows

and shedding his scales, doing
his business there, for all I know.

You're actually mad.
You know that, right?

Come on!

Whatever shattered this glass
contained some sort of dark liquid,

coffee or tea, maybe?


I think somebody threw a drink
at the photo on the wall.

The only time you'd ever throw
something at the wall

is if you were angry about something
or arguing with somebody.


According to this,

Eleanor Beaumont was made legal
guardian of Kiki and Cynthia in

They would have been 11 and four. So
it was Eleanor that raised them...

..not Georgine?

I wonder why this happened.

I mean, to give up your children
and let your sister raise them.

That's kind of a big deal.

Was Georgine happy with
the arrangement, you mean?

Bacon and ice cream?! Honestly,
I've never seen anything like it.

And Rosey's just cleaned up
the whole plate.

I'm telling you, those pregnancy
cravings are really getting
out of hand.



Is everything all right?
You seem a bit distracted.

Me? No.

No. I'm fine.

Hey, guys.

Did you manage to dig up anything of
note on Georgine Perault?

Er, only that she's lived in
St Lucia for the past 20 years

and she seems to be here
for the wedding. Oh.

Let's get on to the council and see
if you can speak with anyone
involved with this.

Er, you know what, Sarge? I'll do

Ruby's gonna head back to the crime
scene and do a door-to-door. OK.

Er, by the way, postmortem reports
confirm that the victim died

due to a single stab wound to the

Also, toxicology report said

Eleanor Beaumont had moderate levels
of benzodiazepine in her system.

Oh, yes. I spoke with her doctor,
she used to be on medication for

One week ago, she visited him
to start taking them again.

OK, so maybe everything that was
going on with the sister coming back

upped her anxiety levels.
Yes, it's possible.

Right, let's take a run
at what we know so far.

All right, there you go, Sarge.

And see you guys later.
See you.

Thanks, Ruby.

OK, the victim is one
Eleanor Beaumont.

Stabbed through the heart
in her own hairdressing salon.

She was left under the dryer
and nobody was anywhere near her.

Yet somehow a fatal stab wound
was inflicted upon her.

How did that happen?

First suspect, Kiki Perault.
Yes, she's 31. Single.

Finished school at 16 to go
and work with her aunt at the salon.

Ah, was made manager three years

when Eleanor stepped back
from the day-to-day running of it.


Cynthia Perault.

Kiki's younger sister. 24 years old.
Also works at the salon.

Cynthia was due to be married at St
Xavier's Church in Port Royal

but the ceremony was
obviously cancelled.

And then we have Georgine Perault.
Yeah, something of an absent mother.

Yes, but she's back now.

OK, I've got the full lowdown

on why Eleanor took guardianship
of her sister's children.

Go on.

So Georgine had drug-addiction
issues when she was younger.

The authorities got involved as
concerns were raised over her
parenting abilities.

That's when Eleanor stepped in
to look after Georgine's daughters,

and after a couple of prison spells
and a failed rehab, Georgine moved
to St Lucia.

And she hasn't come back until
now? I don't believe so.

So Georgine Perault is back on
Saint Marie after 20 years
of absence.

And within days, the woman who took
her kids from her is found dead.

Erm, we assume it wasn't you who
decided to let Eleanor become their

No, not really.

But I didn't fight it.

I didn't fight the courts.

Back then, I wasn't in a good way.

I lost sight of myself.

You got clean...eventually?

In 18 years.

And yet you didn't return to Saint
Marie until now? Why is that?

Because I believed I wasn't wanted.

By Eleanor?

By my two daughters.

After I got myself straight...

..I decided I wanted to reach out,
so I wrote to them.

Heard nothing.

I wrote again.

Never got a single word back.

So...what changed for Cynthia
to invite you to her wedding now?

That's exactly what I wondered.

Two nights ago, I found out why.

Kiki and Cynthia never replied
to the letters

because they never received them,

They were intercepted by Eleanor.

I felt so betrayed - my own sister?

I did it to protect the girls!

How do you think they felt,
having a junkie for a mother?


No matter what I'd done in the past,
she had no right.

She had no right to do that.

Anger like that, Georgine,
it doesn't just go away.

No, it doesn't.

But if you think that,
after all this time...

..just when my daughters
are back in my life...

..I would risk everything and kill
the woman who raised them...'re wrong. I'd rather die
than lose them all over again.

Did anyone else find this out?

Just Kiki.

She was angry about it too,

of course she was.

So now you're wondering
if maybe it was me killed my aunt?'s a strong motive -

Yeah, and finding out how Eleanor
hid those letters from your mum

all those years ago must've hurt.

When we were kids,

Cynthia was too young to understand
what was going on.

She didn't see the mess Mum got
herself into, time after time,

but I did.

Until she was four,
Cynthia didn't have a mother.

She had me and I did the best I

but...that kind of responsibility
shouldn't be put on a young girl.

That must've been very hard on you.

I resented Georgine so much
for failing us the way she did.

Even if I'd got those letters,
I'd have never replied.

So as far as I'm concerned,
Auntie Eleanor did nothing wrong.

I didn't know how much to tell them.
I just...

Just tell them the truth.
That's all we can do.

So you saw a silver car parked
just up there?

With a man in it at around 11.30?

OK. Thank you.

Baby, you've got a cufflink missing.
Let me just, erm...

That must have come off
in the car. Yeah.

Well, thank you for getting back to
us, and I'll make sure I pass on

that information to the Inspector.
All right.

Bye. Great. Bye-bye.

Er, Commissioner.

Good afternoon, sir.


..a little bird tells me that
Henri Dupre has a connection
to our murder case.

Er, yes, that's right, sir.

Tell me,

did Ruby say anything to you
about her and Henri?

Yes, that they dated, for about a
year, but that's about it.

I would feel irresponsible

if I didn't ask you just to...
keep an eye on her for me.

Henri Dupre is a, um...player.

He always will be.

To put it bluntly, I wouldn't trust
him as far as I could throw him.

Ruby, what you doing here?
We need to talk.


Any news?

Yes, sir. The victim's phone records
have come through.

And look, there was an answerphone
message left by an unknown number

at 9pm the night before she was

Can we recover the voicemail?

Yes, sir, I've put in a request
with the network provider

and they said they'd get something
to us before the end of the day.

Good. Also, the lab results
have come back

for the towel and the selection
of scissors we sent over.

Oh, yeah?

And unfortunately they can't find
any traces of blood on any of them.

So what was on the towel that they
needed to wash it after the murder?

Well, just what you'd expect there
to be

on a towel from a hairdressing
salon, you know,

conditioner, shampoo, hair dyes...

Wait, there's not one spot of blood
on any of our potential murder
weapons? I'm afraid not.

But if our killer is
one of our three suspects,

how did they manage to hide whatever
they used to stab Eleanor Beaumont?

We searched them and the salon
high and low, so where is it?


Maybe it isn't one of
those three that did it.

They all have alibis.

And if it isn't,

the killer could've taken the weapon
and just left the scene. Yeah.

But if it wasn't someone
from the salon...

..who's our killer?

You're not seriously suggesting it
was me who stabbed Eleanor Beaumont?

Henri, I have a witness who says
they saw you hanging around

across the road from the hair salon,
the morning of the murder.

So I'm asking you again -

what were you doing there?
I was...

I was there cos I was having
doubts about marrying Cynthia.

It's not that I don't
care about her. I do.

She's been good for me...

..but the last few weeks
leading up to the wedding,

it's just not been feeling right.

So that morning,
I drove down to the salon.

I couldn't face going inside
and seeing them all there,

so I rang Cynthia, to try to get her
to come outside and speak,

but it just went to her voicemail.

Leave a message
and I'll get back to you. Bye.

And then what happened?
I needed some air,

so I walked up and down
trying to get my head straight.

And then I think that must've been
when I lost my cufflink.

And Ajay, my best man, called.

Said he was on his way here
to come meet me, and I realised... was too late.
I had to see it through.

So I got back in the car
and I came home.

And what time did you leave?

I don't know.
Must have gone half 11.

Please say you believe me, Ruby.

I believe you.

But I still have to let my inspector
know about this.

No, cos if this gets out
and Cynthia hears,

she can't know I was thinking
that way.

Look, Henri, maybe it's for the
best, you know. You need to let her
know how you feel. No!

I can't face that,

cos she'll want to know why I feel
so different all of a sudden,

and if she asks me that, then...


Then I'll have to tell her.
Tell her what?

Look, the last month, I've been

I've been feeling
like something's missing.

And then yesterday morning, I...

..I think I figured out what
it was, who it was.

You don't mean...?

The other night on the phone
when I said I missed you,

I wasn't just saying that.

I meant it.

I don't know, like,
seeing you yesterday morning,

it was like fate or something...

..brought you back to me.

Oh, boy.

Henri, I have to go.

I'm sure we'll get there,
with the case.

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah,
we definitely will.

And what about your...lizard

Well, I guess I have no choice but
to deal with the little green


You-you don't... You don't...

No, no, no, no. I could never
do that. No, I...

I just with him.

Here, Harry, Harry, Harry.


Come to Uncle Neville.


You've been gone a while, Rube.

Well, I guess there were
a lot of witnesses I had to talk to,

but there's something that I think
you probably should know, JP,

and I really want to be able to
just... That's gonna have to wait,

There's something I think
you need to hear.

So, Eleanor Beaumont's network
provider just sent over a voicemail

left on her mobile, but it was sent
the night before she was murdered.


It was from Henri Dupre.

MESSAGE: Eleanor, it's Henri.

Please, we need to talk about this.

Give me a chance to explain myself
before you...

If Cynthia finds out, man,
it'll break her heart.

I can't... I won't let you do that
to her, you hear me!

He was there,
the morning of the murder.

He was outside the hair salon.

Wait, how do you know that?

Well, I spoke to him this afternoon
about it, and I...

I've messed up, JP.

I'll be back in just a minute.


Come on, Harry.

This is best for both of us.

There you go.

Come on.

Off you pop.

You don't want to go, huh?

I can't do this.


Come on, then.

Oh, no.




JP: So...

..when you told me yesterday that
your thing with Henri was no big

It was actually a big deal.

Like, you were in love with him?

And, yes, I should have known -

he was going to be trouble from the
moment I laid eyes on him,

but he was cool

and I was young and I...

..thought I could change him, you

But...the longer it went on, the
more I realised it was really
hurting me,

his being that way.

Like him cheating on you?

And I left him, even though I loved
him more than anyone I've ever

Ah, what am I gonna do, JP?

I kissed a potential murder suspect,
while I was on duty.

I mean, what if that comes up in
interview or in Henri's statement?

It could compromise the whole case.

Mm. Yeah.

OK, well...

..first thing tomorrow...

..I'll update the Inspector
about everything that's happened.


But, whilst I do that...

..I think you need to tell
the Commissioner.

Uncle Selly?

Uh-uh. He'll go spare.

I think he needs to know.

You lost Harry?
I tried to find him.

I even paid the taxi driver extra
to help me look,

but they're elusive things, lizards.

Irony is, I'm not even sure it was
him causing the rash, cos it still

Well, maybe you deserve it.

Sir, Sarge.
JP, what's up?

We need to talk.
There's been a few developments.

HENRI ON RECORDING: If Cynthia finds
out, man, it'll break her heart.

I can't... I won't let you do that
to her, you hear me!

So the night before our victim's
killed, Henri Dupre leaves this

and then later admits to Ruby

he was hanging around the salon
at the time of the murder?

We need to talk to him.

And what about Ruby,
how was she after what happened?

Er, yeah, she's fine, sir.

She's understandably a bit nervous
about telling her uncle.

I don't rightly recall
why I left that message. Sorry.

You have no memory whatsoever of
what you didn't want your fiancee to
find out?


You were seeing another woman,
weren't you?

What, me? No way.
No way?

Cos that's what you do, isn't it,

You cheat on people.

This is a murder investigation,
Mr Dupre.

You need to start talking.


For the last couple of months, I've
been seeing someone else behind
Cynthia's back.

The day before the wedding, Eleanor
came round to say a prayer with me.

Her idea, not mine.

Except I'd forgotten we'd arranged

She said she heard noise upstairs.

She thought I was working out.

And she came in and she saw me.


I ran after her and asked her
what she was gonna do.

All she could say was
Cynthia had to be told,

she had to know the truth.

That gives you quite a motive
to want Ms Beaumont dead.

I know, but...

But you still claim it wasn't you
that stabbed her.

I swear on my life,
I didn't do this.

But I think I know who did.

Earlier that morning, Cynthia as
good as told me she was gonna do it.

She phoned me. Must've gone 11.

I know she's lying.

I mean, that's why I went
down to the salon, that's...

I wasn't sure what was gonna happen.


What did Cynthia say?

She said she overheard Eleanor
talking to Kiki.

Eleanor was saying how she couldn't
allow the wedding to go ahead,

that she'd stand up in church and
tell everyone what I'd got up to.

She's going to ruin everything,
Henri, I can't bear it!

She said she would do whatever it

Sir. Sarge.

OK, so that was Georgine
on the phone.

Her and Kiki are worried about
Cynthia. She's disappeared.

They think that she's been drinking.

She was crying.

Basically, something's wrong,
and Cynthia is not saying what.

So Henri could be right.

Maybe Cynthia did it.
And now she's on the run.

We need an all-ports warning.
She might be trying to leave the
island. On it, sir.

And so I thought it best
to come to you in person

and tell you the truth about
what happened at Henri's house.

I respect your candour.

And as such,

I will be honest with you in return.

You make my life very difficult,

I am your Commissioner of Police
and your uncle.

But sometimes, I can't be both.

This is one of those times.

Choosing to interview
Henri Dupre yourself,

knowing the pair of you had history,

showed a total disregard
for police protocol.

Your actions were inappropriate
and potentially compromised
the case.

But I didn't mean it, I was just...

You should never have been
in the room with that man,
let alone...

I have no choice but to stand you
down until the case is over.

You may return to the station
and collect anything you need.

After that, stay home,

until further notice.

I understand.

Even if Cynthia Perault
did kill her aunt,

there are still several outstanding
questions that need to be answered.

Number one - how did she do it?

Her mum and sister both swear she
was nowhere near the victim

during the 20-minute window
she must have been stabbed.

Number two - why did she put
the towel in the washing machine

a few minutes after the murder took

Exactly! What was on it
that so urgently needed washing?

There were no traces of blood
anywhere, so what didn't she want us
to find?

And number three, where did
she hide the murder weapon?

Well, we searched the suspects.
And the salon.

So where did it vanish to?

Oh, hey, Ruby.

You're back.
How did it go with the Commissioner?

Not good.


He's taken me off the case.
Oh, I'm sorry.

Yeah, me too.

Ruby, you'll be back with us
before you know it.

You need to take care of that rash.

I know, right? It's just getting
hotter and itchier and more rashier.

I need to make an appointment
with Dr Mundle.

Somebody needs to take a look up
there and work out what's going...


Bert Hafley!
Bert who?

Hafley! Sorry, what? I think I know
where the murder weapon's hidden.

We need to head back
to the crime scene!


Bert Hafley was an old-school fence
from Whalley Range in Manchester.

Whalley what?

Is that for real?

Yes. Now, the story goes that back
in the '80s,

Manchester CID got a tip-off

that Bert was stashing
some recently stolen jewellery.

So they sprang a surprise search
at his house on a Sunday,

just as Bert and Mrs Hafley

were about to tuck into their roast
beef and Yorkshire puds.

Er, there's not a stick down there,
is there?

What did they find, sir?

Nothing, JP, nothing.

But the canny SIO left
a plain-clothes detective parked

outside Bert's house
for the rest of the day.

And that evening...

..he caught Bert

climbing up to his roof
to recover the stolen loot.

What is your point?

My point, Madeleine, is that police
never think to search rooftops.


So whoever killed Eleanor Beaumont
then stepped outside the back door

and threw the murder weapon up on
the roof, so that we'd never find
it, which means I was right.

It must have been one of the three
women who were here at the salon
that morning.

How did they manage to stab Eleanor
when she was sitting here in the

..and, all the while, they were all
over here by the mirrors
the whole time?

I mean, that's impossible, right?
I know.

It has to be the towel.

It must come back to the towel.
Why did the killer wash the towel?

Unless it has nothing to do
with the murder.

Maybe it just needed to be cleaned,

There was no blood on it,
it was just hair stuff.

They can't find any traces of blood
on the towel and the selection of
scissors we sent over.


Maybe. And if that's the case,

that's how one of our suspects
managed to kill Mrs Beaumont.

Because they didn't.

Oh, my God!

Until they did.
Benzodiazepine. 20 milligrams.

Iced tea, which she didn't finish.

My Dictaphone! I need my Dictaphone.



Somebody threw a drink at the photo.

At 12.38pm, there are,
seven minutes left on an hour-long
express wash.

So then that means this wash was
put on after the murder took place.

Three minutes after, to be precise.

Three minutes!

Three minutes in which the killer
put the towel in the wash,

threw the murder weapon onto the

and, if necessary, cleaned
themselves up.

Why? Why kill her?

Basically, something's wrong
but Cynthia is not saying what.

Cos that's what you do, isn't it,
Henri? You cheat on people.

That's it.

Eleanor Beaumont was made legal
guardian of Kiki and Cynthia
in 1999.

That's why it happened.

I'll get the suspects.


Saint Marie Police.

Er, good afternoon, Pastor.
How can I help you?

Cynthia Perault, you said?

I'll be right over.

"Bear ye one another's burdens."

Galatians 6:2.

Now, having never even met the

Eleanor Beaumont, I quickly assumed
she was a very devout woman.

And it turns out I was right.

She believed in hard work, setting
up this salon when she was young.

She believed in the importance of

becoming Kiki and Cynthia's guardian
when you, Georgine, couldn't look
after them.

And she also disapproved
very strongly of infidelity,

threatening to halt the marriage
between Cynthia and Henri Dupre

when she discovered that he was
having an affair with another woman.

Did you know this, Kiki?

She did.

Cynthia saw Eleanor telling Kiki
that she couldn't allow the wedding
to go ahead.

I will stand up in that church
if I have to,

tell everyone what her husband-to-be
is doing.

NEVILLE: That's why we suspected
Cynthia might have stabbed Eleanor.

But that wasn't actually why the
murder took place, nor, in fact,

was it Cynthia who committed it.


It was you, Kiki.
You killed your Aunt Eleanor.

No! This can't be.

Kiki has never done any wrong in her

She's a good person.
Yes, that's true.

Which is why I realised that
whatever it was that drove Kiki to
do something like this,

something so extreme,
to kill her own aunt,

her hand had to have been forced.
She had to have felt like she had no

Kiki didn't do this for money

or out of revenge.

No, this murder had a sense
of urgency, a sense of desperation.

Kiki committed this murder

to prevent something that she
considered even more terrible from
taking place.


Georgine, when Cynthia went missing
earlier today, you said she was


Well, I think she discovered
something. A dark secret.

A betrayal that broke her heart
and, ultimately, led to Eleanor's

Cynthia discovered that not only
was her fiance Henri

having an affair with another woman,

but also that the other woman
was her very own sister.



Am I right?

Cynthia thought me and Mum were
keeping something from her...

..because we were being secretive
about the letters Mum wrote.

So she went through my things,

found text messages between me
and Henri on my phone.

I felt so lonely.

Cynthia had Henri.

I just had the salon.

Working here, day and night,
keeping it going for Auntie Eleanor,

and then going home to see Cynthia
planning her future life with Henri.

And I had nothing.


When he first touched me,
I craved that intimacy,

that affection, so much.

I hate that I was so weak.

And that's the real reason
Eleanor was talking to you

the morning of the wedding.
She was confronting you,

because she discovered
you in bed with Henri.

Kiki couldn't have killed Eleanor.

She was with me the whole time
when Eleanor was stabbed.

Which brings us, I guess,
finally, to the "how" of this case.

When Eleanor confronted you that
morning, I think she gave you an
ultimatum -

if you didn't tell your sister what
was going on with you and Henri,

then she was going to do it herself.

And furthermore,
she was going to stand up in church

and reveal the betrayal to everyone.

And this is the conversation
Cynthia overheard,

but at that point she didn't know
that the woman involved was her own

And that's when you decided that,
rather than hurt Cynthia,

your little sister, who you cared
for all these years,

rather than put her through all that
pain and anguish and humiliation,

you felt you had no other choice but
to remove your aunt from your lives

You had to act quickly,

use whatever was to hand
to commit murder.

So I think that you spiked
Eleanor's iced tea

with one or two tablets
of her own benzodiazepine.

A minimal increase in dosage
wouldn't show up as unusual on a
toxicology report.

But added to her usual dose,

it would make sure that she dozed
off when it took effect.

You also acquired a pair of scissors
and some red hair dye

and hid them
somewhere close to hand.

Then, once Eleanor was under the
dryer, all you had to do was wait.

When that timer rang, you walked
across here and, in full view of
everybody, you lifted up the hood...

You're all done.

..and you let her body
fall to the floor.

Oh, my God!

But, at that moment,
she was only unconscious.

Georgine, how would you and Cynthia
have known otherwise?

Especially as Kiki had
surreptitiously smothered her hands
with red hair dye

to make it look like she was
bleeding from a stab wound.

There's blood!

It wasn't until a few seconds later
when the ambulance was being called

and you were distracted
and in a state of distress

that Kiki seized her moment...

..and committed the actual murder.

She then needed to get rid
of the murder weapon, and quickly,

so she stepped out the back door

and threw the scissors
onto the roof.

And quickly washed her hands
of the hair dye.

Which leads us to the one mistake
in your plan.

Hair dye is difficult stuff to wash

I think, when you dried your hands,
you left some stains on the towel,

and you knew that when we found that
and we discovered that it wasn't

we'd know exactly what you'd been up

So you threw it
into the washing machine...

..assuming that no-one would notice
a wash had been put on.

Except Inspector Parker did notice.


And that ultimately led us to

it was you who murdered
Eleanor Beaumont.

I've let my little sister down
so badly.

I deserve all that is coming to me.

Right. Come on.



Can we talk?


No, I don't want to. I can't.
It's OK.

You have to leave, Henri. I want to
talk to her, to explain...

Explain? Yes!
Explain what?

Don't you realise
you've torn this family apart?

I don't even know why it's
taken me so long to see it.

But I see it now, clear as day.

You're not good, Henri.

And I tell you, I'm not letting you
anywhere near that girl.

So just...

..get your backside out of here.

You'll be all right.

I promise.

In time, you'll be OK.

I wanted to say I'm sorry,
because I realise

I risked compromising
the case today.

I compromised myself
and I compromised the job...

..and I compromised you.

Which was the last thing I wanted to

especially because you mean
so much to me.

As Commissioner, it wasn't easy
suspending you from the case.

But it's so much harder
as your uncle

to see you jeopardise your career
because of a man like Henri Dupre.


I know that boy got under your skin.

But you deserve
so much better in life!

Thank you.

NEVILLE: Come on, Harry!

Harry, come on!

So how are you all getting on? Well,
still no trace of Harry so far.

It's a needle in a haystack.

Your head still itchy, sir?

That's no good.

Well, at least now the inspector
knows what's causing it.

Oh? Really, sir? Yeah, yeah,
I managed to squeeze in

an appointment with Dr Mundle.
He thinks it's a stress rash

caused by the anxiety of staying
on this island for so long.

Come on, Harry, where are you?

Well, at least now you know, sir.


I don't believe it!


You've found him?
Is it him? It is! It's Harry!

Go get the box! Come on!

Oh, we've been worried about you.


He's made a friend.
Oh, who are you, little guy?

Or girl!

Look, we think Harry just got
himself a girlfriend.

No! No, no, no, no, no.

Looks like you're gonna have to make
room for another tenant in the
shack, sir.

No, no way! One lizard is enough
for any man. Stay there!

Harry, come on, get in the box.
Come on. You stay!

Aw, sir. You can't get in the
way of true love.

Lizards don't feel love, Ruby.
Come on, Harry!

They look very in love to me.

Come on!
It's Harry and Shaniqua!

No, no, no, no,
don't name it, don't name it!

MADELEINE: Too late!

JP: Oh, they're gonna be
in a love shack, sir!


THE Olivia Reeves?
You're the famous actress?

I was a famous actress.

This island really likes to trip
one up from time to time.

Going home, it scares me.

I thought it was what you wanted.

I wouldn't miss your leaving party,

Not for the world.

Lately, I've started to worry

that I'm going to wake up when I'm
90 and regret every single second

I just made do with my life.